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Ark Of The Covenant - Shock And Surprise Greet Revelations

The recent revelations that the original Ark of the covenant is and has been in Kenya since the year 1210 has been received with shock and surprise from all over the world.

In his weekly briefing on radio, the college of elders' (who are the custodians of shrines in Mt. Kenya) spokesman who prefers to refer to himself as the Chief Seer's messenger, explained that the world has been caught unawares by the revelations. Communities around Mt. Kenya revived the half century prayers at the shrine up the mountain last week which the messenger described as very successful.

The feedback he has received so far is that most individuals observed the three days of fasting and prayers as requested to by the college of elders. He clarified that despite the fact that the mandatory three days of prayers were over, the elders and some more people have continued to pray. He however refused to give details on what transpired up the mountain.

For the last two years or so, the messenger has been participating in a local dialect radio show educating Kenyans on the meaning of having the shrines in Kenya. But when he put the narrations in the print paper, through an advertisors announcement, many people who only understand the English language have been able to understand and cascade the message all over the world.

The Chief Seer's Messenger has however warned that there will be counter claims springing from different parts of the world claiming to know more about the Ark of The Covenant. Quoting the scriptures, in Exodus 7; 10 when Moses cast down his cane and it became a serpent, the Pharaoh had his answer, ordering his men to also cast down their rods, which became serpents. The serpent from Moses' cane however, swallowed the others. This was God's expression of supremacy.
The other side will always claim to have an answer to everything, and therefore we should expect all sorts of claims.

The messenger explained that his advertiser announcement was self written and edited to avoid any unwarranted input from journalists. He explained that he is aware that critics and genuine scholars are preparing their ammunition and will soon be studying with renewed interest the events that just occurred in Kenya.

For most Kenyans, the mountain that has given the country its name has regained its position as a holy site, only that this time it is much more clear what the shrines up the mountain contain.

James G. Kamweru is a tour operator and has been organizing and reporting on Vacation, Travel and Tours for years. For More Information Visit his site at Ark Of The Covenant

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Mt. Kenya - The Gikuyu Invoked Powers Of The Ark Of The Covenant To Bring Down The British Empire

In an interesting revelation, the seer's messenger who hold in trust the shrines on Mt Kenya, has made public how the British rule came tumbling down not just in Kenya but all over the world. In a paid up article in the PEOPLE DAILY, dated Nov 7, the messenger revealed among other things what sparked off the interesting story.

In 1948, when the Agikuyu, Aembu and Ameru communities realized that the British would never allow Africans self determination in Kenya, their military wing the Mau Mau ascended Mount Kenya with their crude weapons namely home-made guns, spears, machetes and other nondescript assortment. They laid down their weapons in prayer. Raising their hands facing Kigongona Kia Mai(the shrine where the Ark is concealed) the chief seer Mugo wa Kibiru, led them in reciting their solemn prayer.

Ngai mbara ino turathii nawe.

Nigikorwo turi aku na uri witu.

Twahoto niwe wahotwo

Twahotana niwe wahotana

Twahota nitugacoka haha tukurutire igongona ria ngatho.

God you are our ally in this war

For we are your people and you are our God

Our defeat is your defeat

Our victory is your victory

If we win we shall assemble here and offer thanks giving offering.

Like Gideon of the Old Testament, they wanted assurance from God that they would defeat the British Army. The Chief Seer left the scene. After some hours, he came with the message from God. He made a trench from where the Mau Mau were standing and said thus. "The day King George's Army crosses this trench, count ten years, and the British Government will not only loose the war in Kenya but would loose the whole empire."

The Mau Mau spokesman sort clarification which year that will be. The Chief Seer said the British rule will come to an end in the year the Mugumo (fig) tree in Thika falls down. That prophesy somehow reached the colonial Government. The Mugumo tree in Thika was reinforced with rails and sheets.

To fulfil the seer's prophesy, on 1st June 1953, the Mau Mau fighters enticed the British soldiers to cross the marked trench, by encamping near the trench. The Mau Mau crossed the trench with the British army following in hot pursuit. The Mau Mau celebrated in camp that night. Exactly ten years later, on 1st June 1963, the mugumo tree in Thika fell down despite all the reinforcements. The day remains a public holiday in Kenya todate.

Interestingly, as the communities set to return to the mountain to seek God's intervention again, the British Government could feature in bad books once more. The seer's have made public three major reasons for seeking God's hand.

1} Diplomatic missions engagement in local politics. Four foreign diplomatic missions in Nairobi do not observe code of diplomatic etiquette and procedure. These Embassies have changed to 'governorships'.

2) Errant Church founders who masquerade as 'saints' have entered the world of politics with intent of making fortunes.

3) Leftist politicians who are imbuing electorates with revolutionary doctrines in the so called 'majimbo'(federalism) are reminiscence of Yugoslavia - majimbo that abetted ethnic cleansing.

Although the diplomatic missions referred to above have not been named, it is unlikely that the US and UK who have been consistent with their comments on local politics could be left out. Only yesterday, Nov 14 a bishop was cleared to vie for the country's presidency.
In a terse observation, the seers have warned that the country is destined to fall in a big civil war. That is why they have requested the community members to join them on the 20th, 21st and 23rd Nov 2007 in prayers for the Nation.

We shall watch keenly as the events unfold.

James G. Kamweru is a tour operator and has been organizing and reporting on Vacation, Travel and Tours for years. For More Information Visit his site at Mount Kenya

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Ark of Covenant Found - Almost

Raiders of the Lost Ark was a thrilling movie, but what Indiana Jones sort-of found was not the Ark of the Covenant. Here are some clues that might help you solve the greatest historical mystery of all times.

According to Exodus in the Old Testament, God spoke to the Israelites from amidst thunder, lightning and smoke from the summit of Mount Sinai.

