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Law of Attraction and Astrology - Choose Your Astrology Wisely

Are you held hostage by your astrology? Does your world stop when Mercury retrogrades? Do you blame bad habits on your birth chart?

Anyone who's taken a good look at their astrology (and no, I don't mean the daily horoscopes) has likely discovered truths about themselves in the stars. Fire signs are bold and assertive; hard angles predict challenges, Saturn returns foretell impending crises. The list goes on and on.

While it's undeniably entertaining, often revealing, and can provide comfort as it lends self-understanding, there's a hidden danger that our belief in astrology overpowers our ability to create what we want in life.

What's At Play
The school of thought based on the Law of Attraction tells us that "as we think, so shall it be." The concept that we create our life experiences is reflected in commonly-used phrases such as "you reap what you sow" and "like attracts like." The philosophy dates as far back as Hermes Trismegistus' Emerald Tablet (rediscovered in roughly 1350 BC).

Well known figures subscribing to the Law of Attraction include Plato, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Carl Jung, to name just a few. Close examination of this universal law reveals essentially that thoughts become things. We create our world with our vibrations of thoughts and emotions.

Which is why it's crucial we become very conscious of what we place our faith in. Including our astrology.

When you believe in something more powerful than you, you give your power away. This can actually serve you if you haven't fully embraced your creative abilities and assigning your power outside yourself enhances expectations of success. (Like going to the doctor for a prescription, or hiring an investment manager for your portfolio.) The pitfalls are when you assign your power to something that doesn't serve you.

Astrology's Role
How does astrology fit in? For those who believe there is valuable information in the arrangement and movement of the planets, we face both opportunities and potential sabotage.

Interpreting a particular aspect as fortunate or a predictor of good news gives us "reason" to believe good things will happen. Since our thoughts create our reality, this would serve us. Anything giving reason to believe good awaits us is helpful, even if we're assigning our power outside ourselves.

On the other hand, becoming aware of astrological configurations and occurrences that cause us to expect bad news gives us "reason" to believe bad things are in store. That thought pattern handicaps our success.

The beauty of astrology is that there are so many ways to interpret it. Evolutionary astrology, as defined by Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green, specifically embraces the core perception that "we interact creatively and unpredictably with our birth charts, that all astrological symbols are multidimensional and are modulated into material and psychic expression by the consciousness of the individual." (http://www.stevenforrest.com/evolutionary.html)

According to Salt Lake City astrologer, Laura Ellingson, that means the power lies in the interpretation and can be expressed in many different ways depending on the individual's state of mind.

Another branch of astrology asserts that planets don't cause our reality, but rather reflect the reality we create through our internal workings. That is, planets correlate to the reality we make up. Is that true? Don't ask me! We each choose our own truth, since our attention to it creates it.

Avoiding the Pitfalls
While writing this article I encountered the challenge of allowing my astrology beliefs to overpower my creative abilities. After a new love interest made the unwitting error of providing his birth date, I scrutinized his chart for over an hour.

His Sun Moon conjunction in Virgo was particularly troubling, since I wasn't interested in someone described as "highly discriminating, critical, finicky and conventional." Grant Lewi himself called a person with this aspect a "moralist!" Probably not a good match for me. As I predicted the demise of our relationship before our first date, I realized I'd just fallen victim to my astrology.

So I gave it another shot. I reviewed other traits of a double Virgo: loyal, affectionate, sentimental, and domestic. I must have skipped over those as I dug out the dirt on him. Even if he is picky - well, he's interested in me, right? That has to be a good sign. A peek at his Sun Pluto conjunction also revealed "magnetic charm, strong physical desires, with an interest in correcting social injustices." Okay, sign me up!

If I insist on giving attention to astrology, the least I can do is allow it to support me in achieving what I want. By knowing I have the power to craft this art-science in ways that bring me success, I'm no longer at the mercy of particular star pattern interpretations. When I know I'm the ultimate trump, I use astrology to my benefit by powerfully embracing thoughts supporting what I want. It's as simple as that.

The Art of Selective Believing
As a Law of Attraction Coach with an irrefutable belief in astrology, I know I can manage it to my benefit by sifting through the information gleaned from the planets, giving attention to the aspects and interpretations that support what I prefer to experience.

For example, rather than focusing on the limits of my Capricorn ascendant (cold, calculating, having rotten childhoods and inferiority complexes), I dwell on the positive traits that rising Caps are durable, steadfast and grow younger with time.

Instead of believing my date's 12th house natal Venus means he's predisposed to clandestine affairs, I expect it manifests as valuing the mystical, spiritual aspects of life. Instead of anticipating a 6th house transit of Mars as potential conflict at work, I choose it means I'll have extra energy and drive to succeed while serving others.

Because if I'm thinking about possible problems with co-workers, I create that outcome by entertaining those thoughts. As I think about extra energy for success, I attract extra energy for success. I'm the powerhouse here, not Mars. But my belief in Mars' 6th house transit allows me to expect (and thus create) conditions and situations that enhance my life.

Leveraging Your Astrology
There are many ways to use your belief in astrology to enhance the life you're creating, rather than just respond as powerless victim to the stars.

1. First know you are the ultimate authority of your life. There is nothing "out there" more powerful than you. Whether it's an astrology report, a session with a psychic or a medical diagnosis, you are your own best expert. You're in charge of you, and anything you hear, read or think is true only if you accept it.

This isn't just sugar-coating, or refusing to acknowledge the "truth." You create your truth, and you do so according to the thoughts you entertain. Since a belief is nothing more than an often-repeated thought, you decide what's true simply through your choice of thought. Deliberately selecting supportive thoughts allows you to live the reality you prefer, rather than being stuck living out someone else's idea of the truth.

2. Get in the habit of creatively analyzing your astrology in ways that support what you're up to. Know that each sign, planet and aspect has challenging and transformative qualities. Consider perceiving difficult aspects as opportunities to learn. As you embrace interpretations that feel good, you'll manifest success.

One astrologer advised a friend whose chart revealed an impending Pluto Jupiter conjunction to "lay low" until it passed, as it meant bad news. Another astrologer told him it was a wonderful opportunity to achieve great success, and that he should exploit it by taking strong action. Which interpretation would you give power to?

A Saturn return doesn't have to mean life crisis or hardship, astrologer Laura Ellingson reminds us. Let it be a new chance to sort yourself out, embrace new responsibilities and prune that which no longer serves you. Even a challenging-placed Saturn can have a positive spin!

3. Last, if you find more limits than opportunities in your astrology, consider giving up the habit. If you can't make it work for you, or if it doesn't feel good, don't dwell on it. This is good advice in all areas of life: if it doesn't feel good, don't do it. (Yes, that includes relationships, jobs, diets and exercise.) You can't get to where you want by doing something you don't enjoy!

Not just in astrology, but in all things, choose thoughts that support what you want and leave the rest behind. Embrace your power as the creator of your life, and don't let astrology do anything but boost your success.

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2012, 1484 and Other Apocalypses - The Dynamics of Society

Since the apocalypse failed to occur in 2000, there is a new end of the world being prophesied: December 21, 2012. Apparently, the ancient Mayan calendar "reset" itself on this date, the end of a "Great Cycle" (1). As this date corresponds to a significant astronomical event, the Sun crossing the Equator of the Milky Way, expectations of a 'new' apocalypse are on the rise. Mayan astronomy is not exactly my cup of tea -there are serious, scientific studies conducted in this field (2). What strikes me instead is how a prophecy that has been made more than one thousand years ago by an obscure culture is making headlines today. It made me think about the long lasting power of the millennial tradition in Western culture. Chances are, if nothing of note occurs on 21 December, the attention will be focused on 2060, the date Isaac Newton predicted for the apocalypse (3). Apocalyptic-millennial thinking is nothing new to the West: it has been pervasive for two thousand years or more, and no past 'failed' prediction impeded believers to move on to another apocalyptic date. To observe millennial thinking in process and its results, I'm going to briefly look at a "case study": the Renaissance.

