Sunday, February 17, 2008


if you want to know if i am building a bomb shelter or something bizarre like that,, NO

but i you really want to know, what i think as far, as "preparing" for 2012

the mayans are trying to make us all
PREPARE to WONDER??????????????

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Friday, February 15, 2008

the mayan calendar

Most ancient civilizations found a way of marking time to predict changes that would affect their survival and destinies. These 'calendars' were often linked with one or more gods, who at some point in their progression, would return. Today, as human consciousness evolves in the age of healing, awareness, technology and reasoning, our attention is riveted to one calendar in particular, the Mayan Long Calendar, as something within its end time date, resonates for many souls. The date is December 21, 2012 ( in the Long Count) as projected by Jose Arguelles and others. I have been taught that 13=4=closure or the end of linear time.

Reality is a holographic construct create by the patterns of sacred geometry that repeat in cycles called linear time. Reality is myth, math, and metaphor. The movement of all consciousness follows a sequence called the golden spiral - the Fibonacci numbers published in 1202.

There have been many calendars throughout history that do not necessarily correlate to our Gregorian calendar or the Mayan calendars. Therefore, how can one be sure that this date is the beginning of what some call a Golden Age? The term 'gold' takes us to alchemy now understood as a metaphor for the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. It is something you feel within your soul, something that follows your life with synchronistic reminders that all is connected as consciousness moves through the gears, or wheels of time to evolve into something beyond the physical experience/experiment.

Did the ancient Mayans know something that we don't? Are we meant to find and understand something as the date, December 21, 2012, comes closer? Look within your soul to determine a greater meaning. We are evolving, learning, and not by accident, putting the pieces of the puzzle together, as guided by the grids through which our consciousness experiences as our souls return 'home'.

The Mayan Calendars

There were 3 Mayan Calendars: Haab', Tzolk'in and Long.

The Mayan Long Calendar speaks of the end of one cycle of time moving into the next on December 21, 2012.

2012 ad

According to their calendar, the Maya believed that their world would end on Dec 21, 2012. Of all the dates put forth by prophets and cultures for a doomsday, this is one with an authentic almost eerie feel to it. But what will happen? A global cataclysm is one possibility. Presented here is enough information to help you decide - be you an expert or a beginner.