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From Atlantis - Techniques How To Fall Asleep Fast Naturally

The ancients of Atlantis, and the sages of Lemuria before them, were much aware of the critical importance of adequate sleep as a pillar of good health and that regular sleep is vital to the life process.

Thus they developed methods and techniques compatible with the body-electric, the human body, that you can apply to induce fast sleep naturally.

For instance, if you are generally in good health and having difficulty falling asleep, the first thing to do is to calm your body down. That can be a tall task to accomplish until you involve the governor of your nervous system. Let it be sufficient to know that that governor resides somewhere in your head, and you may call it the brain, for the sake of simplicity.

So, you lie down on your back, legs straight and arms stretched outwards. Be sure that your neck is comfortable. There should be nothing tight on your body, all clothing must be loose. Gently close your eyes, gently at first and then open them, then repeat that four times with each successive time closing your eyes tighter. Secondly, tense your jaws, release, and repeat four times.

Thirdly, slowly tense your arms by making very tight fists, release and repeat four times. You do this one arm at a time.

Fourthly, lift your left leg just two inches up, hold it up there , tense it, and count to four, one-two-three-four, then gently lower it down. Now go to your right leg and lift it just two inches up in the air, hold it up there, tense it, and count up to four, one-two-three-four. Now gently lower it down.

What you have done thus far, is relaxation of your body physical. I have found that raising your legs, as above and a bit higher, say one foot and counting up to eight, gives you far better relaxation.

Already then, you should by now be feeling physically relaxed, comfortable and settled, no more shifting about. You now move into the realm of the governor mentioned above by taking a slow deep breathe, breath-in through your nostrils, mouth closed. Hold that in-breath to a count of four, one-two-three-four. Next release that breathe, breath-out slowly through your mouth.

Repeat that sequence four times and do each step s-l-o-w-l-y. Breath in via your nose, mouth closed, hold the breathe to a slow count of four, and release the breathe through your mouth .( A higher count of say up to eight will give you a much deeper, d-e-e-p-e-r relaxation. You may pursue that after a few days of practice, if you wish).

With your body and mind now in relaxation mode, you start to mentally go back in your day backwards. Let us take it that you are settling in for your night's sleep. You see yourself putting on your pajamas, coming into your bedroom, eating dinner, arriving from work, traveling home, leaving work, at work, having lunch, arriving at work, traveling to work, leaving your house for work, having break fast, washing your face, waking up that morning. You are mentally going back through the day b-a-c-k-w-a-r-d-s.

Do not, repeating, do not analyze anything, just observe. It is as if you are watching a movie.

Be sure to mentally see everything that happened, exactly as it happened, engage all the five senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch

If you have done the relaxation sequences as above properly and s-l-o-w-l-y, you will be fast asleep naturally and in deep sleep well before you reach halfway back through the day.

The next posting at the site, will be another how to sleep fast technique from the time that imagination forgot, Atlantis and Lemuria, in the quest to overcome the sleep deprivation phenomenon and thus enjoy good health.
You should always remember that the purpose of life is joy.

Having bounced back from the edge of disaster, this is an effort to convey lessons learned with take-away usable tips. Allow me to point out the obvious that is ignored by most. The more we move away from nature and her very simple definite laws, man or woman will sooner than later "crash and burn" And for lack of knowledge in action, a people surely perish. This site is one of my humble contribution of practical resources in your determined pursuit for better health. As someone once said , it is in your hands. There is more to come at

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Lemurian Seed Crystal Legend

The Lemurian Seed Crystals were apparently discovered in Brazil along the face of a hillside where Quartz crystal was being strip-mined. These naturally formed generators and amplifiers of energy were found alone partially buried in sand.

They were single, or seed crystals, meaning they were not attached to clusters as other quartz is found to be in that area. Because of this anomaly these Lemurian Seed Crystals immediately got attention.

Most of the crystals found were suffused with a pink or reddish glow and instead of being shiny, like most clear quartz; they were frosty or dull, appearing to have a matte-like finish.

What sets these crystals apart from any I have ever seen is there characteristically unique series of horizontal striations that run up one, or more sides of the crystal. Most, but not all, of these horizontal striations end in a triangular face that forms the apex of the crystal.

Both of my Lemurian Seed Crystals have at least three or more sides with horizontal striations and are optic, completely clear with no inclusions, giving them the largest capacity for healing that a crystal can have.

Both of them also form an apex at the top of the crystal which is helpful for directing Chi or life force energy flow, as well as drawing in or pulling out energy, depending on the requirements of the situation.

It is believed that these Lemurian Seed Crystals were left by the Lemurians, an ancient race that seeded our planet eons ago; who departed from earth when conditions became too inhospitable and life could no longer be sustained.

The legend goes that the vast majority of Lemurians left planet earth for other star systems while others elected to remain and continue to dwell in other dimensions of our "inner" earth's system, acting as guardians and protectors for the seed of our human race.

It is these "inner" earth dwellers who are thought to be responsible for the discovery of these Lemurian Seed Crystals at this time. It is also thought that the Lemurian dwellers of "inner" earth continue to maintain a clear and conscious telepathic connection with their fellow Lemurians who traveled eons ago to other star systems.

This highly evolved race of beings continues to preserve and thrive from their unity consciousness. The Lemurian Seed Crystals carry the wisdom of unity consciousness and have not, as yet, been fully activated.

Since their discovery they have been attracted to people who are actively assisting in anchoring the energies that will aid our planet to grow in awareness of the primal unity of all things.

I have been frequently engaging with the energy of my Lemurian Seed Crystals since their arrival. I experience them as powerful allies that are activating an opening of my heart chakra. They seem specifically attuned to clearing, balancing and charging each of my chakras and the interrelationships between my chakras.

The more aligned and open I become to the Lemurian Seed Crystals' energy transmissions for unity consciousness the more they affect a transformation and healing of my being.

In my next article about Aromatherapy Healing with Pure Essential Oils and Crystals you will learn more about the legend of the Lemurian Seed Crystals, as well as empirical findings about using them in practice, and how they can be used to amplify the effects of Healing with Pure Essential Oils.

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Atlantis - Was it Geologically Possible?

The story of Atlantis has been fascinating us for the last 2,300 years. Many have debated its meaning and existence. In another article, I wrote about scientific proof that something very, very big occurred the year Plato's mythical island empire was swallowed by the sea. That by itself is exciting, but it does not prove Atlantis existed. In any serious discussion of this legend, the subject of geology is at the core. Without a reasonable explanation for how Atlantis was geologically possible, any argument for the past reality of that lost island is weak at best.

Geology 101

Modern geology includes the subject of plate tectonics. The Earth is divided into more than a dozen such plates -- several large ones and many smaller ones. These plates are not perfectly rigid, homogenous material. They are fractured, broken, split and buckling from the forces of movement against each other. At the boundaries of these plates, actions can be,

* Transverse -- sliding past each other
* Convergent -- moving toward each other
* Divergent -- moving away from each other.

Plate boundaries are prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity. Most of the world's mountains are formed near plate boundaries, caused by plate convergence, or an action known as "subduction" and its subsequent effect, "crustal folding" (the buckling of the Earth's crust). This folded or buckled crust is the mountains. Examples include the Andes of South America, the Alps of Europe and the Himalayas of Asia. Subduction is merely the action of one plate attempting to slide underneath another. The action of billions of tons of rock rubbing against billions of tons of other rock creates lots of friction. Crustal folding is the result of this friction. This friction is, in effect, resistance to the movement of the plates against each other. And that resistance is converted into mountains.

Atlantis: Location

There have been numerous locations picked for Atlantis, from Sweden to Indonesia. Nearly all of them are wrong. Plato was quite clear on the location. All of the others are, by definition, not Atlantis. According to Timaeus and Critias, the two dialogues which are the source of the Atlantis story, the lost island was beyond the Strait of Gibraltar, in the Atlantic Ocean. The nearest portion of Atlantis was facing a region in Southwestern Spain called Gadira. This is the region surrounding modern Cadiz (Phoenician Gadir, Roman Gades and Moorish Qadis). Most claimants ignore this very specific detail from Critias.

Movement of the Africa Plate

Two hundred million years ago, Africa was nestled against the eastern coastline of South America. The bulk of Eurasia was far to the North, across the Tethys Sea. Over millions of years, Africa rotated away from South America, forming the South Atlantic and closing the Western Tethys to become the Mediterranean. The North Atlantic had already begun opening a few million years earlier between North America and Eurasia.

At some point in the last hundred million years, Africa and Eurasia were moving together away from the Americas. The mid-Atlantic Ridge (a largely divergent boundary) was creating new oceanic crust, adding new material to the plates on either side. An animation of plate movement for the last 240 million years, supplied by the United States Geological Service, shows that Africa moved northward toward Eurasia, finally closing the Mediterranean in the East.

Atlantis: Geological Hypothesis

Atlantis, if it existed, would have been the result of crustal folding as the Africa plate attempted to subduct underneath the Eurasian in the North Atlantic. The northward movement of the Africa plate created a subduction zone all across its border with the Eurasian plate. Approximately 50 million years ago, something caused damage to the plate boundary in the vicinity of what is now the Azores underwater plateau. This damage created an impediment to subduction locally. All northward movement by the Africa plate, here, was converted into crustal folding.

Several million years later, according to R. Searle (1980), a new divergent boundary was created. The mutual boundary between Africa and Eurasia is largely east-west in direction. This new stretch of boundary, called the Terceira Ridge, is toward the Northwest. Something happened. The Africa plate started moving in a different direction.

