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Unlocking the 7 Energy Centres Within You

You may not be aware of it but we all have an energy field which radiates through our body and is divided into specific areas. The major energy centres, and most commonly known, are the 7 chakras. By unlocking these 7 energy centres you will bring more joy, creativity and pleasure into your life.

This electromagnetic energy field, also called an aura, is invisible to the untrained naked eye. Although you may not have seen it, you would have felt it at some time. For example, have you spent time with someone who had a negative outlook? This person controlled the conversation and it was mainly about all the things that were wrong in their life at the time. At the end of the visit your friend will thank you and say they feel much better having talked to you and you come away feeling drained.

The reason they feel better is because they have topped up their energy field and literally drained yours. By becoming a Reiki Master you will be able to harness the powerful energy of your 7 energy centers and prevent this type of draining.

The 7 energy centres running along the spine are;

1st Chakra - located just under the tail bone

2nd Chakra - sits between the pelvic bones at the base of the spine

3rd Chakra - behind your navel

4th Chakra - next to your heart

5th Chakra - behind your throat

6th Chakra - in the middle of the brain

7th Chakra - just above the crown of the head

Each of these chakras is associated and control particular anatomical areas of our body.

When we think of reiki, we think of spirit energy and spiritual healing but it is so much more. Use reiki to effectively unblock and energize your chakras as well as many other uses such as finding your true purpose or healing past traumas.

Once your chakras are opened and your vital energy is restored, life takes on a new meaning. You become a more vibrant and loving person who enjoys life and this reflects in your daily actions, which in turn reflects on those around you.

You have so much to gain by learning reiki, not only for yourself but for your loved ones as well. You may be thinking that you don't have the time but you do. It is like everything else, you have to make the time and the good news is that it is quick and easy to learn.

So my friend, don't hesitate any longer. It has never been easier to Become a Reiki Master than right now. Take advantage of the free mini-course available at for you right now.

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A Brief History of Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has great antiquity, with therapeutic roots extending back to ancient Egypt in what was then known as Khemet or Tamare.

In the written record, the study of herbs dates back over 5,000 years to the Sumerians, who described well-established medicinal uses for such plants as laurel, caraway, and thyme.

The ancient Egyptians who were themselves actual descendants of the near mythical and pre-historic Sumerian civilizations are credited to have had the worlds earliest holistic medicine systems. These systems were officially endorsed and recognized by even the almighty priest class that wielded such enormous powers over the populace.

Ancient Egyptian medicine traditions of 1000 B.C. and of an even much much earlier period, are known to have used garlic, opium, castor oil, coriander, mint, indigo, and other herbs for medicine and the Old Testament also mentions herb use and cultivation, including mandrake, vetch, caraway, wheat, barley, and rye. This is an over simplification however as Egyptians had an almost universally revered reputation as practitioners of highly sophisticated forms of medicine. The excellent embalming of mummies is a prime example of an Egyptian practice which could be traced even further back in time to near pre-historical times by Egyptian calendars' reckoning. Records of the existence of these highly sophisticated healing systems are just beginning to emerge with the discoveries of new methods of understanding the language semantics of antiquity Egypt.

Like almost every other invention or technological advancement in antiquity (the pre-historic Sumerians and their predecessors in early Egyptian kingdoms) these therapeutic systems were then transferred and adopted by the outside world through centuries and millenniums of interactions and contacts.

Chinese herbal medicine like it's near counterpart in Egypt also has great antiquity, with therapeutic roots extending back to Zhou Dynasty, Late Bronze/Early Iron Age at about 2500 to 3000 years ago. From its shamanistic origins, herbalism in archaic China evolved in response to causation or origination concepts current at the time. These notions of the causes of disease in human society related directly to the troubled socio-economic environment that prevailed in early China in the latter half of the first millennium BC.

The Shennong Bencao Jing, the first Chinese herbal book compiled in the Hang Dynasty era, lists 365 medicinal plants and their uses. Ma-Huang the shrub that introduced the drug ephedrine to modern medicine is among the plants listed in the compilation. Included are references to 247 substances that were used by these early people for many different maladies among them back pain relief. Succeeding generations from the Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty augmented on the Shennong Bencao Jing.

By 1596, the Ben Cao Gang Mu of the Ming medical literatus Li Shizhen (1518-1593) exemplified the apogee of Chinese herbalism. Published three years after his demise, this Grand Materia Medica contained no less than 1892 entries. In the succeeding centuries of the Imperial Era, Chinese herbal medicine continued to develop. Despite the temporary setbacks incurred following the collapse of the Manchu Dynasty in 1911, it remains on equal footing with biomedicine in China today.

Another system of medicinal herbs, the Indian Ayurveda (Sanskrit for "science of mind body" ) has used herbs such as turmeric possibly as early as 1900 B.C. Many other herbs and minerals used in Ayurvedic medicine were later described by ancient Indian herbalists such as Charaka and Sushruta during the 1st millenium BC. The Sushruta Samhita attributed to Sushruta in the 6th century BC describes 700 medicinal plants, 64 preparations from mineral sources, and 57 preparations based on animal sources. Here again, we could find clear evidence of the unquestionable influence of antiquity and pre-historic Egypt which pre-dated all ancient world civilizations by possibly tens of millenniums.

Today, many modern, and Western, medicine practitioners are beginning to look at herbal remedies for some common, and not-so common, disorders like arthritis and psoriasis. The lower cost, and often safer use, has attracted many medical professionals. Some physicians use herbs to off-set the side effects of pharmaceuticals a practice that's already rapidly picking up in most parts of the Western World.

We have witnessed the rapid rise of the use of herbal plants for medicinal purposes as traditional healing arts aka alternative medicine become more accepted in the western medical practices. The Wellness Industry and Health/Fitness Industry have gained massive popularity with near geometric growth last 20 or so years. We have seen the rise in popularity even among household brand names for Personal Care and Beauty products containing therapeutic herbal extracts, as the modern informed consumers discover the hidden therapeutic secrets and rejuvenating powers of mother natures flora.

Chuck Ray

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Health and Wellness - The Secret Healing Power of Music

Can music really heal? What exactly does it mean to heal with music? Can music foster your personal well-being, health, personal growth, inner healing, joy and spiritual awareness? - Certainly. Let's see why and in which cases.

The term "spiritual" means connecting to the source. Music that connects you to the source is spiritual music. Connecting to the source means also healing. Healing is making something whole, returning it to its natural harmonious state, in alignment with the source. The source is energy. Energy is vibration. Vibration is sound. Harmonic sounds are music.

Music is the Soul's Language

Music speaks to the soul because it is the soul's language. It transcends the limitations of the rational mind. Ludwig van Beethoven said that "Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."

To connect to the source you need to transcend and leave behind the rational mind and to unleash your intuition. Music without linguistically spoken words activates the intuitive side of the brain, facilitating this process.

When Albert Einstein was asked about his theory of relativity, he said: "It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of musical perception."

Music is a Powerful Tool for Transformation and Healing

So what does it mean to heal with music? -For most people, healing music is synonymous with relaxation music. For others it also involves uplifting music, when stimulation is needed. For some, it also means inspiring or inspirational music.

But the spiritual, healing power of music goes far beyond that. There was a time where music and healing were part of the same, as it is documented in all ancient traditions. In our modern society we are just rediscovering this truth, assisted by the current shift in universal consciousness.

We Live in a Holistic, Musical Universe

The movements of the planets can be transposed into audible sounds and rhythms, as Hans Cousto has demonstrated. The Earth, the Sun, the Moon and all our planets have specific musical tones and frequencies.

And, as Barbara Hero's research has demonstrated, not only the orbits and spins of our planets, but also the Chakra energy centers of our bodies and each of the different organs of our bodies have specific musical notes at specific frequencies.

Our vertebrae respond also to specific musical notes at specific frequencies, as Dr. June Leslie Wieder's work has demonstrated.

And in the collective universal symphony of wellness, health and prosperity, everyone has also their own personal music scale, as part of their own individual uniqueness in the cosmos.

To really heal with music, all the above scientific evidence must be taken into account. Music and sound, scientifically and intuitively used, can align the frequencies in people's bodies, minds and souls.

As Dr. John Diamond states: "To me, as to Pythagoras, music is not merely entertainment or amusement...but therapy...for actuating...the healing power that exists within us all: Life Energy."

In order to heal with music, it is possible to identify and restore the missing musical tones in people's systems. Tones relate to meridians and organs of the human body. And those meridians and organs relate also to very specific emotions. Harmony can be restored with the appropriate use of music and sound to produce healing.

This is the beautiful holistic power of music reconnecting you to the source and returning you to your natural harmonious state, in alignment with the source. This is to heal with music.

