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Atlantis - Island Beneath the Sea

Many years ago in Greece a story was passed down orally from generation to generation until it finally arrived at the ears of a philosopher named, Plato. Plato retold the story and from there a legend was born. There are many who believe that it was never true and was all in Plato's mind. The account related was supposed to be from an ancestor called Solon that was originally told to him by one of the high Priests of Egypt.

The position of Atlantis was supposed to be in the Atlantic Ocean supporting a powerful empire first established by Poseidon, God of the Sea. As long ago as 1882 a man called Donnelly, an American politician, wrote a world-wide best seller on the theories of Atlantis. Another theory was then presented. Frost, a professor of history at Queens University in Belfast suggested that Atlantis was East of Gibraltar due to the fact that in that direction was the Minoan Empire. In that Empire was superb architecture and art and a code of laws that gave women equal status to men.

Unfortunately, the Minoan Civilisation suddenly ceased to exist; all that is left is Santorinas, several islands in a circle. It was known twenty-five hundred years earlier as a large island with a volcano in the middle. A massive eruption approximately 1500 years earlier, an explosion of such force that was four times as powerful as the one at Krakatau, completely wiped out the area and the Minoans'. The tsunami at Krakatau was 120 feet high so what was it at Crete? The time differences were not correct to Plato's story the Minoans' disappeared 900 years previous and Plato's time was 9000.

Some people believe that the Azores located 900 miles from the Portuguese coast are the mountain tops of the sunken continent. Believers of the lost continent think that when Atlantis disappeared so did a great amount of knowledge and wisdom. We are slowly digging into the past to find more evidence of where we came from. Lots of different ideas have evolved over the years, some startling. One is a book by Prof. Arysio Santos who says Atlantis was in the Indian Ocean about the times mentioned by Plato, and sunk about 11000 years ago.

Extraterrestrials' also emerged into the picture in an age where to be mobile was to have a chariot. Therefore explanations of vehicles or flying machines would be described as whirlwinds with flashing fire. Were the Gods of this era producing offspring by the Atlantean women? Did men from space shape this great continent over several thousand years? We do not even know if Atlantis really existed. What is the real truth about Atlantis? Out of all the legends and myths that are told and distributed certain facts do become clear.

A special complimentary report has been written by Jim Long entitled 'The Philosophy of Atlantis.' One conception or idea keeps shining through the mist of legend. Read the complimentary report by Jim Long to find out what it is. Do you wonder how the world has developed to its present stage? How do you cope with the mystery of our existence? Please read and enjoy the report.

This article was written by Geoff Howard whose pseudonym is Jim Long. Have you wondered or pondered on the ancient civilization that was presumed to exist thousands of years ago? Then please read this complimentary report by Jim Long - 'The Philosophy Of Atlantis.' There is an underlying truth that shines through the philosophy. You can read the report by going to - to instantly download the PDF copy. By reading this article you may understand more about the lost civilization. Webmasters and Ezine owners please feel free to distribute the report to your lists without changing any texts.

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Ancient Egypt - Ka and the Soul

To the ancient Egyptians, the Ka was a concept of the animating life force within us all. It was conceived as a second image of the individual or in effect a spirit double. The Ka was a unique entity totally associated with the individual, coming into creation with the person's birth and remained bound to him or to her, even after death. It was not quite the same concept as the personal soul, which they identified separately and called the Ba. The Ba was actually the true essence of the spirit, and defined the person as a specific individual or entity with a place in the cosmos for all eternity. The ceremony of the opening of the mouth, conducted by the priests, either on the mummified corpse or on a statue representation of the dead person, was aimed to restore physical abilities in death and to release the attachment of the soul (Ba) to the body. This allowed the Ba to be united with the Ka in the afterlife, creating an entity known as an Akh. The union of Ba and Ka is symbolized by the looped cross - the Ankh, symbol of eternal life.

We often think of these ancient people as a nation fixated on death and morbidly terrified of its corrupting effect. A fear, manifest by a ghoulish fascination with embalmed corpses. Nothing could be more untrue! They were actually a people fixated on life. In all their works they really show how much they loved life and it is very clear that as a race, they celebrated it with a passion. In fact they did not even believe in a concept of death in the way we think of it. The end of their physical life was but a passing moment in an everlasting rush towards eternity.

This joyful celebration of life was brought home to me, when I came across a near life-sized wood carving of a man and his wife in a quiet corner of a European museum. They had been carved out of a single log and were slightly the worst for wear, but for some reason, these two tranquil figures moved me greatly, when I first saw them in the Louvre, over 30 years ago. Taken as individual statues, they were not great works of art; they looked timeworn and vulnerable, yet seen as a couple they seemed to hold an immense inner strength - a fierce bond that had somehow managed to safeguard the essence of their timeless union throughout all the long ages of their shared existence. It was as though they could endure anything that time could offer, just so long as they were left each to the other.

