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December 2012 - End of Times?

Is December 21 2012 going to be Doomsday 2012?

Well, yes and no ...

Lord knows as this date approaches there will be the "end of the world" preachers and cults springing up all around the world. The media will surely get behind that with both feet running. Seems our society will do this with a passing comet or millennium change or even a new eclipse.

What we do know ... The Mayan Calendar does not foretell the end of the world perse'. However it does foretell a negative prophecy in 2012, and an "end of times", which the earth has seen several times as we know; civilizations have fallen, disease and plagues have changed nations. "Times" so to speak have always died out to be replaced with newer times.

Does that mean we are out of the woods completely? Well not exactly, and here is why. The Mayan calendar points to a time in the near future where something dramatic will happened to end the "times". What do we know about that could possibly be this transforming experience? An experience so dramatic that it could change the way we live on the earth? Solar flares- that exceed the size and duration of any in recorded history. This is not just simply a guess, or prophesy of any kind.

Our sun has a solar cycle of 11 years at which time it produces sun spots. It is believed this happens due to a relationship between the sun and Jupiter. Both the sun and Jupiter (the largest planet in our solar system) actually wobble in their positions. We believe the Sun remains still but it actually wobbles millions of miles due to the gravitational relationship between its self and Jupiter. This sort of shakes the mass of the sun which in turn causes solar flairs at the time of the sun spots every 11 years.

In 2012 this wobbling well be directly on its cycle to produce these solar flairs. Thats not all ...

Our solar system (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are like a disk of sorts as we all know. Well this tiny disk compared to the galaxy is usually just above the flat edge of the larger disk that is the Milky way. Our solar system orbits in the Milky way as due the planets around the sun. In 2012, our disk will be moving from the top of the Milky way disk and into the center. Picture a round pizza (Milky way) and we are one pepperoni. We usually sit on the top just like the pepperoni. However in 2012 the pepperoni will move inside the crust of the pizza. Our solar system will move into the center of the Milky way as it does every 21,000 years. At this time our solar system will be in complete alignment with all the gravitational forces of the Milky way on one horizontal plane. This will exert tremendous forces on our solar system. This will coincide with the normal 11 year cycle of the sun and its solar flares. Furthermore, the sun's magnetic polar axis is due to shift again in 2012 on its normal cycle.

The facts are in and the truth is in 2012 we will be in danger of extreme solar flare activity that could potentially knock out all electrical systems on earth. It just depends on how strong these flares will be, something that no one really knows at this time.

Its kind of like living near a swollen river. You know there is a large storm coming but you don't know how large the storm will be. You know you will be in danger of flooding to some extent, but you just don't know how much yet. Honestly, this is the situation that we will face in 2012, maybe even sooner.

I try to keep in mind that every since I was a small kid, someone somewhere has foretold of the "end times". I personally don't believe in that sort of mythology. But the truth is the planet has taken extreme abuses in history be that of asteroids or ice ages that are just a part of living in the physical world; as are solar flares.

A small solar flare in March of 1989 destroyed some power grids in North America. This solar cycle which begins in 2012 will be at the same time as our solar system moves into the center of the disk of the Milky way. The importance of that is that we will suddenly be susceptible to extreme gravitational forces from the galaxy its self, which will disrupt or aggravate the normal solar flare cycle.

It is certain we will experience disruptive solar flares that will almost certainly knock out some satellites. These flares could be strong enough to shut down power grids on a global scale. We just wont know until the time comes really. This is however something you should be aware of, and take any necessary precautions to be able to live without power for days to weeks. Power is something we take for granted, but what would you do if it were simply gone for weeks at a time?

Pluto in Capricorn and Indigo Children

Every time I pick up an astrological journal or even an ordinary newspaper, I read doom and gloom articles that seem designed to send us even deeper into a slough of despond. The recession, the major shifts in corporate power, modern slavery - all coming as the inevitable result of Pluto entering Capricorn.

I tend to look at life somewhat differently - in that I see it as a process of developing and shifting social and technological mores and values. I also work with the Law of Attraction, which has taught me that nothing simply happens without it being attracted in some way or another. By which I mean that as we focus on our fears of recession, bankruptcy, and loss of individual power that is exactly what we are likely to experience.