And alignment with the source is the essence of spiritual music, which is also your soul's prayer. The prayer that aims at attaining the highest joy of all: spiritual joy.

Javier Ramon Brito is a musician, composer, music healer and expert in holistic disciplines. Visit his blog at for tips on self-improvement, personal growth, spiritual healing, wellness and holistic resources, and his official music website at to listen, download or license his healing music.

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Coral and Its Magical Properties

Gemstones are a unique creation of nature. Over the centuries man has assumed that gemstones have magical and healing properties. This belief has little scientific rationale,but it has existed for centuries. Among the gemstones is Coral. It is one of the oldest gemstones known to man and has been part of human life and culture for hundreds of years right from ancient civilizations to the present age.

The coral gem is harvested from the sea and is in abundance only in certain areas of the oceans. Man has invested the coral gem with magical properties. Superstition, we know is an irrational belief that is ingrained in the mind of a man.It is something that cannot be wished away. In addition the cornerstone of superstition the final destiny of man which is death lends an impetus to these beliefs. Coral gems are thought to be a safeguard against the effects of the devil as well as a panacea for cure of various ailments.

Corals and their use have been part of religious beliefs for centuries. This is more so in the Buddhist Religion where the lamas revere the Coral and use it for their rituals. The use of Coral for making rosary beads and also as a talisman against evil spells, witchcraft and the devil has been going on for ages. For it to be effective it is supposed to be worn against the skin so that the gem can transmit its vibrations to the concerned person. The Egyptians. The Romans and Etruscans all had great regard for coral. It was part of their beliefs in an age long passed.

The Romans in particular gave great importance to the purported magical properties of the coral.It was supposed to be an antidote against snake bite and snake poison. In addition coral was thought of as a cure for nightmares and fainting fits. Matrimonial harmony between a husband and his wife was also supposed be established if the couple wore Coral gems.

Another aspect of marital life Sterility was explained since time immemorial as the work of the Devil. Over the years people developed a thought that wearing the Coral gem could be an antidote for sterility. Thus sterile women would wear the coral gem and then copulate with their husbands in the hope of getting a child. This belief persisted for a long time.

Over the centuries coral gems are supposed to have inherent medicinal and curative powers.Thus small babies if decked with coral are supposed to give the babies immunity against fits and whooping cough.Ulcers and sores are also thought to be cured by coral.In addition gums and teeth are supposed to be made stronger by rubbing of coral on them. Even insanity was thought could be prevented by wearing coral on the body.Its effect on pains in the body was also thought to be profound.

Red Coral is thought to have a special association with ships and oceans. Ships caught up in a storm are supposed to steer clear if red coral is decorated in some way on the ship. Another superstition that just grew concerns wearing white coral which was supposed to imbibe modesty in the woman.Many writers have accepted the magical properties of coral. Among them Sir Hugh Platt (1552 - 1608), a writer on agriculture and inventor in his book Jewel-House of Art and Nature has alluded to the magical properties of coral. He has accepted as fact that the color of the coral is directly related to the health of the wearer. If it assumes a pale color, then the wearer must be sick. Scott Cunningham a writer on witch craft in his treatise Discovery of Witchcraft also tried to give a rationale to these beliefs and witchcraft.

Coral also is associated with numerology. The number 2 which is one of the primary numbers is supposed to represent the coral gem. Coral gems for centuries have been associated with some form of superstition. It is a moot point whether man has got out his own dogma on superstition.

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What Are Supernatural Orbs? The Best Way to Catch a Spirit Orb

There is a 500 year old Native American story passed on through tradition that goes something like this: When Columbus set sail east from Spain upon reaching the North American shores neither he nor his men could actually see the shore. That is until 2am the morning they actually did go ashore.

A tribal shaman also visited the waters edge and was troubled by the constant ripples but could not see the Spaniard ship. Several days later he was finally able to see the ships and once he saw them the rest of the tribe could as well. Neuroscientist Candace Pert claims, "We only see what we believe is possible. We match patterns that already exist within ourselves through conditioning."

Have you ever visually witnessed an orb? This is a strange and perplexing phenomenon regularly seen firsthand, in photos, and on film by millions of people. A transparent solid disc of light energy is the best way to describe these multi-colored ball shaped appearances. The most commonly reported orb is white in color.

No one really knows what these things are although many parapsychologists believe they are energy from deceased entities or lingering spirits. Many people believe they represent proof of paranormal activity. Some witnesses simple wish to understand why they show up in their pictures of Grandpa Leland or why certain balls have different colors.

Most photographed orbs are probably not anything more than insects, dust or moisture reflected when the camera captured the image. It is pretty hard not to believe they are paranormal when you see a glowing, bright orb with your own eyes.

There are many theories as to what the color of an orb may represent. For example some people believe a red orb is negative and a white orb is positive energy. Others believe the color corresponds to the energy of the disembodied spirit as in orange or red indicates anger and a need to be healed or released. At the same time ghost hunters claim red is an energy of a loved one protecting those associated with the spirit.

We have no real evidence that a white orb is helpful or a red orb is harmful to anyone lucky enough to experience an encounter. There are those who suggest the color is no more than the spirit's energy condition at the time of passing on.

Another common theory is the colors are a reflection of something called "chromatic distortion" which has to do with how our eyes actually perceive the light wavelength. Basically, the shapes are seen as colors made up of some waves that are reflected and some that are absorbed.

From personal experience I think seeing orbs have to do with our conscious and subconscious mind. Subconsciously, we all see the orbs as the energy is all around us constantly swirling in every direction. A good example of this fact is many photographs show people looking towards the direction of an orb even though they did not consciously recall this until after seeing the image.

If you have never experienced an orb and wish to see or photograph one go to a place of high potential energy. Good sites to consider are old hotels, homes, hospitals or cemeteries. These can be a little creepy so a more pleasant location may be an old ballpark, church or city park.

You have to prepare your heart to be open and concentrate on feelings of love to increase your vibration. This will help you connect with the spirit world rather than focus on your desire and excitement to catch a view or photo of the orbs. Like Columbus and the shaman eventually you will see them or capture them on film.

Discover the secrets of Natural Health Techniques.

Satori is a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher,and personal life coach. She is trained in Reiki and Shamanic healing and the founder of Seyoga Illustrated Products.. Her unique balanced approach to life has allowed her to joyfully share the knowledge of Physical, Mental and Spiritual transformation. She is the author of several books on stress relief yoga, children illustrated yoga, and natural lifestyle change.

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Are Orbs Paranormal? 3 Strong Reasons to Prove the Spiritual Nature of Orbs

Orbs, like ghosts, are another subject for hot debate. Skeptics do not see anything paranormal about orbs. They explain orbs away by saying that they are a collection of vapor and dust particles, formed in nature. Others claim that orbs exist, but explain that they are the results of a technical mistake in the film or camera. However, these explanations do not hold true for every orb. Several paranormal researchers claim that spirits can manifest as orbs.

Are orbs really a natural phenomenon? Or is there anything psychic about them? Believers in the paranormal have absolutely no doubts that orbs belong to the spiritual dimension. Although there isn't any strong evidence to prove once and for all that orbs are spiritual, one can put forth at least 3 strong arguments in favor of orbs being a paranormal phenomenon.

1. Orbs Comprise Faces

Many people have observed the fact the orbs comprise faces. Orbs could be considered as accidents of nature if a face appeared in them once in a while. However, faces have been noticed in orbs by too many people to dismiss them as a natural phenomenon. Of course, since skeptics claim that some people see faces within orbs because that's what they desire to see, one cannot use this simple fact as proof that orbs belong to the paranormal.

2. Orbs Appear in Burial Grounds

Orbs have been noticed more in places rich in psychic energy such as séances and graveyards. This cannot be brushed away as a coincidence. Most orb pictures were obtained in burial grounds. This fact could be used to support the claim that spirits derive their energy from the places where their bodies are laid to rest.

3. Orbs Are Ghost Like

Observe videos of orbs carefully. One advantage of a video is that you can observe movements carefully, unlike photos. You will notice that orbs move quickly from one place to another. They can change directions very fast. Moreover, orbs can pass through walls just as ghosts do. Balls of water vapor and dust particles can hardly pass through walls. Moreover, the way orbs move is not haphazard, but seems as if directed by a source of intelligence.

Taking into consideration the above points, one can safely conclude that orbs are paranormal and not natural phenomenon, as some skeptics argue. At least, skeptics ought to ponder over the above arguments before dismissing orbs as technical mistakes in cameras or natural formations of water vapor and dust.

