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Guan Yin - The Chinese Female Buddha

Guan Yin is a Bodhisattva. A Bodhisattva is one who has reached Nirvana and achieved Enlightenment, but has chosen to remain on earth to soothe the pain of humankind and to lead them to Enlightenment. Guan is the goddess of compassion, and she is the only female Bodhisattva. However, she was not always female.

In the beginning, the god of compassion was Avalokite vara, and he was male. The Buddhist god of compassion remains male today in both India and Tibet. But when Buddhism was brought to China in the fifth century it was difficult for the Chinese to relate to a male god of compassion. In the Taoist tradition the god of compassion was female. And so, over time the two traditions merged and the result was a female Buddhist goddess of compassion. When her gender changed her named changed as well and she became Guan Yin.

Guan Yin is often shown holding a child in her arms. This is because she is the Buddhist saint of barren women. The child is a symbol that shows that she hears their cries for children. The whiteness of her clothing is the symbol of purity. Sometimes she is depicted holding a mala in one hand. This symbolizes her devotion to Buddhism. When we see Guan Yin with the lotus blossom we are reminded that though our lives might be surrounded by the mud of misery we can attain enlightenment. Often statues of Guan Yin show her with many arms, and an eye in the palm of each hand.

An old Chinese fairytale depicts the story of how Guan Yin came to be and how she earned her thousand arms and eyes. In China during the 7th century a king had three daughters. The greatest desire of his third and youngest daughter was to be a nun. However, the king wanted her to marry. When she protested, the king became angry and flew into a rage. He ordered her to serve the family by doing the most menial tasks, such as scrubbing chamberpots and growing vegetables in barren rocky ground. He was sure that such tasks would humble her and make her change her mind and follow his wishes. But it was not to be.

She was able to grow beautiful vegetables in the garden. When the king saw that his plan was foiled he was very angry and order her execution. The executioner was a kind-hearted man, and he devised a way to make the sword break into a thousand pieces and leave the girl unharmed. When the king saw that the execution was not successful he took matters into his own hands and managed to kill her himself.

Upon the young girl's arrival in the underworld, the fires of hell were put out. The king of the underworld did not appreciate the changes that she brought to his kingdom and so he returned her to the land of the living, riding in the heart of a lotus bloom. When she arrived in the land of the living she made her home on the top of Putuo, an island in the sea. She lived here for many years healing the sick and saving mariners from shipwreck.

Guan Yin's father became ill, late in his life, and he was told that the only thing that could heal him was the eyes and arms of a compassionate soul. Upon hearing this, the girl willingly gave her arms and eyes so that he might be healed. Not knowing who she was, he approached her to give his thanks. As he recognized her as his daughter, and understood her sacrifice a cloud descended upon her. When the cloud went away the holes that were once her eyes and arms had been replaced by a thousand eyes and arms.

Sylvia Smelcer is the owner of e-commerce websites, including a website with Guan Yin Buddha Statues and one with Buddhist pendants. In her free time she enjoys reading, and practicing yoga.

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The Chakras - Understanding & Balancing the Major 16 Chakras

The chakra system is an ancient system, known to many cultures for thousands of years. Chakra (pronounced CHUK-ruh) means wheel or circle in sanskrit. In Tibetan Buddhism the centres are called channel wheels. Taoist yoga is a complex discipline based on the control and circulation of these vital energies seen as vortexes.

Chakras are also called lotuses, which gives us some idea of the nature of the chakras. The lotus with its exquisite flowers blooming on the surface of the water, under the light of the Sun (spirit), has its roots buried in the muddy darkness of the depths (the physical). Just like the lotus blossom, the chakras can be closed, in bud, opening or blossoming, active or dormant.

The ancient western alchemical tradition used the chakra system, with metals and planets being assigned to the chakras in an elaborate system of correspondences, which formed the basis of the alchemists' quest for spiritual transformation. With the decline of alchemical arts, knowledge of the chakras faded also. Interest in the chakras re-emerged in the west with the appearance of the Theosophy movement in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The chakra system is an energetic data storage system, very like a computer, which many healers feel or see. It is the spiritual interface between the physical body, through the nervous system, our spirit body & the holographic web. The nervous system is our physical interface, communicating with all aspects of the physical, giving information to & receiving from, the chakras. The chakras function as transmitters of energy from one level to another, distributing qi or prana to the physical body.

While there are many minor chakras in the body & at our joints, it is recognized that there are 7 major chakras between the groin and top of the head, with 2 others that are of major importance located approximately 18 inches above the top of the head, known as the Soul Star, the Earth Star, located approximately 18 inches below the feet. The author works with & balances 16 major, from the Earth Star all the way to the Monad:Divine connection.

Personal experience is a vital part of western acceptance for everything, our, "I'll believe it when I see it" syndrome, & limits humanity's multi-sensory experiences. There are many reported incidences however, where people have had physical pain, in the heart for example, with no physiological reason found, even after extensive medical testing. When these people went on to have a crystal healing & chakra balance, the healer found that their pain to be connected to a past life injury & the pain resolved after the rebalance. Many healers believe that physical aliments have their root in mental & emotional imbalances & in order to heal the physical body one must also address the mental & emotional bodies as well.

Each one of the major 7 chakras corresponds to a physical system and its related organs and glands. Sound, colors and crystals are assigned to each chakra, though the colors and functions of each chakra vary somewhat according to different traditions.

The First Chakra: Base Chakra located at the area of the coccyx at the base of the spine, relates to the adrenals, large intestines and rectum. It shares responsibility of the kidneys with the 2nd chakra. This chakra is known as the kundalini or serpent's fire; life force for survival, life or "death" struggle, family identity, bonding and loyalty. The root chakra's expression of energy is directly related to a person's quality of health. The cosmic fire that awaits release lies dormant until the higher self can properly utilize the potency of its ethereal energy source on physical & spiritual levels of life. The lesson of the first chakra is that of Oneness rather than separation. Its color is red; Crystals: Garnet, Black Tourmaline, Dravite, Black Onyx, Smokey Quartz, Obsidian; & its Note is middle C.

The Second Chakra: Sacral Chakra is located midway between the public bone and naval (some traditions see it at the naval), relates to the testes, prostate and ovaries. The pelvis is the physical representation of the Void & The Goddess. This is where the Inner Feminine/Goddess Self anchors. It is the creative center and relates to sensuality as well as power (personal power when it is in balance, & ego domination when it is unbalanced) and money or abundance, the ability to create & take risks, fight or flight, resilience, perseverance, & financial acumen. This then is our creative center, the seat of our passion & our - being comfortable in our body as a woman or man. Shadow aspects: Disempowering/controlling or using others for your own advantage. Color: orange; Note: D; Crystals: Amber, Tiger Eye, Carnelian.

The Third Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra relates to the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen and digestion. This is where our unresolved emotions are stored and is therefore the place where we 'digest' our emotions, or not! This chakra relates to will power, self-esteem, self-discipline, ambition, courage, generosity, ethics & instincts, self-respect & honoring of self. Shadow aspects: Giving away personal power of choice out of a need for approval; narcissistic behavior. Color: yellow; Note: E; Crystals: Citrine, Sunstone, Lemon Chrysophrase.

The Fourth Chakra: Heart Chakra is located in the center of the chest relates to the thymus gland and heart. This is the chakra of love of self and others, compassion and forgiveness. Shadow aspects: jealousy, joylessness, resentment, & the inability to forgive. Color: a combination of pink, for self-love, & green, for love of others. We must first love ourselves before we can love another; Note: F; Crystals: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Amazonite, Chrysophrase.

The Fifth Chakra: Throat Chakra is located at the base of the throat, relates to the thyroid and parathyroid voice and the neck. It relates to our ability to speak our truth & trust ourselves, and is where we allow love into our lives. It is where we exert our will over others or give our power/will away to others. This is the center of faith, self-knowledge, personal authority & the ability to keep your word. Shadow aspects: An obsessive need to control relationships & events. Color: blue; Note: G; Crystals: Larimar, Blue Lace Agate, Lapis, Aquamarine, Azurite/Malachite, Gem Silica.

The Sixth: Brow Chakra is often called the third eye, is located between and slightly above the eye brows. It relates to the pineal gland and spiritual sight, and the ability to articulate vision and inspiration. Shadow aspects: defining the truth in self-serving ways. Color: purple; Note: A; Crystals: Amethyst, Sugilite, Kyanite, Azurite.

The Seventh Chakra: Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head & can be found by 'drawing' a line up from the top of the ears and straight up from the tip of the nose. It relates to the pituitary gland and is our direct connection to spirit and higher consciousness. This is the center of faith in the Divine as well as in inner guidance, insight into healing & devotion to the Divine. Shadow aspect: the need to know why things happen as they do, which causes you to live in the past. Color: white; Note: B; Crystal: Clear Quartz, Selenite, Indicolite (Blue) Quartz.

I received the following information from the Divine in a healing session many years ago. As I have worked with these chakras my understanding of them has grown. People are somewhat familiar with the eighth chakra, also known as the Soul Star or Interpersonal Chakra. Less is known about charkas nine through twelve. Information varies when it comes to the higher dimensions. That is because people are on different levels of awareness, or hold different vibrational levels. You can only see the truth based on where you are looking from in the moment.

The 5 Higher Chakras, 8 - 12

These five higher charkas were disconnected eons ago & are now being reconnected through our opening to Spirit. The process can be speeded up through an Ascension Initiation. The colors of the higher charkas varies from person to person & is dependant on your individual purpose or function as spirit. Crystals: Herkimer & Tibetan Diamonds, double terminated Clear Quartz, Indicolite (Blue Tourmaline in Quartz), Moldavite, Cavansite, Apophyllite, Prehnite.