Who had found them and brought them from the warm sands that protected them to this cold and gloomy museum? Why had they been so disturbed. Like misty dreams, the busy years, in their never-ending passage had left these sleeping lovers untouched and unchanged as they rested, long forgotten in their secret hiding place below the sun-baked sands of their ancient homeland. They waited unseen and un-noticed as the desert land witnessed the rush of Alexander's spearmen, felt the tramp, tramp of Caesar's marching legions and shook in trembling awe at the thunder of Bonaparte's crashing cannonades. Powerful conquerors, beautiful queens, saints, scholars and many, many lesser men had come and gone - yet these two lovers still remained serene and secure, arms intertwined, always together - waiting for what?

It was with a growing sense of wonder that I began to understand just how old these two ancient figures actually were. They had been standing quietly thus - arm in arm, eternally watching the flows of time, while all the great religions of the world had had their birthing and entire civilizations had taken their turn to rise up and fall around them. Indeed, these small carvings had already been immensely old when ancient Greece was but a land of rustic shepherds and mighty Rome was only a dusty village straddling an unimportant river crossing. Their long watch had already stretched, not over centuries, but over whole millennia, before the great teachers, Abraham, Christ, Buddha and Mohammed each took their turn to preach love and understanding to generations of unhearing fools. Fools, blinded by distorted certainties, crippled in spirit who were ever eager to rush out to change the world, armed and justified by their garbled misread gospels and their fierce willingness to spill their brother's blood.

The museum was full of the greatest works of man, but neither the wealth and power of the kings, pharaohs and emperors on display, nor the exquisite beauty of the magnificent art treasures adorning the walls, impressed me ever so much as this very ordinary couple, who had left nothing but themselves. Their fundamental humanity, decency, and the love that they had once shared for each other was still so very apparent. Back then in Paris, I was young and also in love for the first time myself. My world was bright and wonderful and I thought it would last forever. However for those of us, who still walk this earth, life goes on, and time gradually takes its insidious toll on our bodies, our affections and the commitments that go with them. We get over our losses; eventually even the most poignant memories are just excess baggage to be put aside. For us, time indeed passes and never lightly. But then one day, opening a book on ancient Egypt, I was delighted to discover a recent photograph of these two old friends of my youth. There they were - just as I remembered them! Half a lifetime had passed for me and I was now a different person, "something lost and something gained, by living every day" - but for them nothing at all had changed.

How brief life is! The experiences of all those long years, since my joyful days in Paris, were but the blinking of an eye compared to the immense passage of time, since that distant Egyptian day, when the statues were taken west of the Nile to be prepared by the priests for the "opening of the mouth" ceremony. The ritual that would guarantee that the "ka", or life force, of each of the lovers would live forever in the statues and that they would be bonded to their chosen one for all of eternity.

Old feelings came flooding back to me and that was why I wrote my poem. My poem, Ka, can be found at I was once a builder of bridges, waterways and roads, but now like to call myself a writer. I am African, for my writing is usually about this vast ancient land of warm winds and far horizons that was once birth mother to us all. She is always untamed, always unpredictable and is forever softly whispering her hidden secrets into the wind that chases the racing storm clouds over her mighty hills. If you listen to the sound of the rain, you may hear the singing of these thousands of untold stories. They are just waiting to be set free. I grew to manhood in green forests, north of the Zambezi, but now gaze out over the waters of the restless southern ocean. Not far from my writing desk, the waves beat tirelessly against the fairest cape in all the world. My website is -
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The Cosmic Eggs

One of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World is reported (many years after all but the Great Pyramid had vanished) to be the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus. This great goddess has what many archaeologists and historians have interpreted to be nearly a thousand breasts on her body. It is being commented on in this very manner as I type this. The Discovery Channel is interviewing an esteemed Cambridge scholar who looks to know his words are as wise as Solomon. The stupidity of such absurd explanations is not unusual but still it draws a smile from those who know better.

In the past few months I have read over two hundred books in whole or in part and only the authors of Carthage have an idea about the import of these 'cosmic eggs'. They also wonder why the Berbers painted so many ostrich eggs and then threw them in garbage pits, near Cyrenaica. The Keltic serpent's eggs from the Druidic education might provide a little insight. This next quote mentions 'Pelota' which we mentioned in reference to a game that took place at Chichen Itza to prevent unnecessary tribal conflict. It has other meanings and depths relating to life and the passage of the soul that are touched upon in this quote from 'The Mistletoe Sacrament' by W. B. Crow in 'A Celtic Reader' which has been a constant source of mine; for the last ten months as I have explored the origins of the 'Red-Heads' with an obsession some might call mania:

The Druids themselves were known to the Welsh bards by a word that means adders, and Lewis Spence is of the opinion that the ridiculous statements of Pliny really refer to the manner in which the Druids manufacture these eggs. Later bards also refer to a ceremony in which a ball was snatched and carried across the water.

The Druidic custom just mentioned, we cannot help thinking, may have been the origin of the curious mediaeval rite of 'pelota', which took place in certain Catholic churches in France and Italy on Easter Monday. The ceremony consisted in bringing a ball of considerable size into the church and after solemnly presenting it before the altar, certain of the clergy beginning to dance and throwing the ball about in a special manner {It would be good to know if this originated in Mayan lands or if the Druids like Quetzalcoatl and the Toltecs took it there. They are the 'messengers' referred to in many Indian legends like those of Grey Owl.}. The ceremony symbolizes both the passage of the sun and the planets through the heavens and also the vicissitudes of the soul of man (the causal body of the theosophists). In Egyptian mythology the trial of the soul after death is associated with the passage of the sun through the underworld. The whipping of a spinning top, representing Alleluia on the Saturday before Septuagesima, a ceremony not uncommon in this country in former times, is related to this practice.