This Terceira Ridge in the West is a divergent boundary (also called a "spreading center," like the mid-Atlantic Ridge). Farther east before Gibraltar, the boundary is currently only slightly and intermittently convergent. Beyond Gibraltar, in the Mediterranean, the boundary becomes heavily convergent. The pattern is clear. The Africa plate is rotating away from Eurasia in the West, and toward it in the East. But why?

Approximately 36 million years ago, the Africa plate could no longer push against the area of boundary damage. The mountains created there had poked above the ocean surface, creating an island. With an immovable barrier at the new Atlantis, but with continued subduction farther east, the only result would be one of rotation -- deflected around the impediment. With this new pattern of plate movement, the linear support of the new mountains was withdrawn. The new angular motion around the area of boundary damage gradually would have weakened those mountains, causing the island to break up over the next several million years.

There is much more to this geological tale. Much of the evidence cannot be included in this short article. Briefly, the damage was not confined to the area of Atlantis, but created stresses across North Africa, breaking off a portion of the plate, creating the new Arabia plate, and forming the Great Rift Valley, still in the process of formation today. Millions of years after the new rotation had started, the damage had crept along the plate boundary toward Gibraltar and resulted in its eventual closure. For nearly a million years, the Mediterranean was cut off from the oceans of the world and dried up. This was the Messinian Salinity Crisis -- 5.9 - 5.2 million years ago. And for awhile, Atlantis was a peninsula of Europe and Africa.

I had always wondered how Plato's Atlantis got its elephants. For 700,000 years, elephants from Europe and Africa could merely walk across to that fabled land.

Atlantis had its effects on the geology of Earth, and also on its climate. But there are also clues that the children of Atlantis -- its refugees -- may have been matriarchal (ruled by women). From this we may have gotten the myths of the Amazons and the patterns of many cultures across Eurasia and North America. These, however, are the subject of another article.

R. Carl Martin

We now have proof that something very, very BIG happened 9600 BCE. Find out more by visiting Mission: Atlantis at the link, above.

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Atlantis - A Day in the Life of Mandor Rel

Atlantis, fact or fiction?

Certainly there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that a continent sized island existed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

In fact, why do we call it the Atlantic Ocean? Where does the word root “atl” come from?

Why did Plato write about it with such authority?

All these questions give credence to the old maxim, where there is smoke there is fire.

There are many legends regarding Atlantis, but most interestingly of all is the mundane description of one of Atlantis inhabitants, one Mandor Rel. Where did this description come from?

The information that follows was taken from a session with the famous Russian trance channeler Sergey Valeksankin.

Valeksankin’s channeling power comes to us from some Master he calls ‘Ranon’.

Ranon, he explained, incarnates from time to time, but usually remains disincarnate to help mankind from a distance, and generally.

Valeksankin Channel Session on March 13th 2005

Present for this channel session were about 50 people, mostly Russian, in a suburb of Moscow.

As was his usual pattern, Valeksankin would first meditate, and slowly pass into seeming unconsciousness. Suddenly he would become very stiff, and sitting quite erect, he would announce that he was Ranon and open to questions.

A few questions were about some health and economic issues, and then I asked “would you tell us about Atlantis, and what is like to live there?”

Valeksankin on Atlantis

There was quiet in the first few minutes, but then Ranon said he would describe the life one inhabitant of Atlantis, from approximately 24,000 years ago.

The inhabitant was named Mandor Rel. In Atlantean, Mandor Rel means the “mover of objects”

Mandor Rel was about 27, and was a mover of objects.

It seems he attached a small shinny box to any object and it was immediately elevated by a few inches from the ground. The distance could be controlled by some adjustment on the box.

Today Mandor Rel was moving a large cut stone (a perfect cube of a size somewhat larger than a cubic meter). Mandor attached the box, and the stone instantly rose about the ground. Mandor was pushing it to some other location.

Mandor was dressed in a form of tunic, not much different that those worn in Greece.

However, each person had a color based on what he did. The object mover’s color was cyan.

The ages of people were very difficult to distinguish, with the only difference being perhaps the speed at which they moved. Everyone seems eternally young.

Along his route, Mandor stopped for some refreshments.

Fruit was processed in front of him in a machine that made no sound, yet moved and operated.

The power for the machine and everything else came from some small crystal attached to any object, and within proximity to a larger crystal near some conduit. The conduit gave off a light, in a muted way, but it was shinning.

Mandor continued his task (as this was his job) and arrived at building site. A marvelous temple was under construction, but there were no sounds of metal working or stone cutting.

Instead all was done by chemical means and to a set pattern.

Stones were lifted into position by the levitation device.

A foreman signaled Mandor to raise his stone higher, and it was glided into position. There was no mortar or other material, nor was any needed. The rock fit exactly into its place.

Mandor was told to bring something else for the next day, but was given leave to return to his home.

A day in the life of Mandor Rel will continue with the next few articles recording the session given by Sergey Valeksankin.


On other alternative history and more on new age thought visit our website for a huge resource of articles, features and downloads and at

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War Between Atlantis and Lemuria

I do believe that most of the world has heard stories of a place known as LeMuria or "Mu", located just off the coast of Washington and Oregon. Around the time of Atlantis, these people were a thriving community and had a main focus in spirituality. As the Atlantians were known for there power struggle and technology boom, the LeMurians were known more for their ecological harmony, and their kind nature.

Many believe that around the time of Atlantis' demise, so too did "Mu" fall. Could there have been a war of some kind? There have been many reports on Atlantis being far more advanced then the U.S. is today. Could LeMuria have been just as advanced? If these two cultures were to exist in the same time frame and have similar advanced technology, would they not be the leaders of the globe? Would it really be that unthinkable for them to destroy eachother in a battle over who's top dog?

Some believe that there was in fact a large battle. That the Atlantians were on a war path to extinguish their only competitors. Since Mu was a thriving community of spiritual people, they must have known it was coming before the first signs appeared. Also, knowing their nature, many think there is no way they could or would initiate a war of any kind. The Atlantians attacked, and the LeMurians did all they could to peacefully defend their island. After a long drawn out battle at sea, as a last ditch effort, Atlantis used their technology to crumble the supporting volcanic rock under LeMuria. As Lemuria was falling they too decided to use their technology to deliver an equal blow to Atlantis.

Many believe that in order to prepare for such a horrible demise, the LeMurians went to northern California before the war began. There they began to tunnel underground below Mt. Shasta. They were making a new community, but this time in a safe place. As the war began, some believe they left their island to retreat under Mt. Shasta, while those who chose to stood and fought in LeMuria.

The LeMurians are said to still reside there, their population would be in the one million range at this point. I do find it a little weird that the government won't let you in any of the caves under Mt. Shasta besides the few shallow caves they give tours in. You get an astronomical fee for going in any caves roped off by the government. Some people think it could be a missile silo or underground base. Who knows?

Some people have reported seeing people in robes taller than an average person walking around the foot of the mountain. Others have said to have seen what appeared to be little people approximately four feet high, that had the ability to dissolve into thin air when noticed.

Does anyone really know the truth? I'm sure someone does....Now only if we can get them to share the info.

Mark Nies writes for under the name AwakenedSoul.

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New Orleans is Proof of Atlantis

How can anyone not believe in the ancient legend of Atlantis after seeing the footage after the devastation of Category V Hurricane Katrina. It takes only a few helicopter images of the Television set to see that New Orleans is submerged? It is interesting that mankind cannot learn from these ancient tales. It is as if we are doomed to repeat over and over again in a continuous loop? It is rather comical really until you think of the thousands who failed to evacuate and then paid with their lives for they were all part of us; those who call themselves Americans only a week prior.

The legend told by Plato in the Critias and Timaeus, doesn’t seem all that difficult to believe for someone living in the present period. The past two years; especially after the Indonesia Earthquake and Tsumami and now Hurricane Katrina seem to help us understand how Mother Nature can re-take her land.

This Category Five Hurricane Katrina once again reminds us, as it showed that such an event can hit even the greatest, most advanced nation and civilization ever created in the history of mankind. This is but another lesson re-learned. Perhaps we ought to read some of these old works again and think on them before we feel omnipotent against the forces of Mother Nature. Perhaps we should be humbled in retrospect and learn from our past periods. Think on this.

"Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; Lance is an online writer in retirement.

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Is the Bahamas Really the Lost Continent of Atlantis?

Edgar Cayce, a clairvoyant, in 1940 predicted that the lost continent of Atlantis would start to rise again in the vicinity of The Bahamas in 1968 or 1969. Since then, 37 years have passed and many major events have happened, such as The Great Britain granted The Bahamas internal self-rule in 1964, Huber Ingraham became prime minister in 1992, and Perry Gladstone Christie elected prime minister in the 2002 general election. However, the lost continent of Atlantis has yet to be found.

Bimini, which consists of a tiny grouping of islands, was situated some 50 miles off the coast of Florida (USA). According to the Caribbean Indians, this group of islands gush magical waters called the "fountain of eternal youth". It was told that someone drank the water from this fountain and was cured of all his illnesses as well as able to retain his youth. Juan Ponce de Léon, a Spanish explorer, was intrigued by this legend and thus, he set out to find Bimini in 1512. He set sail from Puerto Rico and landed on Florida after missing Bimini.

The mystery surrounding Bimini did not end with legend of the mystical fountain. In 1968, aircraft pilots reported that glimpses of wall or building foundations were seen in the water of the north island of Bimini. The discovery stirred worldwide interest and further investigation was held. The results of the investigation revealed that the foundations look more like roadways rather than walls. According to experts, a more satisfying answer would be that this strange phenomenon is entirely due to natural formations. Till this day, it is still a mystery as to whether the roadways really belong to the lost continent of Atlantis or exist due to natural formations.