The Eighth Chakra: Soul Star also known as the Transpersonal chakra, is approximately 18 inches above the head. This is the center that holds all our contracts & agreements related to this lifetime, karmic connections and so on. A person's Soul Star overlaps with that of the people they've had long-term relationships or encounters with, & they don't completely disconnect on their own, even though the couple may part physically. It's very important, therefore, to be able to clear all those old relationship contracts, in order to make way for new potential relationships to come to you more easily, or to clear a pathway for the relationship of your current, supporting it to grow more fully. The eight chakra is also the center of detachment, staying in the present moment, unconditional trust, acceptance of intuitive guidance & the ability to discern illusion. It is the center of higher intellect. It marks the realm where the individual soul merges with the Universal Mind. It also marks the point where the soul manifests into matter, into the individual energy body. Note: C;

The Ninth Chakra: Intergalactic Gateway to the Divine and the BluePrint for this incarnation, & our Higher Emotional Center. This is where we hold all the information related to who we will be & are, in this current incarnation - our eye color, hair color, other features, personality characteristics & what we are going to be/do in this lifetime. This information becomes our DNA. We choose all this before we come in to this incarnation. In a healing, the BluePrint may appear fragmented, damaged or fractured, split, cracked, scattered or even dispersed. I worked with one woman who was extremely depressed, and I had a sense that she did not want to be here. She confirmed this when I asked her. Her blueprint actually appeared dispersed or scattered & I believe she would have tried to leave somehow if she hadn't had the session with me. She burst into tears when I asked that a new blueprint be brought in & she felt completely different after the session. In particular she had a huge release when I cleared her ninth and eleventh chakras. Note: D

The Tenth Chakra: Interdimensional Gateway to the Divine is the gateway to all the other experiences (and dimensions) we've had throughout the universe. This chakra is where the soul fragments itself & scatters itself throughout the universe, requiring 'retrieval'. Once all aspects are retrieved the person has full access to all the infinite possibilities of who they've been and are--their 'universal archetypes', for want of a better term. By bringing the essence of those aspects or soul fragments into one chakra it gives us the ability to work with all our talents and abilities. Most people only have access to between one and ten of their universal archetypes, and that's quite limiting because we actually have an infinite number. Note: E

The Eleventh chakra: Universal Gateway to the Divine is where duality begins, so to speak. It is the 'field of overlap' between Light & Dark is where we have all contracts and agreements belonging to our soul, whereas the eighth chakra is this current incarnation's contracts and agreements.
Clearing the eleventh chakra is pivotal in bringing a person into balance and allowing them to have full access to their Divinity. I find that blocks in the 11th chakra are most likely to interfere with our Divine connection. This is where our contracts with the occult, black magic & the Abyss are held. We all have aspects of ourselves that have experienced the shadow, because that's part of the Soul's journey to explore Light and Dark, Order & Chaos. Part of the Divine plan for us is to experience Duality--Light and Dark and all the rays of the rainbow in between. Sometimes I find that this chakra is very imbalanced and may require a substantial infusion of Love, & perhaps a 'new' chakra make by needed. When I clear with this chakra people often experience an instant shift, and they comment that they suddenly feel different, more connected to the Divine. Note: F

The Twelfth charka: Monadic Soul Level Completing the five higher charkas is the 12th chakra or the Monad is considered the individualized Spirit-Spark of the Divine & is often called the I am Presence. The Monad is often considered the Ascended Master Level of the Soul. Each Monad or Spirit-Spark creates & is divided into 12 pairs of Souls. Each pair are knows as TwinFlames. The Monad is often considered the Ascended Master or Spirit level of Soul. When being cleared I see the person's TwinFlame as well as their Divine Ray - their personal flavor of the Divine, in color frequency, which is their 'function' as Spirit.

Here is the BluePrint of the Soul, the Soul's TwinFlame--twin-self or mirror opposite. Occasionally I see the souls of other significant relationships here. It's a connection where there is no differentiation between the Monad and the Divine. Often I see that the two BluePrints--Soul's & this incarnation--reflect one another. Sometimes the same fragmentation is going on in each one. If there is a split in the Blueprints, this particularly relates to a disconnection between the male and female aspects of our being. Unify the male/female energy within us is the most important step to experiencing Unity.

If there is a split between the male/female aspects, one half of the BluePrint may be missing. So the Monad is present but their TwinFlame is usually missing. By bringing the BluePrint back together and making it whole, their TwinFlame comes in and the client has access to working with their mirror-self. Note: F#

The following is based on the my own numbering system to include the other major chakras that I work with. The numbers are not important, where the chakras are & what they 'do' is:

The Thirteenth Chakra: Divine Heart Space/ Star Tetrahedron Heart Centre: is situated half way between the Throat & Heart Chakras, over the Thymus, this is the chakra of Co-Creative Divine Consciousness, the acceptance of the Divine within, Unconditional Love & compassion for self & others. When we awaken this centre, wellness is potentially an integral part of our path. Life takes on meaning & fulfillment & we experience the joy of Love, which pours forth from this chakra.

When fully activated this centre becomes one Unified Chakra. This is important because a unified chakra allows you then to align your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies, & to harmonize their energy. Working with the unified chakra you unify the five higher & the ten lower chakras into one so that they all function in accordance with the frequency of unconditional love-based energy flowing through this Divine-Heart centre.

The Thymus gland controls the immune system & our rate of ageing. It is fully functional when the physical body (glands & organs) utilizes the thymus-governing imprint. The thymus naturally gets smaller as we age. By tapping the thymus daily you keep it activated. It is said that certain initiations also keep the thymus activated & that you will stop ageing after the initiation. Reiki is one such initiation, particularly after Level II.

When Divine flow is more direct & powerful, we may move consistently through life in tune with the Intention of Spirit. Then as male (thoughts) & female (emotions) are no longer antagonistic, proper hormone balance will begin to be established. Color: depends on the soul's purpose; Note: F#

The Fourteenth Chakra: Quantum-Holographic Gateway to the Divine is located between the knees & is where the Universal Holographic Web connects to the physical. The Web is like a highway & connects us to everyone & everything in the Universe. We often have inappropriate connections to others through the Web & give our gifts & talents away to hide ourselves. Healing energy can be directed through the Web in such a way as to repair the Web & thereby heal the 'physical' body--which only appears solid but is in fact energy. If the physical body is damaged the Web is also damaged--torn or broken. Color: Green-White Note: B

The Fifteenth Chakra: Physical Gateway to the Divine is between the feet, at the level of the ankles, & grounds & connects spirit into the physical plane. When this center is activated we feel connected to Mother Earth & feel one with her energy, & that of all life forms--referred to by Native Americans as All My Relations. Environmental consciousness resides here & our desire to support our Earth Mother. Color: Navy Blue; Note A

The Sixteenth Chakra: Earth Star is approximately 18 inches below our feet & when activated grounds our Spirit-Self fully into the physical into the Infinite Moment of the Present, where we are the most powerful - Spirit having a human experience. We cannot be anything other than Spirit, although humans tend to ignore this Truth, & there is nothing to look for except within the self - to remember we are a piece of the Divine. Color: Forest Green; Note A#

These 16 chakras, along with other major & minor chakras, make up the most important interface between our spirit & physical bodies. The chakras directly interface with our nervous system, hence the importance of clearing both systems--physical & energy bodies. When we observe our patterns (attitudes, values & beliefs) we see clues as to what chakras are out of balance. There are many visualizing techniques to bring the charkras into balance & alignment & in my experience; they need to be practiced every day.

Physical pain associated with chakra imbalances is very real. Having worked with people as a shaman and healer for over 18 years, I have seen many instances where physical pain has been relieved or released during a healing session. I have found that we carry our past predominately in our backs, which represents our past--literally behind us! People often experience a physical sensation related to a 'broken' heart. They may experience pain around their mid spinal region between the shoulder blades, and upon visualizing their emotional heart, 'see' either an image of something protecting their heart (e.g., a box or cage) or 'see' it as broken. When a person has money issues and feels unsupported in some area of their life, they may experience low back pain.

Over the years my work has evolved into my own modality, Micro-Fusion Holographic Healing, which incorporates Shamanic healing practices as well as the many modalities I have trained in. I have found that the body responds to this gentle work by releasing & opening up to the spirit-self in a very easy, yet profound way.

In this final part of the chakras, I wanted to address some questions & issues that have come up frequently with clients over the years, including some of the ways I've found most effective to keep the chakras working in harmony.

Clients have asked me to 'close my chakras' at the end of their session & this is a very important issue to address. As a question this also comes up frequently: "Should I keep my chakras open or closed?" Clients have been told by other healers that they need to close their chakras to be 'protected'. And since my clients know I open all the charkas & bring them into alignment & then give my clients a visualization for keeping their chakras open, it's natural that this creates confusion.

The chakras are in essence computers, gathering & storing information that then gets transferred to their interfaces, the physical & spirit bodies, through the nervous system & subtle bodies. Having your chakras closed is like trying to operate your computer with it switched off. Therefore it's not a protection, but rather the opposite keeping you unprotected & open to negative or unwanted energies.

When your chakras are open & operating in harmony with one another, you are communicating freely with your Spirit-self. Most importantly when your charkas are open, your heart chakra is open, & you are exuding Love, in & around you, & this is your greatest protection.

The next question I get asked the most is, "How do I keep my chakras open?" One thing I find is that when the Earth Star is closed, or deactivated, all the other chakras are affected. Some will be partially open but moving sluggishly, some closed. Conversely I have found that when the Earth Star is then opened, all chakras are affected in a positive way also.