Conscious Entities

If on the other hand, we look at what the process this upcoming energy brought into being around 20 years ago, we can begin to understand how things are likely to work out differently. If we agree that life is a process, and not sliced like cheese, then we can accept also that the planets in their orbits reflect that process. They are weaving around the Zodiac, always inter-relating and inter-acting. An ancient view of the planets understood them to be conscious entities, and therefore conscious of each other. In other words, as conscious beings they know exactly where each planet is in relation to the others. So, in their orbiting and spiraling around the Sun they will all visit and revisit the same areas of the Zodiac ad infinitum and communicate this to each other.

From the moment of the Big Bang, that was the birth of the Universe, these conscious entities "knew" where and more importantly for us, when they would "arrive" at a particular point of the Zodiac at any given point. Therefore, instead of looking at the ingress of Pluto into Capricorn with trepidation, we should look (possibly) at the state of Capricorn as it is at present. In other words, when we enter a room, we can always tell if someone's been there before us by the state that the room is in. Any mother knows that!

At the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s we had an extraordinary astronomical event occurring: Saturn, Uranus and Neptune came together in conjunction at the very last degrees of Sagittarius and the first degrees of Capricorn. The last time these 3 planets met up like this was in 1307 and at that time Saturn's involvement was a single event - in other words, Saturn passed over Uranus and Neptune and went on his way beyond them, quite quickly, into Aquarius. This recent meeting was a triple event with the conjunction taking a few years to dissipate, due to the retrogradation of Saturn in Capricorn.

Life always offers solutions

From moment to moment in time no matter what the condition of the planets and signs, babies are born, obviously. Those babies that are born under special skies embody special energies - and they do this for a reason. Life always offers solutions to the ills that our planet and our society, and even our bodies, will suffer. And these children are our solution. The degrees of this last triple conjunction are the same degrees that Pluto crosses over through the next few years - and indeed has been crossing the last couple of years as well. In other words, life's need produces its cures.

On an historical note, the last times that Pluto entered Capricorn for 16-7 years in recent times were: 1516-1532 and 1762-1778. During the years leading up to these Pluto transits, there were no other slow moving planets occupying Capricorn. However, just to give one example of my thinking here, in 1489 Thomas Cranmer was born under a conjunction of Saturn and Uranus in Capricorn opposite his Sun in Cancer. During the subsequent Pluto occupation of Capricorn, which could have ratchetted up the power of the established Church, he was instrumental in the process of Henry VIII's divorce of Catherine of Aragon. In other words, the Reformation was started during this period - which astrologers of the time would not have predicted. As an aside, I suggest that the Saturn Uranus opposition of Cranmer's Sun reflects his relationship with his unpredictable Royal master.

The Indigo Children

This generation of children who were born under the very demanding combined energies of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune (1988-1991 and beyond, because it wasn't until 1996 that Uranus left Neptune alone in Capricorn) are sometimes referred to as "Indigo Children". A name that seems to suggest their vibrations are at the opposite end of the spectrum to the red/warrior types. If we simply take the symbolism of the three planets in turn we get Saturn structure, Uranus breaking through and Neptune spiritualising and refining. So to make a coherent image, I see this as the type of mentality and way of functioning in the world that offers ways to break through old forms and refine and idealise human behaviour.

Many of these children are able to process and organise information very differently, even digitally, and are naturally frustrated by teachers who were trained in the old-fashioned analogue systems. Their behaviour has been labelled as dysfunctional - ADHD, Aspergers syndrome and dyslexia. And it may not be true. An interesting question to ask is: who was getting things wrong for whom and who was punished for it? As they are now reaching their late teens and early twenties, many of them are "suddenly" emerging as normal, ordinary people- those that weren't drugged into submission by over-zealous medics, that is.

Growing up is hard to do

James Hillman suggests in his book "The Soul's Code" that children who have difficult behaviour patterns in their earliest years, do so as a reaction to their "knowing" that their adult lives will be challenging. He says that the weight of their destiny is hard for their small selves to carry. And surely as astrologers, we can understand that - the effort of carrying major outer planet influences to personal planets must be exhausting and frightening, to say the least, for a baby of 18 months or so. I would posit a link between Hillman and the ideas of those who talk about "Indigo children". To find out more - simply Google Indigo Children - there's lots of information.

