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From The I-Ching to 2012 - Terrance Mckenna's Astonishing Theory And The Singular Event For Mankind

Recently passed philosopher, scientist (and some may say, eccentric) Terrance McKenna was a complex man with a complex theory that ended in a simple statement: December of 2012 will be a time that we will never forget.

After intensely studying the I-Ching, the Ancient Chinese Oracle known as the "book of changes," (some say with the assistance of psychoactive plants in the Amazon) he began to see patterns. The I-Ching is composed of 64 hexagrams, which are made up of six levels each of alternating horizontal bars and dots. If you line them up and stack them so that they are within a perfect square, you start to see a movement within the shapes.

He decided to create a linear model beginning in time with the era that the I-Ching was created in China and continuing to the present to see what patterns develop. When he input this information into a computer program, it formulated a graph with a rising and falling line, like a stock market forecast. He then noticed something astonishing. The parts of the line that were highest or lowest corresponded with times in history when new forms were developing.

When the line reached a peak, a new form would trigger the psyche of people. When the line fell into a crevasse, it aligned with a time when reality seemed to be falling apart, or there was a great event, or group of events all at once, that galvanized people. (The graph tells when, not where or what happens.)

You can see by the graph that important things happen in peaks and in troughs, both. My personal theory is that the peaks are when the lights go on and someone embodies this by creating some new form (which may not be able to be assimilated, and therefore is feared or shunned). The low points are when the lights go out and everyone is scrambling to find the switch because nothing is recognizable. Each requires a new form to come in to existence, but for a different reason.

Following the line on the graph, we see it take its last rise around the time of Classical Greece (around 700 B.C.) and then take a steady plunge until it simply dives off the graph into infinity, ending the module. And when was this event that had not occurred ever in the history of mankind you may ask? It was 2012. December 21st of 2012 to be exact; the final moments of the Mayan Calendar, as well, a calendar which had begun 5000 years ago, ending with the same date that Terrance's module ended with.

Terrance saw this time period ending with time being compressed, over and over, from 1945 to 2012. What may we expect from this based on his calculations and the discoveries of correlations of the cycles of past events?

McKenna said in an interview with Sightings TV show that his best guess is that it is as if someone is likely to invent a time traveling machine of sorts, because it is as if it is the end of linear time. In other words, all time merges into one time. Everything becomes connected to everything else. Past, present and future become one. We could in effect be experiencing an infinite amount of evolution in a finite time.

Around 1968 there was the last peak. This coincided with a very tumultuous point in our cultural history in the USA. While the hippies frolicked and tried to create Nirvana on earth, the Vietnam War was escalated into its final death throws, and Martin Luther King's message came across amidst riots and violence until his voice was silenced. We can see that this peak provided great events that touched the psyche of a group of people and still resonates today.

As we progress in time, we experience more rapid evolutionary growth in shorter time periods. The last one we had was between that time of 1967-68 until the 1990s, which corresponded to The Dark Ages of the past. Then it cycles again from 2010 until 2012, only 64 times faster, then in 2012, 64 times faster still. In other words, we must adapt and evolve 64 times faster each cycle. (Remember what I said earlier about 64 being the number of hexagrams in the I-Ching.)

No one really knows what will happen. As the different views on this time period converge, this date of 2012 is beginning to be known in the mainstream culture. Whether taking it seriously or not, people are starting to notice. And when that happens, just like the compressed and sped up time, the attention draws energy to the date and speeds that energy toward us, creating a fait accompli.

As we are propelled closer and closer to 2012, I believe that it will be important to be able to be incredibly agile, releasing the old willingly and adapting to each quickly shifting circumstance with lightening fast decisions in the moment, decisions that come from the heart. This will ensure that we are where we need to be for our soul's best interest and that we will be there in peace.

We won't have to look at a graph, know how fast things are speeding up, or ask someone what we should be doing. We will just know. If what Terrance McKenna is saying is true, this will be a day out of time while we are still on earth, and could provide an opportunity for this life and all lifetimes for each soul on earth.

Craig Howell is a freelance writer and musician. You can hear his latest project, Mayan Days of Sound, resonant music for the soul, 20 songs for 20 Day Signs of the Mayan Calendar at Free download of an extended version of his "Chakra Tune Up".

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Plato's Atlantis: Fact, Fiction or Prophecy?

Atlantis is often described as paranormal or mythical, but is it really? In two of Plato's great works, the Timaeus and the Critias, Plato describes an Athenian civilization in diaglogue between Critias, Socrates, Timaeus and Hermocrates. (Predating Plato by 9,000 years, or 9,600 BC) Atlantis, according to Critias, was a great Athenian city which, by the hand of mankind, met with cataclysmic destruction. By his (Solon) grandfather's education, Critias retold the story of an Athenian civiliation. Critias claimed that Solon (not only his grandfather, but a Greek traveler and historian from Egypt), stayed and interrelated with great Egyptian priests. The recordings from Solon were then given to Plato by Critias. Because Plato's works are considered historical fact, one can only assume that Atlantis DID indeed exist.

According to Plato's historical literature, Atlantis was an organized , massive military state that at the end of its realm, met with great, natural calamity during the planning stages on an assault on Egypt.

Agriculturally, the Athenian nation was well educated and able to create herbal remedies from plants. Their irrigational skills were very advanced, as they constructed muliple canals to irrigate their plains and farmlands. Due to their superior intelligence, reservoirs and buildings like the Metropolis were constructed, hydraulically-engineered machines and bridges were built, literary pieces and laws were written; and most often, their objects were coated with bronze, copper or gold.