In order to go through how to open & maintain your chakras, we first need to establish how they spin - in which direction. There are 2 main beliefs about how the chakra system spins - both are valid & work, if that's your belief. Typically, how you were first taught is the one that works for you. My Crystal Master taught me this way: Each chakra spins the opposite direction to the one next to it, creating a DNA-like spiral that locks them together, starting with the Earth Star spinning counter clockwise. Another easy way to remember it is that all the odd numbers spin clockwise, while the even numbers spin counter clockwise.

How you check this is with a pendulum, which is also how you clear & open them. You can hold a pendulum over any chakra & ask to be shown how it's spinning. If a chakra is closed, the pendulum will do nothing. If it's only partially open the pendulum will spin very slowly. When a chakra is fully open the pendulum will spin smoothly & reasonably fast, in large circle. Once you've established if your Earth Star is open or closed, & you've checked your solar plexus & heart chakras, you can start realigning all your chakras.

It's best to be sitting in a chair for this exercise, so you have easy access to all your chakras. Starting at the Earth Star, which is approx. 20 cm below your feet point your pendulum at the chakra. Lean forward & rest you elbow on the knee. This will give you the right position, at the level of your ankles & forward of them. Now, make the pendulum spin counter clockwise. Do this for about 30 seconds, until the pendulum spins easily on its own.

Continue up to your ankle chakra--clockwise, then knees - counter clockwise, first - counter clockwise, & so on, holding the pendulum over the area of each chakra until you get to the crown chakra on top of your head - clockwise.

I know you're wondering at this point, how you're going to clear the higher charkas. Since intention is everything, you're going to imagine bring each one of them down in front of you--out from your body at approximately the level of your heart chakra. Continuing on with the 8th chakra--counterclockwise, & so on to the 12th chakra. Make each on spin until it can spin naturally on its own without your assistance. Sit quietly for a few minutes at the end, with your eyes closed & notice how you feel. Notice if you feel different to how you did before you started this exercise. Do you feel calmer, more at peace?

Another exercise that you can use to open each chakra is to visualize each one spinning as above & visualizing the appropriate color for each (refer to Chakras Parts 1-3 for chakra colors). Another way is to hold a double terminated clear quartz crystal or selenite wand over each chakra while you're using your pendulum. Alternatively you can hold a Herkimer or Tibetan Diamond at the points, between your thumb & index fingers. This will help to clear each chakra of any unwanted energies more thoroughly. Ideally, Chakra balancing should be practiced daily.

Mesheril Christallene is an Authorized Marriage Celebrant, Minister, Writer, Researcher, Scholar & Metaphysician She is a practicing Shaman, has had a healing practice for 20 years & has been writing articles for 19 years. Her life's work is to understand relationships & to support couples to have harmonious, lasting relationships. Mesheril offers unique marriage ceremonies designed to beautifully express the couple's individuality. Website

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Buddha Figurines - Six Poses and What They Mean

The most common pose for a Buddha figurine is meditating in the lotus position. In this pose, Buddha sits with his legs crossed, and his feet on top of his thighs. Sometimes he'll be shown with a lotus flower or a snake. The lotus flower is a symbol of the path a person takes as he grows from the mud of everyday existence toward the beauty of enlightenment. Snakes have a long history in Buddhist tradition, including the idea that snakes have powers similar to those that European traditions assign to dragons.

You will also often see Buddha depicted in the Earth Touching Pose. This is a symbol of Buddhism's connection to Nature. Buddhists don't believe that the earth was created for us to exploit it. Instead we are to recognize that animals are spiritual beings themselves, beings who are on their own path toward their own Enlightenment. The Earth Touching Pose shows Buddha seated in the lotus position, with his right hand touching the ground near his right knee.

The Wish Giving Pose for a Buddha figurine reminds us of Buddha's desire that everyone experience eternal happiness and world peace. Some practitioners believe that Buddha himself can grant wishes. There is no direct Western equivalent for this; the closest parallel in Christianity might be the way that some Catholics will pray to a Saint for help. The Wish Giving Pose shows Buddha with his right hand extended toward you, with his palm turned up toward the sky.

The Blessing Pose expresses a similar idea. Because Buddha can grant wishes, it makes sense that Buddha can bless you. Peace and serenity are the most common blessings that Buddha delivers. But there are many other themes for Buddha's blessings, including health, love, and well-being. The Blessing Pose shows Buddha with his right hand near his chest, with his palm turned to face you.

This leads us to the popular Dispelling Fear Pose. We've seen how good a can deliver blessings and grant wishes. Many people wish to reduce or eliminate their fear, which leads them to turn to Buddha. Most often, the dispelling fear pose shows Buddha standing with one hand raised near his shoulder, palm toward you.

The Teaching Pose recognizes Buddhas legacy as one of the Earth's greatest teachers. Buddha devoted his life to teaching other people the path to Enlightenment. And in this pose, he has his hand near his shoulder, his palm facing you, and his thumb and index finger touching. This is a symbol of Buddhas ability to communicate vital insights.

You will see two different Reclining Buddha poses. In the first, you'll see Buddha on his side with his hand propping up his head. In this pose, Buddha is simply resting.

In the second Reclining Buddha pose, Buddha's bottom hand is near his side. In this pose, Buddha has passed on to Nirvana. Nirvana is the state of being free from suffering. It is one of the central ideas in the concept of Enlightenment.

Most people who acquire only a single Buddha figurine choose one showing Buddha meditating in the lotus position. Many of these Buddha figurines are purchased by people who aren't themselves Buddhist. Instead they are buying the figurine simply for decoration.

People whose Buddhist practice is more focused often acquire multiple Buddha figurines. In those Buddhas households, you'll see Buddha in every room, and often several times in the same room in a variety of poses.

Anne Jackson Hart has studied Buddhism for several years. She retails Buddha Figurines at her site,

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The History of Wicca – Where Did The Craft Originate

The history of Wicca or "The Craft" is complex but traditional Wicca is rooted in the so called "British Mystery Traditions", for example the Picts, who existed before the rise of Celtic consciousness, the Celts, and some Celtic Druidism.
Wicca predates Christianity by about 28 000 years.
A variety of archaeological discoveries, reveal that the history of Wicca can be traced as far back as the Paleolithic peoples who worshipped a Hunter God and a Fertility Goddess. Cave paintings, that are dated at around 30,000 years old, depict a man with the head of a stag, and a pregnant woman standing in a circle with eleven other people.
Modern American Wicca has its roots in British Wicca, brought to the United States in the late 1950's by English and American initiates of Gardnerian, Alexandrian and Celtic Wicca. These are different forms of Wiccan tradition. All of these cultures form part and parcel of the history of Wicca.
The ancient Greek Mysteries of Eleusis, Italian Mysteries of Rome, Etruria and the general countryside, Mysteries of Egypt and Persia before Islam, and various Babylonian, Assyrian and other mid-eastern Mysteries also find a place in the history of Wicca and its beliefs and traditional practices. Perhaps the best way to describe Wicca is to call it a modern religion, based on ancient witchcraft traditions. But do bear in mind that not all those who practice witchcraft today are Wiccas.
Wicca is a both a belief system and a way of life. Over the years information about how Wiccan ancestors lived and worshipped has been lost due to actions of the medieval church. However, modern Wiccas have tried to reconstruct the history of Wicca in an effort to lay the foundation for their practices.
During ancient times Wicca was called "The Craft of the Wise". This name was derived from the fact that most Wiccas aligned themselves with the forces of nature. They also had knowledge of herbs and medicines, gave council and were important in the village and community as Shamanic healers and leaders. The history of Wicca indicates that Wiccas once had a prized place in society which is quite a contrast to how they are viewed today.
Ancient Wiccas felt that man was not superior to nature, the earth and its creatures. Instead they were only one aspect of the world. The idea of sustainable development to maintain balance and equilibrium was central to the belief systems of the ancient Wicca. The history of Wicca is a far cry from the way that man views the earth today.
In the last several hundred years, witchcraft and witches have been incorrectly labeled as evil and unrighteous. Where do these ideas that form so much a part of the history of Wicca originate? Some Wiccas believe that the medieval church of the 15th through 18th centuries created these myths.
This was done in an effort to covert people to Christianity. The history of Wicca contains many stories of the persecution of witches based on so called "evil" practices.
Another theory about the history of Wicca is that as medical science became more prominent in society those who did these initial studies did not understand female physiology, especially menstruation. This "mystery" seemed to fit in with the churches agenda in labeling healers as evil heathens and placing power and respect in the hands of male physicians.
Many of these myths and superstitions have survived in modern times giving The Craft a bad name. While Wicca is essentially witchcraft, those who practice it usually do not refer to it as such because of these negative connotations. The history of Wicca is important since it is the persecution of those who practiced it that has led to its current ethic of "religious freedom first". offers some of the best HOW-To and FAQS concerning all areas of interest.

Traditions of Wicca

Wiccan Traditions

For some of us Wicca is a solitary religion, something that we have taught ourselves through groups, books or even the internet. Whether you grew up in a Wiccan family or were initiated the traditional way through a coven, it is important to understand all of the Wiccan traditions.

Gardenerian Wicca

Gerald Gardener's traditional way honors Cernunnos as the lord and Aradia as the lady. This path of Wicca is formal with skyclad worship and degrees of initiation with the covens having no more than thirteen members in each. The covens are led by a high priestess with a high priest. Gardenerians are not too impressed by self initiation in other forms of Wicca because they believe that it takes a witch to make a witch.

Alexandrian Wicca

Founded in the 1960's by Alex and Maxine Saunders, Alexandrian Wicca is a formal, structured, neo-Gardenerian tradition. Both Gardenerian and Alexandrian Wicca are regarded as Classical Wicca.

