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Aztec vs. Mayan Calendar

The Aztec calendar was the calendar of the Aztec people of Pre-Columbian Mexico. It is one of the Mesoamerican calendars, sharing the basic structure of calendars from throughout ancient Mesoamerica. This calendar is recorded as a carving on the Aztec Calendar Stone currently found in the National Museum of Anthropology and History located within Chapultepec Park, Mexico City.

The calendar consisted of a 365 day calendar cycle and a 260 day ritual cycle. These two cycles together formed a 52 year "century", sometimes called the "Calendar Round".The calendric year began with the first appearance of the Pleiades asterism in the east immediately before the dawn light.

Every month had its name, and the days of the month were numbered from one to twenty. The days of the last month, Nemontemi, were numbered from one to five.The box at the top of the stone contains the stone's year of creation, in this case 1479 CE.

The solar calendar of 365 days was inseparable from the Sacred Round, or Sacred Almanac. The priests used this ritual calendar of 260 days called Tonalpohualli primarily for divinatory purposes. The method of naming the individual days consisted in the combination of twenty pictorial signs with the numbers one to thirteen. Each of the day signs also bears an association with one of the four cardinal directions.The 20 day signs are depicted in the calendar image to the right. They are arrayed in a circle surrounding the central face.

The original Aztec Calendar is a 12', massive stone slab, carved in the middle of the 15th century. Many renditions of it exist and have existed through the years and throughout Mexico.

Historically, the Aztec name for the huge basaltic monolith is Cuauhxicalli Eagle Bowl, but it is universally known as the Aztec Calendar or Sun Stone. It was during the reign of the 6th Aztec monarch in 1479 that this stone was carved and dedicated to the principal Aztec deity: the sun. The stone has both mythological and astronomical significance. It weighs almost 25 tons, has a diameter of just under 12 feet, and a thickness of 3 feet.

On December 17th, 1790 the stone was discovered, buried in the "Zocalo" (the main square) of Mexico City. The viceroy of New Spain at the time was don Joaquin de Monserrat, Marquis of Cruillas. Afterwards it was embedded in the wall of the Western tower of the metropolitan Cathedral, where it remained until 1885. At that time it was transferred to the national Museum of Archaeology and History by order of the then President of the Republic, General Porfirio Diaz.

Xiuhmolpilli commemorative sculpture marking the completion of the fifty-two-year cycle. Every 52 years the tonalpohualli and the xiuhpohualli calendars would align. This marked what was known as a Mesoamerican "century." Every one of these centuries was marked by xiuhmolpilli - Binding Up of the Years or the New Fire Ceremony. This was a festival that lasted 12 days and included fasting as a symbol of penitence. At the beginning of this festival all the lights in the city were extinguished - people let their hearth fires go out. Then on midnight of the 12th day of the festival, a prisoner was taken to the priest. The priest would watch in the night sky for the star of fire to reach the zenith. Once it did, the priest would remove the heart of this man, and replace it with a piece of wood, that was laid on a piece of turquoise. This is where the priest would start the new fire that would once again light the city.

Name of Month

Patron Gods and Rituals
I. Atlacacauallo (ceasing of water)

Tlaloc, Chachihutlicue

Children sacrificed to water gods
II. Tlacaxipehualiztli (flaying of men)


Gladiatorial sacrifice; dances by priest wearing the flayed skin of victims
III. Tozoztontli (little vigil)

Coatlicue, Tlaloc

Flayed skins buried, child sacrifices
IV. Hueytozoztli (great vigil)

Centeotl, Chicomecacoatl

Blessing of new corn; maiden sacrificed
V. Toxcatl (dryness)

Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli

Impersonators of these major gods sacrificed
VI. Etzalcualiztli (meal of maize & beans)


Impersonators of water deities sacrificed by drowning; ritual bathing and dances
VII. Tecuilhuitontli (small feast of the lords)

Huixtocihuatl, Xochipilli

Impersonators of the gods sacrificed; ceremony of salt workers
VIII. Hueytecuihutli (great feast of the lords)


Feast for goddess of young corn, lords offer gifts and feast for commoners
IX. Tlaxochimaco (birth of flowers)


All the gods festooned with garlands; feasting on corn-meal cakes and turkey

Xocotlhuetzin (fall of fruit)

Hueymiccaihuitl (great feast of the dead)


Ceremonial pole climbing competition

Sacrifice to fire gods by roasting victims alive
XI. Ochpaniztli (sweeping of the roads)


Sweeping of house and roads; mock combat
XII. Teoleco (return of the gods)


Ceremonies welcoming gods returning to earth; ceremonial drunkenness, sacrifices by fire
XIII. Tepeihuitl (feast of the hills)


Ceremonies for mountain rain gods; human sacrifices and ceremonial cannibalism
XIV. Quecholli (precious feather)


Ritualistic hunt following fast; sacrifice of game and ceremonial feasting
XV. Panquetzaliztli (raising of the banner)


Homes and fruit trees decorated with paper banners; race-procession; massive sacrifices
XVI. Atemoztli (water decends)


Festival honoring water gods; children and slaves sacrificed
XVII. Tititl (stretching)


Sympathetic magic to bring rain; women beaten with straw-filled bags to make them cry
XVIII. Izcalli (resuscitation)


Image of god made from amaranth dough; feasting on tamales stuffed with greens
Nemontemi (empty days) Five unlucky days; no rituals, general fasting

The tonalpohualli (count of days) was the sacred almanac of the Mexicas. This ritual calendar was registered in the tonalamatl (book of days), a green-fold bark paper or deerskin codex from which a priest (called tonalpouque) cast horoscopes and predicated favorable and unfavorable days of the cycle. The almanac year comprised of 260 days, each of which was assigned a date by intermeshing one of 20 day-signs, represented graphically with a glyph, and a number from 1 to13, represented by dots so that no two days in the cycle could be confused. The almanac year was thus made up of 20 13-day weeks, with the first week beginning on 1-Crocodile and ending on 13-Reed, the second week running from 1-Ocelot to 13-Deaths' Head and so on. A god or goddess was believed to preside over each day-sign, as shown in the following chart.

