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The Pentagram and the Sun (RA)

The Pentagon-Dodecahedron was a representation of earth's tectonic plates. The ancients built a network of megalithic structures upon it for many purposes related to enhancing their psycho-spiritual needs up to and possibly including what led to the vitrified rocks. Mystery Schools say this about it.

“Masonic Symbolism of the Arithmetical Number Five and Its Plane Geometric Construct the Pentagram and Solid Geometric Construct the Dodecahedron
Stanley J. Bransgrove*

For presentation to the California College of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis

The number five [1] and its byproduct, the pentagram, have symbolic prominence and have been attributed extraordinary qualities. Possibly before ancient Sumerian astronomers observed the curious natural phenomena that of the seven visible planets, only Venus traced a regular geometric pattern, a pentagram in eight-year cycles, this number and figure may have already achieved symbolic import. We can confirm at least that what was observed above, was repeated by man here below. In examining remaining monuments of this distant past we find evidence that in fact the symmetry of the pentagram was utilized in mans most important architectural edifices. We may also interpret the stone work of this initiatic tradition in light of literary references to such western traditions such as those of the Pythagoreans, Jews, Christians, Druids, as well as the Lataif of Sufi tradition, and Hindu Tattwas. The pentagram served the Pythagoreans as a salutation and a symbol of health. Medieval masons considered it a symbol of deep wisdom and integrated its proportions in ecclesiastical edifices. In recent times, professor Matila Gyrka called the pentagram the "gateway to absolute independence;" "symbol of deep wisdom;" and an "ideal archetype of dynamic growth." It is not surprising that we find such symbolism reoccurring in speculative Masonry and Masonic Rosicrusianism.” (1)

A Shardana group of Phoenicians as well as the Genoese or Legurian people going back to 2000 BC are involved. Recent finds have these Shardana in a Trojan War era fortification reminiscent of the ‘nuraghi’ in Sardinia. That site is near present day Syria or Mt. Carmel. They are also found in the Hyksos reign over Egypt that is connected to Troy. There are mines under the water off Marseilles and the region near the mouth of the Rhone and the Pyrenees site of Rennes-le-Chateau is verdant with legend and importance throughout history and pre-history. Massalia was a focal point of transit and trade in a time before the Straits of Gibraltar were formed.

“Five churches or sacred sites are all built on hilltops on the site of older structures and form a perfect pentagon with its center near the megalithic sites known locally as
Balancing Rock and the Devil's Chair. Two of these five sites are the churches in Rennes-le-Chateau and Bezu. Between them is the ruin at Serre de Lauzet, with the chapel of Blanchefort and the megalith at la Soulane as the other two points.” These words are from Mary Sutherland. The megaliths tie in with the natural pentagram of the Pentagon-dodecahedron, which an ancient Druidic University in the region either designed or used long before Caesar or other Roman Emperors proscribed and eliminated the Druids of the region as best they could.

The Phocaeans are closely associated with the ‘Sons of Mil’ of the Milesian ‘Bees’. They took military ships across the Mediterranean to seal a deal with the king of Tartessus. You can read about it in The Rise of the Greeks by Michael Grant. That ‘Bee’ is also found in 2200 BC on the island of Crete in the Royal House of Mallia. It is important to remember that most early languages were vowel less. So ‘ML’ and ‘MLL’ are just one step removed from each other.

The natural pentagram formed by the mountains of the area near Rennes-le-Chateau where Nostradamus and Saunière were born is of paramount importance. The pentagon-dodecahedron knowledge was so secret in the time of Plato that anyone letting this secret be known to the uninitiated was put to death. Pythagoras (taught by Abaris [Rabbi] the Druid) and the Therapeutae used the pentagram instead and the Star of David, like the Kabballah, is ‘twisted’ for a purpose I have dealt with in other books. The Theosophists re-iterate much of what we have covered so far.

“The five-pointed star, or the star polygon of the number five, is made by marking five equidistant points on a circle and joining each to the next but one; the lines and angles are equal, the angles being 36 degrees, 72 degrees, and 108 degrees. The sections of the lines exhibit the golden ratio, by which a line is divided into extreme and mean ratio, that ratio being .618 or 1.618, which plays so important and interesting a part in geometry. In symbolism this figure is often taken as synonymous with the number five, the pentad. The Pythagoreans called it the pentalpha, because it was like five alphas (A). It combines the two and the three, the first even and the first odd numbers after unity, representing therefore among many other things, on the universal plane, the union of cosmic substance with cosmic intellect. If the three is combined with the four (another symbol of matter) we get the seven. As a union of five elements it stands for the heavenly or macrocosmic man and its five points correspond to the head and limbs of a man's body; the same idea lies behind the five wounds of Christ. When the star has its point down, it signifies the polar opposite of the preceding, that is, the nether or material pole of cosmic life; and so can be used as a black magical symbol -- the horns of evil are said to be up. The combination of these two produces the decad, in a similar way to that by which the two triangles are combined in Solomon's Seal; and thus we get another symbol of man's dual nature, and of the dual aspect of cosmic forces. In connection with this, astrologers will remember that each of five planets has two houses, a day house and a night house; while sun and moon have each one house, so that we have here the five, the ten, and the twelve, harmonized together. Five is specially important in our times because we are in the fifth root-race, and five elements have so far been manifested (the fifth, ether, only partially as yet). We have five digits on each limb; five is the most frequent number for the petals of a flower, we use the denary scale (twice five), and the number five plays a leading part in the geometry of the dodecahedron and icosahedron. In The Secret Doctrine we find the pentagon used for the number five in the formula 31415, the other figures likewise being denoted by geometrical signs.” (2)

The linguistic connection between the Basque, Vietnamese, Mayan, and Denhe of the Pacific Northwest is mirrored in the RH blood factor that also shows up in Casiberia. The Pacific Northwest brings us the Kennewick Man and the Aleut mummies on the westward Copper Route from Lake Superior.

At the time of Cätäl Hüyük a couple of millennia before the Black Sea became something other than an inland freshwater lake, there appears to be a ‘precocious’ cell of advanced people there according to Jacquetta Hawkes. Are these Anatolians connected with the Smyrna Milesians or ‘Bees’ of the Onassis Merovingians? Are they the people who became the Shardana on Sardinia along with the nearby Legurian (Genoese Phoenician Pirates) group who treated Druids as priests according to one author I have quoted? There is so much to piece together, and correct. Here are a couple of time line dates to consider in recent days about the Merovingian/Milesians.

1932: Aristotle Socrates Onassis, a Greek drug pusher and ship owner who made his first million selling "Turkish tobacco" (Opium) in Argentina, worked out a profitable deal with Joseph Kennedy, Eugene Meyer, and Meyer Lansky (Nixon was the keynote speaker at the opening of his Bahamas casinos. The Mafia later gave Nixon money to get his San Clemente estate). Onassis was to ship booze directly into Boston for Joseph Kennedy (who also had no money in stocks when the crash came but made huge money in stock rumour mongering but then was appointed to head the SEC). Also involved was a heroin deal with Franklin and Elliott Roosevelt. No doubt these things I say require your further research – but do not accept just one or two ‘official’ denials.

1934: Onassis, Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters (major oil companies) signed an agreement, outlined an oil cartel memo: Beat the Arabs out of their oil, ship it on Onassis's ships; Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters to get rich. All this was done. It is just part of a very serious situation that also involves the pharmacological abuse of humanity under the guise of psychiatry and medicine.

A web of drug traders who may have built the over 7000 ‘nuraghi’ (medieval looking castles) on Sardinia starts to appear. The potions of Anatolian Blue Lotus hallucinogens when joined with Peruvian cocaine allowed an ancient culture to control many of their colonies. Perhaps this kind of control was the true beginning of the end of Brotherhood but gender issues were involved as well. I think James Joyce as quoted by Joseph Campbell in Gimbutas’s Language of the Goddess brings it all together for us. He calls it a 5000 year ‘nightmare’. When I say the ‘web of drug traders’, I am talking about Phoenicians or Northern Semites and their ‘brothers’.
The Sun:

The Tepaphone used by Hitler's Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion is based on The Lost Chord of Druidry. The knowledge begins in understanding the Harmonic of Light and the sun. The sun is best observed through the transit of Venus which was a major part of Captain Cook's research when he first was sent out to explore the Pacific.

From: Eternum1 Sent: 25/10/2004 11:15 PM
Dear Robert:

I too find the mummery tarot readers and astrologers often use ridiculous.

I do think the ancient Egyptians and Mesoamericans had an understanding of the suns influence on the earth that we are just beginning to confirm. There remains little doubt the charlatans who disguised themselves as priests over the past millenia had much to do with this repression of knowledge.

Genetic changes through variation of local magnetic field strengths does affect mitosis (cell division) and since the sun goes through 28 day cycles relative to the earths orbiting of it, may affect certain personality traits at conception. Hence my tie-in with sun signs and real electromagnetic changes affecting developing embryos.

It's also theorized that equatorial climes like those of the Maya were most severely affected by a period of sunspot activity that resulted in a severe decline in fertility hence a reason for the abandonment of cities like chichen itza because the cycle coincided with the return of Quetzalcoatl (a role Cortes usurped to his own advantage). Also the climate would change during a period of solar polar flips which would tilt the earth’s axis and electromagnetic fields as well.

Since the sun itself couldn't be directly observed for sunspot activity during those times it was the cycles of Venus that were used to herald the changes that would repeat themselves over millenia. I believe this information was widely spread among the meso-americans and their celtic trading partners prior to the total destruction of Carthage and its wealth of knowledge.

The sun as you know causes nuclear reactions in the atmosphere that can transform nitrogen atoms into a heavy form (isotope) of carbon that has an atomic weight of 14 instead of the usual 12.

C14 as you know is used for carbon dating but while archaeologists have found it reliable in most cases there are anomalies that can only be attributed to the amount of c14 in the atmosphere over different periods of time.

C14 is now linked to solar activity and the advance and retreat of alpine glaciers and it shows that high levels of c14 correspond with decreases in solar activity.

The explanation as I understand it, is that an active sun generates a large number of sunspots, and these in turn cause a large number of charged particles to be thrown into space resulting in a thickening of the Van Allen belts. As a result the lower atmosphere is shielded from cosmic radiation and less c14 is produced. Conversely at times of low solar activity, when there are few if any sunspots, there are fewer ions between the atmosphere and the sun to shield out cosmic rays. More nitrogen is thus converted to c14.

