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Witch, Pagan or Wiccan - Do You Need to Be Any of These to Work With Magickal Energies?

Working with magickal energies is something that is becoming more and more popular these days, whether it be through working directly with the Tarot, pendulums, numbers or candles or having a mystic or light-worker do it for you. However, confusion often reigns where magickal energy is concerned. Does one need to be a witch in order to work with energy? Or does one become a witch if they work with magickal energies? What about religion? Will someone go to hell if they work with magickal energies? Brings to mind the old saying about which witch is which - but the answer to working with energies is as simple as the act itself and anyone can do it.

Take candle magick, for example. Anyone can engage in this type of energy work without being a metaphysician, pagan, Wiccan or witch - in fact, not all Wiccans are witches and not all Wiccans are witches. And whether or not one is religious is beside the point as well...the elements of religions, lifestyles and labels have nothing whatsoever to do with working with the natural and pure energy which surrounds all of us: all that is required is a relatively clean soul (which means that you don't set out to deliberately run over your neighbor's cat); an honest belief that there is something 'out there' which we cannot see but accept as real nonetheless and an honest and true 'need' which requires immediate attention.

Unless you have been living under a dark rock somewhere, you already know that the practice of lighting candles has been around since man first discovered that the combination of wax, string and fire produced light. Candles have been used for religious purposes, spiritual purposes, illumination purposes and birthday purposes. And some others I'm sure I don't know about. Everyone has, I'm fairly sure, either lit a candle in honor of someone who has passed or blown out way too many birthday candles for just one breath.

There is a certain mystical and magickal quality to candles and for very special reasons...and this is where one form of energy work comes in. This work can be done by you...whether you are a butcher, baker or a...well, you get the idea. Also, keep in mind that the following model can be used for any other need, such as for love, health, employment...all needs can be cored down to a candle color and adjusted to suit your requirements.

Suppose you are three days shy of rent day and three hundred dollars shy of rent. That is a need, for sure (be sure not to confuse need with want - we can want a new coat or we can need one: big difference). Now, if you are fairly certain that you are a decent person (which most of us are, after all) and you know, deep in your bones, that there is indeed something mysterious and greater 'out there' than all of us combined - say an 'energy' of sorts - then all you need is a green candle, a holder and a packet of matches. Simple, right?

Well, now, nothing in life is that simple. You will have to be willing to invest a little bit of time and a little bit of serious thought. If you want me to confuse the issue for you just for fun, we can throw in some incense, an unused pin (the kind you use to darn your socks) and some normal oil (the kind you bake with) or specialty oil (which you can buy at any metaphysical store)....but for now, let's keep it simple, right?

Okay, so the basics here involve finding yourself a new green candle (tapered if possible - immerse the candle in sea salt water prior to use: this removes any negative energies it may have gathered on its journey to you), a secure holder in which to set it and a nice, quiet, still and private place where you can sit yourself down and get comfortable. That means no cell phone, television, radio, kids...if necessary, close the door and if possible, turn out the will still need, of course, enough light to see so that you don't inadvertently set the curtains on fire.

When you are settled, hold the candle in both of your hands and focus your mind on what you are about to do. You can even gently stroke the candle (draw both of your hands from the outside edges towards the middle: this draws things toward you) or roll it between your palms...this imbues it with your energies and is sometimes referred to as 'charging'. This can obviously be done in other, more complicated ways, but as should be obvious, simple works for me. When you feel the time is right, place the candle in its holder (melt a bit of the bottom so it is rooted to the base of the holder) and set it where you can see it clearly - I like to sit on the ground with the candle at eye-level.

What you are doing, essentially, is placing an order (just like from a catalog) for a particular item that you need: in this case, the means to keep a roof over your head. Allow your doubting and meddling thought patterns to flow through your brain until you reach that place of calm which will allow you to consciously admit that you accept the existence of the 'Higher Power' (whichever way you choose to address this power is your business - the rose will smell as sweet no matter what you call it).

When your brain has reached that relatively peaceful place, say a prayer. This is not as daunting as it sounds...simply, in your own words, ask God to hear you and to provide for your need. Feel that need for it is real and it is serious and then state your intention, for instance, you can say (or think - words spoken or thought carry energy) "My need is real and serious and immediate. I require 300.00 by December 1, 2010 in order to keep a roof over my head. I ask that this need be fulfilled in whichever manner you see fit and that its coming harm none, including myself." At this moment and from then on (and this is key in importance!) see yourself holding the cash you need in your hand. See it, smell it, rub it and be other words, see it already happening. Feel your sheer delight and relief! At the height of your emotion, light your candle and thank your God with sincerity. Sit for a few moments and study the flame. Feel the empowerment of what you have just done - and you will feel it, trust me. Never doubt for one second that what you are doing will happen. Just a pinch of doubt is enough to dilute the strength of the process.

Then allow the candle to burn down. If you are using a typical taper, this should be within 3 to 5 hours. If you need to leave the room or the house (it goes without saying never leave a burning candle unattended!), do not blow out the flame (this will 'blow away' your intention): simply snuff it out using a traditional snuffer or even an upside down cup. You can relight it upon your return (and do repeat a condensed version of your original prayer and intention).

Simple, right? Nope. Not so fast. Now comes the tricky part - you have to let it go. Release the thought of what you have just done. Forget about it and go about your business. Think of it like this: if you have a balloon in your hand and it is loaded with your need, how is the Universe (my name for that 'Higher Power') ever going to get its hands on it in order to work with your 'order/request'? You must let it go! Of course, you are a spirit having a human experience, but you still have to work within the boundaries of the human brain, so this is not as easy as it might sound: every time you catch yourself thinking about it, deliberately think about something else, like your favorite show or person or activity...whatever works for you.