So, how to break the grip of our present encroaching new ice age of Pluto in Capricorn and circumnavigate the increasing power of large corporations, oligarchs and international mafia? The internet is the medium of the triple conjunction children - it was being developed during their earliest years and they grew along with it. I recently read a newspaper article saying that many of the young rock/pop bands are refusing to sign up with Sony and other multi-national recording companies, and are doing their own promotion and marketing over the internet. Similarly with writers, many are making small fortunes publishing ebooks. This 'do-it-yourself' approach to marketing will certainly offer alternatives to the more traditional ways of doing things, and may leech some of the power away from the big corporations.

We adults can now have no idea what these young people and their children, and those children already stepping into the education systems now will follow as careers - the technology hasn't even been born yet that will offer new ways of travel, education, food provision to name but a few. You can bet, however, that the children who will create them have - they are already here. Exciting, isn't it?

The author, Dr Dawne Kovan is Metaphysical and Personal Development Mentor. She mentors clients around the world. She says of her work "We are living in exciting times now, with the shifts in global consciousness and the development of personal opportunities within that shift. My life task as I see and experience it is to enable clients to engage with joy and enthusiasm in these changes for the betterment of their own lives and those of their friends, families and associates".

How Can You Tell If Your Child is an Indigo Child?

If your child was born around 1988 or later, odds are high that he or she falls into the category of an "Indigo Child". The term was first coined in the early 1980's, and it refers to a predominant indigo color in the children's auras. They are believed to be the next stage in humanity's evolution, arriving en masse to be a catalyst for change during this age of transformation.

The Mayans, the Tibetans, Egyptians, Cherokee, Hopi and others based their calendars on a 26,000 year galactic cycle. Our year 2012 was marked by these cultures as the end of an age. Profound changes are occurring. Seemingly unrelated topics like natural disasters, war, climate change, emerging viruses and Indigo Children are actually all intertwined throughout this exciting concept of the end of an age and the birth of a new reality.
But what does this mean to us adults? Our Indigo Children ARE different. And thank goodness, considering the job they have ahead of them! I've noted a few characteristics to help us identify and learn about the Indigo Child phenomenon.

Is the child highly creative, artistic or intelligent in unconventional ways?

Indigos have greatly expanded mental and emotional abilities. They are multi-level thinkers and experience life on many levels as well. If they seem easily distracted, that's another sign of this unconventional intelligence. The moment they focus on something, they're off and running, exploring different angles and components that might appear unrelated. They think in 3-D, whereas non-Indigos tend to be more linear, and they seem powered by a limitless amount of energy.

Does the child seem exceptionally aware, almost to the point of being hindered by that sensitivity? Or is it the opposite extreme, where he or she seems shut down or shut off from the rest of the world?

Indigos are acutely aware of themselves and their physical environments, as well as the emotions and energies of those around them. They are natural "empaths." Issues arise if they are in stressful, chaotic environments, or when they are forced into conformity and suffer the round peg in a square hole syndrome.

Does the child have unusual difficulty with authority or following rules?

As free thinkers, these children crave independence and self-empowerment. If this new consciousness is ruled by a punishing belief system, they may shut down emotionally or act out because of anger and feeling rejected. One approach that works well is to present the child with options. This helps them feel empowered and less likely to push back against parents and teachers. They will learn responsibility while feeling respected and appreciated. With options, positive reinforcement and predictable consequences for inappropriate choices, most Indigos will flourish.

What about outright rebellion?

In general, traditional systems of punishment won't work with these children, and neither will harsh behavior modification or prescription drugs. Core issues need to be examined and healed, with adults and parents supporting each other in this new way of being. Often, parents I work with are trapped in the shame and blame syndrome. And if the children don't feel unconditional love, they will seek support and connections outside of the family unit, which can result in drug use and other destructive behaviors.

Does the child seem to catch every sniffle or cough that goes around?

Indigos' bodies are particularly sensitive to toxins, including the preservatives and chemicals found in many foods. That means existing behavioral challenges are being compounded by what our children eat and drink, and their immune systems are compromised as well. "Convenience foods" and the lunches served in public schools are a factor to consider- as a multi-tasking parent, I completely understand the appeal of ease and quick prep time- but the harm that these chemicals do to their highly sensitive bodies makes convenience far too costly.

Is school and homework a frustrating battle?

