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2012 - Let's Do the Numbers

12.21.2012. Those numbers are fueling movies, books, workshops, web sites, blogs, videos and articles just like these. The "experts" are debating at this very moment as to what that date will mean both personally and globally. What do they mean for us? Let's do the numbers.

In numerology we add all the digits in a date and reduce them to a single digit (Double digits are considered master numbers and are not reduced.) Each number has its own energy vibration and special meaning that can be applied to different scenarios. So, December 21, 2012 would look like this: 1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2 = 11/2. The master number 11 speaks to us about working in community. It challenges us to stretch outside our personal circle and remember that we exist in a greater community. We must learn to function in oneness and inspire those we come into contact with on a daily basis.

Eleven vibrates to altruism and innovation in all endeavors. That means scientists will be discovering new methods to research and treat old ailments - and make them widely available to all. Astrologers, astronomers and all teachers will be learning and discovering here to fore known information that will inspire and change our world view and mold a new model of cooperative living.

According to Faith Javane, noted numerologist, the number eleven calls on us to live the Golden Rule and practice fairness and honesty in all things. In her book, Master Numbers, she goes on to say that when the number eleven is fully realized in people they will change their environment, build new bodies and live in harmony with the Divine Plan. Certainly these are goals worth striving for in the changing times we are experiencing. Eleven will test us as a collective to step up and express our oneness on more than just words. We will have to act our true beliefs and work cooperatively with others to move through the challenges we will face whether they be financial, health, or weather related. Each of our actions will effect the greater community and very quickly. We will want to be dedicated to a purpose greater than our own personal gain at this time.

If we reduce the number 11, by adding its digits, to 2, we find ourselves in a period of time that focuses on partnership to resolve polarities. Typically a 2 year will call on us to work in pairs, male/female, positive/negative, light/dark, etc. This cycle takes place on a more personal level and is played out in the home and work environments rather than in community. So those who are unable or unwilling to stretch into the larger community will have plenty of opportunities to work on a personal level during this time. It will not, however, stop or negate the greater eleven energy taking place around them. Not an easy time for those unprepared or unaware.

Now that we have an idea of what the world will be experiencing, let's look at what your personal year will say about the individual role available to you during this cycle. To do that, you will want to add all the digits in your birth month, birth date and the year 2012. For example, if you were born on July 15th, your numbers would look like this: 7+1+5+2+0+1+2 = 18 = 1+8 = 9. So on July 15, 2012, you would be moving into a nine vibration while the world was heading toward an eleven vibration. Since the effects of a new cycle may be felt up to six months in advance of the date, you would also want to look at your number for 2011. In this case the number would be 7+1+5+2+0+1+1 = 17 = 1+7 = 8.

What does each number mean and how can we best utilize its energy in 2012? Let's do the numbers:

One - You will be at the forefront of creating new opportunities and methods for those in your community to cooperatively share resources. You will want to use your talents and the energy of a one year to initiate group projects such as neighborhood vegetable gardens or carpools.

Two - During this cycle your talents will be needed to resolve conflicting viewpoints and bring opposing sides together. A focus on service and sharing resources will bring out the best in everyone and foster a strong caring community. You will be especially suited to rise above the squabbles and keep the big picture firmly in view.

Three - It will be vital for you to use your creative talents to up lift the spirits of those around you during this time of upheaval and change. Joy, laughter and creative expression will bring balance and peace to you and those connected to you. Organizing social networks and connecting others through art, music or other creative endeavors will go a long way to eliminate fear and anxiety.

Four - Your task in 2012 will be to establish the structures and systems to facilitate communities based on sharing of resources. You will be the one to establish processes to connect those who are in need with those who can provide a service. Think of yourself as bartering service coordinator and your home the hub of activity. Building homes will come as naturally to you as building guidelines for trade.

Five - The desire to carry new innovations and ideas into new locales will urge you reach out to others. Travel will be key as you can easily direct individuals to the best places for safety and services and making connections based on each person's talents and temperament. The caution for you as a five will be to balance your needs with those you serve.

Six - You will have your work cut out for you in this vibration since your task will be in the healing vibration. All types of healing will need to be addressed in this cycle. You may find yourself laying hands on those experiencing emotional as well as physical distress. Children will especially require your ability to nurture their spirits.

Seven - Sevens will be called upon to provide spiritual guidance in very practical ways. The task of the seven will be to alert the community to severe weather changes, help determine the best methods to accomplish common goals as well as be the counselor that many will need for reassurance and calm. Sevens will be the reminder that we are all connected to one another and to The Source.

Eight - In this cycle, your task will be to unite the energies of heaven and earth to manifest in physical reality. You will be the spiritual laborer who will provide sustenance for your community. In cooperation with others, you will lead the communication with the unseen nature forces that will be necessary to produce the foods needed to feed your neighbors. Very satisfying work for an eight!

Nine - Those in the nine cycle will have a high spiritual task in that they will be required to assist in the spiritual elevation and initiation of those ready to move to the next level of awareness. They will teach their students how to move between two dimensions, preparing them for the journey with unconditional love and support. Nines will assist their charges with the closing of one experience and the movement into another. They will be the ushers between the two worlds.

Eleven - You will work for the highest good of all, and will be a true leader in that respect. As an eleven you know that it's not just enough for your small group to thrive, all must prosper together if we are to create and new and better world. Eleven's have foresight and will use that knowledge to guide and direct the purpose of their new communities. If you are in an eleven personal year during 2012, you will feel the responsibility of your purpose stronger than anyone else. If you have tamed the ego, you will be an inspirational leader of many. Those in your life would do well to heed your advice at this time.

Twenty-Two - While eleven will seek to guide through higher purpose, twenty-two will have the concrete experience and ability to ground that guidance in practical terms. Persons in this cycle will be the ones to direct group projects that effect of all the community. They will have the know how to organize and follow plans to a beneficial conclusion. They can see the picture elevens are looking at and guide the group in bringing that picture into reality.

As you can see there is a great deal of work for each of us to do in 2012. Now is the time to prepare for the role each of us will play during this time of phenomenal change and transformation. It will be necessary for each of us to move fluidly through the cosmic and personal cycles ahead of us as part of that transformative process.

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Susan Zummo is a highly motivated and qualified teacher of higher awareness. She is one of only three certified Perceptive Awareness Technique, Inc. (P.A.T.) facilitators and Soma Pi™ healing teachers in the world today. Susan, an Integrated Awareness graduate with over 20 years of experience, has been helping clients connect with their Higher Mind through Intuitive Counseling sessions, P.A.T. seminars and healing workshops. Susan became a P.A.T. facilitator 9 years ago and has helped many students gain access to their intuition via soul contact. Her teachings have helped her workshop attendees to reinforce their belief in self and their connection to a higher source. Susan's workshop participants regard her as one of the most committed and positive spiritual teachers they have had the fortune to meet. Susan's professionalism and compassion are her trademarks. Most of her students come to her through the glowing recommendations of former students. For more information on classes and private sessions contact Susan by email: susanzummo@verizon.net;
on line at: http://www.susanzummo.com

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Polar Shift in 2012 - Fact Or Fiction?

Earth has known several polar shifts in the past, and future polar shifts are inevitable. The question that boggles everybody is "when will it happen again?". Now scientists have concluded that magnetic poles are about to shift or even reverse itself yet again. Such an event has left the planet in chaos before so there are good reasons to be concerned and to prepare for yet another world catastrophe.

Violent Vortices
In recent news, at least considering that our planet now is 4.56 billion years old, an article was published in the Sunday Times of London on January 12th, 2003 stating that Nils Olson, researcher at the Center for Planetary Science in Denmark, warns for tremendous changes occurring deep in the Earth's core. The magnetic field is considered to be controlled from the inner core and therefore his research is relevant to support related research about the impact on the polarities of the planet. Turbulent and swirling vortices of molten matter are impacting the levels of magnetic fields that hang above the surface of our planet. When those vortices get overly turbulent, something that appears to have started happening, a total reversal of the magnetic field can occur, in other words a polar shift or reversal takes place. Scientists also have found that those events happen on average every 750,000 years...which makes that the planet is long overdue for the next polar shift.

Direct consequences
Seen the fact that the last polar shift took place close to a million years ago, and that no humans inhabited Earth that long time ago, no eye witnesses were present to document what to expect at a next polar shift. This leaves us with to project, extrapolate and basically guess what the impact will be next time this happens. However, there are certain consequences that can easily be deducted and there is no doubt that they will happen. For example, electrical equipments will all fail; unseen displays of thunder and lightning will take place; seismic and volcanic activity will reach dramatic heights in itself being responsible for catastrophic results.

Lethal radiation
Since the magnetic shield also protects the planet from dangerous solar radiation, the reversal of the poles will be preceded by a time where the shield will disappear and during which all life will be impacted unless protected in some sort other than what we take for granted...the air. In addition is it unclear how long such an interruption would last, but some sources indicate it could easily take 100 years for the magnetic shield to be restored. Massive extinction will be the result of this. Unprotected from the sun's radiation, crops fail, animals die, and humans fall prone to deadly cancers.