Before proceeding, perhaps it would be useful to differentiate between "apocalypse" and "millenarianism". Apocalypse refers to the tragic events at the end of days: the emphasis is on catastrophe, suffering, dramatic events, portents and death. Millenarianism, on the other hand, is a belief in the transformation of the world into a better place. I see these as two sides of the same coin: apocalypse is the destructive aspect, and millenarianism the positive, constructive side. They do not have to occur together, but most often they do: a more or less dramatic change has to take place for the world to be transformed.

Let us then wind back to the early days of the Renaissance. The 1300s had already been obsessed with apocalypse and millennialism (4). Yet in the 1400s this fervor was pitched to a new height due to an astrological prophecy called the "great conjunction theory" drawn by an Arabic philosopher named Al-Kindi (5). Al-Kindi based his speculations on the astrological 'great conjunctions' between Jupiter and Saturn that occur typically from 20 to 20 years (the last Great Conjunction occurred, incidentally, on May 31, 2000). However, Al-Kindi connected this astrological fact to millennarist beliefs, arguing that once every few centuries major historical change would occur (6). This theory became quite a 'popular culture' phenomenon in the era, with famous astrologers like Roger Bacon and Johannes Kepler contributing to the debates. Thus, in 1484 the great conjunction became associated with major millennial and apocalyptic expectations (7,8). Columbus' discovery of America in 1492 was apparently connected with such millennial beliefs (9). Renaissance itself, as a movement originating in Florence, cannot be divorced from apocalyptic thinking: Marsilio Ficino, the would-be theoretician of the Renaissance, continuously spoke of the coming 'golden age' (10).

1484 passed without an apocalypse, but astrologers later observed that it did mark an event with great consequence for Christianity: the birth of Martin Luther (11). In any case, the 1484 prophecies did not cease the apocalyptic vogue of the period: instead, astrologers moved on to another great conjunction, due in 1604 (as a side note, there was a supernova in 1572 that caused widespread apocalyptic predictions as well). In expectation of a major event, a great number of intellectuals of the period devoted themselves to discovering a 'universal language' (which came to be accepted as being that of mathematics) and a 'universal science' (12). While 1604 did not bring the apocalypse either, it had an impact on the intellectual life of Europe, causing a reformatory fervor. Science itself can attribute at least some of its growth to millennial expectations of the age (13, 14). It was in the framework of 'millennarist science' that Newton spent a great deal of his time trying to divine the end of the world.

As Landes observed, all scholarship on millennialism starts from the premise that all apocalyptic prophets have been wrong (15). That may be true from a black and white standpoint. Yet we can only think for a moment the impact that millennial and apocalyptic beliefs have on society. There is the dark side: believers like those of the Heaven's Gate that committed mass-suicide in expectations of the apocalypse; but there is also a bright side, which encourages activism, soul-searching and positive social change. In the above story, we can see that astrological predictions of the apocalypse or millennium fostered, for instance, the cultural pursuits of the Renaissance, the scientific inquiries of the early modern Europe and enlightened monarchs. In the end, it is perhaps safe to say that millennial thinking has a definite impact on societies by speeding up their dynamic - for good and for bad consequences.

This has been just the beginning of a discussion that could delve into thousands of millennial movements; heavy books have been written on this topic and many more will be. It is certainly a fascinating topic that is linked to our aspirations at an individual and societal level. Whether we like it or not, this topic affects us profoundly. We may not believe that 2012 or 2060 or perhaps some scientific experiment gone wrong as the Large Hadron Collider will be the end of us, but the possible signs of catastrophe cannot fail to move us at a deeper level. What we do with that feeling is up to us - hopefully we can channel it in a positive direction.


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Jo Hedesan is currently studying a MA in Western Esotericism at University of Exeter. She is a member of the European Society for the Study of Esotericism (ESSWE) and American Association for Study of Esotericism (ASE). She has published several journal articles and has presented papers at scholarly conferences on the topic of esotericism and history. She is writing a blog on esoteric topics and research at http://www.esotericoffeehouse.com

2012 and the Alien Connection - Could the Truth About UFOs Be Revealed in December 2012?

December 2012 - The Mayan Calendar ends, Nostradamus predicts the end of the world, Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero theory - could they all be wrong?

2009 - 2012 was referred to by Nostradamus as the Time of Troubles. He predicted this three-year period to be full of war, despair, and evil, but also of hope and promise. The hope and promise comes after the time of turbulence. The hope and promise is 2012.

On 21 December 2012 the Mayans believed that all of the planets in our solar system would align like never before. They knew their stuff - their astrological calculations were more accurate than we can calculate today. On this date, their calendar - or time as they knew it - just ends. Theories cover a lot of ground ranging from nuclear holocaust to Harmonic Convergence of cosmic energy flowing through the earth, cleansing it and raising it to a higher level of vibration, and along the way they include the death of two-thirds of humanity and the north and south poles will split - you get the picture.

There is also a concept rooted in the I Ching and mathematics called Timewave Zero, discovered and spoken about by Terence McKenna. In its graphed form, Timewave Zero peaks and troughs when Novelty is featured - Novelty meaning dynamic change in the world - newness, stuff happening, action - as opposed to static habituation. When Novelty is graphed over time, a fractal waveform known as Timewave Zero forms. The graph shows exactly when, but never where Novelty is occurring - increasing and decreasing. The bigger the Novelty spike on the graph means the higher the level of Novelty is occurring. All great Novelty periods in earth's existence feature on this graph, including the formation of earth 4 billion years ago, when dinosaurs became extinct, the ice age, during the 60's, Hitler's rise to power and 9/11 to name a few.

According to Timewave Zero, great periods of Novelty are coming in November 2008 (this year), October 2010, with the Novelty spike going entirely off the graph on 21 December 2012. (N.B. Editor's note written 20 November 2008 - now that November is almost behind us, I can see that this significant Novelty spike represented the arrival of Barack Obama - the first African-American president in history.)

Here are three respected independent theories, all predicting something huge occurring in December 2012. Now what does this all mean you may be thinking? Some doomsdaysayers believe it's the end of the world - we probably are overdue for obliteration by a large chunk of something hurtling straight towards our planet - but there is another theory.

The time is certainly nigh for a few things. In addition to being hit by a meteor flying through space, nuclear war or catastrophic weather anomalies, there is a possibility we are on the verge of discovering such concepts as time travel, contact with life from other planets and some kind of spiritual revolution where our belief patterns will be drastically changed by what we learn - an age of enlightenment, the Age of Aquarius, call it what you will.

National Security can no longer credibly denounce the huge number of very straight, sober and respected people who have come together, and are on record speaking out against the cover up surrounding what we know about life on other planets. These people include the former Head of US Army Foreign Technology at the Pentagon, Air Force Lieutenants, US Presidents, Astronauts who have walked on the moon, elite members of craft recovery operations (that supposedly don't exist), senior employees of NASA, respected public figures and large numbers of civilians who have witnessed evidence firsthand that there is a massive cover up going on.

Consider there is a strong possibility that the truth may finally be revealed in 2012.

"Mission control, we have a UFO pacing our position, request instructions."
NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman, NASA Transmission - Shuttle Mission STS-73

"At no time, when the astronauts were in space were they alone: there was a constant surveillance by UFOs."
NASA Astronaut Scott Carpenter

"All Apollo and Gemini flights were followed, both at a distance and sometimes also quite closely, by space vehicles of extraterrestrial origin - flying saucers, or UFOs, if you want to call them by that name. Every time it occurred, the astronauts informed Mission Control, who then ordered absolute silence." Maurice Chatelain, former Chief of NASA Communications Systems.

"Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe that unknown flying objects are nonsense." Roscoe Hillenkoetter, former CIA Director in a public statement, 1960.

"Let there be no doubt. Alien technology harvested from the infamous saucer crash in Roswell, N.Mex., in July 1947 led directly to the development of the integrated circuit chip, laser and fibre optic technologies, particle beams, electromagnetic propulsion systems, depleted uranium projectiles, stealth capabilities, and many others. How do I know? I was in charge! I think the kids on this planet are wise to the truth, and I think we ought to give it to them. I think they deserve it."
Colonel Philip Corso, Army Intelligence officer, former Head of Foreign Technology at the U.S. Army's Research and Development Department at the Pentagon. Four years Director of Intelligence on President Eisenhower's White House National Security Staff.