Based on a monarchy and systemized class, the Atlantis civilization also held a valuable status for women. Historically thought to be the greatest of all nations, Atlantis ruled all surrounding land with their emperiorical laws.

Apart from being an advanced civilization, Atlantis (according to Plato), was a massively-sized continent. By Critias' measurements, Atlantis would have been about 3,400 x 2,300 miles in size - this is larger than some, major oceanic basins. Critias accounts that Egyptian priests told of Atlantis being located beyond the Pillars of Hercules (the Strait of Gibraltar); this, where the Atlanic Ocean and the Mediteranian Sea intercede one another. Today, some evidence has been provided that denote underwater walls and roads, and a set of islands resembling the shape of Atlantis in the Caribbean Sea. Another possible theory would be that Atlantis could possibly rest on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, (a beneath-ground mountain range); while some researchers believe that Atlantis could be in the Azores, Crete or the Canary Islands.

Unfortunately, (according to the Egyptian priests), Atlantis was continually pounded by catastrophic earthquakes and floods until one day when the whole continent sunk beneath the sea and disappeared. They were also quoted as saying that where Atlantis vanished, became an area in the ocean that was impassable and undiscoverable. The theory behind the sinking of Atlantis was that mankind had become so corrupt, that by their own hands, created their own demise.

In closing, Atlantis brings to mind the biblical stories of Sodom and Noah. It also interrelates with the continental shifts throughout the ages of the earth's history, but could Atlantis really have existed? The evidence, whether circumstantial or philosophical literature, the fact remains that Plato only wrote historical truth. This being said, what message was Plato trying to convey to the future of mankind? To the reader, I conclude this article with a quotation from Critias, from the literature of Plato, "There have been, and will be again, many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes; the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire and water, and other lesser ones by innumerable other causes." A thought to ponder.

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Beyond 2012 - Are You Aligned With The Coming Era?

There are many prophecies and astrological predictions that say that the year 2012 will be the end of our current era. Many believe that 2012 onwards marks the beginning of a new kind of existence and civilization for the inhabitants of this planet call Earth.

Are you aligned towards life and civilization beyond our current era? Do you believe that life into the future will be radically different from what it is now? Much has been said that beyond 2012, the world evolves towards a more spiritual civilization.

Well, to be honest with you, I don't really know what will really happen beyond 2012. But, I do know that the current human civilization has a poor understanding with regards to spiritual matters. Current mainstream human understanding and perception of the world is not entirely correct.

Why is this so? This is because the typical person's understanding of the world is distorted by dualism. This word 'dualism' is an often used word within spiritual circles, but it is also very often misunderstood.

Dualism, as it is meant in this article, refers to the impression of there being a 'me' and what is separated from the 'me'. In another word, the world is viewed as consisting of 2 components, namely the Observer (me) and the being observed.

When a person becomes enlightened, this initial dualistic understanding is replaced by a radical awakening. This awakening allows him to view the world as it is, which is non-dual.

The journey towards the experience of non-duality is a long process, spanning years and even lifetimes. At least, that has been my experience. However, the experience is worth it. This is because when one is in non-dual mode, consciousness is less prone to the influences of the egoic mind which consists of the 'me', 'I', 'mine' impressions. The egoic mind forms a large part of our suffering.

Will humanity evolves towards the non-dual mode of relating to the world? Will humanity suffers less as a result of non-dual realisation? This is something that we can wait and see.

The author runs Dream Datum - self growth site, a self-development website. He documents the process and stages of his spiritual development as a series of self development articles. The purpose of the articles is to assist other spiritual aspirants. To read the articles, click here.

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King Tut's Tomb was No Better - Found in America

Between 603 and 702 AD. a truly marvelous temple was built by the Mayan people to honour a non-Mayan, non-Indian man. The firsthand account of Alberto Ruz from 'Eyewitness to Discovery' follows in part, as it was printed in ‘Illustrated London News':

Four spells of work--each two and a half months long--were required before we were able to clear the filling from this mysterious staircase. {It has an important serpent figure on the walls all the way down.} After a flight of forty-five steps, we reached a landing with a U-turn. There followed another flight, of twenty-one steps, leading to a corridor, whose level is more or less the same as that on which the pyramid was built--i.e., some 22 metres under the temple flooring. In the vaulting of the landing two narrow galleries open out and allow air and a little light to enter from a near-by courtyard.

Above one of the first steps we reached we found a box-shaped construction of masonry containing a modest offering: two ear-plugs of jade placed on a river stone painted red {The colour of ochre and cinnabar that we have seen denotes spiritual things in the beginning of processes that adepthoods of the world are seen involved with.} On reaching the end of the flight of stairs we found another box of offerings, backing on to a wall which blocked the passage. This time it was a richer offering: three pottery dishes, two shells full of cinnabar, seven jade beads, a pair of circular ear-plugs also of jade, the plugs of which were shaped like a flower, and a beautiful tear-shaped pearl, with its 'lustre' pretty well preserved. An offering of this kind, at such a depth, told us without any doubt that we were approaching the object of our search.