Okay. Now you're done. You have just completed your first candle magick energy work. Or ritual. There are many words for many things, but I prefer the easy ones.

Coming up in Part Two: Techniques for Enhancing Simple Candle Magick.

There are so many ways to work with and engage energy, from Feng Shui to Chaldean Numerology. If the magick and mystery of the metaphysical appeals to you, please drop by my site for some interesting reading.

Heather Lagan

Author and artist Heather Lagan is a Chaldean Numerologist and Tarot Consultant from British Columbia, Canada where she has provided counselling services for over 25 years. Heather's primary tools of reference are the Tarot and Chaldean Numerology, the latter being the subject of her book 'Chaldean Numerology for Beginners: How Your Name Reveals Your True Nature'. Check out her website at for more information on Chaldean Numerology and other metaphysical and arcane topics. Heather also offers in person and email Tarot and Chaldean Reports...please drop by her site for details.

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A Crystal Skull and the "Orbs" - What is the Connection?

The world we live in today is filled with many paranormal phenomena. We have gigantic structures left by ancient civilizations (such as the sphinx or pyramids). We have UFOs which either are made by the governments of the world upon capturing alien craft or they are the alien crafts. We have Crop Circles - very complex geometric patterns which the British Government says is made by two or so men at night but those of us who are students of the spiritual and paranormal know its impossible. Of course in several of my articles that I have written here - I have spoken at length about the crystal skulls, so we wait to bring them in for a moment. But now we are going to bring into play the "Orbs" or the "Light Orbs" as some people call them. So before I get started, I better give a quick definition.

What is an "Orb"? - At first people thought their digital cameras were having problems because these white circular misty objects were appearing in the pictures they were taking. I don't know how long "Orbs" have been photographed, surely they must have been photographed before they became popular but now, everyone is getting orbs on their pictures. Even for us, as we are taking our personal crystal skulls to energy spots or sacred places, we are seeing "Orbs" in several of our pictures as well. I would define an "Orb" (having been in areas where they are appearing) as a dimensional intelligence whose vibrational frequency of existence is just outside what our physical vision can see but the shutter of the camera can record the flash of their light or light essence. So what we see in the photos is just one still image of this "Orb" Essence. It presents us with an idea of what these beings look like.

Why do I believe they are intelligent? Because when we ask them to do something, like move in a certain way or direction using our mind, they will do it. Also because many of the places they show up - where they are photographed - there is some interesting activity happening in that place or it has a special natural energy which seems to be calling to the "Orbs" to come as observers. How we live our lives and what are the type of activities we engage in, interest them.

Now let's move to the key theme of this article, "How can there be a connection with these possible dimensional or light intelligences and a crystal skull? Well in March of this year, my partner Katrina and I visited the Bluff Trail Labyrinth near Madison, Wisconsin overseen by our good friends, Melanie & Jerry. Of course we went to offer our public talks there but our crystal skulls ("the crystal kids") were able to be within that very powerful Labyrinth for a long time. Melanie and Jerry have been able to take many pictures around this self created Labyrinth and at times a whole lot of "Orbs" are showing up.

Anyway, during our stay for about 4 days, we were able to take many photos as well and have already published a few reports about our experiences sharing with the members of our newsletter (feel free to contact us if you might like to know more). We noticed that with the crystal skulls present inside the Labyrinth there were many "Orbs" appearing, not just white misty ones, but ones with colors and interesting designs. But the key was, when we came home to North Carolina and started taking photos around our skulls in the backyard and what do you know, "Orbs" were showing up here as well.

So we speculate then that due to the inner dimensional nature of the crystal skulls, they are able to communicate with the "Orbs" and possibly store the essence of the "Orbs" inside of them. Or, we further surmise that the crystal skull may serve as an energy generator or dimensional port that will allow an "Orb" the skull has met before, to relocate itself from one spot on the planet to another by moving through the crystal skull. Why do we think this is so, well because we have a photo of an "Orb" that appeared in Wisconsin and the same "Orb" showed up in North Carolina about a week later.

If you would be interested in some further research we have done with our friends, Ron & Missy Hill of NiteVision X, dealing with video taping moving Orbs working in tandem with the crystal skulls, a chance to view this video, please feel free to contact us.

In the meantime, have a great day and always be open to the mysteries of the universe as they appear in our reality as paranormal phenomena.

Peace and Light always,
Joshua Shapiro
A crystal skull Explorer

Joshua Shapiro is known as a crystal skull explorer and works closely with his partner Katrina Head. He has been involved with the crystal skulls for 27 years both as an investigator and a public speaker and author. He has written two books on the subject, "Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed" (with Bowen & Nocerino) and "Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers".

Joshua & Katrina offer a FREE newsletter entitled "The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls" which you can sign up for at:

Or get their FREE crystal skull e-book at:

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Day of the Dead Celebrates Lives Lived

The Day of the Dead celebrations held on November 1st and 2nd acknowledge the culmination of the life cycle, and that death will come to us all. While it directly follows Halloween, the holiday is not designed to scare or bring sadness.

The Day of the Dead allows the living to honor those who have died - family, friends, ancestors, and pets. While its origins are from ancient Meso-American cultures, which range from Mexico to Honduras and El Salvador, anyone can adopt this annual observance and tailor this colorful celebration to remember their own deceased loved ones.


