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Unidentified (UFOs) And Identified Flying Objects

The idea of UFOs flying down and saving humanity from injustice and woe is a popularized image from the last few decades. Let's identify the UFO trend, popular Christian images, the Mayan calendar with its 2012 predictions, and a reality of PHOTONs flying from clearly identified astrophysical objects.

Some fifty years ago UFOs captured the attention of people looking up to the skies. Once reports started and the government investigated, more and more UFOs appeared. It's like watching recently popularized crop circles. Simple circular forms started around Stonehedge. Lights collect over a wheat field and quickly trace out circular patterns. The more people learn and connect their consciousness to these phenomena, the greater their number and complexity. Humans focus attention to generate energies for the complexities of life to manifest.

Many people today tap into UFO hopes and dreams. Because people share memories of space ships (collected from numerous popularized movies from ET to Star Wars), I believe people have real experiences. The small bodied, large head and huge eyed alien motifs amass in imaginations. Individuals even get transported into spaceships, reporting sensational experiences. Even without any physical evidence, books, movies, and sightings of lights perpetuate beliefs in UFOs.

Modern UFO phenomena appear very similar to Christian hopes of Jesus' imminent return. For almost 2000 years, groups of Christians await to identify Jesus returning to Earth to rule over a 1000 year Millennium of peace. "Look, he is coming on the clouds" (Revelations 1:7). Jesus would likely return similar to his ascension to heaven (Luke 24:51). Note that the "Seventh Day Adventist" movement was started after Jesus didn't return in 1843.

The classical Mayan Indian Empire relied on an intricate calendar to predict Earth's climax and potential "re-creation." Major classical Mayan cities extend from Palenque in Mexico, to Tikal in Guatemala and Copan in Honduras. They mysteriously "fell" around 800AD, possible when their calendrical cycles reached Their primary transformative climax is established at 13 baktuns, Some predicted it for 2002. Nothing happened. Now 2012 is the year, that is if 3114 BC is considered to be their cyclic start date of

Human consciousness shares hopes for global peace and harmony. World religions express this climax of history. Jews await the Messiah, Christians the return of Jesus, their Messiah. Hindus believe Kalki (the final incarnation of Vishnu) will reestablish divine order. Buddhists pray, meditate, and post prayer flags calling on Maitreya, the final incarnation of Buddha. Various Muslims, especially Shi'a Muslim, believe a perfect teacher (which Muhammad represented) will come to establish justice.

With rampant suffering and injustice, humanity awaits a major climactic event. This is real. Now, what can we learn from scientific data about "identified flying objects."

Data from science actually supplies us with powerful "identifiable" energies. Maybe we can realize the reality of identifiable extraterrestrial sources, tap into the power of these flying photons (light), and help generate the reality of a great, glorious future for humanity. Earth is a powerful magnet that attracts light from many sources. The most powerful high energy gamma rays and X-rays stem from the Vela Pulsar. Scientists estimate that its supernova explosion occurred about 10,000 years ago. The Vela is about 1000 light years away. About 1000 years ago (1054AD), the Crab Supernova was temporarily a star almost the size of the moon. Powerful radio waves from the Vela and Crab Pulsars reach us right now.

Evidence exists that stars help align the great pyramids in Egypt. Our connection to the stars and the divine celestial sphere is as old as civilizations. Carved into the pyramid walls of Unas (2375-2345 BC) is probably the oldest known religious liturgy. Sirius, our brightest star, was called "Sothis." Most recognize the Great Bear constellation as the "big dipper." Here's part of Utterance 302 (Piankoff, 1968 with parentheses from the translator).

"Sothis lives (i.e., shines) for it is Unas who is indeed the living (star), the son of Sothis. ... Sothis has let Unas fly towards heaven amongst his brothers, the gods. The two Enneads have purified themselves for him as the Great Bear constellation which cannot perish. ... There is no word against Unas on earth among men. There is no crime of Unas in the sky among the gods. Unas has done away with the word against him, he has annulled it, in order to rise towards heaven. The Opener of the Ways has let Unas fly to heaven amongst his brothers, the gods."

Astrophysicists identify powerful light from space. Let's plug into real energies connecting to us right now. If we focus on these real energies and put them within our consciousness -- no matter what our religious or philosophical viewpoint -- then we can ground these energies.

To complete this article I ask why extraterrestrials need spaceships. Is materialism our grand goal? Our physical bodies live for a finite amount of time. Primarily we are here to experience core family relationships and plug into life: real energies from water, plants, animals, minerals, humans, and light (suns, star forms, and reflected light from the moon and planets). The 10% of our minds we use right now is enough to plug in and experience the flow of energies. In the 'afterlife' we can potentially access the rest of the mind, put the 'dream' of life into an ideal aesthetic flow, and refine energies within fabrics of time and space. (Yes this sentence is a mouthful.) For now, let's ground the 'extraterrestrial' energies from the heavens, our celestial connections. Earth can blossom. We can share the joy of peace.

We all live on one Earth. The synergism of individual and humane group power can generate climactic peace and prosperity. All spiritual paths can be strengthened by accessing power in "Identified Flying Objects." The sun clearly emits high energy, visible light, and radio waves. Powerful sources from the heavens (stars and star forms) are real. Let's plug in, embody real energies and transfer this power within our own religious and spiritual practices.

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Windows of the Soul

People engaged in kissing experience information and energy transfer, although we usually do it for the 'buzz' and don't get into the science or mystique of it. A judgement is made and processed by the Thalami and brain. The Thalami like the Pineal gland are able to amplify all energy inputs and route them to the appropriate place in the brain. Science is now on the verge of seeing what the Third Eye of the ancients knew. To help set the stage for the proper evaluation of information and events that will doubtless fall on many unbelieving minds at times; let me quote Herbert Spencer for you on this point.

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation."

The Thalami are also in charge of the endocrine system and a vital center for the immune system. It is through this psychic organ that healing and the soul operate the greatest magic of life on earth and potentiate the divine potential of each and every human as well as many other lifeforms. All people are psychic and have a responsibility to play a part of God's plan or purpose to harmonize and create. Hopefully when you kiss your sister the hormones won't be allowed to function because of a tabu or blockage. Generally speaking the more alike you are genetically as well as in your brain wavelength 'fingerprint' the more affinity and real communication will happen. This research covers many modern disciplines but the most apparent truth is available in the University of Minnesota Twins study.

There are few people today who aren't living in the sociological denial of the materialistic society brought about since the Industrial Revolution. Thus many people will not be able to read this book. Others will allow their interior open-mindedness and belief in ESP or the secret knowledge of their own actual experience to carry them some way towards accepting the 'possibility'; of what they will read about an alchemist (or three).

Included in the make up of planetary systems are entity and event horizons that vary from planet to planet and throughout the universe. These things are clear in the Chaos Theory and astrophysics that has gained momentum since the Hubbell (also spelt Hubble) Telescope took a picture of the center of the 'known' universe in 1999. Superstring Theory and alternate universes or worm holes and affinity channels some call Stargates join the list of the amazing things we must now consider.

The worlds of science are merged with the magic of the past adepts beyond the writings of Nobel Laureates in physics you may have found exciting in your youth, as I did. Wigner, Schrödinger and his cat, Heisenberg 'Observed', and Capra has 'Tao-ed' a lot about the Mandukya Upanishads and S-Matrix math being linked with the I Ching (Tao te Ching). Soon science will know 'The Way' (Tao) made possible by the 'white light'. NEC labs in Princeton, New Jersey produced 300X the speed of light in the summer of 2000, inside a cesium chamber. This was the missing ontological proof required to make evidence of the necessary level required in science for the existence of 'psi phenomena'.

Beyond the wildest imaginations of quantum teleporting (Scientific American April 2000 Cover story) and the Big Bang, is the connection true 'love' brings. Thank you, Buddy Holly! John Lennon has 'Imagine'-d a new mantra for the quantum global village and a post-Modern Age that allows people the leisure time to contemplate what pre-Industrial Age Society already knew. When factories needed people to work long hours at machines they instituted education for all people, so that 'time clocks' could be punched and productivity could be measured. The prior travesties of the Inquisitions and Dark Ages were relaxed in order to enable a greater control over the minds of people. "The past and the future can be changed."

From the Mahabharata to the Iliad we see the hand of higher beings that played god with mere mortals wrapped in their egoistic emphasis on the dross physical senses that greedily take so much energy away from soulful pursuits. Just because time appears linear does not make it any truer than the appearance the eyes of an owl recognizes when it sees in dimensions of energy our more limited eyes cannot capture. Perhaps an even more relevant acquisition technology in the animal kingdom has to do with how insects and birds find their way back to a specific territory or 'home'. Neils Bohr said something like this: - 'A great truth has an opposite which is also true. A trivial truth has an opposite which is false.'

Ninety-five per cent of all the energy in the universe is made up of Dark Energy or Dark Matter. This is a scientific fact recently discovered but not considered in the everyday working world of most academic disciplines. I think there is a good chance that long before Diocles in the second century BCE there were people on earth who understood the harmonic of light a lot better than any until the present day. It is also interesting to see that Arcadia is where the Benjaminites are taken by their Phoenician/Merovingian friends after they are thrown out of Israel. In the second to third century BCE it is also where a Greek named Diocles is working with light and the Harmonic thereof to cause something that today we know can create or be useful if Atomic Fusion. Arcadia is an important clue in Grail research that leads to Nova Scotia and the enigmatic message system in paintings by the likes of Poussin and Teniers.

Lao-Tzu went to the west of his native China as he approached his death; in order to meet the Ancient Adept Masters who we believe are those Red-Heads of the Tarim Basin/Taklamakan Desert/Altaic Mountains near the greatest recent Empire's Khan - Temujin's homeland or birthplace. You can see photos of these 6'6" giants with their witch's hats in Discovery, National Geographic or The Mummies of Urumchi. The reason they had a pyramidal witch's hat was to focus cosmic energy to their pineal glands.

Lao-Tzu is one of history's greatest philosophers and religious personages. He knew these adepts had power to affect the Trojan War and all people on earth by means never written because the Verbal Tradition was aware of the dangers of interpreters with partial knowledge and fewer ethical constructs. Today these same hats are called 'dunce caps' as teachers teach the prejudices of ego and power-mongering proselytes and politicians.

Forty other books I've done include the reference and archaeologic proof or science that confirms these grossly general statements or personal anecdotes. These books I have written in the last few years have added a great deal to my certainty that man is not able to fully understand the meaning behind the Mayan saying - 'Do not put your Self, in front of YOUR self! - It means an entirely different thing when stated thusly - 'Do NOT put yourself, in front of your SELF!' There are many other ways to play with the emphasis and come up with more insights on the collective soul versus the personality and ego. The Mayans are likely right about the end of this human civilization in 2012 as we see 'terrorism' defined by one side as evil and the other as 'The Great Satan'. Hopefully the coming civilization will include human beings and not just nanobots with human brain contents dumped into them.