Madame Blavatsky has some interesting remarks on the connection with the serpent cult {A serpent goes up the side of the pyramid at Chichen Itza in specific ways as the sun and shadows create the effect that the building was re-built to create by the Toltec designers after the original pyramid had been built by the Jaguar cult centuries earlier. Chichen Itza became an international court of the whole of Central America if not more.}, which was at one time widespread and which is still widely practiced in South India. The serpent is a symbol of regeneration {And the orobouros of the alchemists is a serpent holding its tail and making the infinity type of immortality symbol: or the Mayan mathematical concept of zero they are credited with discovering over a century before the people of the sub-continent of India.). Not only does it lay eggs from which new life arises after having been preserved in the dormant state, but the reptile itself sloughs its skin at regular intervals. The initiate, in the ancient mystery religions, went through certain occult processes where his vehicles {Solar body, soul, allies and 'doppelganger' to name a few.} were actually renewed, and in the symbolism thereof cast off his old clothing and was clad in new vestures. What better symbolism than the serpent could be chosen to represent this change in the personality? Besides this, the regeneration by sloughing refers to the regeneration of the physical body by reincarnation and the regeneration of races and worlds of the theosophic cosmogony.

Some primitive peoples, after a death has occurred, perform a ritual in which the performers are divided into two groups and a struggle for the body takes place between the parties. This refers to the struggle between the powers of light and darkness for the spirit o£ the deceased, an eschatological myth of many ancient peoples. In the course of the evolution of this ritual it became a game in which the skull alone was the object of combat or had to be kicked into the goal. The various forms of the game of football and polo, and perhaps other ball games, are supposed to have originated from this, the original religious significance having become lost. The Druidic ritual of snatching an egg and running away until one got over a stream (which acts as the goal) suggests a similar game and connects up with funeral games. The egg or ball is an excellent symbol of the causal body, if one can believe clairvoyants, who see it as a kind of rounded or egg-shaped structure, in fine matter {Similar to ectoplasm as seen in ghosts.} of the higher mental {I would definitely NOT use this word.} plane. After death, according to accounts of occultists, there is a kind of play of forces, good and evil, which do seem to struggle for the possession of the causal body and to determine whether it goes to a good or bad incarnation when next it descends to clothe itself with coarser matter.

The Druid's egg, says Pliny, was unknown to the Greeks {They certainly knew about the Temple of Artemis with all the eggs some current Cambridge scholar thinks is breasts, and Pliny the Roman is not an initiate in the Eleusinian or Cabiri, mysteries, to my knowledge.}. But other kinds of eggs are mentioned in Greek and Hindu mythology, and the consecration of an egg was one of the most important acts in the secret ritual of the Eleusinian mysteries. The Christian Church continued the use of the same symbol, as we see in the so-called Easter eggs, and in the ostrich eggs which are still to be seen hanging in Orthodox Catholic Churches in the East. In fact a whole lecture might be devoted to the symbolism of the cosmic egg.”

We must delve into many things this quote engages. In some ways I am squeamish about doing so in this book. I have written about my experiences and research on the stele I found behind the Pelota at Chichen Itza in other books and that makes re-telling the story something redundant. The matter of good and evil and 'Some primitive peoples' this author is talking about is most troublesome. How can I do what millions of philosophers throughout history have been unable to fully explain? It is clear that the Christian church borrowed almost all the supposedly pagan rituals. The communion is admitted by de Vere and Gardner (Genesis of the Grail Kings and the Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians) to be similar to their earlier adept Count Dracul or 'Vlad the Impaler' and the vampire practices. My experience with exorcisms is extensive enough to know that the Catholic Church takes advantage of some pretty easy situations and makes them a big issue for the purpose of self-promotion. I recommend reading The Devils of Loudon by Aldous Huxley for a documentary trip down that road. The matter of the fight over the soul that sounds like some of Dante Aligheri's "HELL" is not the matter of Druidic cosmogony. It is the tactic of FEAR-mongering by Christianity such as the 'sins and demons' we touched upon in the issue of medical ailments and Paracelsus.

Mr. Sharkey spoke about 'representing each world within the other', as he described the Druids. There was a guided spiritual ritual part to some of what went on at the Pelota in Chichen Itza with the big ball, that goes into the realm of the time-space continuum, and free choice that students of the Nagual's Way from Castaneda might understand that I won't delve into, again. Are there really 'Other Worlds' as the quantum physics 'Many Worlds Interpretation' assures us and Wigner or Schrödinger (Nobel Laureates) say the Mandukya Upanishads describe accurately? Have you read the Tao of Physics by the physicist Fritjof Capra and seen what he says about S-Matrix theory of Math and the 'I Ching'? Believe me this author (Mr. Crow) might have to turn into a raven if his 'whole lecture' would do the trick in explaining the cosmic egg.