Scientists are now comparing the graphs for solar activity (sunspot numbers) temperatures, wind severity, and glaciation against the rise and fall of civilizations. It seems the high levels of solar activity correlate with the growth of sophisticated civilizations while low activity links up with periodic 'dark ages'.

Is this what is indicated in the Maya long count calendar? I don't know but it seems reasonable to speculate that a period of increased seismic activity along with increased severe weather (hurricanes churning towards the Mayan gulf cities) which also led to a disruption of the wet season for crops and possibly a decline in human fertility would have led them to abandon their homes, especially if the events were prophesied as we believe they were.

With the forecast year of 2012 as the end of this fifth age we might also wonder about the climactic and electromagnetic changes we are witnessing today.

I noted your aside that Cayce was a Mason. While I too have some doubts about his ability to actually prophesize I wonder if you think he had access to esoteric knowledge that contravened his religious piety? Certainly his predictions about finding Atlantean outcroppings off the coast of Belize and Bimini seem accurate as well as his earlier beliefs in the earths axis (from magnetic forces)tilting, causing widespread tidal and weather related destruction in a cyclical fashion.

Author of Diverse Druids and many other books available at

Columnist for The ES Press Magazine and other E-zines galoreActivist committed to change the paradigm and not just one pet peeve

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The Year 2012 And Numerology

In my previous article, The Year 2012 A Time to Change, I wrote about the Mayan prophecies and the need for global adjustment. The aim of this piece is to provide some detail about the year in question.

Numerology describes 2012 as a five year, a number that invariably brings change, possibly of an unusualor unexpected nature. It would therefore be wise to adopt a flexible stance. The existing order receives a shake up from fresh elements, entering and breathing new life into stagnant conditions. A freedom of thought and movement becomes possible but only on condition that the necessary hard work and organisation was carried out during the previous year. Restlessness leads to increased travel and communications are high on the agenda as this is a time for contact on all levels. Choices, decisions, and temptations confront one and all throughout this entire period consequently, a slow approach will need to be taken when weighing up options. Impulsive actions, financial and otherwise, are to be avoided.

An air of uncertainty will be prevalent in key situations.

The two two's in the year will reinforce the feminine principal and bring about the need for gentleness, tact and diplomacy in order to harmonise the heightened sensitivities that will be uppermost throughout the year. Challenges directed at our capacity to coexist will occur, and any offence given will result in long-term enmity between the parties concerned. The events that transpire in 2012 will require a strong sense of cooperation, between nations and individuals if we are to maintain good relations with each other and furthermore if we are to collaborate successfully in handling any impending crises. The number two often creates indecision when important judgments have to be made or emergencies need to be dealt with. The Zero in 2012should be construed as raw potential from which anything can come into being. Our thoughts and actions will naturally steer our course ahead.

The One digit moves to a more commanding position in the year number. This means that the Millennium will have inherited a driving force that will impel it forwards. The One is assertive, original, dominant, aggressive and self-centred so an arrogant streak is to be expected in the year causing leaders to feel that they are right irrespective of any facts to the contrary. An ambitious attitude will produce a tendency to make a display of ones abilities that is likely to cause friction on an international level.

We can draw the following conclusions from the information at hand.

The Olympics are to be held in London, England in 2012. Five interlocking rings represent the Olympic symbol and the numerological number for London is two. The final preparations and organisational work should be carried out during 2011 but the Olympics may not be ready on schedule largely due to overconfidence, a laid back approach and misrepresentations regarding available funds. The final cost will substantially exceed the budget. A diplomatic incident involving at least one female can be expected at the sports for some of the reasons that I have outlined in the article body.

Headlines in 2012 will describe two major vehicle collisions. This will be a time to travel with extreme caution, as there will be a tendency to speed and to be unprepared for the unexpected.

Large fires, earthquakes and volcanic activity are presaged mainly due to the influence of the two as it is responsible for fires, as well as ruptures and divisions in the earths crust.

Impulsive and overconfident decisions will cause vital errors of judgement in the financial sector.

The two wants peace and mediation but human nature will cause restlessness to become social unrest. We can expect a period of turmoil during the year.

Unwise leadership coupled with overweening ambition will initiate the 'rattling of sabres' between East and West.

Misunderstandings aside, difficulty in communications will arise on both human and technical levels.

We will not be aware of much that is taking place behind closed doors in government and deceptive acts are likely to take place.

These are just a few indications of what can be expected during 2012. The outcome of events will, I feel sure, bring about a change in perception and values for the future. There is no reason for anxiety as this will be a turning point where old gives way to the new. We have travelled a long road in our evolution and 2012 should be considered as another step forwards.

Professional Numerologist and Astrologer, Peter Dobrovic offers personal consultations and professionally written reports based on over twenty years experience of practising Numerology. Peter, uses the three systems of Numerology, I Ching and the Chinese Horoscope to provide readings for his hundreds of satisified clients across the UK. You can visit his site at

The Year 2012 - A Time to Change

The worlds oldest calendar, known as the Long Count Calendar, was created by a race of American Indians called the Maya. According to their calendar our current planetary cycle began in 3113 BC and will end on 21st December 2012 AD. The Maya were an advanced civilization who dwelt in Mexico during the 7th century and, amongst their other attributes, were keen stargazers, architects, and mathematicians. They possibly used early forms of Numerology and astrology to map the natural rhythm and cycles of life on this planet.

The Maya were given to making uncannily accurate prophecies about key turning points in human history, including their own. As their civilization reached its zenith and then collapsed sacrificial rites replaced art and science. They were invaded and largely slaughtered by Spanish conquistadors during the 16th Century. Furthermore, the Spanish Inquisition destroyed many of the Mayan prophecies, which were recorded in early books named Codices, so little remains of their writings.

The Mayans believed that humanity would reach a stage during the early 21st century when a change of consciousness would become imminent. As a consequence, the worlds population would once again fall into step with the natural pulse of our planet. They stated that this would only occur following a period of serious trials.

Numerology can identify the impact of the change that will occur and help us to understand the challenge that we are facing. In a previous article entitled Numerology and the New Millennium I described some of the major characteristics of this period in our history and a few of the attitudes that we must adopt if we are to preserve humanity. We are presently witnessing examples of excessive greed that are threatening to destabilize the worlds economy and may yet cause a globalWall Street Crash. This is just one of a number of facets that need to change. Relationships are becoming strained as interaction between the people and cultures takes on an increased sensitivity and likelihood of misunderstandings. Rage and frustration are overriding calm rational minds. Materialism has overtaken our lives and no matter how much we rush there is never enough time in the day.

This Millennium now requires a merger between the left and right sides of our brain. The left is the critical, mundane faculty, while the right side represents the psychic and meaningful intellect. We have reached a point in our current evolution where we have allowed the left brain to dominate our outlook to the extent that we see life from a cynical and rather aggressive point of view. This imbalance needs to be redressed. Art or theatrical critics analyze and pick apart creative works in order to suggest improvements, but rarely do they produce their own works of art. Conversely, the artist or playwright possesses the vision and ability to develop a potentially classic work of art but may be too close to their creation to notice any glaring faults. Neither one functions constructively on their own, therefore, an equal partnership is the only way forward. We need to reintroduce the right brain into our thinking and to apply the partnership rule to our lives. We cannot continue to suspect everyone and everything or to rush about without noticing the beauty in the world around us as this will lead to our becoming isolated. We will then miss the quality of meaning in our lives. Stress and a lack of fulfillment will haunt us and we will constantly wonder where the time has fled to. We have to slow down now and to take time to become self-aware so that we can get in touch with our respective artists and craft great works of art for the future.

It is for this reason that, as the Mayans said, a change of consciousness will take place because we cannot continue any further down our present path. The next few years will indicate our future and the new direction that we will all be taking.

Professional Numerologist and Astrologer, Peter Dobrovic offers personal consultations and professionally written reports based on over twenty years experience of practising Numerology. Peter, uses the three systems of Numerology, I Ching and the Chinese Horoscope to provide readings for his hundreds of satisified clients across the UK. You can visit his site at

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DNA 12 Strand Activation

We know from a scientific perspective that we have 2 strands of DNA, however, from a metaphysical perspective it is said that we have 12 strands of DNA

Ten of these strands are latent, waiting to be activated, like Sleeping Beauty waiting for a kiss from the Prince.

Many books have been written exploring this concept of DNA 12 Strand activation including 'The Power of Twelve' by Anne Brewer.

In this book she shares a long and quite complicated process that she went through to awaken her DNA, and makes that procedure available to her readers.

Dr Joshua David Stone also writes about DNA Activation in his series of books on Ascension. His process is simpler, he said that we can ask our Spiritual guides and Ascended Masters to do the activation on our behalf.

You may be asking yourself why anyone would want to experience this anyway.
Well, what if each of the newly awakened 10 strands were seen to be a key to open a door to new or expanded states of awareness, to open up opportunities of experiencing new levels of consciousness?

It cannot have escaped your notice that many ancient prophecies have highlighted the year 2012 as being an important time for humanity. The earth is moving towards an alignment with the Galactic Core, and is at this moment, moving more and more into the Photon Belt that carries new light and new information for us to raise our consciousness to new levels. If each of our 12 strands of DNA are activated, and if they truly are keys, then we can make the most of this galactic alignment and open ourselves to this new light and information as it pours down into our planetary and human systems.

A blend of meditation, study, service and intention will, I believe, activate our DNA, however there are several methods to accelerate the process and speed up our spiritual journey. Certain musical frequencies can support the process, and simple, highly focused techniques can be used.

Is the time right for you to experience this for yourself?

Zannie Rose is an Energy Therapist, Seminar Leader and DNA 12 Strand Activation expert.She has an international practice. She can be contacted via

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Understanding the Prophecy of 2012

At present, the year 2012 is only of interest to those of us who believe in the wisdom of ancient cultures. But soon, very soon, everyone is going to be looking for more information about this Mayan prophesied year of destiny, which many believe to be the end of the Mayan calendar and thus the end of time, as we have known it. Let's look at this calendar and this specific date more closely.