Abhishek has been interested in the Paranormal since the last 15 years. Apart from having a keen interest in Ghosts, he is also an expert Astral Projector. He has got some great Astral Projection Techniques up his sleeves! For step-by-step instructions on how to successfully Astral Project, download his exhaustive and powerful eBook, "Astral Projection Underground", from his website

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Everything About Haunting - 3 Basic Varieties of Haunting

The Hollywood ghost is a product of human imagination, especially of those in the film industry, and is far from accurate. However, many people have this version of ghost in mind when they discuss the subject of ghosts. Ghosts hardly haunt the way they do in movies. In reality, there are 3 basic ways in which ghosts can haunt.

1. Residual Haunting

The first variety strongly resembles a video of a tragic or a historic event. The events unfold before your astonished eyes, and you are a mere spectator, unable to do anything with what is happening before you. None of the players in the scene will ever bother you or attempt to interact with you. On the contrary, they are hardly aware that you are watching them as they enact the incidents of some remote past.

How does this happen? The event is simply an imprint, recorded and stored by some of the things or materials in the building or in the area. Whenever the conditions are suitable, the incident is replayed. The ghosts enacting the scene are far from earthbound spirits, the word "images" would suit them better. As per a theory to explain this fascinating phenomenon, events comprise energy, and part of this energy is trapped by certain substances in the vicinity. The entire event is then replayed in certain favorable conditions.

This variety of haunting might scare the wits out of you when you witness it for the first time. You must remember that it is just an imprint and cannot harm you in anyway. It is just like a movie; relax and enjoy it.

2. Interactive Haunting

In the second variety of haunting, you are haunted by a real ghost or spirit who wants to capture your attention for some reason. You might even catch sight of a partial-bodied or a full-bodied apparition. Such haunting features voices, footsteps, creaks, bangs, music, footsteps, smells, and so on.

For example, you might smell tobacco smell even when nobody around you is smoking. You might catch sight of mists, light effects, orbs, and so on. The ghostly presence might try to touch you, and you will feel this as a chill, a cold spot, a light touch, or some other type of sensation.

Usually, this is the soul or spirit of a dead person. They might be earthbound and unable to make it to the higher realms because they either have some job to be done or are too attached to the house and the locality or are afraid to move on or are guilty about something. A ghost could also visit you to warn you about something or to give an important message.

You have nothing to fear about such haunting. These ghosts are just like human beings, neither good nor bad. The only difference is that they don't have a body. They might try to attract your attention by moving things around, creating noises, and turning the lights off and on. Some mischievous ghosts might indulge in such activities only for the fun of terrifying you. Alternatively, they might be trying to convey some message to you. Under the misconception that they still own the house, they might want you to exit or refrain from renovating a certain section of the house.

Most of the haunting that takes place is of this category. Usually, the ghosts are harmless; in rare situations, however, they might have some evil or malicious intent.

3. Demoniac Haunting

This variety of haunting is far from rare; however, demons and other non-human astral entities hardly interact with those who are alive. The Bible has made a mention of them. Only very highly qualified and trained ghost hunters can deal with this variety of haunting. These entities are evil and can do a lot of harm.

Sometimes, these entities disguise themselves as well-meaning human spirits. One of the worst things about using an Ouija board is that you can easily attract such malicious entities, and once you attract them, they can drive you to desperation.

Never ever indulge in games such as black magic, satanic worship, and Ouija boards. If the subject interests you, take the help of experienced, knowledgeable people. Never venture into an unknown world on your own and get into trouble.

Abhishek has been interested in the Paranormal since the last 15 years. Apart from having a keen interest in Ghosts, he is also an expert Astral Projector. He has got some great Astral Projection Techniques up his sleeves! For step-by-step instructions on how to successfully Astral Project, download his exhaustive and powerful eBook, "Astral Projection Underground", from his website

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Famous Phantom Trains - 3 Fascinating Paranormal Activities

Of all the paranormal activities that have been observed over the decades, ghost trains are the weirdest. Most of them put in an appearance in the United Kingdom, which is known for its affinity to the paranormal, and also in America, which has experienced some historically significant moments.

What do ghost trains look like? Phantom or ghost trains are as huge as real trains. Some of them are quiet, while others make the usual train noises, such as clanks and whistles. Some of the trains are totally empty, while others have ghosts and other astral entities as travelers.

Recorded in the pages of history are some famous ghost trains. Here is a list of 3 that enjoy the most fame.

1. The Nimbus

This phantom train is British in origin-a Deltic Rail Class-55 diesel engine, to be exact. The British decided to dismantle it in the late twentieth century, and the material obtained was used as scrap metal. Around nine months after its destruction, the Nimbus reappeared as a phantom train and was observed several times on the tracks.

2. The funeral train of President Lincoln

This train was used to transport the bodies of President Lincoln and Willie, his son, to Springfield in Illinois for the burial ceremony. Its phantom version has been spotted on the tracks on every anniversary of its significant journey. Some people have even observed skeletons travelling on this phantom train. As the ghost train chugs along, even the clocks are believed to become nonfunctional.

3. St. Louis Phantom Train

Based in St. Louis, Saskatchewan in Canada, this phantom train is famous for its ghostly light. While some consider it to be the train's headlight, others think it is a lantern belonging to a brakeman's ghost. This brakeman is believed to have died a violent death while on duty; a passing train had chopped off his head. Today, the brakeman is believed to be looking for his lost head in the light of a lantern. Skeptics, of course, are sure that the lights come from the headlights of vehicles on the highway.

Nobody knows what causes a phantom train. Moreover, ghost trains are not really "ghosts." They are not spirits of deceased people. A ghost train is more of an imprint, energy trapped by the surroundings owing to repetitive actions or intense emotions. The event is then replayed several times in favorable conditions.

Whatever they are, they are truly fascinating paranormal phenomenons that demand a lot of research and study.

Abhishek has been interested in the Paranormal since the last 15 years. Apart from having a keen interest in Ghosts, he is also an expert Astral Projector. He has got some great Astral Projection Techniques up his sleeves! For step-by-step instructions on how to successfully Astral Project, download his exhaustive and powerful eBook, "Astral Projection Underground", from his website

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Jesse James - An Outlaw That Haunts the Old West

Jesse James, alias J. Frank Dalton, was probably the most famous outlaw of the American West. Jesse's father was father was a popular Baptist minister and slave owning farmer in Clay County, Missouri. Jesse, born on September 5, 1847 in Kearney, Missouri, was a charismatic, larger than life bad guy who caught the imagination of a country that was looking for antiheroes.

In the county where he grew up most of the boys and men went into the bush as Confederate guerillas during the Civil War. Jesse and his brother Frank were no different. They learned the art of sabotage and guerilla warfare from psychopathic killers such as Willaim Clarke Quantrill and "Bloody Bill" Anderson.

After four years of riding with Quantrell and fighting for the Confederacy during the Civil War, Jesse and his brother Frank James formed the James-Younger Gang. In the early years their gang was known for their daring train and bank robberies. Ironically their first attempt at bank robbery in Liberty, Missouri in February, 1866 was a complete failure. There were many casualties. However, things changed rapidly after that.

Jesse masterminded a string of wildly successful robberies because he knew the layouts of the banks in advance. And he was an expert on scaring the daylight out of the people that were being robbed. During his 16 years at large, he committed dozens of daring robberies.

Not all bandits are gunfighters, but that wasn't the case with Jesse James. Although some hailed him as a Robin Hood figure he actually killed at least half a dozen men. At the age of 26, after courting his first cousin, Zerelda Mimms, for ten years, he married her on April 24, 1874 and tried to settle down. By that time most of his gang was either arrested or dead. He felt that there were only two men that he could trust - Charley and Robert Ford.

So he let the Ford brothers moved in with his family. That was the biggest mistake Jesse ever made. Robert Ford shot Jesse in the back of the head while Jesse was cleaning a dusty picture that was hanging on the wall. Jesse was originally buried at the farm where he grew up in Kearney, Missouri. Since then it's come to be called the Jesse James Farm and Museum.

The James Farm is said to be haunted. For over 100 years people have seen lights move around in the building after it's been locked. They've heard gunfire and people crying. And, on foggy mornings, if you listen closely, you can hear hushed voices and the sound of horses neighing.

If you want a safe that can protect your belongings even from modern day bad guys like Jesse James, take a look at a Sentry Safe at now. Wendy Moyer is a professional writer.

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Astral Travel Triggers - Factors Responsible For Out-Of-Body Experiences

Astral projection studies have revealed that one out of ten people experience an out-of-body experience (OOBE). Most of these OOBEs are spontaneous. This means that they happened without the subject trying to induce them in anyway. There are many factors such as illness, sleep, meditation, and others that can trigger an astral travel experience. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Trauma

Some people experience an OOBE when they are in the jaws of death. Such OOBEs are usually reported by people undergoing a major surgery or those who have met with an accident.