How can we prepare for such a disaster?
One thing is certain, as humans we stand zero chance to avoid a polar shift. Powers of the universe rule and the only thing we can do is see it happen. The best thing there is to do is to prepare ourselves a good as humanly possible...and the worst outcome must be taken as what will happen. On an individual level, what you can do is to learn where you can be best to avoid being in the wrong place when it happens. Knowing that volcanoes and earthquakes, unseen levels of storms and other tragic events will rule for a period of time, seeking a location where the least vault lines and volcanoes are, is a prudent first step. You can then start preparing for the shortage on uncontaminated foods and water by stocking up significant piles of imperishable foods. A stock for 10 years or more is not exaggerated. Protected gear from heat, radiation but also extreme colds is also high on the list. On a national level nations must develop a strategy for dealing with mass disruption likely to result from the malfunction of all types of electrical equipment and the failure of crops. Massive casualties cannot be avoided, yet the continuation of human kind needs to stay high on each nation's agenda. It is believed that several organizations have been secretly working around the clock to reassure that valuable resources will remain available after order is restored...

Significant recent events
In December 2004 South East Asia was shook up with a category 9 earthquake, causing and immense catastrophe for the region near the island of Sumatra. Several scientists agree that Earth was very close to the next polar reversal. And what may be even more frightening is that it simply could have been a warm-up exercise announcing the actual event coming up in the near future. This places the theories of it happening in 2012 in the hotspot again. Whether this is correct or not, it isn't the best news when you consider that the world became hopelessly unbalanced and that it wouldn't require much force to turn it over. From ancient records we've learned that this has happened many times before.

Ignoring it would be naive
As no crystal ball can predict the exact timing of such dramatic event as the polar shift, many sources direct towards the end of the year 2012. Ignoring the real threats impacting the world and all of its inhabitants would be simply naive. We must be aware, be as much informed to what possible timing and results will be, and to prepare as much as humanly possible for the Polar Reversal when it finally does occur.

Learn much more about the significance and severity of the events in 2012 and how you can be prepared to save yourself and your loved ones. In addition, we'll give you a free report on the "Labyrinth of Egypt" when you visit http://2012pro.com/ today!

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Addiction and Spirituality - A Natural Mix

What does spirituality or being spiritual have to do with having an addiction? Are addictions really a spiritual manifestation outside of our control, or are they a free choice made by ego in our physical life?

A trip to a local treatment facility has opened my eyes to a program that treats addictions spiritually. It's called the ConRoy Treatment Program. It's a unique holistic treatment program for addictions which treat the addict holistically-mind, body, and spirit. The Program is not a religious based program, but a spiritual one, and uses the natural resources of the human body and psyche to treat addictions.

Any dependency on a physical object or event can be regarded as an addiction. Addictions are not totally uncontrollable; if they were, no one would ever overcome them. If they are controllable, then that means there is intelligence behind it. Intelligence is the ability to reason and all things physical are reasoned at some level of consciousness. All human experience is created or manifested as a thought first.

Illness and accidents happen through reason and they are not random events executed by chance or by an act of God or the Devil-if they exist in your thoughts-they are created by you. Illness is a direct physical response to something that is not working in your life-this one or a previous one. Just as good health is a physical response to living a life that is working for you. Illness is invited into your life by you at some level of your consciousness. The illness is cured in part or in whole with the awareness of why you got the illness in the first place. Terminal cancer is cured when you discover the reason for it. Cancer is a thought manifested into your experience by your own mind. The permanent cure for cancer will come when the reason for it has been addressed by your thoughts. This may sound cruel, but nothing in the physical world can exist without first being preceded by a thought.

Addiction is an illness and it is manifested by a thought whether it is hereditary or a byproduct of your own conscious choices. This unique program brings this awareness to its clients. It is successful because it treats the roots of illness not its symptoms.

Lying on a basement floor very near death, my step son was rescued and put into treatment. He not only recovered but bounced back and used his experience to help others. His lectures, interviews and job related experiences led him to start his own program and treatment centre for men. Life's greatest experiences come from personal knowledge and the willingness to share those with others. For those with addictions there is a greater need to find themselves; to discover their spirituality. They are driven to discover their purpose-to rediscover life and their connections to others even at the risk of their own life. If the addiction doesn't kill them, many become models for others and move on to greater experiences. Many will look back to their addictions and the experience and are grateful for where it has brought them. They view life differently and from a unique perspective that is alien to most of us and fortunately never experienced.

Ever human being suffers from some form of addiction. In fact the number one addiction in the world today is television according to some researchers. Addictions are desired by the ego. Ego will hang onto anything that reinforces its identity. Ego always fears for its own survival, so addiction is a natural for it, because it identifies so closely with it. Addiction is a bond ego will fight to maintain.

Permanent recover from addiction really comes from the will of spirit to move to its natural state of existence, which is freedom. Addiction is an end to life, and the natural state of spirit is to move on-to experience life in all its aspects. Life is movement-addiction is a small box; a pine box. Addiction leads its victim in an endless circle disguised as life. Addiction programs often fail because they do not address the true nature of spirit. Addiction programs which are religious based just lead the addicted into another addiction-this is not true recovery. Programs which are feared based are just as destructive to the relationship between ego and spirit. Spirit is the power behind all things which we experience or manifest in the physical world. It makes sense to use that knowledge to lead the body into a more natural state of physical being without religious penance or redemption, suffering, fear or dependency on others drugs or programs or beliefs.

No one can judge accurately the root causes for the addictions of another. The individual most likely will not know the reasons themselves. But once they have let go of ego, the answer comes to them automatically and without prejudice.

Although I am not an advocate of any addiction treatment; this type of program falls within my own knowledge of why people get sick and have accidents. I believe that all of us have the ability to make ourselves sick and experience accidents. It is only natural that we also have the power to correct the thinking that brings them to us. If you accept the responsibility for your illness then you also retain the power to change it. If you do not; you automatically become a victim and have disempowered yourself and have little chance for complete recovery. Either way the choice comes from the unconditional love that is our experience; that was a promise before we came into the physical world. You will always survive, and you will always have freedom of choice.

Roy is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. An international published spiritual author of books, ebooks and articles. Roy's first book "You Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle" is now available in 13 countries. Roy's books, ebooks and articles are written to challenge your current beliefs and to motivate you to think outside of the box. Visit Roys site at: http://www.klienwachter.com ConRoy Site: http://www.conroyprogram.com

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Gravity and Spirituality - The Two Universal Laws Discovered by Men

It is said that Newton was sitting under an apple tree when he saw an apple falling on the ground. Before him, billions of people must have seen an apple falling on the ground but they might have considered it too natural to pay any attention to such events. However, Newton on seeing the apple falling thought that there must be some cause for this event. He then noticed that every single thing falls on Earth as earth attracts everything towards it and this led to the discovery of gravity. He subsequently found that the force due to gravity applies on every single mass and he gave the universal law of gravitation that is equally valid for the micro world of atom to the macro world of universe.

The simple discovery of gravity has changed the destiny of the man as Newton discovered many important laws simply by observing the cause and effect and a new branch of knowledge called science was born which formulated the natural laws of the material things based on cause and effect..

Even after the tremendous progress made by science post the discovery of gravity, no one really knows the source of gravity. While earlier scientists suspected that gravity must by in the form of waves like electromagnetic waves, Einstein proved that gravity is due to curvature of space-time continuum. He also ruled out gravitational waves as he established by his General Theory of Relativity which established that the forces of the attraction due to gravity is exactly the same as the attraction due to acceleration of the moving bodies in space.

Thus even though, scientists are not sure what causes gravity but they know that it exists and it can be measured and defined.

The Universal Law of Spirituality

Many thousands years before Newton, men discovered another universal law of nature whose source is not yet known fully to man.

This law is called "spirituality".

This law was revealed by Jesus in one of his first sermon

It is written. "Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God." (Mathew 4:4)

What comes from the mouth of God is spirituality as it is believed in Christianity that Holy Spirit represents the Trinity of God. Thus God is the source of spirituality just like mass of the particle is the source of gravity. From thousands of years, people believed God though none had seen God because they could see the effect and the effect is always the due to a cause.

Thought a true understanding of God still eludes man, yet men have realized the omnipresence of a force that attract all people and indeed all creatures towards each other. The existence of love, compassion, justice, sympathy, empathy does establish the presence of God that is present in every single creature of the universe as Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you.

The Manifestations of Spirituality

It is the greatest truth of the world that we feel pain when we see pain in others as if the person is connected with us through some invisible chord. This feeling is so natural that when we see such pain even in movies or even in fiction, we can't stop our tears. Even when an animal is slaughtered before our eyes, we tend to close our eyes as we can't escape from the pain of an animal. The feeling of pain is real as if the same pain is induced on us rather than on the other being.

Similar is the concept of justice. Whenever we see injustice against any individual, we simply can not withstand it. It is well known fact that whenever, a powerful man humiliates a weak man, people resists such injustice and support the man who is weak. The only exception is when we are not independent as either we are ourselves the tormentor of the tormentor is one whom we love.

This law of love for another person is so common that people often call it humanism or humanism and they extend the meaning of humanity even beyond the human beings. Thus even the killing of innocent animals is often called "inhuman". It is because; the most natural desire of man is to become "humane" by showing love and kindness to all creatures.