Starting with the Halloween connection, going back about 3,000 years, the ancient Celtic people believed that on October 31st the boundary between the living and the dead dissolved, allowing spirits of the deceased to cross over into the living world. To combat the Druid festival Samhain (pronounced Sow-wen) held this time of year, the Catholic Church moved All Saints' Day - a.k.a. All Hallows' Day - from mid-May to November 1. Halloween comes from abbreviating All Hallows' Even, the evening before the day.

Meanwhile, over in the Western Hemisphere, indigenous peoples such as the Aztec, Maya, Olmec, Toltec and other tribes in Mexico held rituals celebrating the deaths of ancestors during the month of August. It corresponded with a festival dedicated to a goddess called Mictecacihuatl, The Lady of the Dead. When Catholic Spanish Conquistadors came to the New World more than 500 years ago, they tried to eradicate these native rituals that seemed to mock death and symbolized death and rebirth.

The ancient rituals refused to die in the face of forced conversion. So to make the ritual more Christian, the Spaniards moved it to correspond with All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, November 1 and 2. In Mexico, Dia De Los Muertos as it is known in Spanish, often honors deceased children and infants on the first day, and deceased adults on the second day.

The early Meso-American attitude was that life is a dream, and death is the awakening to real life. The dead are considered to have semi-divine status, given permission to return once a year. They are to be welcomed, not feared.

How Day of the Dead is Celebrated

Today, Day of the Dead celebrations are held in Mexico, parts of Central and Latin America, in the Southwest U.S., and some European countries. In Mexico, the celebrations are elaborate, even more so than Christmas observances. Parades and profuse decorations in homes and cemeteries make this time of year a tourist spectacle.

Families visit cemeteries to clean the graves of loved ones, decorate them with flowers and candles, and commune with the spirits of the departed. Often, they picnic in the cemetery, bringing the deceased's favorite food and drink.

When the Church granted magical curative powers to relics, it was extended to the use of milagros, Spanish for miracles, metal charms in the shape of body parts that need healing. This gave rise to specially shaped Day of the Dead foods, such as sugar skulls and pan de muerto, sweet egg bread baked in the shape of skulls or bones. These can be offerings to the dead or eaten by the living.

Colorful parades are held with people dressed as skeletons, a reminder that in death, we actually continue life. Skull masks and artwork of skeletons doing everyday activities, such as dancing, bicycle riding, and eating and drinking, remind us that the everlasting soul continues on, separate from the body.

The celebration continues in the home, welcoming the dead with respect and devotion. Some families will make an elaborate dinner, set out the food and not eat it until the next day, to let the spirits eat first. They may also make the bed with fresh sheets to allow the spirits to rest after their long journey to earth. And they construct ofrendas, individualized altars with offerings to maintain relations with the dead.

Making an Ofrenda or Altar

You don't have to be Mexican to honor your loved ones with a Day of the Dead altar in your home and welcome their spirits for a visit. Start by setting up a table with photos of the deceased, and their ashes if you have them. Don't forget to include departed pets!

Decorate around the photos with flowers and candles. Set out foods and beverages that they used to enjoy. Play the music they loved. Put art objects they collected or artwork they created on or near the altar. Write messages to them and place the notes next to their photos. Include items from pets' lives, such as toys, leashes, treats, and tags.

Traditional ofrendas have items that represent the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. A glass of water is included, to give the spirits a drink after their long journey. Tissue paper sheets with elaborate cutout designs, called papel picado, represent air, as they move with the gentlest breeze. Flowers and a bowl of salt often represent the earth, and candles provide fire.

Marigolds are the flower of choice for Day of the Dead decorating. Their pungent scent is said to guide souls to earth, and marigolds are often still blooming in late October. Flowers can be arranged in an arch, along with sheets of papel picado, representing the connection from earth to heaven.

Create the altar prior to Halloween, and keep it up for as long as it feels right. Photograph the altar for posterity. Each year presents a new opportunity to remember and honor those who meant so much to us while they lived. Inevitably, there will be new faces to add as the years go by.

Gail Rubin is the author of A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don't Plan to Die -

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Is Halloween a Satanic Ritual? Pre-Historic Celts - Halloween and Samhain

Halloween's Ancient Origins

How many of us really know the meaning behind Halloween? Most of us enjoy Halloween, that is with the exception of a few Religious Zealots who believe that it's devilish, and perhaps also a few overly concerned mothers. Halloween has been celebrated differently, at different times and different places. Its lore is nearly as diverse as the costumes that you see parading around on Halloween night. But Halloween has always been a bit of a mystery, and filled with contrariness and revelry, a necessary release of social tension.

Halloween is so much fun, that we almost forget it's a holiday (Holy-Day). At least the Christian Evangelists have, who claim that it is evil and demonic. The founder of the Christian Coalition, Reverend Pat Robertson even went so far as to call it a 'satanic ritual' and did his utmost to have it banned in 1982. He completely ignored the fact that Halloween is most definitely a Christian Holiday and one of the most important ones at that.

It has been celebrated by the Christian Church for over fourteen hundred years, and is one of the six holy days of observance, when high mass is held. Sunday is also one of the six holy days of observance!

You probably know that Halloween is the 'All Saints Day' of the Christian world. Correspondingly, the following day of November 2nd, is 'All Souls Day'. This juxtaposition of days is meant to insure that the Heavenly Saints will look after the souls of the dearly departed. Halloween or 'Hallowtide', as it was once known, was not always observed on the 1st of November, but a much older festival was.

Halloween inherited some of its supernatural flavor, and the tradition of bonfires from this ancient festival but surprisingly little else. Most of the customs we celebrate today, such as wearing costumes and trick-or-treating, originated in Medieval times.