The Center of the Disc - Tonatiuh

Tonatiuh's Face is the face of the sun, Lord of Heaven, around which takes place all daily and periodic phenomena. The crown, nose-pendant, ear-rings and necklace are magnificent, as must be the ornaments characteristic of this deity. The hair is blond, due to the golden appearance of the sun. The wrinkles on the face show age and maturity. And the tongue, stuck out is the form of an obsidian knife, indicates that the diety demands to be fed with blood and human hearts.

First Ring - from Center. Four Olin representing the Earthquake Epoch or Sun. The four epochs represented inside the square portions of this symbol correspond to the four previous epochs also called suns.

Second Ring - The second ring from the center is composed of 20 named days contained in one month, also used for naming years. Each year starts on one of four of these 20 days.

Twenty Days of the Aztec Month

Snake - Coatl
Lizard - Cuetzpallin
House - Calli
Wind - Ehecatl
Crocodile - Cipactli
Flower - Xochitl
Rain - Quiahuitl
Flint - Tecpatl
Movement - Ollin
Vulture - Cozcacuauhtli
Eagle - Cuauhtle
Jaguar - Ocelotl
Cane - Acatl
Herb - Malinalli
Monkey - Ozomatli
Hairless Dog - Itzquintli
Water - Atl
Rabbit - Tochtli
Deer - Mazatl
Skull - Miquiztli

Third Ring - Sun Rays - Chalchihuite Ornaments - Splashed Blood Symbols

Outer Ring - Dedication Plate - Herbs with Buds - White Scrolls - Flame Sign - Xiucoatl's Tail

Aztec vs. Mayan Calendar

The two calendars were was basically similar. The ritual day cycle was called Tonalpohualli and was formed, as was the Mayan Tzolkin, by the concurrence of a cycle of numerals 1 through 13 with a cycle of 20 day names, many of them similar to the day names of the Maya.

Where the Aztec differed most significantly from the Maya was in their more primitive number system and in their less precise way of recording dates. Normally, they noted only the day on which an event occurred and the name of the current year. This is ambiguous, since the same day, as designated in the way mentioned above, can occur twice in a year. Moreover, years of the same name recur at 52-year intervals, and Spanish colonial annals often disagree as to the length of time between two events.

Other discrepancies in the records are only partially explained by the fact that different towns started their year with different months. The most widely accepted correlation of the calendar of Tenochtitlan with the Christian Julian calendar is based on the entrance of Cortes into that city on November 8, 1519, and on the surrender of Cuauhtemoc on August 13, 1521. According to this correlation, the first date was a day 8 Wind, the ninth day of the month Quecholli, in a year 1 Reed, the 13th year of a cycle.

The Mexicans, as all other Meso-Americans, believed in the periodic destruction and re-creation of the world. The "Calendar Stone" in the Museo Nacional de Antropologia (National Museum of Anthropology) in Mexico City depicts in its central panel the date 4 Ollin (movement), on which they anticipated that their current world would be destroyed by earthquake, and within it the dates of previous holocausts: 4 Tiger, 4 Wind, 4 Rain, and 4 Water.

The Aztec calendar kept two different aspects of time; tonalpohualli and xiuhpohualli. Each of these systems had a different purpose. The tonalpohualliwas the 'counting of days.' It originated by ancient peoples observing that the sun, crossed a certain zenith point near the Mayan city of Copan, every 260 days. So this first system is arranged in a 260-day cycle. These 260 days were then broken up into 20 periods, with each period containing 13 days, called trecenas. Each period was given the name of something that was then shown by a hieroglyphic sign, and each trecena was given a number 1-13. Each trecena is also thought to have a god or deity presiding over each of the trecena. They kept these counts in tonalamatls, screenfold books made from bark paper. The Aztecs used this as a religious calendar. Priests used the calendar to determine luck days for such activities as sowing crops, building houses, and going to war.

The xiuhpohualli was the 'counting of the years.' This calendar was kept on a 365-day solar count. This was also the agricultural and ceremonial calendar of the Aztec state. It was divided into 18 periods, with each period containing 20 days, called veintenas. This left five days that were not represented. These were called "nemontemi." These were the five transition days between the old and the new year, and were considered days of nothing. This was a time of festivals. People came to the festivals with their best clothes on, and took part in singing and dancing. This is also when the priest would perform sacrifices, most of these sacrifices were human, but others were preformed on animals and fruit.

The solar year was the basis for the civil calendar by which the Mexicas (Aztecs) determined the myriad ceremonies and rituals linked to agricultural cycles. The calendar was made up of 18 months, each lasting 20 days. The months were divided into four five-day weeks. The year was rounded out to 365 days by the addition of the five-day nemontemi (empty days), an ominous period marked by the cessation of normal activities and general abstinence. The correlation of dates in the Gregorian calendar is uncertain, although most authors on the subject affix the beginning of the Aztec year to early February. A variety of sources were consulted in developing the following chart of some of the ritualistic activities associated with each month.