The Long Count Calendar

Actually, it all began with a discovery that has been known for decades about the culture that invented what is known as the Long Count Calendar. On the Pacific coastal plain of Chiapas, Mexico, a few miles from the Guatemala border, the astrological observatory of the Izapa civilization was located. Some believe that the Izapa were the transitional culture between the older Olmec civilization and the emerging Maya; others believe the Izapa were the Olmecs.

For almost a thousand years the Izapa recorded the Long Count Calendar on monuments and ceramic vessels. Most of the dates refer to local, mundane events, like the crowning of a specific king. However, some of the Long Count monuments refer to mythological events that occurred at the beginning of the current "World Age" that we are living in and which is soon coming to an end. The Maya adopted the Izapa calendar, creation myths, and time cycles counting method.

Time Cycles

Scholars have figured out how the Long Count Calendar correlates with our own Gregorian calendar (using a lot of arithmetic), so we know that the legendary time of the beginning of our present World Age-when all the values were set to zero-occurred on August 11, 3114 BC. And using a complex system of Mayan Baktuns (measurements of time), we can calculate when their calendar reaches a new zero point - basically, every 13 Baktuns, or every 5,125 years the Long Count resets to zero - the calculated time when our present World Age ends and a new cycle of time commences.

Creation, Fall, and Resurrection

Several Creation monuments describe events that occurred in 3114 BC. The texts associated with these Creation monuments reports that "creation happens at the Black Hole," at "the Crossroads," and "the image" will appear in the sky.

The renowned researcher and author Linda Schele (in Freidel, Schele, and Parker's Maya Cosmos) wrote: "I realized that every major image from Maya cosmic symbolism was probably a map of the sky. [The] patterns in the Milky Way and the constellations were directly related to the Maya vision of Creation." Her realization opened the door to understanding the Izapan/Mayan cosmology and prophecy.

The Mayan Sky

In order to grasp the Mayan message, we need to understand a little about how they saw the sky and how events in the sky indicated times of death, rebirth, and the passage of time for souls living in this galaxy and in this solar system.

The Milky Way is their major image in the sky. As we know, we live on the outskirts of our galaxy and the Milky Way is the dense cluster of stars when looking toward the center of our galaxy. It appears as a long strip of stars in the sky above us. For the Maya, the rising, passing, and descending of the Milky Way in the sky marked major points in the cycle of time. Also, parts of the Milky Way and other stars prominent in our sky have specific meaning to our lives and the history of humanity and the heavenly realms, the realms of the gods.

To the Maya, the Milky Way's major features and the changes in its position and shape during the night reveal our origin, passage, and destiny. They are the Tree of Life; the Celestial Crocodile that gnaws at the Tree of Life; the Cosmic Canoe of the "Paddler gods" that follows after the Crocodile; the "lying down sky," or Black Dream Place; and seven stars in the Big Dipper, representing the egocentric Seven Macaw, who attempted to take the place of the Sun.

Simplified, the heaven passage tells the story of the initial fall of life's goodness at sunset, followed by the rise of egoism and self-seeking, which brought the rise of dangerous lower urges that crawl on their belly (as the cursed serpent in the Garden of Eden) and attack the attempts of life to resurrect, to rise anew, reborn. Fortunately, these dark influences are driven off by the higher ideals and the will to do good again. Eventually life is reborn and rises on a new dawn. That new dawn begins December 21, 2012, the Winter Solstice.

Rebirth in 2012

On August 11, 3114 BC, a new Solar Age began and the Sun Lord was reborn from the out of the darkness that had overcome all life. The Creation Lord deities are often portrayed attending to the rebirth of the world, including one called Bolon Yokte K'u, who is closely associated with war, conflict, and the Underworld. Despite these associations, Bolon Yokte is a god that is often present during Creation events. He is portrayed on a ceramic called Vessel of the Seven Lords, which contains the date 3114 BC, the beginning of our present 13-Baktun cycle, the one that ends in 2012. This Age is called the Age of Movement, or Change. And there certainly has been much change during this period in the world and in individual lives.

Of course, the date that interests us is the beginning of the next 13-Baktun cycle. What follows the end of the Age of Movement? A recent translation of a text from Tortuguero, a Classic Maya site north of Palenque, explicitly points to the date December 21, 2012. Translated by Mayan epigrapher David Stuart, the legible part of the text reads: "At the end of 13 Baktuns, on 4 Ahau 3 Kankin,; something occurs when Bolon Yokte descends." The verb glyph describing what happens is effaced, so it is replaced with the word something, but the creation lord Bolon Yokte is depicted. Since we know what Bolon Yokte represents, we may assume that this means that 2012 was thought of by the Maya as a creation or recreation of the world, likely during a time of war, conflict, and dominance of the Underworld and the Lords of the Underworld. Bolon Yokte represents all of these qualities.

As we can see, the end of the Mayan Calendar and the Age of Movement is simply the end of an Age. And, important to us, it marks the beginning of the next cycle of rebirth, renewal, and resurrection to even higher levels of enlightenment and understanding.

The Sky Signs

There are no specific markings or statements about the year 2012 on the archaeological artifacts at Izapa, but there are numerous images at Izapa that portray a rare celestial alignment that appears in the skies in the years around 2012. This galactic alignment marks the rebirth of the December solstice and the rebirth of the Sun Lord over Seven Macaw's attempts to replace him. The Sun Lord rises through the Dark Rift in the Milky Way, located between Sagittarius and Scorpio. Scorpio is depicted near the base of the Tree of Life in Mayan illustrations. Souls on Earth experience a change of galactic seasons, a celestial time-cycle shift, with our Sun moving into rebirth at the "Black Hole" at the celestial base of the Tree of Life (a location in the great Milky Way). December 21, 2012, signals the end of this 5,125-year Age of Movement that we've been living in and the commencement of a new Earth Age.

What Follows the Age of Movement?

Some say that 2012 marks the end of the world, but many more say that it is a new beginning. Nostradamus wrote that he sees to the year 3797! The biblical Revelation sees a time when all evil will be banded from the world, and that period will last for a thousand years! And though the Mayan and Aztec artifacts do not tell of a time beyond the Age of Movement, their ancestors carry a tale of two more Ages to follow the Age of Movement. They are the "Age of the Spirit of All Living Things," followed by the "Age of the Return to Oneness." Indicating that there is much left to do and much soul growth to realize and make our own.

Edgar Cayce's View

When asked what the New Age means to humanity, Edgar Cayce replied: "the full consciousness of the ability to communicate with the Creative Forces and be aware of the relationships to the Creative Forces and the uses of same in material environs. This awareness during the era or age in the Age of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu brought what? Destruction to man, and his beginning of the needs of the journey up through that of selfishness." (1602-3)

Cayce is informing us that in a previous time cycle, humanity had a level of consciousness and relationship with the Creative Forces that allowed us to live at higher levels of material, mental, and spiritual activity in the Earth and beyond. Unfortunately, we misused this consciousness and the power that came with the close relationship to the Forces. This misuse brought on the destruction of our great cultures and a long, karmic soul journey through the pain and confusion that resulted from our selfishness and self-centered focus on our will without regard for the will of the Creator and others. Now, as the cycles come around again, we are nearing a time when the level of consciousness and relationship with the Creative Forces will allow us once again to regain these powers. How will we use them this time?

Before we despair that humankind is going to misuse these again, let's remember that many, many souls and even the Logos, the Word, have come into materiality and continue to come to help prepare the way for rebirth and resurrection. We overestimate the power of the world and its leaders. The unseen, heavenly forces have greater power and will overcome the world's darkness and selfishness, breaking through with a light that will transform this realm for a thousand years, when all evil and temptation will be bound and a golden age will reign. The biblical book of the Revelation conveys this prophecy: "I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand. He seized the dragon, the old serpent, which is the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole inhabited earth, and bound him for a thousand years." (Rev. 20:2)

Of course, souls in the world must help lift humanity to higher levels of understanding, love, and spirituality.

Is 2012 the beginning of the fulfillment of these wonderful prophecies of the Izapa, Maya, Aztecs, Edgar Cayce, and the Revelation? Or, is it just another step on the long journey toward such fulfillment? The answer depends on us. How many of us catch the vision and raise our vibrations and consciousness to contribute to a truly new age of enlightenment will determine what occurs in January 2013.

John Van Auken is a Director at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. He is considered an expert in spirituality, reincarnation, ancient mysteries, and rejuvenation of the body, dream work, meditation, prophecy, mysticism, and Edgar Cayce concepts.

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The Significance of 2012

We're going to take a few minutes to look at the Mayan prophecy of December 21, 2012, as the end . . . of an age? Of the world? Of a calendar? We're going to find out.

There are two ways to approach this. One is to use the Mayan Long Count Calendar. But the other, which is very interesting, is to use the Aztec Sun Disk, which has the five ages on it. That's the one we're going to take a look at.

I took a picture of this Aztec Sun Disk (see at the archeological museum in Mexico City, and I have it here. The disk is of course much larger than it appears in the picture. It weighs about 25 tons and is about 12 feet in diameter, so a normal man would only come up to about half the distance of this circle; it's about 3 feet deep. We're actually going to look at this center circle, but first, I want you to notice at the top these two massive serpents coming down out of the heavens into the Earth. Symbolizing the god of fire and the god of the Sun, respectively, they come down as serpents, but their heads are now depicted as human heads. This connects with the ancient idea of the descent of the serpent from the tree of knowledge down into the Earth. Or the ancient Hindu idea that the kundalini, or the life force of humanity, descended out of energy into matter.

It is also the symbol of the descent of this power and our descent as souls, or children of God, coming out of pure spirit, of pure energy, into matter for the first time. When we look at the inner circle, we see those early ages.

Here is a closeup of the center circle. As you can see, it has a circle in the middle with the sun god's face, above it is a pyramid, and then there are four squares around the side. Each one of these squares represents one of the ancient ages. The circle in the middle is the age we are currently living in, called the Age of Movement, or Change. It actually began August 11, 3114 B.C., and it ends December 21, 2012. So the big question is, what happens after it ends? - there are only five ages shown here.

Well, actually, there are seven ages depicted, and the next two ages are very important to us. Remember the descent of the serpent energy, the kundalini life force, out of the heavens? Out of energy into matter? Out of formlessness into form? Out of spirit into flesh? This is a reverse of that process. Let's take a look at these ages.

