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2012 - Will We Ascend to the 4th Dimension by Activating Our DNA?

Something is happening out there, and within. Life is speeding up, changes are happening at a faster pace than ever before, what we used to rely on doesn't seem to be there any more. We are dreaming more lucidly than ever. Things are no longer as they seemed. What is happening?

One possible reason is that we are on the brink of an evolutionary leap, to the 4th or higher dimensions. The Mayans predicted that on December 21, 2012, our current world phase would end, to be replaced by the next one, repeating a cycle that has occurred approximately every 5,000 years since the beginning of time. A number of other religions, races and belief systems say that a major event will occur in the early part of this century, that will change our way of life completely.

Part of this process is said to be causing the acceleration we are experiencing at the moment, and will continue to experience at an ever-increasing pace until 2012, as we get closer to the 4th dimension.

Some say that the activation of dormant DNA strands will happen at that time, as part of our spiritual and physical evolutionary path. This will be apparently experienced as a spiritual awakening, or ascension to 4th dimensional living, which will see the expansion of our 3-dimensional world into a completely new experience. This experience will result in a lighter physical body, increased mental and spiritual abilities, and connections to other dimensions.

Each of our DNA strands are said to vibrate at a particular rate, and so can be activated with particular frequencies, by sounds that we can hear, and sounds that we cannot hear. These frequencies are apparently being emanated by the universe at the moment, affecting our abilities, and speeding up our daily life. Things we never knew existed will suddenly become a reality. Abilities we never had will suddenly emerge, and will vary according to the energy patterns we already hold.

For example, some will excel in healing abilities, and move objects with telekinesis, others may see into multi-dimensions. Many of us will be able to communicate telepathically, and manifest wonderful and self-fulfilling outcomes. We will be guided by our existing interests, and soul journey. As part of this process, new synapses will be forged in the brain to widen our sphere of reference.

The skeptical mind may dismiss this whole theory as ridiculous. However, there is another part of the mind we could also use, one that is not restricted by self-limiting beliefs. Now is the time to break free and open up to new possibilities.

This is an exciting time to be alive! This momentous event can be described as strings of energy pulsating through the universe, raising the octaves of life's being, and creating a major evolutionary shift. Once the process is complete, everything will synchronise in perfect harmony, and the world will experience the magnificent symphony of life, in all its beauty

Angela Clarke is an author, having published her first novel 2012 The Symphony http://www.2012thesymphony.com , a story based on the Mayan Calendar predictions for 2012, in December 2008. Before becoming an author, she was a business consultant. Angela lives between London and Southern France.

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December 2012 Doomsday - Top Reasons Why 21-12-2012 is the Most Important Date in Mankind's History

If there is one day that the entire mankind is eagerly waiting for, then it has to be 21st December 2012. If there is something that many of the major religions have in common then it must be on December 2012 Doomsday predictions. Almost every major religious text has got references to this being the time when major changes could occur in our planet. Among all the references, perhaps the most significant and well known is the prediction of December 2012 Doomsday by the Mayan Calendar. According to the world will enter a new age on the particular date. With the Mayans civilization being extremely knowledgeable in both astronomy and mathematics, the prediction has generated lot of interest around the world. Let us take a look at 4 top reasons why the December 21st, 2012 is so important.

1. The Mayans were extremely skilled in creating mathematical and astrological apparatus and they created their calendar 3,500 years ago. The calendar clearly mentions that there would be major changes that would take place in the world, come December 2012 Doomsday.

2. There are many among the scientific community who believe that due to global warming, solar storms would be entering the earth in large quantities by 2012 and this could trigger off a series of catastrophes. This is how they feel that the Mayan December 2012 Doomsday prediction would ultimately destroy all life on earth.

3. There are many geologists who believe that there could be major volcanic eruptions around the world in 2012. This is being equated with the December 2012 Doomsday prediction and being seen as one of the ways that the world will be destroyed, if it were to occur.

4. A vast majority of people who believe in the Mayan Calendar predict that there could be mass destruction of life on earth in the year 2012 because of the shift of earth's two poles.

Learn much more about the significance and severity of the events in 2012 and how you can be prepared to save yourself and your loved ones.

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