The most famous report of an OOBE triggered by trauma (also known as near death experience of NDE) can be found in a fictional tale written by Ernest Hemingway. The story is based on the writer's experiences during the First World War. He writes: "I felt my soul or something coming right out of my body, like you'd pull a silk handkerchief out of a pocket by one corner. It flew all around and then came back and went in again..."

2. Lucid Dreaming

People are said to be lucid dreaming when they are completely aware that they are dreaming. Most cases of lucid dreaming are really cases of astral travel, where the astral body leaves the physical and goes wherever it chooses to.

Practice lucid dreaming and make a note of your experiences. Do you really "dream" that you have stepped out of your body? Or have you really stepped out of your body?

3. Psychedelic Drugs

Psychedelic drugs (not really recommended) can alter a person's state of consciousness. In other words, drug intake puts a person in a state of consciousness favorable for astral traveling. However, these drugs can also induce hallucination and make you feel that you are outside your body when you are actually hallucinating.

4. Sleep Paralysis

Robert Monroe, the avid astral travel practitioner, simply called sleep paralysis "Mind Awake, Body Asleep." Sleep paralysis is a condition in which the physical body is fast asleep and unable to move, but the mind is wide awake and active. It is the most common astral travel trigger. Students of astral projection consciously and willingly enter this state in order to experience an astral travel. Sleep paralysis also happens spontaneously when a person is sick or under stress.

5. Meditation

Meditation puts a person in a state of consciousness favorable for astral travel. It is the safest astral travel trigger that you can use.

6. Binaural Beats

Binaural beats is the latest gift of technology for people who are struggling to have an OOBE. When people listen to binaural beats, they get into a state of mind that is ideal for astral travel. Several practitioners claim that binaural beats are the best astral projection triggers around.

Most astral travel techniques are built upon these triggers (except drugs). The best astral projection techniques out there are a permutation and combination of meditation, relaxation, visualization, and concentration.

Abhishek has been practicing Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming for the last 15 years. He has got some great Astral Projection Techniques up his sleeves! For step-by-step instructions on how to successfully Astral Project, download his exhaustive and powerful eBook, "Astral Projection Underground", from his website

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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved

Bermuda Triangle

The Legend

This phenomena was featured in the news recently because of the missing Air France plane. Then is it possible that you may not heard of it? During the years 1939 to 1950 it was heard of quite frequently and, any announcement that mentioned the Bermuda Triangle was greeted with concern and disbelief. So there is an area where there is some kind of a legend about missing transport of different kinds. The missing planes or vessels were never found to this day. This would seem impossible as there is usually some wreckage found floating afterward. It is also a mystery how all of the missing US bombers was never located.

What is this Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is an area, in the shape of a triangle, that is where the Caribbean Sea meets with the Atlantic Ocean. The Western point of the triangle meets with the Southern Florida coast then North East to the Island of Bermuda and due south to Puerto Rico and back to Florida. The first person to write an article about this was E.V.W. Jones in September16th 1950 this was followed by George Sands who was covering the loss of several planes and ships in the area including flight 19, a group of U.S. Navy bombers that went missing on December 5th 1945.Vincent Gaddis coined the title of The Deadly Bermuda Triangle, the second half of this title has been used ever since. The word deadly certainly seemed too aply to this area of the ocean and some of the diappearances were made the subject of all sorts of events even aliens were reported to have taken some of the missing vessels.

What is the Mystery?

What is the mystery of this area of the sea? Lawrance David Kusche, a research librarian of the Arizona State University seemed to have the answer. He trolled through the reports of the disasters occurring in that area and eventually published a paper entitled The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved in 1975. He found that there was a large number of inaccuracies in the reporting of these disasters due to the popularity of the mystery, it may have been profitable to not disclose the full facts. Kuscke's conclusion

Kuscke's Conclusion

Kuscke's concluded the number of ships and planes missing in the area was not significantly greater on average than any other part of the ocean. In an area frequented by tropical storms the number of disappearances was not mysterious. Some research led to exaggeration, and some events did not happen. Lloyds of London stated that a large number of the ships reported missing, in that area, had not sunk there. This would have us believe that the Bermuda triangle is not so deadly could this be down to reporters invention?

Was it Bad Reporting?

So it appears, the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle was the result of bad reporting by the investigators, or their inaccurate reports and, the poetic license of the press. Has the romance of the mystery surrounding that area been killed, possibly not as these reputations are hard to destroy, if for no other reason than the public does enjoy a good mystery. We read in the press of the French Airliner that went missing outside of this area but this did not stop some reference to the Bermuda Triangle being made. Although the legend is still with us, in a small way, the wilder associations of aliens, I think, has died.

I am Tom Wright, I come from Basildon in the county of Essx that is situated about 35 miles east of London. I have been writing articles for a few weeks now and starting to get the hang of it. I like writing articles, I hope that you like what I write. I like to write on subjects that are entertaining either with news items, humour, or personal things that I can make public. I am 77 years old and still going, possibly strong, I live in the in the county of Essex in the UK that is about 35 miles from London. I was raised in London joined the army later on then married when I was 22 and later moved to essex. I like the country side but I'm afraid that its getting more rural at time goes by.

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Ghostly Encounters Can Be All Too Real - Should You Be Afraid?

Ghostly figures, shadows, ghostly lights, pained and twisted voices, sounds, and other phenomenon are common occurrences during a ghostly encounter. Ghosts are thought to be the spirits of deceased humans either trapped on this earth for what ever reason you choose to believe, or still attached to the earthly realm due to some unfulfilled earthly desire or desires.

A commonly accepted definition of a ghost is "the soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit imagined, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons.

Many people believe that ghostly activity is around us every day, but we just do not see it. Some people have more ghostly encounters than others and the reason why is because they are either consciously more open to the finer realms or simply naturally endowed with the ability to see them. Those with a natural ability commonly have other psychic powers at their disposal. There are a fortunate few who can turn that power on and off at will.

Real ghosts often appear in different forms. Those that have had a haunting or encounter report anything from a solid looking form, a shadow, or a transparent smoky or misty mass of a full body apparition. Sometimes it is just the head or upper torso. Ghosts can be perceived by the living in a number of ways: through sight, sounds and voices, smells, occasionally touch, and often they are merely sensed.

Ghostly encounters often have one thing in common; a chilling or cold sensation on the skin, however it is important to remember that a natural response to fear is your hair raising up on the back of the neck or arms and this can be mistaken for the chill thought to be caused by an unseen entity.

One of the most important and yet inexpensive devices for catching evidence of a ghost is a digital thermometer. It is believed that an entity trying to manifest itself in some way sucks the energy out of the surrounding location, thus dropping the air temperature. If you or someone you know is having frequent bouts of these type of chilling sensations then by all means invest in a thermometer to test out whether the situation is real or imagined.

The reason most people get scared when they have a ghostly encounter is that the fear they feel is a natural response to the unknown. Rare are the cases of a ghost or spirit causing harm to a human being. They just don't have the power or desire to harm anybody. If you are having ghostly encounters and are afraid, ask yourself, what do I have to fear?

If yours is in fact one of those extremely rare cases where a spirit is causing bodily or mental harm by all means call a priest or a psychic who is studied in handling these type of things. They will guide you in the proper management of your situation. Paranormal activity can sometimes be frightening, but one should not fear ghosts. Ghosts should be studied with the thought of learning more about what happens to some souls upon physical death. With this knowledge it may then be possible to help the disembodied being move on to their proper place in the astral realm.

The consciousness of a human can get very attached to a specific location while living. It is thought that the spirit of that person may remain at that location for some time after physical death due to the personal feelings and desires of the individual. In most cases it seems they do move on after a number of years. It is during this time that the living sometimes have a run in with them.

It does not seem to be that a ghost really cares who is living in their location as long as the atmosphere is relatively calm without a lot of anger or other negative emotions generated by the current inhabitants. Often times ghostly encounters are reported after starting a remodeling project of the home. This activity somehow seems to disturb them, but once the project is complete the encounters generally die down.

Jack Folsgood writes about Ghosts, Numerology, and Psychics, among a wide variety of other topics.

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What Exactly is a Poltergeist Anyway?

Poltergeist is the German word meaning "noisy ghost". The word comes from the German term poltern which means "to knock" and geist which means "spirit". The best defining mark of a poltergeist is any manipulation of the physical environment such as the movement of objects, physical attacks, spontaneous combustion, etc.

Poltergeist phenomena is usually credited to mischievous spirits or ghosts and is associated with psychokinesis which is the ability to move things by power of the mind alone. This kinetic type of energy remains unexplained, but even some mainstream scientists are starting to explore the idea that it does exist.

