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Why Magic Protection Symbols Are More Important Than Ever

Have we reached the "End Times"? Are we approaching them? Are we in danger of a pole shift or some other form of catastrophe?

No, no, and no. I get asked these questions all the time by people who are concerned with the approaching "deadline" of 2012, when the Mayan calendar supposedly "ends." In truth, according Tony Shearer, who dedicated his life to studying the Mayan calendar, the calendar doesn't end in 2012, but instead simply starts over.

There are plenty of books and articles on the Mayan calendar, so I won't go into a detailed explanation of this predictive tool, but I will say that each time the calendar prepares to shift into a new cycle, our world does experience major energetic shifts.

What Energetic Changes Are Happening Now?

One major energetic shift I notice occurring with this change of cycle, which will happen around 2012, is that energy moves much more quickly than it has in the past. Specifically, the energy of our thoughts and feelings are manifesting much more quickly into physical events and occurrences. For instance, a negative thought like "I hope I don't lose my job!" is translating much more quickly into a lost job than it did about a decade ago. At the same time, a positive thought such as "I really feel soul mate is on her way to me" now manifests as a meeting between soul mates very quickly. It's a fast-changing world that is much more reactive to our thoughts and feelings than ever before. This is both good and bad--the usual double-edged sword.

Another major energetic change has to do with the Law of Contagion. The Law of Contagion deals with how easily we are affected by other people's thoughts and feelings. In the past, when energy moved much slower, it was easier to maintain our own sacred space, and not be affected by other people's energy. These days, not only does energy move faster, but the whole stream of energy pulsing around the globe is much larger. This means that not only are we more affected by the energy of another person, but we are also much more affected by global energy.

Every nation in the world is currently being affected by the economic downturn, and this is creating a large stream of energy filled with doubt, fear, and paralysis. You may have noticed that it is more difficult for you to be positive and proactive in your life. You may feel it is more difficult to take action or make choices. This feeling of oppression doesn't mean you are becoming a lazy slob or that you are losing your motivation. You may simply be affected the current global energy.

You may have also discovered that you are easily affected by the energy of another person. For instance, suppose you talk on the phone who is feeling down in the dumps. Do you notice that you also feel down in the dumps, or anxious about your own situation, after getting off the phone with that person? That's the Law of Contagion at work. You are simply more easily affected by any energy you come in contact with.

What to Do About the Law of Contagion

So what can you do about the Law of Contagion? How to preserve your sacred space? From a magic point of view, I would suggest cleansing your space (your home, office, car) with sage and pine resin, or other cleansing herbs. That's a good start.

Next, look around your environment and decide whether protection symbols would be useful, both to wear on your person or to put up around your environment. For instance, I recently re-shielded our property and added some protection symbols, like the Eye of Horus and pantacles. Other people have reported useful shielding results by wearing the psychic shield amulet, which is in the design of the seven-pointed faery star. Finally, others like introducing the energy of animal totems to gain the protection of Wolf, Buffalo, and so on.

Finally, on a mundane level, you may want to become far choosier about the people you contact. In a wonderful mixing of technology and magic, the prudent use of caller-ID to help you decide whether to pick up the phone can mean the difference between feeling down in the dumps and accessing a more positive flow of energy. In this day and age, you have the very real possibility of manifesting what you want in life faster than ever, but only if you take the time to create true sacred space around yourself. Cleanse your space, protect it, and choose your contact with other people in the world carefully!

Alan Joel co-founded the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic with the goal of the helping people create permanent, positive change in their lives through the study of magic and shamanism. Get free magical and shamanic tips and resources at Check out the upcoming Basic Magic class at

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Samhain - Halloween, Hallow'en And All Hallows Eve

When the night of October 31st comes around most of the Western world will witness a surge of spooky activity. So many people these days join in the fun of Halloween!

But what is the origin of these spooky festivities? Why do we dress up as ghouls, skeletons, tortured victims, headless lords, witches and warlocks?

Why do we carve out pumpkins and Turnips, bob for apples and trick or treat?

Through the passage of time cultures, traditions and belief systems have influenced the way we celebrate today.

Both Samhain and Halloween are celebrated on October 31st - Northern Hemisphere, but what's the difference between the Festival of Samhain and that of Halloween?

One notable difference is that most people are not even aware of Samhain and only know the night to be called 'Halloween'.

So how do we know for sure what we are celebrating? Firstly, it's necessary to look back in time to see which came first!

Samhain pronounced 'sow en' reaches thousands of years back into early European Celtic roots. The Celtic culture, religion and beliefs were strongly tuned into the earth and sky around them, including the cycles of nature, the arrival of the different seasons & stages of the sun, moon and stars.

The important dates on their calendars were marked by these seasonal changes. They gave great respect to nature and knew that winter would be a harsh time for them and they must prepare well and work with the season in order to survive. They believed that they were part of this continuous regeneration of the earth - the sacred circle of life!

Samhain became the mark of the first day of winter and the start of the Celtic New Year. The ancient astrologers had calculated that November 1st was the exact half way point between the autumnal equinox and winter solstice (winter solstice was midwinter - the return of the sun).

There is some debate over whether the Celtic New Year started at Samhain or at winter solstice but, as their days always began at sunset, when darkness came, it seems significant that the New Year should start at Samhain, when the winter darkness begins

The astrologers also believed that this time was a kind of no-mans land and signified a thinning of the 'veil' between those who lived on the earthly plane and those on the spiritual and in other realms! Therefore, the doorways to and from these other worlds opened up for a time!

When Samhain was approaching, the earth was beginning to draw it's energy within, preparing for sleep and regeneration, the vegetation was dying and the cold, dark winter months and baron lands lay ahead. And so communities would work together harvesting and storing crops, berries and herbs, bringing cattle out of the open fields and into the sheltered barns & homes. They would sacrifice animals to their Gods, in order to give thanks for the food & to gain protection, then prepare and preserve the meats to sustain them through the long winter months.

The climax of the harvesting would be to hold a feast at the sunset of October the 31st, the first day of November - Samhain and the start of the New Year!

The feast was known as 'The Feast of the Dead' ('Fleadh nan Mairbh') and, in tune with the sleeping earth, it was a time for reflection of the year just passed, introspection & to commemorate those loved ones that had passed over and to welcome them back in through the 'open door' to share the feast.

A verse may have been chanted at the beginning of the feast and would have been similar to this known one:

"And so it is, we gather again, The feast of our dead to begin. Our Ancients, our Ancestors we invite, Come! And follow the setting of the sun. Whom do we call? We call them by name (Name your ancestors that you wish to welcome.) The Ancients have come! Here with us stand Where ever the country, where ever the land They leave us not, to travel alone; Flesh of our flesh, bone of our bone! Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Great be their Power! Past ones and present-at this very hour! Welcome within are the dead who are kin, Feast here with us and rest here within Our hearth is your hearth and welcome to thee; Old tales to tell and new visions to see!"

Not only this, but as the door was open to 'other realms', this would include the Lands of the Sidhe - pronounced 'shee' - or the Faery Realm! The sharing of food and the laying out of offerings was an intention to gain favor with such powerful beings and avoid any ill fortune or mischief in the dark winter months ahead (Trick or Treat!!)

Samhain was said to be a very potent time for magic and divination. Druids would perform rituals for communicating with the dead and of divining the future.

Cakes were baked with hidden tokens of luck, promising fortune to those who found them.

It was custom to light a candle to signify the 'New Year' and a great bonfire was set by the chief Druid. On this, members of the communities would sacrifice animals and crops to the Celtic deities and the fire would become sacred.

Hearth fires would be extinguished only to be re-lit by family members lighting a torch from this great, sacred fire and carrying it all the way back to rekindle their own hearth fires. It was vital to them to keep the Hearth fires burning until the beginning of summertime - Bealtaine. It was extremely bad luck if the fire was left to go out before this!

The tradition of carving out turnips, beets and potatoes and lighting a candle inside was said to ward off evil spirits. This practice obviously led to the 'Jack-O-Lantern' fable about a damned soul, popular with the later Catholic religion, particularly in America where the turnip was replaced by the Pumpkin.

Winter apples were one of the main harvest fruits and therefore used prominently for the festivities. It is not true that the Roman influence of Pomona, the Goddess of the fruit tree, symbolized by the apple had anything to do with Samhain. They were celebrated on completely different dates and not merged as some may think

Christianity & Halloween

Several hundred years after the death of Christ, the Christian church had gathered enough influence within Celtic lands to establish a day of honoring the deaths of their Martyrs, it was on 609AD that Pope Boniface IV designated May 13th to remember all martyrs.

However this date was changed in 837AD, Pope Gregory IV extended the festival to include all of the saints and changed the date to November 1st, the day was called 'All Hallows Day'.