Many of the Aztecs' religious ceremonies, including frequent human sacrifices, were performed at the Great Temple, located in the center of their capital city of Tenochtitlan.

Naming Stars in Different Cultures

While modern astronomers refer to most stars solely by catalog numbers and astronomy coordinates, many people informally name stars using name a star services. In fact, throughout history people from various cultures have used star names of their own choosing: Many civilizations explained their existence through mythological stories passed from generation to generation, and often associated these stories with the stars in the night sky. As we'll see, even a major car company is named after the stars.

To illustrate, let's start with a constellation (an area of the night sky) modern astronomers have named after a character from Greek and Roman mythology - "Orion," the Great Hunter. Orion is one of the most well known and easily-identifiable constellations, and can be seen from just about anywhere on Earth: The best time to view Orion is during the evening hours between roughly December and March. Many classical mythology stories are told about Orion and how he came to be placed in the heavens. One such story is that Orion had no fear of any animal and therefore threatened to exterminate all of the animals of the earth. When Gaia, the goddess of the earth, heard this she became enraged and sent a scorpion to kill Orion. When Orion encountered the scorpion he was unable to kill it, and the scorpion stung Orion and sent him falling to the earth, fatally wounded. In honor of this story, Orion was placed in the night sky as a constellation, as was the scorpion - known as the constellation "Scorpius."

While 21st century astronomers refer to the constellation "Orion" after a hunter from classical mythology, other cultures have had different interpretations of these same stars. One of the distinguishing features of Orion is a line of three, bright stars that form what is called "The Belt of Orion." The ancient Egyptians thought these three bright stars were the resting place of the god Osiris. The Dogon people of West Africa viewed the three stars as the stairway to heaven. These same three stars have been associated with Christmas, viewed as representing the Magi - "The Three Wise Men" (The Three Kings) from the Bible. The people of the Marshall Islands viewed Orion's stars as an octopus and a fisherman: The story told was of a fisherman who was attacked by an octopus. The fisherman defended himself by using a stone to stab the head of the octopus. Although the octopus was wounded he was able to spray his ink, behind which he hid and was able to escape. The Chimu Indians of Peru believed that the middle star of Orion's belt represented a thief or mischief maker that the Moon Goddess punished. The Moon Goddess punished the wrongdoer by sending two stars to capture him and send him to four vultures that would eat him. This mythological story served as a warning for those who would commit crimes.

Another interesting example from classical mythology is related to a beautiful group of stars in the constellation Taurus called "The Pleiades," or "The Seven Sisters." These stars are visible in the evening sky from roughly November through April, and are often confused with "The Little Dipper" (which is in another constellation) as the bright stars of the Pleiades together resemble a very small dipper, or ladle. The story from classical mythology is that Orion, the hunter, became enamored of these seven beautiful ladies, and relentlessly pursued them throughout the world. Taking pity on the young women, Zeus placed them in the heavens where Orion continues to pursue them in the night sky.

Many cultures have also associated the Pleiades with females or femininity. The Australian Aborigines saw this group of stars as a cluster of girls who were musicians. These girls play their instruments for a group of young boys who are represented by the stars seen in Orion's belt. Some Native American tribes viewed the Pleiades as seven mothers who were looking for their seven lost sons: According to the Chumash Indians of California, these seven sons had become the stars of the Big Dipper. The Kiowa Indians saw these stars as young women who were placed in the heavens by the Great Spirit so as to save them from attacking bears. In Norse mythology, they were the hens of Freya, the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. In Japan the Pleiades were known as "Subaru," after which a Japanese car company is named.

Naming stars, then, is an age-old custom that has been practiced by different civilizations around the world.

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List of Alien Races, Attributes, and Intentions

The topic of alien life has played upon the minds of being incarnate upon the earth plane for eons of time. In earlier civilizations, alien visitation and contacts were nothing unordinary. Yet in the present day with our warlike and conquering nature, the peaceful interactions with our extra-terrestrial counterparts have decreased with a increase in negative contacts with sinister motives. Do not be alarmed, for our allies are still with us and they are aiding in the battle to eliminate the negative influences on our world as they have always done. We provide a basic comprehensive list of the four alien races most influential on earth and their attributes in the following paragraphs.

Andromedians: These entities reside and come from the Andormeda Galaxy, that move in inter-stellar light travel. They have hyper-light traveling capabilities, as they can travel from one side of the universe to the next in a matter of seconds. These beings are very thin, standing eight to ten feet tall and are extremely beautiful. This race is so spiritually evolved that they no longer have the need for physical bodies. In ancient mythology, they are referred to as the winged gods. These beings do not eat, as they live off the prana(energy) of the universe. Andromedians have taken care of humanity for centuries as they consider us their brothers and sisters. Their mother ship is here at this moment in our stratosphere, and our government is very aware of this and can do no-thing about it. The Andromedians have inspired prophets and philosophers alike. Their teachings have been perverted and manipulated to control the masses and enslave the people, and this has been allowed. These beings are of a positive orientation.