Halloween and the Pre-historic Celts

Imagine what it would be like if you could travel back in time, to a time long before Halloween was celebrated on the cobbled streets of Medieval Europe. Our time machine may not be able to transport you bodily, but it will transport your mind back in time, to explore the ancient festival that Halloween eventually replaced.

It is into the pre-historic world of the Celtic tribes that our journey will take us, and this is where it gets a little tricky, because the Celts didn't use writing. Julius Caesar tells us that, 'They consider it improper to entrust their studies to writing'. The myths, history and tradition of the Celts, were orally recounted, and passed on by the Druidic bards, who sang their sagas at festive gatherings.

"These sagas were part of a long vernacular tradition that was written down centuries later, probably in corrupted and abbreviated form. These stories should be read as clues to the mystery of ancient lore and to the art of storytelling, rather than as straightforward evidence of social practice."1

The Celtic tribes were the fiercest enemies of Rome, and sacked it on four occasions. Yet, much of what we know about the Celtic culture was written by the Romans. What do you think your enemies would write about you? What the Roman's did write, was generally filled with horrifying tales and pernicious propaganda. As exemplified by the Hollywood film, Wicker Man, which was loosely based on Roman accounts of the Celtic celebration of Halloween, their Sahmain.

The most reliable source for us to understand the mysterious culture of the Celts, is by way of their stone age monuments and gold and silver artifacts. Even with our time machine, it is a seemingly impossible task to date the line that divides pre-historic Europe from Celtic Europe, or indeed to tell if such a line even exists. All that we can know with any surety is that the obscure origins of the Celtic tribes lays somewhere between 34,000 years ago, the age of Ireland's old mound of New Grange, and 3300 BC, marking the first construction of Stonehenge.

From Julius Caesar, we also learn that the Celts were divided into aristocratic tribes. They lived in circular houses and formed cozy communities ruled by king like chieftains. We also know that their legendary festivals were held in huge rectangular halls. Some people believe that these were an early prototype of the Medieval Cathedral.

The Celtic Sagas tell us that they were a mystic Culture. Like Halloween itself, the Celts existed between the very real world of daily practicalities and an enchanted world, filled with fairies, fey and supernatural feats. They lived their fearless lives with great zeal and fervour. The Celtic women were the most liberated women in the ancient world. They enjoyed equality and fought side by side with their men in battle.

The men fought without clothes or armour. Can you imagine what they must have looked like? Their naked bodies would have been a terrifying sight. The men were completely shaven except for a moustache, and a wild mane of hair highlighted with powdered limestone. As you may have seen in Mel Gibson's movie 'Brave Heart', some of the men even dyed their bodies blue and wore amulets and huge torcs around their necks.

Halloween and the Ancient Festival of Samhain

Thousands upon thousands of years before the dawn of the Christianity, around the 1st of November, the Celtic tribes celebrated what has become Halloween. It was their Harvest Festival of Samhain (pronounced 'sow-win'). The Celtic calendar of festivals was based on cycles of nature and the agricultural year. They celebrated the Solstices and Equinoxes, as well as the Cross-Quarters in between - Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, Samhain. 2

The eight spoked wheel of the Celtic year, perpetually turns on and on. At each of its eight points, the natural rhythms of the seasons, of our personal lives, of our communities and of the heavens, come into alignment. Like nature itself "people are moved by the rhythms of the earth, its tides of ebb and flow, caused by the cycles of the sun and moon. While the moon magnetically controls the waters, the sun controls the seasons. With the withdrawal of the sun's light, warmth and energy, like nature itself, we automatically draw our energies inwards in order to sustain life".

The Celtic Halloween - Samhain, marked the beginning of the sun's journey into the wintery underworld. The harvest was reaped, the fields lay fallow, the livestock was ritually culled and its meat salted and smoked in readiness for the coming cold. The agricultural year had come to its end, and on Samhain, the Celtic New Year would begin.

Daylight is the summer of the seasons while nighttime corresponds to the winter. The line that divides day and night is at it's thinnest at twilight, at dawn and dusk. Samhain was the dusk of the seasons, when the sun of the old year passed away and entered into the underworld. It was the twilight season, when the veil that separates the world of the living from that of the dead and supernatural, is at its thinnest. So thin that cracks open between the worlds, allowing fairies, ghosts and other supernatural beings to enter the living world.

Samhain was a time of supernatural intensity, when an immense amount of spiritual energy poured into the world. It was a time when divinations were performed to see what the coming year had in store. It was a time of purification and a time of magic and ritual to appease the dead.

In Celtic mythology, Samhain was the day when the tribal god, the Dadha, made love with Morrigan, the raven goddess of war. You might know of Morrigan because in later ages she played the role of the evil sorceress in the legend of King Arthur.

After our brief journey back in time, some of you may be thinking, that even if Halloween isn't Satanic, then Samhain sure sounds like it could be. To put the matter to rest once and for all, there is no way it could be. There is no corresponding god, angel, or any utterly evil being in the Celtic pantheon. In closing, I will once again quote from Nicholas Rogers' extraordinary book, 'Halloween - From Pagan Ritual To Party Night'-

"The belief is satanic cults blossomed only in the late medieval era when it formed part of the persecutory discourse against heretics and witches - long after the demise of Samhain."4

Foot Notes

1. Rogers Nicholas, 'Halloween - From Pagan Ritual To Party Night', Pg 18, Oxford University Press

2. The Cross-Quarter festivals of the Celtic calendar.

A) Imbolc, the spring festival was celebrated on the 1st of February.