Moving the date was an attempt to Christianize the pagan festival of the dead. The evening of October 31st was changed to 'All Hallows Eve' - the evening before 'All Saints Day'. Or, as we call it today, Halloween - Hallow'en!

In A.D.1000 the church further made November 2nd 'All Souls Day' to include all those who had died in the name of Christianity, not just the Saints and Martyrs. It was celebrated similar to that of Samhain with big bonfires, parades and dressing up with Christian symbolism of devils, the bloodied & tortured Saints and biblical angels!

The combination of the three days was then called Hallowmass.

How Should We Celebrate Halloween Today!

The Christian festival of Halloween is ONLY about commemorating those who have died in the name of Christianity and perhaps a reminder about our own fragile mortality.

If you see those dressed as evil witches remember, it is Christianity and it's infamous witch hunts that originally portrayed witchcraft as evil. The Christian philosophy has always been to convert others to Christianity and it's damnation of paganism was (and still is) a mightily effective one!

The Celtic or Wiccan 'Witch' in fact, treasured the earth and it's sacred cycles. Rather than 'evildoers', they were the highly respected and important healers of the society. They had knowledge of herbal remedies and medicine and worked in tune with the forces of nature to help others. They did and still do believe in balance and harmony of the earth and all of the creatures upon it!

The modern Witch of our day will more likely spend the evening of Samhain meditating in quiet reflection. Remembering those that have passed over, the year just gone and all they have learned. Perhaps they will partake of 'the feast of the dead' and offer a plate for those missing at their table.

Perhaps, and let us hope so, they will perform their dignified ceremonies of thanks, forgiveness and hope for the future of ALL mankind!

Learn how to meditate with sound and deeply relax at Relax

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There Are Flower Fairies in Your Garden If You Choose to Hear Them Singing

Grim Reaper drawings
drawings of scorpions
darker to me
than it seemed to you.
Pictures of a goddess
in the dawning of light
there are flower fairies
garden ornaments
if you decide to see things
that way.

Exclusive rights I guess
to see
between the lines.
Assorted conquests
of the purest kind.
Spring cleaning
yard and flower bed
time elapsed
time unwinds
sentimental memories

Who would charge
for watered down hopes?
Cinders lost
for the stifling of the smoke
and the absence of the wind
of change.
And yet...
lets be sure to map
this faery tale adventure
draw whimsical musicians artwork
and post them inside our drawers
just in case we need them.

There are rainbows lining spider webs
after the rain.
Remember that
and be careful where you stand
lest you miss the message.
Remember too
alternative conclusions
that connecting with the dust
from whence we came
might not be so bad after all.
Gardens tell us secrets
till the soil
smell the earth.
Simple gardens hosting fantasy fairies
will sing
when you least expect it.

Candles lit
on alters of sacred revelations
reach back towards home
but I am reminded that the trail
though difficult
must lead forward.
There are intrigues
waiting to be discovered
within the very thought of travel.

Hosting drawings of various kinds
scorpions biting their own tail
who found other avenues of newness.
Choices made
to meet up with our own significance
and the significance of others
become grand
or not.
Map out the trail then
listen for Grim Reaper
or stories that are new.
Map faery tale adventures
and when you least expect
to understand it all
just stand perfectly still
listen for the lark
and then...
you will.


ABOUT Kathy Ostman-Magnusen: I am an artist, represented by Monkdogz Urban Art, New York. ORIGINAL ART may be purchased through Monkdogz:
FREE ART GIFTS, suitable for children plus prints, giclees, cards, available on my website:

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Celtic Faeries, Chinese Dragons and Other Liminal Creatures

What do faeries, unicorns, dragons and mermaids have in common? Well, naturally they are all mythical creatures found in many folk and fairy tales. More than this, however, they are all creatures that might be considered liminal, or inhabiting a borderland between the gods and humans, or between good and evil.

Mythology is largely concerned with divine beings, usually called gods and goddesses. There are also demigods, such as Hercules, who had a god (Zeus) for a father and a human mother. Monotheistic religions, of course, later replaced the many gods with one God. Yet, interestingly enough, in places where belief in creatures like faeries was strong, such as Ireland, the new religion did not diminish this belief at all. Faeries were often relegated to a kind of "in between" (i.e. liminal) status, neither entirely good but certainly not evil the way demons are. To be sure, faeries in the Celtic lands were often feared, but more in the way wild animals are.
The attitude was something along the lines of "don't mess with them."

Many other supernatural creatures have a frightful aspect. Ghosts, zombies, demons and vampires, for example, are now popular subjects for horror films. Yet they all have a colorful history of scaring people in many parts of the world. The Little Folk, as the faeries are sometimes called, on the other hand, are much more ambiguous. They can, to be sure, do things that are outright nasty, as when they steal babies or lure people into worlds where they (the humans, that is) emerge many years later in human time. But for the most part, faeries exist independently of the human realm. They are not seen as existing primarily to menace us. Or to benefit us, for that matter.

Dragons are another interesting species of mythic creature with a varied and checkered history. In European tales, the dragon was usually a fearful and malevolent creature. Knights could demonstrate their bravery by slaying one of these monsters. Tolkien continued this portrayal of dragons as evil beings, with his own mythology. Bilbo and his friends have a perilous encounter with a nasty dragon in The Hobbit.

Chinese dragons, on the other hand, were considered in a much more positive light. While still potentially frightening, the dragon in ancient China was a regal symbol of strength and vitality. There is even a sign in the Chinese zodiac for the dragon, and people born in dragon years are highly respected. Today, many people in the West are rediscovering the positive attributes of dragons. Their popularity is perhaps only rivaled by that of their Otherworldly cousins, the fae. Dragons are starting to be seen as a protective symbol.

There are other magical creatures who seem to defy easy classification (as in "good" or "bad"). Mermaids, while probably a kind of faery, probably deserve a category of their own since so many stories have been told of them. Mermaids are fascinating creatures who can, like any faeries, be dangerous, especially to those who fall in love with them! As for unicorns, these are probably the most benevolent of the magical beings discussed here. I can't recall a story of an evil unicorn. Unicorns seem more ephemeral than anything else. They simply appear in and out of stories, with little if any descriptions of their origin.

All of these "liminal" magical creatures never fade from popular awareness. The form they take over the centuries may vary, but they seem to be embedded into our consciousness. Some would say the inhabit an archetypal realm. In any case, they obviously serve a need for mystery and enchantment, even in our own technological and scientific age. Perhaps we especially need them now to balance things out and remind us that everything cannot be explained rationally.

Larry Christopher is a writer and researcher on many topics, including cultural issues, the arts and metaphysics. He is also the author of the urban fantasy novel, The Stone of Alexandria. For more on the fascinating world of faeries, visit []

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Do Flower Fairies Die? And If They Do - Is There a Special Place For Them in Heaven?

Do flower fairies die?
If so..
where do they go when they pass
from this life?
Is there a special place in heaven?
A gathering of natures gifts
that never falls asleep
a fantasy harvests destiny?

Or is it that a faery in your garden
never dies at all?
Is it possible that a pixie elf
rests in the Winter
till it's time
to come back out?

I believe it in this moment
that all fairy princesses
do indeed
forever live.

Once you decide that a faerie lives
'tis no longer a legend
or a mythological dream
its a matter of fact
a most beautiful

Embracing all the miracles
of each flowers gifts
touched by early morning dew
diamonds from the sky
shining brilliantly true
look on
What else is there to do?

Glorious beings
folklore told
magical creatures
cradle the gifts
of life
and all its miraculous

And despite all disbelievers
a flowers majesty
will always shine on
brilliantly true
for me
and yes
ever faithfully
for you

Dear flower nymphs
make it through
the Fall and Winter of life
considering their resilience
why not me
why not you?

Goddesses of rainbows praying
fore Springtime miracles
pick it up
respond to the earths glory
appreciate their seedlings
despite their struggle
a prayer set forth
Watching as Fall
covers Forget-Me- Nots up
as Winter sets each petal to rest
it is for a faery
an acceptable
Springtime brings it all on again
and the mornings refreshed
with Mother Nature's
and a whimsical angels song.

ABOUT Kathy Ostman-Magnusen: I am an artist, represented by Monkdogz Urban Art, New York. ORIGINAL ART may be purchased through Monkdogz: FREE ART GIFTS 'suitable for children' plus prints, giclees, cards, available on my website:

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Do You Believe in Magic Fairies? Some Reflection on the Background of Faery History and Lore

So what, or who, are fairies? Are fairy tales real?

Fairy tales have been handed on from generation to generation, through the quite mutterings of magic creatures who come to us both day and night.

Fairies can be found in magical locations around the world. They are quite small and very powerful, to the point that they can transform themselves to look like us.

The live in very different habitats, from dark forests, to lakes, to meadows and flowery gardens.