Pleiadians: These beings reside and come from the star constellation named the Pleiades. There are seven stars in the Pleiades, and these beings come from the star known as Taygeta. Out of the nine planets that orbit this star, only four are inhabited with living beings. Their home world is the planet Erra, which is very similar to our planet earth. They share the same plant and animal life as on earth, and their days are only six tenths of a second less than on earth. These beings are millions of years older than earthlings, and are more spiritually advanced than earth beings. The typical lifespan of a Pleiadian is 700 years or more as only 400 million people reside on the planet Erra, as opposed to the extremely over population of earth which is above 6 billion. There is no dishonesty on Erra as their form of communication is through telepathy. The basic necessities of life are provided freely, as there is no need for money, wealth, and power. Pleiadians resemble earth beings, the only difference is lighter skin. The Galactic Federation of Light consists of many entities from the Pleiades, as the GFL is our main ally in the battle to save our planet from certain destruction The Pleiadians are of a positive orientation. Grey

Greys: There are many variations of the Grey species found in this universe, you may have seen this species depicted in popular film media as the short grey aliens with huge bulging black eyes. The Greys originally started out as tall blond-haired humanoids in the Rigel system, but were subject to heavy nuclear radiation over long periods of time. This changed their DNA and glandular structure dramatically, which caused them to devolve into their current form. This nuclear exchange occurred approximately 300,000 years ago. These beings are nocturnal, as their eyes are very sensitive to ultraviolet light. They have the ability to control their heart rate, and their brains have more lobes than that of a human brain. These beings communicate telepathically as they only have a horizontal slit for a mouth, and function in a hive mind like manner. These beings have problems with their digestive system, and they compensate that by absorbing glandular secretions through their skin from animals they abduct, as well as semen extracts from human beings in nocturnal emissions or abductions as well. These beings co-operate with our current governmental structures for reasons of global domination and control. They replace world leaders that are against this cause, with clones and hybrid Grey entities. These beings are of a neutral orientation, as they can perceive human emotions but do not comprehend what they mean to us.

Reptilian Reptilians: This race of beings, is perhaps the greatest threat to humanity today, as it had been for hundreds of thousands of years in the past. Many years ago, the ancient astronauts of our planet were engaged in a fierce battle with these beings, and the Annunaki Reptilians were forced into underground caverns where the battle continued until most of these beings were destroyed, though a few survived and are present in our world today as you read this article. There is a global cover-up of the existence of this race of beings. The dinosaur bones claimed to be of massive beasts from prehistoric periods may actually be the remains of the Reptilians destroyed in the ancient battle. These beings have long heads with vertical slit pupils, most of the reptilian hierarchy of the previous ages are green or brown, yet there are those who survived and evolved in the deep and dark caverns of the earth that have mutated into an albino white form.

The reptilians have set up various bases on the earth as well as inside of Venus, and many other locations throughout the galaxy as they are a conquering race. These beings have no regard for humans as they eat us like we eat chicken, there are numerous underground facilities with massive storage rooms of human cadavers. These beings are not dependant on humans as a source of food though, as their main form of booty is the gold of our world that sustains the environment of their home world. They do not fear humans as they consider themselves far more superior in intelligence and beauty than us, they view us a repulsive and disgusting looking creatures. The Bush family and many of their associates are reported to be the humanoid reptilians of our day, as well as many members of English and British royalty. These beings are of a negative orientation.

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Astrology: The Rising Sign

When your Astrological Chart is drawn up by the astrologer according to the information you have given of your birth date, time of birth and also the place of birth, it appears as a large circular disc with a smaller one in the centre in which the individual is symbolically placed. The larger circle of 360° is usually equally divided into 12 segments of 30° like equal slices of a cake. Each of the 12 segments is known as a 'house' with the first one being that on the left and just below the horizon or horizontal in the chart. Numbering anticlockwise, the twelve houses are represented in sequence and named according to their numerical place - First House, Second House and so on. Sometimes the Rising Sign may appear as only a few degrees above the horizon and at other times 28° or more. When it is sharing the influence of the next sign rising as in these latter degrees to the 30° it is called "on the cusp" and the characteristics of that Rising Sign are modified by those of the one following. The Rising sign is strongest in its essential characteristics the closer it is to the 15° or midway point.

The zodiacal sign in which the Sun is placed at your birth is what is commonly called your Sun Sign, Birth Sign or astrological sign. The symbol for the Sun is immediately placed appropriately in the sign and the degree that it occupied at the moment of your birth .All the other planets will also be placed according to their actual astronomical position.

At the beginning of each house is one of the zodiacal signs which dominates that particular house. The ruling or dominant sign governing the first house, once it has been established by astronomical calculation, is placed on the Chart on the left hand horizontal and this is called your 'Rising Sign'. Only an astrological chart drawn with scientific accuracy can determine the exact degree of the Rising Sign.

For example, let us call that zodiacal Rising Sign, Aries. The rest of the zodiacal signs are then placed in their natural order and in anticlockwise fashion around the circle of the Chart, to finish with the sign Pisces shown as ruling the 12th House, situated above the horizon, just as Aries is below.

Basically this means when you begin to consider your personal make-up there are two main factors to consider, not just the one. Even though your Sun sign (your known Birth Sign) may be Cancer, you must take into account that Aries will also play a dominant role in your nature, particularly regarding your physical appearance, your outer personality and many of your instinctive reactions to life events. In this case although you may be highly emotional, as indicated by Cancer, you will have very strong outgoing energies and attitudes which are positive and very different from the more sensitive person you are inside. You will have an outer appearance of forceful, direct and more adventurous personality than the quieter soul you know as your true nature.

Most of us start life with these two different and often opposing influences inherent in our personality and in our potential psychological equipment. Our Rising sign is different from our Sun sign. We have to come to understand this mix of influences and absorb the best of the energies of each into our own intelligent blend of characteristics. We must make a study of both these signs in our first attempt to understand how astrology reveals our main character traits, as they represent the constituents in our unique and complex recipe of human nature.