British Traditional Wicca

This type of Wicca is similar to Gardenerian Wicca, also formal and structured but mixes Celtic deities and spirituality as well.

Celtic Wicca

Celtic Wicca incorporates Celtic Gods and Goddesses with spirituality, green witchcraft and faery magic.

Dianic Wicca

This tradition is centered around the Goddess Diana that doesn't include gods. Dianic Wicca is often thought of as a feminist, even lesbian path, although there are male Dianic Witches. This path does not require initiations.

Faery Wicca

This Irish tradition is similar to Celtic Wicca focusing on green witchcraft and faery magic.

Teutonic Wicca

Teutonic Wicca incorporates deities, symbolism and practices from the Nordic tradition including Germanic and Norse cultures.

Family Traditions

Generations of witches having their secret practices and traditions.

Oxymorphic Groups

Satanic Wiccans and Christian Wiccans ARE NOT Wiccan whether they mean well or not. It is a contradiction in terms

Although some witches believe that each individual must have been taught the craft by a living relative before being considered as a hereditary witch, however, I believe that being a witch can be inherited from a grandparent who may or not be living. The natural gift to witchcraft appears to skip a generation in many cases. There are countless reports of young witches receiving spirit messages from their ancestors showing guidance on the witches' path or discovering information that points to an ancestor being a witch.


Paganism covers many faiths, one being Wicca. Wiccans respect others in their beliefs and value the freedom of worship for everyone. Wiccans are polythesists who incorporate various Gods and Goddesses into their rituals. Most witches believe in reincarnation, hence the representation of the seasons, birth, death and rebirth. Some Wiccans believe we rest in Summerlands before being reincarnated. Summerlands is the place where we are reunited with our families and loved ones.

Wiccans do not believe in hell or the devil. Wiccans choose to refrain from negativity by being positive. We hold an individual responsible for their own evil actions.

Many witches honor the lord Horned God, the Lord of Animals, the sylvan lord of the greenwood. He is otherwise known as Pan, Herne or Cernunnos, a man with horns who is a great god of herds and fertility.

Some witches believe in angels, some faeries and some also believe in dragons. Each to their own.

Wicca Today


Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill - an' it harm none, do what ye will.

Blessed Be

Amethyst Hawke

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Going Green and Wicca

The concept of "going green" is not a new one but it is one I will be doing a series of articles on as it is so crucial to our survival, and also really a main tenet of the Wiccan faith. We are by faith nature lovers and see deity within all creation, including ourselves. Now I must qualify this as I know some will say "then you are self worshippers". Not quite the point. We believe that deity exists within us and not "out there" somewhere. We do not think of ourselves as deity/Gods,etc.

For many years we, as a human race, have gone about our daily lives without really giving the way we are doing this a second thought. We have created waste and toxins and they have to go somewhere. Where do they go? Into the ground, into our waterways, and into the atmosphere that protects us. This isn't going to be an article all about global warming as that would take up the entire article. I will, however, visit the subject in a future article.

So what are the ways we are polluting currently and in the past? Every day we dump unknown quantities of "garbage" into landfills. Within this garbage is tons of non-biodegradable refuse. This simply means than in a million years from now, if the Earth still exists, this refuse will still be there, much as the day it was buried. We continue to drive our cars without giving it much of a thought about how much exhaust is damaging our health and the health of the ozone layer.

While recycling has become a movement through the years, we still fall way short of doing all we should be doing. Why? Because the majority of us have become so busy with our lives that we simply do not slow down and think and just "throw it away". Pretty easy when you get the out of sight, out of mind habit. Let's face it......we have become a society of "refuse and not re-use". So busy that we do not consciously think about where all of that is going to end up.

In addition to doing this, we also use products that contain toxic chemicals in our homes and in our daily lives. We eat foods that have been inundated with chemical/artificial everything. From sweeteners, to preservatives. We eat these without thinking too much about it until it affects our health through cancers and other disorders. Heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and obesity are just the by-products and how do we correct those? By taking synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Some would question then, "how do those affect our environment?" Well, everyone is going to urinate and defecate. It is unpleasant to think about, however, it is a fact that we cannot deny as all things organic leave organic waste. So then if we are eating synthetic foods and taking synthetic drugs then where is the waste going? Into our water treatment plants and into the Earths water table. Nasty thought huh? I think so too. We will continue to reap the "benefits" of our behavior over and over. The result? We will make the Earth, and ourselves, sicker and sicker in the process.

How then do we begin to correct this? Well, pretty simple really. It is just a matter of changing/breaking old habits and using resources already in place within our society. Recycling centers have existed for decades yet we are nowhere near doing everything we can do in that area. We can start by saving our plastics and our newspapers and magazines and taking the simple step of finding the recycling centers or participating in the programs in our communities and delivering our "garbage" to them. And some of them even pay you for doing the responsible thing.

Myself, I have aligned myself with a green company and I now work that business full time. They are green, and have been for over 25 years. You will find those links on my blog. I use the products they sell and in so doing reduce the impact on our environment. I am not saying that you should hop right over and join this company or even use their products, but I am saying we all need to weigh the options and begin using the ones that improve the situation of our damaging the Earth and her waters.

I hope you will join me. Here are some simple steps that YOU can do to help this cause:

1: Recycle 2: Use "green" products 3: Drive less and walk or bicycle more 4: Stop using synthetic foods and medications and go "natural" when feasible 5: Eat more healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle 6: Use biodegradable products any time we possibly can 7: If you see someone illegally "dumping" REPORT IT 8: Practice every day in changing poor environmental habits.

You can see this list could go on page after page but you get the idea.

I hope you will join me again for my next topic along this same line and I thank you for taking the time and effort to read this, whether it was here or on my blog. May the Lord and Lady bless you always and may you have the fortitude to make the changes that we must all make in order to bring about meaningful change.

Nathan Jeffery

Author and Wiccan Religious Leader

Nathan Jeffery has been Wiccan for 19 years and remains outspoken about bringing this faith into the public awareness. Not for ridicule or degredation, but for the proud people who also just happen to practice this faith as he does, without secrecy or shame.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to See Spirit Guides

Man has truly been asleep for thousands of years and now as the dawning of our spiritual awakening emerges many are looking for truth and answers. We are slowly becoming aware that we are more than the physical embodiment that science describes.

There is proof that we are made of energy or that we even are energy that manifests itself into a physical form. Some who understand this energy can actually see through a thin veil between our physical world and an energy world, one to which it is said we come from. Now we are coming into an understanding that we can all see this energy and we can also use it. When we learn to open the Third Eye we can talk to helpers known as our Spirit Guides and receive messages from them to help us on our path in our daily lives.

Receiving Messages From Spirit Guides and Angels

The following are two simple exercises that will help you open your psyche to a greater extent and enable you to receive messages from your spirit guide(s):

Exercise 1

In your mind, take yourself to a seashore and place your feet in the warm sand. Imagine wriggling your toes and feeling the sensation of the grains between them. Put your back against a palm tree,and feel the sun on your face, the breeze in your hair. You can keep this simple or add as much as you wish.

Look up at the clouds and take three deep breaths, feeling all negativity and pain draining away from
you,down through your body and out your toes, into the gentle waves of the sea that are now lapping against your feet.

Then out of the shadows from the palm trees, ask your guide to come to you. Ask a simple question. Even ask their name. As time progresses, do not be afraid to ask the guide specific questions that you can later validate. This will take some practice through repetition but in time you will be able to go to the place instantaneously.

Exercise 2

Lie in a flat position. Visualize white light around you. Feel that a green light of healing surrounds the white light, then put a purple light around that. You are now relaxed, feeling all illness and stress leaving. Your mind and body are quiet, yet refreshed. Your soul is expanding with each beat of your heart.You see yourself inside a luxurious room. Lights in the room keep changing colors,from white to green to purple.

Suddenly, you are aware of a presence that has come up behind you. You are not afraid. You have a sense that the presence is someone you know and recognize. You do not have to see right away to feel that you know this entity. This is your spirit guide, someone whom you love and have loved and trusted your entire life. See if the guide will give you an audible message or even a telepathic one.

Let yourself lie there relaxed. Then come back to consciousness, feeling absolutely wonderful.

Sometimes, this is a good way to drift off to sleep. You may even awaken with a firm imprint of a message.
All in all, with frequent practice, you will soon see your spirit guide(s) and receive messages.

What is the Psyche?

The Psyche is explained as a "second sight", intuition, or psychic ability. It is a pathway to our unseen world or a tool used to find that pathway. Those who have opened their Psyche have the ability to see spirit guides in the spirit world or talk to deceased individuals that people cannot otherwise see. More importantly, the Psyche is a Chakra that is located in the center of the forehead. This chakras' color is indigo.

My own awakening and healing came when I learned to open my own psyche, ending years of depression and chronic pain.
Everyone can See Spirit Guides <--by Clicking Here

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A Psychic Medium - How Can They Communicate With the Other Dimension?

If we are to give points to every ability a person in the psychic world possesses, for sure, psychic will always rank as the highest pointers. Why? Because it is like an overlapping geometric drawing; everything that a psychic can do, a psychic can also do, but then, not everything a psychic can do, a mere psychic can also do. The big thing that sets apart a psychic from a mere psychic, is their their ability to communicate with the other side.

Not only is a psychic medium able to communicate with those on the other side, they are also capable of communicating with spiritual entities. They may even hear, feel, and see spirit guides, those who has passed on, and even guardian angels. But how does a psychic really communicate with the unseen?

The mystery behind the psychic realm is sought after by many experts. But some things in life are better left unexplained and better left unexplored and this is one of the things that make life interesting, the mysteries and the supernatural. For it keeps us a float and full of hope for much better things to come and the psychic realm is a major part of it.