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Ganesh and Skanda - the first Gods

Life on Earth has ONE history of the Beginning...

The main focus of this article is the author's view about the abuse of svastika by the Western civilization. Its use is prohibited in Germany and several countries have legislation that may put an innocent person to prison only because of using this symbol. There is a petition to the European Union, as German MP's are calling to ban the svastika across all Europe. The origin of this ancient symbol is not known to most of Europeans.

Ganesh and Skanda are Hindu Gods and Hinduism is one of the oldest documented religions in the world. Images of Ganesh were also found in South America from times of the pre-Columbian era. Some say that one cosmological system could be here that had developed in ancient times all over the world.

The word Ganesh (or Ganesha) means Lord of Hosts. This God is the Lord of good fortune; He is the Remover of obstacles.

Sanatana Dharma

The etymological origin of the word "Hinduism" was developed later and its roots had been brought by conquerors of the then Indian subcontinent. The Slavic pre-Christian god of the sun, Swarog, is tightly associated with svastika (Hindu symbol; but it is found in many cultures including ancient Jews.). In neo-paganist religions, Swarog is often the supreme god-creator and the central part of the (holy) trinity Triglav. A very interesting similarity with Swarog has the word "Swarga", which is a set of nether worlds located on the svastika mountain - Mt. Kailash in Tibet.

Better term for Hinduism is therefore *Sanatana Dharma*. Of this belief, evolutional forms of Hinduism - Buddhism, Jainism...evolved. There are four mainstream religions in India: Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Islam.

Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma is a faith in God that underpins the basic humane principles of brotherhood, kind-heartedness and good life. This religion believes in eternal reincarnation of which you may set yourself free by various practices and come to a higher state of Being called moksha - liberation. Christians have salvation, Hindus moksha, Buddhists nirvana. Hindus believe that God is ONE, but has many forms.

Birth of Ganesh and some history

Ganesha (and Skanda too) is understood to be the first God in that sense that if someone wants to come up to Shiva, he must first get through the Ganesha's doorstep. He is mentioned in the oldest Veda - Rig Veda.

Ganesh was born on the fourth day in the Hindu month Magh and He has many powerful aspects. He is also considered to be the master of astrology. According to the Hindu calendar of religious events, His birthday is celebrated in August/September, and this date is variable similarly like Christian Easter (based on the lunar calendar).

Hinduism consists of three basic (mainstream) branches of which 1) shaivism is the oldest one. Hence, God Shiva is the absolute God; in other Hindu denominations it is Shakti (female principle) - 2) shaktism; or Vishnu and His avatar (incarnation) Krishna - 3) vaishnavism.

The Hindu "Trinity" or TRIMURTI represents three aspects of God: Brahma - the Creator; Vishnu - the Protector; Shiva - the Destroyer. Furthermore, along with shAktam (Shakti), shAivam, vAishnava systems, there are also:

gANApatyam - followers of God Ganesh (they consider Ganapati to be the Absolute God); kaumAram - followers of kaumAram (Ganesha's brother); sAuram - followers of Surya

The fundamental concept of Hinduism is TRIMURTI, which is not at all violated by other concepts such as the QUINTUPLE or SeptUPLET concept where Ganesh has His place. Adi Shankara, a famous Indian teacher (born in the year 686), propagates the Shanmata - "six opinions" tradition: Ganesha, Shiva, Shakti, Vishnu, Surya and Skanda (other name of the Ganesha's brother).

Contrary to homogenous Christianity or Buddhism, Hindu schools/sects are forked rivers. Albeit there are many Christian denominations, they all have CHRIST. Contrary to Hinduism, Buddhism is a clear and relatively very homogenous path to liberation.

In Hinduism, mainstream Vaishnava, Shakta and Shaiva schools are well-documented, but they also have their offshoots. Cults of sUrya, skAnda and gAnApAtyA are poorly documented.

In esoteric Buddhism, Ganesh in Japan is pictured as a Twin-God - two figures joined to one, often with connotation. These statues are not seen publicly. In Japan, there are more than 250 temples dedicated to Lord Ganesh and He has names such as Kanki-Ten, Kangi-Ten, Shooten, Vinayaaka, or Daishoo Kangiten. In Kamakura (a city in Japan), there is a temple (Hookaij-Ji) with allegedly the oldest statue of Ganesh in Japan; it is locked and supposed to have been preserved locked there from the year 1333. The Twin God is nanten - male, nyoten - female Ganesha. It also represents His/Her ego.

Many historians date the presence of Ganesh in Japan back to times when a great monk - Kukai (774- 834) - started the Shingon sect in Japanese Buddhism. The means of worshiping Ganesha, Ganabachi, Vinayaka or Kangiten embody something that makes this cult different from other Buddhist streams. The teaching, rituals and beliefs of the cult have many parallels with the cult of Ganapatyas.

The cult of the Greek god Dionysus, which later transformed to a secret cult of god Bacchus (freedom, inebriation - something similar to a left-handed path, or Vamachara tantra) is considered by some to have the Vedic origin; thus, there is a term such as "Vedic Egypt", too, which is also described by Swami Krishnapada. Western Christian scholars have difficulties to accept the fact that some ancient Egyptians were under the influence of the Vedas and the Vedic Gods.

Symbolism of Ganesh - the first syllable of the universe

In Ganesha Purana it is written: At His command Lord Brahma creates the universe. At His command Lord Visnu maintains the universe. At His command Lord Siva destroys the universe. At His command the Sun, Lord of the day, moves throughout the universe. At His command Vayu directs the wind. At His command Varuna causes the waters to flow in all directions. At His command the stars shine in the sky. At His command Agni burns in the three worlds...

Ganesha is the first sound, OM, in which all hymns were born. When Shakti - (Energy) and Shiva (Matter) meet, Sound (Ganesh) and Light (Skanda) are born. The number FOUR is the principle message of svastika. Ganesha's head symbolizes atman. His big body represents the earthly existence of humankind, but also maya - "illusion of this world". His elephant head indicates that He is the wisest and most powerful Being among animals; His wide ears indicate that He is able to hear anything in the universe...

This God wrote Mahabharata as a scribe when the sage Vyasa dictated this old Indian epos to Him. He has a trident on His forehead, which some authors consider to be a link to Atlantis, as it is also Poseidon's symbol (Greek god of the sea).

Svastika is in His right hand; the mouse at the bottom of His body indicates that He can get secretly anywhere.


Skanda, the second son of Shiva, and the younger brother of Ganesha - but some scholars oppose this view and consider Skanda to be older than Ganesha, is also known as Kumara, Karttikeya, Shanmukha, Subrahmanya, and He has many other names. His weapon is a spear and He is considered to be a war God. He has a strong support in South Asia (South of India - Indian state Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Singapore...)

Followers of this God consider Him to be an Avatar of Lord Shiva. All incarnations are manifestations of the One Supreme God. They also think that Lord Skanda and Lord Krishna are one, and as evidence they use this verse from Bhagavadgita (Chapter 10), where Lord Krishna says this to Arjuna: " Senaninam Aharn Skandah ,"- "Of the Generals, I am Skanda."

Sadkona Yantra

Yantra is a symbolic visualization of a deity; yatras often look like a matrix with geometrical lines and when we visualize it in our mind, we clear the path on our way to God (mantra is a sound, usually a holy word, a syllable, or a sequence of such words we repeatedly pronounce, most frequently in Sanskrit.).

Skanda emerged from the light of the six Shiva's sparks, which flashed from the Lord Shiva's Third Eye, and Skanda Yantra is almost identical to the famous hexagram - the "Jewish Star", or the Star of David. The Seal of Solomon also contained the hexagram image - the "yantra" of the Biblical God YHVH (the word "yantra" is not used in Jewish-Christian religions, though).

The Seal of Solomon was a magical signet ring said to have been possessed by King Solomon, which variously gave him the power to command demons, or to do other miraculous things. The God's name - Tetragrammaton ("word with four letters" - YHVH) - was written on it. The identify of the holy depiction of the God Skanda's symbol with the Jewish and Christian God, too - Sadkona Yantra - gives a strong tinge to any argumentation in favor of the fact that humankind has one common history and that the same God spoke to Jews and to other people on this Earth in ancient times.

Abuse of svastika

Not all people do know that Adolf Hitler was a mystical lunatic who used various elements of occultism to set up a bizarre theory about the ancient advent of a "higher race" the origin of which was the far north. In his attempt to initiate a contact with this race, Hitler invested to the research of South America and Tibet a lot of money.

The first element of the Nazi occultism was built upon a reference about a mythical land - Hyperborea-Thule, which is also analogical to Plato's Atlantis, but with one difference - Herodotus described an Egyptian legend about a continent Hyperborea existing somewhere in the far north. Thus, a Thule society (Thule-Gesellschaft) was founded in 1918, and its mainmast stood on the above-mentioned notion that Germans are descendants from this continent.

Thule-Gesellschaft and its occult offshoots used several intriguing aspects in coloring these occult skins - one of them was a belief that our Earth is hollow and that "a race" could live, or once lived, in its bowels, and this race - the "Aryan race"- left some hallmarks here... Thus, Germans as "their" descendants are, as a matter of fact, offshoots of this SUPER RACE; better than Slavs, Indians, Jews...

Svastika is the ancient symbol of prosperity, innocence and good life, but Nazis used this symbol to spread it viciously worldwide contrary to the meaning it (svastika) represents. The "super race" had once used this symbol all over the Earth, for the existence of which the Nazis had "proofs" - "they" left this holy sign in Tibet; "they" marked South America with this symbol.

"Proofs" for the esoteric theory of "Hollow Earth"

Information included herein does not intend to prove or confirm the concept of Hollow Earth Theory, but only to outline how this ancient symbol (svastika) was abused by overconfident white civilization.

Hopi tribe

These Indians say that a "Spider Woman" saved them from the destruction (flood) of the second World. The Spider Woman (a very similar representation of Ganesh, who has a trunk and four hands) led them out of the underground world where they had been kept in protection.

Even today, Hopis have an aperture aground in their dwellings as proof that they came up to this world from the bowels of Earth. The famous "Hopi Prophecy", which captivates minds of many people and scholars, contains the symbol of svastika.

Admiral Byrd and his secret diary

Admiral Byrd was one of the greatest US military explorers born in 1888. He was an excellent voyager, pilot, and air instructor. This man also became famous with his "secret diary", which contains description of exploration flight over the North Pole and here are some excerpts:

They are close enough now to see the markings on them. It is a type of Svastika!!!

1135 Hours - Our radio crackles and a voice comes through in English with what perhaps is a slight Nordic or Germanic accent! The message is: 'Welcome, Admiral, to our domain. We shall land you in exactly seven minutes! Relax, Admiral, you are in good hands.' I note the engines of our plane have stopped running! The aircraft is under some strange control and is now turning itself. The controls are useless.

'We have let you enter here because you are of noble character and well-known on the Surface World, Admiral.' Surface World, I half-gasp under my breath! 'Yes," the Master replies with a smile, 'you are in the domain of the Arianni, the Inner World of the Earth...'