"We must insist upon full access to discs recovered. In the LA case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination."
J Edgar Hoover

"The phenomenon of UFOs is real. I know that there are scientific organisations which study the problem. It must be treated seriously."
Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev

"I looked out the window and saw this white light. It was zigzagging around. I went up to the pilot and said, "Have you ever seen anything like that?" He was shocked and he said, "Nope." And I said to him: "Let's follow it!" We followed it for several minutes. It was a bright white light. We followed it to Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens. When I got off the plane I told Nancy all about it."
President Ronald Reagan (Describing his 1974 UFO encounter to veteran newsman Norman C. Miller, Washington bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal.)

"I strongly recommend that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena. I think we owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs and to produce the greatest possible enlightenment on this subject."
President Gerald Ford

"The US Air Force assures me that UFO's pose no threat to National Security."
President John F Kennedy

"Extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon. The Vatican is receiving much information about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans from its Nuncios (embassies) in various countries, such as Mexico, Chile and Venezuela."
Monsignor Corrado Balducci, Vatican theologian insider close to the Pope. Monsignor Balducci is on a Vatican commission looking into extraterrestrial encounters, and how to cope with the emerging general realization of extraterrestrial contact.

At the end of this article, there is simple list of names who confirm this writing on the wall. This list is ever-growing, and it will continue to grow because the truth cannot be hidden forever.

21 December 2012 - What is scheduled to occur on this date I don't know, but there is weight to the opinion of science that our planet is overdue for a number of global catastrophes. Whatever is going to occur on this date (and something will) it is possible this will be the catalyst to prompt a visit on a scope that cannot be kept under wraps by the Air Force or National Security. This visit is likely to be crucial for our own survival.

We are too unique and too special a species to be allowed to destroy ourselves, even if it is our lesson. We also will not be destroyed for the same reason. Intelligent beings far more evolved and advanced than us would not let this occur. It is inconceivable to envisage that intelligent beings with technological capabilities to prevent a catastrophe on this planet, would just stand by and let it happen because they don't want to mess with the interplanetary code not to interfere. They've been interfering for decades. I didn't make all those quotes up.

Following would be a scenario of events that National Security seeks to avoid.

When the initial shock of a visit has set in, the people won't stare open mouthed any longer. People will act in a variety of haphazard ways as people tend to do. During this delicate period of unrest, human greed will be intensified because of opportunity, and distractibility will play a hand in much usurping and attempted usurping of power. There won't just be looting of cities going on, there will be looting of countries.

"We had a job to do, whether right or wrong, to keep the public from getting excited."
Dr J Allen Hynek, Director of the US Air Force top secret project Blue Book.

During this time of off-the-chart Novelty on 21 December 2012 when we can again focus, we will learn from our visitors. We will be presented with an opportunity to learn how to use an additional percentage of our brains - nothing sinister like brainwashing - but we will be taught. We will learn knowledge from their technology to transverse time, space, and levels of consciousness to a different degree than we can presently do now. It will be a time of chaotic cleansing and exciting new beginnings.

"When the long awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science, but a mighty and totally unexpected quantum leap."
Dr J Allen Hynek, Director of the US Air Force top secret project Blue Book.

10 percent, or whatever that piddy percentage is that we currently use of our brains is universally embarrassing - our actions testify that there is plenty of room for our conscience to evolve. Why would we have the capacity to use it if we're never going to get the opportunity?

One day our race will look back and see the humans of today as far from wise - we spend billions and billions of dollars every year trying to figure out how we can kill each other better. The logic of power-mongers boggles my mind - they have long lost sight. The money is going in the wrong direction and the mentality of our leaders has no logic. We are a race with plenty of room to evolve.

On December 2012 and its aftermath, if time travel is discovered with the aid of alien education, this would explain why the graph of Novelty and time goes off the chart - time just doesn't exist in that form any more - we will have the knowledge to bend these rules. The Mayan Calendar also ends as it has no use after this time. Nostradamus wouldn't have known what to call it but he also saw the end of this chapter of existence as we know it. We are hurtling towards something great - signs of this are everywhere. Synchronicity is everywhere.

"My own present opinion, based on two years of careful study, is that UFOs are probably extraterrestrial devices engaged in something that might very tentatively be termed 'surveillance'."
Dr James McDonald,senior physicist at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics and professor in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Arizona before Congress, 1968.

"More than 10,000 sightings have been reported, the majority of which cannot be accounted for by any 'scientific' explanation, e.g. that they are hallucinations, the effects of light refraction, meteors, wheels falling from aeroplanes and the like.... They have been tracked on radar screens... and the observed speeds have been as great as 9,000 mph. I am convinced that these objects do exist and they are not manufactured by any nation on earth. I can therefore see no alternative to accepting the theory that they come from an extraterrestrial source."
Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding, Commanding Officer of the RAF during WWII.

"The UFO was bouncing around the 747. (It) was a huge ball with lights running around it... Well, I've been involved in a lot of cover-ups with the FAA. When we gave the presentation to the Reagan staff, they had all those people swear that this never happened. But they never had me swear it never happened. I can tell you what I've seen with my own eyes. I've got a videotape. I've got the voice tape. I've got the reports that were filed that will confirm what I've been telling you."
John Callaghan, FAA Chief of Accidents and Investigations during a videotaped interview for the Disclosure program.

These would be eye-opening days in regards to what human beings are really capable of in a positive sense - and negative, but we've seen the negative all before - it's the positive that's exciting because on a collective and amplified scale we've never done it before - ever. The negative we've been doing for centuries.

Question then - If this is true, what's the point of doing anything - saving money, going to work, what should we be focussing on, doing etc?

The answer is to open your eyes - especially if you're primarily materialistic and consumerist. This is a hugely successful distraction in today's times. Awake from this slumber of brainwashing most of us are under - ask questions, seek answers, look around, see and appreciate the confirmation of your path through heavy synchronicity, meditate on thought, read the signs and make your calculations, seek knowledge. You will feel there is something going on.

Q2 Do I bother saving cans, and making the big move to the country around mid 2012 (just to be early), taking water and food supplies with me?

A: Personally I'll still probably do this :) but this is bigger than moving to the country. I don't think that being in the country or the city will make much of a difference. This is a time we will fear in anticipation - human beings fear the unknown - but for those of us who don't die (through the actions of other humans) - there will be nothing to fear. We will be the luckiest humans to be alive to experience this evolutionary period commencing 21 December 2012. This will be global.


The hype and fear of 2012 will soon start to build - try to resist feeding or joining that hype. From 2009 mild hysteria will begin to form, and it will be contagious. There's a movie coming out called 2012 starring John Cuzack, Thandie Newton & Woody Harrelson about the destruction of the world in December 2012. This movie will raise the topic to the mainstream public and over the next three years, this hysteria will continue to build and it will grow into one large monster. People have a habit of feeding off one another's fears.

Try not to feed the hype - it will not help you, your family or our planet one bit. Instead keep your eyes open and your wits about you - be receptive, change your focus to things that matter (I may write more about this), savour this time and prepare for it because it's going to be one wild ride. There's nothing we can do to stop it, so I suggest riding this wave the best we possibly can.

If you have any interest at all in this subject, I encourage you to learn more - Google Timewave Zero, Novelty Theory (Terence McKenna), 2012, UFO cover ups, anything like this - it's a fascinating subject. Comments, emails, suggestions all welcome. This will be the winter or summer solstice (depending on your hemisphere) like the world has never been seen before.

RIP Terence we miss you.

Most of us haven't started thinking about this topic yet, but soon it will be unescapable. I'm curious as to what you think may occur on this date - if you're not sure, wait a year or two, you'll soon have an opinion. In three years from now, this topic will be dominating conversations worldwide and in four years we may not be here. These writings just serve to help prepare you early for whatever may come.

This theory is more positive, exciting and plausible than the doomsday theories which will soon be coming thick and fast. How do we prepare? Strengthen certain human traits. Regardless of what tomorrow holds you should work on being positive, strong of spirit, receptive, kind, selfless and wise. This is the higher vibration. You should aim to step into this. Your inner voice knows how. You can hear your inner voice if you just shut your brain off. How do you shut your brain off? Meditation.

The path is there and we don't need the light - we have the ability to be able to see in the dark. We all do. You just have to want to know how.