To fully understand how psychic's can cross and go beyond borders, let us first lay down a fact -- other dimensions do exist. Yes, parallel to our existence, exists another dimension, a place where normal people cannot see, but these psychic's are able to.

The connection established by a psychic with the other dimension can either be voluntary or involuntary. There are times that a psychic will just be visited by a spirit or given a message from the other dimension, out of the blue, and there are times where a psychic will seek to establish contact at will.

When a psychic medium seeks to communicate with the other side, the first thing they do is summon these spiritual entities. This is done by psychic through channeling their energies, and this allows them to channel into another dimension. At times, psychic's can even go into a trance as they connect with the other dimension. Once a connection with the desired spiritual being is made, a psychic will now attempt to communicate (either by sending or receiving a message) with the spirits.

Communication through mediumship comes in two forms. If the psychic is using physical items in relaying and receiving messages to both parties concerned then it is said that this is being done through physical mediumship. On the other hand, mental mediumship does not use any items when communicating and is more savvy in a way since the psychic medium uses only its telepathic abilities as a way of communicating with the other world.

For a simpler way of putting things, think of it this way --a psychic's ability to reach another dimension is something similar to a web camera on your computer, that allows you to see a different place, even in a different time zone. The only difference is, whereas technology uses light waves via the internet to see another place, a psychic channels surrounding energies, to tap into a different dimension.

Tana Hoy has been giving people psychic readings all of his life. Tana has the special gift to communicate with the other side! He can help you find the answers that you need. Visit his website, to know more about Tana Hoy.

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Halloween Among the Stars: The Seven Sisters - Pleiades

Have you ever heard of The Seven Sisters, also known as the Pleiades? It is a small constellation made up of seven stars that is shaped like a cluster of grapes. While this constellation is small, many people believe that the Pleiades has witnessed and foretells of many big things. Some people believe that a cataclysmic event, one that may have killed thousands maybe millions of people, happened while The Seven Sisters were in the sky. A few even believe that the world will end while The Seven Sisters shine overhead.

So what does this all have to do with Halloween? Well, if for some reason you found yourself on a deserted island without a calendar, you could still celebrate Halloween because the Pleiades is always right overhead during Halloween.

But what truly makes The Seven Sisters a sinister set of stars is the fact that not only is Halloween celebrated at this time, but so was an ancient Aztec ceremony involving a human sacrifice and the end of the world, a Celtic ceremony called Samhain when evil spirits would invade the earth and a Mexican holiday called Days of the Dead (día de los muertos). Ancient temples in Greece were built to be lined up with Pleiades. And so was a major Aztec temple. The Pleiades is even mentioned in the bible, in the book of Job and has a place in Brahman faith as the sparks from a god of fire. The set of stars is so widely mentioned and so often associated with death and destruction, that there are some who suspect that the Pleiades were overhead when a terrible event happened on Earth.

No one is quite sure what this event was, though some suspect that it may have been the great flood that is talked about in the Bible or perhaps the cataclysmic event that lead to the sinking of Atlantis. The Aztecs believed that the world had not been destroyed just once when the Pleiades were overhead, but rather four times. And that if a human sacrifice was not made once every 52 years (when their two calendars coincided), that the world would be once again destroyed while those seven stars looked down.

So this Halloween, when you are taking your kids out trick-or-treating or on your way to a costume party, make sure you stop for a moment and look up at the stars. See if you can locate the Seven Sisters overhead in the night sky. You might also want to stop and wonder what horrors that little cluster of stars has witnessed, and if they might witness a few more sometime in the future.

This article was written by Heather A Rhoades and was sponsored by and the DareToScare Costume Search Engine []. The article is available for reprint as long as a link is provided back to []

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

How Can the Crystal Skulls Save the World?

Many people learned about crystal skulls (pieces of quartz crystal carved or created into a likeness of a human bone skull) when the last Indiana Jones film aired initially in May of 2008. Unfortunately how real crystal skull investigators and spiritually opened people experience the crystal skulls is not exactly what was shown on the screen. Now I have made a bold statement in the title of this article that I am going to support via some experiences I have had with these crystal friends and what they represent.

First of all, I saw my first (what we call an "ancient" crystal skull, a skull made 1000 years or older) in 1983. As I was just gazing at a photo of this crystal skull, it set off a strong inner vibration inside of me and I just knew in this moment they were vital for the future of humanity (this was a soul knowingness). The crystal skull that I met this day is publicly known as "Ami" (which means friend) and its made our of amethyst quartz, about 8 lbs so it would be a child skulls and purportedly was uncovered in the early 1900's near a Mayan ruin in Mexico.

How did I know they were important - at that instance, I was overwhelmed with a strong desire that I must share the best information I could (over 26 years now) about who they are and what they represent.

Lets continue with a few more experiences as bullet points so you get an idea of how the crystal skulls can effect you personally and WHAT we have seen from a research perspective:

a) Flash - had an opportunity to visit in Indiana, the home of Bill Homann, the guardian of the famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love (clear quartz, two pieces, human size, ancient skull) in March of 2008 for a private session - brought three personal skulls with me which I placed in a triangular shape around the skull (a big one in the front and two smaller ones in the back) and while listening to favorite songs on my MP3 player had contact with a universal being (being more than an individual entity) and felt as if I was experiencing what it was like to be in Heaven (it was so calm and peaceful).

b) Flash - Christmas Time, 1991, in my current home near Chicago, Joke Van Dieten, the guardian of "ET" (smoky quartz, alien looking, human size, ancient skull) was visiting - while meditating with the crystal skull I saw the face of a man, possibly a Mayan Priest in the skull - during this visit brought this crystal together with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull in Indiana and also to the Bahai Temple north of Chicago. Both of these experiences were unbelievable.

c) Flash - Northern part of Peru in the Andes Mountain, while staying in a very primitively built house quite small, I had two visions of a totally translucent Sky Blue colored human sized Crystal Skull, two pieces with a tall masculine being standing behind it. Later when visiting the area known as Laguna Negra, a spirit speaks to me and gives the history of this crystal skull linked to the Lord of Sipan from the Moche Culture which is pre-Inca.

d) Flash - Crazy Experiments with our newly created crystal skull called "Portal de Luz" ("Portal of Light, smoky quartz, one piece, 10 lbs) - in tests with a device called a meridian stress test machine in America and Europe where he was balancing the energy of the various meridians in the test subjects bodies from 90-95%; when meditated with this skull in a crop circle in England done by my ex-wife, Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman in 2004, a lay line coming in from behind her broke into 2 parts and remained this way for the rest of the day - she said she during her mediation she had contact with two aliens who were puzzled why we humans were not just enjoying the Crop Circle they made and trying to prove it was a fake; and finally in a recent test with this skull by Joshua P. Warren in Asheville, N.C. when exposed to a watch that was radioactive - "Portal" absorbed or blocked about 60% of the radiation and when exposed to 300,000 volts he just smiled and asked for more.


1) The ancient crystal skulls are the computers from civilizations in the far past containing information that can help our world see total peace and harmony - we just have to figure out how to receive this knowledge.

2) All crystal skulls have the ability to store amazing energy and the vibrational frequencies of everything that happens around them if this skull has been already activated or opened.

3) The crystal skulls act like living beings with an intelligence - the newly made skulls even are speaking to their guardians and tell the guardians what to name to give them.

4) A number of the indigenous prophecies state the crystal skulls are involved in helping to create our future and some prophecies say there is a special set of crystal skulls (13, 24, 72, etc...) they will come back together and when they do, this is the catalytic moment which takes us into a golden age.

5) For now they are acting as a catalyst to awaken within the people they meet their inner divinity, an awareness and contact with such!!

So now you know why the study of the skulls have taken over 26 years of my life and that I will never ever be bored. More and more crystal skulls (the old ones) are being found and coming out each day - its an exciting time!!

Thanks for listening, in peace and light always,

Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer.


Joshua Shapiro is an investigator, author, public speaker and media consultant linked to the Crystal Skulls. He has been involved since 1983 when he met the ancient amethyst skull "Ami", in San Jose, California. He has traveled throughout North America, South America, Europe and Australia either doing research or offering public presentations. Today he works closely with his partner, Katrina Head out of the Atlanta area. At the end of last year, they started to offer spiritual journeys with the skulls to Peru and now add Egypt for this year. Joshua has a script for a full feature action adventure film which shows how the our world will see peace in 2012 and he is the chairman of the board of the World Mystery Research Center. He hopes his new book will be released this year called, "Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers" (with Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman).

To contact Joshua either send an email or visit this website:



(On the main crystal skull page above, you will find our free e-book and newsletter (cs explorers), information about our tour to Peru in 2010 plus the full report of our tour from 2009 and also information about our World Peace Meditations linked with the skulls)

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Reincarnation Case Study - The Mongols and Genghis Khan

Since the 1980s, our past life investigations have led us to conclude that reincarnation is the most reasonable explanation for our startling findings, including dates, little-known customs and practices, and other past life regression specifics that were later verified as legitimate.

How do you access possible past life circumstances? Past life regression with an experienced professional, daily meditation, and past life regression audios are some of the best ways to uncover previous incarnations.

In order to illustrate how we explore reincarnation, what follows are details of Scott's take on a possible past life or lives.

Scott enjoys reading historical fiction and in September 2009 he was drawn to read about Genghis Khan and the Mongols, who reigned during the Middle Ages. Between October 2009 and late January 2010 he read the 3-part series by Con Iggulden. While reading historical fiction, Scott sometimes has spontaneous, clear visions of people he knows in this life superimposed over the historical characters. Whether you consider it past lives or current life symbolism, that's up to you.