Indigos are generally bored in school. Often, they don't have an interest because they don't see how the information serves them. So as adults, we can start by being honest with ourselves: How much of what children are taught is actually relevant? Did WE feel adequately prepared for life? Moreover, could we integrate a teaching of conflict resolution and how to feel and express emotions in a healthy way along with traditional subjects?
As a whole, Indigos are sensitive, brilliant, out-of-the-box thinkers who will assist in the shifting of many cultures. It's our responsibility as adults to provide these children with the support and guidance they need to thrive emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. We need to be willing to embrace and examine all facets of our own lives, the joy, the routines, and the pain. Not only because we love our children, but because it will make the difference in the quality of life we all enjoy together down the road.

Jacqueline Lloyd is an expert on Indigo Children, a metaphysical teacher, the author of The Thief Of Sacred, and co-founder of The Great Transformation- A Return To The Heart. For more information on metaphysics, The Thief of Sacred, and Indigo Children, visit Jacqueline's Web site at or email her at

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Post-Indigos: The Crystal Kids

Did you see Indigo, The Movie! in January? And if you are wondering what on earth the "bleep" I'm talking about this move introduced the world to the Indigo Children, who they are, why they are here, their special characteristics and how to assist them in making their way around this world at this time.

And those of you who were just getting used to the idea of the Indigos – the ‘new’ kids, there is another group of ‘new’ wave of kids that are also rapidly populating our planet. These are the followers of the Indigos – and they are dubbed the “Crystal Children”, aptly named for their opalescent aura colors, energy patterns, and iridescent personalities. The majority of the Crystal children that are here now, have come in after the mid-90s, and some are now children of older Indigos.

Just like Indigos, Crystal children (whom I’ll refer to as “Crystals”) are here for a major purpose – to follow the trailblazing path of the Indigos in order to come into a more safe and secure world. They are truly the peacemakers, the ones
that are here to provide innovative solutions and perspectives but in a harmonious and loving manner. One example is the now well-known British chef Jamie Oliver (and an Indigo!), on his revolutionary mission to change the way people and schools think about feeding young children.

Unlike Indigos though, Crystals carry very differing temperaments. Whereas Indigos are often seen having a warrior-like personality, being very intense in their emotions, and being fiercely determined in their behaviour, Crystals are the opposite. They are very even-tempered, and generally very easy going. While the occasional tantrum can occur, it usually passes swiftly and their gentle and forgiving nature rises to the forefront.

Crystals exhibit very affectionate and loving behaviour, and almost all that I have known or come in contact with, love to cuddle and hug, even with people that they don’t know. The second defining characteristic is the eyes. Crystals have huge wide-eyes that lock with yours when they look at you. They usually have an intense stare from day one, and the effect is like seeing into one’s soul. Their eyes also reflect a deep, spiritual, and wise knowing with them.

Like Indigos, Crystals have spiritual gifts and they too will often say profound things, still matter-of-fact, but in a much more gentle and calm manner.

Some Crystals, although very loving and shower people that meet with healing doses of sunshine, tend to also delay their speech. These children basically take their sweet time to begin speaking, communicating with words or putting their attention on things and often can be misdiagnosed with Autism or even ADD/ADHD. The difference is that Crystal children actually consciously ‘choose’ to speak when they are ready to do so, as well as ‘snapping’ into focus of their own volition.

Like Indigos, this is also the generation of very sensitive children. Crystals are highly intelligent, intuitive, greatly artisitic, creative, very expressive & entertaining, and possess sensitivities usually on all levels. Food, environment, noise, temperature, chemicals & artificial ingredients, emotions are all part of the sensitivity package. And they are also die-hard insomniacs – which can be very challenging to many parents!

And this just scratches the surface. If you desire more information one great resource is The Crystal Children by Doreen Virtue or at

Copyright 2005

Olena Gill is the author of the upcoming book "The Indigo Survival Guide" and personal coach at Indigo-Crystal Coaching Services in Errington, BC, Canada. She coaches indigo and crystal kids and families. For more information, visit:

Crystal and Indigo Children and Adults

Crystal and Indigo children and adults are gifted anomalies incarnated as humans on Earth for a specific purpose. In simplest terms, they are ambassadors of healing the Earth and everyone and everything on it. The first REAL wave of "ambassadors" (a.k.a. starseed, angels, healers, lightworkers, shamans, etc.) were native Americans as they healed and harmonized with mother earth, but Europeans put an end to that and eventually to the native American way of living. The ravages of World War I inspired a second attempt at sending in ambassadors with the message of peace as single, unique entities. However, one can see that Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Edgar Cayce, et al, did not succeed as evidenced by WWII, the Holocaust, Hiroshima and so forth.