"And don't tell me they were reflections, I know they were solid objects."
Lieutenant D. A Swimley, USAF in 1953 following the sighting of 8 UFOs that were confirmed on radar and witnessed numerous other people including commercial pilots and police officers.

"UFOs sighted in Indonesia are identical with those sighted in other countries. Sometimes they pose a problem for our Air Defence and once we were obliged to open fire on them."
Air Marshall Nurjadin Roesmin, Commander in Chief of the Indonesian Air Force in 1967.

"The Air Force had put out a secret order for its pilots to capture UFOs. For the last six months we have been working with a congressional committee investigating official secrecy concerning proof that UFOs are real machines under intelligent control."
Major Donald Keyhoe, during a live TV broadcast on CBS in 1958 in which he was pulled from the air when he began to deviate from the prepared format of the programme.

The security guard called and said, "Sir, there's a glowing red object hovering right outside the front gate. I've got all the men out here with their weapons drawn." We lost between 16-18 ICBMs (nuclear tipped Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) at the same time UFOs were in the area... (A high ranking Air Force officer) said, "Stop the investigation; do no more on this and do not write a final report. I heard that many of the guards that reported the incident were sent off to Vietnam. Captain Robert Salas, USAF, during a videotaped interview for the Disclosure program.

The following well-respected people have gone on record, under oath, to testify that they have seen the evidence of UFO intelligence first hand.

Many of these brave people were ridiculed, threatened with the loss of their jobs, denied promotions and accused of mental instability for speaking out. As time goes on however, witnesses are becoming safer in speaking out due to the sheer number of testimonies and the ever-increasing public support.

UFO sightings are increasing in frequency thanks to two areas of modern technology. The first is the fact that almost everyone has a camera to record a potential sighting - many people have one on their mobile phone.

The second is due to our advancements in the areas of weaponry and nuclear warfare. We are for the first time in history becoming a threat to ourselves and probably others.

I applaud the following people for speaking out. Welcome to the biggest cover up that has ever existed.

Astronaut Captain Edgar Mitchell - Sixth Man on the Moon (Apollo 14)
Colonel Philip J Corso - Former Head of Foreign Technology, The Pentagon. Director of Intelligence on Eisenhower's National Security Staff. Army Intelligence Officer
Captain Donald Slayton - Mercury Astronaut
Major George A Filer - US Air Force, Deputy Director of Intelligence
J Edgar Hoover
James Lovell - NASA Astronaut, Gemini 7 Mission (1965)
Frank Borman - NASA Astronaut, Gemini 7 Mission (1965)
Dr Willie Ley - Rocket Scientist, NASA Rocketry Division
Dr Herman Oberth - The father of moden rocketry
Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin - National Guard, JAG, Eisenhower White House
Daniel Salter - US Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant, NRO
Dr Walther Reidel - Chief Designer and Research Director, German Rocket Centre, Peenemunde
President Jimmy Carter (1976)
Mr John Maynard - Defence Intelligence Agency
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Brown - US Air Force
Frederick Fox - US Navy Pilot, Top Secret Nuclear Clearance
President Ronald Reagan (1974)
Professor Stephen Hawking
Lieutenant Colonel Joe Wojtecki - US Air Force, Strategic Air Command
Dr Richard Haines - Aerospace Researcher, NASA (Retired)
Dr Story Musgrave - NASA Astronaut and Scientist
Dr Carol Rosin - Aerospace Executive, Fairchild Industries
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Salas - US Air Force, SAC Launch Officer/Engineer
Sergeant Karl Wolfe - Langley Air Force Base, Tactical Air Command
Professor Robert Jacobs - USAF, Vandenberg Air Force Base
Mikhail Gorbachev
Mr Don Phillips - Lockheed Skunkworks, CIA Contractor
Professor Ted Loder - University of New Hampshire
Gordon Creighton - Military Intelligence, Ministry of Defence
Major Donald E Keyhoe - United States Marines
President Gerald Ford (1966)
John Callaghan - Senior FAA Official, Head of Accidents and Investigations
Scott Carpenter - NASA Astronaut, Mercury 7
Franklin Carter - United States Navy, Radar Specialist
President John F Kennedy
Michael Smith - USAF, Aircraft Control/Early Warning Operation
Colonel L Gordon Cooper - Mercury Nine, Gemini Five Astronaut
Larry Warren - US Air Force, Security Specialist
Chuck Sorrels - Air Traffic Controller, Edwards Air Force Base
Brigadier General James McDivitt - Commanding Pilot Gemini Space Craft
Joseph A Walker - NASA Astronaut/Pilot
Cady Coleman - NASA Astronaut, Shuttle Mission STS-73
William Van Horn - Civil Defence Director, Hillside, Michigan
Commander Eugene Cernan - Commander Apollo 17 Mission
Merle Shane McDow - US Navy (Top Secret SCI Clearance Zebra Badge)
Dr Brian O'Leary - NASA Astronaut
Charles J Camarda - NASA Astronaut
Lee Katchen - Former Atmospheric Physicist for NASA
Martyn Stubbs - Secret NASA Transmission Department, NASA
General Douglas MacArthur (1955)
Harry Allen Jordan - US Navy, Radar Operator, USS Roosevelt
Lance Corporal John Weygandt - US Marine Corps
President Harry S Truman
General Nathan Twinning - Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff (1955-1958)
Dr Steven Greer - Director, The Disclosure Project
Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter - Former Director of the CIA
MS Donna Hare - NASA (Airbrushing) Department Houston
Sergeant Newell Schneider - Sherriff's Office, Hillside, Michigan
Sergeant Leonard Pretko - US Air Force
Senator Barry Goldwater - Retired Air Force Brigadier General
Dr Harold Puthoff - Director, Institute of Advanced Studies, Austin
John W McCormack - Speaker at the House of Representatives
Dr Eugene Mallove - Director New Energy Research Labs, Aeronautical Engineer
William Hodges - US Air Force, Goodfellows NSA Facility
Sergeant Clifford Stone - Sergeant 1st Class, US Army
Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding - Commander-in-chief, Royal Air Force Fighter Command
Dan Willis - US Navy
Nick Pope - British Ministry of Defence Official
Lieutenant Colonel Dwynne Arnesson - US Air Force, SAC Control Officer
Maurice Chatelain - Former Chief of NASA Communications Systems
Hartland Bentley - US Army
Dr J Allen Hynek - Director, US Air Force Project Bluebook
Albert M Chop - Deputy Public Relations Director of NASA & Former US Air Force Spokesman for Project Bluebook
Professor Michio Kaku - Author of Theoretical Physics
Mark McCandlish - US Air Force
Dr Maurice Biot - Leading Aerodynamicist and mathematical physicist
Stanton Friedman - Defence Contractor, Nuclear Physicist
Monsignor Corrado Balducci - Vatican Theologian Insider close to the Pope

There are many more names to add to this list but I thought I'd start with a tiny influential few. When you continuously read how these very sober and serious people all collectively affirm the existence of UFOs, it becomes very hard to dispute indeed.

If you find this topic interesting, or perhaps if you don't believe in UFOs, find a documentary titled UFO Documentary - The Greatest Story Ever Denied (2006) - it's easy enough to locate on the web - it's just one of hundreds of documentaries doing a great job of bringing the truth out into the open.

What do you believe?

"It was the darndest thing I've ever seen. It was big, it was very bright, it changed colours, and it was about the size of the moon. We watched it for ten minutes, but none of us could figure out what it was. One thing's for sure: I'll never make fun of people who say they've seen unidentified flying objects in the sky."
Former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter following his sighting along with many others of a UFO at Leary, Georgia in October 1969.

"The Air Force has arrived at the conclusion that a certain number of anomalous phenomena has been produced in Belgian airspace. The numerous testimonies of ground observations....reinforced by the reports of the night March 30-31 (1990) have led us to face the hypothesis that a certain number of unauthorised aerial activities have taken place. The day will undoubtedly come when the phenomenon will be observed with the technological means of detection and collection that won't leave a single doubt about its origin. This should lift a part of the veil that has covered the mystery for a long time; a mystery that continues to be present. But it exists, it is real, and that in itself is an important conclusion."
Colonel Wilfred De Brouwer, Chief of Operations for the Belgian Air Force in 1990 following a spate of sightings over the country witnessed by hundreds of people. Many of the sightings were confirmed on radar.