Soon after he began reading about Genghis Khan, he happened to see an advertisement for a Genghis Khan exhibit that was to be for a limited time at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, which is about a mile away from his home in Denver.

Scott visited the exhibit in mid January 2009 and spent about 2 hours viewing and reading about the clothing they wore, unique customs and habits, a reconstructed ger (roundish tepee-like dwelling), armor, weapons, and a lot more.

When riding the escalator to the exhibit rooms in the museum, Scott felt an astonishingly sharp pain in his left leg just below the knee (he didn't recall ever having such pain in that area of his leg and has no related injuries), then, while in the exhibit as he was walking by a video reenactment of a Mongolian battle, one of the characters took a blow to his lower leg before falling. Scott contemplated the possibility of either tapping into the energy of a Mongol warrior, or even living a past life as one.

Over the past year Scott has had periodic visions of wearing a "court-jester" type of boot that curves up 90 degrees at the toe, but they were more practical instead of flamboyant and he didn't know from what culture they could have been. Then he learned, at the exhibit, that the Mongolians wore that very same type of boot. Was he "channeling" the soul of a former Mongol, or did he live one or more lives as one?

Below are some interesting facts he learned at the Genghis Khan exhibit, along with his related, possible past life insights:

* Denver is home to the largest Mongolian population outside of Mongolia (3500+-).

* Denver has about the same altitude and climate as the capital of Mongolia (although Mongolian winters are more harsh).

* Denver and the capital of Mongolia are both bordered by mountains.

* The Mongols, during the time of Genghis Khan, were in perpetual migration. They disliked staying in one place for too long (Scott likes to move around and has lived in several different areas of the U.S.). They also had the most mobile army in the world at that time due to the fact that they were all on horseback.

* Scott viewed a tobacco pipe in a display case and saw, in his mind's eye, his grandfather as a Mongol man smoking it. While reading about Genghis Khan, he also had flashes of one of his sisters as a male warrior of an opposing tribe, his grandmother as a fellow male warrior, and his father as a male nephew or younger brother who was interested in shamanism, the arts, civic structure, and writing, more than battle. In addition, he envisioned an additional relative as an underworld boss of one of the larger cities in the Chin Dynasty, who had formed a secret partnership with Genghis Khan.

* A lively part of the exhibit (which was housed in several large museum rooms) was a walkway between two approximately 8'X8' screens depicting Mongolian battle scenes, including audio. Being in a meditative state while at the exhibit, this experience was mind-blowing and felt all too familiar to Scott.

* Upon entry into the exhibit, a museum staffer handed each attendee one of about 9 different illustrated bookmarks that included a bio of a well-known figure from Genghis Khan's time (generals, his main wife, etc.). The one they handed to Scott read as follows: "My name is Rathwood. I grew up in a village near Kiev (western reaches of Genghis Khan's empire). I have a good ear for languages, so I earn my living spying for the Great Khan. One cannot escape the Mongols, even here in Europe." According to the exhibit, Rathwood was captured by the Austrians, tortured, and put to death. He refused to divulge any information. A past life recurring theme of Scott's involving espionage made this especially amusing.

* While reading about Genghis Khan, Scott had a vision of a guy he hadn't seen or thought of since high school as a Mongolian scout. In the vision, the guy rode up on a horse and dismounted to give his scouting report. They worked as busboys in a restaurant as teenagers in this life and the one thing Scott recalls about him is that he said he wanted to be a police officer (which is a modern day warrior of sorts).

* The Mongols were excellent with the bow. One of Genghis Khan's nephews was honored for his great strength and accuracy--he could hit a target from over 400 yards. The Mongols were so skilled with the bow that they would fire it while standing in the stirrups at a full gallop--when the horse was at that point in its stride when all four of its hooves were in the air--and they could hit a target the size of an orange from 100+ yards. They would also fire the bow at enemies behind them while turned around in the saddle, and over their horse while hanging over the side, protected by their armored horse. Scott recalls learning archery in grade school and did very well with it. He hit all but one bulls-eye in the final test. Could it be a talent nurtured in a past life? You decide.

* When he first moved to Denver, Scott had a very clear, what he interpreted as, past life vision involving the "Archbishop of Canterbury." On one of the visual time lines at the museum, it displayed how Genghis Khan's father was killed by a tribal enemy about the same time (around 1200 AD) as the Archbishop of Canterbury (who was killed by the king of England). Genghis Khan was barely a teenager at the time.

It's interesting that the two most distinct possible past life notions Scott has experienced while in Denver were on the same time line at the museum exhibit. Also on the same time line toward the end of the Mongol empire was an indication of the start of the Aztec empire, which he has also strongly identified with.

In summary, although none of the above past life assertions are verifiable with physical proof, they illustrate possible past lives, or at the very least important current life symbolism. If you follow your heart and strive to be centered through meditative practices (our audios help with that, and also aid past life recall), you'll see beyond the mundane world and be open to a similar path to self-discovery.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo are identical twin intuitive consultants and have been exploring metaphysics since the early 1980s. They are experts in prediction, fate, karma, love life, and past life regression, and offer priceless insight to help you get more of what you want in life. Get their free report: 13 Spiritual and New Age Myths and 11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Psychic.

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Revenge of Rhaj the Cat

In his book, Incredible Cats, author David Green mentions a story told to him by an old sailor in Malta. It's an incredible story about a cat and his devotion to his deceased human friend.

The story involved a drunken tyrant of a captain that despised his German second mate, Hansen. Although Hansen was quiet and kept to himself, he was a hard working sailor. While working on the ship, Hansen befriended a scruffy cat named Rhaj. Afterward, Hansen and Rhaj soon became best friends. Hansen fed Rhaj and allowed the mangy cat to sleep with him in his bunk. Hansen also spent hours talking to Rhaj as if he were human.

Rhaj showed his affection for Hansen by following him around like a puppy when he made the ships rounds. One night while making his rounds, Hansen encountered his drunken captain being abusive to another crew member. Angered by the captain, Hansen intervened on behalf of his shipmate. The drunken captain viciously struck Hansen, which caused him to fall and suffer a fatal head injury. Hansen died immediately.

The evening after Hansen's death, Rhaj came to the bridge and stood in the same spot where his deceased friend used to stand watch. The mangy cat began to follow the same path that Hansen did when he made his evening rounds. The superstitious crew started rumors that Rhaj continued to follow the ghost of his deceased friend. The rumors rattled the nervous captain who then demanded Rhaj be captured and thrown into the sea.

Rhaj vanished for two days before he was found lying on the captain's face. After passing out from a night of drinking, Rhaj had suffocated the murderous taskmaster. What the crew found strange was that the captain's door was locked from the inside, so how did the cat get inside the cabin?

Surely he wouldn't have allowed the cat to enter since he was fearful of Rhaj. And the only other person on the ship who knew about an extra key to the captain's room was Hansen, and he was dead. So how did Rhaj get in? The rumors on the ship were that Hansen's ghost had let Rhaj into the cabin.

The old sailor said it was a mystery that none of the crew members could explain. But no one thinks an animal can hold a grudge and seek revenge. That's not possible-is it? But then there are some mysteries in life that will forever go unsolved.

William Greene has a B.S. degree from I.W.U. and has made a career of working with the public. He has over 10 years experience in social services, including casework. William works with people of different nationalities and education levels. He operates a social dating website titled Feel free to visit William's site to leave comments about this article or to share stories about love, relationships, dating, and marriage.

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How Cats That Can Sense Death Might Change Our Lives

If cats can sense when someone is about to die, what are the implications for the future?

I recently read a news story in the Telegraph published in the U.K. about a cat that can detect when patients in nursing homes are near death. For five years, Oscar, a generally unsociable cat at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, which cares for patients with severe dementia in Providence, Rhode Island, would suddenly become sociable when people were about to die. Normally, Oscar, who was adopted as a kitten by the Center, would pace about from room to room not paying attention to anyone, but a few hours before a patient died, he would jump on the patient's bed.

In fact, according to Dr. David Dosa, a geriatrician and assistant professor at Brown University, who followed this case and wrote about it in his book: MAKING ROUNDS WITH OSCAR: THE EXTRAORDINARY GIFT OF AN ORDINARY CAT published by Hyperion in 2010, the cat was even more accurate than the nurses. Once when the nurses placed him on the bed of a patient they thought was about to die, Oscar jumped off the bed and jumped onto the bed of another patient. While the second patient died a few hours later that night, the first patient lingered for two more days.

In Dosa's view, the cat was able to perceive the closing in of death, because he can, like dogs, smell ketones, which are the biochemicals that dying cells give off. Moreover, Dosa has found Oscar's perception of a coming death comforting to the relatives and friends of the dying patient, because he would be there if they couldn't be when the patient died.

Now I think this is pretty amazing and has implications for future developments.

First, if one cat has this ability to sense an impending death, certainly other cats do, or the ability might be developed by giving them treats when they correctly identity when a patient is dying. Then, these uniquely gifted cats might be made available to nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices to help doctors and nurses know when patients are about to die. Or these cats might be made available to terminal patients to help them better prepare by knowing death is near.

Second, these cats might provide a warning that could save some people from death. For example, if a cat senses that someone is dying and curls up next to that person, a doctor or nurse who sees this behavior might be able to intervene to save that person with some last minute life-saving measures to bring that person back. After all, there are many examples of people who experience near death experiences and are resuscitated. Maybe the cats could help identity such patients who are near death that might be revived.

Third, if your normally detached and distant cat suddenly becomes very friendly and curls up beside you, maybe that could be an early warning sign that you have an unrecognized dangerous condition that you better get checked out. After all, if cats can sense a coming death, maybe they can start sensing serious health problems, too. And maybe at some point, doctors and nurses might start using these cats to help them in diagnosing the seriousness of a patient's conditions.