And this law of humanity is same as the laws of spirituality extended in the domain of human race.

The Attractive Force of Spirituality

Just like every material object feels attracted toward another material and the force is proportional to the mass of the object, every human being feels the attraction towards a more spiritual person. A person who is more spiritual attracts other people with a stronger force just like the heavy mass of earth attracts every single matter towards it with higher force.

Buddha explained this law of nature in the following words

"Even those who, by their evil karma have been born in low degree, when they a virtuous man, feel reverence for him." (The Gospel of Buddha : XXV 15)

He further explains this universality of law

"This truth (Spirituality) is not for hermit alone; it concerns every human being, priests and layman alike. There is no distinction between the monk who has taken the vows, and the man of the world living with his family." (The Gospel of Buddha : XXV 28)

The Causes of Evil

It is most natural to question the universal law of spirituality on the ground that if it is natural for man to be spiritual, why there are so much hatred and evil in the world. This truth was symbolically explained in Bible when the Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil against the will of God.

The cause of all evils in the world lies in the improper knowledge of good and evil in the world. Men defined good and termed everything that was opposite to their concept of Good as Evil. Instead of understanding the good and evil are complementary to each other and two sides of the same coin, they sought to make a world that has only goodness as defined by them. This attempt was as foolish as believing that a world with only light (day) would be better than the world which has both light (day) and darkness (night).

In reality the night is as important as day.

It can be easily observed that cause of all hatred and injustice in this world is due to our fault in understanding good and evil. For example, the religious leaders defined people following other religions as evil and all Gods except their own God as false.

The concept of nationalism taught the man that it was the duty of the man to fight for their nation and defeat the (people of) the other nations. The concept of Imperialism gave some chosen people the right to rule other people. The concept of racism made the people of some races superior to others without any valid reason. The followers of communism became the enemy of democracy and freedom.

Behind every evil there is a man-made concept of good and evil as the good of one man is often the evil of another man. This has caused all the wars and conflicts in the world as the man devoid of spirituality find no common truth in all ideologies and consider it their duty to fight for their ideology and defeat the other ideologies.

Yet love, justice, humanity, compassion have always survived as spirituality is eternal and the most universal law of the universe.

The Truth of Spirituality
Spirituality is the biggest truth of the world. Yet it is impossible to be defined as spirituality is matter of self-realization. A person automatically becomes spiritual once he breaks away from the man made laws and seeks to discover the universal laws that exist in every religion and philosophy. This stage of the man is often called Enlightenment since the light of truth emerges from within due to knowing the truth directly from experience.

A Brief Profile of Dr Awdhesh K Singh

I am an Engineer by education , a public officer by profession and a spiritual person by intuition.

I hold my PhD degree in the field of E-Governance.

I am a founding member of The Aatmic Science Foundation (The Science of Soul Foundation) that is working for the synthesis between all religions, spirituality and sciences.

The website of the foundation is http://www.scienceofsoul.com

My main area of study and research is to use religions, spirituality and scientific methods of investigations to understand and solve the real life problems of human beings.

I have published hundreds of articles and research papers on this topic on various websites and journals.

Please contact me on my email aksinghirs [a] yahoo.com for any help, suggestions or feedback.

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2012 - Change Or Calamity?

Is 2012 another Y2K in the making? Are the predictions based in fact or doomsday fantasy? What's really going to happen in 2012 and what will the world look like in 2013? It seems as though everyone has a book, movie or seminar filled with predictions geared to answer those questions. While there is no absolute agreement regarding what will happen, everyone seems to agree on when these events will happen. Before we can enjoy the promise of 2013, we will first need to navigate 2012.

December 21, 2012 is the singular point in time where all the predictions for change converge. So let's look at what some of the experts say will happen at that time.

We must begin with the Maya whose long count calendar will end on that date. The Maya, most often sited when making 2012 predictions, measured cycles of purpose through time in creating their calendars. For the Maya living day to day there would be multiple calendars keeping track of personal and community cycles. The cycle we are in now, referred to as a long count cycle, comes to conclusion at the end of life as we know it so that we can begin a new cycle and new life. The Maya do not necessarily say that life will end; only that it will end in the way we know it to be. That means life will change.

The Mayan cycles of time become shorter with each repetition and speed up as human consciousness awakened. In her book The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind, Barbara Hand Cloud references the Maya cycles and notes an evolutionary leap at the close of each cycle.

Marie D. Jones, in her book 2013, references Robert Anton Wilson's Acceleration of Knowledge Theory in which he logarithmically describes the intervals of time between the invention of information processing systems and their actual development. Wilson's theory basically says that the interval of time from the conception of an information system and its actual release to the public get shorter and shorter with each cycle until a singularity is achieved. Wilson theorized (back in 1988) that the cycles double in time throughout history and that each doubling is coming faster and faster. This snowball effect corresponds with the Maya perception of time speeding up.

Think of a bouncing ball as it approaches its resting point. As the ball bounces up and down, the distance between the apexes of the ball's arc to the floor becomes shorter and shorter. The ball bounces faster and faster as the number of bounces increases and approaches an infinite number of bounces (or cycles) before it comes to rest. For those living on the bouncing ball, time would appear to be speeding up until life as they know it stopped all together.

Thomas McKenna's Novelty Theory describes this phenomenon by plotting novelty and complexity along a curve (called a Time Wave) that approaches a singularity (or omega point) in which everything and anything a human mind can conceive will occur simultaneously. To find out more and try out Time Wave software Google Fractal Time 7.1

Michael Drosnin's Bible Code says that we will have meteor strikes during 2012.

The Orion Prophesy by Patrick Geryl notes the shifting of our magnetic poles in 2012.

Alexander Setchin in 1976 predicted the 12th planet of our solar system referred to today as Planet X or Nibiru. In a frequently referenced article at MSNBC.com dated October 7, 1999 "A Mystery Revolves Around the Sun", an unseen planet or failed star with a solar orbit of 2 trillion miles is proposed by two teams of researchers. Many proponents of Planet X believe that the fly-by of this planet will cause increased gravitational effects, tidal waves, flooding, earthquakes and increased volcanic activity.

We must also add to this mix those who believe that extra-terrestrial beings are also involved, whether for good or ill, to facilitate the changes ahead and that our government is aware/involved/blocking/plotting their own course for the turmoil ahead. Keep and open mind when looking into the "E.T. factor". Many respected scientists and astronauts have spoken out about their experiences and YouTube has become a resource for these video blog testimonials.

Whether or not you accept any of the predictions or theories regarding 2012 as fact, one thing remains constant. The Maya, the astrologers, the scientists, the conspiracy theorists, the spiritualists and the film makers all agree on one thing.

2012 and specifically December 21, 2012 is that singularity point where all the predictions converge.

At this time we are being urged to move from a consciousness where individuals are motivated to act based on the greater good of their group (age, gender, community, locale, religious/political belief) to soul consciousness in which the Law of One governs our actions to join with one another and connect our purpose with our Source's purpose.

We are on the brink of reaching critical mass for change. We must use our free will in this time when thoughts come into physical manifestation quicker than at any time before to bring about positive change. We have a responsibility to create a positive inclusive world view and move away from the divisive fearful world view we have labored under.

So to begin our journey towards 2013 (because I believe that we will live past 2012) and all that brings with it, we must set our intent or goal. Intention is the supercharger of the future. I believe in the Law of One (we are all connected through spirit) and that this is way to bring about a peaceful change and a better life for everyone - not just me in my little corner of the world.

Set your intent for the future and connect with others of like mind and purpose to positively influence the greater world. Meditate with others of like mind; join your intent with theirs to make a difference. Regardless of what may happen in 2012 if we are working and living together cooperatively, we all arrive at the future we dream of in 2013.

Susan Zummo is a highly motivated and qualified teacher of higher awareness. She is a certified Perceptive Awareness Technique, Inc. (P.A.T.) facilitator, Integrated Awareness graduate, Soma Pi™ healing practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Interfaith Minister. With over 20 years of experience, Susan has been helping clients connect with their Higher Mind through Intuitive Counseling sessions, P.A.T. seminars and healing workshops.

Susan became a P.A.T. facilitator over 8 years ago and has helped many students gain access to their intuition via soul contact. Her teachings have helped her workshop attendees to reinforce their belief in self and their connection to a higher source. Her workshop participants regard her as one of the most committed and positive spiritual teachers they have had the fortune to meet. Susan's professionalism and compassion are her trademarks. Most of her students come to her through the glowing recommendations of former students. For more information on classes and private sessions contact Susan by email: susanzummo@verizon.net; on line at: http://www.susanzummo.com

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The Golden Light of 2012

The Golden Light of 2012 is the frequency of love and Divine Power. Love is the true power that lies within us waiting to express and live. When you live your love you will find yourself filled with the wisdom you need in the moment. Love is the way, love is our answer.

As we experience time speeding up, we are in the cycle of evolution as a planet. The reason for the speed up of our time on earth is that the earth is moving closer to the energy of the Golden Age and its light frequency. The frequency of the Golden Light is that of Divine Love and it vibrates at a very high speed of light energy.

Once the earth and its inhabitants lived in the Dark Age and its frequency moved very slowly and was very dense. Then the earth moved into the Bronze Age, then the Silver Age, and as we moved, the frequency of earth kept getting lighter and moved faster. We are now moving into the highest vibration as a planet.