What do you believe?

If you're interested on how to start preparing for our future for better or worse - check out 33 Ways to Save Money and Save the World at http://www.selfsufficientgenius.com/ - this is where you can find the right path. These 33 habits cultivate and nurture the positive - these are 33 Keys to Happiness.

Regardless of what the future holds, we need to start working towards being the best we can be today.

We're all in this mystery together.


Three Untold Tales of Atlantis and Poseidonia

Note: here are two tales, somewhat out of place, written at the last moments of reediting the book (6-2007), written so the reader can easily put into focus what happened during the Capture of the King of Atlantis while in the watery tomb of Atlantis, the gardens, and the Wisdom of Ais, for she did acquire some during her long voyage from Atlantis to Hell, and then seeking out Limbo. The short sketches are simple untold tales within the tales you have just read, tales that might help produce for the reader a more descriptive picture of those two events.

The Wisdom of Ais

(Written 6-22-2007)

(After the Capture of Her Husband, Phrygian, Anases listens to the wisdom of Ais  so she stood forth and said: “I shall go forward, rather than wait for the foes of hell to weigh on me, wondering what their next move will be.”

Then Anases cried out in the garden of Atlantis, in its water tomb, “Ais, Queen of Atlantis, from the House of Phrygian, you have seen the evil of the times, and of the counsels of Hell were vain, and that in the shameless land there is no hiding, no escape yet known, and none will take our place and now you have walked away from the husband of yours that once sat indeed in the high-seat of Atlantis, and who was ruler of all the world. Let me know be your companion. For what is left!”

Ais arose and said firmly, “You do no evil that I know of, nor speak it, thus, there is no shame in you, I did before as I do now, as my heart tells me to I say to you old friend and now companion… (She hesitates a moment) this woe is now come, and I will go on behalf of the House of my Father, to seek an entrance into this Limbo. I’ve had enough pain in my existence be it on earth or here in Hell, we must simply go in a great haste and peruse a new abode, be it Limbo, or another corner of Hell. I deem this place is no longer a sanctuary, as it once was for us.

Those words did indeed foster a kind of smile and adrenaline rush for Anases, “We then must leave, for shapes dwell in the passing of ships in the waters of Hades, and they all lead to evil,” responded Anases.

Now Ais, in her haste to go, left Anases to his own, somewhat forgetting he was not coming, or following her to the opening in the mountain that lead out into the waters, for had she looked back, she would have seen Anases holding on to a huge stone structure of the dilapidated Atlantis. When she did turn around, he spoke from a distance, “Let me have my last moment please (grievously).”

“I beg you, come now…leave behind what remnants of an age long gone to its decaying process, it is but a dying shadow in a big ocean,” said Ais.

“Nay, nay, do take me with you, take me far away so I cannot find this place again,” he said.

The Great Capture

(Written 6-22-2007)

The capture of the King of Atlantis (Phrygian) was of course not by accident, but rather a planned betrayal, in the Garden of Poseidonia, in the watery tomb of a mountain in the waters of Hades: that said, I must insure the details are written down for posterity sake, for it was left out in the full, during the narration of the story, I shall tell it as it was from the memory of Beelzebub who told it a hundred times on the docks of Hell (The King of Demons)who was present, what could be better than that:

“…as we drew near in that watery tomb of Atlantis, hidden we were in the garden, for the moment came when we took step by step, yes indeed we crept behind him, halting, when he stood silent, so he could not here our breath, or foot movement, and , and see where my eyes were burning, burning I say with anticipation of his capture. I said to my self a thousand times that hour, ‘…get the king, get the king…’ and my presence did not dawn on him. Unwavering I was, and of course, my companions, but it was me behind him, the closest, I dare anyone to say different. I insured I remained against the light, so his compadre, Anases did not see me, and he did not. Escape was not possible at this moment, and it was for me beyond enduring, for I wanted to grab him, but I did not want him to escape.

Then I and my companions leaped on him, all at once, all of us…forcing him down, and hogtied him with chains. Yes, peril fell upon this king of kings from the earth, like a spider to a fly, like lightening striking a tree, like a bear grabbing its prey, that was us.”

And so remembered the mind of the demon, and his mind grew dark and more adventurous every time he told the story. The only thing the King said in his mind after the event was that, ‘All hope is false in Hell!’

A Poem for Ais

Blood burns, when there is sadness,

For Ais, learned this to be so;

But now her memories of Phrygian

Were dead and solidly froze

(now in the house of Limbo);

She knew not what she would find

Should she try to remember?

For her crossing from youth to old

Was all peril…!

No: 1882 6-22-2007

The Phrygian’ Mystery

(In Port of Poseidonia)

Written 6-23-2007

It was a strange scene. The killing of the High Priest of Poseidonia, Xandore, his brother, Xandoro heard it (as he was standing below the 1500-step doorway to the high tower), knew of it, didn’t see it, but Agaliarept knew Xandoro knew of it, he had to, he was Xandore´s assistant

in the temples of Poseidonia, the sister, Sham-hat whom also was a love priestess, she watched her older brother, now possessed by Agaliarept, with a bears eye, and a dears heart (or so she figured he was), but even more so she watched Xandoro, whom she knew the King and Agaliarept would go after, she had heard much of the ways of her brother Xandore´s new moods, and pale skin, and now Poseidonia had two mysteries, what happened to Xandore? And now where was Xandoro? Secrets were never much in Poseidonia, but mysteries were.

It was the third day Xandoro was missing, and she dare not ask anyone in the palace, especially the demon infested new high priest with the shell of Xandore around him, nor the King (the Queen Ais, was not Queen yet, not at this time, but a princess of some far off island).

And it was that she walked through the Grand Market Place, this third evening of her brother’s missing, the king and Agaliarept were having Orgies with boys, soldier’s wives, virgins, as often they did when life got boring, in the small palace house in the market place, it was useful since it was close to where the king and Agaliarept could grab whomever they wished to have lust with that evening. The King of Atlantis was young, lustful, and spontaneous, if not foolish.

It was a strange scene though, as Sham-hat walked through the underground corridors, the very ones the king used to go from building to building so he could not be seen. She had heard that a solider had seen the likes of the King and Xandore carrying Xandoro down the steps into the underground catacombs of Atlantis, and so as I will say again, she was in those very same corridors, and she had given herself to the guard to be there.

The candles she had, showed patches of light in this inky dark underground tomb of sorts. As she looked back, she saw only figures projected against the light, but on the floor she noticed drops of blood, perhaps when they dragged his body his foot cut, or perhaps he was still alive and he cut his foot on one of the perturbing rocks, to give someone a sign he was going to be buried alive as a sacrifice to his Goddess, or Zeus himself.

It was a solid rock floor she walked on, and a maze at that. She had a gleam of hope that perhaps he would still be alive, hoping his coffin was large enough to keep enough air in it. She tried to put herself in her brother’s position, if she was in a coffin, she would hope he would figure out she might be alive. If she was him, she’d even try to cut her food, with out drawing suspicion of course by the two culprits dragging him, or carrying him, thus leaving signs where she was being taken, but of course in this case He. Therefore she looked for any other signs that might he left.

She followed the blood droppings, they were a few steps from one another, and it was a long drag of the foot and leg. The dust on the floor was moved about one could see, that is to say, it was disturbed. It looked as if he was fighting, and stumbled a few places by the marks on the floor, and even some fingers dug into the walls—scratch marks, perhaps made purposely.

She had to interpret this quickly, for the foot steps had stopped, the three pairs anyhow, her brothers among the two assailants. She walked back a ways from where she came from, the tunnel was long and dusty, and she noticed a word written on the wall, suspicious, she put her hands on the wall as if to feel some kind of abnormal sense. Surely if he could he would be saying something now, so he was either dead, or gagged, and hands tied perhaps. It was becoming an exasperating evening, yet she could not stop, she felt there was progress up to this point.

The abductors had to have concealed him in this vicinity, she concluded, the three pair of foot prints stopped here. The word she read was “Mouse.” Down a ways, in the corner of the floor, on the ground, was a hole, just a little mouse-hole so it looked, or was it a breathing hole, Questioned Sham-hat?