It was decided that a real flood of help was required on this highly damaged planet which was getting worse, not better. A third wave came with the baby-boomers (1946-64).

How many people know they are Crystal and Indigo adults? I would like to share stories. Born in February 1942, I grew up in rural South Dakota, as a surpressed Indigo child. In 1994, I reached a state of courage to begin speaking about my profound experiences.

The political and social changes of the 1960's was first evidence of their en masse desire to have peace and healing on a transcendent level. But this wave is different from all other ambassadors, in that their special programming for the "mission" was not fully activated until later in life (during the 1980s and '90s). While this is true of many Crystal and Indigo children--I knew I was different from my family at age 18 months. However, due to my mother's fear of my knowledge, she persistently and consistently shut me down--"Now Dorothy, don't get carried away." Occasionally, that message still floats through my mind and I feel a sense of reluctance to share my knowledge and experiences, including this 'risk taking' article.

Crystal and Indigo people thought they were like all humans and only recently did they feel, understand, act differently or become aware of their mission. So now they know their origins and purposes, for the most part, and many of them became Indigo parents. How many people
are Indigo parents? I am an Indigo parent. I would be willing to share my knowledge and experience as a parent and now grandparent of four Indigo grandchildren.

Two movies about Indigo children have been released on private label--Indigo The Movie and The Indigo Evolution They are available for purchase. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, author, international speaker and inspirational leader specializes in: Mind, Body, Spirit healing and Physical Abuse Prevention and Recovery. Dr. Neddermeyer empowers people to view life's challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening.

Crystal Children

The Crystal Children Towards the end of 1990 we began seeing a different energy emerging. This Crystalline energy, also known as Crystal children, use their telepathic abilities from the moment they appear on this planet. Because of this natural telepathic ability they have delayed speech patterns. Some Crystal children have delayed their speech until the age of 3 or 4.

If parents identify with their own telepathic abilities, and use this method of communication, their Crystal child will feel comfortable adapting to the world around them and speak. Because of this delay many physicians have diagnosed these children with autism. In these situations we must ask if the child is communicating through a form of sign language and song. Sound is very important to Crystal children and they love to sing. There is no coincidence that as this multitude of Crystal children are born, that the number of diagnoses for autism will rise to record levels.

In the new world that the Indigos are ushering in, we will all be more aware of our intuitive thoughts and feelings. We will no longer rely upon the spoken or written word. Communication will be clear, direct, honest, and mind-to-mind. Already increasing numbers of us are getting in touch with our psychic abilities. Our interest in the paranormal is at an all-time high, accompanied by books, television, and movies on the topic.

So, it is not surprising that the generations following the trailblazers, known as Indigos, are incredibly telepathic. These children are among the most connected, communicative, and caring. Crystal children are the way of the new world, and they bring to us a level of kindness and sensitivity we have never experienced. Both the Indigo and Crystal children/adults are here to assist the world as we evolve to a higher vibration where love and empathy become the norm rather than the exception.


Ines is a person just like you whose goal in life is to discover more happiness, joy and abundance. She is a psychic reader, life coach and a spiritual teacher who believes we are all here to guide each other towards a better life. On her website you will find tons of self help material, her cosmic podcast, a free aura class and of course an awesome free newsletter with loads of tips and advice towards a spiritual living.

The Tree of Life and Allies

There are names in many languages and cultures or even within each culture, separate cults with different names for 'forces of nature'. Allies, guides, elementals, fairies, elves, gnomes, leprechauns and so the list would grow into the thousands. How many different dimensions or M-branes we might interact with at some level of our 'cosmic soup' is part of the question? There are different ways to access and varied levels or degrees of access. Not all are reliably replicable by the same techniques. Some element of consciousness exists in these ethereal forces which chooses not to communicate according to factors beyond the control of the soul or human who wishes such contact.

Certain times are more propitious for such contact according to most beliefs that seek to relate with these forces. The differing brain wavelengths of people make separate variations of ritualistic methods necessary. A medium, sensitive, or psychic will have their own biorhythm to control and 'center' or 'fix' if they want to commune with any of these endless variations of force. At one level or dimension a force might appear a certain way but it too may be impacted by forces from another dimension. The shamanic 'Tree of Yggdrasil' has similar ethnic relatives such as the Hebraic 'Tree of Life' and though this universal 'tree' is more than the simple primary forces that constitute 'allies' it is necessary perhaps to know a lot more in order to see the nature of forces in general. We have the words of a 'practical guide' that uses few ritualistic or cultish prerogatives to guide us a little in this trek beyond the world we see that seems so important.