Poltergeists are not usually considered to be spirits, but instead some theories state that poltergeists are mass forms of energy that a living person is unknowingly controlling. Poltergeist hauntings may be the most misunderstood, most terrifying, and rarest type of haunting, and some believe that poltergeist hauntings are not even a haunting at all. In some cases, extreme poltergeists activity has even been linked to demons. A key question that comes into play with poltergeist cases is whether the psychokinesis is causing the activity, or if it is actually occurring from an unseen troubled spirit or ghost.

In a typical poltergeist case there is most likely a variety of phenomena taking place. There may be knocking and tapping noises, sounds with no visible cause, disturbance of stationary objects like household items and furniture, doors slamming, lights turning on and off, fires breaking out and much, much more. Chairs have been known to move around by themselves; walls shake from loud, unexplained banging. Water drips from a ceiling. Things like hairbrushes and jewelry disappear, only to reappear at a later time in right where they should have been in the first place.

Usually, after a subtle and somewhat calm start, the activity will become more intense, manifesting itself through voices and even the appearance of full apparitions. Furniture may slide across the room and beds may shake. Sometimes the effects of a poltergeist are more playful than harmful, but sometimes the activity has been known to be downright nasty. Reports of scratches, bites, harmful objects being put in one's way such as glass shards on a pillow or tacks under a bed sheet have been noted, as well as possession.

Poltergeists build over time to a climax, then start over. They can travel anywhere. Most poltergeists nearing the climax of their energy can become dangerous to the living. Inflicting both mental and physical terror in extreme cases. Poltergeist hauntings seem to mysteriously go away as quickly as they began. The most famous and terrible accounts of a poltergeist attacking a family is the Bell Witch.

A common factor of classic poltergeist activity is the presence of a female adolescent in the household or for all of the activity to be centered around one specific person. It is common that none of the activity will take place unless that person is present at the time. In most cases, when that specific person is removed from the location, the events cease. The person causing all of the phenomenon is doing so subconsciously and usually isn't even aware that they're the cause. Ths activity could also be centered around someone who is under an unusual amount of stress. When the stress is relived, sometimes by leaving the location itself, the problems stop. If the stress continues, the "haunting" seems to follow them.

In true poltergeist hauntings, none of the activity will continue after the person is removed from the environment, as they are not there to create it or influence an unseen entity. It has been reported, however, that activity can return later if the "right" person visits or lives in a notably poltergeist-haunted place. This would lead one to believe that it requires a combined psychic energy to manifest such terrible hauntings. In most cases, relieving the inner problems of the individual is the key to stopping the poltergeist activity.

On the other hand, not all cases of supposed poltergeist activity involve disturbed individuals. Not all hauntings can be easily categorized and it's important not to jump quickly to conclusions. In some cases, what appears to be the work of a disturbed person may actually be that of the spirits, and vice versa. In addition, some genuinely haunted spots seem to be so filled with energy that witnesses at the location can even manifest their own phenomena.

Poltergeist activity provides an excellent opportunity for researchers to document strange activity, but these case most likely won't have anything to do with ghosts and there is really no way to help the victims. It's usually best to refer the family to a good counselor or mental health care provider, rather than try to act as a paranormal investigator. A counselor is usually the best person to provide assistance under these circumstances because psychokenesis normally manifests because of emotional disturbance.

Denise Villani an author and the webmaster of several article directories. Find more articles and information on hauntings and the paranormal by visiting and

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The Poltergeist Effect

I had an epiphany last night. There I was sitting in my den fretting unhappily about circumstances over which I had no control. It's been awhile since I have been in that frame of mind, but nonetheless there I was working up a head of steam over other people's issues. The more I thought about these issues the more agitated I got. It was when I frantically started looking for the misplaced TV remote and subsequently knocked over a glass (which shattered into a bazillion pieces, of course) that I had my epiphany. It struck me square between the eyes that it wasn't me just being clumsy that caused the glass to crash, it was the power of my negative thought energy that was the culprit. I unwittingly stumbled upon what I now refer to as the "poltergeist effect".

This all probably sounds a bit far out and "New Age" and, maybe it is. But the more I reflected on the issue the more sense it made. All my pent-up agitation had manifested itself physically. As I went further along that line of thought, looking back over past faux pas and foibles, it became even more clear that most all the lumps and bruises (so to speak) in my life were caused by my own state of mind.

Pretty much everyone has seen a movie or heard something about poltergeists. The word "poltergeist", translated from its Germanic origins, means knocking (polter) ghost (geist). These entities are generally described as annoying and mischievous spirits who make noises, create disturbances and even throw objects and break them. They are considered destructive and disturbing. The buzzwords here are "destructive" and "disturbing".

There is an amazing amount of literature available on poltergeists. According to most of the "experts" in this field, poltergeists are not to be confused with ghosts, nor are their activities to be confused with possession and/or hauntings. There are some differences between the two:

. A ghost is usually the spirit of a deceased person. Poltergeist activity revolves around living beings.

. Ghosts usually appear only in places once familiar to the deceased. Poltergeists appear around people at any time, in any place.
. A haunting by a ghost is continuous and generally in the same areas. Poltergeist activity builds up to a climax and then starts over and can happen anywhere.
. Ghosts are not violent by nature. A poltergeist can inflict both physical and mental trauma.

Most researchers of this subject generally agree that the majority of recorded poltergeist activities revolve around personalities with mental disorders such as hysteria and schizophrenia, or emotional problems such as anger and anxiety. There are some cases noted where psychological therapy seemed to "exorcise" the poltergeist once the patient's emotional issues were treated. Other experts of the paranormal believe that poltergeist activity is actually a form of psycho kinesis (PK). PK is a paranormal occurrence that is manifested when the electrical energy within a person is involuntarily discharged. This "discharge" causes the destruction of, and/or the unexplained movement of inanimate objects. Paranormal, of course, is a blanket term that covers everything from UFO sightings to hauntings to anything that can't be explained scientifically.

Remember Uri Gellar and the spoon-bending craze of the seventies and the eighties? Mr. Gellar is what is called a "paranormalist" and he achieved a high level of celebrity status starting with his spoon-bending technique back in "the day". This technique is something that he is apparently capable of teaching to just about anyone with any attention span whatsoever. According to his precepts, it's simply a matter of imagining your energy as a physical thing, then harnessing it and projecting it.

I am not a physicist. Not a doctor. Not a shrink. But if memory serves me well, energy cannot be "uncreated". Obviously, when you are stressed or under strain there is a release of energy that causes physical deterioration in the body. Ulcers, heart attacks, high blood pressure are all manifestations of mental stress or spiritual unease. When you get stressed or angry, capillaries in your body clench up and interfere with the flow of blood in your system. The heart starts pumping harder to compensate. I have seen people with spittle flying from their mouths they were so worked up over something. I have been so shaken with anger myself that I couldn't get a key in the door.

When you are really ticked off your body needs to vent some of that pent up energy and you tend to drive faster, you hurry people along, you slam your fist into a wall. Everything seems to suddenly go wrong or take forever. Your adrenal glands start pumping. You might rush about cursing anything and everyone who gets in your way. The slightest thing could set you off into a tizzy. You get tense. Your muscles bunch up. Your eyes bulge in their sockets. Your face gets red and you feel flushed. You yell at people- usually your family or friends.

Enter, my "poltergeist effect" theory. You are manifesting a poltergeist type energy that is expelling itself outward wreaking havoc on your surroundings. You are sending off waves of heat. Energy. When I broke the glass in a state of agitation, I believe it was my inner, undirected energy coursing out and creating "mischievous" physical energy. It's the vibration of this energy that sends glasses smashing to the ground.

Picture this. What if you could follow someone around and videotape him or her while they were in a total frenzy and having a meltdown? Then, doctor the video by removing that person. What do you think you would see? You would see objects flying all over the place. You would hear doors slam. China being smashed. You would hear loud and disruptive noises. People and things would get knocked over. You might think you were watching a video on paranormal, poltergeist activity.

Following this premise, negative thoughts become an energy which causes (re)actions. That pulse of adrenalin when you are angered or startled manifests itself and disrupts your environment leaving you weakened, shaky and drained. Somewhat like a battery that has been discharged. You have depleted some inner reservoir of energy when you project your poltergeist self.

So what would be the opposite of this poltergeist energy? Happy thoughts don't project such a malevolent and obvious energy. But, while laughter doesn't harden the arteries, it doesn't manifest itself physically and say, pick a rose for you, either. Maybe the output of positive energy is more fluent, subtler, and more diffuse. Could it be that a smile or a gentle pat carries as much power, or more, but with less drama?
When you are happy you are in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. There is no grimacing, no abrupt, jerky and sometimes destructive movements. If you could videotape the same person, whom we imagined earlier in a rage, while they are in a positive state of mind, what would a similarly doctored video show? You would probably see objects being moved about, but in a smooth, orderly and reasonable manner. There would be a flow and a pattern to the overall picture.