Some people begin their interpretation of the ancient ages with the first square to the left of the pyramid, and they go around the circle counterclockwise. Others begin with the image in the square on the right of the pyramid, then go to the one on the left, and then come around. I prefer to begin with the one on the right of the pyramid and go in reverse order. You'll see that these ages fit very well with the mythology of not only the Mayans but the Egyptians and other ancient cultures.

The first square here has a stylized jaguar in it, and it's called the Jaguar Sun, or the Age of the Jaguar. It was an ancient age in which we, as souls, were quite powerful, quite sophisticated, but we were not really incarnate beings in the sense of physical form. We were more like spirits, or godlings, as the Egyptians called us. We were more like energy and spirit.

As we move down to the next square, we come into the Age of Water. The Jaguar was the Age of Earth, and now we're moving into the Age of Water - the Age of the Fish. The idea here is that, as the children of God descended from the heavens, they got lost and could not see the horizon from which they had come or to which they were headed. The Aztecs say that the great god Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent, or the winged serpent, descended and created a firmament so that the children could find their way. This is very similar to the story in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

Then we come to the next square, the Age of Fire. And in this age, there was an attempt to make a physical body that was ideal for the children of God, the sons and daughters of the Creator, to use while in the Earth world. The Mayans called this the blue maize body; maize, their term for corn. The blue maize people were perfect in every way, making it possible for the godlings to incarnate, to take on physical form. However, the children brought with them many little jealousies and weaknesses and vices that they stumbled over, and eventually, they lost their way, even then. When that age ended, the Mayans and Aztecs called it the Age of Fiery Rain, because it ended with volcanic explosions and meteors from heaven, one of which created the Carolina Bays, in the southeast of North America and the Caribbean Islands, and also created the Puerto Rican Trench. Some believe that this disturbance resulted in the destruction of Atlantis.

The beginning of the fourth age, the Age of Wind, is symbolized in the fourth square, in which we can see a stylized turkey. The story is that the great eagles of God, or the children of God, were now like little turkeys. They couldn't fly very high or very far off the Earth. They were very much possessed by this world and were caught up in the evolution of matter. Here also, interestingly, the prophecy says that they began to use Simian bodies, monkey bodies, in which to incarnate. This fits somewhat with the theory of evolution. In fact, current humans share 98 percent of their genome structure with the chimpanzee (or orangutan). That 2 percent difference is a very crucial one, of course.

That's when the children of God, the godlings, actually began to incarnate in the Earth consistently. They were, in fact, as Buddha would say, trapped in the cycle of incarnations.

In the inner circle begins the fifth age, the Age of Change---changing the situation, moving from a possessive condition to a liberating condition. This is the age we have been in since 3114 B.C. And this age ends in 2012.

The age to follow, according to the myths and the legends, is the Age of the Spirit of All Living Things. It is a time when our souls regain awareness of the essence of life rather than the form, regain a sense of energy and spirit rather than only physicality and matter. Once we gain that, we regain the real power of life, and we start to awaken to the spirit of all living things.

Next is the seventh age, the age that the Mayans called the Age of Melting Into Oneness Again. So there's a return to the great collective consciousness, the great oneness out of which all souls were created and given free will and life to go out and grow and become companions to their creator.

According to the legends, the ancient ages were very long - millions of years long. And, gradually, they got shorter and shorter. The ages that are to follow December 21, 2012, are to be even shorter. We have been in the present period, the Age of Movement, for about 5,000 years.

Nostradamus, a great prophet in his own right, wrote a letter to his son Cesar, saying that he could see to the year 3797 that life continued. So life is continuing into the next age, but it's not millions of years or tens of thousands of years. It's a shorter period of time.

The first age coming after the Age of Movement ends is the Age of the Spirit of All Living Things, an Age of Enlightenment. In the book of Revelation in the Bible, it says that for a thousand years, Satan will be bound - all evil on the Earth will go, and it will be a golden age of enlightenment. This corresponds very well with the Age of the Spirit of All Living Things.

Next follows an age, for an even shorter period of time, in which there is again full consciousness of the oneness with the life force, with the Creator, as was the condition of humankind in the first chapters of Genesis. This is a very different look at the Mayan Prophecy. It's an uplifting, hopeful, promising look versus the dark "end of the world" look or the idea that evil will conquer good, that darkness will overcome light. As most of the ancient prophecies of the ancient peoples themselves declared, Good will overcome evil, and light will overcome darkness, forever.

John Van Auken is a Director at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. He is considered an expert in spirituality, reincarnation, ancient mysteries, and rejuvenation of the body, dream work, meditation, prophecy, mysticism, and Edgar Cayce concepts.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2012 Will Be The Year Civilization Changes Forever

In the year 2012, prophetic events will culminate. This is not to say it is the end of time because the world will go on. We will see a culmination of the work of the Two Witnesses.

Many Old Testament personages, including Jesus Christ, are resurrected in the bodies of these two people. The resurrected ministries of these people will finally culminate. I am speaking metaphorically.

We will see a culmination of the end-time ministries of John the Revelator, Daniel, Elijah and many other prophets. These people were told that they would stand up again in the end-time. They stand up in the bodies of the Two Witnesses. These people are embodied in the Two Witnesses.

When the Beast and those who believe in the bestial way of life murder the Two Witnesses, who will be aged 66.6 in 2012, the bestial world will culminate. The Old World of bestial conduct will peak and begin a decline.

This culmination is associated with the 2012 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. This can be understood in the way prisms and camera lenses work. When the world is focused into a camera lens, it is reduced to nothing. But, out of the other side of the lens the world is projected upside down.

Actually, our present world is upside down. The world that comes after 2012 is right side up because the Beast and the bestial way of life will be destroyed.

Queen Elizabeth's diamond in 2012 is that prism. That is why Freemason's honored her Diamond Jubilee. The Washington Monument was built as a prophecy of her 2012 Diamond Jubilee. The aluminum cap on the monument represents Queen Elizabeth's diamond.

Freemasons expressed their prophecies in a calendar. (This is the calendar I recreated to complement the book of the Two Witnesses.) On the calendar, Masons drew a diamond on the year of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. Bear in mind that this calendar is 200 years old and probably thousands of years old.

There is a gap between our present world and the New World. These are the 3 days the Two Witnesses will lie dead in the streets. Think of those days as the width of Queen Elizabeth's diamond. Also think of the intense light that is produced when two electrified carbon rods in an arch light almost touch.

After those three days in 2012, the Two Witnesses will be sparked back to life. They will stand up and shock the world.

These two people are the first people in the new world God is creating. They are the new Adam and Eve.

Exactly 6,000 years ago, Adam and Eve had been created. The difference between the first Adam and Eve and our Adam and Eve is that our Adam and Eve will reject the Beast. In the Garden of Eden, the first Adam and Eve submitted to the Beast, who was in the form of a snake. The world suffered 6,000 years as a result. Our Two Witnesses will be murdered because they will not submit to the Beast in the tree of Babylonian civilization.

You are probably thinking that the Two Witnesses are men. That is correct in the sense that they are the resurrected prophets, Daniel and John. Remember God told both these men that they would be resurrected to do their work in the end-time? Their work was resurrected in the bodies of the Two Witnesses.

The Two Witnesses had been prophesied by animal sacrifices. On the Day of Pentecost, two unblemished lambs were sacrificed. Unlike the animals that represented Christ, these lambs were either gender, male or female.

People have had a hard time with the sacrifice of a female animal because they assumed every sacrifice represented the male Jesus Christ. They had no way of knowing they were acting out the sacrifice, by the Church, of one of the Two Witnesses who is the mother of the New World. The lamb would necessarily be a female. It is the Church that will sacrifice/murder the Two Witnesses. That is why the female lamb was sacrificed on the Day of Pentecost. Pentecost was the day the Christian Church was created.

But, a male lamb could be sacrificed for this lady because she represents a male prophet. This may be why Leonardo da Vinci portrayed John as a woman in his famous painting of the Last Supper. Leonardo understood that John's end-time counterpart would be a lady, one of the Two Witnesses and the female lamb of God.

You might ask why you have never heard about the Two Witnesses. The answer is that they have been ignored since 1991, when they began their 21-year ministry.

Remember I mentioned Elijah being taken to Heaven? Elijah did a 21-year ministry. However, he did not come to public attention until the last three years of his ministry. Elijah attacked and finally overthrew Ahab and Jezebel. We would identify these two infamous national leaders with our present-day world leaders. The similarity is obvious.

Remember that Christ had a 21-year ministry? He began at age 12 with the words to his mother "I must be about my Father's business." 21 years later he was crucified at age 33.3. He had just completed an intense 3-year ministry in the public eye.

The Two Witnesses are the same way. They will be murdered at age 66.6 after 21 years of doing their Father's business. Their last 3 years, which are 2009 to 1012, will be intense and will lead to their deaths.

Everyone in the world hated Jesus. He had no allies. His friends deserted him. The religious establishment hated him more than others because he threatened their income and glory.

The ministry of the Two Witnesses is described in Revelation 11 as a duplication of the ministry of Jesus Christ. We can rightly assume that the world establishment will also hate the Two Witnesses.

You might ask why the religious establishment is not carefully listening for the Two Witnesses. The truth is that they have no desire to meet the Two Witnesses.

Jesus stated this in parable. He said that religious leaders would be abusing the children of God. This is commonplace today. The homeless live in cardboard boxes outside the mansion gates of millionaire ministers. Poor believers struggle to support the extravagant lifestyles of Church leaders with tithes and offerings that would otherwise pay bills and feed children. The Book of Revelation describes the Whore of Babylon who drinks the lifeblood of the saints out of a Communion cup. This is an apt description of modern-day Televangelists and other millionaire Church leaders. Instead of serving the children of God, ministers have the children of God serving them. That is the opposite of the example set by Jesus.

Christ said in parable that ministers would be so busy with their religious businesses; they would reject Christ's invitation to His Wedding Feast. Ministers are millionaires nowadays. The last thing they want is to be Christ-like because they would need to give up their empires.

This is completely against the teachings of Jesus. It is all too obvious why religious leaders of today do not want Jesus to return.

When Jesus came 2,000 years ago, the religious establishment wanted to be made into a great kingdom. They wanted to be greater than the Roman Empire. Jesus said they would not be made into the kingdom they desired. So, the Church killed him.