"According to some shamanic traditions of the northern peoples, the Upper, Middle and Lower 'worlds' comprised nine realms of existence and these could be indicated on the Tree of Yggdrasil.

At the top of the vertical column was a 'heavenly' realm, sometimes called Asgard, where celestial beings existed. Below it was the 'Place of Enlightenment' - the realm of the Mind, the Abode of Thought, and the fertile birthplace of Ideas. In the middle was the realm of material manifestation which was conditioned by Time, the Home of the personality self and of ego-consciousness {With conditioning galore and little ease of escape to find the essence of other more inclusive 'realities'.}. Below was a subterranean realm, related to subconscious activity, where shapes were formed from thought patterns…

{N.B.-creativity and hallucination are closely connected. Right Thought or integrating the purpose of the creator with the created is part of the dynamic.} In the matter of using the primary forces with their North, South, East and West locations and Wind, Fire, Water, Earth expressions we must remember our perceptual starting point may limit these forces ability to allow their conscious reality to meld with our INTENT! Nothing is more important than intent to a practitioner of what has been known as 'black arts' to those who priests sought to keep ignorant of their own use thereof.}.

At the base of the column was a realm of inertia - the Place of Potential. It was sometimes referred to as 'Hel' - a Germanic word meaning 'covering', because it covered the deepest areas of the unconscious. It had none of the associations attributed to the fiery 'Hell' of the myths of later religions. {Plagiarizers and ridiculing epithet hurlers.}

On the horizontal plane were other aspects of being and of experience, which similarly formed part of the 'hidden' knowledge of the shamans.

The Runic shamans of the ancient northern peoples acquired 'hidden' {Trans. 'occult'} knowledge by the use of angular symbols (Runes) which could easily be carved on wood or chiselled into stone. Contrary to modern belief (based on the conjecture of some anthropologists), Runes were not simply a secret code whose characters were used as substitutes for letters of the common alphabet. It is likely that the majority of Runic shamans could not read or write their own language, or Latin, which became the language of the scholar after the Roman influence. Runes actually represented patterns of manifestation and the laws responsible for shaping forms {N.B.AGAIN!} into which energies could find expression. They were - and are - symbols of a Cosmic language, and are valid on all levels of existence.

In the Runic 'alphabet', known as the Elder Futhark because it is considered the oldest of known Runic systems {Divinatory systems have been around since man first thought. The sticks of the I Ching and the black and white painted sides of coconut shells used by 'Orisha' worshippers such as voudou and Santeria, are probably far older than any European hominid, and certainly any white man.} and because the word 'f- u-th-a-r-k' is made up of its first six characters, there are twenty-four Runes. There are also just twenty-four possible paths between the nine realms indicated on the Tree of Yggdrasil. So the Runes can serve also as 'travel permits', enabling the Runic shaman to explore Inner Space, and as 'passports' to these other realms of existence within the Cosmic Web.

Shamans of Britain and Northern Europe were thus aware that the Cosmos functions at different levels of existence, and that these broadly correspond to various aspects of the mind. Such a concept was fairly widespread among indigenous peoples, and can be seen represented on certain tribal artefacts, such as the totem poles of the red-skinned Indians of western North America {Actually not red-skinned but'-the use of ochre as a spiritual protection among the Beothuk of Labrador led Europeans to ridicule all Indians in this manner. The same can be said for how the Kelts were portrayed as tattooed 'savages' by Caesar.} and the brown-skinned Maoris of New Zealand, {Who with British help in the 19th century wiped out the last Kelts on the Chatham Islands.} or the specially carved crystal wands used by some American Indian shamans. {The sceptres of European royalty and popery.} These artefacts often depicted three principal 'spirits' on top of one another, supported by an animal-like figure at the bottom. On a totem pole the top figure usually had wings to suggest an ability to travel far and wide. These figures could be used to symbolize aspects of the human being, of principal levels of awareness, and of conscious, subconscious, superconscious and even unconscious aspects of the mind.