We know them by different names - pixies, fairies, gnomes, elves, nymphs, sylphs, undines and sprites.

It doesn't matter where you live in the world, fairy tales have been with us since the dawn of time. This seems to back up the idea that faeries are real, and that they used to play a far more significant role in our day to day lives than they do now. Could it be that with their habitats changing, that average faery is harder to find?

Ireland has leprechauns, Britain has brownies and Germany has the kobold, but most of us will have a garden fairy in our very own yard.

In faerie law, we know that fairies are mainly charitable to mankind. They are also known to be a bit naughty. They are playful and love to play tricks on us mortals. It is important that you speak well of them and treat them with respect. If you don't, you run the risk of making them angry. one of the easiest things to do to make friends with real fairies is to leave little gifts for them such as beads and special sweet treats.

I like to make treats for myself and the kids, and leave a little for the garden fairies who gather in our fairy garden. It's been working so far - lots of happiness and laughter exists at our house.

I have loved creating fairy gardens ever since I was a child. Come and join me at http://www.YourFairyGarden.Com as I show you how to easily make your own fairy garden, ready to invite those magic garden fairies into your home and life. Listen out for the sounds of laughter and joy! You'll be amazed!


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Is This Brazil's Roswell?

On January 19-20, 1997 Brazil's I Centro Integrado de Defesa Aerea e Controle de Trafego Aereo or Integrated Center on Air Defense and Air Traffic Control received a warning from the U.S. North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) of an incoming bogy. NORAD estimated it would crash in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

Early Morning

The livestock of farmers Augusta and Eurico Rodrigues startled awake the couple alerting them to some sort of disturbance. When they gazed out the window they could see the various animals running around in a stark panic. They would see also the reason that sent their farm animals into a terrified fit of fear. A large submarine-shaped craft was descending and could be seen at about five meters from the ground. It was described as emitting smoke or fog as it was coming down. The couple's farm is located in a coffee farming area about six miles north of the Brazilian town of Varginha. Subsequent investigations estimate that the craft was unable to maintain flight and crashed landed sometime between the hours of 1:30 A.M. and 5:00 A.M. the same night.

8:00 A.M.

Hours after the first sighting, a twenty-year old college reports an extraterrestrial sighting on the ground. In a small neighborhood within the city of Varginha, college student Hildo Lucio Galdino caught sight of this being outside a bathroom window that opened out onto an alley. The student describes the creature as about 4 foot tall, dark and oily skin, with very small hands support long pointy fingers. It was without visible hair and clothing. The Brazilian student alleges the thing ran off when he screamed.

7:00 - 10:00 A.M.

Reports had already been flooding the phone of local authorities. As early as seven that morning reports were coming in of sightings of some unusual animals being seen by the early-rising locals. A confidential informant from the local fire department revealed that by 9:00 A.M. that morning, one of these creatures had been captured. When the firemen arrived on the scene they found the military was there and had apparently cornered the entity. Upon arrival, the firemen realized that this was not an animal but something much more. They summoned the commanding officer via radio telling him this was a situation a bit more complicated than a wild animal capture.

Major Maciel arrived at 10:30 A.M. to find that the creature had been secured. The creature had been captured with a net used for small to medium sized animals and since it was cornered close to someone's residence, there were many public witnesses. Some described the creature as totally non-resisting capture with the only sound coming from the creature was a buzzing noise similar to what a horde of insects might make. Eyewitnesses allege the creature was handled with gloves since the authorities feared some sort of infection. It was shoved into a wooden box, covered with a tarp, and taken away by the military.

Civilian and government informants have told Ufologists investigating this case that the capture of the alien was recorded on videotape. Some witnesses have claimed to have seen the video. The allegation of a tape being made of the event is based on eyewitnesses seeing one of the military men at the scene taping the capture.

As the first capture event was taking place more unnatural events were unfolding elsewhere. In an area of woods not too far from the first capture, an ex-military man who is now a lawyer noticed a small squadron of Brazilian military jets swarming the skies in what called an attack formation. He also noticed military trucks and soldiers on foot approaching the woods. Others witnessed this unfolding new scenario.

Three shots were heard coming from the woods. An informant revealed to investigators that one of these creatures was shot and killed by soldiers.

Confidential informants have revealed to UFO investigators that the live captured entity as well as the dead were taken to the Escola de Sargento das Armas (ESA) - a military school in the town of Tres Coracoes, 25 kilometers from Varginha. At about 1:30 P.M. more military activity was seen with the arrival of additional soldiers.

3:30 P.M.

Two mid to late teenaged sisters with an adult female friend were walking home from housekeeping jobs when they stumbled across another creature fitting the exact description of the first two creatures the authorities had in custody. They described it as having long arms, large, red eyes, appearing hurt. When the creature made a slight movement the girls ran for help. There was no sight of the creature when help was summoned. However, a peculiarly strong smell was detected in the exact spot where the creature was alleged to have been seen. A psychiatric examination revealed the girls to be truthful.

11:00 P.M.

An additional creature was found. It appeared to be wounded. This capture did not draw attention, as did the first.

April 1997

A 67-year-old housewife in the same town made one additional creature sighting as the other sightings.

The Brazilian government pulled one of the tricks governments often do in trying to cover up the entire event. Official denials, threatening witnesses (and there were scores and scores of first-hand witnesses) to keep quite, you name it they've done it.

Sounds like our Roswell, doesn't it?

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The Truth About the Lies Behind UFO Cover-Ups and Conspiracies

Our trusted US government says there is not enough evidence to support the validity of the presence of UFO's on or above the Earth. They claim that these are all pretty much misidentified aerial objects or hoaxes.

Does such a claim actually hold water? Not in my opinion.

Stanton Friedman, author of Flying Saucers and Science, states, "One of the standard claims of UFO debunkers is that there is no evidence that any unidentified flying saucers (UFOs) are intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft. After all, they say, we have only anecdotes, usually from uneducated people looking for publicity. No scientists have seen UFOs; there are no radar cases; there is no physical evidence; governments can't keep secrets; all that crash landed at Roswell was an array of Mogul balloons; so on and so forth. As it happens, all of these claims are false."

My first question is, who are those dastardly debunkers? In most cases it's the military, intelligence agencies, the government, scientists, the media, journalists, counter-conspiracy theorists (crazy crackpots who have theories against conspiracy theorists), and anyone who feels obliged to be part of the Big Lie.

Another fact is that as long as the government and these other factions keep hiding the truth, as long as they keep lying, it's going to be harder and harder for those "official debunkers" to admit it when the truth really does come out. But then it is out, it's just that too many debunkers are desperately endeavoring to cover it all up. Not too successfully, of course.

But as it stand now, we know that they know vital information. And we know that they KNOW that we know about it. We know that they're trying to hide the truth. We know that they don't want us to know anything, and we know that they don't want us to know too much. But as much as we do KNOW, they continue to plant misinformation into the mainstream, polluting the waters so that we can't discern what's true and what's not. But many of us can discern the truth from the lies. Can't we?

The debunkers depend on the fact that most UFO sightings are either fabrications (tall tales), bogus, misidentifications, unexplained objects, or hoaxes. Oftentimes supposed witnesses will see aircraft (whether conventional or experimental), weather balloons, blimps, meteors, birds, etc., to which they will incorrectly claim are UFOs. Sometimes they will even see flying hubcaps or soaring Frisbees and such that they'll take photos of. So I say the hoaxers and the debunkers pretty much fall in the same vain category, since they feed off each other. But sometimes we'll find a genuine witness that will see the real McCoy, a bona fide extraterrestrial craft. But those stubborn debunkers want us to believe even these are not genuine sightings. The debunkers' motto seems to be, "If most sightings are incorrectly identified, all of them are."

Yes, a small percentage are obviously authentic UFOs that people have witnessed. But that's all we really need. In fact, Stanton Friedman says, "The evidence that planet Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft is overwhelming. In other words, some UFOs are ET spacecraft. Most are not -- I don't care about them."

He sums it up very nicely. We just have to learn to discern the genuine articles from the fakes. There are various UFO experts, like Stan Friedman, and UFO groups that are working on this right now. Although the government heavily frowns on these truth-seekers, because they'd rather we believe the Big Lie.

So, yes there have been countless accounts of real UFO sightings, whether by airline pilots or Air Force pilots, as well as folks on the ground. But let's not forget the alien abductees. Many have claimed to be kidnapped by ETs and taken aboard their crafts, whether for experimentation, observation, or other obscure reasons. Once again, we have to learn to tell the difference between actual victims and frauds. But the debunkers would rather we remain confused, so that we don't know what's true and what's false. They will continue to sell us propaganda, disinformation, conspiracies, cover-ups, and blatant lies, and many of us buy this crap regardless, because we're gullible. But not all of us are; some of us are wise to the debunker's conspiracies. They flat-out don't want us to know the truth, but the truth is being revealed little by little in spite of the debunkers, and that truth will set us free. Because the truth, after all, is out there -- ready to be found.