For her life she could not distinguish a thing out of it, seemingly this was the only sign she had to go by, and so she started digging with her fingers at the mouse hole, making it bigger, shinning the light over it, placing the lit candles against the wall so she could dig with two hands—the candles (two of them lit together) were burning down slowly but burning down nonetheless, and she’d need time to get on back through the tunnels once her mission was done (so was her thinking at this moment), signs unseen to others with less light, and the only sign she had, and her instincts told her it was a grave; on her knees she dug, examined the ground, inch by inch continuing to dig. For some three hours, she crawled around this space on her knees until she disengaged one stone, perhaps a foot long and the same deep. Then she removed another, and she found it was a large tomb, and she went down into it—dropping her body down several feet, that is to say, she held the candles in her mouth, what was left of them, and hanging on to the edge of the square hole, she dropped with her feet below her onto a stone floor, a mausoleum of sorts. There were several men and women there on pyres, and her brother was among them, except, the others were of a skeleton kind, and rotted cloths hanging on them, loosely.

She moved closer to her brother, his eyes opened, he was tied to the pyre, and was gagged. She looked behind her, heard something like foot steps above her, she would have to step on her brothers shoulders (she figured), once renewed with life to get out of this large tomb, what she didn’t know was, behind her was the soldier she had pad with flesh to get entrance to the catacombs (also the king and Agaliarept figured something of this nature may take place, and warned the guards to keep an eye out of this kind of behavior, lest they lose their eyes for not doing so); and as she started to take the gag out of her brother’s mouth, an she could hear the footsteps nearing.

For her part, she felt she could not make it back up without her brother, and where could she hide if she did, and there really was no time before those footsteps were overhead; in any case, the next sound she heard was the stones she had dug out by hand were being put back into place, and needless to say, the candles she had brought were almost completely burned to its bottom portion of the wick, and it would burn out quickly.

(And so it remained a mystery in the Port of Poseidonia thereafter Until now.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Popular Crystals For Women

One of the best ways to improve our lives is to tap into the infinite power of crystals. There are plenty of benefits of wearing crystal, so why not visit your nearest crystal store or crystal shop, or why not visit an online merchant today?

Crystals can play one of the most vital roles in the lives of women once the spiritual journey has begun for them. Crystals are little pieces of the master Universe- little fragments of the stuff that created the sun, the Earth, the animals and of course, us. Crystals have been around far longer than us, and their geological formations have been first to see the blazing heat of the Earth's own star, the Sun.

We are in tune with the Universe through crystals, because crystals and stones vibrate in tune with the Universe and with our minds and hearts and souls. Women would do well to buy as many crystals as they can, to make themselves and their surroundings vibrate in tune with the Universe as well. These are the metaphysical qualities of crystals that have just been recently understood by energy therapists from different walks of life.

Like most crystals that are easily available through the mass market, crystals for women are mostly healing crystals- because women need a lot of comfort and healing on a daily basis. Below are some of the more well known healing crystals that were chosen specifically for the needs of women.

An amethyst bracelet will heal women as much as it will offer healing to men. Amethyst has been used in ancient times to draw forth the marvelous energies of the Universe to help cure kings and queens, and have been worn by warriors in battle to keep themselves from harm.

An obsidian pendant on the other hand is great for women who have not learned to let the floodgates loose yet. Emotions should never be bottled up- because there just might be a chance that something might explode. Obsidians would allow a woman to have a healthier emotional life, free of pretension and emotional imbalance.

A red coral necklace is ideal for women of all ages and all walks of life. Red coral has been studied for a long time, and definitive studies made by energy therapists and mystics have resulted in the following findings: red coral helps in easing menstrual cramps, and provides a helping hand in maintaining the health of the kidneys and other related internal organs. Aside from this, red coral helps women who have yet to learn to express themselves . It helps women who are afraid of consummating love, and allows for pleasure to follow everywhere a woman goes. The red coral has an affinity for the Heart as well.

A jade jewelry on the other hand, would be the best choice for women who are often unsure of themselves and have trouble making important decisions without consulting other people. The energies from the jade has the capacity to clear minds of muddled thinking.

Ideal Crystal is an online Crystal Specialty Store offering a wide range of Crystal necklaces and bracelets. We also carry Crystal pendants and geodes.

Prophecy - Overcoming Tomorrow's Challenges

Fear brings uncertainty, confusion and recession. Mapping a successful route through difficult times will bring success in every area of life. This article is about more than finances, employment and global recessions. It is about overcoming the reality of these and charting a successful journey in spite of your circumstances, by releasing the power of confidence. Prophecy has the potential to change the environment you live in. What you see in the realm of possibility is what you receive in the natural. Mark today on your calendar as a new beginning and chart out your pathway to a success filled future.

You have the ability to dream, to envision and to imagine. Many don't realize that this is core to prophetic activation. This ability to conceptualize also contains the power to create the very things we have seen intuitively. Let me use a negative illustration here. If you envision failure financially and then expect that to occur, it will be very difficult to plan and implement anything else than failure. On the contrary, if you see a future filled with success you will rise out of your circumstances into something better. Prophecy is a gift of God . Prophecy enables you to see and it releases the power of restoration. Prophecy says " it is time to dream again."

Take your eyes off your circumstances for a moment. That may be difficult but do it for a moment. Now, begin to think about the changes you desire. Make a list in your mind of things like: more money, a new job, a new house, new car and new friends. Now make a mental list of personal changes that would make a new you. Perhaps you want peace of heart, you want to feel loved, to experience joy, be successful, be appreciated and to be free of habitual patterns in your life. Perhaps you want to experience deep encounters with God. Perhaps you need healing or renewed health. Perhaps weight loss is an issue. We will call these your Hope List. Begin to envision all these things. Envision what it would be like to have these provisions or qualities in your life. Now that you have done this brief exercise, let me tell you what the creative catalyst is that will bring you these hopes. It is something God calls faith.

Faith is a creative energy. It is like a rope that we attach to a Hope List. The hope items may not be materialized yet. It is still in the uncreated form within your mind and spirit. Faith then keeps pulling on that rope until the thing(s) we hoped for actually become real. This absolutely works. It is the catalyst that directs an architect to create building plans for a building. The architect conceptualizes the plans and lays out the details. The builders follow the plans and the building becomes reality. The United States agency called N.A.S.A. placed landing craft on the moon and other stellar bodies following this principle. You can follow the same pathway to change your destiny and tomorrow's lifestyle. Faith means being confident of the things you hope for and convinced of the things you can not yet see.

Faith comes by hearing God's Word. God is good and He wants goodness and mercy to follow us every day of our lives. If you will embrace the simplicity of this statement, it will give you faith. That faith within you will pull into reality the things that you have placed on your Hope List. Wisdom is also given by God and it will show you the steps you need to take in your journey toward success. Steps are important but this article is not about steps, it is about a creative mind set.

As you walk forward on the journey of life, embrace this kind of creative faith. Implementing it will empower you to overcome tomorrow's challenges and reward you with the good things on your Hope List. If you can see it; then you can have it. Seeing it is the prophetic element. Receiving it comes through faith and confidence. This is how you can begin today to map a successful future and overcome tomorrow's challenges.

Keith A. Paul has many years of Ministry experience and is an Author. He is used in the gift of prophecy, dream interpretation and words of knowledge which are gifts of the Holy Spirit. He currently lives in Abbotsford B.C. Canada. He travels internationally promoting the supernatural teachings and works of the Holy Spirit. To learn more, and to receive Keith's free Prophetic Words or purchase His E Books please visit http://www.restorationplaceministries.com

The Power of Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz which is merely composed of silicon dioxide well known of its large, unusual normally faultless, and very often beautiful prismatic crystals. Clear Quartz is often referred to as the "stone of power". It's the most pure form of quartz that lacks any trace of elements of minerals that proves amazing colors to other quartzes. Clear Quartz also possesses a one of a kind combination of properties amongst semi-precious gemstones. Quartz is triboluminescent which means it gives off yellow or orange flashes when struck or sawed. It is also known as piezoelectric which means when under stress an electrical charge is generated.