Putting aside all the legends, myths and mystical tales aside, Bimini is indeed a wonderful and worth while place to visit. If you like game fishing, diving and snorkeling, this is the best place to go. The offshore reefs, which are located 3 miles off the island, attract millions of colorful fishes. Snorkelers are able to enjoy seeing black coral gardens and blue holes. Perhaps, they may also see the infamous roadways of the lost Atlantis on the sea floor! Divers can explore the wrecked motorized yacht which sank in the shallow waters of the coast in 1929. Apart from these wonderful explorations, other places of interest you can visit include the Healing Hole, the Shark Mounds, the Fountain of Youth and the Devils Triangle.

Albert Einstein once said, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious". Indeed, it would be a wonderful experience to visit a fascinating and mysterious place, like the Bimini, The Bahamas, with such intriguing and mystifying tales. It is worth taking the effort to explore this mysterious place as well as enjoy the vast variety of activities it offers. For more information on travel, you can refer to Cheap Airfare

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The Puzzle That Is The Atlantis Enigma

One of the great mysteries and puzzles of our time is Atlantis. Despite the passage of thousands of years, no one has been able to solve the enigma of Atlantis.

Plato was the person that started all of the trouble regarding Atlantis. In his Timaeus and Critias narratives, he talked of Atlantis in glowing terms. He identified it as a large island located in the Atlantic Ocean. By large, we mean huge. Plato claimed it was the size of North Africa! The people of Atlantis supposedly controlled much of the Mediterranean, but were defeated by the ancestors of the Greeks. Both societies were then destroyed in “a great deluge.”

With just these snippets of information, one might assume Plato was taking some liberties in his writing. Then an odd thing occurred. Archeologists discovered Egyptian records detailing Atlantis, its ruling family and a utopian type culture. There are a lot of timing inconsistencies between the two stories, but the race to discover Atlantis has been on ever since. We do, after all, like a good puzzle.

So, where is Atlantis? Therein is the problem. The descriptions are so vague that Atlantis could be just about anywhere. Heck, you might be sitting above the main city as you read this. At one time or another, popular theory has suggested Atlantis is Antarctica, Turkey, North America, South America, Santorini, Crete, Indonesia and a pure figment of someone’s imagination. After years of searching, the imagination theory seems the most credible.

Although theorists rage back and forth, there was one event during Plato’s lifetime that might have given rise to the basis for the Atlantis story. A massive earthquake hit the City of Helike. Located on the shores of the Corinth Bay, it literally sank into the sea. Both then and now, you can take a boat out over the city and look down upon the ruins of Helike. Does this make Helike the lost civilization of Atlantis? It is unlikely since Helike was a basic Greek city. Still, it certainly could have formed the basis of the Atlantis tales.

Is Atlantis a real place or just a tale from wily, old Plato? You will have to decide for yourself by getting out there and solving the puzzle.

Richard Monk is with - a site with facts about everything. Visit us to read more about Greece and Atlantis - Lost Civilization.

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The Crystal of Atlantis Was Made Up of Seven Faceted Rings

The whole universe formed into a crystalline lattice at the time of the big bang. It is in the forming of the lattice that we find the necessary processes to give birth to new creations. Without the ice structure to reflect off of, the initial light would have scattered out into the far reaches of the universe. The forming of the superstructure allowed containment of the light and reflection of the light, without which there could have been no vibrations and therefore no life forms.

Each universe formed a lattice of twelve "corners," if you will, because of the refraction from the superstructure, and each solar system formed in its own corner of the lattice. There is a distinct order to these solar systems. The lattice is responsible for the vibrations.

The grid map that we have over our planet is a small part of this crystalline lattice of the universe. The rays of the suns between the universes and the superstructure strike the crystalline lattice containing each universe and cause several reactions to take place. To begin with, it separates the universe into a network of vibratory fields which manifest in different dimensions. These dimensions then operate and grow and evolve within their own vibratory field.

Picture it as a crystal or diamond that the sun shines on. Each facet of the crystal will give off or emit the colored light of its particular musical tone. There are twelve musical tones in each crystalline lattice that formed at beginning creation. These lattices are made up of ice that formed out of the superstructure of the explosion. They became frozen streams of time and space. This was the theory behind the huge crystal at Atlantis.

The Crystal of Atlantis was dark red but had a mottled look, showing dark and light spots in the inside. It was fairly large in size, about thirty feet in diameter at the bottom, narrowing in to perhaps five feet at the crown. It was based on mathematics; it was faceted according to the mathematical calculations of the course of the sun. It did not track by turning but tracked the sun by faceting. Because the sun was constantly moving, this involved a series of facets so fine as to be almost one solid ring around the crystal. And there was more than one ring. There were seven rings around the crystal all faceted or carved with the most intricate, precision-like cuts. The cuts caught the sun's rays and each ring caught them differently according to its pattern.

The reflected auras of the crystal were then caught and harnessed at different areas of the land. The channels between each facet allowed maximum storage of the ray in any particular area at one time. Then it would be picked up by the next "station." One ring was for air transportation, one was for communication with space ships, one was for energy to run pumping systems for irrigation purposes, one was for growing food itself and the final one, as far as being useful to everyone, was for healing the people. There was one more that was used for secret work by the priests. The topmost ring itself was used to energize the crystal so the other six rings were more potent than they would have been without the seventh or top ring. It was an accentuator ring.

The color of red came from the stone the crystal was carved from. It was polished and the surface was smooth with all the intricate faceting being on the underneath side. If the facets had been directly exposed to the sun it would immediately have caused havoc in all the land due to the chaotic and powerful rays that would have been shooting off the crystal. The only way to control it was to have the facets on the underneath side and then control them with the accentuating ring at the top of the crystal. This was all mathematically designed. The stone that was used was brought from another planet. There is no such stone available on the earth today.

This article was excerpted from The TimeLine of Eternity by Norma Hickox which can be ordered at Norma is a professional musician. She plays and teaches six instruments and composes music. She has been an organist and choir director for many different spiritual denominations and has also taught vocal music in private elementary and pre-schools. She has also done painting, writing, dance and theater.

When she began composing, the music and lyrics would flow into her head in complete form. A year later she began to receive information from a spiritual source that flowed in the same way as the music. This new material was explained to be from spiritual teachers whose intent is to bring in new, much needed spiritual teachings for the new millennium. Hence the name, New Millennium NoteBooks.

These teachings are based on the Science of Music, which is the fundamental vibrational order and creative nature of the universe. The vibrations of music affecting her body since she was four years old is what allowed this opening to take place.

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Norma Hickox - EzineArticles Expert Author

Atlantis - Proof That Something Very, Very Big Happened 9620 BCE

According to the Greek philosopher, Plato, approximately 9,600 years before the Common Era, a large island was swallowed by the sea. Atlantis is the subject of popular fiction, an icon of fanatical debate, and the name of one of America's space shuttles.

Is there any truth behind the myth?

In 2002, while researching the background for a novel, I found three items of scientific evidence that may help to answer that question. They may not yet prove Atlantis was real, but they do prove that something big happened when Atlantis supposedly sank.

Proof? Incredible! Yes and each item of proof supports the hypothesis that the destruction of Atlantis was a real event. Each item of evidence could have been caused by the destruction of Plato's legendary island empire.

1. 3 Items that Prove Something Big Happened 9620 BCE An abrupt and major change to climate worldwide.
2. A moderately large trace of volcanic debris in the Greenland ice cores.
3. A sudden, 2-meter drop in sea levels worldwide.

The first item refers to the Younger Dryas, a 1300-year return to Ice Age conditions, after thousands of years of gradual warming. The abrupt start of the Younger Dryas has one widely accepted theory regarding a large, freshwater flood from the deglaciation of North America. The end of this period, however, is not as readily understood. If the Younger Dryas mini-Ice Age was caused by a cap on the thermohaline circulation in the North Atlantic, what could have broken that cap?

Most current estimates place the end of the Younger Dryas at about 9620 BCE. If Atlantis existed, and if it was between one and two times the size of Texas, an overnight collapse would likely have created a mega-tsunami as much as a kilometer or two high at landfall. It is easy to imagine such a wave stirring up the Atlantic with sufficient force to break the freshwater cap that started the Younger Dryas. Are there other possible sources? Of course there are. This one item does not prove Atlantis.

The second item comes from the GISP2 survey -- ice cores that detail the content of air over the last tens of thousands of years. About 9620.77 BCE volcanic debris found its way to Greenland from somewhere in the world. Perhaps a chemical signature might tell the source location, but it might be difficult to know for certain what flavors volcanoes were belching so long ago. This moderately large volcanic trace tapers off over the next two or more years. Was this from Atlantis? The date is close enough to be a match. And such an event as the collapse of Atlantis would likely have been accompanied by volcanic eruptions. The traditional location of Atlantis, at the Azores, is a field of volcanic activity astride the Africa-Eurasia tectonic plate boundary.

The third item is from a 1989 article in Nature magazine (Vol. 342, 7 December 1989). A graph of 17,000 years of sea level change shows a sudden drop in sea level at the end of the Younger Dryas (approximately 9620 BCE). On the original chart, the date was different, but the dates were less accurately known then. However, the slowdown in sea level rise during the Younger Dryas is quite apparent on the graph. Right before sea level rise accelerated (at the end of the Younger Dryas), there was approximately a 2-meter drop in sea levels worldwide.