Today, the Church wants to be made into the Kingdom of God. Christians want to be resurrected to positions of wealth and power so they can lord over others. The Two Witnesses will tell them they will not be in God's Kingdom. So, the Church will kill them.

The main importance of 2012 as far as you are concerned is that you could be resurrected along with the Two Witnesses. The living are given eternal life a few years later (see the prophecy calendar).

The Two Witnesses have information that can lead to your eternal life. It is the identity of the Beast. They know his identity because they know his Mark. It is not 666. God used 666 to seal mankind out of understanding.

If you know who the Beast is, you can examine his personality, character and behavior. You can compare yourself to him. If you find a match, you are going to Hell.

Do not despair because everyone has a match. The Bible says the whole world follows the Beast.

However, you can make changes by repentance and change. The first word out of the mouth of men preaching the gospel was REPENT. You must measure yourself against the Beast and make the necessary changes. In order to assure your success, you need to receive the Spirit of God through baptism. On your own you can not change from the bestial state. It is impossible. Only the Spirit can convert you to the Godly state.

After you make the necessary changes, you will no longer worship the Beast. You will receive eternal life as either a resurrected person or a living person at the return of Jesus in a few years.

In summation, the year 2012 is the most important year in your life if you desire to have eternal life. If you do not, then it is just another year. Oblivion awaits you at death.

If you want eternal life, the Two Witnesses are now preparing a 500-page research book that is a way to receive eternal life. Their book takes you through their research under Gabriel's supervision. In the book, research takes you back through 2,000 years of translation history.

You will reconstruct the Mark of the Beast as you go back through English, Greek and Aramaic. Then you will see the original Mark and the original words John used to describe the Mark. These words are not the current words in the King James Bible. And, the Mark is not 666.

Why is it that none have done this before? Simply stated, people are lazy. Do you honesty know anyone who intensely studies the Bible as an independent researcher? I have never known a single soul in all my life. The Two Witnesses would not have studied the Bible either. They did so because Gabriel supervised them.

After you learn what the Mark of the Beast is, you will advance through Daniel and Revelation and understand everything verse by verse. Without the real Mark of the Beast, this would be impossible.

Daniel and John wrote complementary versions of world history. Their accounts show how the world is like a tree. The tree is Babylon. The whole world is part of the Babylonian culture. Dictatorship is the primary characteristic of Babylon.

God intervened twice in world civilization to set up an alternative to Babylonian culture. The first intervention was at the time of Moses. Through Moses, God set up the Israelite nation as a libertarian form of government. The second and most important intervention by God was the founding of the democratic government of the United States. It was originally libertarian.

God is now taking total control of the world through the export of democracy from the United States and other democratic nations. Europe and the US make up his base of operation.

The Battle of Armageddon is the final crushing defeat of Babylonian culture. God will use the military might of western democracies to annihilate the last vestiges of Babylon, including Communist and terrorist nations. Some Muslim nations will be severely reduced in population because they have remained dictatorial and anti-democratic. They hold on to their Babylonian past. Red China will ultimately be defeated. Marxists in the old Soviet Union will lead their nations to a disastrous confrontation with Europe and the US.

Needless to say, God is on the side of democracy. God is against individuals who are dictatorial in character. So a weeding process will occur whereby angels will seek out individuals for death. Remember the parable of the tares. There will be no place to hide. This is described in Revelation.

The book of the Two Witnesses will allow you to see things in the Bible you would not see by the help of anyone else.

In the Bible, you will be able to identify Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Saddam Hussein, Milosevic, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Gorbachev, Schwarzkopf and other world leaders. You will see events that include the Persian wars and Armageddon. With the prophecy calendar, you can see the years these events will occur.

You will also learn personal information about the Two Witnesses, which includes the day Gabriel first visited them in 1991. Gabriel describes the merciless beating Satan has given them in his attempt to prevent their upcoming ministry.

The Masonic prophecy calendar is a natural complement to the book of the Two Witnesses. The calendar gives dates. The book, on the other hand, tells you what will happen and why.

The why part is an examination of the very heart and mind of God Himself. You will have a very personal understanding of God the person. You will know how His brain works. You will know how His emotions work. If you need a father figure, why not take on the attributes of God the Father?

After you learn what and why of 6,000 years of world civilization, you will need to know when end-time events will occur. That is the value of my Forefather's Prophecy Calendar. It gives the dates. You do not want to be in a city that has ICBM's aimed at it.

The year 2009 is fast approaching and it looks like the year when the Two Witnesses will finally make a public appearance and cause a sensation. They will then proceed with their 3-year ministry (2009-2012).

I hope this article has given you a panoramic view of the year 2012. I hope you see the spiritual significance of upcoming events that have been prophesied for thousands of years.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mayan Spiritual Elders Reveal The Real Prophesy - Is This End?

In November of 2007, Mayan Elders from all the tribes got together to give us the true interpretation of the Mayan prophesy about December 21st 2012, which some have called "the end of time."

Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj a 13th generation high priest and elected leader of the National Mayan Council of Guatemala will select 25 high authority elders to give us an accurate interpretation of the Mayan glyphs. Don Alejandro or Grand Elder Wakatel Utiw(his Mayan name) is the primary keeper of the teachings, visions and prophesies of the Mayan people

They had also invited the chiefs of aboriginal cultures around the world. The Kogi, Arhuaco and Wiwa Mamos from Columbia, the Waitaha and Maori elders from New Zealand, the Hopis of North America and many others who wish to be present with the Mayans at this time. This long awaited announcement got little if any media attention but it will be of great importance to all humanity. Many have waited a long time for the Mayans to gives us the true meaning of the much publicized date.

December 21, 2012 is the end of the grand cycle according to the Mayan calendar. It is the end of the 13th Baktun and 13th Ahau, a 5200 year cycle that is ending in our lifetimes. Exciting times from my perspective. It is the day that the calendar ends. There is no record for the sun to arise the next day. Does this mean the end of humanity?

The Mayan calendar has been the most accurate calendar the world has ever known. They have a knowledge of how the universe works and it's truths that is second to none. The amazing part is that this information has been with us for over 4000 years. It is only now that the Mayans and the information they have recorded in glyphs is getting the respect and attention it deserves.

What did they say? How did they interpret these prophesies?

To get the full text as to what they said will have to wait till sometime this year. The transcription of the elder gathering is being compiled into a book which will be signed by the entire National Mayan Council of Guatemala so the world knows for certain that this is the real Mayan prophesy.

I believe that I have found the essence of what they said from quotes attributed to Don Alejandro Oxlaj. These are statements he has made since the pilgrimage.

"At the time of the 13 Baktun and 13 Ahau is the time of the return of our Ancestors and the return of the men of wisdom. That time is now. Arise, everyone, stand up! Not one, nor two groups be left behind the rest.This prophecy is in reference to all: rich or poor, black or white, men or women, indigenous or non indigenous, we all are equal, we all have dignity, we all deserve respect, we all deserve happiness; we all are useful and necessary to the growth of our planet to make it a place where we can live with respect among the different cultures.

According to the Maya Long Count Calendar, we are finalizing the 13 Baktun and 13 Ahau, thus approaching the YEAR CERO. We are at the doorsteps of the ending of another period of the Sun, a period that lasts 5,200 years and ends with several hours of darkness. After this period of darkness there comes a new period of the Sun; it will be the 6th one. In each period of the Sun there is an adjustment for the planet and it brings changes in the weather conditions and in social and political life as well.The world is transformed and we enter a period of understanding and harmonious coexistence where there is social justice and equality for all. It is a new way of life.

With a new social order there comes a time of freedom where we can move like the clouds, without limitations, without borders. We will travel like the birds, without the need for passports. We will travel like the rivers, all heading towards the same point the same objective. The Mayan prophecies are announcing a time of change. The Pop Wuj, the book of the Counsel, tells us, It is time for dawn; let the dawn come, for the task to be finished."

What a time for humanity coming. The Mayans have prophesied this, as has many other indigenous peoples around the globe. The Eagle of the North(masculine) and the Condor of the South(feminine) will once again fly together as the one that they truly are. The balance that nature always seeks is happening right now.

Everything in the universe is a circle. For every end, there is a new beginning. I know in my heart that this time for humanity is not the end, but a new beginning. A time for us to completely change our perspective on everything to do with the human experience.

The Mayan wisdom has been passed down through generations and has been kept alive and relevant for a reason. If we, as the collective entity of humanity, can only hear their words and embrace their vision for us all, then the reason that this 4000 year old prophesy has survived will surely be revealed.

I know this is not the end and I am sure the Mayan interpretation will not be filled with doom, gloom and Armageddon. This is a new beginning for every human on earth. This is a time when we evolve from a species where hate, ignorance and judgment will be replaced with love, wisdom, compassion, unity and cooperation.

Seth Garrison is a certified Overlight Facilitator and creator of the energy healing system called "Back to Perfection". Overlight is a spiritual psychology that is designed to identify the root source of their dis-ease, be it mental or physical, and create a space for them to feel comfortable enough to heal themselves. More topics from Seth can be found at

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The Year 2012 - A Time to Change

The worlds oldest calendar, known as the Long Count Calendar, was created by a race of American Indians called the Maya. According to their calendar our current planetary cycle began in 3113 BC and will end on 21st December 2012 AD. The Maya were an advanced civilization who dwelt in Mexico during the 7th century and, amongst their other attributes, were keen stargazers, architects, and mathematicians. They possibly used early forms of Numerology and astrology to map the natural rhythm and cycles of life on this planet.

The Maya were given to making uncannily accurate prophecies about key turning points in human history, including their own. As their civilization reached its zenith and then collapsed sacrificial rites replaced art and science. They were invaded and largely slaughtered by Spanish conquistadors during the 16th Century. Furthermore, the Spanish Inquisition destroyed many of the Mayan prophecies, which were recorded in early books named Codices, so little remains of their writings.

The Mayans believed that humanity would reach a stage during the early 21st century when a change of consciousness would become imminent. As a consequence, the worlds population would once again fall into step with the natural pulse of our planet. They stated that this would only occur following a period of serious trials.