Smoky God

Olaf Jansen, a fisherman from Norway, after going astray in the sea, visited the underground world too. The book entitled "Smoky God", or A Voyage to the Inner World by W. G. Emerson, describes the underworld as a domain inhabited by intelligent beings with very advanced technology:

Did Indians prepare some astonishing revelation for us - what shall happen when the Maya calendar ends?

The Mayan calendar does not end, only its cycle, but many people speak of the end. The end of the Maya calendar (cycle) is December 23, 2012. However, there are two correlations; this one comes from Lounsbury. Another one, from Goodman, Martinez-Hernandez and Thompson, suggests that the end is December 21, 2012.

It is very interesting that Mayans calculated dates for such a distant future. The calendar starts in the year 3114 BC - very close to the date of Krishna's disappearance, but also close to the beginning of Kali Yuga - the age of darkness (January 23, 3102 BC). If you try to fish out some correlations between the Hindu and Mayan calendar, a twelve-year difference between the onset of the Mayan calendar and the Krishna's disappearance is really startling.

If the country like Germany with several thousand churches around really lived as Christ had wished, no such a thing as Nazism would have happened. Our European and US culture is Christian only by its name. Christ explicitly commands nonviolence. How can the president of the most powerful nation come out of church and start war a few days later?

Ku Klux Klan uses the symbol of Christian Cross for their misdeeds - shall this be a new topic for banning the Christian Cross across Europe for EU?

Juraj Sipos Source:

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I published some books of poetry and live in Slovakia, Europe. I write Linux articles and I have a Linux howto:

Prophecies of Doom

Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, John from Revelations, the Mayans, and numerous other authors and psychics have all depicted terrible end time cataclysms that will result in the end of life as we know it. Like moths to a flame, we appear to be attracted to these prophecies since we tend to believe that we may be somewhat deserving of a fiery end...or at least that some people deserve or earned this future.

Various end of the world dates have been predicted hundreds of times since 30AD and even more predictions are provided for as far ahead as 2047 at this time...and as each year passes, more end of the world predictions occur for even later years. The addition of more and more predictions is inevitable since each occurrence of 'previously hidden evidence' or 'newly discovered information' will result in predictions going on for thousands of years to come...or until we choose to stop subjecting ourselves to such fearful and unnecessary banter.

Some popular 'end of the world dates' were and are:

  • 1982: Pat Robertson predicted that the world would end, plus world ends due to the Jupiter effect.
  • 1988: 40 years after Israel became a nation ('this generation shall not pass' with a generation being counted as 40 years + 1948.)
  • 1993: Same as above, but 7 years added for tribulation period.
  • 1998: Because 666 x 3 = 1998, plus based upon predictions from Nostradamus as depicted in the movie "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow".
  • 1999: Predicted by Kirk Nelson using Edgar Cayce's Predictions in conjunction with the Bible.
  • 2000: World ends due to the new millennium, also if you divide 2000 by 3, you get 666, plus another Jupiter effect, plus also predicted in the book, 'The Bible Code', plus Hal Lindsey's updated prediction from being in 1988 (40 years after Israel became a nation) to the rapture happening in 2000 and the end of the world in 2007.
  • 2001: Jack van Impe prediction, plus, since there is no year 0, the true millennium is 2001
  • 2007: Same as above but includes an adjustment for calendar changes in the middle ages, plus Hal Lindsey updates end dates to possibly now being 2040 or 2047.
  • 2009: Jerry Falwell predicts the end in 1999, saying less than 10 years to go.
  • 2012: Mayan calendar ends, plus the book "The Bible Code" includes yet another end date, plus Nostradamus picks this date in his newly discovered revelations, plus variations of interpretations from Edgar Cayce.

I am not going to argue that Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus or Biblical prophets may have had the capacity to see what we interpret as future events, but what I do know is true is that these depictions have more to do with dreaming or fashioning the future as compared to predicting it.

Even though hundreds of world ending predictions have come and gone in centuries past, without the world ending, the moment the next prediction is presented, the masses are drawn to this prophecy of doom and embrace it as inevitable and allow the fear of the prediction to affect them in some way.

The only reason these predictions attract any interest at all is because we feel so unable to control our own futures and therefore, we use these predictions as a way to grab apparent control, even though the future these prophecies provide for us are events we would not otherwise have chosen. In our frantic attempt to grab control of the future by accepting these predictions, we totally deny our own capacity to provide a better future that we could manifest ourselves.

End time prophecies may appear to provide us with a glimpse of our future, but all they really do is diminish our capacity to see that we have total say in what the future holds, because the future is not set. The future is based solely upon what your mind believes is possible or inivitable today...this moment. Your thoughts and resulting actions at this moment are what shapes the future, and nothing else.

If following the crowd and simply accepting the worst is where the majority of us desire to go, then let's look at where this method of thinking might take the world. Let's say that one of these predictions were really true and an event will occur that will wipe mans existence from the earth. How should we respond to this? How should we really view this possibility?

The only reason any prediction of the future would concern you is if you believe that the physical 'you' is all that there is. If you do not perceive or consider that there is something beyond the physical, then yes, the end of the world is the end of everything, and man's every conscious thought of every person simply ceases to exist as the universe just shakes us off. It's as though we never existed and as though not a single achievement or struggle ever happened or mattered at all. Life loses all meaning and even though this has not happened yet, the thought of it could only strip you of any reason to want to move forward and make something positive of your life.

Alternatively, if you do see that we are more than these bodies, and if you can perceive that we are actually spirit beings that simply use these bodies for a time, then any prediction of the end of the world has no real impact since its as though you are simply saying that one of your dreams will end. We experience this life and we behave as though we are really here and as though we are affected by all things, just like we do when we dream, but as when you awaken from any dream, you simply release the value the dream provided and often totally forget what it was about. Likewise, the end of times, were it to occur, would bring about an end of your physical life and you would awaken within a spirit existence and see that the physical things you thought mattered, don't matter any more. Even though the physical universe would say you are dead, you'll clearly see that you never died, but simply left that physical body and every concern that it manufactured.

When the body dies for any reason, even if the whole world were destroyed as well, the results for you are the same. This simply means that you move on to whatever is next. What is next can only be guessed about and is therefore a waste of time to ponder or debate. No matter what does come next, the spirit 'you' continues to exist and will continue its journey back to our Father and Creator.

Some believe we are reincarnated here on earth, or even possibly on other planets and even as other species. This may or may not be true, but it does not matter since whatever form you may take, that form is still only a shadowy reflection of the spirit 'you' which is eternal and never dies.

So, while experiencing life here on earth, or in your next existence, what is the best thing to do when faced with such terrible predictions of pending doom? You can choose to be open to see these predictions more clearly and see that you have a choice as to when, if and how they occur. You can choose to embrace the fear of the predictions and become a willing partner for why they occur or you can choose to see that you are a spiritual being that has the capacity to make higher and more peaceful choices. You can choose to see that you have the capacity to allow the future to be nothing more than a perfect and peaceful path towards God.

To release yourself from any fearful concept of what the future may hold, first release all images of what you think the future should be or may be, then invite the Holy Spirit to correct your thinking and say "I am open for that which is best". By actively allowing the Holy Spirit to make your decisions for you, you can simply feel secure in knowing that God will bring into your life, only that which will result in drawing you closer to him. You can then cease to use your judgement to interpret the events of the world and allow yourself to see things as he sees them, as peaceful and loving paths towards the light.

Everything can be seen as an opportunity to grow and move forward...and no matter how anyone else may view your circumstances or the circumstances of the world, your existence can be one of peace because you will have nothing to fear, nor will you fear what may happen to others since you can know that no matter what they may allow to happen, the worst thing they could do is to end their dream of being physical here. Since their spirits live eternally, their journey back to our Father will still continue on in some way, until we are all reunited again.

Our world, or the existence we perceive outside of God, will end some day, but this is a glorious and happy event, not something of cataclysm and doom. Nobody dies. Nobody loses. Everyone wins. When we no longer see this world as something we need or want, we will once again return to our Father and Creator. At that time, our thoughts of this world will simply fade away as any bad or unusual dream does, and we will resume our eternal existence with our Father, and the 'one second of eternity' that was this world, will simply cease to exist. Being reunited with our Father, eliminates our desire for this world to exist, and that is when the world ends.

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About the Author

David Nelmes - David considers it a wonderful blessing that his insight and writings can provide opportunities for those around him to see things from perspectives they had not considered before. He pursues Gods truths and invites you to join him.

His influences consist of the truths he has discovered through life and through both "The Bible" and "A Course In Miracles".

You can visit his web site at

Ascenscion or Armageddon?

Ancient cultures all over the world speak of an “end times,” which has been given several names. The most common name familiar to the western world is “the rapture” in the Christian faith. In the book of Revelations in the King James Version of the Bible, the rapture isn’t a pretty picture at all. It sounds very disheartening and scary to those who believe they may not be chosen when the “great sorting” occurs.

Two common threads among these “end time” stories are (1) when it will happen and (2) how life will be on earth during and after it passes. The ancient Mayan civilization created several calendars that were very intricate in nature, but high in intelligence. The calendars revealed time in form of synchronicity. Today, synchronicity seems like “coincidence;” however, during ancient times in the Americas, synchronicity was everyday life.

The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. To some this is frightening, but many researchers and scholars of different backgrounds have made several discoveries into why this particular date is relevant. It has an astrologic context. This exact date is when an amazing phenomenon happens with the earth and the Milky Way, and it only happens over a frequency of several thousands of years. December 21st 2012 is the beginning of the winter solstice that year; however, this is also when the earth will enter the center of the Milky Way, causing the end of the old age and the beginning of the new.

One other occurrence that is taking place is the reversing of the magnetic field of the earth. When the earth reaches this point in the galaxy, the magnetism of the earth would have reversed by 180 degrees. To the human populous, we will feel these changes in our bodies, as we are beginning to feel them now to those who are aware.

Astrologists are confirming that the predictions of the coming age of the Mayans are correct, and that the earth is entering into the phases of the cycle that suggest that the earth will enter the center of the Milky Way during the year 2012.

Alchemist in Europe believed that they could change lead into gold. What’s happening now in the world is this very thing. We’re living in a very tangible and visible world engrossed in physical things. In this last age, we have become driven by the ego and are gradually losing sight of the spiritual Self that the Universe is almost forcing us to return to.

Our consciousness is focused on probability and not possibility, and the fear-laded thoughts that we project outward are what is continuing to create the reality that we’re living today: the disruption in the ozone layer, the melting of ice caps, category 5 hurricanes and other natural disasters that seem to be more common place.

During this time, we can begin our own personal ascension process, meaning returning to the very essence and core that the earlier sages were saying we needed to remember. They knew that there would be a time where man would go through a period of huge industry and consumerism, only to destroy themselves and forget the value of life all together… to separate themselves and differentiate themselves so much as to isolate and suppress the very nature of humankind, leaving a jaded impression upon our children that we are negligent and selfish creatures.