The old ways are being dissolved and dismantled in the monetary system. All of the systems that are based on lower consciousness and energy will go through this transformation into one of Divine Love.

2012 is approaching at a very rapid rate. The year 2012 is the beginning of the Golden Age. The Divine Feminine is the leader of Golden Light and represents our Divine Love. The Divine Feminine within us has a purpose. She leads us home to spirit, to love, to peace and joy.The world will be at peace and live in higher consciousness as the Golden Light of the Divine Feminine lives through humanity.

An aspect of the Divine Feminine is in every Sacred Seal. In each Seal the Divine Feminine has a different function and purpose in our lives. It is the Divine Love of the feminine that Activates Our Sacred Seals.

The Divine Male has an important part to play in bringing the Golden Light of Divine Love to the world. The Divine Male in each one of us has the strength to follow the lead of love. He also has the courage to live this love in his actions, words and deeds.

It is time to get to know your Divine Feminine nature and her Golden Light of Divine Love.

I am blessed and share my blessing of wisdom and knowledge with you and as one being, we will live in the energy and blessings of Divine Love.
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Quick Comet 2012 Lesson

There are many theories revolving around comet 2012, the only problem is that there is no hard evidence to back up this story. It is spoken that a comet will hit planet earth in the year 2012, three years form now. This comet will cause the utter destruction of the human race and life, as we know it. No one knows where exactly this mythical comet will hit but they are sure that the impact site will judge if you live or die. Once the initial impact has happened almost two quarters of human's will be killed instantly. Huge tsunamis will envelop parts of the world.

The impact will be so massive it will send a huge dust cloud into the atmosphere; this will totally cover our plant and block the sun's life giving rays. The very air we breath, above ground will be poisonous to us. A new ice age will be ushered in, freezing all life. Many more will die except those who take shelter underground. Once the atmosphere returns to normal, only the strong willed person will survive. Humans will either prevail and start again from stones and twigs or we will be extinct and all other creatures who were once threatened by mankind will live a fair life and their numbers will recover rapidly.

Comet 2012? Some people think it will be a planet that will pass us in space. This planet has two names: Planet-X and Nibiru. It's the unknown world in our solar system, Nibru has a totally different orbit path to ours but every 3,630 years these two planets will meet. Just a harmless passing? No! if this theory is correct then be prepared for mayor earthquakes, tsunamis and violent whether as Nibru crosses through our orbit line. It would be an amazing sight to actually see another planet up close, it will be seen in the skies all around the world. But could this plant be inhabited by a new race of being, much more high tech then ourselves?

This is another theory that's being tossed around, not only is this planet inhabited by an advanced alien race called the giants, but these being are also our creators! The last time they came to our world it was during the pyramid times, they were seen as gods amongst us and were worshiped by humans. People build pyramids to honor time, hence the reason why nearly every continent has its own pyramid. The giants are a race to be feared, they care nothing for us and see us as we would see dirty rats. The only thing they want to do to us is to enslave us. There is much more to this story then what you read here.

What the two theories above have in common is that they were predicted by the Mayan calendar.


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December 21, 2012 - Fact Or Fiction?

It has come to my attention that many individuals do not believe that some event during the years 2012 to 2013 will happen. Once I realized this, I chose to find out why so many people did not believe. It is my conclusion that many people have experienced this so called dooms day scenario in the past and it never happened. Most of the time the Doomsday events were put out to the public by fanatical Christians that were only getting their information from a crazed Preacher or a want to be Prophet. The truth is that there is a plethora of information gathered by renowned scientists that have indicated that some event, small or large, minor or catastrophic, will happen. There are two events that have been verified by scientists that will happen.

First, the realignment of the Earth, Sun, and the Milky Way Galaxy in the very near future will take place. What will exactly happen and to what extent, none of the scientists actually can pinpoint, but what they do know is this. During the next five years the Earth, Sun, and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy will realign after 26,000 years. This realignment will have some effect on Earth, but to what extent scientists cannot determine. There is no written history of events that took place 26,000 years ago to verify how extensive the outcome will be. The only archeological find that scientists can use is the Mayan calendar, but the Mayan civilization wasn't even in existence 26,000 ago so the accuracy of the calendar has not been determined. So be careful of what you listen to over the internet, most of what you hear and see is only used to scare people. The facts are only this, the realignment of the big three and that civilization will continue to exist since we are still hear from the last alignment.

Second, the passing of our 10th Planet crosses between the orbit of the Earth and Sun. On Dec. 30th 1983, astronomers found a new planet using the IRUS telescope. This planet is roughly the size of Juniper, has a very long orbit, and only shows itself every 3,500 to 3,600 years. This so called 10th Planet is not speculated nor has NASA researcher and astronomers around the globe failed to verify its existence. This planet is verified and is of great concern to the governments around the world. What will happen when this planet comes close to Earth, scientists cannot determine. It will have some impact on Earth and our existence but will not wipe out the human race. We are still here from the last time and we will be here the next time.

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End of the World 2012

For the Mayan civilization, the end of the 2012 will mean the end of a spiritual era and the birth of a new element called "ether"

According to the calendars of the great Mesoamerican civilizations, known as being the most precise on Earth, we are only 4 years away from the end of the world 2012.

These great astrologists, the Mayans, have discovered 3 thousand years ago, that the Earth's Axe oscillates and changes its position every 26 thousand years and as a result the positions of the neighboring stars change all the time.

Even as we speak, we are approaching the end of this big cycle, which in the eyes of the Mayan civilization coincides with the end of the world predicted for December 2012.

Lawrence E. Joseph, an American scientist, has verified this method with the Galilean method. He noticed that in 2012 we'll be part at an outstanding alignment.

Furthermore, in 2012, the activity of the solar spots will reach a climax and poles will reverse exactly when the Mayans predicted. How weird is that! This can be an important factor contributing to the end of the world 2012 catastrophe.

The Maya prophecy regarding the year 2012 has always been a best seller in New Age culture. For the Maya civilization, the year 2012 will mark the transcending to a more spiritual era, in a new domain of a new element called "ether".

The interpretations regarding the way this end will look are very different but many consider that it might be a violent transformation and that the final result could be the end of the entire world.

This is nothing new. But a very pragmatically and successful American scientist, Lawrence E. Joseph had verified this theory with the Galilean method and has presented his discovering in the book about the apocalypse, recently translated in Italy.

Joseph, who studied a lot physics and literature, went in the Guatemala jungle to look for remains and clues of the Mayan documents which described the cyclic movements. Joseph then said that on the date of 21 December 2012 the position of the Earth and Sun and the inclination will make the center of the Milky Way invisible (the center of the Milky Way is currently occupied by a black hole).

For the Mayans, the event would mark the end of an energy flux that would be vital for the human beings and that the lack of it could lead to the end of the world in 2012.

Although science can't tell us much about the mysterious energy flux, the search for our destiny on the sky is not something irrational, notes "La Stampa", reminding us that modern physics have given us travels in the infinite interstellar spaces, at the board of the Terra space ship, in a solar system which rotates around a galaxy which gets further and further away from other galaxies with an incredible speed.

This trip can have a lot of unexpected events like we had 65 million years ago because an asteroid collided with our planet.

So it is probable that the Mayans could have been informed about the end of the dinosaurs, and they have calculated the cycles of the alignments with an absolute precision. In 2012 we will assist at an extraordinary alignment. The strange thing is that the activity of the solar flares will reach its climax exactly on December 2012 which could bring the end of the world in 2012!

An even weirder thing is that in the magnetic field of the Earth have been reported holes similar to ozone holes.
It seems that the magnetic poles will soon reverse and this will affect our planet's capacity to defend against heavy objects that will attack us in the future. The planetary alignment could lead to a huge solar storm.

Also scientists think that the solar system has just entered in an interstellar node with a very powerful energy and electromagnetic activity. The entire solar system is reacting, trying to adapt to the new situation.

They also say that the climax will be in 2012!

If the collision will be violent, the electromagnetic activity will unleash a huge quantity of energy in our direction. Comets and asteroids could suffer oscillations in their orbits and the risk of collisions will increase.

What will really happen? Is the "end of the world 2012" prophect really true? We don't know for sure because the facts are a little ambiguous, we'll just have to wait and see. Only time will tell, but I sure hope the end will not come so soon because I have a lot of things to do on this Earth.

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2012 - 7 Reasons Why the World Ends on December 21 - 2012

Scientists around the globe agree and are unanimously predicting that "life on Earth as we know it" could end on or around December 21st, 2012. Amongst them, several believe that it will be invoked by humans, but the majority is convinced that nature in a universal way will be the cause of the dramatic changes. Several religious leaders worldwide however are stating that it will be an act of God and that Judgment Day will come upon us at that time. Whichever theory you tend to follow, it is remarkable for once that all visions are on the same wavelength as to the impact on mother Earth. These are seven reasons why scientists and non-fiction predictors are convinced that the world as we know it will end on December 21st, 2012:

Reason #1 - The End of the Mayan Calendar:
The oldest and most researched source of the end was derived from the Mayan Calendar that indicates that times end on this day. The Mayans are considered a highly intelligent race who must have possessed far developed technologies which to date nobody alive can even start to comprehend. They were also a bloodthirsty race and some of their key characteristics involved building highly accurate astrological equipment out of stone and sacrificing virgins.
Not only did they live in an era immediately before the previous major global event, about 11,500 years ago, they were able to calculate the lunar moon as 329.53020days, only 34 seconds off.
The Mayan calendar has set the end of the Earth on December 21, 2012. Their prediction is to be taken serious as at that time, the accuracy of calculating the lunar moon so close, the likelihood of their calculation being accurate yet again is extremely high.