Why are quartz called the stone of power? Mainly, because it brings to life the cosmic forces, balances chakras, and enhances your ability to heal. It serves not only as magnifying glass but also a cosmic filter. Quartz focuses, stores, transforms, and amplifies energy. Its amazing abilities allow an altered state of consciousness, by transforming the energy of the stars in the soul and transfers thoughts into sound. It helps you to under the cause of disease and has been successfully used in diagnostic healing. Quartz allows increased intuition, confidence, power, and awareness. It obtains an affinity for all the signs and will vibrate to the number four.

Many say you can use the Clear Quartz in order to protect yourself and your energy against outside influences. Many choose to carry it with them placing it in areas such as wallet, purse, or pants pocket. Clear Quartz is good for keeping the immune system safe and clean. It will help to relieve you of cold like symptoms, physical or mental stress, and anxiety. You can place a chunk in your water to drink until you feel as though you are past the danger point. Clear Quartz combined with Hematite is the perfect healing combination for those who are suffering from inflammatory processes. For those that are sensitive to the stones you may choose to only use a single stone for your own benefit.

Many individuals choose to wear the clear quartz in the form of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants. They feel as though if they keep the quartz close to them that it will help keep them strong and focused. The clear quartz is about support and loyalty. It brings encouragement to practice this is your own life.

There are a variety of reasons individuals choose to purchase or carry the stones with them but one thing is for sure thanks to their beauty they always make a wonderful gift.

Ideal Crystal is an online Crystal Specialty Store offering a wide range of Clear Quartz bracelets. We also carry Clear Quartz pendants and necklaces.

Crystal and Gemstone Amulets - The Timeless Beauty and Power of Nature

Many of us are familiar of the modern-day amulets of the Christian cross, Catholic rosary beads, and the lucky rabbit’s foot to name just a few. However, amulets have been used since ancient times, by both primitive and civilized people to ward off evil, attract love, to heal, and enhance spirituality.

The word “amulet” originates from the old Latin amoletum, meaning ‘means of defense’. Amulets are believed to be endowed with special powers of protection from such evils as ghosts, evil spirits, witchcraft, the evil eye, illness, misfortune, calamities, and any kind of disaster. Amulets that bring good fortune are typically referred to as talismans.

Many societies believe amulets derive power from their connection with natural forces, from religious associations, or from being made in a ritual manner at the time of a favorable planetary influence. Traditionally, amulets are carried or worn, kept in the place which is the desired sphere of influence, or painted on buildings, ships, and landscapes.

Small models of animals or objects, medallions bearing religious pictures or inscriptions, or lockets containing inscriptions or pictures on paper or metal are examples of man-made amulets. The most common amulets are made of natural materials, such as precious stones, crystals, gemstones, metal, teeth, claws of animals, and plants.

In recent years, as the various metaphysical genres became more accepted, the most popular forms of amulets are those made of various crystals and gemstones. There are many gorgeous designs, such as key chains, zipper pulls, necklaces, wands, and pendants. Crystals and gemstones are especially favored because they have symbolism via their colors, astrological correspondences, planetary influences, and chakra representations.

Amethyst is said to protect its wearer against seduction. For thousands of years, amethyst, of the quartz family, has been coveted by princes both ecclesiastical and secular. Moses described it as a symbol of the “Spirit of God in the official robes of the High Priest of the Jews”, and the Russian Empress Catherine the Great sent thousands of miners into the Urals to look for it. It is a popular belief that amethyst offers protection against drunkenness. The Greek word amethystos means 'not intoxicated'. Metaphysically, amethyst is said to raise ones state of consciousness and aids in meditation.

Quartz, malachite, jade, emerald, garnet, ruby, agate, tourmaline, rose quartz, opal, pearl, lapis, sodalite, peridot, goldstone, turquoise, and tiger’s eye are just some of the other popular crystals and gemstones used to create beautiful metaphysical jewelry and amulets. Each are said to embody unique healing and spiritual properties, and all have been highly prized throughout the ages by all civilizations for one reason or another.

No matter if you personally believe in the power of an amulet or not, one can not help but admire the natural timeless beauty and mystery of crystals and gemstones amulets, and wear them proudly with any outfit or on any occasion.

Barbara Eyre is the owner of Moonlight Delights, a website offering information on subjects such as herbs, chakras, and more. Moonlight Delights also features a wide variety of gifts and products to enhance your life, to give as gifts, and to remind us of the natural beauty of nature.

Working with Crystal Balls

So how do crystal balls work ? and why are they so popular ?

True crystal spheres, polished from natural clear and flawless quartz are very rare. Most flawless spheres on the market, these days are polished glass or reconstituted quartz. One way to tell a natural quartz sphere from those made of glass is that the quartz one is much colder to touch. Crystal balls have been used for scrying.

The process of scrying involves patience and intention. Many people just look into a crystal ball with inclusions and see the image of something in the inclusions, this is not scrying.Firstly the user must build up a connection between them and the crystal ball. The flawless ones are the best for this.

Over time the user places their etheric energy inside the ball, which is easily held by the natural quartz. Quartz is the most wonderful agent for strengthening the etheric bodies. As the relationship grows and the sphere is only used for this purpose, this is why crystal balls are often wrapped in silk and only un-wrapped for use. Silk is used, because, as a material it does not hold on to astral energy and is such easy to keep energetically clean. After the relationship has been built, the user begins by asking the ball to show a colour or a simple object. These images are projected from the user into the ball. In time it becomes possible for the user to call upon images from outside the current train of time and project them into the crystal ball. As you can tell this is a skill which requires, skill, talent, ability, strengthening of the aura, increased ability to be still. Meditation practise will greatly assist the user to be stiller for longer periods and have more access to larger spaces and states, including those spaces and states that sit outside time and space.

In therapy situations, crystal balls are regularly used to quickly fill gaps in the auric field, especially quartz, which is the best aura strengthening crystal available. This also means that quartz spheres are very useful when meditating, both strengthening and bringing clarity and focus.

The shape of the sphere is uniform and so emits energy evenly from its centre. This is very useful for distributing energy throughout environments and also very useful for deep tissue massage.Many different types of sphere can be used here, for example, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Tourmaline or Tiger's Eye.

Working with Crystal Spheres is a real joy as there are no edges or points to direct energy. In this way spheres are very useful for working gently with a particular crystal or mineral. Enjoy you Crystal Spheres !!!

Psychic Awareness and the Return of Your Crystal Mind

Psychic awareness begins in the mind. The foundation of true psychic awareness is the practice of having a crystal mind, a mind that that sees the way things really are.

Crystals are formed in such a way that they reflect many different surfaces and perspectives. A crystal mind sees different perspectives and is not locked into a limited perspective.

The practice of a crystal mind involves being clear about what you see. You are prepared to understand and dissolve the blocks that stop the flow of real psychic awareness.

Psychic blocks prevent you from using your psychic ability to its greatest good. Psychic blocks make you doubt your ability. Psychic blocks take away confidence in your intuition.

Psychic blocks originate in your belief system. Start understanding the beliefs you have about psychic work. Be honest in your appraisal.

If you are fearful of the unknown then that creates a psychic block. If you are anxious about change then that creates a psychic block. As you dissolve fear and anxiety then doubt goes and confidence returns.

Psychic awareness is the foundation of how you respond to others. Psychic blocks keep you locked in your own fears and anxieties. Your awareness is focused on what is going on in yourself. This separates you from what is going on in other people.

Psychic work that truly empowers people is that which encompasses a broader perspective than oneself. You can see beyond your own issues. You can feel beyond your own fears and anxieties. You can listen and truly hear.

The more you clear your mind of fear and anxiety the more psychically aware you become. You become more empathetic and intuitive. You see more clearly what is really going on. You welcome the return of your crystal mind.

Gaye Wright is an international psychic and leading authority on the psychic arts. Gaye is available for live psychic phone readings and you can visit her website to find out more about her special psychic and clairvoyant gifts.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mayan Calendar World Ending

The latest and fastest growing search term in Google - Mayan Calendar World Ending?
And it will only grow in pace as the year 2012 moves closer and closer. You know as well as I do, that a section of our population will always see the next unknown event, be that millennium change, or a comet passing by, or Y2K, as the end of times. The truth is a lot of religions have interpreted an end of times in their fundamental religion and they can not let that go; there has to be an end of times or they are wrong.