However, new sages are being born every day. The children are ripe with intellect and they are already equipped and “plugged-in” to the order of the coming new age. They have heightened intuitive senses. More of them are able to “feel” and “see” certain things that most of us modern day citizens would consider “taboo” or “forbidden.” These children, often called Indigo Children, are the ones that are here already helping to demonstrate and teach the much needed spiritual-reconnection lessons while the earth’s transformation is taking place.

On that predicted day, December 21, 2012, what will actually happen? You can determine that now by the choices you make today, and also by what you focus upon. If you realize that the earth is coming into an age where the iron is becoming gold, the golden age, we are returning to a place of spiritual enlightenment as the norm.

Now would be the time to rediscover your connection with your Higher Self and help the upper and lower worlds come together in the harmonious union of 2012.

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Megan Jenifer operates the blog, which is all about The Law of Attraction. She loves giving away free stuff and is now giving away a free copy of her special report, “The Top 10 Ways Most People Repel Money.” In addition to this free report, you’ll also have a free membership to her newsletter. You’re not going to believe what you get when you sign-up and it’s all free.


When the double helix of ida and pingala are balanced, a pathway is opened for full DNA connection. The ancient rainbow bridge to higher consciousness is called the antakarana. At the base of our spine sits the coiled energy of kundalini which must evertually rise. Legend has it from our myths that this is Jacob’s ladder, the Tree of Life or the Aixs Mundi (world pole). The antakarana or rainbow bridge to higher consciousness takes place with the coming shift during 2012. Jacob sits on a stone which is highly alchemical as it can turn one element into another (Philosophers Stone). The Norman word for “grail” is grael and came to be known to knights as the holy grail; you are that holy grail In many of my previous articles I wrote about the “light body” The crystal light body is built through the antakarana. Once the third eye is opened full awakening is achieved by energy crossing a bridge from the pineal gland to the pituitary. There is also an antakarana rainbow bridge from the throat charka to the head charka via the vagus nerve. Every time kundalini is raised to a higher charka a bridge must be built. One is reminded of Simeon and Garfunkel’s song “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” How does a light body take us to higher worlds via the antakarana? Light is a function of electromagnetic radiation radiating outward and does not need a medium to travel though Since it contains both electric and magnetic fields it can travel through a vacuum. The fields vibrate at right angles in the direction of the movement of the wave. It also comes in many frequencies with is the number of waves passing over a point in space. Energy in a light wave is proportional to its frequency. The antakarana carries the light frequencies deeper into the body for its awakening; in the brain it is called illumination. The science of the antakarana is concerned with the transfer of consciousness including death. This science exists from the beginning and connects man to his source. Functioning under the Law of One (Monad) the connection of life is directly bridged to the heart. The seat of consciousness is bridged to the heart and the thread of creative activity is connected to the throat charka. It is this science which when reestablished will help science understand the etheric body The science of the atakarana deals with the transduction of energy via the threads through man’s subtle bodies. Many of these threads are electrical lines or “sense telephones” that relay The senses from one plane to the next or on the same plane. When asleep we use our astral senses and on the mental or intuitive planes, the sense telephones thereof. The physical, astral and mental planes are all affected by the senses and it is important what we take in; this is why meditation is so important. The etheric planes are stratified as to the senses: the first atomic plane is smell; the second sub-atomic is taste and the third or super etheric is sight. After numerous initiations into the light in the presence of the elect 144,000 and fully functioning DNA man eventually enters the eighth plane or Christ Consiousness. 888. The eight dimension times the subdivisions equals 64 as in the Chinese hexagrams of the I-Ching. Top scientist of today has discovered that the 64 hexagrams correspond to the 64 DNA codons of the genetic codes of life. The nodal points in Chinese acupuncture can be seen as connected by light threads (antakarana) and are all interconnected. Likewise, Kirlian photography illuminates these 700 points of light on photographs. Terence Mckenna in his Timewave Zero formula groks an end of time on Dec.21, 2012 based on the 64 hexagrams. This singularity exactly dovetails with the end of the Mayan calander. The end of this concrescence merges with the initial point of the Big Bang and then what? This is what infinity looks like an 8 or a lemniscate. We have a rendezvous with infinity. We know that the spiral is a symbol of infinity hence DNA is that rainbow bridge. Think of all the threads of creation as a spider web. A spider Woman is a metaphor for she who creates from a central source. It is she who pulls the web back from whence it came. Similiarly to the Hunab Ku or galactic core spider woman links everything back to the source. What ever affects part of the web affects all. Likewise Hunab Ku is a God of Measure and Movement. These concepts explain the matrix that we are in and which we will evolve out of soon. Is reality nothing more than a dream? I have a chapter in my book, MYSTERIES:Ancient & Modern called “Dreams, the Fabric of the Universe.” Whether we go from the physical to the dream world or from the third dimension to hyperspace we still need a bridge. Interestingly, D.K. or Dwhjal Khul the Tibetan master explains that Libra rules bridges and that the influence of this sign will grow stronger. May we all make it to the other side of a bridge over troubled waters.

@2008 Sai Grafio

About the Author

Sai Grafio is an author, poet, metaphysician and writer. Please go to his site at http:www.astro-mantic-arts-com

2012 Umbilical-Cord Detached From Earth

I have been fascinated with the predictions of 2012 and equally amazed at the number of people who know nothing about it. There have been many theories about the predicted Apocalypse in 2012. Will this significant date filled with mystery behold threats or blessings?

The question is why does the Mayan calendar, which is 5,000 years old, began on August 3114 BCE and end on December 21, 2012? According to Michael Drosnin's bestseller "Bible Code" in 2012 (5772 the Hebrew calendar) comets are expected to pound the earth. Christian prophecy relating to 2012 claims that the Bible tells us that God will annihilate the Earth in 2012.

One thing is certain, 12/21/2012 is the annual winter solace and on that date our solar system with the sun at it's center will eclipse. It will align itself and block the view from Earth, the center of the Milky Way. There's a black hole in the center (of the Milky Way) that astronomers believe sucks up matter and energy. On 12/21/2012 at 11:11 pm universal time any energy that flows to Earth from the Milky Way will be off-set because of a waver in the Earth's rotation.

The umbilical cord of our being will be cut off briefly from the center of this galaxy. This phenomenon happens only once in 26,000 years. There are two prophecies. One predicts foreboding and doom and the other one predicts rebirth, harmony and understanding. According to Geryl and Ratingckx of "The Orion Prophecy" the day Atlantis sank under the waters - July 27, 9792 BC Orion, Venus and other stars and planets occupied some "code positions". This information was documented in the labyrinth (The Circle of Gold) in Egypt it's source was the high priests that escaped the cataclysm.

Believe it or not in 2012 the stars will be in exactly the same position as the years Atlantis went down. Did Atlantis ever exist? It this just another myth?

Oddly enough, Native American calendars note the 2012 end date. The Q'ero Indians of Peru believe according to tribal lore 2012 is the END of which time will cease. The Hopi Indians of Arizona share a calendar in line with the Mayan, both mark the start of the Fifth Age or World on 12/21/2012. Is the curtain going down or up and what part do we have if any in changing the ending to the play?

According to the Bible God the Creator of nature predicted in Revelation 17, 18: "It is Finished." "There followed lightening flashes, and peals of thunder, then a violent earthquake. Such was its violence that there has never been one like it in all the time men have lived on earth." Then in Revelation 21, 11: "The earth and sky fled from his presence until they could no longer be seen." It is known that Revelation, the last book of the Bible is based on symbolism which leads us back to "The Bible Code". Is it over interpreted or is it destined that a comet will tear into the Earth on 12/21/2012?

One amazing thing is taking place now. Americans are living in awareness now more than ever. We are thinking green, recycling, addressing global warming. We have given generously to the victims and families of 9/11, Katrina, the 2004 Tsunami, etc.

This is exactly what we must do to survive, hold hands, reach out and band together. There is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent a solar catastrophe. But what we can do is our part in filling the world with positive energy and universal love. As Mother Earth is fighting for survival mankind must build collective consciousness and make a pact to be nurturing caregivers to the Earth and each other. 12/21/2012 may bring an alignment of the planets that re-aligns our hearts to each other and brings on a dynamic flow of energy. With that new found power we can unite and bring to life global human consciousness. For more information on fulfilling your destiny go to:

Prepare for a brighter future by strengthening spiritually and physically. Relaxation training such as meditation, deep breathing and yoga will give us inner strength and peace. Exercise is physically and psychologically beneficial. Be strong and pass it on!

About the Author

Maria Beck is a licensed practitioner of Mind, Body, Spirit fitness programs using Pilates and Gyrotonic®. She has owned her own business for over 25 years and has published multiple articles on fitness, spirituality, life changes, and other subjects revolving around centered and healthy lifestyles. Please email Maria if you have any questions about this article at her website.

Kabbalists Say: Prepare for 2012 by Becoming a Giver

Many people are making predictions about the year 2012. Some say the end of the world is coming. Some say the planet will undergo a transformation or humanity will experience a change in consciousness. Still others say that whatever you believe will happen on December 21, 2012, is exactly what you will experience at that time in history.

Why all the talk about 2012? That's year on the Gregorian calendar when the Mayan calendar abruptly ends. Why the calendar stops — or restarts —on December 21, 2012 no one really knows, although lots of people have theories. However, the idea that humanity or the world at large is about to undergo some sort of transformation does not represent a new idea. For instance, the ancient Jewish mystics predict a change as well, but the world transformation they see coming doesn't happen for another 231 years. That said, it's already in its beginning stages.

The Jewish mystics, or Kabbalists say that according to the Jewish calendar, the world's spiritual evolution can be likened to the seven days of the week. They equate the year 6,000 to the end of the sixth work day of the cosmic week and predict that that year marks the time when the world will enter Shabbat HaGadol, or the Big Sabbath, when 1,000 years of sacred time and space begin.

Currently the Jewish calendar has us at the year 5769. The Kabbalists would say, therefore, that it's about 12:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon, a time when Jews begin preparing in earnest for the Sabbath, which starts at sundown on Friday evening.

So, what does that mean for us? It means we must now begin preparing for the approaching transformative era. And when it arrives, we will experience "The World to Come," a time likened to what other traditions have called "Heaven on Earth" or "Peace on Earth."

The Kabbalists were clear that we should prepare for the coming era by changing our consciousness from a selfish one to a selfless one. To help prepare for 2012 — or the Jewish year 6,000 — we want to develop a higher consciousness that wants to receive not for our own sake but for the sake of giving to others.

The fundamental idea behind this constitutes a spiritual one. We want to learn to reconnect with God by behaving "like" God. The Kabbalists say God created the world to give us Divine gifts. If we focus our attention on giving, we can become givers as well. This removes the separation we normally believe exists between us and God — between Giver and receiver. When that separation is removed, we feel connected to God, which generates an overwhelming sense of peace. Of course, we were created as receivers of God's goodness, so we still want to receive — we just want to do so with the intention of giving, or sharing, what we receive with others.