And, in fact, on July 13, 1952, after demolishing a solid obstruction some metres thick, made of stone and lime--this was very hard and the wet lime burnt the hands of the workmen--there appeared on one side of the corridor a triangular slab, 2 metres high, set vertically to block an entrance. At the foot of this slab, in a rudimentary stone cut, there lay, mixed together, the largely destroyed skeletons of six young persons, of whom one at least was a female.

At noon on the 15th of the same month we opened the entrance, displacing the stone enough for a man to pass through sideways. It was a moment of indescribable emotion for me when I slipped behind the stone and found myself in an enormous crypt which seemed to have been cut out of the rock--or rather, out of the ice, thanks to the curtain of stalactites and the chalcite veiling deposited on the walls by the infiltration of rain-water during the centuries. This increased the marvellous quality of the spectacle and gave it a fairy-tale aspect. Great figures of priests modelled in stucco a little larger than life-size perhaps just 'giants’. formed an impressive procession round the walls. The high vaulting was reinforced by great stone transoms, of dark colour with yellowish veins, giving an impression of polished wood.

Almost the whole crypt was occupied by a colossal monument, which we then supposed to be a ceremonial altar, composed of a stone of more than 8 square metres, resting on an enormous monolith of 6 cubic metres, supported in its turn by six great blocks of chiselled stone. All these elements carried beautiful reliefs.

Finest of all for its unsurpassable execution and perfect state of preservation was the great stone covering the whole and bearing on its four sides some hieroglyphic inscriptions with thirteen abbreviated dates corresponding to the beginning of the seventh century A.D., while its upper face shows a symbolic scene surrounded by astronomical signs.

I believed that I had found a ceremonial crypt, but I did not wish to make any definite assertions before I had finished exploring the chamber and, above all, before I had found out whether the base of the supposed altar was solid or not. On account of the rains and the exhausting of the funds available for this phase of the exploration, we had to wait until November before returning to Palenque… I then had the base bored horizontally at two of the corners, and it was not long before one of the drills reached a hollow space. I introduced a wire through the narrow aperture and, on withdrawing it, I saw that that some particles of red paint were adhering to it… This colour was associated in the Mayan and Aztec cosmogony with the East...

{This is true of the gateway arch at Tiahuanaco where they talk of the red lands to the east that went under the water. It likely relates to what is now found off the coast of Cuba at the 2200 foot depth.}

Once the stone left its seating and began to rise it could be seen that a cavity had been cut out of the enormous block which served it as a base. This cavity was of an unexpected shape, oblong and curvilinear, rather like the silhouette in schematised form of a fish or of the capital letter omega {Which we have seen regarding Teilhardism. Could this have been a man like Count Vlad of the Christian Dragon crusaders? Could it be the forerunner of the Jesuit/Illuminati knowledge including Teilhard?}, closed in its lower part. {My Stele details how at Chichen Itza I was able to see the Greek alphabet and what I believe was the Cara-Maya alphabet as well as mathematical, astrological and other symbols. I was threatened with being thrown in a Mexican jail and coerced to sign away my legal protection as a U.S. resident and Canadian citizen. This stele is not on the tour and was painted over the second time I was there. It was painted over more than once and difficult to photograph. The work of Churchward says the Greek alphabet [this was an early alphabet] tells the story of the destruction of Mu. The Mayan people know that is their origin. But the Greek and Mu tie-in may have something to do with Troy III which was named Aa-Mu. This kind of information would be sensitive to a lot of people. The Mexicans were negotiating [roadblocks and army goons with guns all over] with the Mayans in Chiapas at the time.} The cavity was sealed by a highly polished slab fitting exactly and provided with four perforations, each with a stone plug. On raising the slab which closed it we discovered the mortuary receptacle…

In the vermillion-coloured walls and base of the cavity which served as a coffin, the sight of the human remains--complete, although the bones were damaged--covered with jade jewels for the most part, was most impressive. It was possible to judge the form of the body which had been laid in this 'tailored' sarcophagus; and the jewels added a certain amount of life {There were probably metal knives and a staff which came from something other than the meteorites the Mayans made knives from. The Mayans weren’t encouraged by the Mexicans to take pride in their heritage. There was a time when they were even saying there were no Mayans left, as they tried to make it become the truth}, both from the sparkle of the jade and because they were so well 'placed' and because their form suggested the volume and contour of the flesh which originally covered the skeleton. It was easy also to imagine the high rank of the personage who could aspire to a mausoleum of such impressive richness.

We were struck by his stature, greater than that of the average Mayan of today; and by the fact that his teeth were not filed or provided with incrustations of pyrites or jade, since that practice (like that of artificially deforming the cranium) was usual in individuals of higher social ranks. The state of destruction of the skull did not allow us to establish precisely whether or not it had been deformed. In the end, we decided that the personage might have been of non-Mayan origin {N.B.}, though it is clear that he ended in being one of the kings of Palenque. The reliefs, which we have still to uncover on the sides of the sarcophagus and which are now hidden under lateral buttresses, may tell us before long something of the personality and identity of the glorious dead.

Even if he had not been buried in the most extraordinary tomb so far discovered in this continent of America, it would still be perfectly possible to assess the importance of this personage from the jewels which he wore--many of them already familiar in Mayan bas-reliefs {Therefore some not?} As shown in some reliefs, he was wearing a diadem made from tiny disks of jade and his hair was divided into separate strands by means of small jade tubes of appropriate shape; and we discovered a small jade plate of extraordinary quality cut in the shape of the head of Zotz, the vampire god of the underworld, and this may have been a final part of the diadem {Elsewhere reported as part of a necklace, by others.}. Around the neck were visible various threads of a collar composed of jade beads in many forms--spheres, cylinders, tri-lobed beads, floral buds, open flowers, pumpkins, melons, and a snake's head (Chanes and Dragons}. The ear-plugs were composed of various elements, which together made up a curious flower.