God ordered them to build an ark of specific materials and dimensions so that he “could dwell among them.”

While the ark was under construction, God summoned Moses to the summit. “I will give thee the tables of stone and the law and the commandments which I have written” (scratched).

Moses returned after 40 days (symbolic for “a long time”) with the tables. He found that in his absence the Israelites had constructed a golden calf (Egyptian bull-god).

Angry that his people were backsliding, Moses cast down and broke the tables that God had made. The people repented. Moses prayed for a second chance.

God told him to hew two tables of white stone and bring them in an ark of wood to the summit where God would again write the “testimony.”

Thus it is clear that there were two arks – one of gold-plated acacia wood approximately 4 feet, by 2 1/2 feet by 2 1/2 feet, equipped with long carrying-staves and topped by two “cherubims” with out-stretched wings.

The design was a standard, Egyptian motif for sacred objects – similar to one found in King Tut’s tomb.

The makeshift ark was plain, unspecified wood and dimensions – certainly smaller inasmuch as Moses had to carry it up and down the mountain by himself.

The tables probably were no larger than today’s printer-copier paper. It was common practice to scratch messages on stone or pottery when scarce papyrus paper was not available.

Jewish tradition is that the golden Ark contained God’s broken tables, a jar of “manna” (unidentified) that sustained the Israelites in the wilderness, and Aaron’s rod that budded overnight as a sign he was to be high priest.

These eventually were installed in Solomon’s temple at Jerusalem. The wooden Ark supposedly was shuttled around between the homes of priests -- to be carried, as needed, in war.

Ark’s Mystical Power

The Old Testament repeatedly emphasizes that the golden Ark had mythical, lethal power. Only members of the Levi tribe were allowed to carry it.

At one time, the Israelites waged war against the Philistines, but were slaughtered. The Ark was brought up to inspire a second attempt. Again, the Israelites were defeated; and the Ark carried away by the Philistines.

After seven months of plague, the Philistines begged the Israelites to come and get the Ark.

While carrying back the Ark on a cart, the oxen stumbled. The driver steadied the Ark with his arm and was struck dead.

Upon reaching homeland, the Ark was set in a field where Israelites came to worship it. Curious men – the King James Bible says 50,310, tradition says 52 -- “gazed into the Ark and were “smitten” by God.”

Then, the Ark was taken to the house of Abinadab where it resided for 20 years.

Some scholars surmise the Ark -- gilded inside and out with a perfect, electrical conductor, and rubbed by motion of cloth coverings while being carried -- would discharge a powerful surge of electricity.

My engineer friends smile and point out that static electricity is harmless. High school science classes demonstrate this with a Leyden-jar hand-rubbed capacitor that makes one’s hair stand up. Lots of voltage, no amperage.

Solomon’s Temple

King Solomon about 1,000 B.C. built a permanent House of God for the Ark in Jerusalem.

Solomon put Jeroboam in charge of building the temple. The latter was ambitious to become king of the Ten Northern tribes. Solomon learned this and “sought to kill” Jeroboam who fled to the household of Egyptian king, Shishak.

After Solomon’s death, Jeroboam returned to Israel and became king of the Ten Tribes. This left Solomon’s son, Rehoboam, king of Judah and Benjamin, which included Jerusalem

With this, Shishak, Jeroboam’s Egyptian ally, came and conquered Jerusalem. He “took away all the treasures of the House of the Lord.” (1 Kings 14)

This is the foundation for a widely believed account that the Ark ended up in Axum, Ethiopia, a province of ancient Egypt.

In this scenario, the Queen of Sheba visited Solomon seeking wisdom; and was impregnated by him. Upon her return to Sheba (Africa or Yemen?), she bore a son Menelik. Ethiopians insist Menelik went as a young man to visit his aging father and was given the Ark for safekeeping.

Ethiopians venerate an ark today, which they say is the original, and parade it, under covering, one day a year. It is kept under lock in an Axum sanctuary and guarded constantly by a sentry chosen as a youth for life.

It is said to be of wood and contain two tablets of white stone inscribed with the Ten Commandments. All Ethiopian churches display replicas of the ark.

Temple Ark Disappears

Manasseh became King of Israel in 687 B.C. and reigned 57 years. He built up the religion of Bel (Baal) that included idols, sacred prostitution and sacrifice of babies by fire (2 Kings 21).

He ordered the priests and Levites to remove the Ark, and other holy articles, from the Temple to maker room for Bel idols.

According to the Apocrypha (unapproved books of the Old Testament) the prophet Jeremiah -- “being warned by God” -- took the Ark and buried it in a cave of “Mount Nebo.”

The place was to be “unknown until the time that God should gather his people together again, and receive them unto mercy.”

Manasseh’s son was assassinated, and Josiah became king in 628 B.C. He sought to restore the House of the Lord and asked Levites to bring forth the Ark. The Levites said they were “unable to comply.”

When Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the first Temple in 586 B.C., the Babylonians enslaved the Israelites and carried away the Temple treasures carefully listed. The Ark was not mentioned.

It is clear the Ark had disappeared before that time.

Babylon permitted the Jews to return to Jerusalem in 520 B.C. and build the Second Temple. The Ark was not there.

Location Now

Messianic Jews today believe an unauthorized tunnel was dug under the Islam Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem a few years ago. A vault containing the Ark Of The Covenant was located and awaits finding a pair of unblemished “red heifers” for sacrifice that would signal return of all Jews to Zion.

It is unlikely that the priests and Levites -- who removed the Ark by command of King Manasseh -- would have dug a crypt below the Temple itself. Such labor involving scores of workers would have been noticeable.

The Apocrypha probably is correct in relating that when the golden Ark and other temple furnishings were removed by order of Manasseh, Jeremiah and the Levites “buried the treasures in a cave at Mt. Nebo.”

This would be logical inasmuch as the Ark was the special project of Moses.