Numerology can identify the impact of the change that will occur and help us to understand the challenge that we are facing. In a previous article entitled Numerology and the New Millennium I described some of the major characteristics of this period in our history and a few of the attitudes that we must adopt if we are to preserve humanity. We are presently witnessing examples of excessive greed that are threatening to destabilize the worlds economy and may yet cause a globalWall Street Crash. This is just one of a number of facets that need to change. Relationships are becoming strained as interaction between , people and cultures takes on an increased sensitivity and likelihood of misunderstandings. Rage and frustration are overriding calm rational minds. Materialism has overtaken our lives and no matter how much we rush there is never enough time in the day.

This Millennium now requires a merger between the left and right sides of our brain. The left is the critical, mundane faculty, while the right side represents the psychic and meaningful intellect. We have reached a point in our current evolution where we have allowed the left brain to dominate our outlook to the extent that we see life from a cynical and rather aggressive point of view. This imbalance needs to be redressed. Art or theatrical critics analyze and pick apart creative works in order to suggest improvements, but rarely do they produce their own works of art. Conversely, the artist or playwright possesses the vision and ability to develop a potentially classic work of art but may be too close to their creation to notice any glaring faults. Neither one functions constructively on their own, therefore, an equal partnership is the only way forward. We need to reintroduce the right brain into our thinking and to apply the partnership rule to our lives. We cannot continue to suspect everyone and everything or to rush about without noticing the beauty in the world around us as this will lead to our becoming isolated. We will then miss the quality of meaning in our lives. Stress and a lack of fulfillment will haunt us and we will constantly wonder where the time has fled to. We have to slow down now and to take time to become self-aware so that we can get in touch with our respective artists and craft great works of art for the future.

It is for this reason that, as the Mayans said, a change of consciousness will take place because we cannot continue any further down our present path. The next few years will indicate our future and the new direction that we will all be taking.

Professional Numerologist and Astrologer, Peter Dobrovic offers personal consultations and professionally written reports based on over twenty years experience of practising Numerology. Peter, uses the three systems of Numerology, I Ching and the Chinese Horoscope to provide readings for his hundreds of satisified clients across the UK. You can visit his site at

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A Little History of Mayan Astrology

Mayan astrology is based on 20 named days that are cycled 13 times to create a 260-day calendar, the Tzolkin. These signs reflect 260 possible personality types which can be used for divination. Mayan astrology isn't as prevalent as other types of astrology, but interest is growing because of the fascination with the Maya. Their advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics is seen as crucial to the efficacy of this esoteric approach, but increased interest is also due to their strange and unusual traditions, rituals and the mystery surrounding their demise. The year 2012 plays a large role in their prophecy and may signal a sentinel event in history. Mayan astrology is very different from the astrology that most people are familiar with today.

Mayan astrology is an organic process, it may take one step at a time or happen instantaneously. The calendar used by these people represents a shamanic journey, and we learn to weave the past, present and future all together into one whole. It was developed as far back as 600 BC, perhaps even earlier. The interesting part of the approach was the Tzolkin Calendar that provided a way for the Mayan people to align every day of their lives with the Universal Purpose. This sounds like a beneficial approach to conducting a persons life as it discusses the progression of the human species towards its ultimate destiny.

Derived from the galaxies, the chart readings can be up to 10 pages long and will delve into who you are, and what your purpose is. Additionally your powers, strengths and futures path on this planet are illuminated, discussed and brought forth.

Mayan Astrology helps reestablish an intimate link between the Earth and Pleiades, and will initiate a journey into multidimensional time, reactivating self-awareness to help in understanding yourself. You find that an eternal view is incorporated as it synthesizes indigenous, galactic, and modern day interpretations of the calendars. This is possible because the approach is galaxy based, i.e. the Milky Way; where as traditional and conventional astrology is based on the interpretation of the alignments of all the planets in our solar system.

Maya and Aztec astrologers observed the phases of the planet Venus and correlated them with events on Earth. Venus has four basic phases: morning star, evening star, and two conjunctions with the Sun. Mayan ceremonies however, are usually performed for a particular purpose such as to bring wealth, success in business and to bless newlyweds.

Mayan civilization came into existence and functioned for over one thousand years. The ancient Maya interpreted and understood time in a particular way, which was totally different from any other existing culture or civilization. They understood and accepted the fact that time was not linear; it is just a series of repeating cycles. Mayan Time Science is an entirely new and unfamiliar world based on nothing familiar to our common understanding of the World. It truly is an adventure into a bold new world.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

2009 Obama & God's 2500-Year Blessing on Black Israelites

An ancient blessing on black people will take full effect in 2009. Thousands of years ago God had placed a blessing on black Israelites through Jeremiah. It was not to come about until a certain number of years expired. Those years will have expired in 2009. There might be a spectacular manifestation of God's blessing as two black men, Barack Obama and Colin Powell, ascend to the very top of national and world power.

God's 2500-year span for Israel and Judah

Standard lengths of Biblical dispersions have been 2500 and 390 years. This information is not new.

Researchers have already noted that the modern nation of Israel (Judea) began to form after the Balfour Declaration in 1917, which was 2500 was years after Jews were dispersed in 583 BC. Researchers have also noted that the United States began in 1776, which was 2500 years after Old Testament Israel was dispersed in 724 BC.

Applying the 2500-year dispersion to the black experience

Researchers have always applied the 2500-year span to the white experience. I believe I am adding completely unique and original information to studies of the 2500-year span by applying it to the black experience. This information provides the Biblical significance of Barack Obama's meteoric success in his campaign for the White House. Obama would not have been successful if God had forgotten the blessing that He had made to black Israelites through Jeremiah.

Refreshing your memory about the 2500-year span

The Israelite capital of Samaria was built in 880 BC. Israelites were dispersed by God to be without a homeland for 2500 years. Those 2500 years ended in exactly 1620 when Pilgrims built the Plymouth Colony in the New Testament Promised Land of North America.

The people of Israel had lost their nation in 724 BC after their defeat by Assyria. God set a span of years for them to go without a nation. Exactly 2500 years later, in 1776, New Testament Israel won a war of independence and again became a nation.

The 2500-year blessing on black Israelites

My study explains the timely rise of black Americans to the top leadership positions in New Testament Israel (USA). Their rise was set to occur in 2009, which seems to be the year Barack Obama will become President or Vice President of the United States. It appears that God will make a spectacular and welcomed manifestation of a blessing He once pronounced through the prophet Jeremiah.

In order to comprehend black Israelite history, you need to review the Books of Kings and recognize the distinction between Israel and Judah. Israelites left the Promised Land when Assyrians dispersed them in 724 BC. Jews were dispersed by Babylonians over a hundred years later.

A black Remnant was left behind

In my opinion, Assyrians and Babylonians ignored black and white laborers when they sought captives to take back to their countries. The Biblical account seems to indicate that captors took only nobility and highly skilled artisans. Everyone else was left behind. I think that many black and white laborers remained in the Promised Land after wealthy Israelites and Jews were taken captive. Jeremiah called them the Remnant.

The government in Jerusalem had remained for over a hundred years after Assyrians took the Israelite government away. So, for a while the government in Jerusalem protected the Remnant from raiders. But, after Jewish leaders were taken captive by Babylonians, the remaining government was gone. Police protection was gone. The black Remnant was left without protection from hostile tribes that stole their harvests and burned their homes. So, they decided to give up on the Promised Land and move to Egypt, which was part of Africa.

Jeremiah's promise of a blessing for the Remnant

The prophet Jeremiah was dispatched by God to announce a double-edged blessing for black Israelites. Essentially God said that He intended to make the black Remnant into a great nation. The Remnant would have become a world empire if it had remained in the Promised Land. I hope nobody passes up an opportunity like that again.

God essentially said, "We can do this the short way or we can do this the long way (Jeremiah 42-45). Either way, you are going to be my people and I am going to bless you."

The Remnant decided to do it the long way and they proceeded into Egypt and Africa. The Remnant also decided to continue to celebrate Ishtar (Easter) and make Easter cakes. They didn't want to give up pagan observations. If a lesson were to be learned, it would be to drop the pagan aspects of the Resurrection celebration.

It must have been a spectacle to behold. Jeremiah was a blue-eyed white man according to an account written by the Jewish Princess Tephi. He probably stood on a rock to address the Remnant and announce God's blessings. I assume Jeremiah was very disappointed when the Remnant chose to proceed to Egypt/Africa. In retrospect we see that the blessing to the Remnant was postponed for the same 2500-year span that had been applied to those Israelites who had been taken captive by Assyrians. We shall see that additional time was added. Eventually, God's blessing would take effect in 2009.

God's blessing is becoming apparent as the year 2009 approaches. Amazingly enough, another blue-eyed white man is addressing black Americans and reminding them that God is keeping His promise and will now bless them. The elections of Barack Obama and Colin Powell are proof that God is keeping his word.

Black American researchers have believed that Isaiah 45:14 was a prophecy of African slaves brought to America. I will add my belief that God brought His wayward Remnant back to Him when slave ships landed in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. Recall that Israelites who had once been taken captive by Assyrians had completed their 2500-year dispersion in 1620? Normally, the Remnant would have also finished their dispersion in 1620. But, God added time to the Remnant because they had once refused to return to the Promised Land. The time that was added matched standard Biblical lengths.

If you are doing the math as you read along, you need to understand that the year 1619 is the same as 1620. This is because spans of years from one date to another can be figured inclusively and exclusively. Plus, Old Testament Israelites used the Hebrew Calendar, which began in September. The point is that 1619 and 1620 can be reckoned to be the same year.

An additional 250-year span

You might ask why the Remnant continued as slaves after the 2500-year curse ended in 1620. The answer is that God had told the Remnant they would lose their connection to Him. This disconnection happened over time. The Remnant blended into African populations and lost its connection to God and the Promised Land.

Because the Remnant became disconnected from the true God, it had to be reconnected. This is where an additional 250-year span came in. Disobedient forefathers in the time of Jeremiah had condemned their descendants to an additional 10% (2500 x 10%=250). During this additional 250-year period the Remnant reconnected to the God their ancient ancestors had forsaken.

This additional 250-year span ended in 1868 when black men were finally given American citizenship as a result of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. By 1868, the Remnant had thoroughly reconnected with God and God rewarded them with citizenship in their New Testament Promised Land. What's more, black Americans have become champions of Christianity. In contrast, many white Americans are dangerously drifting from God. White Americans ought to consider the severe punishment that God has had for backsliders.