Anywhere else on the graph, such a small blip would have remained unnoticed. Is this drop a proxy for some real tectonic collapse? Certainly this needs corroboration. What is significant about the magnitude of this drop in sea level is that it is equivalent to the drop one would expect from a Texas-sized plot of land collapsing 3000 meters somewhere in the oceans of Earth. In our Goldilocks fairytale, this amount is "just right" -- a perfect fit for Atlantis.

Was Atlantis geologically feasible? Yes, but that is the subject of another article.

R. Carl Martin

We now have proof that something very, very BIG happened 9600 BCE. Find out more by visiting Mission: Atlantis at the link, above.

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Bimini - Atlantis Found?

Edgar Cayce, the "sleeping prophet,"(who had helped some 14,000 people with physical problems, and past life issues) spoke of the "Hall of Records" buried three places on Earth. These records were the history of humankind on our planet. One record was buried under the paw of the Sphinx in Egypt. Another in the Yucatan Peninsula, and the third record buried with Atlantis when it sank under the sea. He spoke of Atlantis as being under the water in area of the Bermuda Triangle. The island of Bimini was supposed to be the highest peak of the mountain of Atlantis that never sunk. There were at least three sinkings of the Continent of Atlantis. After the first two sinkings those who stayed had to be the most stubborn, not in touch with reality folks, who just would not leave.

We set out very early AM from West Palm Beach, Florida on our journey. Chris has brought her eight year old son, and another female friend Henna. My motto has always been, "I come prepared." even though I was never a girl scout. So with much extra food in hand, we arrived at the seaplane airport in Ft. Lauderdale. I brought my sweater for the AC. The seaplane was a little 6 to 8 seater. As we took off I watched a 12 inch fan mounted on the bulkhead of the plane on an artistic rendering of fish in the sea. So much for my sweater and AC. Small windows were also open to let the fresh air in. It was thrilling to fly over the ocean and see the water below.

We arrived in early afternoon and had arranged a place to stay with the official New Age guide of the Island. We had two bedrooms and a kitchen facing the beautiful, pale green, clear water on the South part of Bimini where all the locals live. We were offered the front part of the duplex with a locked door in between the other residence. We were so tired from the journey we decided to immediately take a nap.

If in reality there is no time or space, everything past, present, and future is taking place in the great "NOW." As I lay my head on the pillow the thought came to me, "Oh my God we are in Atlantis!" Atlantis was a thriving society using "fire crystals" to power sea ships, cars, planes and everything else. They were known to have a pyramid, bigger than the Great Pyramid in Egypt, that had a crystal capstone faceted to collect the sun's energy. Apparently this crystal was an anti-matter device, possibly explaining the "disappearance" of planes, boats and people. Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis will rise again along with that huge pyramid! The Bimini Road, under the sea off the island could be a possible beginning of this.

Our family friend, Danny Burack, was one who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. One Christmas Eve, in the late 1960's he was out on his boat Witchcraft (named after the popular song of that time.) Danny was showing a priest the Holiday lights of Miami. He called the coast guard and told them,"The beer box is out." and that they were near a particular numbered buoy. The beer box was really the fish locker in the back of the boat. The coast guard was there within 18 to 20 minutes and never found a trace of them. Hundreds of boats went out the next day to look for them. Everything on the boat was floatable because Danny and his wife Mary had small children. Nothing was ever found. Was Dan taken to another dimension or somehow effected by the anomalous energies of the Bermuda Triangle?

I have been a reincarnationist since I was 11 or 12 years old. I always knew I lived in ancient Greece at the height of the Parthenon and all the "myths" of the Gods and Goddesses. I do have past life memories, especially of people I meet. You cannot tell me that I don't know certain people - it is a deep soul memory, letting me know that I knew them from some distant place "before."

Maybe what happened to us at Bimini was "payback karma" from my time in Atlantis. I knew I had been evil there, participating in some of the down-fall of a once thriving Continent. The "Law of One" had slowly been taken over by power hungry people who started to use their many "gifts" for destruction.

When we settled in on our first night we could feel the spirits of the past. They were clamoring to get into us. We felt them at all the windows and doors. It was the lost souls from the time of Atlantis. The air was thick with them. We lit candles, and prayed hard for protection, saying affirmations of light to appease the souls. We cleared the area and did feel safe inside.

We were really thwarted there at every turn. We rented a golf cart to get around, it kept dying on the trail while we suffered in extreme heat. One major problem on these trails next to the ocean were huge biting horse flies. They would not leave us alone. The only relief from them was to go into the water. One afternoon Chris came out of the water to look down at her arm turned black covered with fleas! The vermin and pestilence was among us.

It was the summer solstice and we had come to celebrate that day on Bimini. "Bonefish"came to pick us up in his boat. Edgar Cayce had spoken of the "healing hole." Bonefish knew where it was. Traveling out through the mangroves we were led off the boat to a secluded small body of water. It was a miracle that there were no bugs there. We floated for hours. We felt ice cold currents in the water. Cayce said this water was supposed to come from the Andes and that it had natural lithium in it. We were so relaxed we didn't want to leave. That same day we traveled to the "Fountain of Youth." Sorry to say it was quite a beaten up well, stones scattered, very little water. So much for renewing our youth!

Our next stop was out in the water near the southern most tip of the island for the exact time of the summer solstice. On the land near our destination, pictographs can be seen from above. A fish or whale has been discovered while flying over the area. We jumped off the boat into the glorious sea. I can dowse with my body, and with my eyes. My eyes kept being drawn to this area near the shore. I finally swam to the site and felt the icy cold currents again. Another current from the Andes!

Bonefish took us back to town to a place where conch fritters are the best. He met a friend in a boat along the way and exchanged fresh conch, which he readily ate, for a six-pack of beer. It is said that the fish have gold in them from the buried treasure of Atlantis. I had to try some!

Another day we walked around the island. We felt some very unusual things. We saw people who looked "vacant," as if controlled by some type of Voodoo. The old, little cemetery was just downright spooky. We walked to the former residence of Earnest Hemingway. I swear that place was heavy with spirits of the past or maybe some of his troubled memories.

Every day we were given the "if and reverse" on how much money we were to be charged for the boat, golf cart, and the house we were staying in. We were caught in this web of deceit. We were actually feeling threatened. One day Chris and I went to the beach to bury the crystals. A storm came up, wind fierce, and the waves crashing. It was NOT a serene ceremony to open the "Hall of Records."

Emotions were so ruffled that Henna even wanted to leave a day early. That night we decided to stay in and cook dinner. Chris has brought some cornish hens to bake with some rice and veggies. As we sat in the living room ready to eat, I could hear Henna crunching, very loudly, on something she was eating. I looked down in my plate and there was a huge chard of glass in my next bite. The glass baking dish had splintered during the baking. Henna already had some intestinal problems. Oh my God, they're trying to kill us!

The next morning was our last day. It was blistering hot outside. I was sitting in the living room when all of a sudden the lights and AC went out. I announced that I was not going to sit there all day in that heat, but instead spend it entirely in that beautiful water. A couple of hours before we were to leave we returned to the house. All the doors were locked! I said "Oh great, now they have stolen all of our stuff." As I looked in a window I could see my packed suitcase. Luckily someone had left a window open. Chris's son climbed in. Nothing seemed to be missing, but they had touched all our belongings and packed for us. How Bizarre!

We walked to the airport. I couldn't wait to get out of there. The New Age guide came after us looking for a tip. Chris told him she had left two cornish hens in the freezer for him. I'm sure he equated us to the "hens."

As we sat at the airport waiting for the seaplane, a man from the tourist bureau came up to ask me some questions about my stay there. After all it was a key destination for deep sea fishermen. I refused to answer anything and told him to ask my friends. I was holding my breath to get out of there.

Since my episode on Bimini or should I say Atlantis, I've heard of another frightful trip, where a visitor ran into a stormy sea and thought he was going to die. Does Bimini test certain people for their past negative Karma?

Chris did a channeling the night before we left. "The next time you come, EVERYONE WILL KNOW YOU ARE HERE." No thank you. Good to get out of there ALIVE!

©2008Merry C. Battles

If anyone has had a challenging experience while visiting Bimini and would like to share it please E Mail me at

Merry C. Battles has worked in the healing arts since 1977. She has practiced the art of massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu (an ancient form of Japanese Acupressure), CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, and foot reflexology. Merry is the author and illustrator of Christmas Meditations on the Twelve Holy Days December 26-January 6 Merry's book is a compilation of her 26 year meditation journey with the twelve holy days. Her book can be used all year as we travel through each sign of the Zodiac.

Merry has been a student of the ancient mysteries for as many years. Her greatest joy in life, along with her grandchildren, is to learn about the spiritual. This is reflected in all of her work.

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Three Untold Tales of Atlantis and Poseidonia

Note: here are two tales, somewhat out of place, written at the last moments of reediting the book (6-2007), written so the reader can easily put into focus what happened during the Capture of the King of Atlantis while in the watery tomb of Atlantis, the gardens, and the Wisdom of Ais, for she did acquire some during her long voyage from Atlantis to Hell, and then seeking out Limbo. The short sketches are simple untold tales within the tales you have just read, tales that might help produce for the reader a more descriptive picture of those two events.

The Wisdom of Ais

(Written 6-22-2007)

(After the Capture of Her Husband, Phrygian, Anases listens to the wisdom of Ais  so she stood forth and said: “I shall go forward, rather than wait for the foes of hell to weigh on me, wondering what their next move will be.”