As the Israelites approached the destination of their exodus from Egypt, “Moses went up from the plains of Moab unto the mountain of Nebo, to the top of Pisgah, that is over against Jericho.” (Deut 34)

There, God permitted Moses at age 120 (computed in Lunar months) – to view the Promised Land.

Moses died there and “was buried in the valley of Nebo, over against Bethpeor; but no man knoweth of his sepulcher unto this day.”

All we have to do to locate the Ark of the Covenant is find the valley of Mount Nebo east of the Jordan River and dig.

November 7, 2004


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Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

Resumption of Jewish Temple worship is prophesied in Daniel 9:27, proclaiming Antichrist will make a "one week" (or seven years) covenant (perhaps a treaty among Israel and her Islamic neighbors) and will somehow permit Israel to resume Temple worship after a void of almost 2000 years.

"And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate."

At the "midst of the week" (of seven years) prior to arrival of Messiah, Son of David, this says Antichrist ("he") will betray the covenant with Israel and halt the Jews' brief 3 ½ years of Temple worship. Therefore, since we know the sacrifices will cease, then it follows that at some time prior to that time they will have been restored, as forecast in Daniel 9:27. It is to be noted that this "ceasing the sacrifices" event is the harbinger of the infamous "Abomination of Desolation."

As ominous confrontation between Israel and Islamic nations continues threatening World peace, a major facet of that confrontation is the Promised return of Jewish Temple worship. Islam currently controls access to the Temple Mount. So, even if and when Israel does regain access to the Temple Mount, the question from many uninformed Jews and Christians becomes: "How can Israel resume worship in a Third Temple without The Ark?"

Many respected and popular religious writers have and continue to sensationalize this question by offering, often dogmatically, that the Holy Ark is here -- or it is there -- or it is -- ????

Truth is obtained from Scripture in Jeremiah 3:16-17 -- where the prophet notes that when Israel was to return from captivity in Babylon, they certainly did NOT resume worship with The Holy Ark, nor did they have even so much as a replica of the Ark in the Second Temple. -- From Jeremiah:

"And it shall come to pass, when ye be multiplied and increased in the land, in those days, saith the LORD, they shall say no more, 'The ark of the covenant of the LORD': neither shall it come to mind: neither shall they remember it; neither shall they visit it; neither shall that be done any more.

At that time they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the LORD; and all the nations shall be gathered unto it, to the name of the LORD, to Jerusalem: neither shall they walk any more after the imagination of their evil heart."

Yes! -- When Messiah arrives to build the Third Temple, they won't even remember the Ark. Verse 17 notes that at the time of Messiah's arrival (Return!) Jerusalem will be "the throne of the LORD." Messiah is going to appear as a man with a body. -- He is NOT going to live in some golden box! -- Go figure!

Another prophet, Ezekiel, described the Temple that would be restored for Messiah. In it there is NO Ark. -- Again -- ". . . . Neither shall THAT be done any more . . . ." Historians, such as Flavius Josephus and the Talmud Rabbis, inform us that there was not even a replica of the Ark in the Second Temple.

So, don't permit these "book salesmen" to dupe you into buying their books, telling you the Holy Ark is "somewhere in Ethiopia" or it is "concealed in a passage beneath the Temple Mount" or "in a secret vault beneath the Vatican" or a dozen other "theories" with absolutely no credible evidence, notwithstanding their contradiction of Scripture. We need only await His Blessed Coming, resting assured that He will need no Ark.

Much more information on this subject, as well as many allied factors, are discussed in the book authored by Robert Reiland: "Jesus and the Third Temple: The Complete Guide to the Ancient History and Secret Rituals of the Red Heifer Ceremony" -- This book details why building the Third Temple in Jerusalem is a Jewish right and a Christian Imperative!



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Mysteries of the Ark of the Covenant

What does the Ark of The Covenant and the death of Jesus have in common? Everything. The Ark was a shadow of the good things to come on the cross of Calvary.

When Moses led his people out of bandage in Egypt and they wondered for forty years in the wilderness their God set up a procedure of worship and sacrifice for His people so He could have fellowship with them and they could find forgiveness from Him who had saved them. This process was to construct portable temple they called a tabernacle in the wilderness. Inside this tabernacle was a system of sacrifice that the lay person could use for himself and family. This was performed in the outer portion of the tabernacle. The inner portion of the tabernacle was designed for the high priest chosen by God who would perform a yearly sacrifice for the nation.

Within this inner section of the tabernacle was the Ark of The Covenant. A box, if you will, covered in gold. Inside the Ark were a jar of manna, Aaron's budded rod and the broken Ten Commandments. They represented sin, the sins of the Israelites. Manna for their rejection of God's provisions, Aaron's budded rod for their rejection of the priest system and the broken commandments for their disobedience. When God looked down on the Ark all he saw for a year was the sin these objects represented. When the high priest sprinkled the blood of a goat over the Ark all God now saw was the blood. He could no longer see the sin and He knew a life had been sacrificed and He was satisfied. The blood covered the sin from his sight and the people were forgiven until next year. But, it was only temporary.

When Jesus was crucified on the cross He became the human Ark. He took on the sins of the world and when God looked on Him all He saw was our sins. But, as the blood shed by Jesus was flowing down His body and the cross and the sacrifice was made by His death God only saw the blood and no longer saw the sin and He forgave the people. But, unlike the temporary sacrifice that was made with a dead animal this one was made by the living God Himself. He gave His life and shed His blood for our sake and by His grace we became free to live forever.

The mysteries of the Ark is really no mystery at all if one understands the reason God chose to preview His grace to His people in the wilderness. He was painting a picture for them of the good things to come when there would no longer be a need for the annual blood letting to find forgiveness. When Jesus said "it is finished" it put an end to one system and began a new system of forgiveness.