We have made it clear the Kelts believed in the afterlife and spirit world or they wouldn't have made loans to be repaid after death. We have said they didn't fear death and that they had no punitive 'unmerciful God. But there are leprechauns and the Fianna of the great ancient Irish king Finn who the Phoenicians liked and named themselves after. So we are caught in this quandary of making seeming conflicting statements come together. We said the spirits might take a child or their energy if the parent let the spirits know the child's name. That doesn't sound like the work of a leprechaun! You have heard about 'witches' and you know we've been defending them, too. You probably wonder if this isn't all 'hocus-pocus’ and barbaric things anyway.

There are good people that I know who deny and avoid these facts like they are 'THE PLAGUE'! It isn't going to make your life easier when you open these doors and see the thousands more that await you beyond. Occultists are often 'sophists' or will engage in sophistry too. Who can say what things God might be capable of? Who really believes in such a force anyway? Most people pay lip-service to it. The Kelts we have said (and Admiral Morison ridiculed) were different. Clearly the Phoenicians demanded the greatest personal commitment to their beliefs, at least from their average person or citizen. When their kings are seen having to give their first born to the god Baal (Bel = BL) are they just babel-ing (BBL and later the Bible)? Some of these kings were front men or women and there is adequate proof they did these things, but that doesn't mean they all did it. Carthage had a democratic type of government according to Aristotle and maybe this was the cross kings had to bear like the Keltic practice of burning the leader at the end of their term in office (25 year term, and this made for less fraud and 'cronyism'). This can become pretty barbaric as we have seen with the 'Devoted Ones' but it became a celebration and the forerunner of the 'wake'. That seems proof enough that death was not feared anyMORE than the North American warriors who 'counted coup' feared their 'maker'. So what if all these cultural beliefs are shared across the oceans? What does it matter to you now if you are 'getting yours'? Why 'open a can of worms if you can't close it'?

Maybe we should leave this kind of talk to another book and just point fingers at the church that hides these truths from us. Maybe our happiness and freedom are better under their ministrations. If there are spiritual forces that can mess with us. There is a lot of merit in my concerns about this and there is a law of the Magi that says 'Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent'. We've already given a lot of places to look for the answers to esoteric questions like these and it might be best to keep this book on the academic level of ethnology or anthropological denial of the reasons and realities that actually', are the nature of everyday life. We could talk about laws and minstrels and make cute poems to amuse the reader and still have done a lot to help people see the culture was no more barbaric than we are. Why did the Druids follow this law and keep so much of their knowledge in 'verbal traditions' such as the Qaballa was made from? Were they really so afraid of this knowledge being abused by unethical or un-disciplined 'posers'? Did they really think their soul would be judged as unworthy of progress if they broke this law? Surely if they could sell the knowledge of shape-shifting and the 'Lost Chord' they could have made life a lot better for a lot of people.

The truth is they could have done anything or had anything they wanted at the point they rose to the highest level. In fact the moral strength to have such knowledge is more important than the mental or chemical knowledge in reference to the 'Stone'. I am sure money and power is a pursuit that blinds people through their ego. This 'blindness' that closes the soul to 'what is' or as Jesus said 'the living father within', will prevent any politico from getting their hands on anything really harmful you might say. That might be true, too. There were some things that they knew which could be abused though, and it was (and is) important to do what is RIGHT. That is another law of the three laws of the Magi. RIGHT THOUGHT=RIGHT ACTION!

He's dodging and waffling, you might say. What about the things this guy said about the battle over the soul when we die? What kind of authority do I have to disagree with occultists like Madame Blavatsky who heralded my favorite teacher Jiddhu Krishnamurti and helped Annie Besant teach him? In the final analysis you might say I'm a person engaging in 'sophistry' and ego too. We know that no one person can really know God or all these things so why read what I have to say? For now I choose to say that we are going to cover the religion of the Druids who were the dominant force in thousands of years of human culture in a later chapter. But I don't want the reader to think the Druids or Kelts were so ego driven or fearful as to worry about spirits capturing their souls once they had grown enough to know their name; they also were 'protected' from the lesser obsessive forces of the limbo or interstitiary state of the spirit world which may possess a soul.

Yes, they had a lot of scary legends and tales about evil acts of mischievous and other forces. Sometimes these tales are like the accounts of war on the friezes or frescoes of the Mayan, who wanted people to know the stupidity of war. Sometimes there were people who needed this motivation to take the time to learn enough to protect themself. In all cases as long as the Druids were still around (before the Roman 'bounties') they had recourse to protection if something really bad occurred. At the same time there was a greater element of 'fate' and 'destiny' in this religion than I think is real. I cannot say for sure that there were people at the highest level who knew better the import of 'free will'. I cannot even be sure what degree or level of free will or 'world mind' existed in their collective unconscious (Jung). There are lots of Celts and people from post Druidic times who write about Druids as if they know them. Some of these people are definitely 'far gone' when it comes to the inevitability of the cyclical nature of the 'forces'. The Etruscans are good examples of this and the Carthaginians who allied with them or were their 'brothers' surely had a lot of that in them too. But that is a time when the macho power-trippers had already made great inroads into the original nature-worshipping culture, too.