390 years and God's fulfilled promises

The Remnant had another span of time to fulfill before they could rise to the blessing God had promised them. God said He would make the Remnant a great people. In retrospect we see that God's promise would come about 390 years after they arrived in Jamestown in 1620. That would be 2009. In 2009, when Barack Obama takes office, we will see that God did indeed keep His promise. And it would not surprise me to find that both Barack Obama and Colin Powell are the descendants of the very leaders to whom Jeremiah promised this blessing at the time of the dispersion (Diaspora).

In Ezekiel 4, we see that God applied a 390-year time span to Israelites. It is now apparent that the 390-year span was applied to the Remnant. The Remnant had been brought back to God in 1619/1920. But, it would not be for another 390 years that the blessing would take full effect. After 390 years, which will be exactly 2009, God will raise black leaders up to the height of power in God's great nation. God had promised the Remnant through Jeremiah that He would do this- and we are about to see God fulfill His promise in 2009 in a spectacular way.

Barack Obama is the champion of the Democratic Party and Colin Powell will become the champion of the Republican Party. It appears that a black person will henceforth be in the White House simply to capture the black vote in every future presidential election.

I brought up the 2500-year span for Judah. I believe when we see that the 2500-year time span for Judah was fulfilled, we will be assured that the 390-year time span for black Americans will be fulfilled.

Researchers have noted that a 2500-year time span applied to Judah. In 533 BC some Jews had returned to Jerusalem after their Babylonian captivity. 2500 years later, in 1969, they took possession of the City of Jerusalem after the 6-day War.

40 years, Ezekiel and Ethiopian Jews

In Ezekiel 4, we see that God applied a 40-year time span to Judah. This is in contrast to the 390-year span applied to Israelites. These are actually positive and beneficial years for Black Jews and Black Israelites. They are years of reconnection to God that end in great blessings.

Black Israelites: Ezekiel 4:5 I have assigned you the same number of days as the years of their sin. So for 390 days you will bear the sin of the house of Israel.

Black Jews: Ezekiel 4:6 "After you have finished this, lie down again, this time on your right side, and bear the sin of the house of Judah. I have assigned you 40 days, a day for each year.

A 40-year reconnection process for Black Jews began in 1969 when an explorer discovered a large population of Black Orthodox Jews in Ethiopia and brought them to world attention. In that same year, the first of a serious of efforts began to connect Ethiopian Jews to the modern nation of Israel. In 1996 Dr. Graenum Berger founded the American Association for Ethiopian Jews. Since that year, investigators declared Ethiopian Jews to be blood descendants ancient Jews. Remnant Jews began migration back to the Promised Land.

We see Ezekiel's 40-year time span between 1969 and 2009. The 390-year span that was applied to Remnant Israelites will have run concurrent to the 40-year span applied to Remnant Jews. Both spans will end in 2009.

You might ask why Black Jews faired better than Black Israelites when it came to lengths of time spans. One reason might be that the Remnant in Ethiopia continued to worship God and retained its identity. In contrast, Remnant Israelites totally disconnected from God and lost their identity. This necessitated a painful reconnection period. Slavery was utilized as a means to cleanse Remnant Israelites and to acculturate them. Unlike Remnant Israelites, Ethiopian Jews have had no need to be acculturated.

Can all this be true? I don't think the experiences of Black Jews and Black Israelites, in light of Ezekiel's prophecies, can be dismissed as pure coincidence. Plus, the experience of white Jews and white Israelites blends in perfectly. Time spans and dates are too exact to be coincidental. Of course, there are always atheists and racist religious leaders that are emotionally motivated to "disprove" anything that substantiates prophecy and/or elevates the status of Black people.

What is the message and the moral?

The message is that God controls everything He wants to control, including presidential elections. If you think the election of Barack Obama and Colin Powell are God's decisions, you are right. If you think the return of Jews to Jerusalem was God's decision, you are right. And the Bible clearly states that Palestinians and Jews will live in peace. That now seems impossible but prophecy states it will happen.

The moral of this research is that Christians and Jews, whether black or white, had better remain close to God and do what He tells them to do. Also, do not adopt foreign religions, pagan practices and atheism. 2500 years is a long time to wander the earth as prey to other people. It is a long time to be without a place to call home. Chains of love can be miserable, even when they are God's chains.

Do the math

I am including the math for your convenience and I hope you will search the Internet for related information provided by other researchers.


583 BC Diaspora + 2500 = 1917 Balfour Declaration & return of Jews.

533 BC Reenter Jerusalem + 2500 = Jews Reenter Jerusalem- 6-Day War.

Israel (White and Black):

880 BC Samaria built + 2500 = 1620 Pilgrims built Plymouth Colony.

724 BC Israelites lost nation + 2500 = 1776 Americans became a nation.

1620 black slaves from Africa + 250 = 1868 14th Amendment citizenship.

1619 + 390 = 2009 election of Barack Obama to White House.

2012 Election of Colin Powell to Presidency.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Magi - Ancient Magicians

Long before the ruthless Roman Empire walked the shores of what is now known as Great Britain, an ancient form of wisdom existed amongst the people who populated those ancient forests and mountains and its echo is still felt today.

180,000 years before the present, the planet was at the end of the last interglacial period and traces of our ancient seafaring ancestors can be found today in caves along the coast of South Africa using red ochre and selecting specialist stone to make spears and other hand tools from small quarries along the coastlines.

The use of these caves disappeared after 70,000 BP showing no further signs of occupation until around 12500 BP.

The reason for this was the forming of ice on the cooling poles as the new Ice Age drew the water from the oceans, globally lowering sea levels and leaving the caves stranded and out of reach.

It is now known that Homo sapiens spread along the coastlines of the world and populated nearly every continent.

What is not considered by modern science is how they crossed the great rivers and jumped from island to island or even the oceans that separated the great landmasses.

There were other forms of men in those times, some of a much more robust kind such as Neanderthal.

Homo sapiens were less robust and more susceptible to injury from the mighty creatures that roamed the land beside the shores.
But our ancestors had a secret weapon that allowed them to survive the terrible cataclysms that struck the planet ending the last ice age and that was their ability to sail lightweight sea going craft made from animal skins.

They were shamanic and animistic in the same way as our more modern indigenous cousins the Amerindians who held this way of thinking until only a few hundred years ago when it was almost wiped out under the onslaught of the colonisers from the west.

Before Christianity these ancient tribes held a deep reverence for the planet and its inhabitants.

What had brought them to this world view was their ancient background as nomadic mariners as they followed coastlines and crossed estuaries in search of the seasonal bounties of nature's providence.

Their affinity with caves such as Lascaux as long ago as 36,000 BP is well documented revealing their annual meeting places up rivers in France and include the wide distribution of the famous Venus Figurines and carefully crafted beads made from mammoth tusk throughout the whole of Europe.

They lived well hunting the migrating herds as they travelled toward the summer grazing and breeding areas in the north and laid in wait for them as they crossed shallow places in rivers and swum the short distances from bank to bank.

The evidence of the use of caves in Britain in the summer months as part of their annual hunt can be found at such places as Creswell Crags in the middle of Britain where a drawing of an Ibex which is indigenous to the French Pyrenees has been found thus proving the annual hunter gatherer migration and the lack of the English Channel to block the herds.

The sailing craft of this ancient sea going people only drew around 18 inches and so could easily hide in ambush amongst the tall reeds at the shallow inlets and river mouths.

Some of the descendants of these vessels were reported by Julius Caesar in 64 BC and were estimated to be as long as 60 feet and were so swift under sail that they appeared to fly like birds over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The system of construction using a light wooden frame and stretched animal hides can still be found on the west coast of Ireland in the form of the Currach or Curragh which is still built and used to catch salmon and is extremely seaworthy and stable on ocean swells as was proved by Tim Severin in his Atlantic crossing to prove the possibility of Voyage of St Brendan the Navigator to the Americas.

It was the buoyancy of these craft that probably saved Homo sapiens when all the mammoths, Giant Elk, Sabre toothed tigers and Neanderthal man met their end in the sudden melting of the ice sheets 12500 years ago.

It is only now, with the advent of modern documentaries that the public begins to glimpse the awesome forces unleashed by tsunamis and flooding.

Great ice cliffs, as much as 1 mile high, broke sending tidal waves southward across the oceans at speeds in excess of 400 miles per hour and as they reached the coasts they attained heights of 60 feet or more utterly destroying all life as the roared across the plains and estuaries of the Ice Age world raising sea levels by 300 feet world wide and destroying any evidence of the works of Ice Age Man.

As we witnessed in the Asian Tsunami of 2004, small boats and yachts a few hundred feet offshore were unharmed as they rose and fell to the inundation, yet on the shore everything was crushed and drowned in an appalling mêlée similar to world wide evidence of trees and animals torn apart and mixed together like some great invisible hand had perpetrated the awesome forces that killed them.

We who descended from these ancient people were originally sailors and as such were navigators, nomads and star watchers.

What no researcher has thought about in modern times is that these ancient people had to have a keen sense of time and season so as to know when to lie in ambush or to collect hazel nuts in vast quantities on the shores of the west of Scotland and then transport them great distances to the outer islands of the Hebrides to crush and mill them on an industrial scale and make the staple delicacy of hazel bread for hundreds of nomadic families.

It is from this keen sense of time that most of the ancient mysteries are answered and a different world view becomes clear, because when one knows time for what it really is, and then real magic can be the result.
How many in the world practise astrology using out of date charts from the Greeks 2300 years ago?

How many researchers, academics and practitioners of the occult arts can answer the question, "How did the Ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians who practised astrology know what star sign the sun was in at the equinox or solstice?"

The constellations were named after animism to remind the observers generation after generation of the shape of a group of stars by using animism.

For instance, the name Zodiac literally means "Wheel of Animals"
Astrology means logic of the stars, therefore the answer is logical and modern explanations are not, since science dismisses astrology as a pseudo science and astrologers rely on intuition at a higher lever and sheer deceit at a lower one.

The problem is that we cannot see the constellations behind the sun in daylight and modern researchers ignore this problem or dismiss it without explanation or make up a weak argument about judging the position by the stars that cross the horizon just before sunrise.