Dan Scott Ruster
Restaurant consultant, Pilot, former pro football player, businessman and Christian alcoholic. I give speaches and lecture on the mysteries of the Bible and my personal testimony.

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Ark of the Covenant - Purpose

Hold on to your hat! Here comes one of the most, incredible stories of ancient technology, which ranks alongside the use of atomic forces and the 'Lost Chord'. Needless to say the editors of Scientific American who denied the Wright brothers had achieved airborne flight for months after Kitty Hawk won't or wouldn't believe this 'doozy'. I think it is a very good explanation that is part of something even more fantastic which explains the existence of accurate maps from over ten thousand years ago. But I also think these maps might have been the work of Mungo Man or the De Danaan they worked with.

The other possibility that would explain their existence relates to Lhasa and a spacecraft which Churchward as well as Brugger’s The Chronicles of Akakor recounts from such things as the Lhasa Record which may only exist in the Akashic. If you have a better explanation I'd like to hear from you. Is it not important to explain such proven anomalies? Especially when they integrate with things we don't want to admit about man's far more advanced nature in ancient times. If we have blown each other apart before or created hyperviruses such as what killed the Mammoth (A current research underway by the American Museum of Natural History thinks it can be proven such a virus killed many large animals and that humans were the carrier.); does it warrant asking our leaders if they knew these things or why they didn't tell us? We are certain that our knowledge is not exclusive or even complete in these matters. Yet perhaps few people know how many disciplines and areas of how lives are under such oppressive control.

The maps themselves are dealt with under the Portolan Maps entry in greater detail and at this point we think it relevant to our discussion of the ARK to bring the Pyramid into the possibility of advanced prior civilizations on earth. Michael Bradley is a map expert and a good scholar whose work we have quoted before.

"Centre of the Earth's Land Mass, etc.

This is an important concept and I will explain to the best of my ability. It will be easier to appreciate somewhat better the truly significant placement of the Giza complex.

First let's consider two squares. One is 100 square units (miles, kilometres, or whatever) in area, the other twice as large, 200 square units in area.

{He illustrates two squares with pyramids on top from an overhead perspective with a line connecting the centre points or apex of the pyramids. Under the smaller square are 10 units and under the larger square is the figure 14.85 units. The 100 and 200 unit figures as mentioned are further repeated further under these two squares.}

We will find their respective centres by drawing diagonals. Where the diagonals intersect is the centre of each square. Together, these squares represent three units of the largest common denominator--100 square miles. So we'll draw a line, divided equally into three parts, between the centres of the two squares. Since one square is twice the size of the other, we will mark off two of the equal parts towards the larger square. This is the centre of their combined areas, given their distance apart. If they were closer together, or further apart, the point would fall elsewhere. Please note that this point is above the centre of the small square but below the centre of the larger one. It is a true geometric centre of the two areas that are separated by this given and arbitrary distance.

It is possible to ascertain the area of an irregular shape, although it is much more difficult to do than using squares.

The largest continent, Eurasia, happens to be about twice the land area of the American continents. These continents are separated by oceans. One can divide the separation into three equal parts, just as above, and find the 'centre of these two land masses.'

Taking this point, we can calculate Africa into the picture the same way. Africa is about 25% the area of Eurasia and the Americas combined. Therefore, the distance from Africa's geographic centre to the Eurasia-Americas' centre will be divided into five equal parts (i.e. the '4' represented by Eurasia-Americas, and the '1'(25%) represented by Africa's area). Marking off four of these five divisions towards the Eurasia-Americas’ centre, since this centre represents a combined land mass four times as large as Africa, will yield a new point, which is geometric, in this case 'geographic', centre of Eurasia-Americas-Africa combined. If we continue this process with the remaining large and small land masses--Antarctica, Australia, Greenland, New Guinea, Java, Sumatra, etc. --we will eventually arrive at a 'centre of the earth's land masses.' It will be as accurate as our method, plus the arbitrary inclusion of ever smaller islands, will make it.

A meticulous calculation of such a 'centre' will result in a point directly on the meridian (longitude) of the Great Pyramid but 6' (minutes) south of the Great Pyramid--but there's only sand in that location. The Giza Plateau is the first solid bedrock on the correct meridian {And Archaeology Magazine had the temerity to suggest the builders were merely imitating natural landforms with the Sphinx and Pyramid in last months issue.}. It is 6' in error from the true centre.

Sixty seconds of 101.3 English feet = l' (minute) of arc, 6080 feet on the equator = 1 nautical mile, whereas one 'common' or 'highway' ('statute') mile equals 5280 English feet. A nautical 'knot' is one nautical mile (6080 English feet) per hour of time; it is a unit of speed measurement, not of static distance.

Sixty minutes = 1 degree of arc, or 60 nautical miles at the equator. The Earth's equatorial circumference contains 360 degrees or 21,600 nautical miles = 24,872.73 common or statute miles.

All this sounds deceptively precise! In fact, of course, standardization of the length of the English foot, and therefore of seconds, minutes and degrees of arc, was not accomplished until the 1750s--and the size of the Earth was not measured correctly at that time. Just as the French Academy made an error in fixing the length of the metre, which was supposed to be one ten-millionth part of the surface distance from the Earth's equator to either pole, because they couldn't measure the Earth accurately, so also the British Admiralty made inaccurate geographic measures. Nonetheless, these measures remain accurate enough for most practical purposes. Nowadays, units of measure are fixed by correlation to electromagnetic wave-lengths {Could the ancients have been able to attune with Gaia's earth energy grid and send signals along it to record the time taken for a bounce back or echo?}. Since 1966, for example, the metre has been fixed as a division of the wave-length of Krypton 86.