Everyone has heard the old adage of "laughter is the best medicine". Just look at Joan Rivers. Still alive and kickin', or should I say, still alive and laughing! Being serene is medicinal in itself. On the flip side, how many people do you know who are taking yogi lessons to relieve stress? Or taking anger-management courses? Anger alters you in more ways than one. And it definitely impacts your environment.
The night I had my epiphany and broke the glass I could just feel things waiting to go wrong. I could sense the vibration of all that negative energy starting to build up. I took several deep breaths and decided to change up my thinking right then and there. I affirmed to myself that it was completely within my power to NOT allow those outside influences to disturb me. I made a conscious decision to maintain the harmony of my home and myself and to not allow us to be disturbed.

I know my little poltergeist theory sounds far-fetched and perhaps a little giddy, yet, how many times have you felt "bad vibes"? Maybe those "vibes" are coming from your little "knocking ghost". They could even be considered a warning of sorts. If you're one of those who has issues with managing anger and dealing with pressure you could possibly save some big bucks by doing some creative self-therapy on your own.

Try imagining those disruptive and disturbing feelings as the beginnings of a nasty little entity just dying to get out and kick-ass on your life. Are you really going to let that happen? Are you going to let some amorphous mass make a fool of you and damage your family or your friends? Hell, no! You're going to take hold of yourself and your environment. You are going to visualize yourself in control and not at the mercy of some ghostly little wannabe. You are going to name your demon-and then you are going to cast it out. "I hear you knockin'..."

Christine McKellar's mini bio: I'm a long time resident of Las Vegas, NV. I'm the author of three fiction novels (A Port of no Return, The Shadows of the Sea, The Devil's Valet), a short crime fiction story, Bits and Pieces (Las Vegas Noir), and a short sci fi story, Mothology. I'm a featured columnist with Las Vegas Woman Magazine, as well as the Arts and Book Review editor, and a regular feature story contributor. Please visit my website to browse or buy my books.

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Pendulums Have a Swinging History

We've had a look at the gearing of a clock. We've seen how this links to the Escapement. Now let's tie it all together by examining the clock's timekeeper. The Pendulum.

It's thought that Galileo Galilei was the first person to receive the spark of the idea from examining the movement of a chandelier in Pisa Cathedral in 1582. In 1602, he began work in earnest on the device and developed the Metronome, which musicians ever since have found to be so valuable.

A derivative of this also proved invaluable to a physician friend of his, and the machine was named the Pulsilogium. As the name suggests, it was used for taking his patients' pulses.

In 1641, Galileo actually designed a clock regulated by a pendulum, but the poor old chap never lived to see his design in action. The great Christiaan Huygens took Galileo's work on from there and finally developed the pendulum clock.

There are many different types of pendulum, but for the purposes of this article, we'll content ourselves with those that fit in Grandfather and Longcase clocks, and have a quick look at those used for mantel clocks.

Apart from friction in the gear train, the main enemy of timekeeping is temperature. When the pendulum rod warms up, its length is increased, thereby causing the clock to run slow. When it cools down, the opposite happens. Let's see what can be done about this.

There are four main types used for the Longcases. The simple bob hung on a wooden rod. This makes for a very adequate timekeeper, because of wood's relatively low coefficient of expansion. This means that if the clock's situated in a cold room, perhaps overnight, then the pendulum rod will tend to contract, thereby making the clock run more quickly. Once it starts to warm up in the morning, the reverse will happen. Wood is a good medium and often underrated.

From there, though, we find a metal named Invar, or later, Elinvar. Now this is really first class, because the coefficient of expansion here is negligible. Incidentally, we'll assume that all the longcase pendulums beat at one second intervals and are known as Royal Pendulums, from the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.

The theoretical length of such pendulums are 39.14", taken from the centre of the suspension spring from which they hang, to the centre of the bob.

The third type of pendulum came along in about 1715 and was invented by the great English clockmaker, George Graham. He added a jar of mercury to the bottom of the rod. When the rod cooled down, the mercury contracted, and was set on the rod in such a way that it effectively increased the length to compensate, and of course vice-versa.

Then, in 1726, John Harrison of chronometer fame, (we'll discuss him later), came up with what became known as the Gridiron pendulum. This consisted of a number of rods, in line abreast, made from iron and zinc. Zinc expands more than iron, so the same sort of thing happened. The one medium expanded and contracted more than the other, thus keeping the length constant.

Now, high quality wall clocks may enjoy the same sorts of compensation as their bigger brothers, the grandfathers, and indeed good quality French mantel clocks very frequently have mercury pendulums fitted to them.

These, then, are the four basic types of pendulum. I haven't entered into the mathematics of pendulum calculation; there's an excellent source for that which I'll give later. My intention here has been solely to give you some idea of what the pendulum is and what function it plays in the clock.

I'm indebted to Wikipedia for some of the historical details. You may also find mathematical formulae which might prove of interest.

I worked for a very wealthy gentleman in Florida and was privileged to work on his fine clock collection. He had this massive longcase with twin jars of mercury. He wanted me to service the clock completely, which I did, but I did not take the pendulum with me. It frightened the life out of me! Imagine breaking just one of those great jars. I used a 'dummy' pendulum to test the clock after I'd serviced it. Well, wouldn't you?! Still, I'm sure there are highly qualified 'clockies' around who'd think nothing of transporting such an object.

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The Hidden Prophecy - Dan Brown & Revelation

One of the ideas in Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" (Doubleday, 2009) and other books is that the Bible contains hidden messages. I can show you that this is true. Unlike Dan Brown's fictional book, the book of Revelation in the Bible is the key to unlocking these messages, messages that have been hidden by God for thousands of years.

Almost 2000 years ago, God sent his angel to John to give him a revelation that you can read in the last book in your Bible. Three verses in the first chapter of Revelation: 1:1, 1:3, and 1:11 are the key to revealing the hidden message within Revelation. Rev 1:1 says that the revelation tells us "...things which must shortly take place." Why shortly? Rev 1:3 focuses our attention on the words of the text. This is amplified in Rev 22:18 where we are told not to add or delete any word. This focus on words leads us to ask how to gain greater understanding without affecting the words. Finally, Rev 1:11 reads, "Write in a book what you see". This is the spiritual 'AH HA'. God has given us an end-time chronology, but has sealed it up (hidden it) by showing John the chronology out of chronological order and tells him to write what he sees. The chronology of John's text describes what he saw next not necessarily what will happen next like a play with certain scenes out of order. But how could we know how to reorder it to discover the true message? The answer is that Jesus told his disciples what would happen in the true chronological order in the first three Gospels. Jesus shows us how to properly order and thereby interpret Revelation.

The order of the chapters of Revelation and the verse telling us that these things will happen shortly are what has confused scholars for centuries. The time "shortly" depends on whom the revelation is addressing. Once again, Jesus tells us who is ultimately addressed in Matt 24:29-34, Mark 13: 24-30, and Luke 21:25-32. These verses tell us that all the signs Jesus is describing (that contains the chronology that shows us how to reorder Revelation) will be completed within one generation. What Jesus described has not yet happened in the history of the world. These signs will happen "shortly" to the end-time, "this", generation. It seems that God did not want the true chronology to be known until the end-times perhaps so that each generation would believe and look to the day of Christ's return even if it was actually to be hundreds of years away. As we enter the end times, I believe that he wants us to know the straight story. Reordering Revelation opens new doors to understanding this important prophecy and Revelation opens our eyes to the meaning of other parts of the Bible that have been hidden by God until now.

Revelation tells us that international terror will lead to economic collapse and the rise of a one-world leader. It tells us why we are born. It tells us where you go when you die. It tells us why there is suffering in the world. It tells the end time generation what to expect and how to respond. It tells us when Jesus will return to the earth. It tells us that we are sons of God and our role when this world passes away. All this and more. The bottom line, the Gospels are the key to Revelation and Revelation is the key to the rest of the Bible. See for yourself the power of this hidden prophecy.

Charles Huettner, Author
Jesus Reveals Revelation

Charles H. Huettner, an aviation expert, has served as an advisor to U.S. Presidents. He has a masters degree from Harvard. A former Air Force pilot, he has soared the heavens. Huettner's flight time has not been wasted; his religious reflections are many. Join him as he takes you, the reader, on a fascinating spiritual journey. See for more information.

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The Theology of Avatar

Much has been written about James Cameron's new epic Avatar... about it stunning 3D visual effects, big budget, etc., but I haven't seen much written about the theology or mythology behind it. There seems to be a subtle, maybe even sophisticated, theology behind the story.