B) Beltane, the summer festival was celebrated on the 1st of May.

C) Lughnasadh, the autumn festival was celebrated on the 1st of August.

D) Samhain, the winter festival, like our Halloween, was celebrated on the eve of October 31st and the 1st of November.

3. Paterson Jacqueline, 'Tree Wisdom', Pg 83, Thorsons - Harper and Collins

4. Rogers Nicholas, 'Halloween - From Pagan Ritual To Party Night', Pg 13

Shunyata's fascination with human potential and the mysteries of life propelled him on an life-long course of study, research and development.

"He is a yogi, mystic visionary and author/lecturer in fields such as ancient tradition, sacred symbolism and natural philosophy." (Garuda Magazine)

Being an avid Halloween enthusiast Shunyata has brewed up a special treat for you. He has just launched a website that brings together a collection of Halloween Costumes that really rock.

It is full of interesting reads and the best thing is that you will also get a free Halloween E-book just for visiting his site at

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Magic Love Spells

Love spells are intended to provide a magical solution to love troubles and tribulations. There are different kinds of love spells, from simple and innocuous ones to those that require the use of elaborate rituals, charms and magical spells. There are magical love spells to regain a partner, stop the person from straying, rejuvenate a stale love life, increase love magnetism, get the person of one's dreams, etc. Love spells can differ according to different cultures and traditions. The Wicca love spells differ from voodoo love spells.

Although the actual authenticity of love spells is very much in debate, one should practice caution when opting to use a spell for love problems. Apart from the ethical inappropriateness of trying to control the free will of a person through paranormal methods, the magical spell, when used negatively, may backfire and affect the person casting the spell. There are various methods to bind the spell so that the energy generated is used for the specified purpose. However, trying to control a person for a long time through magic requires a great deal of effort. A point comes when the accumulated negative magical energy reflects badly on the caster (a nasty divorce, accidents etc).

From white magic spells, black magic spells, pagan magic, witchcraft, herbal or candle magic, occult magic with spirit evoking, use of talismans, to amulets, charms, portions, stones, etc, the paranormal and magical realm opens up to provide both offensive and defensive magic love spells, spell reversals and much more.

Magical love spells are energy that is directed through symbols or props to bring about the desired change or achieve a certain end. Spell experts believe that everything in this world has dynamic energy. By using various psychological tools they help to generate more energy, which is directed to change the natural course of a particular event. Symbols (planetary combination, metals, plants, musical notes, object etc) are not actually agents, but they help invoke certain thoughts and represent certain ideas.

Spell-casting entails mental power and psychological tools of concentration, visualization, and projection that are developed through practice. Spells can help in identifying, highlighting, addressing and consequently discarding one's ulterior complexes and fears. It enables one to communicate better with the inner self.

An underlying guilt in using love spells stems from the belief that spirit and matter are basically different realms. However, in the magical world, it is believed that the Goddess is manifest in all things and that all materials are the blessings of the Goddess bestowed upon mortals.

Magical love spells can direct energy either for subtle suggestion to the mind or by directly affecting the exterior world. A magical love spell's energy is often bound for a particular cause and for a certain period, so that in doesn't cause any harm.

Love Spells [] provides detailed information on Love Spells, Free Love Spells, Magic Love Spells, Powerful Love Spells and more. Love Spells is affiliated with Love Quotes.

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Halloween Traditions - Occult Worship, Catholic Saint Memorial, and Secular Holiday Combined

The Origin of Halloween Traditions
Halloween is the second largest holiday in the world. Although it is based on ancient Celtic beliefs, the effects of the Roman Empire and the spread of Catholicism have taken these traditions throughout the world. Those who participate in this holiday seldom know the origin, history, or religious overtones contained within those traditions.

Celtic Festival of Samhain
The Celtic Festival of Samhain is at the base of the Halloween observance. Samhain means 'the end of summer' and does not represent the name of a Celtic god as is often falsely reported. Samhain marks the end of the Celtic calendar year and a time when it is believed that the boundary between the physical and spiritual realms loosen and intermingle. The Celtic people would wear animal skins and heads so they would not be recognized by the souls of the dead that wandered around. Furthermore, the Druid priests, would burn sacrifices in bone fires, later known as bonfires, to appease the various deities that might play tricks on the people.

Roman Festivals of Faralia and Pomona
The Roman Empire conquered the Celtic region in the first century AD and ruled until 410 AD. The Roman Festival of Faralia, for the departing of the dead, and the Roman Festival of Pomona, for the goddess of the harvest, were observed in the autumn at a similar time to that of Samhain. Consequently, the traditions of the Roman festivals mixed with those of the Festival of Samhain. In particular, was the use of the apple, the symbol of Pomona, in the use of divination of future events like marriage.

The Catholic Church and All Hallows Eve
In 609 AD, Pope Boniface IV created a remembrance for all martyrs. Around 740 AD, Pope Gregory III dedicated a chapel in the Basilica of St. Peter in honor of all the saints and fixed the November 1 date. Following this, Pope Gregory IV ordered its observance by all in 837 AD. This became known as All Hollows Day. All Hollows Eve began the evening before and is the origin of the shortened form of Halloween. By the end of the Middle Ages, the Celtic and Roman festivals had blended with the Catholic All Hollows Eve that resulted in the traditions and symbols spreading together wherever Catholicism traveled.