The historians have little to go with in the records of history. We often are left with the words of Caesar in the first century BC. to confirm that there were numerous schools of Druidry as the best recorded insight to earlier times. In Gaul the best knowledge seems to go back no further than the fifth century BC. and ornamentation is the hardest proof. Gimbutas has the Old European alphabet that takes us back a long way but many scholars aren't convinced because they don't understand the esoteric symbology. There are those who laugh and point to Stonehenge or Carnac in Brittany, and of course the Pyramid they know it’s the work of the Red-Headed League of Megalith Builders. But they can't prove a definite connection to the Druids. At least not in the eyes of those who establish the required standards of proof in the halls of academia. They note that the term 'goddess-worship' or Wicca may not even have existed until the 18th century. We can say the term isn't the point and the records of historians are propaganda.

Author of Diverse Druids
Columnist for The ES Press Magazine
Guest 'expert' for

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Chance Happenings of the Ancient World, Or Not?

In 2001 archaeologist were able to date the oldest known Pyramid in the world to right at 5021 years old. The unusual aspect of this finding was that this Pyramid complex was in Peru built by the Inca. It's believed that the oldest Egyptian Pyramids were not built for another 400 years. China's Great Pyramid southwest of Xi'an is dated to around 2000 B.C..

I can understand the concept of the Pyramid building knowledge and all that entails migrating regionally. From Peru to Central America to the Aztec's, from China to Cambodia etc..Its hard to fathom travel between Peru & Egypt in 3000 B.C. but it must have happened.

Building a Pyramid is not something we would do naturally to start a civilization, right? On Gilligans Island (stay with me) did the Professor get with the Skipper and Mary Ann and plan a Pyramid building party out of coconuts? Absolutely not... Yes, their main concern was to get off the Island but you know the Professor wanted to enlighten these knuckle heads at some point.

Now one of the great mysteries of all time is the Ouroboros. This is the snake biting (or swallowing) its tail. This snake biting its tail symbol is known as a symbol of regeneration, if you will. Both an end and a beginning. This Ouroboros symbol is etched on the walls of Pyramids in Egypt and in Central America. The Norse Myth told of this Ouroboros and the Chou Dynasty (1200 B.C.) left artifacts of the Ouroboros in the Kings tomb. Even the Aboriginal people of Australia had/have this sacred symbol. In Alchemy the Ouroboros symbolizes Purifying. Purifying is a very appropriate way to view this symbol.

The Mayan believed that when the "snake bites its tail," that we will have ran our 26,000 year cycle and our Sun will rise lining-up with the center of our Galaxy once again. We now know that the Mayan calculations were correct. Unusual is not the word I would use to describe the Mayans knowledge. The snake will bite its tail and purify us on 12-21-2012. This will be a period of world-wide growth & purifying for a higher consciousness, both as a people and individually. For those trying to hold on to their material world around them? Bad hair day for sure.

How did the Mayan calculate this great Truth of the Ages, when they had yet to discover the wheel? I personally don't believe they did. How did the Mayan calculate their calender which is over 100 times more accurate than the Gregorian calender we use today? Again, I don't believe they did. They didn't have the capacity to calculate the Great Truth of the Ages.

The foundation of Taoism was said to have come from Shen Zhou (Spirit Ships.)
Someone with these Great Truths travelled to Central America and taught the Mayan elders & priest these Great Truths OR was it total happenstance by the Mayan? Someone showed them the "pre-history" knowledge that was known before the last deluge/destruction, when the snake bit its tail, 26,000 years ago, the last Purifying. That's my take on how the Mayan had possession of this knowledge.

I've left out a large piece of this puzzle I'll now share with you. In the Maya writings they describe a feathered serpent named Quetzalcoatl that brought great knowledge to the Mayan people. The Egyptians also had the feathered serpent glyphs and similar stories as the Maya. The Phoenix, hawks and eagles have always represented intelligence in esoteric circles, since recorded history anyway. The serpent, represented as a snake or dragon (in Egypt it was the snake and/or the alligator) also represented intelligence.

One side bar.....In medieval times, during the Crusades in Europe, the wise men of the region would live in the forest, Merlin type figures. A man would leave the comforts of the village to find these wise men to obtain Truth. They would tell the children that they were leaving to "slay the dragon." Its been said they wanted to "eat the heart of the dragon." Gaining all the wise mans knowledge. After some period of time the knowledge seekers would receive all they had come for and returned back to the village in victory. Telling the children fables that they understood. Now, back to the Maya.

The Mayans would walk around with artificial wooden noses that made their noses seem larger, (strange but true.) Was this because the individual that exported knowledge to them around 1200 B.C. had a large nose? Many experts today believe this to be true. The Inca of Peru had large noses but didn't have half the knowledge the Mayan had when the Spanish reached the shores of Central America. Who was this Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent? Were these all just chance happenings of the ancient world, or not?

Beau Hermes is a 46 year old Rancher, Energy Producer and part time Philosopher.