Change starts a little bit at a time. When we change our consciousness, it has a ripple affect on the world around us. If we begin preparing for the year 2012 or 6,000 now, who knows, maybe we will simply create the predicted change rather than that change happening to us. In either case, we are sure to improve our individual lives and make the world a better place to live.

About the Author

The author of The Kabbalah of Conscious Creation, How to Mystically Manifest Your Physical and Spiritual Desires, Nina Amir is a journalist, motivational speaker, conscious creation coach, and the holiday and spirituality expert on Conversations with Mrs. Claus ( Register for a Kabbalah of Conscious Creation teleseminar, purchase a booklet or workbook, or get more information at .

2012: End of World or End of Reason?

When I hear or read about 2012 and the hype, hysteria and hilarity that increasingly surrounds that ominous year, I can't help but to remember the famous and funny line uttered by the Scarecrow and Dorothy as they meander along the Yellow Brick Road in the Wizard of Oz, "Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!"

We soon find out the the Lion is cowardly, the Tin Man is rusted, and all that awaits them on their journey is a bunch of singing pigmies wearing rainbow-colored outfits. Their fear of the forest, of course, was of their own creation. And in the ending we ultimately discover it all was but a dream anyway... "And you were in it too Toto...!"

Even though I am frequently asked by my customers and readers if they should really be concerned about 2012, to date I have conveniently skirted the issue by telling them to research the facts, read the relevant books, stay away from the obvious scams, and make up their own minds on whether they should be concerned, or not. Until now, I have not officially positioned myself regarding this rapidly approaching date.

Why? Because my philosophy is to balance reason with readiness, and to avoid at all costs peddling fear as a means to increase product sales or achieve personal gain. Frankly, I believe that Americans are tired of being told to be afraid anyway, and that we are suffering from our own form of crisis fatigue. Why make it worse with a bunch of 2012 propaganda?

As if we don't have enough to worry about already...

And yet, (and you knew this was coming), the year 2012 does present a strange and unique confluence of multiple predictions, events, prophecies, mythologies, and cosmologies. Indeed, it is arguable that no other time in history has seen such a bizarre merging of so many different, and wildly diverse, belief systems and predictions. From the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar to religious predictions of the End Times...from the Solar Maximum and deadly Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's) to the I Ching and Timewave Zero...from the so called Galactic Alignment to the Precession of the Equinoxes and the Age of Aquarius, 2012 has become the sine qua non of futurist obsessions.

Indeed, 2012 is rapidly becoming Y2K on steroids.

Even a true-blue skeptic has to stop and scratch his head and ask if there is anything to all this 2012-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it stuff. There is just too much out there on 2012 to ignore (and I bet your entire 2009 salary -- dwindling though it may be -- that the media is going to pick up on the 2012 conversation soon and elevate it by an order of magnitude, with the History Channel taking the lead).

And so, that's what I did, I stopped and asked if there was anything to all this hype and threw myself into the relevant literature and blog sphere to explore and hopefully acquire a coherent understanding of this emerging 2012 collective obsession. To date, I've read most, if not all contemporary texts on the subject, and have thoroughly explored the electronic media, with daily doses of blog sphere research.

What I discovered both amazed and confused me. And I am concerned too. Let's look at each in turn.

Any attempt to research 2012 has to begin, and I would argue end, with the Mayan Long Count Calendar. The Mayans truly were (and are) brilliant mathematicians, astronomers, and time keepers. Their calendric system, which is based in large part on celestial observances, possesses a degree of accuracy and a depth of symbology that makes our Gregorian system seem sophomoric in comparison. The Mayans created this system more than 2000 years ago, by the way... Amazing.

It is way too ambitious to examine the Mayan Long Count calendar in detail in this short piece, although I do encourage you to look into it (fascinating reading). But what shocked me, and what is truly amazing is that the Mayan religion and mythology, their systems for keeping time, and even their architecture & hieroglyphs, are very similar to those of other ancient civilizations (Egyptian, for example), with whom they could have had no contact.

This strange synchronicity is difficult to explain, unless you consider the one thing that each had in common -- the sky. Is it possible that multiple cultures and civilizations, separated by both distance and time, can draw the same divination and conclusions from the same celestial observances? And if so, does this lend greater credibility to their time keeping system and its inner meanings? Was the Mayan Long Count really about impending disaster, or does it hold a deeper truth that, as yet, we have not discovered?

Facts: the Mayan long count calendar does end on the winter solstice on December 21, 2012, and it does coincide with a rare alignment of our rising sun positioned in the center of the Milky Way galaxy (from an earthly perspective), and both occur in the time of the Precessional transfer from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius, an event that only happens every 26000 years. (This 'alignment' is particularly interesting when you consider that the center of the Milky Way galaxy, frequently referred to as the 'great rift' is framed by four prominent stars that form an upside down cross; so, on the winter solstice 2012 the 'sun' will be 'hung' on a 'cross' as it aligns with the center of the galaxy, each rising and setting together. Now there is some symbolism to keep you awake at night.)

What does all this mean?

Well, it depends upon who you ask. Enter Confusion.

A good friend of mine, who is a very successful Hollywood actor in day time drama, once took a trip to the orient where he was introduced to a meal called 'Jambots'. Jambots is a combination of several favorite dishes all thrown into one pot and turned into a stew. The logic is simple -- if we take all our favorite dishes and combine them, the outcome must be a supremely tasty combination. How could it not be so?

"How did it taste?" was my obvious inquiry to my good friend. "Like shit." was his sober reply.

2012 has become, in my opinion, the modern day, End-of-Times Jambots. There are so many different but favorite religious beliefs, ancient (and poorly understood) mythologies and mysteries, conspiracy theories, belief systems, fears, pseudo-scientific conclusions, and just wishful thinking, all being thrown into the 2012 boiling pot that the true significance of this date, if there is one, has been completely lost in the stew...its been boiled away.

And because of this bizarre infatuation with apocalypse, every doom's day theory is being force-linked to this single year.

The Mayans MUST have been onto something, so...let's review Nostradamus' Quatrains to find a clear linkage to the date. Surely there are some biblical passages that we can link to the Mayan's wisdom and therefore declare that the rapture is imminent? Isn't there a rogue star out there (Planet X) that should make a pole-reversing, 1000-foot wave-creating fly by of the earth...and couldn't that be in 2012? Aren't the aliens overdue, you know, the ones that seeded humanity? And finally, and my favorite, aren't we all about to transform into enlightened beings with the power of levitation and telepathy (flying could be cool).

Wondering what I'm talking about? These are all 2012 predictions. Seriously...I didn't make them up.


Its almost as if we have an obsession, or perhaps a twisted desire to see the world come to an end in our generation, (incidentally, each generation since the dawn of man has thought that they would see the 'end of times' in their life; it must be hard wired into our DNA). I think fundamentally we all feel that the earth is changing, and that we, as a species, are off course. As Pogo says, "We have met the enemy and he is us." Perhaps somewhere deep inside our soul, in a place we don't want to explore, we all want the world to 'fix' itself, even if that means humans get 'thinned' in the process?

And that is exactly why I am concerned, and why you should be prepared for 2012.

There is an ancient zen proverb that I love, and it is simple: That which you are seeking, is always seeking you. This proverb is, in my opinion, a beautiful salutation to human capability and inventiveness, and communicates that if you hold to a vision, you can make that vision a reality. How very cool.

And how very dangerous...especially if so many people, indeed MILLIONS OF THEM, are holding to the vision that the world will end in 2012.

There is an emerging awareness in both the scientific and new age literature that groups of people can influence events simply through collective 'willfulness.' The phenomenon is referred to as 'collective manifestation.' Simply put, if enough people believe in a thing, whatever that thing is, they will influence the probability that that thing will likely occur.

For example, if the bible says that the Temple Mount has to fall before Christ will return, and millions believe that he will return in the age of 2012; well, then somebody has to go out there and destroy that darn Temple. Collective beliefs, especially if they are unreasonable and fanatic, foment action.

In other words, if enough people believe that 2012 = catastrophe, they can make it so.

That's disturbing...

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

So what do we do?

Let me answer this question by ending with where I began...the Wizard of Oz. Even if Dorothy's story was just a dream, she still should have been in the storm shelter before the tornado hit.

It's always best to remain prepared.

Kevin Baum (

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2012 and the Alien Connection - Could the Truth About UFOs Be Revealed in December 2012?

December 2012 - The Mayan Calendar ends, Nostradamus predicts the end of the world, Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero theory - could they all be wrong?

2009 - 2012 was referred to by Nostradamus as the Time of Troubles. He predicted this three-year period to be full of war, despair, and evil, but also of hope and promise. The hope and promise comes after the time of turbulence. The hope and promise is 2012.

On 21 December 2012 the Mayans believed that all of the planets in our solar system would align like never before. They knew their stuff - their astrological calculations were more accurate than we can calculate today. On this date, their calendar - or time as they knew it - just ends. Theories cover a lot of ground ranging from nuclear holocaust to Harmonic Convergence of cosmic energy flowing through the earth, cleansing it and raising it to a higher level of vibration, and along the way they include the death of two-thirds of humanity and the north and south poles will split - you get the picture.

There is also a concept rooted in the I Ching and mathematics called Timewave Zero, discovered and spoken about by Terence McKenna. In its graphed form, Timewave Zero peaks and troughs when Novelty is featured - Novelty meaning dynamic change in the world - newness, stuff happening, action - as opposed to static habituation. When Novelty is graphed over time, a fractal waveform known as Timewave Zero forms. The graph shows exactly when, but never where Novelty is occurring - increasing and decreasing. The bigger the Novelty spike on the graph means the higher the level of Novelty is occurring. All great Novelty periods in earth's existence feature on this graph, including the formation of earth 4 billion years ago, when dinosaurs became extinct, the ice age, during the 60's, Hitler's rise to power and 9/11 to name a few.

According to Timewave Zero, great periods of Novelty are coming in November 2008 (this year), October 2010, with the Novelty spike going entirely off the graph on 21 December 2012. (N.B. Editor's note written 20 November 2008 - now that November is almost behind us, I can see that this significant Novelty spike represented the arrival of Barack Obama - the first African-American president in history.)

Here are three respected independent theories, all predicting something huge occurring in December 2012. Now what does this all mean you may be thinking? Some doomsdaysayers believe it's the end of the world - we probably are overdue for obliteration by a large chunk of something hurtling straight towards our planet - but there is another theory.

The time is certainly nigh for a few things. In addition to being hit by a meteor flying through space, nuclear war or catastrophic weather anomalies, there is a possibility we are on the verge of discovering such concepts as time travel, contact with life from other planets and some kind of spiritual revolution where our belief patterns will be drastically changed by what we learn - an age of enlightenment, the Age of Aquarius, call it what you will.