Then Anases cried out in the garden of Atlantis, in its water tomb, “Ais, Queen of Atlantis, from the House of Phrygian, you have seen the evil of the times, and of the counsels of Hell were vain, and that in the shameless land there is no hiding, no escape yet known, and none will take our place and now you have walked away from the husband of yours that once sat indeed in the high-seat of Atlantis, and who was ruler of all the world. Let me know be your companion. For what is left!”

Ais arose and said firmly, “You do no evil that I know of, nor speak it, thus, there is no shame in you, I did before as I do now, as my heart tells me to I say to you old friend and now companion… (She hesitates a moment) this woe is now come, and I will go on behalf of the House of my Father, to seek an entrance into this Limbo. I’ve had enough pain in my existence be it on earth or here in Hell, we must simply go in a great haste and peruse a new abode, be it Limbo, or another corner of Hell. I deem this place is no longer a sanctuary, as it once was for us.

Those words did indeed foster a kind of smile and adrenaline rush for Anases, “We then must leave, for shapes dwell in the passing of ships in the waters of Hades, and they all lead to evil,” responded Anases.

Now Ais, in her haste to go, left Anases to his own, somewhat forgetting he was not coming, or following her to the opening in the mountain that lead out into the waters, for had she looked back, she would have seen Anases holding on to a huge stone structure of the dilapidated Atlantis. When she did turn around, he spoke from a distance, “Let me have my last moment please (grievously).”

“I beg you, come now…leave behind what remnants of an age long gone to its decaying process, it is but a dying shadow in a big ocean,” said Ais.

“Nay, nay, do take me with you, take me far away so I cannot find this place again,” he said.

The Great Capture

(Written 6-22-2007)

The capture of the King of Atlantis (Phrygian) was of course not by accident, but rather a planned betrayal, in the Garden of Poseidonia, in the watery tomb of a mountain in the waters of Hades: that said, I must insure the details are written down for posterity sake, for it was left out in the full, during the narration of the story, I shall tell it as it was from the memory of Beelzebub who told it a hundred times on the docks of Hell (The King of Demons)who was present, what could be better than that:

“…as we drew near in that watery tomb of Atlantis, hidden we were in the garden, for the moment came when we took step by step, yes indeed we crept behind him, halting, when he stood silent, so he could not here our breath, or foot movement, and , and see where my eyes were burning, burning I say with anticipation of his capture. I said to my self a thousand times that hour, ‘…get the king, get the king…’ and my presence did not dawn on him. Unwavering I was, and of course, my companions, but it was me behind him, the closest, I dare anyone to say different. I insured I remained against the light, so his compadre, Anases did not see me, and he did not. Escape was not possible at this moment, and it was for me beyond enduring, for I wanted to grab him, but I did not want him to escape.

Then I and my companions leaped on him, all at once, all of us…forcing him down, and hogtied him with chains. Yes, peril fell upon this king of kings from the earth, like a spider to a fly, like lightening striking a tree, like a bear grabbing its prey, that was us.”

And so remembered the mind of the demon, and his mind grew dark and more adventurous every time he told the story. The only thing the King said in his mind after the event was that, ‘All hope is false in Hell!’

A Poem for Ais

Blood burns, when there is sadness,

For Ais, learned this to be so;

But now her memories of Phrygian

Were dead and solidly froze

(now in the house of Limbo);

She knew not what she would find

Should she try to remember?

For her crossing from youth to old

Was all peril…!

No: 1882 6-22-2007

The Phrygian’ Mystery

(In Port of Poseidonia)

Written 6-23-2007

It was a strange scene. The killing of the High Priest of Poseidonia, Xandore, his brother, Xandoro heard it (as he was standing below the 1500-step doorway to the high tower), knew of it, didn’t see it, but Agaliarept knew Xandoro knew of it, he had to, he was Xandore´s assistant

in the temples of Poseidonia, the sister, Sham-hat whom also was a love priestess, she watched her older brother, now possessed by Agaliarept, with a bears eye, and a dears heart (or so she figured he was), but even more so she watched Xandoro, whom she knew the King and Agaliarept would go after, she had heard much of the ways of her brother Xandore´s new moods, and pale skin, and now Poseidonia had two mysteries, what happened to Xandore? And now where was Xandoro? Secrets were never much in Poseidonia, but mysteries were.

It was the third day Xandoro was missing, and she dare not ask anyone in the palace, especially the demon infested new high priest with the shell of Xandore around him, nor the King (the Queen Ais, was not Queen yet, not at this time, but a princess of some far off island).

And it was that she walked through the Grand Market Place, this third evening of her brother’s missing, the king and Agaliarept were having Orgies with boys, soldier’s wives, virgins, as often they did when life got boring, in the small palace house in the market place, it was useful since it was close to where the king and Agaliarept could grab whomever they wished to have lust with that evening. The King of Atlantis was young, lustful, and spontaneous, if not foolish.

It was a strange scene though, as Sham-hat walked through the underground corridors, the very ones the king used to go from building to building so he could not be seen. She had heard that a solider had seen the likes of the King and Xandore carrying Xandoro down the steps into the underground catacombs of Atlantis, and so as I will say again, she was in those very same corridors, and she had given herself to the guard to be there.

The candles she had, showed patches of light in this inky dark underground tomb of sorts. As she looked back, she saw only figures projected against the light, but on the floor she noticed drops of blood, perhaps when they dragged his body his foot cut, or perhaps he was still alive and he cut his foot on one of the perturbing rocks, to give someone a sign he was going to be buried alive as a sacrifice to his Goddess, or Zeus himself.

It was a solid rock floor she walked on, and a maze at that. She had a gleam of hope that perhaps he would still be alive, hoping his coffin was large enough to keep enough air in it. She tried to put herself in her brother’s position, if she was in a coffin, she would hope he would figure out she might be alive. If she was him, she’d even try to cut her food, with out drawing suspicion of course by the two culprits dragging him, or carrying him, thus leaving signs where she was being taken, but of course in this case He. Therefore she looked for any other signs that might he left.

She followed the blood droppings, they were a few steps from one another, and it was a long drag of the foot and leg. The dust on the floor was moved about one could see, that is to say, it was disturbed. It looked as if he was fighting, and stumbled a few places by the marks on the floor, and even some fingers dug into the walls—scratch marks, perhaps made purposely.

She had to interpret this quickly, for the foot steps had stopped, the three pairs anyhow, her brothers among the two assailants. She walked back a ways from where she came from, the tunnel was long and dusty, and she noticed a word written on the wall, suspicious, she put her hands on the wall as if to feel some kind of abnormal sense. Surely if he could he would be saying something now, so he was either dead, or gagged, and hands tied perhaps. It was becoming an exasperating evening, yet she could not stop, she felt there was progress up to this point.

The abductors had to have concealed him in this vicinity, she concluded, the three pair of foot prints stopped here. The word she read was “Mouse.” Down a ways, in the corner of the floor, on the ground, was a hole, just a little mouse-hole so it looked, or was it a breathing hole, Questioned Sham-hat?

For her life she could not distinguish a thing out of it, seemingly this was the only sign she had to go by, and so she started digging with her fingers at the mouse hole, making it bigger, shinning the light over it, placing the lit candles against the wall so she could dig with two hands—the candles (two of them lit together) were burning down slowly but burning down nonetheless, and she’d need time to get on back through the tunnels once her mission was done (so was her thinking at this moment), signs unseen to others with less light, and the only sign she had, and her instincts told her it was a grave; on her knees she dug, examined the ground, inch by inch continuing to dig. For some three hours, she crawled around this space on her knees until she disengaged one stone, perhaps a foot long and the same deep. Then she removed another, and she found it was a large tomb, and she went down into it—dropping her body down several feet, that is to say, she held the candles in her mouth, what was left of them, and hanging on to the edge of the square hole, she dropped with her feet below her onto a stone floor, a mausoleum of sorts. There were several men and women there on pyres, and her brother was among them, except, the others were of a skeleton kind, and rotted cloths hanging on them, loosely.

She moved closer to her brother, his eyes opened, he was tied to the pyre, and was gagged. She looked behind her, heard something like foot steps above her, she would have to step on her brothers shoulders (she figured), once renewed with life to get out of this large tomb, what she didn’t know was, behind her was the soldier she had pad with flesh to get entrance to the catacombs (also the king and Agaliarept figured something of this nature may take place, and warned the guards to keep an eye out of this kind of behavior, lest they lose their eyes for not doing so); and as she started to take the gag out of her brother’s mouth, an she could hear the footsteps nearing.

For her part, she felt she could not make it back up without her brother, and where could she hide if she did, and there really was no time before those footsteps were overhead; in any case, the next sound she heard was the stones she had dug out by hand were being put back into place, and needless to say, the candles she had brought were almost completely burned to its bottom portion of the wick, and it would burn out quickly.

(And so it remained a mystery in the Port of Poseidonia thereafter Until now.)

See Dennis' web site:

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Dennis Siluk Ed.D. - EzineArticles Expert Author

Atlantis the Lost City - Found on Google Earth

Has the lost city of Atlantis been found? The Sun, a UK tabloid, had an article stating someone has found the location using Google Earth. Google Earth denies the claim stating the lines seen are just the result of sonar used by boats measuring the ocean's floor.

Some History from Timaeus

Plato learned of Atlantis from someone who had been told the story by his grandfather when he was a young boy. The grandfather had heard the story from a friend of his father's, Solon.

Solon had traveled to Egypt, probably in search of knowledge. (People were always searching for knowledge back then.) Solon arrived at the city, Sais, that was located where the Nile divides. He discovered that their town goddess was the same as Athens', namely Athena (although she was called Neith in Sais).