My last question is: why the heck should we care what the debunkers say? We know the ETs are out there!

Flying Saucers and Science by Stanton Friedman, Published by New Pager Books 2008

Copyright 2006 -2009 by R. R. Stark -- All Rights Reserved

The preceding article is from "Strange Reports from Zones Unknown," a collection of accounts involving the paranormal, Ufology, conspiracy theories, cover-ups, and other intriguing topics of the weird and unusual. You can find further articles and short stories written by R. R. Stark at:

Strange Reports from Zones Unknown:

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UFOs and Evolution - Is There a Connection?

Have you seen any flying saucers lately? Many people think they have. Even now, reports of mysterious sightings are circulating in the press and on Internet forums.

The modern UFO boom began in June 1947 when a businessman named Kenneth Arnold reported that while piloting a private plane he had seen nine saucer-shaped objects flying over Mount Rainier in Washington. Later that years there were rumors of a flying saucer crash in Roswell, New Mexico. According to a popular but false conspiracy theory, US Air Force obtained the corpse of a saucer pilot but covered up the discovery.

The strained relations between the east and west that became to be known as the cold war had just begun and the political atmosphere was conductive to conspiratorial rumors. The number of UFO observations exceeded 850 by the end of 1947.

Later, for instance the Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper and former US president Jimmy Carter have disclosed seeing a UFO.

So what are UFOs? A UFO is an unidentified flying object. Most sightings have a natural explanation, such as a landing airplane, satellite or meteor. Some are hoaxes. But for the ardent UFO fans, some are genuine alien spaceships.

However, UFOs cannot originate from the other planets of our own solar system since scientists have failed to find any evidence of life or little green men on Mars or Venus. The nearest star outside our solar system, Proxima Centauri, is 4.2 light years from us. A space ship traveling at the speed of light would thus take 4.2 years to reach us. Many researchers think that space travel between solar systems is impossible.

Moreover, while a number of Earth-like rocky exo-planets or planets orbiting other stars have been discovered, they are either too large or too hot. It is very improbable that UFOs hail from "super Earths" such as Gliese 581 c, which is hotter than Venus.

It seems that there are some religious ingredients in UFO sightings. For some, belief in UFOs has superseded the belief in biblical Christianity. Little green men are seen as the new age saviors who will prevent earthlings from destroying themselves and their planet.

According to Gary Bates, the author of Alien Intrusion (2004), UFOs often have an evolutionary connection. If life evolved on earth by purely naturalistic means, it should also have evolved on other planets. The SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project is an attempt to prove that we are not as special as we think.

Carl Sagan believed that the Earth was just a tiny pale blue dot in the vast cosmos. However, as Guillermo Gonzales and Jay W. Richards write in The Privileged Planet, our planet is anything but ordinary. Our planet looks as though it was designed for life. At best, we can only speculate about other worlds.

We might never get proof of the existence of little green men for a rather simple reason: there might not be any.

Joel Kontinen is a translator and novelist currently living in Finland. His background includes an MA in translation studies and a BA in Bible and Theology. He likes to keep up-to-date on science news and often comments on creation/evolution and origins issues.


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The Truth Behind Roswell

The city of Roswell boasts a population of nearly 50,000 residents, a healthy economy, and a reputation for being a haven for UFO enthusiasts. The most famous of all UFO and alien stories is that of Roswell, made legend in movies, television shows and hundreds of books.

Because of all the media attention, documentaries, books, papers, TV programs, videos, motion pictures, etc., Roswell has become a household name symbolizing flying saucers. Ironically, Roswell is most famous for an incident that happened more than 50 years ago: the alleged crash of an alien spacecraft in 1947. Debate about the Roswell incident has gone on for years. There is a lot of speculation and belief about aliens. The city of Roswell, among others, aims to cash in on it.

How did it all start? Eyewitnesses saw something from the sky crash. A few hours later, someone issued a press release stating emphatically that Roswell had in its possession an alien spacecraft, a flying saucer. These claims emanated from a number of alleged eyewitnesses at the crash site or at Roswell AAFB.

It made the papers, but as soon as the military got wind of it, they moved in to correct the news reports. The Military announced that the crash was officially the wreckage of a downed weather balloon that had been misidentified by officers at Roswell. But, according to the report, the cover story blew up in the government's face, as reporters flocked to the site.

Roswell represents a controversy that extends far beyond the relatively narrow confines of the so called UFO community. Conspiracies began to evolve from this event, and citizens of Roswell have come forward and claimed that they were coerced into silence.

Many believe that Roswell was a massive Government cover-up. A number of books have been written about the incident, and it is considered by UFO buffs to be the biggest cover-up in US Today, the controversy involving the mysterious crash, the alleged recovery of alien beings and the presumption of a massive military cover-up rages on.

Some are inclined to think it was some exotic military experiment gone awry, while others feel we were truly visited by aliens. Others still claim there is zero credible evidence to support a crash of alien spacecraft anywhere, much less in Roswell, NM.

Theorists believe that Government is covering up the crash of an extraterrestrial spaceship. They say that the degree of engineering sophistication found at the Roswell crash site had never been seen in this country.

Why Cover Up? In short, maintaining national security, or at least the appearance of it would be motive enough to hiding the events of Roswell. Others feel the religious, economic, and social structures were reason enough to hide the truth. Still others feel that the motives of the government were less pure and that they had been testing some top secret military equipment and did not want other countries to learn of the weapons and jets existence.

The interest of the public was aroused and the Roswell incident has been at the forefront of Ufology ever since. Opponents say that the arguments being made against Roswell simply to not stand up under close scrutiny. Others think that the myth that now surrounds the Roswell event bares little resemblance to the actual facts. The fact is that more than sixty years later the truth is unknown.

Copyright 2006 Francesca Black

Francesca Black a long time science fiction buff, manages content for UFO Gifts and Science Fiction Corner

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How Gold is Used in Space

With the chemical symbol of "Au", atomic number of "79", and a melting point of 1064.43 degrees centigrade, Gold is a non-toxic, biologically friendly, and a metal of excellent electric conductivity known to Man from ancient times. Also thought to being closely connected to the ancient gods and Angels, Gold was platted into beautiful ornaments, and jewellery to please the wealthy, noble, and rulers. The ancient Egyptians used gold in the making of the Pyramids, and buried the Pharaohs with Gold. Many medieval Kings had their thrones, and armour built form the precious metal. As Man continued to evolve, he found out more ways to use gold to his advantage.

As unbelievable as it seems, gold is also utilised in Aerospace engineering. All the space vehicles produced, or launched by NASA has a quantity of gold within them. Because of its capability to conduct well, it is used in circuitry. Certain elements of all space vehicles have gold-coated polyester film on them. This film serves the rationale of reflecting infrared radiation, and preserves the temperature of the space vehicles as required. In the absences of this film, some components will infuse all the heat, immensely raising the temperature of the vehicle.

Devoid of gold, man would not have visited the moon. Gold, in the shape of sheets 0.15mm thick, are brought into play in space programmes, as a radiation safeguard. For the reason that gold is such an efficient reflector, it redirects the blazing heat of the sun.

Gold is essential to safe space travel, so its requirement has visibly grown, as the space industry has. For instance, more than 40.8 kilograms of gold was utilised in the building of the well-known US Columbia space shuttle, largely in brazing alloys, fuel cell manufacture, in addition to coated plastic films along with electrical contacts.

Gold is used in circuits that are built-in into the spacecrafts, as it is an outstanding conductor. In addition, several parts of spacecrafts are en suite with gold-coated polyester film that reflects infrared radiations, and assists with controlling the temperature within the vehicle. Without this, the vehicle would suck up too much heat, making it complicated to manoeuvre. Gold is in addition used as a lubricant among the assorted mechanical parts of the spacecraft. If any other lubricant were to be used, it would not have endured the radiation in space, and would have infused.

Gold is also used in making helmets put on by astronauts. An extremely thin layer of gold is electroplated within the visor, which averts the unsafe solar emission from inflowing, and mirrors it back. In this manner, it cares for the vision of the astronauts.

Gold is noteworthy in space travel. In view of the fact that space travel has amplified over the years, so has the stipulation for gold. It is used in approximately all space vehicles designed by NASA that are worth billions of dollars.

Even though gold is a costly element, its countless virtues make it useful for space vehicles. Had it not been used to buy gold, space voyage might not have been such a triumphant task, as it is in the present day.

Jack Wagon is a gold investment consultant. Learn how to buy gold in the times of recession.