Turnips, a Pumpkin, and the Jack-O-Lantern
One of the most familiar sights in the North American celebration of Halloween is the pumpkin carved with a scary face and a candle inside known as the Jack-O-Lantern. This Halloween item comes from an Irish folk legend about a man named Jack who was known as a trickster. Legend states he managed to trick the devil so that he could not take his soul. Later, when he died, he was also denied access to Heaven and was stuck wandering the Earth. He carved out a turnip and stuck a burning ember inside to ward off evil spirits. This became known as Jack's Lantern. When the Irish immigrants came to America in the mid-1800's, turnips were not commonly available and they turned, instead, to the use of the carved pumpkin.

Halloween Traditions for Children
The modern secular movement has maintained the mixture of traditions while removing the religious meanings. This set the stage for the eventual transition into Halloween becoming a day primarily for children. Many of the traditions associated with Halloween are descended from the Celtic, Roman, and Catholic rituals of worship. Most often, the children playing have no understanding of their significance physically and spiritually. Wearing masks, trick-or-treat, bobbing for apples, bonfires, and scary animals associated with the night are all reminiscent of these occult practices.

Occult Worship
Modern day practitioners of these religions, such as witches, do exist and continue to perform these rituals with their full occult knowledge and purposes. It is considered a festival of the dead and also the best time for contacting the dead. Occult rituals, spell casting, and even blood sacrifices are still practiced. Halloween often serves as an open door to exploring the occult and is the highest recruitment night of new people for those religions.

For more information regarding the origins, history, and traditions of Halloween, please visit Exploring Salvation at and look under 'Traditions'.

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The Halloween Pumpkin - Jack-O-Lantern Legends And Facts

The pumpkin lantern, also known as the Jack-o-Lantern, is today synonymous with Halloween. However, this was not always the case - not only is the use of pumpkin relatively recent, but the Jack-o-Lantern did not used to be associated with Halloween either! This article discusses some of the history of the Halloween lantern.

The Legend of Stingy Jack

The Jack-o-Lantern, according to legend, originated in Ireland, and was initially made not from a pumpkin, but a turnip. The old Irish legend tells of how there lived a farmer named Stingy Jack. Jack was rather lazy, but very cunning, and enjoyed playing tricks on people. One victim of his tricks was the devil, who he managed to trap, and only released when the devil agreed that he would not come for Jack's soul when he died.

There are a number of variations on the story. In one version, Stingy Jack invited the devil to have a drink with him. To avoid paying for his drink, Jack asked the Devil to turn himself into a coin, but then he put the coin in his pocket, along with a silver cross. The cross prevented the devil from returning to his normal form, and Jack only released him on the condition that the devil not bother him for a year, and not claim his soul if he died.

In another version of the coin story, Jack was being chased by villagers from whom he had stolen goods. The devil appeared, as it was time for Jack to die, but Jack enticed the devil into playing a trick on the villagers by turning himself into a coin which Jack could use to pay for the stolen goods. When the coin disappeared, the villagers would fight over its disappearance, believing tha one of their number had stolen it. The devil, who found such trouble-making amusing, agreed to this plan, but then found himself in Jack's wallet alongside a silver cross that Jack had also stolen, and was unable to change back to his normal form.

In a third version of the story, Jack tricked the devil into climbing up an apple tree, then carved a cross into the bark (or placed crosses around the trunk), so the devil could not come down.

In every version of the story, Jack only released the devil when the devil agreed not to take his soul.

Jack's plan backfired somewhat, however. When Jack eventually died, he was unable to go to heaven, because of his sinful lifestyle. But the devil, upset by Jack's tricks, and staying true to his bargain, wouldn't allow him into hell either, and sends him back out into the dark night, with the result that Jack was forced to spend eternity wandering in the darkness between heaven and hell. Jack complained that he could not see where to go, so the devil threw him a burning ember, which being from hell, never goes out. Jack was fond of eating turnips, and usually had one with him, so he carved a lantern from one of his turnips, and put the ember inside it. Guided by his lantern, Jack proceeded to spend eternity wandering the earth at night in search of a place to rest. The Irish began to refer to him as 'Jack of the Lantern', which was later shorted to Jack-o-Lantern.

The lantern became the symbol of a damned soul, and the Irish, Scottish and English would carve their own lanterns from turnips and other vegetables such as swedes, mangelwurzels and (in England) large beets, and then place them in the windows to scare away Jack and other evil spirits, particularly at Halloween time. Many believe that the Halloween vegetable lantern tradition was then brought to the US by the Irish and Scottish immigrants of the mid-19th century.

Debunking the Legend

Such is the legend about the origins of the Jack-o-Lantern. But like most legends, it is contradicted in a few ways by known facts:

The term 'Jack-o-Lantern' is not widely used outside the US

Although there is a very long tradition of making carved vegetable lanterns in the British Isles, the term Jack-o-Lantern does not appear to have been used in reference to these lanterns. In fact, the term, despite its supposedly Irish roots, is not very common outside of the US. It originally referred to a night watchman (man with a lantern - this usage dates back at least to the mid 17th century), and later, to the ignis fatuus, or will-o'-the wisp, and in some areas this use of the term persists today.

The use of the pumpkin lantern developed independently of the turnip lantern

Many people believe that the use of the Halloween pumpkin lantern was inspired by the turnip lantern tradition that was brought to the US by Irish and Scottish immigrants in the mid 19th century. In fact pumpkins had been used to make lanterns during the harvest season in the US long before the mass immigrations, so the pumpkin lantern was not a new phenomenon. However, its use may have been popularised more widely by the immigrants, who found pumpkins to be a useful substitute for turnips and other traditional vegetables.