The amount of jade and the meaning of each thing on the necklace or the crouched man on the ring of jade are all packed with meaning. You could say that each of the insignia represented a spirit that one of the tribes honoured or worked with, you could imagine they are like Boy Scout badges, and you could say they are just decoration. The jade and green vitreole is an interesting connection that might make me think of geopolymerization, but I doubt it was tested for that possibility. The crouched man is a position of many honored Kelts when buried.

The ear plugs of special flower design reminds me of the lotus chakra and the place where the 'Third Eye' rests inside the brain. Perhaps the energy of the crystals and stone were created to accentuate certain energy or direct it into specific forms. Maybe I am just guessing too much; but symbols always mean something. At his feet were jade beads so large as to be hollowed and they had a flower plug. Kukulcan/Quetzacoatl directed the natives to sacrifice flowers rather than people in the centuries that followed. It would surprise me if this person was not one of the heritage of those mythic heroes who came and went throughout the Americas. I think they acted like Ovates of the Druidic or Bardic Tradition from the writings I've seen.

It is entirely likely that they and their families were to become the Toltecs. They were most sought after as mates among the various people. Ruz draws a lot of inferential connections to the Egyptian symbology and practices. I agree with some but also repeat imitations of pyramids that house tombs in America does not make Giza Pyramids into funerary tombs. Here also is a 'Tree of Life' and a Cross that is part of many belief systems throughout the world. It amazes me to hear the scholars say things like there is no cultural impact from other continents on the Americas when I read things like this; perhaps I use too much intuition or common sense and would have learned the error of my ways if I had become an archaeologist.

"The presence here, in a sepulchre slab, of motives which are repeated in other representations gives perhaps the key to interpret the famous panels of the Cross and the foliated Cross (in Palenque) and also some of the paintings in the codices. On the stone in question we see a man surrounded by astronomical signs symbolizing heaven--the spatial limit of man's earth... But above the man rises the well-known cruciform motif, which in some representations is a tree, in others the stylised maize {Like in Rosslyn Castle of the Templar Stewarts.} plant, but it is always the symbol of life resurgent from the earth, life triumphing over death." (2)

'Astronomical' should be astrological, in my mind. The Mayan (and Peruvian) ability to prophesize is legendary. They correctly knew the many key disasters of their history well in advance. The planet Venus plays a key role in their calendrical sky watching. There are many ways to report on these things, but I ask again; why not include other theories and related facts. When he wrote this he might have known about the Hopewell/Adena mound builders that many archaeologists see a relationship with. The serpent that rises up the stairs at a specific day each year through the shadows of a construction and placement so exact, might be of interest. The placement of all Mayan temples on a center point theory tied in to the earth energy grid could have been connected to the crystal ear plug receivers.

There, I go again! Just a lot of 'possibilities', but where are the facts? It was good that he drew connections to Egypt and omega could have a great deal of meaning as we said to make a connection with Greece. In Chichen Itza at the Villas Archaeologique I saw many Greek or Etruscan statues dated to the appropriate era. The more recent sculpted faces were totally Mayan/Aztec with the tongue and grotesque exaggerated features. It is hard to imagine that he would not have been there. It is the place where all the archaeologists stayed while uncovering the Mayan culture at the end of the 19th century. The editor of the book could have made notations about the breaking of the Mayan code that shows it has a phonetic as well as pictographic language, which wasn't known to Ruz.

Author of Diverse Druids, COlumnist for The ES Press Magazine, Guest 'expert' at">

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2012 Mayan Calendar Doom and Gloom; Is It Global Warming?

Many ancient prophesies talk about the doom and gloom, end of days, apocalypse or rapture. Of course no one can take it all literally although it has many people wondering how will it occur if in fact it does occur at all? Well could it be connected to Climate Change and the Earth heating up? Is the prophesy really about something we already fear such as; Global Warming? Well this subject recently came up in an online think tank when one member stated;

“Maybe what appears to be a part of the doom and gloom prophesy of some is just the natural order of things, even if it takes hundreds of years for that order to occur. Weather is not something that was monitored as it is even a hundred years ago, so records would be scarce. Perhaps, we are just learning the patterns.”

Well lets say the Mayan Calendar and the various other such prophesies had hand-me-down writings from over a 25,000 year period, but the writings were not as accurate as they would like them to be until about 10,000 years ago, yet it was enough to predict the re-occurring events that they had to go through.

These ancient civilizations therefore realized that hot to cold or Sun solar events or changes in magnetic shifts, etc caused huge disruptions in their food chain or hardships killing many of their peoples. Then they had put together a calendar to show when these most likely occur and came up with the dates which we refer to as the 2012 date?

Well then at least like most religions it would be somewhat bathed in folklore and somewhat based in guestimated knowledge and thus a worthy consideration, but that does not mean mankind cannot adapt or use the time wisely to fix any potential calamity in advance of that potential eventuality. We have more resources now and knowledge then before and we will always find a way. Human “will power” is indeed a true asset in problem solving and goal setting too. We can beat Global Warming or Climate Change if we choose too. Consider all this in 2006.

"Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; Lance is a guest writer for Our Spokane Magazine in Spokane, Washington

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Did God Pronounce a Curse on the White House for 2012?

Will Elijah Purge Washington of Corruption?

In the Old Testament, Elijah was part of a movement to purge the two governments of Israel and Judea. About 1,000 leaders were dead by the time the purge ended.

In Malachi, we read that another ministry like Elijah's will repeat just before Christ returns. We are told that this ministry is necessary to save the nation. If our end-time Elijah were to fail, God would give up on the nation and destroy it.

Are we to understand that Elijah will clean up Washington in order to prevent God from destroying the United States?

It is true that corruption is out of control at this time in American history. And, leaders are not taking serious action to control either corruption or themselves. On the contrary, they are avoiding serious action. They seem to like things just as they are.

Can we seriously believe in an end-time Elijah?

Everything in this article is a prediction. But, it is a very good prediction based on in-depth Bible study.

In 1991 this same study successfully predicted the election of an unknown candidate named Bill Clinton to the presidency in 1993. At the same time it predicted the future position of his wife, Hillary Clinton, in the White House. She need not be President.

That was 16 years ago. This demonstrates the accuracy of this particular Bible study.

This same study has also revealed a coming purge of hundreds of government leaders in the US and Britain between the years 2008 and 2012 (inclusive).

This Bible study compares our contemporary world to the ancient world. It assumes that history repeats itself. As a matter of fact, it predicts that history will repeat itself almost exactly. The United States and Britain are about to repeat history.

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." G. Santayana, philosopher

This Bible study draws a parallel between the US government and that of ancient Israel, which had its capital in Samaria. At the same time it draws a parallel between the British government and that of Judea, which had its capital in Jerusalem.

There was a time span of 22 years during which wicked King Ahab ruled Israel with his wife, Jezebel. The modern parallel is a time-span between 1991 and 2012 (inclusive).

At this point, I hate to confuse the reader with technicalities. If you are a casual reader, just skip over this inset. Ahab's reign corresponds to two overlapping presidential reigns. One reign is from 1989 to 2008. The other reign is from 1993 to 2012.

I believe God activated Elijah 3 years into Ahab's reign. That corresponds to 1991. So, Elijah's ministry is a 22-year span from 1991 to 2012. Elijah is one of the Two Witnesses. So, the ministry of the Two Witnesses is from 1991 to 2012. Parts of their ministry deals with corruption in the governments of the United States and Britain.

You will note there are over 24 years in the presidential time span 1989 to 2012. This is where the phenomenon of compressed time comes in. On a predetermined date, God planned to shorten time in the end-time in order to prevent all flesh from being destroyed. You probably recall verses that state this. The Forefather's Prophecy Calendar illustrates how God has always planned to shorten time. Due to the compression factor, both presidential dynasties are reckoned to end in 2012.

Read your Bible to ascertain upcoming events through comparison. Queen Jezebel continued Ahab's dynasty after Ahab died in battle. But, she was not a monarch because Ahab's sons reigned as kings. You can read in the Book of Kings about the end of Ahab's family dynasty and how God used Jehu to restore a pro-God government. General Colin Powell is the end-time counterpart of General Jehu.

Why did I choose the year 2012? The answer that I did not chose it. The Forefather's Prophecy Calendar provided the year. This is an ancient Freemason calendar that gives the dates of end-time events affecting the governments of the United States and Britain.

In the 22 years leading up to 2012, government decisions and policies are compared to those made by Ahab and Jezebel.

British Prime ministers are compared to righteous King Jehoshaphat. This is a very favorable comparison. Jehoshaphat had only one vice God was angry about. Jehoshaphat associated with Ahab and Jezebel.

In this modern age, we would say that Prime Ministers John Majors and Tony Blair had only one fault that angered God. They associated with American presidents.

God cursed almost everything Ahab and Jezebel did. Jehoshaphat could only lose by joining Jews to Israelites. Today, we would say that British Prime Ministers could only lose by involving their nation with presidential ventures.

As of 2007, Great Britain has had righteous leadership in God's eyes. But, British leadership will change. That change is unacceptable to God. And, He is going to do something drastic about it.

History of the Masonic Calendar

If we were to seriously compare Old Testament Israel to the United States, we would conclude there is now a curse on the nation's leadership.

The Freemason Prophecy Calendar identifies the year 2012 as the time of the end of Elijah's work. Elijah's work was mainly about the purging of corrupt leaders. So, Elijah's 22-year ministry ran parallel to the 22-year reign of Ahab.

According to the Forefather's Prophecy Calendar, Elijah's 22-year span is 1991 to 2012.

The span of years of the curse on the White House and 10 Downing Street is understood with the aid of a divine blueprint that God had created before He created the Earth.

In my opinion, the history of this astonishing blueprint is the history of Freemasonry.

Enoch discovered this magical blueprint. Enoch was the first Freemason, other than God Himself. Enoch drew the blueprint on paper. Like Elijah, Moses, Daniel and John, Enoch has an end-time ministry in the bodies of the Two Witnesses.

Bible students have long debated about the identities of the Two Witnesses. Some say one is Enoch. Some say one is Moses. Some say one is Elijah. And they could also be Daniel and John because these two were told they would reappear in the end-time.