I noticed a few things, and I wanted to jot down a few ideas:

• How does Pandora represent an prelapsarian (before the Fall) world in which Nature and Grace have not yet been divorced from each other? How does the god Eywa represent the unbroken bond between Nature and Grace? (and the Holy Spirit?)
• Are the Two Sacred Trees, the Tree of Voices (or Souls) and the Hometree, an allusion to the two trees of the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life?
• Is Sigourney Weaver's character name, Dr. Grace Augustine, an allusion to Saint Augustine's Doctrine of Grace?
• What does the Second Birth of the Na'vi race say about Baptism?

The 7th day of Creation, the Sabbath, serves as a sign of the covenant--of the marriage--between nature and grace. In the beginning, God's creation was perfect: "God saw how good it was" (Gen 1:12). The Sabbath was a day to admire the goodness of creation; all our days were meant to be Sabbaths. Mankind, however, did not fulfill his covenant. Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the original grace of nature was marred by man's will.

In the movie Avatar, however, a day on Pandora is no Sabbath. There's no time to admire the beauty of Pandora with all the massive, angry animals stalking around. Corporal Jake Sully takes a moment to admire the beautiful flora of Pandora, the collapsing "helicoradian," at the beginning of the movie, and ends up running for his life and jumping over the edge of a cliff to escape a "thanator."

But, the Na'vi people do live in a graced harmony with nature in two related ways:

• First, the Na'vi are capable of a neurological connection with animals through the "queue." The Na'vi can actually unite their wills with those of animals by physically connecting their neural networks (by mutual acceptance).
• Second, Dr. Grace Augustine discovers that the bio-botanical connection between all the living organisms of Pandora is far more extensive than anything known on Earth. The Tree of Voices eventually reveals the extent of this.

It's as though mankind has stumbled into a second Garden of Eden, only to fall all over again. Only, our sin isn't so "original" this time. The Corporation, which is mining Pandora's rich natural resources, serves as mankind's representative in the same way Adam did. The Corporation desires, above all things, the fruit of the Na'vi's sacred tree, the rich deposit of "unobtainium" beneath the Hometree, which also--it is said--happens to be the only thing which can keep Earth from dying.

Because of Original Sin, however, mankind cannot freely eat of Eden's Tree of Life. "Lest he put forth his hand and take also from the Tree of Life," man is barred from the Garden (Gen 3:22). The way is shut and guarded. Because of our fallen wills and polluted motivations, there is no easy, painless way to bring forth life. We must suffer to bring forth life, as with childbirth or the paralyzed Jake Sully or the Suffering Servant, who dies on the cross.

A mineral such as can be found by plundering Pandora can only delay the inevitable. It is a temptation destroying the relationship between the humans and the Na'vi, who hold the truest hope for a post-Earth mankind. Did you notice the name of the trucks which harvest that rich mineral, "unobtainium"? Did you notice the name of the human colony on Pandora? Hell trucks. Hell's Gate. It begs the question: on which side of the gate does Hell really lie?

Further, did you notice the name of the mineral: UNOBTAINium? And so it is unobtainable, like the fruit that Tantalus spends an eternity reaching for. It's the illusion, the false pursuit, that will claim your life while impoverishing you. It's the road to hell.

The Na'vi's union with nature proves that their natures are not fallen in the same way as mankind's. The story of Avatar is a story of the reunion of grace and nature. [THESIS]

The story presents this contrast between man and the Na'vi in three ways characters interact with the world around them:

1. Greatest Union of Grace and Nature: The Na'vi Communion, in which the Na'vi connect to nature and to souls directly through the "queue" (i.e. through a bio-botanical neural network);
2. Transitional Union: The Avatar, the greatest union that man can accomplish by his own power and strength, a union which only the Tree of Souls can complete;
3. Dis-Union, or Hollow Union: The AMP (Amplified Mobility Platform) suits of the army, which only mimic the union of animal and human found among the Na'vi.

Dr. Grace Augustine
So, what's in a name? There must be something going on with Dr. Grace Augustine's name. The pairing of the words "grace" and "Augustine" is an unlikely coincidence. With his Doctrine of Grace, Augustine, Doctor of the Church, has ensured that his name will always be associated with grace, the fall of man, and free will.

But what does it mean for Sigourney Weaver's character to be called Grace Augustine? Dr. Grace is portrayed as a clearly brillant woman, with many natural gifts and talents (not unlike Weaver's character in Gorillas in the Mist, Dr. Dian Fossey). As a xenobiologist, one who studies alien life, she dominates her field. She has gone further into the Na'vi culture than any human being alive. But! She ultimately fails to be taken into the Tree of Souls, and dies before her soul can be incorporated into Eywa. It is the free gift of Eywa--it is grace--which allows for the incorporation (i.e. redemption) of a soul. It cannot be earned; it cannot be gained no matter how far we can reach.

The Second Birth & Baptism
Na'vi are initiated into society by being born again: their "Second Birth." This is the Christian Sacrament of Baptism. In Baptism, we are sanctified by the grace of the Holy Spirit; our fallen natures are again united perfectly with grace; we are born again. This is why Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life (CCC 1213).

Christians, like the Na'vi and their "queue," also have a direct link to the life of this world: the Holy Spirit, "the Lord, the Giver of Life" (Dominum et vivificantem, from the Nicene Creed). Eywa represents the Holy Spirit, by whose power Jake Sully can fully transition into his avatar and Pandora's animal life is summoned against the forces of Colonel Quaritch.

Natural Miracles
For me, this biological representation of the Holy Spirit is the most powerful part of the Avatar story, and its greatest contribution to science fiction. This piece of the story, more than any other, sparks my imagination. I suppose I'm always looking for a biological basis for God's miracles. I don't intend to dismiss miracles by physical explanations; I hope to see the whole physical world as a miracle. As Einstein said,

"There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle."

Biology and all of science is God's handiwork and His laws. In the case of miracles, God doesn't violate His own laws, his own essence; He demonstrates the full potential of His Creation. Isn't it fantastic that we can ask how?

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2012 Predictions Vs The Bible

2012 Predictions include, but are not limited to: Two Suns, Comet Nibiru, Planet X, Tusnamis, and maybe even the End of the World. Let us compare each one to what the Bible has to say.

1. Two Suns. According to many Mayan 2012 predictions, there will be a second sun enter our solar system which will burn and destroy much of the earth. What does the Bible say? In Malachi 4:2 we are told: "But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall." This second sun does not heals!

Apparently all the devastation and destruction will be done by our own sun that we have now, and this second sun which will come after the destruction will rise with healing in his wings and restore the earth again.

It is of GREAT interest to note that the word "sun" here is capitalized: "Sun". It is a proper name. It is referring to the second coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. It is not a mistake, nor a misprint. Check it out for yourself in your own Bible.

2. Comet Nibiru and Planet X. Much is being prophesied around the web about an intergalactic collision or near miss of this orb and the earth. Speculations are rampant as to the extent of the damage that shall be done as a result.
What does the Bible say? In Revelation 8: 10,11 we are told about the "star" Wormwood: Obviously our earth IS GOING TO BE STRUCK by some fiery flying felon. It WILL bring havoc and destruction. Of that, there is no doubt. The question is the timing of the event. According to the above passage of scripture, this event will occur during the 7-year Tribulation Period.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you have nothing to worry about, for you won't be here to experience it. The Rapture occurs before the Tribulation begins. To be totally accurate, the Rapture Starts the Tribulation period.

3. Tsunamis and possibly the End of The World. That there may be giant tidal waves and tsunamis, of course there may. That the entire world will be wiped out by water is Biblically impossible, for we have the promise of a faithful God that he will not destroy the earth by water ever again. In Genesis 9:11 we are promised that God will never again destroy the earth with water.

Almost in the same breath, we must be faithful to warn that the earth WILL be destroyed, but this time by fire. II Peter 3:10-12 gives us clear witness - The earth will destroyed by fervent heat.

2012 prophecies do not match Bible prophecies... They only mirror slightly. In other words, just enough truth to make them believable. Nothing more. Biblical prophecies are superior in every way.

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2012 Predictions Vs The Bible

2012 Predictions include, but are not limited to: Two Suns, Comet Nibiru, Planet X, Tusnamis, and maybe even the End of the World. Let us compare each one to what the Bible has to say.

1. Two Suns. According to many Mayan 2012 predictions, there will be a second sun enter our solar system which will burn and destroy much of the earth. What does the Bible say? In Malachi 4:2 we are told: "But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall." This second sun does not heals!

Apparently all the devastation and destruction will be done by our own sun that we have now, and this second sun which will come after the destruction will rise with healing in his wings and restore the earth again.

It is of GREAT interest to note that the word "sun" here is capitalized: "Sun". It is a proper name. It is referring to the second coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. It is not a mistake, nor a misprint. Check it out for yourself in your own Bible.