The people of Sais seemed to love Athenians and claimed to be related somehow. They greeted Solon and received him with great honor. (That's Greekenese for with wild parties and great feasts...all in the search of knowledge, right?)

Solon, wishing to show off his knowledge, began boring them with the history of his land. He told them about the first man and the great flood...who survived, who was related to who...generally stuff no-one was interested in.

Finally one of Sais' priests (priest-another name for scholar in the old days) laughed at him telling Solon that he didn't even know his own history. This so enraged Solon that he wanted to fight the priest, even though the priest was an ancient old man. The priest (let's call him Joe for lack of a better name) Joe laughed at Solon and said, "O Solon, Solon, you Hellenes are never anything but children". (Hellenes is what they called the Athenians because the Athenians were always partying and womanizing.)

More History from Timaeus

Joe then started telling Solon the real history of his country. He told of floods, great fires and earthquakes. Joe explained to Solon that disaster after disaster, the only people left were the uneducated ones who lived in the mountains. Because of this, their civilization had to reboot after every disaster.

Joe also told Solon that Sais never had these problems because they were protected by the river Nile. (The river Nile runs north, unlike most rivers who run south. Thus the river Nile, by not conforming to generalized beliefs about rivers, is able to offer protection from disaster. Never believe people who tell you to fit in!)

Anyway, Joe told Solon that with every reboot people lost knowledge. That was why Solon's history was no better than an child's tale. (Yikes! The bogeyman is everywhere!) Sometimes there were more people, sometimes there were less, but they never remembered the facts.

Once upon a time Athens was the best at everything...war, government, noble deeds and beauty. (War was big in the old days, oh yea, still big...sorry, my bad.) Solon was amazed. Joe told him that Athens was actually begun a 1000 years before Sais. Athena began Athens first, but Sais' records still existed. (nyanyanyane). Solon could feel free to go through these records anytime.

Joe pointed out the similarities in the Sais' and Athenian's ways of life, the similarities of beliefs, the similarities of seeking knowledge. He told Solon how Athena loved Athens most, how she thought that Athens would produce men whom she could be proud of. Joe told how Athens excelled at war and wisdom and honored Athena as no other people could.

Solon was amazed. He did not believe Joe. Joe told him to go to the temple and search through the records if he did not believe. Sais had recorded many stupendous deeds of the Athenians. There was one that outshone all the others.

The Athenians stood against Atlantis! Solon did not understand. Who was Atlantis that this stood out before everything else? If Athens was first in everything, what did Atlantis matter. Joe laughed. Atlantis was descended from Poseidon!

Oh No! More History, Now From Critias!

Atlantis was a country island that was beyond the Pillars of Hercules (now know as the Straits of Gibraltar). It was ruled by 1 king and 9 princes. The legend goes that Poseidon loved a mortal woman and had 5 sets of twin sons. (Luckily this is in the distant past, who could support 10 sons nowadays?!) It seems everyone was a specialist. You could specialize in war, husbandry (raising animals), artistry and government, to name a few. (why do I only feel the need to explain "husbandry"?)

Now these princes and their king were of godly blood and believed that they needed to obey the god's rule. Poseidon had left them rules inscribed above the temple. Above all else they were to protect family. (Not so different from what my mother taught me.)

A long time passed. They were successful above all men. This was a place of comfort and and peace. Nothing lasts forever! The story states that they became too interbred with the human species and lost their godlike ability to be happy.

They defied one of Poseidon's rules. "They were not to take up arms against one another, and they were all to come to the rescue if any one in any of their cities attempted to overthrow the royal house; like their ancestors, they were to deliberate in common about war and other matters, giving the supremacy to the descendants of Atlas. And the king was not to have the power of life and death over any of his kinsmen unless he had the assent of the majority of the ten."

They became more and more human and over time their greed grew. They attempted to take over the world. Zeus, watching from Olympus, did not like this. (Zeus-father and king of Gods). He caused a great earthquake, tsunami, landslide...who knows.In 24 hours Atlantis no longer had been swallowed by the sea.

Fact or Fiction

Critias tells Plato about Atlantis as if it was a real story. A story passed down in his family for many years. He believed the story true. Since that time people have been trying to prove the existence of Atlantis without success.

People have theorized that the Atlantins were the fathers of the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Incas. All societies thought to be ahead of their times.

The image shown on Google Earth is approximately where Atlantis was thought to exist. Fact or decide.

What we Learned

Let us reflect on what we learned:
* Sometimes, people know more about us than we know ourselves.
* Not every old person is stupid.
* Write down your memories, or they will disappear
* Do not anger the Gods!
* Know your history
* Live in the mountains.

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Atlantis And Lemuria - Lost Continents, Or A Dreamland Of Eden?

Atlantis and Lemuria - lost continents, or a dreamland of Eden?


You ask - Atlantis? What is hidden behind this mysterious word? Did this lost, mythical world really exist? Why has it been covered with so much words, veils of fantasy, half-truths, assumptions, hypotheses, or perhaps truths? Or is it just a pure fabrication that inspires poets, occultists, and a little less conventional scientists? It's hard to tell...

Atlantis received a lot of attention and many words were written about it; delusions and disinformation too. However, not only laymen but also few and quite earnest scientists claim that this fabulous world did really exist here some long time ago.

Atlantis and its unearthly destruction gave birth to several theories; however, before we start speaking about them, let us look at the historically first recorded note about the existence of this unknown world.

The first record about Atlantis was written by Plato - a famous and trustworthy Greek philosopher - who in his works, Critian (and Timeus, too) described in words of Critias a story about Solon, a famous thinker and poet from 6th century BC, who had heard in Egypt from a certain priest that some long time ago there had existed a land called Atlantis, which had been destroyed. A fragment of Plato's words: On this island of Atlantis had arisen a powerful and remarkable dynasty of kings, who ruled the whole island, and many other islands as well and parts of the continent; in addition it controlled, within the strait, Libya up to the borders of Egypt and Europe as far as Tyrrhenia (Italy)...

Translation by Sir Desmond Lee, first published 1965, Penguin Classics.

According to other narrations, Gods divided the world for themselves. Poseidon was one of them and he got the Atlantis. Some people had already lived on the island and one of them was Evenor who had Leucippe as his spouse; they had one daughter - Cleito. Cleito grew up, she was more and more beautiful, and Poseidon fell in love with her. When Cleito's parents died, the almighty God of the Sea took care of her and she was about to give birth to five pairs of twins - men, twin brothers, who received the Atlantis to domineer over it. The oldest one was Atlas. And these ruled and governed in a big empire...

Egyptians said to Solon that Atlantis had been destroyed some 9000 years ago. Thus, if we add 600 years (before Christ) when Solon lived, and 2000 years that passed from the Christ's birth until today, we will get 11,600 years.

There are other authors who wrote about Atlantis, but the first and most famous source is that one of Plato. The other source is a Greek philosopher Diodorusa Siculus, who lived some 90-20 years before Christ, and who wrote (Bibliotheca Historica) that some thousands years in the past Phoenicians had visited a very big island. Atlanteans allegedly "civilized most of the people". So you can see, there are more historical descriptions of Atlantis among which we can also find the one from Aristotle, who wrote, too, about a big island in the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, the destruction of Atlantis was mentioned by historians such as Marcellinus, Timagenus, Theopompos...

We also deal with written records of the Aztecs, Mayas, and not only with these. There are written records such as Chilam Balam, Dresden Codex, Popol Vuh, Codex Cortesianus - they all indicate that the existence of such an advanced civilization was possible. If we look into the line drawing of the less distant history, Atlantis had always attracted poets, writers, but also occultists or travelers/adventurers. One such author was Francis Bacon, who already in 1626 wrote a very interesting work - New Atlantis, which - at its time - exceeded even Verne. Bacon describes here how a shipwreck crew found some extremely advanced people on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. The inhabitants of this island could "record sounds", they were able to "demonstrate" and "copy" it; they used "engines" for all types of movements; they also had messengers whom they sent to visit the worldly nations and collect information.

Occultism and New Age also drew information from the famous Russian clairvoyant - Blavatska, who maintained that people from Atlantis were just a different race on Earth and they had amazing psychical abilities. However, being corrupted, they changed themselves to bad magicians and started war that resulted in a complete destruction.

Theories about Atlantis

Theories about Atlantis basically stand on two pillars:


It is a fable.

It is a "bubble" fabricated from the fall of the Minon civilization and the destruction of the Thera Island, today known as Santorini, 1640 years before Christ by volcanic explosion in the area of smaller volcanic islands in the Egey Sea some 75 kilometers southeast from the main Greek land.

If we forget the first two points and suppose that Atlantis did really exist, then we can look at other theories:


Atlantis existed in the Atlantic Ocean.

In the web of sciences, pseudoscience and charlatanism, other teachings appear such as a theory about the existence of an archipelago between Cyprus and Syria, but the above theories are the mainstream ones. Let us therefore look at some information about the possible existence of Atlantis in divergencies of opinions and in a theoretical level without requirement to prove or disprove something.

If we count on the theory about the Mediterranean Sea and the Minon civilization, we will get a simple conclusion. However, if we are not ready to stop at this point, we can also mention theories about an island or even a land in the Atlantic Ocean.