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Why the Mayan Calendar is Significant in the 2012 Mystery

There is the 260-day ritual calendar called the Tzolk'in. The solar calendar is 365 days and is called the Haab. There is also the Long Count of 5125.36 years. The date that concerns most of us today is the December 21, 2012 date - it is the last date provided by the Mayan calendar and is the last day of the Long Count. To many, it is alarming to see the end of a very detailed calendar - they ask whether the end of the calendar at 2012 means the end of the world in disaster of apocalyptic proportions. Think of the end of the world in the traditional volcano, earthquake, war, famine sense. The Mayans spoke of the global disaster brought up by sunspot flares that could reverse the geomagnetic polarity of the world on the 2012 date.

Our society is fragile - we depend on our electromagnetic instruments, on our infrastructure, on our cars. Even in the wake of hurricanes and tornadoes and volcanoes in the past, we feel secure on our Earth's surface. But our world is overdue for any number of catastrophes - imagine all the possibilities. The Yellowstone caldera is rumbling and is overdue to blow, which can destroy an entire half of the United States and fill the atmosphere with ash and cause the equivalent of a nuclear winter. The geomagnetic polarity is overdue to switch - even if all that changes is electromagnetic direction, planes and boats and other instruments are calibrated for geomagnetic north. A geomagnetic reversal caused by a solar flare on 2012 could cause satellites and cellular phones to malfunction. It is also theorized that the reversal could cause the earth's crust to experience upheaval, leading to record volcanic and earthquake activity, triggering tsunamis and already delicate volcanic tensions to release.

Considering how specific the Mayan calendar is, and how sophisticated in comparison to other calendars throughout human civilization, it is understandable why many people are panicking when they think of the rapidly approaching December 21, 2012, date. The 2012 date is not just the end of the three calendar cycles, it's also the end of a longer 26000 year calendar - the end of everything as we know it. There is a possibility that the end of everything as we know it does not preclude the beginning of something knew after terrible birth pangs. The end of cycles was cause for celebration to the Mayan civilization, and humans and their ancestors have experienced the end of cycles before. While 2012 may seem like a year to fear, we should treat it with more wariness than panic. Instead of destruction, we may be able to experience creation for a new cycle, a new age after December 21, 2012.

Gordon Leon a Survivalist, Futurist & Author stumbled across the 2012 Planet X phenomenon in 2007 while researching abnormal weather patterns around the globe, after much investigation he found the majority of the indigenous people and ancient prophecies such as the Mayans, Hopi Indians, Nostradamus, the Bible, all reaching the same conclusion. There will be significant Earth and climate changes that will affect us all; what was most disturbing to Gordon was the fact that nobody had come up with a plausible solution to these problems, being an accomplished survivalist and futurist he decided to write an engaging two part book on how to survive the coming disasters of 2012.

To find out more information go to Gordon's site and read the first part of his book at (not for the fainthearted)

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2012 - The Eve of Destruction?

Many predict that the end of the world will come in the year 2012. There is a growing frenzy to "get on board" and clean up your act or you will miss the boat. Although we cannot say what the future will hold, we can tell you that never in history has there been the need to "hurry" to do anything. What is more important is to be in joy and express love each and every moment. This entails releasing fears and habits that keep you from enjoying a passionate and compassionate life.

Learn how to maintain a state of calm and peace no matter what storm is brewing around you. Have courage to stand in your truth, no matter who may disagree with what you say or do. Take time each day to go within, quiet your mind and set clear intentions for what you wish to accomplish. Pay attention to what is happening around you, especially in nature and be respectful to all beings who reside on the earth. Fill your heart with gratitude each moment, reveling in the beauty that surrounds you.

Learn to live in the moment and make the journey memorable. Stop and smell the roses and be kind to those you encounter along the way. So many things people pray to experience become missed opportunities because they are overly focused on getting from point A to point B.

Some may argue that there is a need to hurry because the world is falling apart, that it is on the eve of destruction. What we would say in response is that if each of us would stop in this moment and make the decision to be kind and respectful to others and to share our wealth, in an instant the world would become the utopia so many dream of. In the twinkling of an eye, world hunger would be resolved; we already have enough food to feed all.

All wars could cease in the moment government leaders learned how to communicate and be respectful of others. It is the need to control others and take their property and resources that feeds the war machine.

Teach children how to turn off the TV and their electronic games. Let them explore and re-learn how to play outside with tools and games nature supplies freely such as sticks and stones. This simple thing will not only increase their ability to solve problems, but will also alleviate a huge portion of the ecological problems created by the plastics corporations.

Watch drug companies collapse when stresses caused by toxic food, unresolved problems, poor communication and fear decreases. If in one moment every person resolved to live in their truth, remaining in joy with the courage to take responsibility for their actions, thus allowing creative juices to flow, there would be no need for drugs, illegal or prescribed.

An exorbitant amount of money is spent on medical research, insurance, surgeries and mental health. For years, scientists such as Rife and Tesla have provided cures for all ailments. There are now many volumes available demonstrating the correlation between dis-ease and "stinking thinking." It is common sense to know that the use of herbicides and pesticides on our food and water sources can only result in toxicity in our bodies.