2. Comet Nibiru and Planet X. Much is being prophesied around the web about an intergalactic collision or near miss of this orb and the earth. Speculations are rampant as to the extent of the damage that shall be done as a result.
What does the Bible say? In Revelation 8: 10,11 we are told about the "star" Wormwood: Obviously our earth IS GOING TO BE STRUCK by some fiery flying felon. It WILL bring havoc and destruction. Of that, there is no doubt. The question is the timing of the event. According to the above passage of scripture, this event will occur during the 7-year Tribulation Period.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you have nothing to worry about, for you won't be here to experience it. The Rapture occurs before the Tribulation begins. To be totally accurate, the Rapture Starts the Tribulation period.

3. Tsunamis and possibly the End of The World. That there may be giant tidal waves and tsunamis, of course there may. That the entire world will be wiped out by water is Biblically impossible, for we have the promise of a faithful God that he will not destroy the earth by water ever again. In Genesis 9:11 we are promised that God will never again destroy the earth with water.

Almost in the same breath, we must be faithful to warn that the earth WILL be destroyed, but this time by fire. II Peter 3:10-12 gives us clear witness - The earth will destroyed by fervent heat.

2012 prophecies do not match Bible prophecies... They only mirror slightly. In other words, just enough truth to make them believable. Nothing more. Biblical prophecies are superior in every way.

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Hypnosis and It's Use in Ufology

Hypnosis has become a most popular tool in the field of abduction research. The understanding of its intents and abilities by the general public though are still widely relegated to the earliest erroneous notions of its being a trancelike state with suggestibility and retrieval of repressed memories being the most notable of these traits. Research into the validity of hypnosis and its traits has been done for 200 years yet the only truly revealing research has taken place in the last 30 or so odd years. Research which has shown a much different facet of its nature.

This new research has shown hypnosis to be susceptible to so many personality traits and individual character tendencies that its use is in truth little more than a hit or miss affair with much of its resulting data to be of a purely fictional or erroneous nature. The predetermined personality traits of a given subject contribute greatly to the nature of the results obtained to put it in basic terms. An individual's predisposition to suggestibility and fantasy and the strength of their self awareness and ego are but a few of the determining factors when the ability of hypnosis to obtain reliable results is considered.

Despite all the questionable and unclear abilities attributed to hypnosis those in the abduction field use it almost religiously as a "fact" finding tool. They happily cite results from such applications as "evidence" in their research and proceed to implement its results in their conclusions with little or no addressing of its well known faults and dubious abilities. On the one hand hypnosis has been shown in some instances to actually have some limited ability to bring to the surface or clarify partially forgotten memories. However, highly avoided is the fact that it has been shown on a much greater scale to be capable of actually fabricating memories which in were not present to begin with. Not to mention the highly dubious theory behind "repressed" memory itself.

Still, again and again hypnosis is used and cited as supporting evidence and the general public has little if any real understanding of its capabilities and veracity with which to help form its opinion of these claims. The truth is that a great many people just outright assume hypnosis to be a valid tool. Still more all to willingly accept its use without question and base their belief in these fantastical claims almost exclusively upon its results in absence of corroborating data. Results which themselves are not truly worthy of credence due to the above mentioned flaws inherent within it.

Its use has been criticized on many fronts by psychiatric professionals with few if any redeeming points raised in its behalf. The usual counterargument is one of an acceptance of its use due to a lack of other useful means by which to analyze these persons and their claims. A weak and insubstantial argument in my opinion. The reason other methods are not utilized is due to the fact that there is little to nothing to work with besides the individuals claim itself. Hypnosis has been linked to many different phenomena and seems to always turn up something useful for those looking for results.

Whether it's past life regression, alien abduction, or spirit contacts it always produces "interesting" results. I can't really say that I am a qualified hypnosis expert but I have done more than a cursory amount of study into its origins and usage. Based on my observations of these items and its use I cannot help but feel the whole premise of hypnosis to be questionable and to use it in abduction research is in my opinion an attempt to lend validity and credibility to the claims in question rather than as a tool to obtain useful information. No matter what area of inquiry it is applied to it always seems to raise more questions that veer away from the original intent thereby clouding the issue further.

When applied to the question of alien abduction invariably the subject will recall a myriad of strange experiences which we are led to believe were so repressed as to have been previously hidden to the subjects themselves. Now I understand the concept of repressed memory and the ideas behind using hypnosis to uncover them but there remains an underlying question of whether or not there were any repressed memories in the first place. It is quite true that through simple suggestion a susceptible individual can be led to concoct erroneous memories without even realizing this has been done. It is also true that repressed memory itself has so many detracting flaws refuting the theories validity that in itself it is too questionable an item to seriously allow into serious consideration of the problem of alleged alien abduction.

It is known from many tests and research that a leading of the subjects towards a particular conclusion is possible and does indeed take place in many instances. It is also well known to those who study the field of hypnotherapy that confabulation of nonexistent memories also takes place on an alarming scale. This alone casts a cloud of suspicion upon the use of hypnosis as a reliable tool for dissemination of these persons claims. The Travis Walton abduction case is a fine example of this.

Despite the total failure to pass polygraphs in the initial investigation the application of hypnosis strangely managed to support his claims. The psychologists charged with handling the study of his claims seemed to have set out to "prove" his claim using hypnosis and in fact did do this to a certain degree. Despite the earlier tests by polygraph disproving his claims. So which is correct? A dubious tool at best such as hypnosis or a tool considered reasonably accurate by most law enforcement officials such as polygraph testing?

Many will argue that polygraph testing is not admissible as evidence in court and this would be true. However it is consistently used in law enforcement and other such avenues of official and credible investigation requiring a source of reliable information to assist in the determination of witness or subject veracity. Its results rely on physically measurable deviances in a person's bodily responses to stress applied through questioning. A much more solid foundation than that of hypnosis which is based in the woefully little understood nuances and complexities of the human mind in my opinion.

It is also true that hypnosis is not allowed in court. The reasons for this are quite telling. Its use was precluded as a result of the fact being made clear that it is not at all reliable or trustworthy in uncovering previously hidden memories and in fact aids greatly in fabricating false ones. This is glaringly obvious in the repressed memory "witch hunts" of the 80's where innocent individuals were prosecuted based on testimony derived by "victims" who had undergone hypnosis and were actually in some cases were led to believe they actually were abused by those who in reality they were falsely accusing.

The reality of the matter in my opinion is that hypnosis is really nothing more than a crutch used by abduction advocates to attempt to lend credibility and believability to their claims. It looks good on paper and the uninformed take it as truth based on the erroneous preconceived notions of its abilities mentioned earlier. Without it they are relegated to little more than anecdotal testimony as their sole basis for support of their claims. And I as a skeptical individual find this to be nothing new or different and in fact quite representative of the usual predictable nature of ufology and the many credulous individuals within it.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Marriage and Relationships in Palmistry


Marriage and relationships are better known in palmistry through the lines of union. These lines of union need not denote marriage always, but can also indicate an important relationship in life. They can also indicate a relationship, but mainly denote a partnership. These union lines originate from the side of the palm and move over the mount of mercury, above the heart line.

Ideally marriage or union lines should be straight,long and free of any breaks or markings. If the line of union tilts towards the end, then it indicates that the quality of the relationship has dropped. If this line forks, then it may foretell a divorce or a split.


A breakup in a relationship is basically represented by a break in the marriage line.

Every break shows the splitting up of the relationship at that period of time. But if the breaks overlap, then it shows that the couple that had earlier split will come together again.


Disappointment in love can be derived by carefully examining the heart line. Most of the short lines fragmenting from the line of heart towards the base of the palm indicate a loss of relationship. This just means that the person has to work harder at relationships in the future. A traumatic or bad relationship is represented by a horizontal line that connects both the heart and the head line. Here it can also mean that the person will emerge as a stronger individual and make sure that he/she does not repeat the same mistakes again.

Love at first sight

Love at first sight means that a person totally falls in love with another person after spotting for the first time. Here he/she becomes completely smitten with the other person."Love at first sight" is said to be indicated by a star marking on the heart line.

Timing for true love

All the smaller lines fragmenting from the heart line pointing upwards represent a happy and compatible relationship. The timing is denoted by the point on the heart line from where these smaller lines originate.

Indication of a seducer/seductress

A seducer or seductress have many fine lines of union running from the side of the palm. Each of these fine lines are a representation of a short relationship. The main reason that a strong relationship does not develop is that there is no commitment or depth in it. It is wrong to assume that such people are cheating in relationships, they are just not committed enough.


Child lines are tiny lines perpendicular to the lines of union moving upwards. The child lines are present on both men and women. It is not necessary that the person will give birth to all the children depicted by the child lines. If the child lines split into two, then this could indicate the birth of twins.

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