National Security can no longer credibly denounce the huge number of very straight, sober and respected people who have come together, and are on record speaking out against the cover up surrounding what we know about life on other planets. These people include the former Head of US Army Foreign Technology at the Pentagon, Air Force Lieutenants, US Presidents, Astronauts who have walked on the moon, elite members of craft recovery operations (that supposedly don't exist), senior employees of NASA, respected public figures and large numbers of civilians who have witnessed evidence firsthand that there is a massive cover up going on.

Consider there is a strong possibility that the truth may finally be revealed in 2012.

"Mission control, we have a UFO pacing our position, request instructions."
NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman, NASA Transmission - Shuttle Mission STS-73

"At no time, when the astronauts were in space were they alone: there was a constant surveillance by UFOs."
NASA Astronaut Scott Carpenter

"All Apollo and Gemini flights were followed, both at a distance and sometimes also quite closely, by space vehicles of extraterrestrial origin - flying saucers, or UFOs, if you want to call them by that name. Every time it occurred, the astronauts informed Mission Control, who then ordered absolute silence." Maurice Chatelain, former Chief of NASA Communications Systems.

"Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe that unknown flying objects are nonsense." Roscoe Hillenkoetter, former CIA Director in a public statement, 1960.

"Let there be no doubt. Alien technology harvested from the infamous saucer crash in Roswell, N.Mex., in July 1947 led directly to the development of the integrated circuit chip, laser and fibre optic technologies, particle beams, electromagnetic propulsion systems, depleted uranium projectiles, stealth capabilities, and many others. How do I know? I was in charge! I think the kids on this planet are wise to the truth, and I think we ought to give it to them. I think they deserve it."
Colonel Philip Corso, Army Intelligence officer, former Head of Foreign Technology at the U.S. Army's Research and Development Department at the Pentagon. Four years Director of Intelligence on President Eisenhower's White House National Security Staff.

"We must insist upon full access to discs recovered. In the LA case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination."
J Edgar Hoover

"The phenomenon of UFOs is real. I know that there are scientific organisations which study the problem. It must be treated seriously."
Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev

"I looked out the window and saw this white light. It was zigzagging around. I went up to the pilot and said, "Have you ever seen anything like that?" He was shocked and he said, "Nope." And I said to him: "Let's follow it!" We followed it for several minutes. It was a bright white light. We followed it to Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens. When I got off the plane I told Nancy all about it."
President Ronald Reagan (Describing his 1974 UFO encounter to veteran newsman Norman C. Miller, Washington bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal.)

"I strongly recommend that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena. I think we owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs and to produce the greatest possible enlightenment on this subject."
President Gerald Ford

"The US Air Force assures me that UFO's pose no threat to National Security."
President John F Kennedy

"Extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon. The Vatican is receiving much information about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans from its Nuncios (embassies) in various countries, such as Mexico, Chile and Venezuela."
Monsignor Corrado Balducci, Vatican theologian insider close to the Pope. Monsignor Balducci is on a Vatican commission looking into extraterrestrial encounters, and how to cope with the emerging general realization of extraterrestrial contact.

At the end of this article, there is simple list of names who confirm this writing on the wall. This list is ever-growing, and it will continue to grow because the truth cannot be hidden forever.

21 December 2012 - What is scheduled to occur on this date I don't know, but there is weight to the opinion of science that our planet is overdue for a number of global catastrophes. Whatever is going to occur on this date (and something will) it is possible this will be the catalyst to prompt a visit on a scope that cannot be kept under wraps by the Air Force or National Security. This visit is likely to be crucial for our own survival.

We are too unique and too special a species to be allowed to destroy ourselves, even if it is our lesson. We also will not be destroyed for the same reason. Intelligent beings far more evolved and advanced than us would not let this occur. It is inconceivable to envisage that intelligent beings with technological capabilities to prevent a catastrophe on this planet, would just stand by and let it happen because they don't want to mess with the interplanetary code not to interfere. They've been interfering for decades. I didn't make all those quotes up.

Following would be a scenario of events that National Security seeks to avoid.

When the initial shock of a visit has set in, the people won't stare open mouthed any longer. People will act in a variety of haphazard ways as people tend to do. During this delicate period of unrest, human greed will be intensified because of opportunity, and distractibility will play a hand in much usurping and attempted usurping of power. There won't just be looting of cities going on, there will be looting of countries.

"We had a job to do, whether right or wrong, to keep the public from getting excited."
Dr J Allen Hynek, Director of the US Air Force top secret project Blue Book.

During this time of off-the-chart Novelty on 21 December 2012 when we can again focus, we will learn from our visitors. We will be presented with an opportunity to learn how to use an additional percentage of our brains - nothing sinister like brainwashing - but we will be taught. We will learn knowledge from their technology to transverse time, space, and levels of consciousness to a different degree than we can presently do now. It will be a time of chaotic cleansing and exciting new beginnings.

"When the long awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science, but a mighty and totally unexpected quantum leap."
Dr J Allen Hynek, Director of the US Air Force top secret project Blue Book.

10 percent, or whatever that piddy percentage is that we currently use of our brains is universally embarrassing - our actions testify that there is plenty of room for our conscience to evolve. Why would we have the capacity to use it if we're never going to get the opportunity?

One day our race will look back and see the humans of today as far from wise - we spend billions and billions of dollars every year trying to figure out how we can kill each other better. The logic of power-mongers boggles my mind - they have long lost sight. The money is going in the wrong direction and the mentality of our leaders has no logic. We are a race with plenty of room to evolve.

On December 2012 and its aftermath, if time travel is discovered with the aid of alien education, this would explain why the graph of Novelty and time goes off the chart - time just doesn't exist in that form any more - we will have the knowledge to bend these rules. The Mayan Calendar also ends as it has no use after this time. Nostradamus wouldn't have known what to call it but he also saw the end of this chapter of existence as we know it. We are hurtling towards something great - signs of this are everywhere. Synchronicity is everywhere.

"My own present opinion, based on two years of careful study, is that UFOs are probably extraterrestrial devices engaged in something that might very tentatively be termed 'surveillance'."
Dr James McDonald,senior physicist at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics and professor in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Arizona before Congress, 1968.

"More than 10,000 sightings have been reported, the majority of which cannot be accounted for by any 'scientific' explanation, e.g. that they are hallucinations, the effects of light refraction, meteors, wheels falling from aeroplanes and the like.... They have been tracked on radar screens... and the observed speeds have been as great as 9,000 mph. I am convinced that these objects do exist and they are not manufactured by any nation on earth. I can therefore see no alternative to accepting the theory that they come from an extraterrestrial source."
Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding, Commanding Officer of the RAF during WWII.

"The UFO was bouncing around the 747. (It) was a huge ball with lights running around it... Well, I've been involved in a lot of cover-ups with the FAA. When we gave the presentation to the Reagan staff, they had all those people swear that this never happened. But they never had me swear it never happened. I can tell you what I've seen with my own eyes. I've got a videotape. I've got the voice tape. I've got the reports that were filed that will confirm what I've been telling you."
John Callaghan, FAA Chief of Accidents and Investigations during a videotaped interview for the Disclosure program.

These would be eye-opening days in regards to what human beings are really capable of in a positive sense - and negative, but we've seen the negative all before - it's the positive that's exciting because on a collective and amplified scale we've never done it before - ever. The negative we've been doing for centuries.

Question then - If this is true, what's the point of doing anything - saving money, going to work, what should we be focussing on, doing etc?

The answer is to open your eyes - especially if you're primarily materialistic and consumerist. This is a hugely successful distraction in today's times. Awake from this slumber of brainwashing most of us are under - ask questions, seek answers, look around, see and appreciate the confirmation of your path through heavy synchronicity, meditate on thought, read the signs and make your calculations, seek knowledge. You will feel there is something going on.

Q2 Do I bother saving cans, and making the big move to the country around mid 2012 (just to be early), taking water and food supplies with me?

A: Personally I'll still probably do this :) but this is bigger than moving to the country. I don't think that being in the country or the city will make much of a difference. This is a time we will fear in anticipation - human beings fear the unknown - but for those of us who don't die (through the actions of other humans) - there will be nothing to fear. We will be the luckiest humans to be alive to experience this evolutionary period commencing 21 December 2012. This will be global.


The hype and fear of 2012 will soon start to build - try to resist feeding or joining that hype. From 2009 mild hysteria will begin to form, and it will be contagious. There's a movie coming out called 2012 starring John Cuzack, Thandie Newton & Woody Harrelson about the destruction of the world in December 2012. This movie will raise the topic to the mainstream public and over the next three years, this hysteria will continue to build and it will grow into one large monster. People have a habit of feeding off one another's fears.

Try not to feed the hype - it will not help you, your family or our planet one bit. Instead keep your eyes open and your wits about you - be receptive, change your focus to things that matter (I may write more about this), savour this time and prepare for it because it's going to be one wild ride. There's nothing we can do to stop it, so I suggest riding this wave the best we possibly can.

If you have any interest at all in this subject, I encourage you to learn more - Google Timewave Zero, Novelty Theory (Terence McKenna), 2012, UFO cover ups, anything like this - it's a fascinating subject. Comments, emails, suggestions all welcome. This will be the winter or summer solstice (depending on your hemisphere) like the world has never been seen before.

RIP Terence we miss you.

Most of us haven't started thinking about this topic yet, but soon it will be unescapable. I'm curious as to what you think may occur on this date - if you're not sure, wait a year or two, you'll soon have an opinion. In three years from now, this topic will be dominating conversations worldwide and in four years we may not be here. These writings just serve to help prepare you early for whatever may come.

This theory is more positive, exciting and plausible than the doomsday theories which will soon be coming thick and fast. How do we prepare? Strengthen certain human traits. Regardless of what tomorrow holds you should work on being positive, strong of spirit, receptive, kind, selfless and wise. This is the higher vibration. You should aim to step into this. Your inner voice knows how. You can hear your inner voice if you just shut your brain off. How do you shut your brain off? Meditation.

The path is there and we don't need the light - we have the ability to be able to see in the dark. We all do. You just have to want to know how.

"And don't tell me they were reflections, I know they were solid objects."
Lieutenant D. A Swimley, USAF in 1953 following the sighting of 8 UFOs that were confirmed on radar and witnessed numerous other people including commercial pilots and police officers.

"UFOs sighted in Indonesia are identical with those sighted in other countries. Sometimes they pose a problem for our Air Defence and once we were obliged to open fire on them."
Air Marshall Nurjadin Roesmin, Commander in Chief of the Indonesian Air Force in 1967.

"The Air Force had put out a secret order for its pilots to capture UFOs. For the last six months we have been working with a congressional committee investigating official secrecy concerning proof that UFOs are real machines under intelligent control."
Major Donald Keyhoe, during a live TV broadcast on CBS in 1958 in which he was pulled from the air when he began to deviate from the prepared format of the programme.