Although these various states of the mind were not recognized by modern psychology until the end of the nineteenth century, shamans had personified them as 'spirits' {Or aspects.} for hundreds of years. Kahuna shamans of Hawaii (once part of a mighty prehistoric continent called Mu, which disappeared under the Pacific Ocean during an ecological disaster when the Earth was pulled into a new and slightly longer orbit of the Sun) likened the subconscious to a 'hidden' spirit within the human entity which although it was not able to talk, experienced emotion and secretly and silently served the consciousness of the individual to whom it was attached.” (4)

There are many flaws in the argument or assertions about the lost continent or continental polar shift and ecologic or cataclysmic events. We shall deal with them later but at this juncture it is worth noting that the Mungo Man and other evidences of great antiquity to support Churchward's theories of Mu have been proven archaeologically. He does an excellent job of deciphering the totem poles of the Haida nation in his book 'The Lost Continent of Mu and I have found a stele at Chichen Itza that supports his Greek to Cara-Maya story of the destruction of Mu. There are many statues and artistic works in the area to support it as well as other esoteric symbols on the stele. My efforts almost landed me in a Mexican prison with no 'rights' as a Canadian or American resident. The author of this particular piece is right to focus on Hawaii and he might be amazed to know that the highest 'northern' (Hyperborean according to ancient Greek scholars) shamans, or the Druids have their most adept members in Hawaii. This was from a credible source, I trust. So just because he tried to make sense of the facts and made many mistakes does not diminish my respect for the passion and courage of Col. James Churchward. He tried to give mankind a truer picture of his roots and cultural footing. We must try to establish what relevance our past immoral behavior has for people of the future.

"The inspirational and creative level of the mind which operated at a higher state of consciousness was recognized as the province of a 'higher spirit' - a 'High' Self - which was immortal and which motivated the individual towards spiritual aspirations and noble deeds. It was considered to guide and inspire the 'human' self, for it had divine-like qualities...

Among shamans of northern traditions, however, was an oral teaching {The Bardic Tradition of the Bairds by which my genes do instruct.} that recognized a fourth intelligence - an instinctive and automative one which controlled and maintained the physical body, and which was responsible for its protection and survival. This intelligence operated at deep levels of unconscious activity {Partially, perhaps, the 'history book' of our genes according to Dr. Collins the head of the Human Genome Project.} and was likened to an animal spirit because its action seemed largely instinctive. Since it normally disappeared when the human being suffered death it was not regarded in the same way as the other 'spirits'...

Each technique has been effective within its own culture, but has derived from an earlier universal system of prehistory. By recognizing the parallels and integrating the principles into a single harmonic system in the spirit of the travelling shamans. I hope not only to get closer to the original system, but also to provide modern people with a clear path to the Cosmos of the shaman, thus securing a firm foundation from which Inner Space may be explored and the benefits shared.

Travelling shamans who went beyond the limitations of their own tribal customs recognized that no single group possessed all Truth {Thus the Kelts were into 'Brotherhood' rather than racial purity or ethnic ascendancy.}, and so journeyed from tribe to tribe and place to place seeking knowledge, gaining new insights, weaving what they learned into what they already knew, and imparting wisdom." (5)

It is good to see that there are many people in every age who see that Inner Space and travel offer much insight. Despite the prevailing attitudes of the last 5,000 years that have sought to homogenize, enslave or create class hierarchies, and manage us for their benefit, the shaman’s road has borne wondrous fruit. In recent times the quantum (once derided as 'atom-mysticists') physicists and people like Lovelock, Campbell, Chopra etc., are our adept cells. The past had the De Danaan or their 'brothers' of the race of hominids we have just found near Lake Mungo.

“The Pre Ragnarok Viking Gods.

This section was inspired by Erik Linklater and the legends of the Orkney Islands, guided by Thor, and tested in meditation. It contains no material of German origin. Written 1989.

The Sagas were written by shamans and other leaders to define the social, spiritual and psychic objectives of the race. Where an image produced inspires Man and is acceptable to spirit guides, then those spirit guides will use the image as an interface and bring it to life, thus creating an archetypal God. The fossilised Gods of monotheism on the other hand are just political, mental or psychic control mechanisms stuck in time until dismantled. Spirit guides do not have a brain and need you to do their thinking and meditation for them. If one serves the Gods, then they will serve you. There are no free lunches. (Note written February 2000.)