The truth is that all these people reappear in the bodies of the Two Witnesses. You might ask why Enoch, of all people, would reappear in the bodies of the Two Witnesses. It is Enoch's blueprint that reappears with the Two Witnesses. This is the Forefather's Prophecy Calendar described on the website.

This ancient blueprint is being used by the Two Witnesses to understand end-time prophecy. With the aid of this blueprint, they are able to write books that unseal prophecy for Christians.

Although Enoch was the one to draw the divine blueprint, others used it to build monuments. Job may have been the genius who used Enoch's blueprint to conceive the Great Pyramid. The way God spoke to Job indicates that Job was an architectural genius. The actual construction may have been done by yet another genius.

Regardless, the divine blueprint was used to build the Great Pyramid. That is why the Pyramid has prophetic abilities. One might think the Great Pyramid is just a pile of rocks. Some experts say that it is amazing that ancient man was intelligent enough to make a pile of rocks. The truth is that the Great Pyramid is by far mankind's greatest achievement. It required far more genius than the trip to the moon.

Mankind may be a thousand years away from developing a computer that can tell the future in the way the Great Pyramid has. For example, it is amazing that the Great Pyramid knew that President George Bush II would sign papers to begin the War on Terrorism on exactly September 17, 2001.

Another way of stating this phenomenon is that today's most powerful computers can not match the computing ability of a pile of rocks assembled 4,000 years ago.

"[We] never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born." -Einstein

The artists who created the Tabernacle of God used the same blueprint that was used to construct the Great Pyramid. Moses was given divine understanding with which to supervise construction of the Tabernacle. This is why it is said that Moses is one of the Two Witnesses. In a sense, the Two Witnesses are building the last Tabernacle of God, which is spiritual in nature and is composed of Christians.

The latest architectural use of the divine blueprint was the Washington Monument. Because the divine blueprint was used, the monument also has prophetic abilities to complement those of the Great Pyramid and the Tabernacle of God.

It is this particular monument that tells us about the purge about to come upon the US government and the British government. That makes sense because Freemasons were concerned about America's future and the presidents who would be in office in the end-time.

We can thank God that He is content to purge the government of corrupt leaders and not destroy our beloved nation.

"Unless the Lord had shortened those days, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose, He shortened the days." Mark 13:20

The divine blueprint clearly shows a compressing of time in the years leading up to 2012. Years are reduced to fractions. This shortening of time is good because we do not want God to be too angry with our leaders for too long. Innocent citizens could get hurt as collateral damage.

God Rules Christian Israel

America's Masonic Forefathers were dead serious about the United States government being under God.

After God threw ancient Israelites out of His sight and disowned Jerusalem, He began the creation of a new nation of Israel that would be spiritual in nature.

'The LORD had said, "I will put Judah out of my sight as I put Israel out of my sight. I will reject Jerusalem, the city that I chose, and I will reject the temple where I said my name would be."' 2 Kings 23:27

God created Christian Europe and the Christian United States as His new spiritual Nation of Israel. The United States is New Testament Israel. Washington DC is New Testament Jerusalem. Elijah is a prophet of and to New Testament Israel and he will purge Israel's government as he did before.

In a sense, the White House and 10 Downing Street are Christ's dwelling places. So, He will not put up with corruption for long. He will clean the house when necessary. If this Bible study has accurately interpreted prophecy, a purge is coming very soon and many leaders of today will not be leaders of tomorrow.

Your Leaders Were Not My Choices

A citizen might think that leaders are chosen in a fair process. Nowadays, nothing could be further from the truth. Campaigns are firmly in the control of corporate donators.

As a result of this situation, corporations put corrupt puppets in the White House and Congress. Some judges are selected because they will be puppets.

"They have set up kings, but not by me: they have made princes, and I knew [it] not: of their silver and their gold have they made them idols, that they may be cut off." Hosea 8:4

So, the truth is that neither God nor man puts our government leaders in power. As a result, power is exercised in darkness and citizens are cheated at every turn. A corrupt system has developed that needs a radical correction. An end-time Elijah needs to initiate that change.

"And I will stretch over Jerusalem the line of Samaria, and the plummet of the house of Ahab: and I will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipeth a dish, wiping it, and turning it upside down." 2 Kings 21:13

The term wipeout pertains to the year 2012 because many leaders will indeed be wiped out by the end of that year.

There may not be fire from Heaven like there was in the time of the first Elijah. (Then again, terrorist attacks may be involved. Terrorists certainly have brought fire out of heaven.)

Perhaps leaders will topple other leaders until only the good ones remain.

The social/political environment of Old Testament Israel verged on civil war. So, America might be near civil war. A bad economy may provoke social unrest. We do see frightening signs of drought. Respected economists are warning of another Great Depression. Violent confrontations between Left and Right activists could trigger civil war.

Poetic Justice

How would corrupt leaders be purged? It is apparent from reading the Bible that God likes corrupt people to get poetic justice.

That means that corrupt leaders will meet their fates in the same manner they harmed others. For example, if an individual secretly arranged the downfall of an innocent person, his/her downfall will also be arranged in secrecy.

I do not want to graphically describe the situation so I use the term downfall. If you want a more graphic description of conditions, read the Books of Kings.

Colin Powell, God's Choice

What is on the other side of the purge? By the end of 2012, God will have put an abrupt end to 66 years of corruption and error on the part of presidents, congressmen and judges.

When we compare the record of Old Testament Israel to the record of New Testament Israel, we see that the United States has not had a great president since Franklin Roosevelt in 1945. God intends to place a new Franklin Roosevelt in the presidency.