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Ancient Astronauts From A Religious Perspective

The artists of Tiwanaku bent over backwards to accurately depict, for posterity, the characteristics of the alien phenomenon that suddenly appeared them. They used fish heads to symbolize that this creature was an aquatic, puma heads to signal that it was a powerful and agile creature, bird heads to show that the creature could fly, and human heads to indicate that this creature had intelligence. The artists drew pictures of the alien's astronaut helmet, its spacesuit, its hand-held instruments, its communication device, and its three-pod aquatic tail as best they could.

Beyond these depictions of an intelligent aquatic with flying capabilities, the artwork of the greater region of alien contact, roughly the Tiwanaku-Nazca-Cuzco triangle, shows few signs of fantasy. Look at the drawings on the Nazca plain: birds, fish, flowers, all natural stuff. Similarly, the creature we see on the Nazca pottery and in the Tiwanaku engravings should be representative of something real. Chances are high that the Tiwanaku artists are depicting a genuine ancient astronaut, high enough that the matter merits serious investigation by the world's scientists.

No investigation is underway. This is understandable. Scientists are a product of an educational system that concentrates on imparting knowledge of practical use rather than on developing thinking skills, so they may be unaware that it is possible to communicate with symbols. For them, the Andeans drew fish heads, bird heads, puma heads, and human heads merely because those were the animals they ate. More fundamentally, I suspect that our scientists, along with most other humans, have a mental block against recognizing ancient astronauts for the reason that the existence of extraterrestrial life runs contrary to their religious beliefs.

A curious question arises. Why did the ancient astronaut decide to make direct contact, and even establish a friendship, with the people of the Andes and not with the people of Europe or elsewhere? That question is easy to answer. In the sixth century, the Andean region was likely the most alien-friendly place on Earth, so it is only logical that the alien would want to descend there.

It is unknown if the ancient astronaut also attempted direct contact with Europeans and we will probably never know. Religious censors routinely extinguished all records of contact with demons. Fortunately, the propagators of ignorance had not yet found a way to cross the Atlantic, so the mentality of the Andeans remained uninfected with ideas of devils and demons, and they were able to welcome the alien with open arms.

None of the above excludes all other possibilities. I have found evidence (available online at my website) that the Andean alien, in the same time frame, established covert, indirect contact in the Near East with a group of Judaic scholars and with an Arab by the name of Mohammed. The legacy of those encounters was a series of three books, written in the Latin, Hebrew, and Arabic languages, respectively.

There are no indications of similar intervention with Christianity. The alien may have been disillusioned with Christianity, not for what it was in theory, but for what it had become in practice: "The holy law in total ruin, by other laws all of Christianity." Hand in hand with this, the alien expresses or implies criticism of warfare, conquests, assassinations, censorship, colonialism, and slavery. Ironically, the only one in sight with interest in obeying the holy law seems to be the alien.

Where do we go from here? For my part, I remain content for having contemplating the extraordinary genius of that creature. From the Christian world, I am expecting continued efforts to suppress ancient astronaut theories alongside renewed efforts to create a path to nuclear warfare. Meanwhile, I have higher expectations for what might come out of Israel and the Islamic world. It is reasonable to anticipate some openness to ancient astronauts from alien-influenced religions.

By Morten St. George. More information on this theme can be found at the Cryptic Thinkingm website,

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Top 10 Defences Against the Faerie Realm

In "Mara Roams", Mara Roy is a fourteen-year-old girl who has dreamt of having a supernatural encounter her entire life. As with most things in life, when she finally does travel to an alternate dimension, her experience with magic is not at all what she had anticipated. Here is Mara's list of favourite safeguards when dealing with the faerie realm.

10. Crucifix, holy water, or other religious symbols

Spiritual emblems offer protection from the faerie realm because of the collective faith with which they have been imbued. However, when proffered in a zealous, dogmatic, or a confrontational manner, they only serve to further anger faeries, who have their own spiritual practice and are easily offended.

9. Nonacceptance of faerie invitation, food, and drink nor stepping with both feet into a faerie ring

Taking up a faerie on any offer invariably ends badly, as does consuming their food and drink or even getting lulled by their music. Should someone disappear or seem somewhat altered after stepping into a circle of stones or mushrooms, follow tip #5.

8. Sock under the bed

This is a very traditional fortification tactic, albeit untidy. It rates low on the list because some faeries, who delight in housework, might find a wayward sock attractive.

7. Bells

Bells, silver or otherwise, may be enjoyed by faerie folk but nonetheless offer human protection.

6. Never leave a knife pointing over a counter's edge

It would seem sheer common sense to avoid this, for everyone's well-being. Ghosts and ethereal faeries dislike the reminder of their disembodied state that is induced by being cut. In general, it is wise not to aggravate the spirits.

5. Turning clothes inside out

Like the sock, one may place an article of inside-out clothing under the bed. Yet, while an unkempt house may entice certain little folk, inside-out clothing can actually restore balance between human and faerie realms. Captive humans may be set free if an inside-out glove is thrown into a faerie ring.

4. Daisies

The daisy is a symbol of the sun and goodness. As a charm, daisies may be grown in a garden, placed in floral displays, or even painted in art. They are especially potent when woven into daisy chains.

3. St. John's Wort

This flower is another sun emblem. Beware: it is unlikely that modern-day pharmaceutical versions would have any protective capability.

2. Salt

Salt may be carried in pockets as continued security against not merely the faerie realm but other supernatural forces as well. Salt is extremely effective when used to create barriers near doorways or circles of safety.

1. Shoes pointing away from the bed

Perhaps the most disturbing possibility of all faerie encounters occurs during our most vulnerable time: sleep. By placing one's shoes pointing towards the bed, one creates an invitation for creatures benevolent and malevolent to approach us during our slumber. Troubled sleep, nightmares, memory lapses, difficulty breathing, possession, abduction, and even death are all symptoms of nocturnal faerie encounters. The simplest of all protective charms is to turn shoes away from the bed.


Froud, Brian and Alan Lee. Faeries. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Publishers, 1978.

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Ancient Aliens, Chariots, and the Sons of Eloheem - Unidentified Flying Objects in the Hebrew Bible

Scientifically competent intellectuals have had to turn to theories involving extraterrestrials in that their existence has been constantly documented throughout time. The United States Air Force derived the term UFO in 1952 in order to "identify" the unidentifiable. The pilots did not know what they were. There was no name for objects that fly at supersonic speeds and make right turns at multiple G's in the military vernacular. So they gave them the acronym U.F.O. The German Air Force pilots called them "Foo Fighters."

Roswell, Alien Abductions, numerous video and photographic evidence can no longer be explained as meteorites or weather balloons. There are oil paintings from the medieval era containing flying discs. The Chinese math scholar Shen Kuo wrote in his "Dream Pool of Essays" about eyewitness testimony of a flying object with open bay doors shining light for ten miles. The craft was said to then fly away with "tremendous speed." But the most fascinating evidence for the existence of Antediluvian U.F.O's is the craft depicted on the lid of the stone tomb of Pakal.

One can only derive one of two things from a complete examination of this engraving. Either it is a relief of Lord Pakal, a grown man, laying on his back in the most elaborate crib with a technologically advanced system of play toys suspended above him, complete with automatic toilet flush and feeding tube so that his mother does not have to breast feed or change the grown man's diapers. Or, it is the artist's depiction of Lord Pakal at the controls of a craft that uses some type of jet propulsion to fly and is equipped with an oxygen breathing apparatus.

Lord Pakal flew a craft designed and built for him by Fallen Angels. This craft had the ability to fly high enough that the pilot needed a breathing tube. He would fly over the Nazca plains and direct himself in the direction of one of his many kingdoms and fly in for an appearance.

It would not be hard for any Angel with the knowledge of metals and elements necessary for the assemblage of a simple single winged flying machine. An Angel would not need the breathing tube under the current hypothesis so Pakal is a Hybrid Human. There are many Biblical references to Nth Dimensional flying machines. Erik Von Daniken's "Chariots of the Gods" is a brilliant source of many unexplained archeological discoveries. The term Chariot is the Hebrew term for vehicle. When prophets like Enoch, Ezekiel, and Elijah wrote of them they were in reference to vehicles piloted by Nth Dimensional Beings.

And in those days a whirlwind carried me off from the earth, and set me down at the end of the heavens.
The Book of Enoch XXXIX: 3

The wind of Earth is not capable of transporting matter outside of the atmosphere. If Enoch traveled into outer space he would not be able to make the trip without life support. Yes, the Angel took him by the hand and flew him up into the atmosphere. But the Angel did not take him outside of it; instead, Enoch was taken to a chariot. The Ancient Hebrew vernacular is limited and there is no flying machine. But there are Chariots.