Try it for your self; you cannot see the stars on a clear morning as the sun rises.

I can assure you that our ancestors could tell time to within seconds by the stars and measure the earth by the same method and furthermore, hid the instrument with which they achieved it in full view of the public for over a thousand years.

Mankind has become blind to the obvious and therefore guarantees its own demise unless changes come about at a personal and social level.

Our species has become unbalanced and Nature, a word derived from the Egyptian Neteru meaning Nature Spirits, will redress the problem, swiftly and ruthlessly as is being witnessed now with increased solar activity creating terrible storms, earthquakes and volcanism that is broadcast on the news every day.

The indigenous people of the Americas such as the Maya and the Hopi have been warning about this for years as the Mayan Calendar grinds remorselessly on toward the end of this age of the sun in 2012.

The ancients mostly communicated through symbolism and there are many symbols left in glyphs to baffle the modern minds of researchers.

Symbolism operates at many levels and can reveal many things to the observer depending on how conscious he or she is of the messages being imparted.

Most ancient symbolism was recorded in stone so that it would last for generations, perhaps the most famous of these was the Giza Pyramids which operate at many levels of the esoteric as well as on a more practical level such as surveying, mathematics and geometry and engineering.

It was Newton's studies at the pyramids that revealed to him the true rate of precession of the equinoxes, a phenomena that creates the seasons and all life on earth.

The slow wobble of the earth around its die pole causing a tilt of 23.4 degrees off the vertical, is the controller of life and death and the method by which our ancient mariner ancestors could judge the seasons, sail hundreds of miles and intercept the herds as they crossed estuaries for only one or two days out of the year at a particular time.

Our ancient seafaring ancestors knew this nearly 5,000 years ago and we forgot it after the Greeks rediscovered it from the Egyptians 2300 years ago.
Even today, archaeologists fail to take the wheel of precession into account as do modern astrologers.

Yet to those who do not understand the main method of transportation of our ancestors, sailing, then the deep connections with navigation and time keeping used by mariners do not become obvious in the same way that references to ships are not apparent to the uninitiated when reading the ancient Holy books.

The destruction of Man has been working for many thousands of years after the advent of agriculture. When the herds were destroyed by the Flood the hunter gatherer way of life changed and keeping animals and growing crops to feed the clans or tribes became important in certain areas of the world as the weather dramatically changed.

The result of this changed way of life was that land ownership became paramount and defence against other tribes eventually created armies. As areas became farmed out or the population grew then these armies went on the march to seize the land of their neighbours. The natural evolution was that countries and then super states would be the end result and perfectly predictable.

Even then, man would not overpopulate the planet since the ebb and flow of Nature maintained a balance in a slowly waxing and waning population.

The real population growth came when Mankind discovered fossil fuel and its uses in combination with fire.

Coal and Oil are extra reserves of solar energy which if used release power in vast quantities.

Since agriculture only preserves the energy of the sun for a short time and if there is excess energy in the form of tradable crops and livestock, populations grow, then the discovery of fossil fuels caused an explosion creating even more strains on the borders of those who did not posses it in sufficient quantities.
The result is the increasing arms race and threat of war.

Everything is about the sun, since the sun is the source of life and controls the actions of the planets and the moons.

This is what the ancients measured as mariners long ago, since if you can find the position of the sun daily, weekly, monthly, annually and throughout the great cycles of time you can predict all things and find your position on the earth night and day.

Modern Christianity reveres the Sun since they worship on a Sunday and this form of monotheism has remained unchanged since Akhenaton.

The ancients saw the essence of God in all things and separated these forces each to their own nature.

Each of the signs of the zodiac was elevated to Gods, since the essence of creation and destruction is based in becoming and not becoming.

There were ages each reminiscent of the animal or creature which was represented as 30 degrees of a 360 degree stellar wheel and measured from when the sun was in the spring equinox or vernal point, The age of 2160 years as a 12th part of the Great Year of 25,920 years that commenced with the building of the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

This age was the Age of Amen or Amun whose image was a ram after the astrological age of Aries and the Priests of Amun saw the divine as that creative force of Time itself.

Christianity still calls on this dead age at the end of the Lords Prayer.
But the Lord of the Dance of Time was the Serpent in all cultures and that serpent that was astrologically held in awe was Draconis in the northern wheel of constellations known as the Imperishable ones in ancient Egypt because they never set below the horizon.

An observer with the patience to look and find this constellation that is located between the constellations of the Little and Great Bears and realises that the north pole of the sun is always located in the first coil behind its horned head, might notice that it turns slowly anti clock wise creating one revolution in 24 hours, half the speed of the big hand on a clock face.

In fact if we slowed the hands on that watch down to half speed, the big hand would always show the position of the sun in relation to the earth.
Everywhere that the hour hand pointed would show the position of the sun at noon geographically and geometrically.

Most people don't think about time reflecting the speed and distance of the spinning world and take their timepiece for granted, rarely realising that the word hours is an anagram of Horus, the Egyptian God of Time and that watch is named after the Watchers and Followers of Horus. Or that the watch is also the word for watch keeping or time keeping at sea.

Further more, they might notice that the constellation of Draconis also moves anti clock wise around one degree every day representing the orbit of the earth around the sun.

Since we rarely understand the truth about Time and confuse it with illusions made in our own minds about the past and other peoples views of the past coupled with personal fear or hope for the future, we fail to appreciate that time does not exist in a linear form and is rather an invention of Man to describe changes in his environment and perception.

Positive change is brought about by the warring forces of Nature through the creation of a new system such as a tree, a bird a baby or a nation and this is the force of order out of chaos.

Negative change is brought about by the forces of nature imposing the destruction of a system such as an old tree, a weak bird, a sick person or a nation built on lies and deceit.

Each positive or negative force has its servants who knowingly or unknowingly carry out their function for the continuity of change and diversity.

Like the eastern ying and yang symbol, the seed of the opposite is in each part and the force for order sows these seeds every cycle of season or age to preserve consciousness in mortal life.

The prime force of creation and destruction was eventually seen as the Serpent at many levels and evidence of serpent culture pervades pre history in symbolism.

The serpents of order and chaos are seen entwined in eternal battle as is the serpent seen in many ancient cultures and more modern esoteric societies as eating its own tail to represent the endless wheels of stars that govern the creation and destruction of changes.

At a navigation level and astrological level, the serpent was the main method of divining time.

These cycles are used even today by modern Magi who try to obtain solar energy in the form of money and the power that it brings.

In property or stocks and shares they employ cyclical mathematics to buy on the fall and sell on the rise, pocketing the difference called profit which is really solar energy.

First we must remember what coinage represents. Since a coin is a wheel symbol of solar energy and has a value in exchange for goods we may ask why it has nearly always had dots around the wheel since the time of the Mesopotamians.

It is because the dots represent the astronomical position of the sun as it passes through the 360 degree wheel of the Zodiac and on the obverse is the image of the Sun's representative on earth in human form, the Sovereign.
The King or Pharaoh was supposed to be the lawmaker in charge of valuation, weight and measurement acting as a mediator and preserver of the flow of solar power and life for the sake of his or her people while administering justice in accord with Natural law.

It was Constantine who hid the instrument that the ancient mariners used to tell the time by observing the Serpent Draconis when he absorbed Christianity into the violently changing Roman Empire.

As a Gaul whose people were conquered 300 years earlier, he took power from the divided Roman Empire and raised Christianity to the State religion removing their sign of the Piscean Age, the fish, with his ancient tribal symbol of wisdom and knowledge descended from the seafaring peoples of the western coasts of France, Britain and Denmark.

It was Constantine who built Sophia (Wisdom) in Constantinople with its great Dome reflecting the wheel of the stars and constellations, "Heaven on Earth" you might consider in the light of this knowledge.

Christianity expanded across Europe and eventually the Americas bringing war and destruction every where it went while absorbing all the ancient traditions and knowledge that had been passed down over thousands of generations.

Any one in the Dark Ages found holding this instrument in any other position than upright would be burned as a witch by the Inquisition and millions were, for even lesser "crimes" such as caring women curing the ailments of others with herbs.

So what is this instrument of such awesome power and why did the forces at the time try to remove it from the mind of men?

It all began long ago when our ancestors discovered that in the dynamic changing cosmos there were only two things that never changed and that were constant.

One was a plumb line and the other was the ecliptic pole in the coil of Draconis.

If a cross piece was assembled and a wheel placed in its centre to represent the axis of the earths spin and marks placed around its edge then a plumb line hung from the centre would always find 0.

Should the cross with the wheel often named as the Celtic cross or Woden's cross or the wheel cross tilt from the horizontal left or right, then the number on the wheel would change from 0 to +1 or -1.

In this way they invented 360 degrees of geometry to measure the stars and the daily rotation of the earth and the calendars of the years.

With this knowledge they could measure the angle of the moon against an almanac of its position against fixed stars and constellations and work out their position anywhere on the planet.

With a thorough working knowledge of Time and cause and effect, a Magi would have absolute power over the people and be able to predict events based on cycles far in advance.

These are the laws of nature brought into a practical working instrument that can measure distance, speed and time while constructing mighty enigmatic buildings to celebrate the powers of the Sun and Time in harmony.

Those who used it long ago located the point in the Solar Logos that all energy and materials fall into the sun from the Cosmos and attempted to use the instrument to return to a place where change (Time) did not exist and constant reincarnation to over come the forces of chaos was no longer a burden to the soul.

It is for this reason that the wheel crosses were placed by the Monumental Masons on Gnostic graves to assist the soul to celestially navigate past the Serpent to Heaven.

This Golden Thread of Knowledge goes back to the construction of the greatest Spiritual and practical buildings known to Mankind.

In 1997 I discovered one of these instruments that can measure the powers of Nature to an accuracy of 3 arc minutes in the north shaft of the Queens Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza finally explaining how it was designed long ago and why.

In conclusion and whilst placing this twice patented and proven ancient instrument of measurement before academics and theologians on a world wide basis over the last seven years, I have found that they are in so much conflict and opposition in their passionate war that they are unable to perceive truth when it is placed clearly before them.

But ordinary people understand it instantly and over 100,000 have read my work in over 84 countries world wide, proving that no matter how "authorities" try to hide truth, it will always out in the end.

Expert navigator, sailer and historian. His website is