It may be that we may need another Franklin Roosevelt because the nation will be in exactly the same economic, political and social situation it was in during the Great depression and World War II. We are indeed moving toward WWIII (Armageddon) as nuclear weapons proliferate and aggressive regimes threaten world peace.

Who is God's new Franklin Roosevelt? God has a pattern of choosing individuals whom everyone else overlooks. Also, God loves the humble man. Colin Powell is the man.

There is another huge reason God chose Colin Powell. But, there is not enough room in this article to explain it.

Suffice it to say that God has been preparing a BLACK American in particular. The man has to be black. He could not be of any other race. I say prepared because everything in Powell's life has been part of his training for the presidency.

Powell was predestined to be a general. He was predestined to have an endearing public persona. He stands out from corrupt leaders because he is a genuinely decent person.

When Queen Elizabeth knighted Powell, she may not have realized the profound significance of her action. It was providence. She gave Colin Powell some powers over the British government. The Queen could call on Sir Powell to do her will in Britain.

Lawyers might explain the legal dynamics involved. There are Biblical laws to take into consideration.

God arranged this because He intends to clean house in 10 Downing Street at the same time He cleans house in Washington DC.

The knighting of Sir Colin Powell was a legal maneuver on God's part to give Powell the authority and powers to do the Queen's will if she requests it. It may also have been a clever move on the part of Queen Elizabeth.

Powell, A New Deal Republican

President Colin Powell has a daunting agenda. A human could not accomplish it alone. But, God is firmly behind Powell and he can not fail unless he purposely slacks off. I do not think he is a slacker.

Powell's agenda is essentially to undo all the wrong done by previous presidents for 66.6 years (April 1945-November 2011). The number 666 is not just a coincidence. It is a sign to us that leaders during this 66.6-year span have been men who have followed the ways of the Beast and preyed upon citizens. God intends to replace those who worship the Beast with a man who worships God and has a pro-citizen agenda. The following are part of Powell's agenda as I see it.

Powell must prevent future presidents from committing American troops to endless and winless wars such as the one fought in Korea in the 40s.

Powell must control the Military Industrial Complex that came to power in the 50s.

Powell must check the tyrannical inclination of egotistical presidents. Arrogant presidents must not prevent generals from winning wars, such as the Vietnamese War.

Powell must carefully supervise social programs such as those begun in the 60s; if he doesn't make them efficient, fair and foolproof, taxpayers will resent them.

Powell must restore freedom of speech to ministers. Their freedom of speech was purposely nullified in the 60s through IRS laws that are clearly unconstitutional. There is no place in the United States that an American citizen, including a minister, cannot talk about politics. He can talk about politics regardless of the building he is in, be it a church or a government building.

Powell must insure that presidents cannot abuse their power and perform criminal acts such as spying on political opponents.

Powell must bring corporations back under the regulation of government agencies. Unbridled and shameless greed among corporate leaders has resulted in outsourced jobs and lower wages. To add to the miserable economic situation of American employees, energy corporations have pillaged American consumers at every opportunity.

Regulations and government oversight were hard won accomplishments during the leadership of giants like Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and Truman.

Powell must end the disinterest and elitism that is characteristic of aristocratic presidents from privileged families.

Powell must end campaign corruption by completely outlawing the lobby industry. It has turned the entire government into a whorehouse where politicians do tricks for corporations. And every trick hurts American citizens.

Genuine campaign reforms must end ALL political donations. Campaigns must be restricted to government operated TV, radio and Internet sites.

Genuine tax reform must be enacted so corrupt and out-of-control officials and employees no longer victimize citizens. A sales tax would save citizens from property loss, exploitation and suicides. A flat tax would be a poor second alternative because citizens could still have their property taken away on bogus grounds. Property could still be taken away through the use of outrageous compounded interest and penalties. Innocent victims would still be driven to suicide.

Future presidents must be expelled from office for personal acts of immorality that reveal a base and predatory character.

Authority and power must return to citizens. The imperial presidency must end forever.

Presidents should not have the authority to wage ongoing wars, such as the Iraqi War, without the vote of the public.

Presidents must be forbidden to act in secrecy to create economic empires such as the one now being created between Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Presidents must not be allowed to keep the borders of the United States open for the mass invasion of illegal laborers. This has been done at the behest of employers in the industrial and farming sectors. Illegal laborers take American jobs, undermine wages, overflow charities, drain social services and create impoverished environments where crime and social problems are cancers on society. Employers encourage illegal labor for the precise purpose of creating a slave labor class that can be exploited and abused with impunity.

Presidents must not be allowed to use tax money to finance the movement of American jobs to foreign nations.

Presidential candidates must be required to take urine and drug tests because drugs can cause severe mental and emotional problems. Citizens must be protected from presidents, congressmen and judges with drug-related mental and emotional problems that compel them to assume and exert dictatorial powers.

Abortion must be regulated so that base people do not use it as a form of birth control. Neither should the government condone the dehumanization of unborn children. Abortion must never be accepted as normal because humans are thereby reduced to an animal mentality. The whole society is dehumanized. This is the same dehumanizing psychology that was used by Stalin, Hitler and the KKK.

Government employees, elected and appointed, must take loyalty oaths to preserve and protect the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Left wing politicians have appointed atheists and Marxists into the judiciary and they have been methodically reinterpreting the US Constitution into a Marxist Constitution.