But of course there are also many cases where both the Sun sign and the Rising sign, because of astronomical configurations, will be the same. In which case, there is an intensification of all the traits and no moderating influences and a Taurean person with Taurus also as the Rising sign will show classical virtues and faults of a Taurean - a double Taurean so to say! It is certain that such an individual will know that the clues to his nature and his life will be found through study of the Taurean energies and principles.

It is the degree of the Rising Sign which accents or moderates the characteristics association with that sign, according to the distance between its neighbouring signs. So with 1 degree Aries rising there would be still the strong influence of Pisces. As the qualities of Pisces are very different from Aries, in character analysis this factor would have to be taken into consideration. With 28-30° Aries rising, one would have to add the strong up and coming influence of Taurus which, in this case would add some caution to the rashness of the Aries nature.

The factor of the Sun Sign and the Rising Sign and their proper interpretation is very interesting subject which has been the focus of a great deal of research over the last century or so. There is ample evidence to show that certain definite features and circumstances will be common to those persons having similar factors in their birth charts. This helps you to feel confident when seeking to clarify particular details.

Many come to know that the Sun sign is what you come into the world with regarding your talents, soul purposes and spiritual attitudes and the Rising Sign is the indicator of our physical appearance and outer personality - the tool through which our soul expresses itself.

The Rising sign strongly influences some aspects of our appearance (as to whether we are fair, dark and some influence over proportion and facial features). It affects our health, giving us clearly defined physical strengths and weaknesses. It accents all personality likes, dislikes, attitudes and attributes to frequently describe how different a personality you are compared with your siblings - who were born at different times and sometimes different places.

So it is wise to study the energies and influences of both the Rising Sign and the Sun Sign in combination, in order to see which factors you feel accurately describe your personal make up. It is good to know at the outset what the opposing or conflicting elements in your character are likely to be. It is also helpful to know the positive, complementary qualities which you can use in a resourceful and positive manner.

Analysing another person's horoscope is very much like trying to distinguish the flavourings in a complex recipe of a cake - some of the separate ingredients may in time be identified but the ultimate flavour and taste are beyond any analysis, just as the work of coordinating and utilizing the various astrological energies is entirely a matter for the individual himself.

Analysing your own Chart is very different from reading the report of a professional. It requires you to be without bias which is almost impossible except regarding events and circumstances. However such an exercise has many rewards. It can make you aware of your qualities, both good and bad and encourage self improvement.

Interpreting astrological energies is a difficult task which is why many astrologers remain somewhat aloof from personal contact with the subject, preferring to use computer aids for the scientific preparation and to rely upon only one personal consultation for a reading.

Others liken it to psychology and their work of interpretation to the analogy of creating order out of pieces of a jigsaw - with each factor being just another piece to find a place for in the complex pattern of the personality. It cannot be emphasised enough, that Astrology is both a science and an art.

If you sincerely wish to understand the subject, there are many books covering various aspects and some courses which take you from a study of the zodiacal Signs and their associated qualities , to the placement of the other planets, the importance of the Moon upon your emotional nature, the relationship between the planets in the birth chart, the common link with parents and loved ones, health matters, good and bad fortune, relationships, interests and events and of course that which fascinates many people, their future. One must be cautious of taking notice of the general and often superficial comments in astrological newspaper columns. These often serve to denigrate the science.

Every professional astrologer should be well versed in setting up your personal chart providing you have a record of the exact time and the place of birth. Each individual astrologer has his own methods and system of interpreting your Chart. Many specialise in particular aspects such as health, relationships, character, future events and even weather prediction. It is important to find a good professional with considerable experience in the field of your own interest. In the meantime, be aware when reading of matters related to your Birth Sign or Sun Sign that you must also take into consideration the qualities of your Rising Sign.

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The Oneness Blessing and the Power of Foresight and Prophecy

Did you hear the message? Did you receive it in your heart? Did the message touch your soul with the energy of unconditional love and enlightenment? If so, the Oneness Blessing also known as the Holy Spirit is flowing peace, order, wealth, success, empowerment, health, wellness, knowledge, wisdom, and good fortune into your life. What message? The message you attracted into your life today. The message of foresight and prophecy designed to transform your reality for success, peace, joy, and happiness. Did you get the message or did you resist it?

Everyday of our lives, Source Energy-the Creator of ALL that is (God as some knows this power)-is speaking to us and in some cases this great power is speaking through us if we allow it. The message is always to inspire us to become more and create more life. Deep within our soul, it is the greatest desire of every human being to become more and to create more life. Creating more life gives us joy. We all want to be vessels of creativity and we want to do it successfully.

Some of us get so busy throughout the day that we can not hear the message in our hearts and this is why spiritual guidance from the Lightworkers in our society is so important. Lightworkers are fully open to receiving and discerning these messages and sharing them with those who are willing to hear. There is joy in this two-way experience because the Lightworker and the listener or receiver are both in the Presence or the present moment.

And just what are these messages? These messages are foresight and prophecy significant to the times. These messages of foresight and prophecy provide insight to what is happening in our day and time and how it affects co-creators. These messages also give us insight to how the Creative Spirit is moving.

This is a gift from the Oneness Blessing. The Oneness Blessing has provided these messages to co-creators so that as we are equipped with Divine wisdom and knowledge as we co-create our reality. These messages are insight because these messages give view to what is happening in the Absolute Reality. With this knowledge we are prepared co-creators rather than ill-informed victims of circumstance.