Are you aware that for each step involving the processing of food, the more contaminated it us? The longer it takes to go from garden to mouth, the less nutrients there are. Have you taken time to research the heinous crimes perpetrated against animals destined to be your next meal? We are eating dead food full of toxic substances and wonder why there is such a rise in cancers, ADD and other diseases and disorders.

Why are we not harnessing the power of the sun, wind and water more? Why do we still power engines with earth's natural resources, creating imbalances in nature? It is greed that generates many governmental programs and disallows the use of ecologically balanced technologies.

If you feel the need to "hurry," we suggest your quickening be focused "inside" rather that upward. Take time to look at how you can be part of the soul-ution when it comes to creating heaven on earth.

We have allowed our representative leaders to gain much control over our lives. Now is the time to become responsible and reclaim self-empowerment. Move past the walls of fear that you have created as invisible shields of protection. It is not through isolation that we will create a utopian society; it is through teamwork based on love. Let us work together, releasing fears of impending doom and focus on each moment, striving towards living a life based on love, rather than fear.

Theresa Crabtree's passion is to help those interested in improving their lives. Visit for self-empowerment tips, herbal remedies and to view excerpts from her newest book. This article may be reprinted if sent in its entirety and with the author and contact information attached.

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The Truth About 21 December 2012 and Planet Nibiru

Many people seem to believe that the year 2012 end of the world disaster is truly going to happen. Is this so though? And what will it bring? There are many theories that occur about this. Many of these individuals think that a celestial body is going to destroy the earth. This could be a so-called black hole coming too near our solar system. Yet others believe that the so-called Planet X called Nibiru will make a return after a long orbital path around the sun. They reckon that this Planet X will be passing so close to our own planet that its gravitational pull will cause all the damage.

An asteroid slamming into the earth is another theory. But it is scientifically known that no asteroids have an earth bound trajectory in that time period. An asteroid will pass "close" to the earth, but the definition of close, in this case, is about 18 times the distance from earth to the moon. Although in astronomical terms this is close, it's not close enough to cause concern amongst astronomers and scientists.

Another theory is a massive solar flare causing a geomagnetic reversal event. The effect that this reversal will have is changing the polarity of the earth's poles, therefore causing massive natural disasters.

Many sites have appeared on the internet offering theories, advice and info on the phenomenon that is 2012, but only one has masses of information on the subject. The website below features reports on the truth about the various disasters that will strike earth, including a full 360 degree look at 2012. The site offers a fascinating insight, whether you are an expert or are just finding out about this subject for the first time.

The end of the world 2012

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Asteroid - 2012 - Will 433 Eros Hit?

A gigantic asteroid is moving towards Earth at an alarming speed. Oh the humanity! I will now go over some facts regarding the asteroid named 433 Eros, expected to arrive early 2012.

Some quick facts about 433 Eros:

* Eros is the first near-Earth asteroid that we've discovered. It was discovered by Carl Witt on August 13. 1898.
* The asteroid is named after the Greek god of Love, Eros.
* Eros is a Type-S asteroid, meaning it consists of stony composition. About 17% of discovered asteroids are of Type-S, which is the second most common type after Type-C(about 75%).
* The temperature on Eros varies from -150 Celsius to 100 Celsius.
* Eros is not round, but instead has a strange peanut like shape, which rotates every 5.27 hours.
* Eros' dimension is 34.4*11.2*11.2 kilometers, making it the second largest near-Earth asteroid after 1036 Ganymed.
* Eros orbits mostly between the Earth and Mars about 172,800,000 kilometers away from the Sun.
* Eros has been visited by a spacecraft called NEAR-Shoemaker. NEAR-Shoemaker launched February 17. 1996 and was placed in orbit around Eros on February 13. 2000. The spacecraft landed on Eros February 12. 2001 and shut down February 28. 2001. NEAR-Shoemaker was the first spacecraft ever to land on an asteroid.

Eros will pass Earth on January 31. 2012 about 16.6 million miles away, which is about 70 times the distance to the moon. It's therefore highly unlikely that it will have any impact on Earth, indirectly or directly.

So Eros wont hit Earth, but there are more important issues related to the year 2012 you should know about. Click Here to learn the truth about whats really going to happen in the year 2012:

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The 2012 Doomsday Prophecy - A Journey Towards the End of World

Are you aware of the 2012 doomsday prophecy? This is not a question which is asked by the common man as it never affects their daily routine. Everyone is aware of the predictions given in the book of Revelations. If you are not a Christian it might be hard for you to believe what is given in the Bible. There are many other evidences which will prove the 2012 doomsday prophecy. In the chapter of Revelations the date of the events which are to occur are not specified clearly. In this 21st century we have got other means to calculate the predictions regarding the end of the world. The movements of planets and stars cannot be controlled by humans and therefore you cannot say that these predictions are absurd.

December 21, 2012 is the date which is considered to be the end of this lovely world. This date comes from the Mayan calendar. The existence of this civilization came to an end years before which make people to mock at their 2012 doomsday prophecy. There are many events which were predicted according to the Mayan calendar which has come true. Therefore it would be foolish on your part to makes faces at this concept of 2012 doomsday prophecy and turn away your heads. The Mayans were known for their extraordinary skills in astronomy and mathematics. They are the first population to develop a calendar which was 3500 years long and also gave origin to a mathematical calculator. Even though the civilization is pre-historic they made structures which were impossible for the people in today's world.