And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.
KJV - 2Kings 2:11

Here again, a human is taken into outer space by a whirlwind. This whirlwind is described as a chariot of fire. These descriptions are the best words that the authors had at their disposal. They do a pretty good job of describing a craft with a flaming means of propulsion. But nowhere is there a better description of an extraterrestrial craft than in the Book of Ezekiel.

And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire. Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man.
KJV - Ezekiel 1:4-5

Regardless of whether or not we choose to believe in Eloheem or Aliens, we can no longer choose to accept the traditional translation as received. The knowledge in the world has been increased. For thousands of years these truths have been locked away behind thick walls of tradition and translation.

The Genesis Revelation: A Scientifically Correct Translation of the Hebrew Book of Genesis, A Consolidated Mythological History of the Antediluvian World, And The Most Comprehensive Argument for Creation Science Ever Written

The Mystery of The Anointed Messiah and Divine Creation are the most controversial and misunderstood subjects known to Humankind. For thousands of years, Scientists, Theologians, and Laypersons alike have studied the Holy Bible in search of logical and practical solutions for these and the many other Biblical mysteries. Creationism is the original theory for existence and the advent of scientific thought has rendered the current case for creation impotent in light of the evidences. The theory that the Earth and all life on it were created in 6 actual days is incomprehensible to this new and more learned generation of faithful, skeptics, and agnostics. They seek a spiritual truth that is more consistent with what we have discovered about the Universe. The current Translation is scientifically archaic and skewed by the Old Testament Tradition that served as its basis. The original Hebrew and Greek languages tell a completely different story. The Universe and Planet Earth are as old as they need to be to look the way they do. The Authors of the Ancient Manuscript understood this and they properly communicated these ideas in Hebrew and Greek. It is time for a scientifically credible translation of Genesis. The Genesis Revelation will provide one. Visit and read the Introduction for free.

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The Gods of Atlantis - The Fallen Angels, Their Names, Their Crimes, and Their Punishment

Giants have etched their way into the collective subconscious of isolated cultures through time. The Bible is again consistent with world mythology and the Giants of Genesis had turned the continent of Atlantis into a war zone and an abomination. For it was on Eden that two hundred Fallen Angels descended and set themselves up on the first Earthly Mt. Herman. The flood of Noah was to destroy the whole land of Eden. Mt. Herman and the palaces of the Nephilim were to be destroyed in a violent cataclysm that would resonate into the annals of history as "The Fall of Atlantis."

In Homer's Iliad, The Trojan War takes place between the Greeks and the Trojans of Troy. Zeus and Apollo play "war" with humans in a battle for an Adamic Daughter. The gods intervene on behalf of both sides and during these times, Earth was a living chessboard for their delight and pleasure. For thousands of years humans believed that Troy was an imaginary city from ancient Greek Mythology. The Roman Poet Virgil wrote about it in the Aeneid. Ancient Greek historians Erastosthenes, Herodotus, and Duris of Samos, each published commentaries on the subject and Strabo, a Greek geographer, philosopher, and historian described the location and topography in the Geographica. For thousands of years, The City of Troy was the archeological "Holy Grail" and many through time have pursued its discovery. It remained a myth for thousands of years until Heinrich Schliemann, a German entrepreneur and archeologist, unearthed the infamous city in the 1870's. Schliemann was a self-made millionaire and after his retirement at age 41, Schliemann read and traveled and eventually received his Ph. D. in 1869. He spoke and wrote in over 13 languages and his dissertation on his thesis for the location of Troy was written in Ancient Greek. The most amazing thing about Schliemann was his declaration that he would find Troy, at age of 8.

The battle for Helen was one of many instances where divine Hybrids "Took for themselves wives." Genesis 4:16 states "Lamech took two females." This is not Noah's father, but rather Cain's great, great, great, great grandson. The Hebrew word used here means, "to take, to get, and invokes the idea of grasping or seizing a person or animal." The Sons of Eloheem also took wives for themselves. In Homer's Iliad, Paris, a descendant of the god Zeus, attempts to steal Helen for his wife. So here we have a Hybrid Paris, attempting to take a wife from the Mythological city of Troy. Schliemann finds Troy and any skeptic could say that even if troy exists, it doesn't mean that fallen Angels oversaw a war to please Paris' desires for Helen of Sparta. But Schliemann proved it existed and that its origins date to 3500 B.C.

Zeus rules the gods of this world and the Fallen Angels each govern civilizations on every continent. Poseidon rules over Atlantis and it is the geographic capitol of godly rule on Earth. Atlantis, for which the Atlantic Ocean is named, was geographically located between Europe and the Americas. Known by many other names across cultures and continents we have an unquestionably similar archetype in Eden. Yeheveh said he would destroy the whole earth, with a lowercase "E," as in, dirt. The submersion of a continent constitutes a total destruction of the soil.

The most fascinating evidence for the existence of Atlantis is an account by the Greek philosopher, Plato. In his work, Timaeus, Plato recounts a dialogue between the Greek philosophers Socrates, Timaeus, and the politicians Critias and Hermocrates. In this account Socrates is waxing poetically about Athens being a perfect society. Critias then reveals to them that at its apex Athens faced its antithesis of a society, a Naval power bent on conquering the world from its homeland, Atlantis. Solon, while in Egypt in the 6th century B.C., was said to have spoken with Egyptian Priests who revealed to him the history of the war between Atlantis and Athens.

The Fallen Angels descended to Earth, to the continent of Atlantis where they set up an Angelic Government of Sorts whose headquarters they named Mt. Herman. The Garden of Eden was located on the western portion of Atlantis as Cain was sent Eastward, most likely by sailboat, across the ocean to the continent of Nod. Mt. Herman was the highest point on Atlantis and a city, called Mt. Olympus, was built there for the Fallen Angels to conduct the business of playing God.

And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: 'Come let us choose wives from the children of men and beget us children.' And Semjaza, who was their leader, said unto them: 'I fear ye will not indeed agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.' And they all answered him and said: 'Let us all swear an oath, and bind ourselves by mutual imprecations not to abandon this plan but to do this thing.' Then swear they all together and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it.
The Book of Enoch VI: 1-5

The Angels were assigned to watch. They admired the women from outer space and must have discussed it on a regular basis. Semjaza indicates his interest because his response, as their leader, wasn't to turn them in for crimes against the Kingdom; instead he says to them he wasn't sure because "only" he would be punished for it all because he has authority over them. They understood where he was coming from and said that they were willing to put mutually binding curses on any Angel that abandoned the oath to descend to Earth and take wives. So they swore and descended and Yeheveh knew it.

And they were in all two hundred; who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mt Herman, and they called it Mt. Hermon, because they had sworn and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it.

The Book of Enoch VI: 6

Mutual Imprecations means "evil curses ' and Hermon is derived from one of two words spelled exactly the same way. They are "Haram" and "Herem." Haram is verb meaning "to destroy, to doom, or to devote." Herem is defined as a noun meaning devoted things, things devoted to destruction, devotion, things under ban, and cursed."

The only difference between the two words is the vowel points telling the reader what to think. They named this Mt. Herman because they descended there and mutually swore an evil curse on any who abandoned them. They descended onto the Continent of Atlantis and set up a kingdom and a council that would allot each Angel a territory with which to set themselves up as gods. Semjaza was their leader and he is the most likely candidate for the god Zeus. The others had a rank below Semjaza and this order of authority existed on Earth. He and the other Fallen Angels are responsible for teaching humans specific divine "secrets" that to them was supernatural knowledge, but to Yeheveh, "worthless ones." Enoch not only provides us with the names of the Angels, but more importantly, it gives us the specific secrets they are accused of disclosing.

And these are the names of their leaders: Semiazaz, their leader, Arakiba, Rameel, Kokabiel, Tamiel, Ramiel, Danel, Ezeqeel, Baraqijal, Asael, Armaros, Batarel, Ananel, Zaqiel, Samsapeel, Satarel, Turel, Jomjael, Sariel. These are the Chiefs of tens.
The Book of Enoch VI: 7

These 18 Angels each controlled 10 lesser Angels. These Angels descended on Mt. Herman and With Semjaza, recited the Oath of Defection to the others. The Angels below are also accused of teaching secrets to humans.