Furthermore, these messages from the Oneness Blessing are messages which emit the power of foresight and prophecy. The power of foresight and prophecy makes it possible for us to make powerful intentions as we segment and go throughout our day. For example, if the power of foresight revealed to you through a Lightworker (one who serves as messenger for light and wisdom) or through your own Living Mind that "now is the time to focus your gifts and talents on empowering women," then you are equipped with Divine guidance and wisdom. With this Divine guidance and wisdom, you can set your intentions for empowering women. You know what to focus on. You know where you should align your thoughts, visualizations, and prayers.

The power of foresight and prophecy removes the ego out of the driver's seat because it renders fear powerless. Most of our fears are associated with the fear of the unknown. The power of foresight and prophecy makes the unknown known to us. Faith grows because we have wisdom and knowledge. And it is with this wisdom and knowledge given by the Oneness Blessing that we become more dynamic and more powerful co-creators.

Carmellita Brown, the Creative Director for Blue Lotus Living, invites you to experience a message of foresight and prophecy. To address many people's concerns about the perceived economic crisis, as a Lightworker, Carmellita has channeled a powerful message. Get spiritual insight that will set you on the path of prosperity instantly, visit The Oracle Within - The Scepter of Prosperity.

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The 3 Important Facts About the 2012 Theory - Will We All Die?

What does the 2012 theory tell us? As far as you know, a theory always remains a theory unlike an event plays out in our reality experience. Same it goes with the 2012 theory.

It is crucial to mention that many different groups and people discuss the theories about the 2012 event in a controversial and mostly fearful manner. Also different approaches and preparations to the 2012 theory are applied.

The most common basic view is the Mayan calendar, which is an extremely precise cosmological measurement of cycles and events. Much has been written about the background of the Mayan culture, and also the controversial interpretation of this event. Most New age groups have with the Maya culture in common, that they see this event as a galactic event, which brings in a shift of energy. This shift is a continuously rising vibration level of all life, which brings in several consequences for life itself and the human beings.

Most importantly, this shift will create a situation for everybody, to take a closer look to his life and the spiritual approach to life in general. This is not only a philosophical view, rather a view on the personal growth and about the truth of life in general.

There are many predictions that we will die due to a cosmic catastrophe, tsunami, pole shift and other extraordinary events hitting the planet on December 12, 2012. From the scientific point of view there is nothing to fear, but the bible for example places in 'the end of times'.

So what is right and what is wrong?

Here are the 3 important facts about the 2012 theory:

1. 2012 is not a "prophecy" it is a prediction. The Maya were cosmologists who created extremely advanced calendars by the scientific observation of the great cycles of the Universe relative to planet Earth.

2. Consciousness and indeed life itself evolves in cycles - there is increasing evidence in the fossil record to support the fact that life evolves in cycles.

3. Whatever happens is therefore all a part of the grand scheme of things and part of the great cycles of the Universe necessary for the evolution of life and consciousness.

To put things into perspective, we must always keep in Mind one fundamental truth - we all create our own reality with the power of our Minds. Whatever we believe will happen in our thoughts, imagination and emotions will happen, every time. It is therefore very important that we maintain absolute control over our thought processes and expectations, not only because of the approaching end of the age, and the 2012 theory, but also in creating our day to day reality and a life of health, happiness and abundance.

So whatever will happen in 2012 is a product of the mass consciousness approach to the 2012 theory. So you better keep in mind - If the Creator is for us who can be against us? Choose life!

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In 2012, Where to Assemble After the Continental Shift?

Our Earth turns counter-clockwise. In Timaeus, Plato described the shifting in the Earth's crust as follows: "The globe makes all kinds of movements, forwards and backwards and then downward, wandering in all directions." This uncommon portrayal of the behavior of the Earth's surface perfectly describes a polar reversal. At the end of 2012, once the polar reversal has taken place, the Earth will begin rotating clockwise. At this time the Earth's crust will have shifted, pushing North America in the direction of the pole. It will seem as if the Earth is moving itself in all directions: from left to right and from below to above and vice versa. There are plenty of directions the continents can move in! But where will they end up?

Fourteen thousand years ago the scientists of Aha-Men-Ptah calculated that their whole continent would be destroyed completely, come 9792 BC. With great certainty, they knew how the Earth would start behaving. It is highly probable that they based their predictions on the polar shift of 29,808 BC. They must have speculated that the same type of shift would take place in 9792, but in reverse, leading them to the conclusion that the continents would drift back in the opposite direction. After many calculations they also figured out that their entire continent would become the South Pole and would therefore freeze over and become uninhabitable. For that reason they decided to lay plans for a mass exodus to take place on that fateful day. Many were able to escape despite the multitude of difficulties they encountered, among them, a civil war.

Escape and Overpopulation
Because the Atlanteans had hundreds of years of preparation to survive the last cataclysm, there are billions, instead of tens of millions, of people living in the world today. Taking this into consideration, we encounter an unfortunate moral and ecological question: would it be better that a great many or that only a vital few should survive? For the time being, this question need not be answered. Few know about the forthcoming catastrophe. Even fewer are convinced of taking measures to ensure anyone's survival. Perhaps only a few thousand will survive, a minute fraction of the percentage that survived twelve thousand years ago.

The reasons we will suffer such devastation are simple: lack of preparation and planning. The last time a polar shift occurred, the Atlanteans were prepared. They had built enough unsinkable boats to carry everyone off the continent. They had also devised an evacuation plan, which they practiced in preparation for the coming event. Presently, there are few ships available to the public that will withstand the devastation of a polar reversal. There is no plan for escape.