The indivisible relationship between religion and state that was established by Jefferson and the other Forefathers must be reaffirmed in law and by oath.

Morality must be taught in schools in the example set by Founder Thomas Jefferson when he used tax money to buy Bibles for public schools. Also, Bible curriculum must be designed using Jefferson's curriculum as a basis.

Morality is the all-important issue facing Americans. The nation suffers because of immoral presidents, congressmen, corporate CEO's and religious leaders. As a direct result of corruption among leaders, the most patriotic citizens die in needless wars and hard working people lose their jobs to outsourcing.

The whole economy suffers because immoral corporate CEO's pillage consumers.

When immorality spreads to average citizens, the whole nation suffers. Business suffers because too many consumers cheat business owners and retailers in every conceivable way.

Immorality spreads from the top down and it eventually destroys the entire nation. The poor are quick to note when leaders are corrupt. The base and simple among them cite corruption among leaders as an excuse for their own corruption. It is a dangerous leavening in society.

You might call this phenomenon trickle down immorality.

At this point, we see that this article has returned to the subject it began with. That is the purging of government by God through an end-time Elijah. We see why a purge would be most welcome and necessary to save the nation from self-destruction.

We can understand why God must start at the top of society and purge it of corrupt leaders. It is understood by the phrase, trickle down. After corrupt leaders are eliminated, there will be no more immorality to trickle down.

If you do not like the concept, blame it on one of our presidents. He used the phrase trickle down economics. The phrase is very elitist and reveals the condescending relationship between presidents and citizens.

I hope I have made the end-time work of Elijah more real and logical for you. I hope you see the need for a purge. I hope you remember this article when the turnover of leaders seems abnormally high in the years ahead. This article has preview attractions of an upcoming book that has far more research, information and understanding. If you are interested in this book, please inquire at the address below.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Predictions of Mayan Calendar Followers? 2012 is Just Around the Corner

Well have you heard the latest of the newest Doom and Gloomers? This on; the Mayan Calendar, which officially ends in 2012 the last year being 2011. Yah check this out;

Actually either on December 21, 2011 or on October 28, 2011. The studies of the Mayan Calendar are interesting in that many have said the Mayans, Aztecs and event the Incans were visited by alien extraterrestrials. Perhaps, and that their calendar came from them. Cool, free calendars, you know I got one in the mail the other day from a company advertising their wares. Maybe that is how the free calendar advertising idea began? But remember that all possible futures can be controlled by free will. If you want to have fun with some math here is how they get to the number of 2012, you might be surprised what that number coincides with in higher mathematics.

However realize that the Chinese Culture has historic writings in excess of 10,000 years back, which predates these cultures writings. Not saying that either is older than the other since the DNA (please read the “Seven Sister’s of Eve) show that the Chinese and the American Indian are related and the African (maybe you have some type B blood in your family?), European and US populations excluding the American Indian are all similar to each other. Two distinctly different groups, everything is different down to the type of earwax your glands produce. Perhaps it was the Neanderthal DNA influences in all of that. Never the less the Indians of the Americas came over from the land bridge across the area we now know as the Bering Straights and formed the population bases here and mixed with whatever was here already if anything which would then include the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas prior to any involvement with the Spanish Armada brigade and Spanish Explorers. Were they visited by aliens? Who knew of a possible future? Who knows, probably possible if one believes of the reverse engineering projects on spacecraft in New Mexico. There has been so much debate in all of this and mathematicians constantly try to reason the dates with our faulty numerical system based on ten.

and I can recommend a book on this subject which I bought and later decided not to read; .

Now remembering that the Earth Wobbles and therefore has cycles of non-perfect elliptical orbits of the sun and gets hit by meteors, comets and asteroids every 12,000 or so years which just screws up everything including and debated life on Earth (Dinosaurs for instance) it would be hard to say if this was accurate at all. Now if the Earth does pivot on it’s axis in 2012 which is entirely possible and actually should have happened already, but did not to any large degree in the 1936-1956, then one might infer that the calendar is absolutely correct? I would differ such an opinion but would not preclude it from possible future realities of the Earths changes, which could incite a global cooling or warming. If such an event takes place there will be extreme problems near the waters edge as the planet moves it’s axis.

Extreme weather would be an understatement, volcanic activity, Earthquakes etc, would occur, major activity. So with all this study having been available should one be concerned? Yes, because the cycles although may not come in our lifetime, they surely will come as they have come before. Can we do anything about such possibilities? Yes, we can balance out the planet by moving ice around, changing reservoirs (China is doing this now, not that they have figured it out yet), etc on the surface and in the perfect balance will come a better orbit.

With that better orbit will also come changes we may not want such as changes in trade winds and cycles we count on to grow crops and shift the availability of water resources to areas that are now highly populated. However if we can change the weather and create the weather and the rain and the rain cycles to our needs we can control the actual destiny of our species and be the better for it. And actually everything will work better since their will be less wobble and more control over inertia guidance systems, satellite placement, smart bombs to fly a cruise missile through Saddam’s bathroom window, and self flying planes, trucks, trains, boats, submarines, cars and ships.

Anyway it does appear that we nearly have the necessary technologies to serve mankind in fixing these issues before 2012, the question really is will we and is the Mayan Calendar even an issue?

"Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; Lance is a guest writer for Our Spokane Magazine in Spokane, Washington

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