Reason #2 - Sun Storms:
The media in general does not like to cover topics that are hard to explain, except for some of the supernatural channels that are rarely visited by the self-claimed "realistic" viewers. However scientists are on the ball when it comes to observing the sun and its activities with the relatively high-tech equipment we know today. And they have made a mesmerizing discovery when it comes to its activities lately. Few years ago, the sun dramatically increased its radiation energy to levels much higher than registered in a long time. Its behavior definitively is cyclic and there is a clear 11+ year recurring cycle. Now, a couple of years after the last serious activity increase, 2012 announces the height of the 11+ years cycle announcing much higher activity than already measured in recent years.
Since the recent storms already accounted for knocking out power grids and destroying satellites, there is a very clear indication that the next round in 2012 will be of previously unseen magnitude impacting our planet and the technology in orbit of it. Calculations suggest it will reach its deadly peak sometime late in 2012.

Reason #3 - The European Atom Smasher:
European Scientists are finalizing the construction of the world's largest particle accelerator ever conceived. To describe it in simplified terms, it consists of a 27 kilometers tunnel designed to smash atoms together in the anticipation of finding out what makes the Universe tick.
With reason, this mega-project has already caused serious concerns where several renowned scientists have expressed their deep concerns about flipping the ON-switch. Amongst their predictions of all kinds of lethal events, mini black holes are probable to be created. Chances are that the first mega-experiment with this latest invention may turn the globe into a matter no bigger than the size of a basketball.
Oh...that first experiment is scheduled for...2012.

Reason #4 - According to Religion
Several religions are giving us similar indications and predictions based on, amongst others, interpretations of the Bible, the I Ching (also known as the Chinese Book of Changes), as well as various sections within the Hindu teachings. All of them indicate the 21st of December 2012 as the end of the world. The Bible reveals this as the date of the Armageddon or the final battle between good and evil as well as Judgment Day.
It is expected that in the coming time as we approach D-Day, that more religious figures will speak up and lift the secrecy well kept by institutes such as the Vatican.

Reason #5 - Most Powerful Volcano on Earth
The largest volcano on earth is located underneath the Yellowstone National Park in the United States which is famous for its thermal springs and Old Faithful geyser. This fact has gotten geological experts very nervous and the reason for sleepless nights ever since it was linked to the upcoming events in 2012. The Yellowstone volcano has a pattern of erupting approximately every 650,000. Currently we are many years past the due date for a new major eruption, which in itself is rather bizarre since the cyclic events of the planet are usually pretty accurate and thus predictable. An new explosion will fill the atmosphere with ash, blocking the sun and plunging the Earth into a frozen winter that could last up to 15,000 years. Such a new Ice Age is due when looking at the usual cycles of Earth. And what is most alarming is that the pressure under the Yellowstone is building steadily, and geologists have set 2012 as a likely date for the big bang.

Reason #6 - The Physicists
Physicists at Berkeley University in the United States who use super computers to complete their highly complex formulas and calculations have been crunching the numbers and they've concluded as well that the Earth is well overdue for a major catastrophic event. Their calculations prove beyond any doubt that if and when this catastrophe happens, it will impact every living being on Earth and basically wipe away entire species as we know them today. What is really scary about their calculations is the fact that they are pretty much convinced, with a certainty of 99% that all of this will come down very soon and that the best guess date is...2012.

Reason #7 - Polar Shift
The magnetic field surrounding Earth shields us from most of the sun's radiation. This is generally know, yet what is less known is that the magnetic poles we call north and south have a habit of swapping places approximately every 750,000 years. Right the cycle is overdue by about 30,000 years.
Furthermore, scientific research has shown that the poles are drifting apart roughly 20 to 30 kilometers every year, which is much faster than ever before, and which points to a pole-shift being very nearby. During the process of a pole shift, the magnetic field is disrupted until it disappears. Sometimes it is absent for up to 100 years. As a result, there is sufficient UV radiation in the air to crisp your skin in seconds, killing everything it touches.

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Predictions and Psychic Astrology For the Mayan Calendar New Year 2009

Rebel-rousing Pluto going into Capricorn on November 26th is a sign that people will rebel against the status quo, and the status quo will push back hard, and this is happening all over the world right now. Our governments and social structures are in for huge changes in the coming years. Combined with Uranus going direct within the same day, these planetary aspects signal that volatility, extreme behavior and abrupt change is up ahead--a preview of 2009. The aspects suggest big earthquakes affecting big cities, too. And right on cue with the November 13th , 2008 New Year's Day in the Mayan calendar system, the world got a burst of hope and light, just like their anciently- themed year predicts, when consciousness surpasses technology". Barack Obama was elected president, and overnight on November 5th, the world became a more hopeful, connected, caring place. There's another surprisingly positive development in December 2008: The heart, and all it stands for, moves into the center of peoples' lives...the hearts of many people open. Peoples' connection to their spiritual nature grows greatly.

So, the omens are that there is both a lot of bloodshed up ahead, and a lot of hopeful developments--it will be a year of extremes. Today in the Santa Fe New Mexican, the headline is about algae as a new cheap viable source of energy, and an article about scientists in Michigan coming up with a revolutionary way to produce energy from still water. Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome, scoffed at the Scarcity Principle, that people ever had to go hungry anywhere...he thought people could create their way out of anything. Scarcity was something manufactured, political--and that's the theme of the Mayan year that just ended on November 12th, 2008...this last year is called "the end of manufactured lack." "Consciousness surpasses technology" suggests that through collaboration, new inventions and the raising of our collective consciousness, we'll go and grow in unexpected new directions, connecting on higher levels. In honor of the stupendously astute Mayan calendar, this month's messages will be for the Mayan year ahead, ending November 7, 2009. First, a little background about the Mayans and the Mayan calendar, from the book, "It's About Time" by by Deborah DeLuca Hall, PhD.: "We aren't taught much in typical American education about the Maya, however they had an incredibly advanced civilization before the arrival of Europeans. They created cities with millions of citizens. They created elegant and highly perfected art, architecture, astronomy and social organizations. Theirs was possibly one of the greatest of the ancient civilizations. They calculated planetary cycles with incredible precision. They built monuments and cities unequaled in our own time. Their interest in cosmology and spiritual development is unequalled by any of the "ancient" civilizations that we usually study like Egypt and Greece."

The Mayan calendar cycle ending December 21, 2012: "The cycle most referred to by archaeologists and anthropologists is the "Long Count". It begins about the time that recorded writing was established...and we hear a lot about its end. You may have read that the end of the Long Count predicts the end of the world - physically. No information I have suggests this to be the case, so if that is what you wanted to hear, then you probably don't want to read further. According to the Mayan elders, this count-down is to the end of one more era of human evolution. There have been others, a concept familiar to students of the Christian Bible literature. And it hails the BEGINNING of yet another era which will start in Year Cero...So one way to look at it, is that this calendar of the Maya may just simply be describing creation of increasing levels of human consciousness."

Predictions for the Mayan New Year 11/13/08-11/07/09

This 2008 year when consciousness surpasses technology is also known as the Sixth Day in the Mayan calendar cycle. There have been other Sixth Day years in history, and they turn out to be the grooviest times of all! The last one was the '60's, with the flower children, free love, and the Beatles. The European Renaissance was a Sixth Day year. Another Sixth Day year corresponds to "the invention of tools, and first attempts at agriculture and building shelter".

Big improvements and interesting developments will happen now...expect a Renaissance!

Consciousness Surpasses Technology: This Renaissance year promises to be among other things, the perfectly natural time to make what you are passionate about, your priority. It's a response to life the world needs--as Philosopher Harold Thurman wrote: "Don't ask yourself what the world needs -- ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." Unleash your passion! Some people will be ready to do that, and some will be intent on finding their passion. The forces to connect people to creative lives were never stronger. Be open and trusting you will meet with success.

Message from the mountains of New Mexico: "We used to be the sea...under the sea. We were very afraid of That Other Element, the Air...but those of us who ventured into the air were the ones that survived the transition. Those survived who were forward looking, willing to accept their environment, and do the best in it." (This did used to be a sea, one can find shells in the hills around Santa Fe, NM.)

What Works: Telling the truth, and letting other people be. Following the rules, i.e. don't try to get away with anything. A bad time to get caught! Being forward-looking; don't look back on the past with regret. And this December, don't overdo. Heed your inner rhythms for the best timing in creative projects or anything else.