A glance at the U. S. A. F. 'Azimuthal Equidistant Projection' Map of the world {see illustration in our section} will show that it is centred 'near Cairo'--i.e., at the centre of the earth's land masses, as calculated above, and precisely on the meridian of the Great Pyramid-- but 36,480 English feet south of the Great Pyramid at the true centre, which falls in an area of sand. A property of Azimuthal Equidistant Projection is that a circle drawn around any given point will have a circumference incorporating points of geography that are truly equidistant from the centre of the circle--the airplane or ship. This is not the case with large-scale maps drawn on the common Mercator projection {John Dee studied with Mercator and achieved high status in this field.}, which gives accurate longitudes and latitudes of all geography but must distort the polar regions in order to do so. It is also not the case with the Phillips projection, used by the UN, which shows the land area of countries in true proportion to each other but must distort the longitudes and latitudes near the equator in order to do so. These distortions arise from the problem of transferring the curved surface of a spherical Earth onto a flat piece of paper--the best that can be done is to know, and to choose, the kind of distortion that best serves any given need.

The location of the Great Pyramid at the centre of the Earth's land masses, unless it is truly a coincidence, implies the following. First, its builders knew the geography and size of the Earth quite accurately because they could not otherwise calculate the correct centre of land - masses. Second, they chose Egypt because the centre is there {It would be quite coincidental that they were Egyptian as well.}, and this means that Ancient Egyptian civilization may have arisen because of lingering cultural influences as well as because of the supposed advantages conferred by the Nile. Third, the three pyramids of the Giza complex, including the Sphinx, were built by someone other than the Ancient Egyptians--unless we are willing to grant them advanced knowledge as well--but then we must contend with the various correlations at Giza that all point to 10,500 B.C. as the origin of the Giza complex {I'll grant this date or 2,000 years later for the Sphinx, as well as the whole complex being designed at this time. I believe the capstones were used before the final Pyramids were constructed. It would appear there were other pyramids built to imitate this 'GREAT' pyramid. The issue of the Brazilian pyramids is yet to be determined, and it is possible they are even more 'fantastic'.}. Either the three pyramids and the Sphinx were built by an unknown culture long before the beginnings of Ancient Egypt, now dated as about 3200 B.C., or the Egyptians themselves have a much longer history than we think." (13)

Clearly there are many entries this impinges upon that we continue to develop. Before making another brief quote from his notes and then moving on to the ARK (An arc-transmitter that allowed large ships to send information back to the Pyramid for the mapping purposes.), I should address some other correlations with the Phoenician Pythagoras and his studies of the Pyramid. Some authors note the nautilus sea creature has a natural configuration of the mathematical concept or construct known as 'phi'. This is encapsulated in the Great Pyramid with its two complete tetrahedra. (Read Bucky Fuller's COSMOGONY or SYNERGISTICS for further insight.). Thales also had a Phoenician parent and he is credited by the Hellenizing Empire as the father of all sciences, but he studied the Pyramid and learned much about his limited knowledge from it. We have (and continue) shown the DNN of Homer and the Dana worshipping Scythians, Kelts and Iberian/Basque and Berbers are part of the Phoenician 'Brotherhood' that greatly pre-dates Pythagoras' 'brother- hood' or any Therapeutae and Great White Brotherhood. We are sure Churchward's Mu and the Mungo Man are connected with this conglomerate which will lead to Harappan and Easter Island connections to Kelts and many other enterprises from the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall.

"Pi is the ratio of a circle's diameter to its circumference, 1:3.14 or 7:22. Phi is the ratio of a line divided so that the length of the shorter segment bears the same relationship to the length of the longer segment as the longer segment bears to the whole undivided line, 1:1.618. This 'Phi' is sometimes called 'The Golden Section' {Key Masonic concept attributed to Pythagoras.} because there's something inaffably pleasing about the ratio. It was used by many Renaissance artists such as Poussin {Bradley shows how his art incorporated scenes and people of import and coded to give knowledge of when the family of Jesus or Merovingians were safely settled in places like Montreal and one might think another artist did the same when they were in America long before Columbus at Kingston where he has geologic core samples to show European influence.}, Michelangelo and da Vinci {An alchemist like his mentor - check 'The Dictionary of Alchemy' by Mark Haeffner.}; it occurs in abstract mathematics, as in the Fibonacci Series of numerical progression; it occurs frequently in nature, for example in the successive length of segments of the chambered nautilus." (14)

When I made my brief interruption earlier in reference to attunement with the earth energy grid and 'echoes' I was not being facetious. The vision Napoleon saw in the King's Chamber may relate to this through a time portal not unlike the 'Stone' that Michel de Nostradamus (who grew up near Rennes le Chateau) was able to glimpse the confusing potentials of the unsubstantial future we can change through creative, purposeful and FREE WILL. The king’s chamber and the delta wave forms that a pyramid creates are part of the time structure and helical nature thereof (according to Al Bielek who has a time machine which a friend of mine has seen - more later). The possibility of what Bradley is about to say may have seemed even more likely than what I just wrote until the NEC labs at Princeton demonstrated 300X light speed last year (2001).

Author of Diverse Druids
Columnist for The ES Press Magzine
Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries.com

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Plant Spirit Shamanism

Since the beginning of human experience, plants have played a role in the evolution of our species, not only in the provision of food and medicine but in our deepest spiritual experience and the development of consciousness. Their form, beauty, enchanting scents, their healing and emotional qualities, have all provided a gateway to the Great Mystery of Nature, which our Celtic forebears called “The visible face of Spirit”.

Though our lands are no longer forested as they were, we try to recreate a sense of their beauty and tranquility in our gardens, parks, and the green spaces in our cities, giving us at least a taste of Nature with which we can sustain ourselves against the soulless backdrop of the seel and concrete jungles that are our homes today. For many people, plants are still the messengers of divinity, harmony, and beauty. They are also the source of our health and well being, not just as medicines but in their ability to relax, refresh, or excite us.