And behold the names of the Angels and these are their names: the first of them is Samjaza, The second, Artaqifa, and the third, Armen, the fourth, Kokabel, the fifth, Turael, the sixth, Rumjal, the seventh, Danjal, the eighth, Neqael, the ninth, Baraqel, the tenth, Azazel, the eleventh, Armaros, the twelfth, Baterjal,, the thirteenth, Busasejal, the fourteenth, Hananel, the fifteenth, Turel, and the sixteenth, Simapesiel, the seventeenth, Jetrel, the eighteenth, Tumael, the nineteenth, Turel, the twentieth, Rumael, the twenty-first, Azazel.
The Book of Enoch LXIX: 2

The Genesis Revelation: A Scientifically Correct Translation of the Hebrew Book of Genesis, A Consolidated Mythological History of the Antediluvian World, And The Most Comprehensive Argument for Creation Science Ever Written

The Mystery of The Anointed Messiah and Divine Creation are the most controversial and misunderstood subjects known to Humankind. For thousands of years, Scientists, Theologians, and Laypersons alike have studied the Holy Bible in search of logical and practical solutions for these and the many other Biblical mysteries. Creationism is the original theory for existence and the advent of scientific thought has rendered the current case for creation impotent in light of the evidences. The theory that the Earth and all life on it were created in 6 actual days is incomprehensible to this new and more learned generation of faithful, skeptics, and agnostics. They seek a spiritual truth that is more consistent with what we have discovered about the Universe. The current Translation is scientifically archaic and skewed by the Old Testament Tradition that served as its basis. The original Hebrew and Greek languages tell a completely different story. The Universe and Planet Earth are as old as they need to be to look the way they do. The Authors of the Ancient Manuscript understood this and they properly communicated these ideas in Hebrew and Greek. It is time for a scientifically credible translation of Genesis. The Genesis Revelation will provide one. Visit and read the Introduction for free.

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Abduction by Aliens - Common Experiences Shared by Victims

Abduction cases involving aliens are a part of a worldwide phenomenon that requires further extensive research to confirm the validity of each report. Reaching from 1961 to 2005, there has been a total of 40 reported and published articles about alien abductions. To date, this mystery that is brought by these abductions is still under research and is not fully understood. Other cases of abductions may just simply go unreported. In this article, our aim is to understand the basic experience that is shared by the people whose lives are changed by this quite unique and yet troublesome event. Here are some facts to give you a better understanding of the collective experiences of the victims of alien abduction.

The abduction usually starts where the person-to-be abducted experiencing a strange bright white light either in the sky, field or even their bedrooms. There have been reports of electrical appliances going haywire. The person-to-be abducted then becomes paralyzed and is only able to move their eyes while noticing other worldly beings coming out from the bright light. These 'chosen' people are then dragged or beamed into the alien craft.

Once transported inside the alien craft or ship, the person abducted is laid down on a bed with all his clothes stripped off. The aliens proceed to perform physical examinations such as probing the human body's orifices, extracting body fluids, and taking cells or tissues of the human body as well as egg samples. Abducted persons have also been reported to say that they have implants that are buried deep inside of their noses, hands, feet of eyelids.

Communication while the abduction is going on is very limited. Any form of it may occur as mental telepathy. The aliens are not exactly forthright about their visits and the reasons for the abduction are not disclosed. Victims often recall that they are being put under a hypnotic trance where the aliens become a part of their minds. It is agreed by most victims that the communication is generally inaudible or spoken in an incomprehensible language. There are no communications between abducted humans as well. Once the aliens are satisfied with their little experiment, victims are returned back to the place where they were taken before or simply discharged outside the alien craft.

Post abduction syndrome is often manifested in many of the abducted people who have the ability to recall the experience when placed under hypnosis. These symptoms include nightmares of the abduction incident, health deterioration, lost of time (from one and a half to two and a half hours), nose bleeds and sinus pain, and presence of unexplained bruises on the body. There is also the symptom where one looks at something and feels as though they are looking at something else.

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Alien Abduction - Was It? - Wasn't It?

Jim had spent the last 25 years wondering about a certain day in his life which stuck in his mind. It had been a warm August evening when he had been sharing tea and biscuits with four of his friends in the kitchen of his flat. When someone suggested something a little stronger, Jim and Dean set off to the local off-license to buy a few beers.

They had barely taken a couple of steps outside the flat when Jim noticed the light in the sky. It was an electric red light darting back and forth - it danced around their heads as they gazed open-mouthed. Dean ran back to the flat and called the other to come and see the light and even as they watched, it changed to two silver stars which hovered above them, before doing somersaults in the sky, before streaking away down hill at the speed of lightening.

Jim and his friends chased the light down the hill - they were joined on the way by two others and all seven of them we entranced by the light in the sky which eventually vanished before their very eyes.

For a while they stared in disbelief at where the light had been, before returning to the flat to discuss their thoughts. Jim phoned the local radio station to see if anyone else had seen it, but there had been no reports.

When Jim walked into my office 25 years later the events of that night were just as vivid in his mind. But what really bothered him was that for years he had suffered 'flashbacks' of images of himself being led down a slope to the saucer shaped vehicle waiting for him. And laid on a bed he realized that the aliens could communicate with him through his thoughts. They were matter of fact, neither friendly or otherwise and he obeyed their every command as if his will had been relinquished completely.

The flashbacks were always the same, though sometimes they were more detailed but always had the same effect on him afterwards. He learned that others who had been with him that night were having similar images and one of his friends had a nervous breakdown as a result of that night.

"All I want to know," said Jim, "is this - were those flashbacks dreams, or were they memories of something that had really happened?" He explained that he'd spend a whole week on Dartmoor just walking and looking for answers. "Can hypnosis help me to remember, or to know, exactly what happened?"

I assured him that there was every possibility that he would recall the events of that night plus he could know for certain whether those flashbacks were really unconscious memories. We set up ideomotor signals in case Jim went too deep into hypnosis to respond verbally, but they weren't necessary as Jim was an excellent subject.

As he went deeper into hypnosis so the events of that night began to unfold as Jim recalled in every detail what had happened to him. I took him forward in time from that date to the first flashback he'd had - then the second and the third and each subsequent one.

Jim could see that these were dreams, not memories, but dreams, figments of his imagination. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that nothing sinister had happened that night. He remembered how he'd started reading books on UFOs and his imagination became active and once he lost all sense of reality and couldn't distinguish a dream from reality.

Jim told me later that he wished he'd been hypnotized years ago. He felt that he'd wasted more than half of his life thinking about that night, and now he felt able to get on with living and enjoying himself and his family.

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Alien Abductions Stopped by the Name of Jesus

Nobel prize-winning biochemist, Francis Crick, calculated the probability of a living cell forming by accident from nonliving chemicals and found the likelihood to be less than 1 in 10 to the 40,000th power. (That's a 10 with 40,000 zeroes after it!) To put that in perspective consider that the number of atoms in the known universe is only 10 to the 130th power!

What is the likelihood of finding the right atom out of all the atoms in the universe even if you picked out one atom every second for ten billion years? Life forming by chance is far less likely than that. Francis Crick didn't fall on his knees and say "there must be a God!" Instead he said that aliens (extra-terrestrials) from outer space brought life to earth.

This brings us to the question of aliens, UFOs and alien abductions. In recent years many people have come forward and said they woke up one morning with the distinct memory of being abducted by aliens and taken aboard a spacecraft. This usually happens with people who are involved in the occult or are into "New Age" belief systems. "New Age" can be defined as a westernized form of Hinduism.

Some of the "abductees" who didn't start out as New Agers to tend to adopt New Age beliefs because of the messages received from the aliens they encounter. It is the opinion of many researchers that UFO "abductions" are nothing more than demon inspired dreams and demonic encounters intended to deceive people into New Age beliefs.

Joe Jordan attended church as a child but adopted New Age beliefs through involvement with New Age literature. Joe repented and became a Christian after a Christian friend challenged him to read the Bible. He now works to expose the UFO hoax. Some time after his conversion Joe encountered the case of a man who claimed to have halted his abduction experience.

The abduction was stopped when the man called on the name of Jesus. Through further investigation Joe Jordan and a colleague discovered about 100 instances of UFO "abductions" stopped by the name of Jesus. (see "Charisma" magazine April 2001 issue p. 46) This is empirical evidence that the name of Jesus Christ is the name before which every knee must bow to the glory of God the Father!

When a Christian confronts a demon and speaks to the demon and commands it to stop in the name of Jesus, the demon will stop the abduction.

For a biblical example of the power of the name of Jesus we can read of the instance when Paul, the apostle, cast a demon out of a girl. "Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour (Acts 16:18).

If UFO abductions are mere illusions perpetrated by demons it is no wonder that they are halted by exercising spiritual authority through the name of Jesus.

"That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow ..." Philippians 2:10

Bill Nugent has written many articles on Christianity, philosophy and science. He has also written books that give Bible based teaching on sanctification and that caution against the error of legalism. His books are available at his website

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Self-Publishing - How to Avoid Alien Abduction

Some wise, devil may care individual once said, "A full life entails thousands of mistakes. "Try telling that to the anal retentive types you're bound to encounter in so many occupations, and especially in book publishing. If you seek to get a book published you can't let yourself be daunted by these uptight beings that fear making mistakes more than anything else.

Don't let them torment you: They say no, even to very promising projects.