A Catastrophic Shift?
In the event a polar shift of greater magnitude than anticipated should occur, all our present plans may be futile; that is to say, in a case such as one wherein the present polar landmasses would shift all the way to the equator in a very short period of time. Such a drastic shift would have disastrous effects on planetary life.

In the July 25th 1997 issue of Science magazine, there is published proof that such a monumental polar shift can occur. The facts were gathered by researchers of the California Institute of Technology and relate to a period of 535 million years ago. Geologists at the California Institute discovered "that a change of 90 degrees had occurred in the turning direction of the Earth's axis." Landmasses that were previously situated at the North and South Poles slid around the Earth and stopped on the equator. Two opposite points that were previously situated on the equator became the new poles. The researchers compiled the evidence found at the base of stones deposited during and after this interval of time, and discovered geophysical proof that all the big continents were subject to an impulse movement, a rapid, catastrophic rotation of great proportions involving the whole Earth's crust.

Should we experience a catastrophe of the same magnitude as mentioned above, our numbers will drastically decrease. Few habitable areas will be left on Earth for some time due to the fact that the land under the South Pole is frozen and buried beneath enormous amounts of ice. When newly situated at the equator, the continent will require time to melt before anyone will be able to live there. Currently habitable areas will become colder and less able to sustain life.

According to the facts, a shift this drastic hasn't occurred in 535 million years. However chances are that this could be when it happens again. A slight polar shift is disastrous enough; a ninety-degree polar shift would be a serious nightmare!

The current theory rests on a shift of thirty, maybe forty degrees; a bit farther than the previous shift. The longer the sun contains its energy, the more power there will be to unleash when it comes time to release it. A somewhat larger shift in the Earth's surface structure is expected, but in the opposite direction than what took place in 9792 BC. Let's hope the conservative estimate is true.

This brings us back to locating possible places that may provide sufficient space for human survival. The Earth's crust is fairly rigid so the shape of the continental landmasses should not deviate much from their pre-catastrophic forms. Considerable differences can occur, but the whole should remain more or less the same; however, some parts will rise above sea level, while others will sink below it.

The sliding around of the lithosphere is what causes us the greatest consternation. When the crust loses its anchor, the continents will move around on the surface of the Earth; this will restrict the number of available choices for habitation. Doing some homework though, we may be able to map out some scenarios in advance, based on a shift of thirty to forty degrees for North America. The reality after the catastrophe, optimistically, should not differ much from at least one of our models. These models make it possible to pick out several starting points for a new civilization. Pessimistically, the shift can turn out very different from our predictions, so we need to keep our options as wide open as possible. Should a starting place fail to be suitable, we need to have a few backup locations chosen to take its place.

The assembly places we are choosing are important to people who want to survive the tidal wave with the help of unsinkable boats. After the catastrophe people in these boats will be separated from others in their boats, large distances of wide-open ocean between them. Groups of survivors will be completely alone, adrift on the open sea. Without a proper plan, chances for continued survival are slim; the odds of restarting a new civilization without those people diminish. The bigger the group, the better are our chances for survival. By establishing possible meeting places beforehand, we are offering everybody the ability to reach a new place they can call home where they will meet others who have the same goal in mind. In order to create this reality, we need to take the following into account:

Meeting places need to be prioritized and restricted to a certain number-a maximum of five assembly places per model. In order for us to survive the "nuclear winter", designated meeting places have to be situated as close to the equator as possible.

According scientific calculations, choices would have to be situated in the following areas:

* South America (somewhere at the height of Lake Titicaca)
* Africa (Dragon Mountains)
* Asia (India, Thailand or Borneo)

We will be posting our choices of preferred meeting places on our website before the fatal date.

Learn much more about the significance and severity of the events in 2012 and how you can be prepared to save yourself and your loved ones. In addition, we'll give you a free report on the "Labyrinth of Egypt" when you visit today!

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Surviving 2012 in Unsinkable Boats

If in 2012 you choose to endure the forthcoming tidal waves and hurricanes at sea, you absolutely need to have an unsinkable boat at your disposal. But the boat shouldn't only 'not sink', it should not capsize either. Consulting boating experts, chances are that a large ship will become uncontrollable, break up and sink. The message is to use small boats instead of large ones.

Should your boat start seriously leaking you will be in dire straits. History may well have an answer for this issue. The inhabitants of Aha-Men-Ptah escaped by means of their Mandjits, which were small unsinkable boats that they launched in a huge flotilla. So how can we translate this to today's world?

Sailing contests in which yachts capsize and the crew gets imprisoned inside the cabin are a reality that needs to be brought into account when choosing your survival boat. The unfortunate crew cannot free themselves because the water rushes in and the boat sinks. We can follow the coverage of the plight of the unfortunates for several days. During those days they remain locked up before they are rescued. This assumes that the yacht can be located. At the end of 2012, after the reversal of the poles, this would be a hopeless situation that must be avoided.

We will be witness to global destruction, and chances are pretty high that there won't be anyone available to rescue you from awkward situations. So how can you possibly prevent such a situation? Do unsinkable boats exist? Who knows more about this? The good news is that there are a few companies that do build those types of boats...and their business is on the upraise since more and more people see this as an alternative for 2012 survival. One of them being Unsinkable Motor Yacht from Malle, Belgium. Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, is known for housing some of the finest sail boat building companies, especially the unsinkable ones. They are developing an unsinkable motor yacht with an approximate length of ten meters (30 feet). If they succeed they can also start building bigger sailing ships. The Flemish Authority supports this. It believes in a worldwide prevailing quality. The name of the company is ETAP.