Some deep part of us knows that the healing power of plants is inherent in what they are as much as what they do. Flowers have a role to play, for example, in all of our most primal celebrations of life and death – birth and birthdays, comings-of-age, marriages, illnesses, funerals and deaths. They are there at the first ‘I love you’, and they are there for our endings too. Even after death our connection to the natural world continues and our spiritual destination in many religious myths is some form of paradise which is often symbolized as the “Heavenly Garden”, or the Garden of Eden.

Archaeology shows that plant spirit shamanism has been part of our healing experience for thousands of years, predating other practices by millennia and going back to a time when healers worked in harmony with Nature.

Plant shamanism is - and always has been – a person-centred approach and incorporates, in a holistic way, practices such as herbalism, energy work, aromatherapy, and counselling to provide a unique blend of therapies that is most needed by each individual client, based on the healer’s attunement to the state of balance or otherwise of that client’s soul. But it is also fundamentally spirit-centred, and all traditional healers – from the Curanderos of the Amazon to the ‘folk magicians’ of Ireland – regard plants as sentient, aware, intelligent, alive, and as ‘doctors’ in their own right.

Plant shamanism involves practices for meeting these spirits, such as shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, rituals using flowers and fragrances, offerings to Nature, floral baths for protection, and the use of visionary plants to find purpose, clarity, and new directions in life. All of these, to the shaman, are implied by the term ‘healing’.


As a young boy, I was apprenticed to a Welsh sin eater – a ‘cunning man’, as they were called in Wales - who used plants and flowers in his healing work. One of his methods was to bury the name of a patient, etched on a piece of bone, in a corner of his garden, next to a patch of ‘sun flowers’. Each day he would say his prayers to the flowers, consulting with them on the condition of his patient, then squeeze a few petals so their aroma was released. As the scent drifted upwards, he said, a little more of his patient’s illness was carried away until he or she was healed.

This may seem like a strange approach in our culture today, but when I grew up and went travelling I found the same essential methods used in Haiti, Peru, Africa, Greece, America, Turkey… so it is not an eccentricity or even unique to Wales.

The world over, in fact, wherever shamans work with plant spirits rather than extracts and compounds as Western doctors do, it is understood that plants are alive, aware, and willing to teach their healing secrets. Plant spirit shamanism is therefore learned practically - by getting out into the fields and making contact with natural forces, not by reading about plants in some dusty library.

The sin eater communicated with plants in this way and knew several magical uses for them that they had told him of. For example, the ‘sun flowers’ he used were actually marigolds, but he called them sun flowers because they are “Bright like the sun” and warmed the soul with protection. It is interesting, then, that we find the same belief in Andean Peru, where rosa sisa (African marigolds) are also used for protection. Here, they are often planted by the door of a house, so if someone should pass by and give the ‘evil eye’, the flowers will catch these negative energies and protect the soul of the house from disease. The petals turn black when this happens, but revert to their bright colour when the energy is discharged through their roots to the soil. The sin eater I knew had never visited Peru and yet the message from the plant was the same: marigolds – “sun flowers” - protect.


The key thing with plant spirit shamanism is to establish a connection with the plant. Once that is done, the plant spirits themselves teach you everything you need to know and reveal the many ways of using them in healing, most of which are very unlike the Western medical notion of ingesting them in a tablet or even a herbal form.

In Haiti, Peru, Brazil, Indonesia, and in our own Celtic past, there is a practice, for example, of taking floral baths, where flowers and herbs are added to blessed water. The sick person then bathes to wash away his ailments. These baths are not restricted to physical healing, but can be used to draw good fortune and change your luck (which is regarded as a real and tangible force), by making you more ‘open’ to the receipt of money, love, or spiritual power.

Other ways of working with plants include the making of pakets, ‘power pouches’ containing herbs that remove negative energies, while returning life force to the patient as the pouch is brushed over his body. The paket has similarities to the Amazonian chacapa, a bundle of dried leaves which has medicine powers to rebalance the patient’s energy field, and is rubbed over the body in the same way.

The seguro of the Andes, a bottle which contains a mixture of plants and herbs in Holy water and perfume, uses the same principles of spiritual connection with the plants. Here the shapes, colours, or qualities of the plants invoke various powers that the client wishes to draw in to his life. Round, golden, seeds attract money, for example, while cactus spines embody protection. The seguro, according to Andean shamans, becomes a “Friend”, you can consult with. Every time you speak out your problems to this friend, they are removed, while the powers of the plants draw good energies in.

One rule that comes up consistently in this work is that we must treat our plant allies with respect. In Haiti, healers literally pay the plants for their work by dropping coins at the base of the tree they’re collecting leaves from. They are then ‘fed’ and there is a fair exchange: we charge the plants with energy so they have the power to help us.

We must also treat plants kindly. Research shows that they have feelings, intelligence, language – even the ability to count and make music! - and they can sense our intentions and respond to our actions. If we treat them with love, they flourish and grow; if not, then their spirits die and we don’t have the healers we need.


One of the biggest challenges for the Western mind in learning how to work with plant spirits is our cultural fascination with science and measurement. This socialisation into ‘scientific thinking’ is hard to overcome because, as part of it, we have been taught to stifle our dreaming and imaginative selves. Luckily, however, there are also plants which have a spiritual intention to re-establish our connection with the spirit-universe and open us up to the true nature of reality.

One of these is guayusa. In the Amazon it is known as “The night watchman’s plant” because of its ability to bring lucid dreams and dissolve the boundaries between wakefulness and sleep. Thus, the night watchman can take guayusa and nap, while remaining alert to the sounds and sights around him as he watches over the tribe.

The shamans say that in every country we have plants to cater for our own needs; thus, in Europe, it may be difficult to find guayusa, but a tea made of vervain, valerian, and chamomile will achieve similar affects.

Another way of getting ‘out of our minds’ is through a special state of trance consciousness known as shamanic journeying.