Watch Out:Not everyone is going to be looking forward, and don't try to drag anyone to the Renaissance Party if they don't want to go, it'll just slow you down. And, due to the comprehensive destruction of old structures going on, you could get caught in a crossfire if you don't observe the omens around you. There are dangerous neighborhoods, people in trouble, people looking for trouble--some people prefer to stay in the shade and if anyone seems shady, steer clear to avoid negative consequences--you could be appalled at what can happen now. Also, there is much destruction in this cycle of rebirth--it takes a lot of tearing down for the big building projects of now. Right now the auto industry is on trial, wanting to keep things in place, continue with the creative product of their time, but it keeps things too small, it is too tight a pattern for The Now's explosive expansiveness.

The Speaking Stones: Reading #1: Our collective direction honors above all, an explosion of creativity up ahead that is on a global level, and it is trying to make a beeline for that. But there are a lot of factions that want things done legally about all the stuff from the past, and not being able to let go of the past makes for a lot of "stuff" to get through first.

...but then....

Reading #2: What's left out of this stone design for the year is The Past. It is not a time much in relation to the past. Its foundation is dynamic, and the structure is not determinable...mystery is stalking the final stabilization...and what is in the center and generating the future success is creativity: Creativity is being given free rein...with a focus on education, nurturing, and the development of skills and talents. There's a big focus on talent and skill. The development of our collective communication skills and willingness to solve problems together grows.

Psychic Messages for the Astrological Signs by Element

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): The fire signs hear the voices of the world, are very pulled by the world and what's going on in it, and may feel unusually called upon to serve. They have a chance to demonstrate their knowledge and use what they know. It's important that they work with their knowledge, not trying to build the way to deliver it or any other structure, but just deliver their knowledge or work on acquiring their knowledge and not worrying how they're going to package it. Progression towards success: Fire signs will first be about being comfortable where they are, and getting things comfortable where they feel good about where they've got their stuff, where they've got their body, and then there's a huge creative burst once they've got things squared away and they are comfortable with the foundation of things-- and then Wow, Super Creative! Key creative concepts: transformation; forward movement.

Happy Birthday Sagittarius! This year, if you decide to go off on your own, it's because you will be guided to do that...it will be a confident move backed by your heart's knowledge. No matter what, it looks like your financial prospects are solid and growing--this can be through positioning yourself better, new partnerships, and others' favorable view of view. Prospects are good as well for improving your health and maintaining supportive relationships.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):It's a very complicated path this year that leads to a peaceful state, involving many internal shifts, but you do get to the place where you feel at peace and happy. You're very much helped by new information and new technology. There's a lot of grace to this year, a lot of changes but they are smooth or there's an order or a sense of orderliness, and you do make it to a comfortable place. This year you are dealing more with what you do know, with what is already on the table--rather than with unknowns that disrupt things. In other words, your work is cut out for you.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: This year one thing should matter a lot more than everything else, and you should feel very clear and sure of something that you want, and much might be sacrificed for it, in that you have a fairly singular vision. Yet this is the when to be bold--this is the time to have the courage to give what you want what it needs to manifest.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): The earth signs have great graces, changes, and tests. They have a chance to use their skills and talents in new ways, get aligned with new principles, and it's easier to start over than they might expect. The wheels are greased for transformation, things move very fast, there's no reason to try to stabilize and worry about security, it's a year to change--their security is formed by changing. Extra Earth sign divination, kind of cryptic at first (new method of getting info!): "Connections, Connections, Connections! Surprises, fast talking...boom! Opportunities." You are much better equipped to put new things on the table. Your skills, talents and organization are improved. A good year to get a "machine" going around your ambitions, a delivery system--you find a way to get your product or message out. Bringing out new talents is at the foundation of your life."

Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and healing by telephone and in person in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In full time practice since 1979, she has an international clientele and travels nationally with her work. Each month she writes a free online newsletter with predictions and psychic advice for the astrological signs. To find out more about sessions with Elissa or to read articles and newsletters, please go to http://www.elissaheyman.com, and for appointment information please call 505-982-3294.

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Reincarnation, Newborn Babies, Astrology and Past Lives

We always ponder a soon-to-be-born child's Past lives and how we knew them during the Pregnancies of friends and family members.

This past June, our sister Meg gave birth to her first child, a healthy baby boy, and we had fun perceiving insight about him on a spiritual level before his arrival.

During her pregnancy, Meg and her husband Jeff couldn't agree on a name that felt right to both of them. She asked us if we would tune into the baby's soul and if possible, find out what name the soul liked. We told her that it's better to remain open and wait for the right name to come to them. It usually does at the right time.

Meg and Jeff were still undecided about a name three months before her due date, so at her request, Stephen tuned into the soul, but was only "given" the initial of "J" (the baby's middle name was undecided until after the birth and this caused quite a bit of stress for Meg and Jeff; it did end up starting with the letter "J") and an image of the full name in a gift wrapped box, which was to be revealed at the right time. He then perceived Meg and her unborn son together in a Native American lifetime, and the child at eight years old in this life, with darker skin (Jeff has very light skin and Meg has our family's Italian, darker skin, and Meg was hoping the baby would have her darker skin tone) and quite tan because he played a lot of soccer. He also perceived some suggestions from a spiritual guide to help Meg sleep better during her pregnancy.

Years ago, Scott perceived Meg as a Native American woman in southeastern America. Later, after she connected with Jeff in this lifetime, he saw Jeff as an explorer from Europe who traveled to America; we believe Meg and Jeff were together in that lifetime too. Perhaps they were also with their new son back in that lifetime, as related to Stephen's vision of Meg and her son together as Native Americans.

About 4 months into the pregnancy, Stephen was falling asleep one night and was in that in-between state of consciousness where he often perceives valuable insight. Meg came to his mind, then a man dressed like Davy Crocket holding a "musket." Immediately he thought, "There's Andrew." Later when Stephen told Meg what he had "seen," she told him that Jeff's great grandfather's name was Andrew. We wondered if the her baby was him in a past life. A few days later, before she had heard about what Stephen perceived, our other sister Amy had thought of the name Andrew for the baby as well.

At about noon on a beautiful June day last month, we received word that Meg was in labor and had gone to the hospital. After hanging up the phone, Stephen had a spontaneous vision of the baby, in soul form, dressed in a very expensive suit, sipping fine scotch on the rocks in a crystal glass and smoking an expensive cigar in the lavish living room of a mansion. It seemed he was in his own personal, spiritual "green room" backstage before his debut, and this other-dimensional place the soul had created for the occasion, we believe, was quite like one of his previous, satisfying incarnations. Before making the plunge and being incarnated again he wanted to relax and live it up. Stephen also sensed that as a soul he has been "around the block" many times.

Coincidentally, Scott happened to skim through a financial news article on the morning of the birth that included a mention of an early 1900's NYC banking tycoon. The article featured a photograph of him (bigger guy dressed in a suit, mustache, cigar). He thought of Jeff (Meg's husband) because last year Stephen had perceived him living a similar past life, and Scott had a feeling the soul of the baby was there too. Use our Past Life Regression audio to perceive your past lives and how you knew others long ago.

As soon as we knew the possible window of birth time we of course checked the astrology and numerology. We noticed that an earlier, rather than later, birth time that day would symbolically include a higher amount of beneficial karma, as seen through the considerations. Unknown to each other until later, we both sent out messages to the unborn baby of this notion, in case speeding up the arrival time was part of the destined plan.

An hour later they received word that the baby was breech, and a c-section would be done immediately, even though the nurse swore she thought she saw the head when they checked the first time.

Since natal birth data reflects who the soul is, where they have been, and where they are going, perhaps the soul appreciated our telepathic messages, but would have said this to us if we could have heard him: "Thanks guys, I already know. It's part of the plan that I would be born earlier rather than later. As you know, nothing is by chance."

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo are identical twins and have been exploring metaphysics since the early 1980's. They are experts in the fields of prediction, personal fate, love life, and past life regression, and are natural psychics and mediums. Get their free report: 13 Spiritual and New Age Myths and 11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Psychic. http://www.mystictwins.com - http://www.holisticmakeover.com

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Reincarnation, Spirituality and a Return to Life - A True Story

Numerous people worldwide believe they have reincarnated but are confused by the ignorance and lack of apparent interest in this subject. Whilst we have a subconscious mind and ample testimonies of so-called 'gifted' children who from extremely young ages can already master difficult tasks it surely has to be considered.

In recent years we are increasingly aware of other phenomena that adds to the debate. Under hypnosis, for example, people regressed recall past lives along with place names, dates and times of events they could not know about otherwise. Recently a gentleman wrote to me about his three year old daughter related her stabbing murder at 17 in a State of the USA that she had never heard mentioned, let alone the town she named.

Then there are the weird little snippets of conversation from the mouths of toddlers that could only come from another world. A mother recently told me of her three year old son's outburst. One day as she brushed his hair he suddenly said "mum, when I was a girl."

Little ones often have 'companions' with whom many of them converse. Far from weird these are all indications of psychic contacts and memory of reincarnation. So too are the goose bumps and spine chills we feel at times.

As a man in my previous life it was difficult for me to accept being a female in this one. It is an important point as many are unhappy with their bodies and seek to alter their gender or playrole the opposite . This opens a fresh debate on the cause of, although all animals engage in that behaviour so it may have nothing to do with reincarnation but it is worth considering.