In fact, if the lawyers have anything to say about this, doctors and nurses may be required to do so as part of a standard diagnosis practice in the future. And this use of cats will give the notion of doing a CAT Scan a whole new meaning. For now there will be CAT scans and cat scans, with cats doing their own type of body scans.

And perhaps when a person is close to death, if they want this, they can request a cat as a companion animal to help them feel better as they pass over to the other side - a little like calling on Charon, the boatman in Greek mythology, to take them across the river Styx. Just think of them as cute little cats curled up like boats to help modern day patients cross over comfortably to the other side.

Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D. is the author of over 50 books and a seminar and workshop leader, specializing in social trends, work relationships, and professional and personal development. Her latest books include PLAYING THE LYING GAME, DISAGREEMENTS, DISPUTES, AND ALL-OUT WAR, WANT IT, SEE IT, GET IT! and ENJOY! 101 LITTLE WAYS TO ADD FUN TO YOUR WORK EVERYDAY. She has established an e-book company at E-Books Publishing to help clients write and publishing their own books. She also writes scripts and produces films for her own company CHANGEMAKERS and for clients.

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Vampires and Werewolves


"It was at night that it came. A night with a full moon.

It was just a shadow, crawling behind me. The air suddenly became cold, cold as if the air suddenly died around me. I dared to turn my head. Slowly, trying to prevent my eyes from popping out of their orbits, I looked behind me. Nothing. Empty place and the cold suddenly flew away.

What was it? I don't know but I tried to find latter, that same day, what that presence was all about.

I read many books that evening. Many of them were so clear that in my mind I didn't have a doubt anymore: I just had my first encounter with a creature of the night: a vampire. In the following months I had many more experiences like the one I just told. And always, the same deep cold."

A fragment form the novel "At night I finally will die" from Fernando de Osuna

Vampires are folkloric and mythological beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures. In folkloric tales, vampires often visited loved ones and caused harm or deaths in the places they selected for their residence. In the past, vampires were described like dark figures walkers of the night. In actual times there is a totally different image due to novels and even movies. The mysterious beings are now, sometimes, the heroes of the stories.

The success of these books, films, video games and even TV shows, are making people forget how this legend started, how the vampires and their usually foes, the werewolves became part of the world culture.

Stories of the Vampire go back in the early history of civilization, back to ancient civilizations such as the Babylonians, the Aztecs and the Chinese.

Classic Rome also participated with some of their demy-gods.

The modern legend of Vampires started in Romania around the early 16th century. Many people traveling through Eastern Europe reported sightings and encounters with Vampires. These stories spread rapidly throughout the entire old Europe. A continent already plagued with lots of superstitious believes at the time.

The legend of the vampire begun, but it was not until authors like Lord Byron and Goethe that the vampires became the romantic creatures we now know in modern times.

Porphyries, a genetic and incurable disease, share some of the traditional attributes of the Vampires: the need for constant blood transfusions (because lack of hematines); light sensitivity causing rashes and scarring of the skin (photo dermatitis) and problems with the nervous system and muscles (seizures, mental disturbances).

Being out in the sun can cause pain, sensations of heat, blistering, and skin redness and swelling. Blisters heal slowly, often with scarring or skin color changes. They may be disfiguring. Urine may turn red or brown after an attack.

Different cultures have different myths about the vampires. For instancing European beliefs the vampire is dead, twisted and decrepit zombie creature. In America is a different story, made up directly from Hollywood. The creature is sensual, sophisticated and desirable.

A little history:

When you think about vampires usually the first name that you think of is Dracula. Thanks to the famous novel by the same title, by Bram Stoker this image is in every men, women and child in western world mind.

Dracula was actually based on a true Romanian Prince named Vlad Tepes or Vlad the Impaler as people also know him.

He was seen as a hero by his contemporary countrymen. According to most legend he was considered a fair, but very cruel man. Most of the information we have about this prince is transmitted by verbal tradition from Romanians stories tellers, and also by Germans and Russians pamphlets. The first describe him as a national hero, the second as an evil man... Does that sound familiar to you?

Vlad was born in 1431 in Transylvania into a noble family. His father was called Dracul, meaning dragon or devil in Romanian because he belonged to the Order of the Dragon, which fought the Muslim Ottoman Empire. Dracula means son of Dracul in Romanian. The name Tepes is also report to mean "the impaler"

He was born as the son of the prince of Wallachia. He, as his father, spent most of his life fighting the Ottoman Empire preventing the invasion of his country.

The Turks later were afraid of Dracula because the severity of his acts. Vlad the III was known as the impaler because that is how he killed many of his opponents.

There is never any mention of Vlad the III being a Vampire, just a sadistic ruler. Vlad was a hero to his people, even though his methods of his punishment were so severe. But he helped defeat the Turks and kept them out of Romania for many years.


Hypertrichosis is a rare disease often called Werewolf syndrome- excessive hair of the face and body, sparing the palms and soles - that occurs at birth, and is thought to be caused by rare genetic mutations involving two conditions, the first is a mutation on chromosome 22. The second hasn't been identified yet.

The legend was born long time before these few cases of Hypertrichosis (about 30 in the whole world), were associated with the myth and legend of the werewolves.

A werewolf in folklore and mythology is a person who shape shifts into a wolf, either purposely, or after being placed under a curse. In medieval times the some had the belief that the trigger was the exposure to the full moon, concept that later on was used by fiction writers as part of the process of the transformation.

Another common belief is that a werewolf can be killed by a silver bullet.

Many cultures in history have had legends around these creatures and Shape-shifters similar to werewolves are common in myths from all over the world, though in many cases there are several other animals involved, besides wolves.

In Greek mythology the story of Lycaon is one the earliest examples of a werewolf myth. According to one of the versions of this legend Lycaon was transformed into a wolf by eating human flesh and his victims will inherit a similar curse.

Many of the werewolves in European tradition were most innocent and God-fearing persons, who suffered through the witchcraft of others, or simply from an unhappy fate

A big number of werewolf short stories and novels published in the 20th century and continues in today's days with films were werewolves play a big role in stories, often times in fight for supremacy with vampires.

Films like a Werewolf of London in 1935 created the standard that the werewolf always kills what he loves most. But it was in 1941 when Lon Chaney Jr., on his legendary interpretation of a werewolf in The Wolf Man, set the image that everyone has about these creatures of the night.

Vampires and Werewolves are a source of fantasy and imagination and also of box offices records for those that dare to speak, write and film about these creatures.

Are they just a legend and a myth? Some believe in them, some are skeptical and others don't know. I just wanted to wish you sweet dreams... and close the windows, just in case...

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UFOs Are Inside the Mind of Humans

The "secret " of manifestation of UFOs is inside the mind of all humans. This is why it is so confusing and so hard to understand. Every human being on the earth has these other beings as part of themselves. It is hard to explain using proper terminology so I would like to use an analogy.

I'm going to compare the whole business to a rose bush. The roots of the rose bush are underground (not in manifestation on top of the ground where they could be seen.) This is the part of the bush that sends all "energy" to the rest of the bush. Without these roots, none of the rest of the rose bush would be manifesting on top of the ground where its beauty can be seen.

The roots of each rose bush could be thought of as a "seedcore" of potential humans. This seedcore is not manifested in physical reality but feeds the part of itself that is manifested in physical reality. At all times, manifesting in physical reality on this bush, are roses that are "dead," or past their prime, along with roses that are in perfect full boom and buds who have not had their turn to come into full bloom yet. At the same time there are also those in the pre-bud stage.

This is an exact analogy of a seedcore of energy of the Creator God. These seedcores were all born at the same time - when the lightning exploded (as it came to planet four, earth) and the Creator God exploded His energy into billions of sparks. These whole sparks were positive and negative energy combined and when they landed on earth they split in half. Each half regenerated the energy it was missing to be able to procreate.

In other words the positive energy regenerated the negative energy and formed its own family, as also did the negative energy. These are the seedcores. They are able to continuously spawn new personalities for the original half of the spark to experience and express through on the earth plane, until it felt it had had enough and determined to rejoin the main Creator God.

True Meaning of "Born Again" is "Rebirth Into Continuity"

Each of these seedcores of energy provide access to all the previous personalities that had lived on the earth plane at one time. The way this happens is if the personality on the earth plane in a physical body opens up the higher levels of his mind, he causes a "rebirth into continuity." This means that from that time on he will be able to be in communication with all his previous personalities and also - as he continues opening unused levels of his mind - with future personalities that the seedcore is planning.

You see, an entities' former incarnations are in time and space and, up until this shattering, are in a vacuum inside the mind of the human. The shattering allows them to take form and rise up and expand into the universe. This rebirth into continuity frees the previous personalities inside his mind. It frees all the knowledge and wisdom gained in these other lives, making this wisdom available for others to use. This also begins the growing and evolving process for these past incarnations. This is the true meaning of the term to be "born again" for which the correct wording is a "rebirth into continuity."

This rebirth sets up a vibratory field in the brain that can then be used to lock onto a particular previous personality of the seedcore that the human feels great attraction to and he is then able to communicate with them. It may be only one of the previous personalities or it may be with several or even with all. It depends upon many circumstances which way works for each human.

Those who are able to communicate with them all most likely never have the overwhelming empathy with one of the previous ones to be able to set up a vibratory lock-in strong enough to enable the human to bring the previous one into physical manifestation. Sometimes a human can set up a weaker magnetic field and be able to see the previous one himself in a "visionary field" but it is only the human himself that can see it. It must be a much stronger magnetic field before the human can manifest the previous being in actual physical reality to the point where it can be seen by others and photographed and even, as in the case of the aliens in Roswell, New Mexico, be brought down and touched as a physical object.