Theories about Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean

One of the first modern-time Atlantis researchers, who delved into the study of old documents and sources about Atlantis on a long-term basis, was Ignatius Donnelly - an American congressman from Minnesota, who in the year 1882 wrote a book Atlantis the Antediluvian World, and in 1883 Ragnarok the Age of Fire and Gravel. Donnelly brought the legend about Atlantis to awareness of Americans with great success. He cites Plato in his books; he speaks about myths and theories of the Biblical flood; he does not bypass native American Indians either and tries to document language similarities of Indian languages with some European languages.

The number of authors enlarged including the ones from professional areas. For example, James Churchward wrote several books where he documents old scripts; William Niven, a geologist, tries to prove that he found similar stone tablets in Mexico. These and other writers support the theory that Atlantis existed in the Atlantic Ocean as an advanced civilization that colonized the continent of North and South America, but also Europe, Africa and Asia.

The anthropologist George Hunt Williamson made his own research of Atlantis and Lemuria. The author writes how the ancestors of the Incas led him to an old manuscript in the Andes; it records the destruction of Atlantis and Mu. They had allegedly an advanced technology.

Proofs or arguments

In case of "proofs", we should be careful, as the Atlantis topic is a good way for making money. But in addition to fake proofs, there are some trustworthy arguments too. Let's think.

The Piri Reis map come from about the year 1513.

Columbus, the man who discovered America as the first person mentioned in historical documents, studied older maps including the map of Admiral Piri Reis, which dates back to 1513. Albeit the continent of America was discovered in 1492, these maps picture the world in a shape that is against the knowledge of the present historical science. The Piri Reis map pictures also Antarctis some 300 years before it was discovered - the contours are quite accurate.

Not only this does make us "dumb". Professor Hapgood contacted the US Air Force to confirm the theory about the fact that the land areas of the Piri Reis map picturing Antarctis are not below ice. He received a positive answer.

I would like to believe... But most opinions pertaining to this subject are a product of manipulation that helps their authors maintain a "good job" or institute themselves in some hierarchy of the world. The Italian scientist Diego Cuoghi documents some details - already at the time of the Turkish Admiral, South America was being discovered by more adventurers; one of them was Amerigo Vespucci (in 1499); however, there are also maps dated before 1513 and even more accurate than the Piri Reis map if we focus on Cuba, Jamaica and Porto Rico - these areas are pictured quite inaccurately on the above-mentioned map. Writers like Dänikin or Professor Hapgood simply ignore this.

We can also mention a map by Juan de la Cosa (1500) or Cantino (1502). If we put Antarctis or "undiscovered" islands into the profile, this cannot be seen as proof, because, for example, Waldseemüller's map from 1507 pictures China prolonged from the back of India - China actually going to Sri Lanka... Thus, we could say that the missing part of Brazil on the Piri map simply did not exist!

And what about accurate contours of Antarctis? I think that Hapgood, von Dänikan and other writers arrogantly underestimate thinking and intelligence of ancient people and they forgot that Egyptians were very good sailors too.

This implies that if the Alexandrian library was destroyed as the richest source of information we had ever had - any good Egyptian pharaoh - a visionary could easily support a big expedition and it is possible that some ancient sailors knew that Antarctis existed. Having no records about this does not necessarily mean that ancient people did not explore America or Antarctis in the ancient past; neither does it mean that they had to become "extraterrestrials", as imagination of present writers often indicates, as they appear to think that ancient people were not even able to think.

Archeological findings

There are many interesting findings, but to expose details of every one of them is not necessary for the moment. To be brief, let's include only some of them to give a picture how adherents of the idea of a lost world think.

North America

In May 1969, somewhere around the Bimini islands, archeologists Mansen Valentain and Dimitri Rebikov found some remnants of a building some 30 meters deep in the sea. These were big pieces of stones - they perfectly fit into one another; the weight of one was about 25 tones. Scientists from the Miami University concluded that the remnants date back to some 7,000 or 10,000 years before Christ, which means that they are older than the pyramids of the Mayas.

The expedition of Dr. Manson Valentine found near the Bimini Islands other ruins at the sea bottom, and in the year 1982 these ruins were photographed. They are quite similar to one of the oldest places that have ever been found - Tiahuanaco Lake in Bolivia.

South America

Many explorers and adventurers tried to find the El Dorado - an imaginary place of immense richness. Some archeologists also claim that South America is the oldest cradle of humankind. Long time ago the Tiahuanaco Empire existed here and it is believed that it existed some 12,000 years before Christ. The remnants of a big city Tiahuanaco can be found even today on the banks of Titicaca Lake. Many expeditions explored this area. Scientists wonder how could the then inhabitants move heavy stones (about 130 tones) and put them side by side. The Tiahuanaco civilization gave birth to predecessors of Indians in South America.

Other sources say that Phoenicians visited South America; one such a source was Austrian Professor Ludwig Schwennhagen, who claims that he found their inscriptions in the Amazon jungle. The French researcher Apollinaire Frot traveled all over the Brazilian areas such as Minas Gerais, Goiás, Mato Grosso and Bahia and said that he had found so many such inscriptions that he could write books about them. A British explorer, Percy Fawcett, confirmed this independently.


Amazonia is poorly explored in terms of present knowledge; its size is only a little smaller that the present USA. A very famous is the story of Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, a member of the Royal Geographical Society in London.

At the beginning of the 20th century, this in archeology interested adventurer decided to explore "lost worlds" in the South-American forests. On the basis of agreements with the Bolivian and Brazilian governments, he became a member of several expeditions, and already in the year 1911 he lectured in London about "lost cities" the existence of which he predicted somewhere on the border between Bolivia and Brazil. Percy Fawcett was a real enthusiast of the mythological Atlantis and he believed that South America, i.e. Brazil, was colonized by this civilization in our ancient history.

His disappearance gave birth to several hypotheses, one of them was that Indians might capture him and that he still lives. BBC made several TV documents and they also contacted the Fawcett's family to find out more, but the family refused to disclose some sensitive materials about Fawcett with justification that people are not yet prepared to hear this...

Document 512

Fawcett, as we already know, was possessed by the idea to search ancient civilizations and he also visited many archives. He found a document in Instituto Historico e Geographico Brasileriro in Rio de Janeiro about the 1753 Portuguese expedition, where it is written: "...big, hidden and very ancient city was found without inhabitants...".

However, stories about his disappearance are exaggerated - it is not a problem to disappear in such a jungle even today without leaving any trace. Some believe that he lives in these lost cities and has eternal life...


The idea of Lemuria or Mu first appeared in works of Augustus Le Plongeon, the traveler and writer who conducted his own investigations.

Concepts about Lemuria are further built on the fact that identical geological structures of Permian are found in South India, South Africa, and Australia. Some geologists therefore suggested a theory of possible existence of ancient continent and proposed the name Lemuria, which somehow survived.

This lost continent was later popularized by James Churchward (1852-1936) in a series of books, beginning with The Children of Mu (1931), The Lost Continent Mu (1933), and The Sacred Symbols of Mu (1935). The books still have devotees...


Certainly, every reasonable man will refuse Dänikin's ideas - we may not necessarily see an "astronaut" in every ancient drawing. But neither do we have to go in a direction to hatefully reject any idea that slithered off our monocultural line. First of all, it is open thinking that is important to correctly grasp or refuse anything that appears as truth or lie.


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The Mermaids of Atlantis

On New Years night 2006, I asked to see the Angels. I closed my eyes and I clearly saw my Guardian Angel, a beautiful female angel, standing on a beach. She smiled at me and pointed out into the ocean. She said "Go swimming with the Mermaids. They will clear you of any negativity you might have accumulated over the past year."

So in my vision, I clearly saw myself walking into the ocean. I was submerged under water and I saw about five or six beautiful female Mermaids swimming towards me. They were smiling as they began to swim all around me. I knew they were "cleansing my aura." Their fins and hair would gently touch my skin and each time that they would "swoosh" by me I would feel a rush of peaceful and loving energy. They then began to laugh and their laughter seemed to call in the dolphins. Just then a group of dolphins began to swim around me, alongside the mermaids. The dolphin's energies were very happy and light.

After a few moments more, I thanked the Mermaids and Dolphins for their loving and healing energy and returned to the beach. My Guardian Angel was there on the beach, smiling at me. I felt so much "lighter and happier", and I smiled back at her, and then my vision was over.

The Mermaids can work with any of us no matter where we live. In the physical world, the third realm, I live in the desert in Arizona. But our consciousness is connected with the consciousness of all, and therefore we are capable of traveling to various realms and locations if we so desire, without moving our physical bodies. We often do this during our dreamstate, but we are mostly unaware of this. When we are meditating and visualizing such things like "swimming with the Mermaids of Atlantis" a part of our consciousness really does go to the depths of the Ocean where Atlantis and the Mermaids of Atlantis reside. And we can experience great healings and wonderful insights when we "travel" in this way.

What are Mermaids?
Mermaids are Water Elementals, who are like the Guardian Angels of the Sea. They appear to look like half human, half fish creatures. The upper part of their body, above the waist, is human-like and very beautiful. The lower part of their body merges into a strong fish tail. Merfolk or Merpeople, as they are called, can be female (Mermaids) or male (Mermen).

The Merfolk exist on the same realms as the Faeries and Elementals, which are known as the Fourth and Fifth Realms. Indeed the Merpeople are Faery, as they are the protectors, guides and guardians of the Oceans (Faeries protect all of nature and there are many types of Faery beings).

Mermaids, and even the Mermen, are considered to be very sensual and erotic beings. They can help us to heal our beliefs and wounds regarding , the physical body and our emotions. They also resemble the healing qualities of water and can assist us in cleansing physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

The Merfolk exist all over the world in the Oceans and Seas. The Mermaids and Mermen of Atlantis however, are considered to be the "royalty" of the Merpeople. The Mermaids and Mermen of Atlantis are some of the great protectors, alongside the Angels of Atlantis, of the healing crystals and temples of Atlantis, which exists now in the depths of the Ocean near Greece.