With so many links to reincarnation either through memory or recall, deja vu, out of body experiences or a psychic event that might leave them stunned or, at least, looking for answers. Yet, finding answers or even talking about it is curtailed by religion and ignored by scientists.

That may not be completely true, however, as some researchers are taking the trouble to look into reincarnation as a possibility. But the methods they employ may be questionable especially as most admit they do not believe in the supernatural. Perhaps my experience can help them out. This is a brief section on my experience.

It happened unexpectedly but was a completely natural event. Standing above my dead body, that of a man around 45 years of age, on a lovely sunny day with the sun high in the sky nothing seemed out of place. That's it! But what passed over was awareness and a sense of belonging as well as the wonderful tingly feeling as my spirit began its journey.

The event was nothing out of the ordinary as it had been experienced before, probably many times. The corpse lay on a dray (horse and cart) whose horses were now quite still in their stocks as though they knew that something momentous was happening but it was not disturbing them. My passing over happened without pain or regret.

There was no fear but a great deal of pleasure. Something great was going to come of my death because it was such a relief. With great anticipation the feeling that 'at last I can do it' was overwhelming. Whatever that something was started me on my path to the next life. But first there was communication with the Great Spirit of the Universe.

In a new body and born just one month after standing above my new parents the memory of what had happened started me questioning the establishment. It generated great passion within me to put things right and it set me on a path of searching for answers that was only resolved when everything came together.

Aware of how weird it is for many to hear someone say "I remember my last death and have memory of being between lives" made me nervous at first. But in talking about it the platform from which my words would be echoed strengthened until my feet were on very solid ground. This happened when a degree helped me to prove the visions and the knowledge brought with me from another world.

For those with no thoughts on reincarnation and who expect the religious view of heaven and hell to be correct it is frightening stuff. It was the barrier facing me and until a method to beat it was resolved there was nothing to do but continue to find a way through it.

It was essential to research religious claims and the origins of opposition to reincarnation, which I have done for most of my life. A degree in archeology, anthropology and linguistics tested the numerous visions given to me, some when between lives, and the research engaged in privately proved justified. Through these my knowledge and understanding of past behavior and its transference into modern codes of worship went beyond the academic levels. This was proven through translations of ancient sites, religious codes and the Mother God, who existed well before, during and after the Ice Age.

My latest book is A Return to Life available at http://reincarnationfacts.com
A previous publication: How 666 Stole Jesus is available at http://nojesuschrist.com
My true life story can be read here: italk4u.com

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Past Lives & Reincarnation - What Creates Negative Karma & What Doesn't & Why You're Coming Back

According to life-between-life research involving past life
regression, souls can decide to stay on "the other side" rather
than come back for another lifetime, especially if they've
worked through all of their karma during previous lifetimes
(which is very uncommon). Or they may decide to learn their
lessons in other ways or help others on earth from the other
side. But apparently, most souls are eager to return to Earth
to play the roles they were born to star in.

Know that this is not a personality decision. On a personality
level, you might be dreading every day on this planet, yet
on a soul level, you understand the more spiritual reasons
for why you're here and what you're experiencing. Sometimes
you are not supposed to know the big picture before the time
is right, as there may be lessons in the process that wouldn't
be learned if you were fully aware of your situation. As you
become more aware of yourself and your life, you may find
yourself perceiving the deeper reasons for life's experiences.

Most people cannot remember if they've been here enough
already, but some with very strong psychic and mediumship
abilities may receive strong impressions that this may be one
of the last ones.

Of course, many people say this is their last lifetime, but
how do they really know that? Perhaps they feel they are
a very old soul, but that could just mean they took many
lifetimes to get where they are today, not that they have
balanced all necessary karma. Or maybe they may feel
they're ready to move beyond earth, and that they're
spiritually aware enough to break the cycle of reincarnation.

Frankly, it often seems like wishful thinking in the hope
that they don't have to endure any more earthly challenges
and can instead just enjoy life in "heaven." We can relate
to that, as life on this planet is not easy. In fact, it's commonly
believed to be one of the more difficult places to incarnate.
The best way to make sure you finish your lifetimes here on
earth as quickly as possible and, eventually, enjoy more of the
good things in life, is to "do the right thing" from now on, in
every situation.

In reality, most people don't know for certain if they've
completed all of their karmic lessons or not, and on a soul
level, they may already be planning out many more future
lifetimes. Considering Earth isn't the only place (or
dimension) where people incarnate (there are billions
of stars like our Sun with likely millions, if not billions,
of inhabitable planets in this universe), and that life in
this universe has existed for eons, it's reasonable to consider
that souls typically have more lifetimes than you can count,
not only 300 or fewer as some Eastern religions suggest.

There seems to be some confusion in today's society
about what exactly creates negative karma. Based on our
experiences with 1000s of past life regressions, here is what
we've found.

Some actions that generate negative karma include the

*murder, even if you are not caught, unless it's in self

*stealing, even if you are not caught and no matter how
you justify it

*telling a lie that hurts someone else in any way, even if you
are not caught and even if you believe your own lie

*intentionally hurting someone in any way

*not doing the "right thing," subsequently causing someone
else to suffer in any way

*resenting someone; your anger may cause you to be
confronted with similar circumstances in the future
until you learn to forgive and if applicable, take
responsibility for your part of the conflict

*incurring addiction, if it hurts you or anyone around

*disrespecting yourself to the point of personal harm (such
as being a martyr); yes you can gain good karma by helping
others through martyrdom, but you still may have to balance
a lack of self-respect

Some situations that are oftentimes believed to produce
negative karma, but do not, include the following:

*making, or otherwise acquiring a lot of money, as long as
you do so honestly

*having a lot of money and not giving a lot away to charities;
the world is not your responsibility, yet of course you gain
karmic credits or in some cases, pay back karmic debts by
helping others, and besides, it feels good

*lying to protect someone, as long as you're not hurting
someone else in the process, or helping that person you're
protecting to dodge taking responsibility for their actions

*breaking up with a partner, as long as you are not
intentionally doing anything to hurt them in the
process; their resistance and difficulty with it is not your

*divorce, as long as you take care of your responsibilities
and leave peacefully

*having without being married, as long as you do not
intentionally hurt anyone (or yourself) in the process

*practicing non-monogamy, as long as you are honest with
everyone involved, are acting responsibly, and do not
intentionally hurt anyone in the process

*accidentally hurting someone in any way, but any guilt
could cause you to experience a reaction in the future if
you don't let go of it

*prostitution, as long as it's between two consenting adults
and you are not intentionally hurting anyone in the process

*exceeding the speed limit, although any associated guilt
may create karmic ties

*having a few drinks, although if done regularly enough in
excess, you're disrespecting and hurting yourself, therefore
incurring negative karma

*being a single parent or having a child outside of marriage,
as long as you provide for the child and be the best parent
you can be

*refusing to give in to others' "shoulds" ("you should do this
or that"); it's your life and you know what's best for your highest
good; as long as you're not hurting yourself or anyone else you're
free to live your life as you desire

By the way, confessing to a priest or praying for forgiveness
will not excuse you from any negative karma you've created.
Also, it's debatable whether or not practicing self-forgiveness
will completely get you off the hook, since your future karmic
circumstances are determined by your soul, not your personality.

No one, no matter how psychic or spiritual they are, can
cheat karma and avoid future negative consequences if they
don't "do the right thing." Everyone needs to return to school
house Earth (or a similar place) until they've resolved all their
karma and paid all their dues. If you, at any time, do not "do
the right thing," in most cases, you're essentially buying a
round trip ticket back to this planet for another life to endure
your tests again. Admittedly, "doing the right thing" sometimes
seems all but impossible for many due to the forces of personal
fate; people will behave in accordance with their level of
awareness more often than not, not as they "could" to
minimize karmic consequences, but at least you know
that ultimately it's up to you take the high road to avoid
accumulating additional negative karma.

Copyright © 2007 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo are identical twins and have been exploring metaphysics since the early 1980's. They are experts in the fields of prediction, personal fate, love life, and past life regression, and are natural psychics and mediums. Get their free report: 13 Spiritual and New Age Myths and 11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Psychic.

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The Purpose of Reincarnation

Reincarnation is the idea that death is not the end. After death the soul leaves the body, but, after a temporary rest takes rebirth in a new body. Reincarnation is an integral belief of many spiritual traditions. It is often asked why is reincarnation necessary? The main reason is that Reincarnation gives the soul chance to make slow steady progress towards fulfilling its highest goals.

1. Different Experiences.

From each incarnation the soul takes the quintessence of its experiences. From these different episodes in the evolution of the soul, it is possible to gain a comprehensive understanding of many different experiences. In one incarnation we may have great fame, wealth and power. However, even in this kind of incarnation, we cannot achieve peace of mind and abiding satisfaction. Therefore, in our next lifetime we may have a more ordinary, humble incarnation. We will view life from perspective of both powerful and weak. This will give us greater understanding. These different experiences also give us the opportunity to fulfil our desires.

“In one lifetime on earth we cannot do everything…Now our dearest is God. Do you think that God will allow us to remain unfulfilled? No! God's very purpose is to fulfil each individual and Himself through us. He will have us come back again and again to fulfil our desires.”