Neither turnip or pumpkin lanterns were originally associated with Halloween

The carved vegetable lantern was not originally associated with Halloween either in the US or in Britain, but it has now become so. One reason is that at this time of year, it was traditionally believed that the barrier between the physical and the spirit worlds becomes thinner, and contact with the souls of the dead is more readily made. The lanterns were both symbolic of such wandering spirits, and were also used to scare them away. People also used to dress up in costumes (much like the Halloween costumes of today), in an attempt to scare these spirits away. Over time these traditions have become more specifically associated with the Halloween festivities.

But whatever its origins, it's undeniable that over the last century or so, the Jack-o-Lantern - particularly the American pumpkin variety - has become inextricably associated with Halloween, which just wouldn't be the same without it!

Melania Karel is entranced by all things supernatural and Halloween-related, and is webmaster of a treasure trove of spooky information and resources, including information about Halloween lanterns, such as pumpkin painting and other forms of decoration.

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Real Magic Spells - It Can Even Alter the Reality

They say destiny is unalterable but then there is something that can bring you the best of your heart's desire. No, it is not sheer will power but the supernatural power of real magic spells created by experts. They say that the right spell cast in the right manner and for the right purpose can even alter the destiny. Though will be disappointed if you try to find out any scientific basis of the practices practiced in spell but then perhaps faith is the name given to things that do not need any scientific proof to be believed.

Magic love spells are known to make the intended person spell bound. All you need to perform the spell is one ounce of dried rose petals, ¼ ounce sweet bugle, ½ ounce cinnamon, ¼ ounce anise seed, ¼ ounce frankincense, and one ounce powdered sandalwood and ¼ teaspoon saltpeter.

You need to prepare the set up in the following fashion in which you need to place a red candle on your alter and place a red heart on the right of the candle. A lodestone or a magnet should be placed at the front of the candle. The incense burner may be placed at the left side of the burner. After you light the incense sticks start chanting the words mentioned below in a cool rhythm.

Bring to me my sweet love, my heart and hope and dove, bring to me someone special, someone ( name the three traits you would like to have the person to have), I long to love and hold you dear, to whisper things of love in your ear, I wish to hold and have a love, to cherish until life above.

Take care that you say the right words because any alteration would not bring the desired effect.

Magic spells are of many forms and are practiced for diverse reasons, like the one mentioned below is believed to protect the practitioner from any kind of harm. One needs to think that the presence of Archangel, Michael is all around and mention them categorically like "Michael to the right of me", "Michael to the left of me", "Michael above me" and "Michael below me" and finally you need to feel the presence of Michael within yourself and mention it accordingly. This will give rise to a sense of security and it is believed to drive away any kind of misfortune that is to strike the person.

Gardner Wilkinson is an accomplished author in the repute of wizard and real mystic stories. To read more about real magic spells and to cast your own magic spells visit web site:

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Why Black Magic Witches Are So Powerful?

Black magic done by witches is very powerful and it is exactly the opposite of many other white magic spells. It is very annihilating in nature and it has the power to remove any kind of distractions or obstructions that comes in its way to achieve its purpose.

Witches, who perform black magic art, usually give the guarantee that it would show its effect when once initiated. Unlike white magic which gets difficult to perform due to certain emotions like fear, doubt and faithlessness, black magic suffers no such problems and when once started it can be stopped in no way.

Most practiced black magic performing witches and craftsmen can explain it in terms of modern physics and quantum mechanics. They can explain how black magic makes use of dark energy and dark matter for the achievements of its purpose.

Dark matter can be called as conceptualization of matter which is physical but occurs in places where actually matter does not exist. This concept is also supported by cosmology. Their existence is actually accounted on the basis of the gravitational forces and effects that work on matters which are visible and also the radiation that is being emitted by them.

Over this electromagnetic radiation concept, this is very powerful indeed; the clusters of galaxies around us are measured. Black magic witches know that 23% of the mass energy density comes into play when they are dealing with dark matter, while you will be shocked to know that only 4.6% of this density can be realized with objects that you get to see. These matters actually constitute 80% of the unexploited and undiscovered universe.

The potential thus lies unknown to many. While dark energy is believed to be dominating in empty spaces and is so powerful as to account for the ever expanding nature of our universe. Among the total mass energy in universe it accounts for nearly 74%.

Black magic performing witches make use of such energy and particles which have such a huge potential. They apply the principle that everything in universe is connected to all the other things in universe and so they choose to operate in dark hours of night. At this hour they claim that dark matter and dark energy workings are more dominant, as this time is also known as "the thinning of veils". This is the time when desires and wishes can be turned into hard reality.

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The World of Magic Spells

Magic spells are still practiced today, and have a long range of practice in our history. They have been used by men called sorcerers during the Dark Ages, because of increased superstition at that time. As we have just mentioned, though, they are still used today through many different groups and organizations.

There are various types of magic spells provided by different cultures that achieve different tasks. Some say that magic spells are separated into two different main categories, as they can be either white or black. White magic is said to be used to help a person or help the spell caster. Black magic is used to harm or cause the caster to have mind control over someone else. These two are disputed as legitimate categories by many, though, as modern magic practitioners say that magic can not be good or bad (as many theories of black and white magic claim) but can only be related to the intentions of the caster. And to add to the theory that magic is not black and white are spells like levitation, as those spells clearly are not to help or harm anyone.

An example of a spell of the white magic category would be a spell of luck. There are many spells of luck available to a sorcerer who wishes improvement in this area, and these spells require a variety of movements, speech, relative times, or materials. One spell for good luck requires a full moon, and is a spell said in the honor of Lady Luck. There are other variations of luck spells as well. One requires the caster to simply focus energy into their arms, put their arms together, then release them and rub them all over the body, and this spell promises good luck to the spell caster.