There are also other Mermaids and Mermen who help to protect the oceans and seas, and the healing crystals and temples of Atlantis. There are mermaids known as "Mer-Angels" and some known as "Mer-Fairies". The Mer-Angels are Mermaids and Mermen who are like the Archangels of the Oceans. They have fins and large angel wings. The Mer-Fairies are smaller Mermaids and Mermen who have fins and Gossammer Wings like that of a Gossammer Winged Fairy.

The Mer-Angels and Mer-Fairies tend to work very closely with the Incarnated Merpeople in ensuring the well being of the Oceans and Ocean life. An Incarnated Mermaid is a person who was a Mermaid in a recent past life, who decided to incarnate as a human in this life in order to help educate more humans on how to treat the Oceans and the Earth better. Healing with the Mermaids and Mermen of Atlantis

Try the following meditation/visualization for healing with the Mermaids and Mermen of Atlantis:

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and allow your entire body to completely relax. Take three deep breaths and surround yourself with divine white light.

Now call upon the Angels and ask that they be with you now, keeping you safe and protected.

Visualize yourself standing on a beautiful beach. The sky is clear blue, the ocean is a beautiful blue-green turquoise color, and the sand is glimmering. See the palm trees behind you and feel the wind gently blowing through your hair and the sun shining gently on your face.

Now you see your Guardian Angel walking to you from a distance. See his or her wings as large and beautiful, radiating a rainbow of beautiful colors. See his or her body glowing with white light.

Your Angel points out into the ocean and asks you to go swimming with the Merpeople. Your Guardian Angel says, "The Mermaids and Mermen of Atlantis are ready to cleanse you of any and all negativity that might be within your aura, body and mind. They will then infuse you with the healing energies of the Crystals of Atlantis."

You walk slowly towards the ocean and you feel the water touching your feet. You know that as you submerge yourself in the water you will still be able to breathe deeply and normally.

You gently jump into the water and swim further out into the ocean until you see three beautiful Mermaids and two handsome Mermen gently floating in the water. They ask you to follow them further into the depths of the ocean to see the healing temples and Crystals of Atlantis.

You swim further and deeper into the ocean, and as you do you begin to actually feel lighter and more peaceful.

Then you see a large, glowing and beautiful temple, which looks very "Romanesque". It is shimmering a rainbow of colors, especially silver and gold. The Temple has a large entrance doorway, which is guarded by two very large Mer-Angels, one female and the other male. On the foot of the entrance you see all kinds of crystals on the ocean floor that are shimmering and beautiful. You see pink rose quartz, clear quartz, purple amethyst, yellow citrine, green tourmaline, moonstone, and so many other crystals, some of which you have never seen before! You also feel that inside of the temple are some very large and beautiful crystals, which are known as the healing crystals of Atlantis.

The Mermaids and Mermen that you followed to the temple then begin to swim all around you. Each time that they gently sweep around you, you feel a rush of peaceful and loving energy. They are cleansing your aura.

You then see White Light coming from above the ocean surface and it is entering your Crown Chakra. This light is coming from the God/Goddess and it is gently cleansing through each of your chakras. It begins at your Crown chakra . . . down to your third eye . . . to your throat chakra . . . to your Heart chakra . . . to your solar plexus . . . to your second chakra . . . and then at the base of your spine in your first chakra.

The Mermaids and Mermen then gently nudge you towards the Temple where the Mer-Angels open the entrance way, and they ask you to enter the temple. As the door opens, all you can see is a white and golden light. You gently move towards it and soon this white and golden light envelops you. This light is the healing energy that is coming from the activated Crystals of Atlantis. You close your eyes and you feel all of your fears, worries, doubts, guilt and un-forgiveness gently falling away and you feel empowered, healed and blessed. Stay here within this light for as long as you like.

As you open your eyes the Mer-Angels have brought you back out of the temple and the Mermaids and Mermen are ready to escort you back to the surface of the ocean and back to the beach.

As you are swimming back to the surface of the ocean and towards the beach, you see a group of dolphins swimming beside you! They are smiling and acting very playfully!

When you reach the surface of the ocean the mermaids and mermen smile and wave at you, and you know it is now time for you to go alone back to the beach.

As you reach the beach, your Guardian Angel is there. She or he gives you a gentle hug and asks you to take three deep breaths. As you do she or he tells you to gently open your eyes and return to your normal consciousness.

Take three deep breaths and gently open your eyes.

Thank the Mermaids, Mermen, Mer-Angels, Dolphins, Angels, Healing Crystals of Atlantis and the great God/Goddess for this loving and powerful healing.

Adrienne Dumas is the editor and creator of the free online magazine "The Faeries and Angels Magazine". She is also a certified Reiki Master, a student of A Course in Miracles and she is currently writing a book about Faeries. You can view the online magazine, which includes FREE articles and podcasts at

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What is a Hollow Earth Theory?

A Hollow Earth Theory is an assumption that our earth is hollow and that intelligent beings, most probably with very advanced technologies, live in it. An astronomer, Edmund Halley (1692), put forth the idea of Earth consisting of a hollow shell. Other scientists expanded this idea suggesting that the interior of Earth has its central sun. Writers of esoteric books supplemented the idea with fantastic assumptions that ancient masters like Buddha or Jesus came originally from these subterranean realms of our planet (they, like Christians, believe, too, that Mary conceived Jesus as virgin but from this subterranean source).

Followers of the Hollow Earth Theory have also their "proofs" and purpose of this article is to present some of them.


The story of Hyperborea is a legend. Some people believe that very long time ago, after the destruction of Atlantis, the privileged part of the Atlantean society hid itself into the underground where it has stayed until now and UFO actually comes from here.

This theory assumes that Hyperborea still exists in the underground. Nazis, too, believed in the existence of Hyperborea as an advanced subterranean civilization and wanted to contact it.

A famous Greek (lyric) poet, Pindarus, glorifies Hyperborea in his poem: Neither disease nor bitter old age is mixed in their sacred blood; far from labor and battle they live.

As we can see, Hyperborea is part of Greek mythology. Pliny, Herodotus, as well as Virgil and Cicero described it. They wrote that Hyperboreans lived to the age of one thousand years and enjoyed lives in absolute happiness in a place where the sun was shining twenty-four hours. These mythical people lived somewhere in the north. When translated, Hyperborea is the land Behind (Hyper) the North Wind (Boreas).

Utsuro Bune

In about the year 1800, an exceptionally bizarre phenomenon occurred in Japan. It is not known very much in the Western world. A record was found in a library in Iwase Bunko (Japan) about an Unidentified Submerged Object (USO) as it washed up on the shore. Local people saw a woman coming out of the capsule. She was flawlessly decorated and had red eyebrows. She spoke a different language, so the locals could not figure out where she had come from. This event occurred at Harashagahama in Hitachi-no-kuni.

Underground waters

Big underground water resources do not prove the existence of Hollow Earth, but localizing them gives evidence that large cavities inside our planet do really exist. A scientific website has an article about an underground ocean found deep under the Asian surface. Another interesting thing is the lake Vostok, which was found by Russian scientists under the surface of Antarctica some 4000 meters under the surface.

The Federal Cave Protection Act (US)

In advocating their assumptions, followers of the Hollow Earth Theory also point to the fact that the United States federal law mandates federal permits whenever anybody decides to explore a cave.

The Act, for example, says:
Information concerning the specific location of any significant cave may not be made available to the public under section 552 of title 5, United States Code, unless the Secretary determines that disclosure of such information would further the purposes of this Act and would not create a substantial risk of harm, theft, or destruction of such cave.

The term "Secretary" means the Secretary of Agriculture or the Secretary of the Interior, as appropriate.

Voices from the underground

I do not know how credible is the source the Finnish newspaper Ammenusastia used for its article that tells that Soviet scientists, when drilling into the earth, were astonished, as they heard millions of voices with screams deep in the earth. A Soviet scientist, doctor Azzacove, said that, "We drilled through the gates of Hell! As a communist, I don't believe in heaven or the Bible but as a scientist I now believe in hell."
You can search for keywords such as Azzacove, voices from hell, and listen.


In Slovakia, we have an almost fantastic story about a moonshaft mentioned by Antonin Horak. His article first appeared in a speleological newsletter later in USA where he emigrated. Mr. Horak joined local (Czechoslovakia) anti-Nazi movement during World War II and when Germans wounded him, he needed some time for treatment and a place for hiding. A man took him into a cave near Zdiar. Mr. Horak explored the cave, but going deeper into it he found an artificially made shaft of a crescent-moon shape. It was completely black. The following link has more information

Mr. Horak writes, "Is there truth in legends, like Plato's, about long-lost civilizations with magic technologies which our rationale cannot grasp nor believe?" Or, "I am a sober, academically trained person but must admit that here, between these blacks, satiny, mathematically-curved cliffs I do feel as if in the grip of an exceedingly strange and grim power."

Jacques Bergier, a famous French mystery writer, included some information about the Horak's story in his books, too, and described it as one of the most intriguing miracles waiting yet for its discovery in Europe.

Whether you believe the Hollow Earth Theory or not, the above references help maintain this quite a crazy idea and possibly many others, too. If you think it is all nonsense, meditate a little on the following wise thought someone once said: "Anything should be possible in infinity. You need to be at the right place at the right time, or close enough."

Author's esoteric nature

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