To take any shamanic journey, find a time and a place where you can be alone and undisturbed for 20 minutes or so, then dim the lights or cover your eyes, lie down and make yourself comfortable.

Most journeys are taken to the sound of drumming, which encourages ‘dreaming’ patterns to emerge in the brain, taking the shaman deeper into a more holistic experience of the world in its fullness. You can drum for yourself, have a friend drum for you, or use a drumming tape to guide your journey.

Expressing your intention and keeping this in focus is again important. Intention is the energy that guides the journey and enables you to engage with the mind of the universe so it can work with you.

You can try this yourself by setting your intention to meet with a plant ally – the consciousness of a plant that will guide you into the world of the collective plant mind. You do not need to have a specific plant in mind. Stay open instead to whatever comes.

As soon as the drumming begins, imagine yourself entering a place which connects you to the Earth in a way that is meaningful to you, then allow your imagination to take you where it will. All you need do is receive.

When your plant ally appears to you, spend some time in conversation with him or her (in the imaginative world, most plants take human form). Enquire about its healing gifts and the way these properties manifest in the plants themselves. Ask how you can work with this ally and the plants that embody him or her.

Visit your ally often in this way and you will learn more about the world of the
plants, the nature of reality and, indeed, about yourself, as part of this vast and
beautiful universe.

Ross Heaven is the director of The Four Gates Foundation and the author of books on shamanism and healing, including Plant Spirit Shamanism: Traditional Techniques for Healing the Soul.

Ross also teaches Plant Spirit Shamanism workshops and medicine retreats in France, Ireland, and the Amazon Rainforest. His next retreats are in the Peruvian Amazon in October 2007 and August 2008, working with ‘the vine of souls’ and other ‘jungle doctors’ – the medicine plants of the Rainforest.

Details of trips and plant medicine courses are available at http://www.thefourgates.com/sacred.html#magicearth or email ross@thefourgates.com

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Aliens in Archaeology

As you read this book you will have to suspend the disbelief you feel when confronted with my assertions that for at least 5000 years man has been in close contact all over the world. If you have read my other books you will know I have made the case better than any and that there are lots of good scholars who agree with me.

Puma Puncu and Lake Titicaca may provide the proof as a recent research team finally checks out the spires of ancient buildings that fishermen have tied their boats to for millennia. Here high in the Andes we know there were astronomers who also were in Central America where the Earth Energy Grid allowed something fantastic to dovetail with other places including Giza. The Cosmic energy and earth energy in concert with their soulful energy was able to build psycho-spiritual attunements that have only recently been sublimated by most nations or our leaders. Yet these leaders are members of cults or Christian Mystery Schools like the Rosicrucians who use this occult knowledge against us.

I think there is a great chance that it was well understood 15,000 years ago by Andean astronomers who were Kelts and later became Chachapoyas and leaders of the Incas in a time when much of the real knowledge had diminished. High above the clouds they could see the Milky Way formation that looks like a serpent without the glass lenses that they got from the slow moving lava flows and that have been found at La Venta in Mexico and in modern day Ecuador by archaeologists. Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan, Viracocha, Xolotl and others are the ‘travelers’ who I think I have proven are Druids through many sources in other books. Here is a little of the Theosophist viewpoint on the serpent or Dragon wisdom that led Central America and included people boarding their kid’s heads to look like serpents.

“We read in The Secret Doctrine that fohat, divine messenger, intelligent cosmic electricity, who at the Divine Word proceeds forth to create worlds and the beings thereon, moves in a serpentine course, generates spirals; and this spiral plan of evolution is imitated throughout nature, from the nebulae to the spiral growth of plants. The serpent means divine wisdom, creative intelligence; and Masters of Wisdom are called serpents -- which gives a new meaning to the injunction "Be ye wise as Serpents." Hermes or Mercury carries the caduceus, a wand with two serpents entwined on a staff; the Chinese made the serpent the emblem of their emperors; the Druids called themselves snakes; serpent-emblems called Dracontia once covered the globe and are still found; Quetzalcohuatl was the snake-deity of the ancient Mexicans; dragons are found throughout ancient symbology with the same sense. But we also hear of evil serpents. The Gnostics spoke of an Agathodaimon and a Kakodaimon, or a good and an evil divinity, represented as serpents; Hercules slays Python; Apollo at birth overcomes a serpent, but does it by means of another serpent -- the higher wisdom in man overcoming the lower. The two nodes of the moon, Rahu and Ketu, are called the Dragon's head and tail. So the serpent can represent the duality of human nature -- which is but a copy of the duality in cosmos. A dual geometry may be based on the right and left helical curves. There is the serpent of spirit and the serpent of matter, the heavenly wisdom from above and the earthly wisdom from below, of which Paul speaks so often.” (1)

There are many books that Adrian Gilbert, Robert Bauval, Robert Schoch and others have done which show the correspondences between Egyptian and Mayan prophecy. I regard a lot of this as mere rationalization of Armageddon type fear-mongering and ‘miss’-story. Inevitably they draw alien influences into the game and often they see it going from Egypt to the Sarmoung Brotherhood rather than having an earth-based prior culture in places such as archaeology does now prove. I have documented these things in books starting with Diverse Druids. The chances of my work getting a real publisher are minimal as a result. Archaeologists do not integrate all the discoveries throughout the world and the media in the US refuses to report on finds such as Yonaguni or tell us why Kennewick Man’s site was destroyed. I know 60 Minutes asked that pointed question but I have yet to find an answer as to who did this or allowed it to happen the day before Congressional Bills were set to take effect.

The correspondences of the Mayan calendar with Egypt are real in some ways and I do not throw away the information provided. I do however look for the science to explain these things rather than take the easy answer which fits a paradigm that has fed excrement to us about Elohim or other alien influences for the last five thousand years.