The point of all this is that it needs to be clear that the manifesting of UFOs is done by humans themselves. This most likely happens when the original half of the spark decides to have a physical lifetime himself instead of just sending in one the spawns that he is capable of making. Therefore, if a person is the original seedcore energy instead of a spawn, they will have a much greater possibility of being able to not only see UFOs but also to manifest them in physical reality on the earth.

Many Original Sparks on Earth

There are many original seedcores in manifestation on the earth plane now to help the planet through the period of realignment into a new orbit. You see, the help from the higher planets that is being talked about as holding the earth steady and slowing her move, is coming from the minds of those humans in manifestation on the planet. It is being done by these humans raising their consciousness. At the same time this also makes the possibility of manifesting UFOs a real possibility.

Aliens are the Other Halves of Our Souls

When reading about alien abductions it is very often mentioned that a bond or kinship seems to be there between the abductor and the abductee. This is very true. Space ships are a reflection of the great mind of humans. When a spirit thought-form or entity enters a human form, only half of it enters the physical body. The other half stays out of manifestation to guide the half that is in manifestation from above. These other halves are the spacemen and at the same time are a "half"of every human being on the earth. They are not in manifestation so to us they are what we would consider as "ghosted" on a computer screen. They are there but cannot be accessed until the right keys are struck to activate them. From all of this, you can see that we are them! They are us!

They are merely "reflections" but they are reflections of the mental processes of humans. This is quite difficult to explain, but they can impress the mind of the human in manifestation if the connections have been made. When they can impress them they quite often will instigate the whole UFO occurrence for the good of their "other half" on the earth plane if they deem it necessary. If this is the only way they have of instigating growth in their other half, they will do so. After all, that is what they sent that half down into the animal body for was to instigate spiritual growth in themselves.

Group Experiences

To make themselves able to be seen by their other half on the earth means that they will also be visible to any others in the area who have opened this part of themselves in the past. This also accounts for group abductions. Many, many times groups will incarnate onto the earth plane together to accomplish a certain task, or maybe just because they enjoy each other's company.

Therefore, when it comes time for the "rebirth into continuity" of the one on the earth plane, which will allow him communication with the other half of his soul, this time comes for the whole group at once. Therefore, their "other halves" that are not in manifestation will group together in the higher realms and do a group "rebirth into continuity" of their halves on the earth.

They will use one big ship and cause a rebirth in all of that group on the earth even though they are scattered about. In some instances they have to travel quite a ways to reach certain ones who have removed themselves from the main group. The main group is usually all living in one city, but not always. They take these humans aboard and take samples of flesh and blood for their records of the insemination experiments, being careful to cause as little intrusion as possible but still determined to get what they need for their records. Sometimes they do healings that the humans aren't aware they need consciously but have subconsciously been relating to them. At times the human actually instigates the appearance of the space ships due to prayers about being healed of some problem they have.

UFOs from Lower Dimensions

Just as there are those humans in touch with higher mind dimensions, there are also those who have the ability to be in contact with their inner beings but have not progressed to the higher mind levels in any life (not raised their consciousness). These humans are in touch with lower dimensions and can cause UFOs to manifest from the lower dimensions. These are the UFOs who will then take advantage of this by doing experiments on cattle, etc.

You see, just as there are all kinds of humans and all levels of consciousness on the earth plane, so also will there be all levels of consciousness available as UFOs. The Unknown Flying Objects are a reflection of the great mind of humanity. You must remember that we are all one mind and we will be all one reflection in the astral planes.

Size of Alien Related to Mental Capacity of Human

The UFOs that manifest and become visible on the earth plane have bodies as large as humans when near the earth. Further out into the higher planets, those above the 6th level, will have smaller and smaller bodies until they reach the upper spiritual levels where they are as small as the head of a pin. Therefore, the term dimension could be said to also denote the size of the being a person is communicating with, besides the mental ability of the human doing the communicating.

Most of those manifesting on the earth plane are from the lower vibratory rates. Needless to say, the higher beings are not as interested in having this contact with the earth. They have left this far behind the same as though it is a kindergarten where they never have to attend class again. At the same time, as given, they are interested in helping these kindergartners as much as they can, but will not overstep their boundaries because those in kindergarten need to learn their own lessons.

Now these beings that are part of the mental makeup of humans and have the ability to manifest in vision, much as a hologram is able to be brought into focus, also live lives of their own on the other planets. This is all ongoing at the same time. They are in our minds, they travel in space and they live on other planets and have occupations and interests and do research, very similar to what takes place on earth. We on earth are in solid form, a lower vibratory rate. They are in a wispy, misty form to us, but solid to themselves because this is the only vibration they know now.

Communication Similar to Earth

When living their lives, all of these beings no matter whether they are from the lower or the higher realms, get telephone calls from the beings on earth - the humans who are the present time physical manifestation of themselves. In other words, the beings from the higher realms are previous roles the actor has played or previous lives our souls have experienced.

When they receive their phone calls they are in communication for several minutes, or what seems like minutes to them. In reality it would be much longer to the human on earth receiving the information being given. The further up into the higher planes you go, the faster the information is given. In other words, the higher they are, the less time out of their lives is taken.

At times these higher beings will leave information on a recording machine (similar to us leaving a message on an answering machine) and the human simply connects and picks up the information without direct contact with the higher being. There are times when the higher being will actually briefly take up residence in the brain cells of the human, (these are very advanced beings to be small enough to do this.) This is when the higher wisdom of the ages is being given. At other times they are traveling in their mode of moving around, which is a ship they build around themselves with their thoughts, and can be reached by cell phone. Also, at times, they send a fax to the individual on the earth and it stays in the fax machine division of the mind until the human retrieves it. It can all be compared to circumstances on the earth.

Space Ships are Built in Their Minds

They build their own ships in their minds, just as humans build their own "houses" in their minds at all times. In other words, they manifest what they envision mentally in their lives. So also do higher beings manifest what they envision. If they want to think of their home as a "nest" they will build a nest and hibernate until they want to travel. Perhaps they will envision a very fast aircraft and then this will manifest.

While on a trip they may decide to change the form of their ship. They can do this by meditating for a few seconds and the craft they are traveling in will change instantly from an oblong shape to a round shape. They would most likely do this to travel more easily in lower vibratory rates. In other words, they may start out with an oblong shape gliding smoothly through space until it comes into rough vibratory rates or turbulence. At that point they would realize that a round ship would sail more smoothly in these seas and would effect an instant change.

Pollution Affects Manifesting

It has not always been thus. In the early days of colonization of earth, inner space men did choose to materialize and it was much easier to do then due to the clear, unadulterated atmosphere around our planet. The more heavily polluted earth becomes the harder it is for them to materialize. It is not as hard for those outside our solar system from lower evolved planets because they do not have as high a vibration rate as do we.

True spirituality on earth is directly tied to pollution of earth. It may seem like a desecration to some to say this, but those groups working for clean atmospheric conditions are doing more for humanity than any church or any group of UFO watchers. UFO watchers can continue for years chasing here and there and trying to make contact exoterically. This will not, cannot, happen until they can make contact esoterically, unless it with a lower quality or vibratory rate spaceship from outside our solar system. The inner-space men are waiting for people to contact them esoterically. When enough can accomplish this, then they will choose to land and contact us.

Space Brothers Appearance

The reason the space brothers are not attempting an appearance in a large city or within sight of a large group of people is because of the danger that would be present to the ships trying to make a landing due to the present move the earth is involved in. It's orbit is "erratic" is a good way to state it and this causes turbulence in the ethers for a long distance out around the planet. With the whole solar system moving, the turbulence is quite heavy and those from other planets simply do not want to attempt a mass landing at this time.

There are some who make it in through the turbulence, but smaller groups can find clear passages. This would not work for any good sized group to try to enter at the same time. A large group is the only thing that will make humans sit up and take notice. Most humans simply do not believe in the small sightings that are going on. Therefore, a landing on a large scale will not take place until the move of the earth has been completed to the point where it is totally through the photon belt and in calm energy in the new orbital pattern. This will be a period of perhaps fifteen years yet.

Photon Belt Energy

The Photon Belt is a heavy grouping of very intense energies coming from diverse bodies of energies. Many of these energies are as yet untapped, therefore they are unknown even to us. We actually do not know how much danger the planet is in as the whole solar system makes its move through this photon belt. Many of the energies are quite benevolent and helpful and good. They will be able to offset any wild energies that are unleashed by other bodies as the planets in our solar system move close to them. Therefore, the move will disturb some similar feelings in humans but the help will be there instantly to offset these feelings. As far as the earth itself, it will be affected by more than usual climactic changes. These will also be tempered by those benevolent energies within the photon belt and also by other planets watching and monitoring this move.

There will come a time soon when the sightings will pick up for a certain period of time. When masses of people leave the earth at the same time, it triggers a heavier reflection pattern which allows more sightings to take place. These sightings are caused by the emotion attached to the people leaving the planet en masse such as what happens during a war. These people are very close to the planet and do not need to come through the turbulence because these are sightings from the astral plane.

It is a very strange thing that happens when so much energy is transmuting all at the same time. It triggers an opening because these people have the opportunity to re-approach the planet after having left, in order to say their good-byes and visit areas for the last time. It is a privilege allowed them and cannot be taken from them. When many leave at once then there is a period of heavy activity which translates to more UFO sightings. These people can, for the most part, build their own space ship around themselves for their farewell visit and they will be seen by many because of the mixed energy that will be used - both ethereal and physical energy. Therefore, there will be an increase in sightings, a flap, if you will. If research is done on time periods of "flaps" they can be tied in to mass death on the earth plane due to some disaster. Some research should be done on this.

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