(Maybe there is something they abhor as much as making mistakes: Being proven wrong, which I suppose is simply being confronted with irrefutable proof you were mistaken about something. See my recent article: "You Hate Me, You Really, Really Do!")

For an intimate peek into the minds of the folks who judge book submissions, for a hint about what they're thinking as they appraise the "slush pile," the stack of unsolicited manuscripts they have to review, read Jeff Herman's frequently updated reference book, Guide to Book Publishers, Editors & Literary Agents.

Herman entices these functionaries to emote about what they're looking for in authors and book projects. Many share pet peeves, the sheer horror of seeing single spaced and not double spaced text, of being queried by phone, which I have found professionally gratifying, resulting in the placement of many of my books.

Oddly, even the iconoclasts in book publishing, the self-labeled rebels, suffer from a persnickety quality that is incredibly offensive to entrepreneurial, risk-taking personalities, such as yours truly.

The other day, for example, I scanned the web site of an offbeat, independent publishing house. To appreciate how bizarre many of their publications are, topics on their list include setting up your own methamphetamine lab and preparing for the impending revolution. Take my word for it, they are as close as you'll get to a close encounter with aliens in the terrestrial book world.

In reviewing their guidelines for writers you can see, in spite of their chattiness, they're not so interested in adopting your works as in abducting them, i.e. submitting them to the dreaded anal-retentive's probe.

Where does this leave the aspiring author, if by way of conventional publishing you're destined to be plagued by these mistake-a-phobic-probics?

It leaves you with one viable option: Self-publishing.

If you truly believe you have written something that is worth reading, that at least some folks will pay good money for, then go ahead, take a chance and publish a few dozen copies at Kinko's. Invest in a glossy post card-ad, mail it to a few hundred likely buyers, and see what sales you bring in. Or, pick up the phone and hustle a few copies that way.

Follow this tip: Guarantee reader satisfaction! Tell them they're going to love it.

Ask your purchasers for testimonials. Print and sell more copies.

When you have a track record of profitable sales you can return to the publishers you bypassed and ask them if they want to distribute your book.

Some might bite.

But if they don't, you will have proven your point, that your book is good, worthwhile, and salable. And that will uphold your dignity, which as any abducted author can attest, is precious and not for sale.

Dr. Gary S. Goodman is a top trainer, conference and convention speaker, sales, customer service, and negotiation consultant, and attorney. A frequent expert commentator on radio and TV, he is also the best-selling author of 12 books, more than 1,000 articles and several popular audio and video programs. His seminars are sponsored internationally and he teaches at more than 40 university extension programs, including UC Berkeley and UCLA. Gary's sales, management and consulting experience is combined with impressive academic credentials: A Ph.D. from USC, an MBA from the Peter F. Drucker School of Management, and a J.D. degree from Loyola Law School, his clients include several Fortune 1000 companies.

His web site is: and he can be reached at:

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Alien Abduction Or Sleep Paralysis?

Since the first reported alien abduction in 1957 by Antonio Villas Boas there have been a number of others that have also claimed to have been abducted. Their stories are remarkably similar. They wake up and find themselves paralyzed, unable to move or cry out for help. They see flashing lights and hear buzzing sounds. They feel an electric sensation which levitates their bodies. The approaching aliens with wrap-around eyes, gray or green skin, lacking hair or noses causes the abductees' heart to pound violently. They are transported to the alien's ship where they are probed. Instruments are inserted in their noses, navels, or other orifices. It's painful.
After a few seconds or minutes it is over. The aliens have vanished and the abductees are back in their own beds and can move again.
This experience sounds strangely like that of someone experiencing sleep paralysis. You wake up and find yourself paralyzed, unable to move or cry out for help. You are transcending from a sleep to a waking state causing hallucinations, where you may see and hear strange forms and sounds. Where you are fully awake you are not sure what just happened.
Ok so how do I come to remember all the details of my experience? Well most people that have claimed to have been abducted only remember the experience after being hypnotized to help them recover their lost memories.
Some leading Psychologist believe that hypnosis is a misleading way to help recover memories. Not only that, it renders the subject susceptible to creating memories of things that never happened, things that were suggested to you or that you just imagined.
This means that during hypnosis the hypnotist may actually create false memories by asking you questions like is there anyone in the room with you.
A study conducted by Psychologist at Harvard University also found that while the abductees show little evidence to support psychopathology in abductees. The research did indicated that these individuals usually do not meet the criteria for serious psychiatric impairment, but they scored high on measures of schizotypy. Such individuals can be described as eccentric, prone to magical and imaginary thinking, and loners. The study concluded that abductees were prone to creating false memories in the lab and were confused about the source of their memories.
This study also made some other tantalizing discoveries. Measurements of sweating, heart rate, and brain waves reviled that those claiming to be abductees show similar symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome as combat veterans. The researchers did not, however, conclude that the abductees had experienced combat-type trauma. Rather, they believe, it is the emotional significance of a memory, whether it is true or not, that causes sweaty hands and rapid heartbeats.
You may also find it interesting that stories of alien abduction did not exist prior to 1962, and they seem to have gained popularity after they were publicized on TV and in the movies. The first movie involving an alien abduction was the 1953 movie Invaders from Mars, and the Outer Limits television series presented numerous episodes involving alien abduction from 1961-1964.
With the above information you may believe that those reporting to have been abducted by aliens are highly imaginative people that have experienced sleep paralysis and later through hypnotism have been couched into recovering false memories of the experience.
The possibility always exists that some sleep paralysis experiences might have been misinterpreted by the individuals and reported them as alien abductions, particularly by susceptible people who have been reading books about aliens and UFOs. But what about those who have claimed to have been abducted during a waking state?
While there is no proof to support or dismiss the reports of alien abduction we would be pretty vain to believe that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe or for that matter the most evolved. This being said I still find some of the reported abductions a little hard to accept of a more evolved being. If I am studying a monkey I am pretty sure that I am not going to want to have with it.
Read more about allien abduction as well as sleep paralysis to solve the mysteries for yourself.

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How to Become Lucky

You may think you are a lucky person, or you may think you are unlucky.

None of us are immune to tragedy, but sometimes we can get things out of perspective.

We cannot decide on which environment or circumstances we are born into. Someone can regard themselves lucky if they get hold of the last jar of peanut butter on the shelf before it's re-stocked. There are some in the world who think they are lucky when they get a bowl of rice to eat this week.

Some people might think themselves unlucky because they have sacrificed a normal life for celebrity, while another might think someone unlucky because they have sacrificed their life for someone they love.

The point is, good and bad things happen to all of us, and usually, it is we who label it good or bad -- and not everyone need agree on the label.

We look around us sometimes and we might get a little envious of others. We might feel that they have all the luck they get all the breaks. Can we get lucky too?

Yes of course. Here are some ways you can get lucky.

Understand it

We can instantly, in one moment, increase our luck -- just by understanding and accepting all the good and benefit that exists in our lives right now. The key to being lucky is in our perception of what good luck is. Once we accept and acknowledge what is really good in our lives, we can be grateful, more gracious, and more benevolent. Our outlook brightens and we attract good in ever increasing degrees. It looks like we suddenly got lucky!

Expect it

Always, always, expect good things to happen to you. Don't ever expect the worst. Expect the best, demand the best, and the best will come!

Give it

There's an old saying and whatever your religion it boils down to do good to others and good will come to you. Never sell people short, be honest and truthful and give whatever you can to those less well off or less able. Not necessarily money, but also time, care, compassion, and all the other good things that you possess. Share it, and what others have they will share with you. Whatever you get back, just call it a lucky break.

Use charms

Using a lucky charm is a signal to the Universe. You're saying: I'm no longer going to accept less than I deserve -- I expect good things to happen to me, and they will!

A charm is a constant reminder for you too, and it will help you to remember not to dwell on negative expectations. Just press you charm and recognize that you will be lucky again.

Clarify wishes

Set off on a journey without knowing where you are going and what happens? You wander around aimlessly and usually end up getting lost. Plan your journey and be aware of exactly where you want to go. The same goes for what you want to happen in your life. Clarify your wishes as precisely and exactly as you can.

If you haven't any wishes or dreams -- get some!

Visualise dreams

The more you visualise good and lucky things happening to you, the more good and lucky things will happen. Visualise every day you living the life you want with all the happiness and abundance that you want. This isn't idle dreaming, it's using your imagination to create and forge your reality.

Take Responsibility

Whatever circumstance or situation you have arrived at in your life, take responsibility and don't blame anyone else. There are some things you can't control, but you decide how you react to things. You can brush yourself off and get back on the proverbial horse, or you can surrender and give up.

What would a lucky person do?

Alison Yates wrote this article. To learn more about Crystals and other charms, and living a lucky life with the Seven Secrets, please visit

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