Personally I do not subscribe to the idea the creator created us to wipe us out. But then again with 6 billion people on earth we will all have our own ideas. So how do we find the truth? Well science will show us some truths but certainly not all. Anything based on faith or belief is simply not truth YET, as the definition of faith is a belief in something not yet proven. As this date approaches take notice that people will proclaim the end of the world is here, and that it is only a belief they have come to believe in based on faith. Faith in their religion for the most part, but most certainly it is only faith in a belief they have chosen to believe.

Now on the other hand, there is some scary science going on at this future date, in December 2012. We all know by now that the Mayan Calendar ends on this date, but that alone is a very subjective statement. The Mayan Calendar does tell an end of times at this time however, but it does not state the end of the world, only an end of times. Well even in my own generation I have seen a few things considered an end of times. In truth, everything eventually ends to spring forward something new.

The scary part however, validated by science is the astronomical events going on exactly as this date arrives. First of all it will coincide with the 11 year cycle of sun spot and solar flair activity. It also coincides with the normal cycle of the sun reversing polar polarity. As an extra bonus, this also aligns with a 21,000 year cycle of our solar system aligning with the center plane of the Milky way Galaxy. The combination of all these events together suggest at the least very extreme solar flare activity around this date.

What can extreme solar flare activity do to the earth? Well at the least it can knock out and kill all orbital satellites that are struck with the solar winds. These solar winds reach the earth in about 8 minutes from an eruption on the sun. No satellites equates to no earthly communication systems, no internet, no cell phones, no television and loss of global power grids aka, no power. This could last for a sustained period of time.

Whats the worst that could happen? Well there is evidence that 21,000 years ago at the time of our last alignment with the center of the Milky way that our moon was scorched by a brief but powerful blast of radiation from the sun. Could that have coincided with scientists estimate that all human forms on earth came from a genetic stock of 2000 people?

The earth has a protection field surrounding it from normal blasts of solar winds. However we have had blasts of solar radiation before that distorted this field and did in fact knock out satellites in orbit back in march of 1996. The solar winds of December 2012 will without a doubt be much more intense than that.

You may have noticed the influences on our earth as this solar alignment gets nearer. The earth has experienced more volcanic activity, more tsunamis, more hurricanes, more tornados than ever before. All this, is of course how the earth responds to increased magnetic and gravitational forces as this alignment moves closer and closer.

Well now I seem like another doomsday liberator and I do not want to do that. I do not believe the end of the world is coming. I do however believe that the physical events of our natural rhythms of nature is going to cause great disruption to our earth and our way of life. We will have to adapt quickly, and preparation before hand seems practical to me given the scientific evidence of what is unfolding.

The Mayans were ahead of their times in many respects, especially with astronomy. We do not know how they gained this information as the catholic church destroyed much of their tablets and records. I do find it very ironic though that the Calendar ends in 2012 when we will face this solar activity. Also ironic is that the Mayan calendar was found on a stone tablet called the Sun Wheel, and has a measurement called the solar cycle.

The consensus among the metaphysic community is that this time will bring in the Aquarian age by destruction of world governments and establishments that have been founded on money and control. Then a new and self empowerment era will begin. If that is the case, I think I could welcome that. But one will have to be prepared to survive on their own without power and communications pretty much indefinitely.

2012 Predictions - The Christ Download in the Year 2012 (The Rapture)

Did you know the Christ Energy has already returned like a thief in the night to Earth! For the past 25 Earth years, the Christ Energy known in the spiritual realms as the Photon Belt Energy has entered the Earth's atmosphere and each year it has moved closer and closer. It is causing a speeding up of time - a time warp - as each year feels like it gets faster and faster.

The Photon Belt Christ Energy reached its peak here on Earth in the year 2002 and will remain here at its peak until the year 2012. During the year 2012, the many thousands of Ascended Spiritual Masters (that include Jesus, Mohammed, Gautama the Buddha, and Mother Mary) will send down the full download of the Christ Energy to Earth to change the DNA structure of all mankind to hold a greater spiritual vibrational energy of love and light. These 2012 predictions are in fact a reality!

The Photon Belt Christ Energy has been sent early - prior to this main event in 2012 - to begin the cleansing process of the Earth planet. It was sent early in the mid 1980's to prevent the world destroying itself through nuclear proliferation. This Christ Energy is raising the spiritual vibration of the Earth and has - and is still causing - many natural disasters in negative locations around the world. Many souls, who are not able to cope with the rise in the Earth's spiritual vibration, are choosing to leave the Earth through these natural disasters, through suicide, and through chronic illnesses.

The Photon Belt Christ Energy - as part of this cleansing process of the Earth planet - is causing all the negative energy within people (repressed feelings of anger, hate, emotional pain, sadness, etc) accumulated over many lifetimes, to come to the surface. But why? It is doing this to give people the opportunity to seek counseling and other forms of emotional release therapy healing, so they can remove these negative feelings and be ready to receive the main download of the Christ Energy in the year 2012.

The Earth is being forced to evolve from a war-like planet to a more loving peaceful planet. This is known as planetary ascension. It is also what is referred to in the Bible as the Rapture. Only souls who are peaceful and loving will be able to re-incarnate to the Earth plane for their future incarnations. Those souls who remain negative and warlike, will be cleansed from the Earth plane through natural disasters, suicide, and chronic illness. These souls will be forced to re-incarnate onto other war-like planets in their future lives.

There are many things you can do to prepare yourself for this coming of the new age. Maitreya is the Earth Buddha and is in charge of the Office of Christ. He speaks to the world as the World Teacher at this time on behalf of all Ascended Masters (including Jesus, Mohammed, and Gautama the Buddha). The teachings of Maitreya are very simple and easy to read and explain fully about the return of the Christ Energy and what you can expect and what you can do to prepare yourself.

Glen Russell is a Spiritual Counselor and Medium for Spirit. To uncover more about the teachings of Maitreya and the Return of the Christ Energy visit http://www.maitreya-teachings.org

Mayan Religion

The Mayan religion also known as Maya, was born in Mesoamerica approximately 250 AD. This particular religion was influenced by the Olmecs. Within the first 650 years, the civilization of the Mayans ended up taking over 40 large cities which laid out across Mexico, North Belize and Guatemala. This period of their time was called the Classic Period.

The total population of the Mayan peoples increased to be about 2 million people. As they lived a rural and agricultural life, the Mayans ended up covering most of Guatemala with their population. Their cities were kept mostly in regards to ceremonial practices, leaving them to build centers where they would have their ceremonies and give sacrifices to their gods.

The Mayan peoples were so in touch with nature, that many of the Mayan Gods were known to have created our entire world from nature starting with one tree. This tree was said to be connected with the heavens and all of the underworlds as well. Not only were the Gods very important to the Mayan peoples, but they also felt as though there would not be life without these gods.

During their time, the Mayans developed a calendar known as the Maya Calendar. This Calendar is said to be one of the most documented and best understood calendars of our time. With predictions made from this calendar, people looked forward to the future hoping that the calendar would prove itself right. These predictions came from the Mayan peoples themselves by studying the constellations in the night time sky. The Calendar is dated as far as the year 2012. From this point on, some people believe it could result in the end of the world. Others are still feeling skeptical about this impetuous prediction.

These beautiful cities had been abandoned by the Mayans around 900 AD. It is said that the culture declined quite rapidly, making them leave their homes and sacred centers.

Because of war, people believe that this is the cause for the abrupt leaving and declining of the Mayan peoples.

Still in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, lived many more Mayans. As farmers, they lived quite happily and content during this period, known as the Post-Classic Period. Unfortunately, the Spanish came into their territory and conquered the Mayans in the early 16th century. Any Mayans who were left, ended up being converted into Roman Catholicism.

In today's society, The Mayan peoples are located mostly in the Southern Mexico region. Still to this day they practice their Mayan religion along with some Roman Catholicism. The Mayan culture is can be seen as a fascinating and beautiful culture that lived throughout history. If you are interested in The Mayan religion and would like to know more about their history, you can look it up online. Several sites are dedicated to giving knowledge about the Mayan religion. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer there truly is something to get from reading about the Mayans and how they lived.

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