The security guard called and said, "Sir, there's a glowing red object hovering right outside the front gate. I've got all the men out here with their weapons drawn." We lost between 16-18 ICBMs (nuclear tipped Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) at the same time UFOs were in the area... (A high ranking Air Force officer) said, "Stop the investigation; do no more on this and do not write a final report. I heard that many of the guards that reported the incident were sent off to Vietnam. Captain Robert Salas, USAF, during a videotaped interview for the Disclosure program.

The following well-respected people have gone on record, under oath, to testify that they have seen the evidence of UFO intelligence first hand.

Many of these brave people were ridiculed, threatened with the loss of their jobs, denied promotions and accused of mental instability for speaking out. As time goes on however, witnesses are becoming safer in speaking out due to the sheer number of testimonies and the ever-increasing public support.

UFO sightings are increasing in frequency thanks to two areas of modern technology. The first is the fact that almost everyone has a camera to record a potential sighting - many people have one on their mobile phone.

The second is due to our advancements in the areas of weaponry and nuclear warfare. We are for the first time in history becoming a threat to ourselves and probably others.

I applaud the following people for speaking out. Welcome to the biggest cover up that has ever existed.

Astronaut Captain Edgar Mitchell - Sixth Man on the Moon (Apollo 14)
Colonel Philip J Corso - Former Head of Foreign Technology, The Pentagon. Director of Intelligence on Eisenhower's National Security Staff. Army Intelligence Officer
Captain Donald Slayton - Mercury Astronaut
Major George A Filer - US Air Force, Deputy Director of Intelligence
J Edgar Hoover
James Lovell - NASA Astronaut, Gemini 7 Mission (1965)
Frank Borman - NASA Astronaut, Gemini 7 Mission (1965)
Dr Willie Ley - Rocket Scientist, NASA Rocketry Division
Dr Herman Oberth - The father of moden rocketry
Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin - National Guard, JAG, Eisenhower White House
Daniel Salter - US Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant, NRO
Dr Walther Reidel - Chief Designer and Research Director, German Rocket Centre, Peenemunde
President Jimmy Carter (1976)
Mr John Maynard - Defence Intelligence Agency
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Brown - US Air Force
Frederick Fox - US Navy Pilot, Top Secret Nuclear Clearance
President Ronald Reagan (1974)
Professor Stephen Hawking
Lieutenant Colonel Joe Wojtecki - US Air Force, Strategic Air Command
Dr Richard Haines - Aerospace Researcher, NASA (Retired)
Dr Story Musgrave - NASA Astronaut and Scientist
Dr Carol Rosin - Aerospace Executive, Fairchild Industries
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Salas - US Air Force, SAC Launch Officer/Engineer
Sergeant Karl Wolfe - Langley Air Force Base, Tactical Air Command
Professor Robert Jacobs - USAF, Vandenberg Air Force Base
Mikhail Gorbachev
Mr Don Phillips - Lockheed Skunkworks, CIA Contractor
Professor Ted Loder - University of New Hampshire
Gordon Creighton - Military Intelligence, Ministry of Defence
Major Donald E Keyhoe - United States Marines
President Gerald Ford (1966)
John Callaghan - Senior FAA Official, Head of Accidents and Investigations
Scott Carpenter - NASA Astronaut, Mercury 7
Franklin Carter - United States Navy, Radar Specialist
President John F Kennedy
Michael Smith - USAF, Aircraft Control/Early Warning Operation
Colonel L Gordon Cooper - Mercury Nine, Gemini Five Astronaut
Larry Warren - US Air Force, Security Specialist
Chuck Sorrels - Air Traffic Controller, Edwards Air Force Base
Brigadier General James McDivitt - Commanding Pilot Gemini Space Craft
Joseph A Walker - NASA Astronaut/Pilot
Cady Coleman - NASA Astronaut, Shuttle Mission STS-73
William Van Horn - Civil Defence Director, Hillside, Michigan
Commander Eugene Cernan - Commander Apollo 17 Mission
Merle Shane McDow - US Navy (Top Secret SCI Clearance Zebra Badge)
Dr Brian O'Leary - NASA Astronaut
Charles J Camarda - NASA Astronaut
Lee Katchen - Former Atmospheric Physicist for NASA
Martyn Stubbs - Secret NASA Transmission Department, NASA
General Douglas MacArthur (1955)
Harry Allen Jordan - US Navy, Radar Operator, USS Roosevelt
Lance Corporal John Weygandt - US Marine Corps
President Harry S Truman
General Nathan Twinning - Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff (1955-1958)
Dr Steven Greer - Director, The Disclosure Project
Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter - Former Director of the CIA
MS Donna Hare - NASA (Airbrushing) Department Houston
Sergeant Newell Schneider - Sherriff's Office, Hillside, Michigan
Sergeant Leonard Pretko - US Air Force
Senator Barry Goldwater - Retired Air Force Brigadier General
Dr Harold Puthoff - Director, Institute of Advanced Studies, Austin
John W McCormack - Speaker at the House of Representatives
Dr Eugene Mallove - Director New Energy Research Labs, Aeronautical Engineer
William Hodges - US Air Force, Goodfellows NSA Facility
Sergeant Clifford Stone - Sergeant 1st Class, US Army
Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding - Commander-in-chief, Royal Air Force Fighter Command
Dan Willis - US Navy
Nick Pope - British Ministry of Defence Official
Lieutenant Colonel Dwynne Arnesson - US Air Force, SAC Control Officer
Maurice Chatelain - Former Chief of NASA Communications Systems
Hartland Bentley - US Army
Dr J Allen Hynek - Director, US Air Force Project Bluebook
Albert M Chop - Deputy Public Relations Director of NASA & Former US Air Force Spokesman for Project Bluebook
Professor Michio Kaku - Author of Theoretical Physics
Mark McCandlish - US Air Force
Dr Maurice Biot - Leading Aerodynamicist and mathematical physicist
Stanton Friedman - Defence Contractor, Nuclear Physicist
Monsignor Corrado Balducci - Vatican Theologian Insider close to the Pope

There are many more names to add to this list but I thought I'd start with a tiny influential few. When you continuously read how these very sober and serious people all collectively affirm the existence of UFOs, it becomes very hard to dispute indeed.

If you find this topic interesting, or perhaps if you don't believe in UFOs, find a documentary titled UFO Documentary - The Greatest Story Ever Denied (2006) - it's easy enough to locate on the web - it's just one of hundreds of documentaries doing a great job of bringing the truth out into the open.

What do you believe?

"It was the darndest thing I've ever seen. It was big, it was very bright, it changed colours, and it was about the size of the moon. We watched it for ten minutes, but none of us could figure out what it was. One thing's for sure: I'll never make fun of people who say they've seen unidentified flying objects in the sky."
Former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter following his sighting along with many others of a UFO at Leary, Georgia in October 1969.

"The Air Force has arrived at the conclusion that a certain number of anomalous phenomena has been produced in Belgian airspace. The numerous testimonies of ground observations....reinforced by the reports of the night March 30-31 (1990) have led us to face the hypothesis that a certain number of unauthorised aerial activities have taken place. The day will undoubtedly come when the phenomenon will be observed with the technological means of detection and collection that won't leave a single doubt about its origin. This should lift a part of the veil that has covered the mystery for a long time; a mystery that continues to be present. But it exists, it is real, and that in itself is an important conclusion."
Colonel Wilfred De Brouwer, Chief of Operations for the Belgian Air Force in 1990 following a spate of sightings over the country witnessed by hundreds of people. Many of the sightings were confirmed on radar.

What do you believe?

If you're interested on how to start preparing for our future for better or worse - check out 33 Ways to Save Money and Save the World at - this is where you can find the right path. These 33 habits cultivate and nurture the positive - these are 33 Keys to Happiness.

Regardless of what the future holds, we need to start working towards being the best we can be today.

We're all in this mystery together.


Hillary - Obama & 66.6 Years of Presidents Who Worshiped the Beast

What will the Hillary-Obama White House be like? If this Bible study is accurate, our nation may be taken to the verge of civil war between Christians and Anti-Christs.

This information is speculation that is based on an in-depth Bible study. It has predictions about Presidents and catastrophic events. They may be true or false because they are the products of a fallible human mind. It is your responsibility to do your own Bible study and make your own judgments.

The identities of end-time Presidents of the United States and Prime Ministers of Britain are in the Bible.

The casual reader will never recognize them because the Bible is written in such a way as to reward people according to the intensity of their study effort. If a person puts forth a great deal of time and effort, God might open up the deep treasures He keeps hidden from casual readers.

This Bible study is the result of 17 years of effort. That is a very long time! It is about Hillary Clinton, Presidents and other national leaders. The years of their terms in office are revealed by an ancient Freemason prophecy calendar.

God's Appraisal of Certain Presidents

It is apparent that God opened up some deep secrets because this study has revealed details about individual Presidents whose terms were and are between 1989 and 2012. The study also reveals God's personal view of the policies of particular presidents in the 66.6-year span between 1945 and 2012. The policies of President Reagan are very significant in God's mind. I would tell you what God thinks about them but I would be digressing. This article is mainly about Presidents in office from 1989 to 2012.

This Bible study has had two basic parts. One part has been the Scriptural identity of individual Presidents and God's view of their policies. The other part has been the years of their terms in office.

I offer the Forefather's Prophecy Calendar as a complement to this particular Bible study. This calendar has given us the dates of Hillary's 2009-2012 time in the White House. This study does not clearly identify Hillary as President. She may be President, Vice President or an influential member of the cabinet. It may be that she begins as Vice President and becomes President after Obama dies while in office. The study does indicate the unexpected death of a male President or Vice President.

The Last President in a 66.6-year Span

Hillary Clinton has the distinction of being the last of a series of important White House officials leading up to the year 2012. I use the term official to describe Hillary because she need not be a President. She may be a President, Vice President, Cabinet member or other Staff member. Regardless of her position, she will have a powerful influence on policies and laws.

2012 is a culminating year. The presidential inauguration (November 2011) will be the culmination of 66.6 years of evil rule since the death (in April 1945) of the last righteous president of the United States, who was Franklin Roosevelt. Hillary and/or Obama are within the 66.6-year span. It appears they will not break the cycle of unrighteous leadership although they have a mandate to break it. I wish they would break the pattern but it appears they will not and/or can not break it.

This 66.6-year span is an almost identical repeat of Old Testament history. For 66.6 years, evil kings ruled Israel. By the end of that 66.6-year span, God had cleaned 1,000 corrupt members out of government.

The Next Franklin Roosevelt ends 66.6 Years of Infamy

Up to 2012, God had allowed Presidents to be chosen through normal procedures. However, God will personally choose the particular person to be President in 2012. It appears that God wants a President like Franklin Roosevelt to take the United States through tumultuous end-time events. You recall that Franklin Roosevelt guided the nation through the Great Depression and World War II. He also prevented a Communist takeover when many frustrated citizens considered Marxism to be an alternative to the corporate controlled government in Washington DC.