In a meeting, sales manager Jan van Speybroeck confirmed they do build and deliver unsinkable boats for their clients. During this conversation, some of the problems that would confront anyone in an ETAP, were identified as follows:

* Broken mast after the calming down of the tsunamis;
* Uncontrollability because the diesel motor cannot be started due to electric failure caused by the magnetic storms.

Unsinkable Boats Generate Substantial Safety
In our opinion these boats will give people the greatest chance for surviving the cataclysm. Besides these yachts, there is just one other possibility, and that is to move up into the high mountains of some well-chosen areas.

Unsinkable boats could make a valuable contribution to the survival of our civilization, just as they did 12000 years ago. In the previous cataclysm they carried along a major selection from their library. Through this it became possible to help science flourish again. In 2012 we will have to have organized something similar. Our advantage will be that the ETAP yachts are far more enduring than the Mandjits of the Atlanteans.

However, this option contains many more risks and insecurities. You may be consumed by volcanic gasses or swallowed by fissures in splitting mountains, or it's possible you might be washed away by the global tidal wave. It is up to you to decide where you will be.

Anyone considering escape by boat needs to take into account that the ETAP yachts are small, and that is a disadvantage. You cannot bring much food, survival material, or many books. Each ship can only carry the most important things, so the literature will have to be divided amongst them. The boats belonging to a group need to stay close to each other, however, in most cases this will be next to impossible. After the chaos has dissolved, the survivors will have to summon all their force to reach the place of gathering, which itself may prove hard to find in a greatly changed world. But it will be imperative to meet, so that all the information that has been spared can be gathered in one place and a mini-library can be constructed as quickly as possible.

Remember, at this moment ETAP is the only producer in the world of comfortable, unsinkable yachts. If you have hesitated too long, you will never be able to get such a yacht. Timing will be an issue even if you want to rent a boat, once you are convinced of the necessity.

A License for Hiring a Boat
Yachts can be rented. To mention some places: the Azure Coast, South Brittany, Corfu, Gouvia and Mallorca. In 2012 there will surely be more places. In order to rent a boat there is, however, one challenge: you need to have a boater's license which means that you have to take an instruction course on boating. Without such a license you cannot rent a boat. Therefore start taking lessons well beforehand, or have someone with you who does have a license!

Learn much more about the significance and severity of the events in 2012 and how you can be prepared to save yourself and your loved ones. In addition, we'll give you a free report on the "Labyrinth of Egypt" when you visit today!

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Surviving 2012 Cataclysm - Mountains As a Survival Place

On the subject of how to survive 2012, in one of his books, researcher and author Patrick Geryl made a study of the best survival places in the world.

Mountains are an option to survive the cataclysm in 2012, but there are important conditions to take into account:
If you have decided on moving into the mountains in order to survive a catastrophic event like a polar shift, it is of the utmost importance that you choose a mountain that will remain stable. In case the mountain should sink into the ocean, the water, with its treacherous and unpredictable currents, will sweep you away without mercy.
Should the mountain rise, water will be of little concern to you; however, there are other dangers to be aware of such as rock slides and a phenomenon resulting in huge, deep mounds of small rocks given to slippage referred to as "scree."

In his book "How to survive 2012" Patrick Geryl makes and attempt to answer a very difficult question: If a mountain is going to move, is it possible to predict if it will rise or sink?

In The Path of the Pole, Professor Charles Hapgood makes some very interesting remarks concerning the subject of geological redistribution. According to him, it is indeed possible to calculate the probable movements of a mountain. He tells us that, when the entire crust of the earth shifts, diametric opposite points on the planet will be moved toward the equator and others, toward the poles.

To appreciate this description you will need to have a look at a globe. When you examine a globe closely, you will find that there is a small bulge along the line that represents the equator. This bulge shows how pressure on the poles, caused by the rotation speed of the earth, pushes the Northern and Southern Hemispheres together. During a massive polar shift, the area of the crust lying over the equator must shift with everything else.

For this to happen there needs to be enough force to be able to push the rigid crust that lies beneath the continents over the actual bulge at the equator. The portion of the crust that gets pushed over the equator will be forced to stretch, and the area of the crust that gets shifted toward the poles will therefore undergo compression.

Which Continents are going to Shift with the events in 2012?

It is important to know in which direction the earth's crust is going to shift if you are to predict what areas will be affected when the lithosphere begins to expand and shrink. Europe, Asia and Africa are locked together and, therefore comprise a much larger landmass than the Americas combined.

Due to the physical laws of inertia and friction, it is a fairly safe bet that the continents with the least amount of mass will be propelled the farthest when the force of the polar shift is upon them. Therefore, because they have the least amount of mass, the continents of North America and South America will be shifted the farthest away from their original locations during the cataclysm. This leads to conclude that the risks will be on average higher in the Americas than they will be on the European-African-Asian continent. But there are many more factors to take into account. Imagine all these landmasses move and destroying nuclear plants for example. That brings another extra important element in the mix and to put in your calculations where (not) to be! But even regular cities could mean trouble because of the massive devastation. There will not be one building standing after the violence of such moving land has passed.

Visit us online at to find out more about this and other related phenomenons and to order Geryl's books. Finding a safe location is of utmost importance and educating yourself about this and related topics will be vital if you would like to survive what is upon us in 2012!

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