- Sri Chinmoy [2]

2. Fresh Start.

After a certain number of years we grow old and tired. Quite often people get stuck in a rut, and are content with past memories. As we get older, usually we do not feel like taking on fresh challenges. From a practical point of view the body declines, and it becomes increasingly difficult to fulfil our desires and aspirations. Reincarnation enables us to be reborn with new hope and new life. Furthermore, because we do not usually remember our previous incarnations, we can wipe our memory clear of our unfortunate past experience. We may have been a thief in the past, but reincarnation gives us the chance to mend our ways. No one is destined to remain imperfect forever.

3. The Law of Karma.

The law of Karma is a fundamental underlying law of the universe. Basically, the law of karma says; “As you sow so, shall you reap.” The law of karma has been explained and emphasised, in many different religious and spiritual traditions. It is the process of reincarnation, which enables the law of karma to fully operate. In one lifetime you may be born in unfortunate circumstances and be deceived by others. These unfortunate experiences can be rectified in a future incarnation. Similarly, if a person was to profit from the exploitation of others, he may be able to escape the cosmic justice in his current incarnation; but, in future incarnations he would experience the effects of his actions. Nobody can hide forever from their own actions. At the same time, not all karma is inevitable. If we have done wrong things in previous incarnations, it is possible for the effects to be nullified or reduced by God’s grace, or the intervention of a Spiritual Master.

[1] From: Death and Reincarnation by Sri Chinmoy.

[2] Excerpt from Death And Reincarnation by Sri Chinmoy.

More articles on spirituality at Sri Chinmoy.co.uk

Tejvan became interested in meditation and eastern mysticism whilst studying at University in Oxford. After studying various spiritual traditions he became a meditation student of Sri Chinmoy. Tejvan now offers meditation classes on behalf of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. http://www.srichinmoybio.co.uk/

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Reincarnation, Pretend You're the Creator God

ne way that role playing would help on the spiritual path would be to pretend that you are the Creator. This would help a person understand why reincarnation is the only logical way to structure the universe.

As the Creator God you have this beautiful world down there and you people it with your children. They need to have lesson after lesson to understand what it is that you want them to learn. Would you educate your child with one month in the first grade and call it education? That is the equivalent of what one life on the earth plane would be.

As the Creator God above the little world, you can see that one lifetime has hardly scratched the surface of the experiences your children need to have. Now, are you going to create new children each time one died? Are you going to say: "Too bad little one; you really didn't learn all you needed to learn and all that I wanted you to learn. You blew it! Sorry, but that was your only chance. Yes, you realize now how you could have done it differently. You're much wiser now and would really like to try again, but sorry, I've just created a new spirit and it's his turn now. You'll just have to go to the heaven that I've set aside for you as a final resting place for dead spirits. You'll never get another chance, but don't feel bad. Nothing more will ever be demanded of you or asked of you. You have no more worries or responsibilities, so just go to your heaven and lie around."

Is this what you would do if you were the Creator God? If you became attached to the spirits and really learned to love them, would you continually bring into creation new spirits and condemn the first to death? Even though you were learning yourself by watching them struggle, don't you think you would be inclined to let them try again? After all, they did promise to do better the next time and they really do deserve another chance. That way you don't have to keep creating new ones all the time. Let's keep the original a while longer and see what they can really accomplish if they have more chances.

In fact, let's draw up a lesson plan and set rules and regulations for our little world and a time outline, a loose outline, as to the stages of progress we expect of them. Wouldn't you, as the Creator God, then have a better feeling about your world? Wouldn't you have a better feeling about its place in the universe as a growing, budding flower that would become beautiful when it finally came of age and graduated into the next realm of reality as a sparkling jewel?

You, in your "let's pretend" role of Creator God, soon begin to realize that reincarnation is the logical, sensible, compassionate way to run your little world. You realize you have done all you can as far as the seven different ray groups helping each other. You begin to see the necessity for rules and regulations to govern the cycle of lives, the recirculation of these beautiful divine sparks of yours.

Wouldn't letting this growth take place give you greater satisfaction than just creating new spirits, letting them have only one chance to see what they could do and then creating more, hoping each new group created would do more and be smarter just because you, as the Creator God, were wiser when you created them? Yes you as the Creator God learned by watching the first group and perhaps the next group will be a little more evolved, but what are you going to do with all those dead spirits filling up spirit heaven? You're going to have a disposal problem eventually. You can't just keep moving more in there. It's already overflowing!

Continue picturing yourself as the Creator God and watch those people you put on your little world. You have given them free will and are curious to see what they will do with it. Will they abuse it? Yes, at first, very much so. To try and control them, you give them a conscience. This helps, but not enough to stop much of the misuse of free will. (It still hasn't stopped the misuse.) Everything you've done since then has been in the area of trying to get your people to take responsibility for the actions they are taking because of free will.

They eventually start growing up a little, but it is so hard for them to discipline themselves. If someone would just do it for them, they think, how much easier it would be. So they give the power to tell them what to do and what not to do to others whom they call priests, ministers, rabbis, etc. "Ah," they think, "now all responsibility is out of my hands. It is all on the priest's shoulders. Now it's his fault if I do something I shouldn't. He didn't teach me right or tell me I shouldn't do such an act. But anyway, all I have to do is say that I'm sorry and all will be well. If I slip again, same process, big deal. I really don't have a care in the world."

You see this happening in your little world and think, "Oh boy, now what? They're pretty sly, these ones I put down there. I'll have to think up another way to get them to take responsibility for themselves; we'll go to plan B, which is to send a messenger down in person to try to get the truth across to them that they simply aren't growing at all when they let another take responsibility for their actions. This simply can't go on."

Some heed the messenger's words and things get a little better, but then they turn in a different direction. You, as Creator God, have to come up with plan C. What's it going to be? Things are in pretty bad shape down there. Would you take away their free will, that precious gift? By this time, even though you would like to, you are only able to take it away in a limited manner. Nevertheless, you would do what you could to eliminate free will as much as possible. One way to do this would be through their economy. A downturn in this area certainly has the effect of putting the brakes on free will. In fact, perhaps it's working better than you could have hoped.

One way to make the economy worse would be through the weather patterns. This would put hardships on them. Aha! They are growing more responsible aren't they? They're starting to think about what they've been doing with all the freedom they had to use their free will, and are being much more mature about it.

You, as the Creator God have discovered that you made a few goofs here and there, that things would have worked better with a built-in restraint on free will. It is too late now. The only way to incorporate this into humanity is through education of the young. Free will is the one thing above all others that you wish you could take back. It is the direct cause of all humanities' woes at this time.

As you continue playing the role of the Creator God, you look down there at them arguing, fighting, hitting, and even killing each other. They are still very barbaric, aren't they? You could separate them. Maybe it would work better to take the ones who have grown past that stage and put them in a separate little world.

"No, I'd like to try keeping them all together, because it really is all the scattered parts of me, you know. If I separate some off, it will be like cutting off one of my arms or legs."

"They are all part of one body and they must learn to get along and cooperate with each other. As long as one leg wants to go one way and one the other, and one arm reach up and the other down, and the head turn opposite of the body, we're not going to make any progress are we? Picture a doll, if you can, twisted in this shape and you'll have a better idea of what this would look like. Well, there just has to be some way to get them all headed in one direction. I'll have to have a set of immutable laws and then a system of reinforcement to make them work."

"The laws will be the same for all, not only for my little world, but for all my brothers' worlds. Of course, they are more advanced than my world and the set of laws governing those worlds worked quite well. I will use them also in my little world, but I may have to add a few extra. Just look at them down there!"

Of all the universal laws, the one law that heads the top of the list for all worlds is: "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do unto You." This one law really does say it all, and that is the basic building block for all worlds. This brings the responsibility home to the individual, where it belongs. The other laws are breakdowns and definitions of all stages of this one law. The individual is not only the victim; he is also the perpetrator, the judge, and the jury. This is the way it must be, and if it could but be enforced on that little world, there would be no problems, because all problems would be self-administered and self-resolved. As it is, it will have to be taught and shown to them by example. This can be done because you did decide to recycle them, remember, instead of making new ones. You will take advantage of this recycling to teach them the law of karma; that what they sow, they will reap.

You will keep them circulating until they're evolved enough to progress to the next realm. You would have a better feeling, wouldn't you? Instead of just being interested in your own growth and progress as a Creator God, you determine that the only possible answer is to let them each grow and evolve until they can move on. After all, if you learned from watching them in one lifetime, think how much more you would learn by watching them through many lifetimes and experiences. Wouldn't letting them do their own perfecting to as great an extent as they are capable of help you learn and grow more, rather than continually trying to create a perfect spirit?

When all your lines and sparks have returned, you, the Creator God, will move on to the next classroom, the fifth planet, where you will not want to separate yourself into individual sparks. You will want to experience things as a whole soul, to keep all parts of you together, to learn and experience in an enclosed situation. This will enable you to synthesize the experiences of each individual spark and determine what worked to make you a better Creator God and what did not. By this time you will be a very wise Oversoul.

This article was excerpted from The Awesome Realm of the Soul by Norma Hickox. Learn more about Norma at my website which is at http://www.chrysalispub.com Norma is a musician. She plays & teaches 6 instruments & composes music. She has also done painting, writing, dance and theater.

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