The year 2012 corresponds to the end of Elijah's 22-year ministry. God used Elijah and Elisha to establish a new king in Old Testament Israel. This new king had a mandate to restore the government to founding principles. A similar effort is described in Malachi. An end-time Elijah returns the hearts of the end-time generation to the noble visions of the Forefathers. That is another way of saying that our present government has gotten off track and needs to be put back on track.

According to this Bible study, Franklin Roosevelt was the last effective President in God's eyes. He corresponds to righteous King David who ruled Israel prior to 66.6 years of infamy.

Presidents Who Worship the Beast

The year 2012 is extremely important because in that year God will reverse trends that will have taken place under Presidents in the 66.6 years (from the April, 1945 death of Roosevelt to the November, 2011 election of Colin Powell) following the death of President Franklin Roosevelt. The numbers 666 are significant because government leaders in those 66.6 years have done many wicked things that hurt citizens. We can celebrate when those 66.6 years of infamy finally come to an end because corrupt leaders with the bestial nature will at last be purged from our nation's capital. This particular study associates corrupt American leadership to the number 666 and the worship of the Beast. In the 66.6 years since 1945, we have had Presidents, Congressmen and Judges who worshipped the Beast.

The political system has not developed in the way God would have liked. For example, many members of congress hold office simply because they are from wealthy aristocratic families. These families have had the money to finance political campaigns. They also have had connections and influence. These aristocratic developments are not in line with America's nobler ideals and God's wishes.

In the Books of Kings we read that Elijah ministered during tumultuous times. We can project that our end-time Elijah will also do his ministry during tumultuous times.
President Hillary Clinton may trigger tumult because of her Left-wing beliefs and policies. If we compare the times of Elijah to our time, we might conclude that there would be major divisions and even violence. The Left and Right would struggle over power and policies. This struggle may to be very violent at times. It is not just a battle of words. By the time Old Testament Elijah and Elisha reestablished a pro-God government in Israel, about 1,000 opposition leaders were dead.

I do not know if we can draw a strict parallel to our time. In our modern time, there are non-violent means to get corrupt people out of office. Citizens can vote them out. We may be looking at 1,000 people voted out of office. This would certainly be better than the violent methods used in Old Testament times. When Franklin was elected president, voters swept the establishment out of office. We will have to wait and see if there will be violent change.

This may be where Colin Powell comes in. It appears from this Bible study that voters will reach out to Powell to save the nation from a potential civil war. Powell may guide the nation through the Armageddon era and a new Great Depression era.

President Colin Powell, God's Anointed

Powell has identifying characteristics that parallel him with a retired Israelite army general named Jehu. This man was anointed king of Israel after God purged the government through Elijah. Jehu was an enthusiastic participant in the purge.

Powell may develop as the champion of the Republican Party. It appears he will be the Republican choice for the 2012 presidential election. Under normal circumstances, he would run against incumbent Hillary Clinton, Obama or whoever is President in 2012.

This Bible study predicts that Powell will win the election if there is an election. There may NOT be a normal election because the government may be in peril due to extraordinary circumstances. These circumstances could include terrorist acts that are horrifying to think about. It is interesting to note that 2012 is the anniversary year of the War of 1812. 200 years prior to 2012, the City of Washington DC was invaded. The White House and Capitol were burned down. But, God saved the homes of citizens with a heavy rainstorm.

This Bible study has another dimension that serves to identify General Colin Powell as God's choice for President in 2012. This dimension deals with the reason God prepared a BLACK man for the presidency in 2012. But, I cannot cover everything in this short article. The point is that the President was predestined to be of the black race in particular. I believe Freemasons anticipated this development with great joy because it would be a formal and official end of racism. It would also validate Bible prophecy and fulfilled their visions of an enlightened and advanced American society.

The Downfall of Britain's Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Britain will be part of events in the end-time ministry of Elijah. It appears that the Prime Minister will also lose his office in 2012. So, it appears the year 2012 will see a dramatic change of leadership in both the White House and 10 Downing Street.

This dramatic change is like a purge. In my opinion, God is seeking new leadership for the US and Britain. He will patiently wait for Hillary and others in the White House to make positive changes during the 2008-2012 term. If they DO indeed turn things around, I assume God will extend their stay in power and a purge will be averted.

If on the other hand, Hillary and other Democrats in the White House are not able or willing to make righteous changes, there will be a purge. We have been fooled before by disinformation from the White House.

If there is a strict parallel to the times of Old Testament Elijah, individual leaders will be singled out for severe punishment. Those who have committed especially corrupt acts, like murder, will be purged during the 2008-2012 term. (The next term is actually 2009-2012 because the inauguration period in 2008 does not count.)

When we as citizens watch television between 2009-2012, we may be getting propaganda from the White House. So, we may think everything is going our way. In reality, we may continue to be sold out. But, God watches what goes on behind closed doors in the White House and in the Capitol. Do not be surprised if there is a purge even though the White House tells us that things are going well.

I hate to seem pessimistic because many Americans have their hopes set on a Democratic White House. Democrats have earnestly put their hopes in Hillary. Obama and his wife, Michelle, are very sincere and popular. Citizens listen to speeches by Hillary and Obama and want to believe corruption will end.

Is Political Corruption a Systemic Problem?

However, prophecy seems to happen just as it was written for thousands of years. It appears that the new Democratic administration will carry on the corruption characteristic of the past. It has been said that politics corrupt people and that there is no way to avoid it. The problem is systemic. The way the system has developed over 66.6 years is essentially wrong. It may be very naive to think that a 66.6-year-old tree can be reshaped. There is a saying that a tree grows as its twigs are bent. If a man does not like the way his tree has grown, he need only cut it down. The stump will sprout new limbs that can be shaped in a pleasing manner.

Presidents who Worship the Beast

God may need to cut the tree down in order to get rid of all the undesirable beasts that have made it their home. That is what God did with Nebuchadnezzar, who admired predatory beasts and behaved as a beast. It seems reasonable that God would do the same for Presidents who likewise worship the Beast.

Daniel 4:23 And whereas the king saw a watcher and an holy one coming down from heaven, and saying, Hew the tree down, and destroy it; yet leave the stump of the roots thereof in the earth, even with a band of iron and brass, in the tender grass of the field; and let it be wet with the dew of heaven, and let his portion be with the beasts of the field, till seven times pass over him;

This Bible study indicates a demoralizing disappointment for the nation in the years 2009-2012. The only consolation would be that a female became President or a black man became President. That consolation would not last if corruption continued as usual and the middle class continued to be preyed upon by the establishment. As a result of yet another disappointment, God will throw in the towel and purge the White House of leaders. He will also purge Congress and the judiciary.

God Raised up Terrorist Ben-Hadad Against Ahab & Jezebel

If we do a strict comparison of Old Testament Elijah to the end-time Elijah, the purge will be violent. Perhaps terrorists are involved. Old Testament Israel indeed suffered violent attacks from terrorists. God clearly stated that He raised up terrorists against wicked Israelite leaders. We might take a lesson. In order to get rid of terrorists, we need to first get rid of corrupt leaders. After all, it was the corrupt acts of our leaders that provoked people to become terrorists.

It is sobering to consider that terrorist attacks on American soil began and continue to occur during the 22-year span leading up to 2012. The 22-year span in which Ahab ruled parallels the 22-year span we are now in as the year 2012 approaches.

Ahab was leader for the 22 years of Elijah's ministry. That time span would correspond to 1991 to 2012. We might conclude that we now have four significant personages with us who are the fulfillment of prophecy. We have Elijah, Ahab, Jezebel, Jehu and Ben-Hadad the terrorist. And, they are all active in a 22-year span.

We could do a non-violent application of Old Testament events onto end-time events. In that case, the purge may be nothing more than a dramatic change of power. Powell may be head of a new political party that overthrows both Republicans and Democrats. I certainly hope this is the case because it would be non-violent. A third party would make many citizens happy because they want to get rid of the Democratic/Republican establishment.

Armageddon and Another Great Depression

International events may affect voter choices in the United State and Britain in the year 2012.

Events that lead up to Armageddon will be on the minds of voters. People will be worried about world war and nuclear missiles. Aside from military threats, economists are warning of another Great Depression as a result of bad economic policies. Even now, severe weather conditions are ruining food harvests in southern states. The Bee Colony Collapse may cause famine in the US.

Christians Vs. Anti-Christs

The main issue for many Americans is religion. Many Americans will fight to preserve a government under God. They will not idly stand by and let Anti-Christs take over the government. They will not allow the Constitution to be reinterpreted by closet Marxists into a Communist Constitution. I think I can say that semi-religious Americans generally believe that religious leaders can make the country better. They also believe that corrupt and self-serving leaders can destroy the nation.

The average American seems to have an instinctive distrust of Left-wing politicians because of the horrors suffered by Europeans, Russians and Chinese under various forms of Marxist dictatorships. Germans also suffered under National Socialists (Nazis), who were actually part of the Marxist movement in Europe. It is all right for a politician to champion labor in the manner Franklin Roosevelt did. But, it is not all right to turn the nation into a Marxist and Anti-Christ state. God will destroy the nation before he allows that to happen. We can see that from reading Bible history.

After the nation gives up on the next White House, they will look to General Colin Powell. If Powell were to combine the best of the Democratic Party, which is pro-labor, with the best of the Republican Party, which is pro-religion, he would win by a landslide. This would be a repeat of the landslide election of Franklin Roosevelt.

According to this Bible study, God has been preparing Powell to become President as a pro-God and pro-citizen candidate who reasserts the indivisible relationship between Christianity and the US government. He has been prepared to set the government on a righteous course.

Queen Elizabeth Saves Her Government

It is appropriate that Queen Elizabeth knighted Powell. He may be thereby legally empowered to act on the Queen's behalf in Great Britain. God may use Sir Powell to help the Queen make leadership changes in Parliament. This would correspond to Elijah's work with rulers in countries allied to ancient Israel. Elijah anointed the future kings of nations other than Israel.

I Could Tell You More But...

This astonishing Bible study has many details that are too controversial to divulge to the general public. The Bible reveals secrets that politicians thought to be buried. Readers are reminded that this Bible study is speculative because a divine being did not appear and dictate it. Even so, I believe that this study has tapped into a vein of prophetic gold.

For example, this very same Bible study in 1991 announced that an unknown politician named Bill Clinton would become president in 1993. That prediction was outrageous at the time because incumbent President Bush I was a popular Persian Gulf War hero and nobody ever heard of Bill Clinton.

As if that prediction wasn't ridiculous enough in 1991, the study clearly indicated that Bill Clinton's wife Hillary would also be in the White House in the future. That is not to say she would be President. Whatever position she would be in, she would exert tremendous influence. Of course, nobody believed those Bible study predictions at the time. But now, we see that they were right on!

So, if this Bible study has been right on so far, it seems fair to assume it will be right about the year 2012. That means Colin Powell will become President after tumultuous events in the US and Britain. And, the Democratic White House will be purged from power because it will continue the status quo. Both parties may be purged. Or corrupt leaders may be singled out for the purge. We shall see.

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