You can find the same concept of 2012 doomsday prophecy in the Aztec calendar. Many people believe that it is a mere copy of the Mayan calendar. If you still do not believe about the forecast given in these places you can also refer the predictions of I-Ching, Merlin, The Cybil, The Bible, Nostradamus and Mother Shipton. In every place the end of the world is mentioned and therefore this prediction had to come true.

2012 doomsday prophecy is developed and put forth in front of the public after years of research. It is a warning to the human civilization about the impending danger which is yet to engulf the earth.

Learn much more about the significance and severity of the events in 2012 and how you can be prepared to save yourself and your loved ones.

If you are really interested in knowing more details, then this is the most important message you will ever read- Click Here.

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How Will the 2012 Planet Alignment Affect Us?

Come the winter solstice, 2012, the planets will be positioned in a rare alignment that has taken thousands of years to come about. Many people around the world are wondering how this alignment will affect us.

The most common fear is that the gravitational pull of the other planets will all act together and cause such a huge pull on the Earth that earthquakes result. The pull would be greater on one side than the other given that there are more planets further out than there are between us and the Sun.

However, this fear seems unfounded, as the gravitational pull decreases significantly as the distance from us increases. Yet, since this kind of alignment has not occurred in human memory, there is no way to know for sure whether the gravitational pull of one planet will cancel out that of another or whether they would magnify each other. The results wait to be seen.

Other people say that it will be increased tidal forces that are more likely, given the fact that it is the gravitational effect of the moon that causes the tidal shifts on Earth. Again, there is a chance that with the distances involved, and the fact that one planet's gravity may cancel out another's. that any changes to the tides will be negligible.

The other fears are that there may be a shift in the position of the Earth's poles around the same time as the planets come into alignment. If these events coincide-will the potential effects be magnified?

The 2012 planet alignment may come and go without incident and only time will tell, but in this case as ever, forewarned is forearmed. You need to do what you can to protect yourself and your family. Find out how you can get a FREE Disaster Preparedness Kit by clicking here.

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Planetary Alignment in 2012 - What Really Will Happen in 2012?

You must have surely heard a lot of people talking about the end of the world fast approaching with the doomsday being predicted to be coming in the year 2012. What exactly is the significance of planetary alignment in 2012, you may ask. The answer lies in carefully studying the Mayan calendar. According to this calendar the day, 21/12/2012 will be of great significance. According to the ancient scriptures of the great Mayan Civilization, planetary alignment in 2012 would herald the beginning of a new age.

While there are many who may argue that the civilization existed too long ago, for the prediction to be taken seriously, there are certain other important aspects that you need to look into. For instance, while the prediction in itself may appear absurd, you should not forget that it is based on the movement of stars and planets. Planetary alignment in 2012 is therefore, something that we do not have any control on.

One more factor that needs to be carefully considered is that the Mayans possessed supreme astronomical and mathematical skills. Not only did this knowledge help them create a calendar 3,500 years ago, it also helped them to create a complex mathematical calculator too. This unique calculator was used in conjunction with the planetary movements to arrive at the particular doomsday date by the ancient Mayans.

Planetary alignment in 2012 assumes importance because of a unique lining up of planets during this day. It is predicted that the sun will lineup with the center of the Milky Way on 21/12/2012. This planetary alignment in 2012 is something that an extremely rare occurrence. In fact, it is known to happen only once in 25,800 years. The ancient Mayans believed that these celestial events will have a direct impact on the lives of all living beings and that it will herald the beginning of a new age.

Learn much more about the significance and severity of the events in 2012 and how you can be prepared to save yourself and your loved ones.

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Important Facts About Astronomy - 2012

Are you wondering about what this astronomy 2012 is all about? If you have ever read about the Mayan calendar, you would have come to know about astronomy 2012 and about end of the world on December 2012. Many people claim that the end of life on Earth is nearing. Though this claim was made during the past years, there is a lot of hype going on about this freaking news.

The Mayan calendar predicts that the "long cycle" will come to an end on December 21, 2012. Mayans are highly skilled people and are capable of creating many different calendars. It is said that the information available in the calendar is very accurate. So will this news about the end of life on earth be true? What do astronomers think about this December 2012?

Astronomy facts regarding December 21, 2012

This date is considered to be the date of winter solstice. Of course, Winter solstice happens every year, but with no ill effect. Besides Winter solstice, others claim that the Earth and the Milky Way's center will align together, leading to undesirable disasters. As long as this alignment takes place, it would cause a sudden end of our planet.

Viewing the sky- December 21, 2012

Though this prediction was made several years ago, the hype about this date has been on the rise for many years. Many people are waiting eagerly to see what is going to happen on December 21, 2012. While there is no accurate basis for end of times paranoia, this news certainly won't stop the gullible. In this growing buzz of information, it is becoming very difficult to discern the real truth about this end date.

Do you wish to know about astronomy facts regarding the year 2012, then click right here.

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