World-Mysteries.com guest 'expert'
Hermetic hermit committed to building a new world of Brotherhood

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The Triple Goddess

The Triple Goddess is said to have been honored as early as 13,000 B.C. We've unfortunately been ruled by a patriarchal system over the last two thousand years. In the Hindu religion, the Triple Goddess was Parvati-Uma-Durga. In ancient Greece she was called Hebe-Hera-Hecate. In ancient Ireland she was Ana-Babd-Macha and the Druids had Diana Triformis.

Our galaxy has a central region that's called the Dark Rift. This Dark Rift (leads to the Milky Way's center, vaginal) is the Triple Goddess that all these belief systems (and many more) understood. The three parts of the Triple Goddess are, Virgin (Creator )/ Crone (Destroyer)/ Mother (Nurturer).

Everyone and everything has emerged from the Great Rift. Everyone will be nurtured by Her (she made our earth etc.) and everything will return to Her at some point. Her sacred fundamental math equation known to every ancient initiate is:

1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233 etc..

This is the basic building blocks, each number that is produced is produced from the previous two numbers (evolution) and so this gives us the Golden Ratio .618 Each number is .618 times greater than the previous number.

When we left our moon cycles calender and jumped on the Gregorian calender sanctioned by the Catholic Church in 1540 A.D. we did not consider time as cyclical anymore, we consider time (I should say many do anyway) to be linear, a straight line. The Ouroboros (snake eating its tail) represents the cyclical nature of time. This Ouroboros symbol has appeared inside of the Pyramids in Egypt and on the entrance to several Mayan sites. They've also been found in ancient China and India. The ancients understood how time really worked. The stars were a large astrological clock that every generation understood. The Maya understood this better than any civilization ever has. We didn't know that our solar system was going to line-up with the Dark Rift (the Triple Goddess) in 2012 until the Maya carved it in stone for us to eventually find.

The Great Rift (Triple Goddess a.k.a. Great Mother) gives birth to herself, thus the "Immaculate Conception" representatives throughout religious history. She's Tara to the Tibetans and Nu Kua to the Chinese. She's Lakshmi to the Hindus and Cybele to the ancient Turks. In Christianity she is partly represented as Mother Mary. When Christianity spread throughout the Mediterranean 2,000 years ago, Diana had a very large following and was the most revered Great Mother in the region. The Ephesus temple in Turkey was dedicated to Diana. Di-Anna was soon turned to Anna, the grandmother of Jesus, and Mary was now the Virgin, Nurturing, mother of God on Earth, The Son. This narrative originally goes back to Hathor, who was loved by the Egyptians and was the Heavenly Cow (might not want to use that line with your wife) that produced the Milky Way and who daily gives birth to the Sun God, Horus, her "Golden Calf."

Ancient societies revered women for their patients, intuition, cycles and honest judgment. In many societies the women had a council that picked the male council. The female council could also declare someone unfit to hold office and appoint someone else.

In conclusion, the Triple Goddess of every ancient belief system was always the Dark Rift (Great Mother) that our solar system will line-up with on December 12, 2012. These stories of the Great Mother by way of the various Triple Goddess mythologies were told as historical events and for the purpose of informing future generations of our return to Her.

Beau Hermes is a 46 year old Rancher, Energy Producer and part-time Philosopher from Texas.

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The Maya Decline

The causes of the decline of Maya classic civilization is remain a mystery. Various theories about the Maya decline have been suggested. Epidemic diseases, such as yellow fever and malaria are probably post-Colombian imports to America. There is also no convincing evidence that the decline of Maya civilization was caused by natural disaster such as earthquakes or devastating droughts.

Gradually worsening crop failures and food shortages seem more possible to explain the cause of Maya decline. The ancient Maya keep on cutting and burning of forest cover as their method of land clearing (slash and burn farming). This method of land clearing produced man-made savannas covered with tough grass that could not be tilled by their digging stick methods.

But the slash and burn farming method have been used in Central America for several centuries and have not produced savanna lands. The latter, as they interspersed through the forests of the Peten, appear to be Natural rather than man-made.

Another theory says that Classic Period population pressure made intensive farming, which denuded the land of its finest top soils, but intensive cultivation in Peten or Yucatan is impossible today without fertilizers and probably was impossible in the past.

Third theory assumes that the tropical soils of Maya lowland were inadequate to support the populations that Maya civilization developed elsewhere and was brought to the lowlands.
Fourth theory sees the river and lakes of the Peten gradually drying up and a general water shortage causing the abandonment. But this theory could hardly have been the case, because such rivers as the Usumacinta and the Belize did not dry up and Maya centers along the banks were deserted as well as the more centrally located Peten sites.

Social and political factors offer a most reasonable explanation of the Maya collapse:

- From a count of ceremonial centers and house mound studies, known that the Maya population increased during the classic period. A large and growing population was bound to have placed a burden on the productive capacities of both man and land.

- While the population was growing, wars and tribal dislocations were brewing all over Mesoamerica. The wars and tribal dislocations had started with the fall of Teotihuacan at the end of the sixth century. The adoption of Mexican militaristic and beliefs, and the infiltration of such things as the alien cult of human sacrifice into Maya religion, produce internal conflict between Maya priest leaders and the farmers.

All these factors are enough to have brought about a crisis. If peasant trust in the old aristocratic leadership was lost, it is not surprising that the old life in the centers religion, ceremony, arts and intellectual life disappeared for lack of support.

During this disintegration, peasant populations could have continued to life for a time in the localities of the abandoned centers. But the complex structure of Maya society was broken up. And the old patterns of Maya theocratic civilization were significantly modified or destroyed.
Whatever the causes, the Maya decline remains a mystery.

Avicenna is administrator for a Mesoamerican and Native American Indian artifacts site, provides various information about Mesoamerica, Native American Art & Jewelry and more

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