When man can generate enough energy and responsibility for his actions, he will no longer need God or Gods. Until such time he needs a first rate energy source. The Viking Gods provide a first class source of energy, suitable for propelling man through enlightenment (as in Zen). They will help conquer the Zodiac and the Akashic Elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth), and other Frost Giants of emotion.” (6)

These wise people were often called 'messengers' among the natives of North America and 'gods' among lesser ethnic groups who sought to create Olympians or other gods they could interpret for. When the last Mungo Man went to whatever planet or end they sought, we do not know. Was it when the genetic viruses took all the large animals like Mammoths and saber cats? No, because there were still mammoths on Wrangle Island 4,000 years ago. I don't think the more advanced humans of the Mungo strain would have allowed US to do what we've done to our native 'brothers' and our own mothers and sisters. Perhaps I'm a dreamer or an idealist, maybe I'm like Heraclitus of Ephesus who shunned his position and power for the pursuit of some ludicrous and intangible 'knowledge'. Maybe I'm an extreme individual and 'neurotic' or just a naive cultist of some kind. I've been called many different names or labeled a witch, agnostic, atheist, alchemist, and other things I probably am, as well. It would be difficult to put me alongside many others in a pursuit because I value and respect so many different people and approaches. Krishnamurti (sans Theosophists), Yogananda before he reached out to normative religion and even as the ecumenicist, Jung and the philosophers of 'cell diffusion' like Campbell. I hope you put me alongside these people or simply with those who wore my name so proudly in pre-Christian times - BAIRDS! These are my ancestral 'allies' or 'guides'.

Author of Diverse Druids
Columnist for The ES Press Magazine
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Polar Shift by 2012? New Evidence and Theory Suggests Einstein May Have Been Right

Science has long speculated that the earth's center rotates at a different speed from the crust. The big question really has been "What holds the earth's crust in equilibrium with the center?" Visionary writer and inventor Carl Peterson may have discovered the answer. In looking for the reasons "magnetic north" lies far from the North Pole, Peterson has stumbled upon a scientific explanation that also fits with past polar shifts; and offers probable causes, timing, and local effects of the next shift. His theory complements and completes a Charles Hapgood theory endorsed by Albert Einstein, in which the poles, aided by massive ice build up, are eventually thrown by centrifugal force to the equator.

If the center rotates at a different speed from the crust, there is good reason to believe that this is the cause for the static electricity apparent on the earth's surface. If that is true, then North Pole on the crust must have an opposite magnetic charge from north in the earth's core.

The obvious conclusion is that "magnetic north" is not a specific designated point on the globe, but rather an "average" location determined by the confluence of the magnetic north of the massive earth center, and what must be in reality the weaker "magnetic south" of the earth's crust, which in fact rests at the North Pole.

If the earth's center has a pronounced "wobble" as it spins, slipping and sliding as it were beneath the crust, it is then the intense magnetic attraction between the two that defines the speed of the earth crust rotation. In other words, the crust spins at exactly the same speed as the wobble, or interior "precession". This effect can be demonstrated with a gyroscope or simple child's top. The top can have a high exterior spin rate, and at the same time a slowly wandering wobble.

The magnetic characteristics of the crust are then probably electromagnetic in nature, fully dependent upon the core for activation. If so, it will require a relatively weak catalyst to break this bond, sending the ice at the poles on a journey once again down (or up) to the equator.

Science knows that the ice on the polar land masses continues to build up rapidly. Warmer polar temperatures actually deposit more ice and snow, now more than two miles deep in some places.

A whole raft of prophesies and predictions (Cayce, Nostradamus, Hopi and Mayan Indians) point towards an event like this happening soon.

In his book "Earth Changes" Peterson goes one step further in actually detailing a step by step scenario of the next polar shift. Are there ways to avoid the next shift? Probably not. Are there ways to survive it? Undoubtedly, being in the right place at the right time with the right gear can make a huge difference.

Carl Peterson is truly a man for all seasons. Carl has authored several books including his most recent, "The Zen of No Tax" revealing a simple alternative to the NWO tax conspiracy. Inventor and founder of the Peterson Portable Sawmill, Carl has done the corporate experience, lived in a remote British Columbian religious commune, lived on a Fijian jungle plantation for 13 years, and survived a brutal beating at the hands of armed Fijian soldiers following the '87 Fiji coup. At the moment Carl is focusing on a New Zealand tax revolution in order to restore freedom, abundance, sanity, and common sense to government leaders; and working on a new book promoting deeper relationships and connections between individuals. For more information about this article, Carl, or his work, go to