There are also examples of black magic such as the nightmare branch of magic spells. Nightmare spells can be used to negate nightmares, in order to help one sleep or just keep one from scary nightmares. But for black magic purposes, nightmare spells or chants are used to induce an enemy with nightmares. These often require candles and a picture of the enemy. These spells are said to cause immense torment on the target, and if they are cast multiple times they have the ability to cause injury and even death.

Different cultures are linked to different types of magic. The voodoo practiced in some areas of Haiti is known to be linked with the dark magic arts. This includes spells that are said to harm others, such as resurrecting the dead to assassinate one's enemies, or even the well-known voodoo dolls that are also used for harm.

Are you interested in magic spells? If so, be sure to read about love spells and other spells that have been practiced throughout history at my site.

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Do Shapeshifting Lizards Run the World - Reptilians

The TV series "V" had aliens reaching planet earth assuming human form and earthlings welcomed them with open arms and having them for supper. Until they realized the aliens were reptiles in humanoid disguise out to rule the world. Now it may be an interesting pop culture subject but it's not surprising altogether that there are conspiracy theories that actually hold people in business, politics and government as shape-shifting reptiles looking like humans and now controlling the world.

Two theories account for these reptiles among us. First, they have existed and have been with the human race since the dawn of recorded history and have been guiding us in our agriculture and industries to attain our modern lifestyles.

Their continent Lemuria had sunk and the survivors were able to reach other continents and with their uncanny abilities to shape-shift, were able to meld with the barbaric and ancient cultures in other continents. And Second, they are Aliens from a distant planet who have identified planet earth as their second home and have created humans over whom they can have dominion.

The English writer David Vaughan Icke is the prime author of this conspiracy that would have the world believe that the British Royalty, US Presidents and noted Industrialists and businessmen as lizards in disguise. It has nothing to do with the observed phenomenon that many heads of states think like lizards but more as a conspiracy made up of a secret elite group of reptilian humanoids out to control the world.

His main basic argument revolves around a race of reptiles called Anunnaki from the planet Draco who have figured all throughout history with a claim that the human race was created by them and is controlled by a network of secret societies he calls the Babylonian Brotherhood represented in the Illuminati, the House of Windsor, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, the round table, the UN, the Bilderberg group, the IMF, even the media, religion, the military and the Internet.

He had written four major and 16 books on the subject over 7 years and appeared on numerous lecture circuits around the world since 2000 attracting more than 30,000 audiences. This has made him a controversial figure and dubbed as the leader of New Age conspiracism that has attracted a sizable following across various segments of society, including politics. His 533-page "The Biggest Secret" published in 1999 became the cornerstone or the Rosetta Stone of the conspiracy theory.

True or not, David Icke has some serious following that has spawned numerous websites on the subject some of which border on the humorous and satirical on the sad state of earthly existence.

There is a website that describes The Reptilians and numerous other topics of interest such as conspiracies, secret technology, ufos, secret weapons research, bible end times predictions and many other such subjects, this website is called: The Great Deception and it may be found at this url:

You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.

Robert W. Benjamin has been in the software business since the 1970's on the C64, AMIGA, and WINDOWS Computer Systems. He has won magazine awards for the 'Game of the Month', and more, in several European computer magazines.

The Great Deception

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Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins

A recent and continuing occurrence, which happens to someone close to me, set me to thinking about the supernatural world. She claims to see dark apparitions of human-like figures lurking in the shadows of their house, sporadically appearing on no particular occasion, whether other persons are present or not, threatening enough to appear in her dreams. Except for wanting not to be left alone in odd or rarely frequented places of the domicile, she remains the vibrant and lively and strong-willed girl she has always been.

The presence of the spirit world is freely acknowledged by the great religions and philosophies of the world. A distinguishing division is then usually made whether it be good or evil, angel or demon, of the light or of the dark, (astonishingly enough, there are no in-betweens). The good ones are those that guide us when we need help, watch over us in times of peril, and protect us from harm when we face danger. Some even reward us for correct choices or righteous deeds. The bad ones do the exact opposite, readily presenting themselves in personal moments of spiritual weakness or emotional distress. They are the ones that give us all the tribulation.

Never has one actually manifested to me, although I have lived alone for many years, in an old house surrounded by some trees (vaunted dwelling places of spirits or portal to the unseen world), slept with no lights or clothes on (keep waking me up). Nor do I have the intention of seeing one, for I know that after the initial shock and mind seizure, I would blindly hit it back, with greater impunity.

An interesting thought occurred to me about these beings: they appear differently to peoples of different countries. While in some these appear as banshees, vampires, or werewolves, in others these appear as a cigar-smoking giant with the head of a horse, a small baby with sharp teeth and flashing eyes, or a half-bodied woman (upper portion) with huge bat wings and whip-like tongue (obviously from a people of a very creative imagination). Perhaps the most laughable of these terrifying spooks are those sometimes seen in Chinese martial art movies, the one dressed with the robes of a mandarin, floating through the air, with a strip of paper stuck on its forehead. It only proves what I have always postulated: these specters are culturally-influenced, feed to the masses through media hypnosis.

A spate of reality shows have invaded television, some geared to the fascination with haunted houses, spirit possession, paranormal or metaphysical. Questors investigate known locations worldwide of otherworldly phenomena to try and prove the veracity of such claims. With the use of up-to-date equipments like infra-red cameras, closed-circuit videos, high-resolution microphones, motion detectors, computers, and the like, they explore the world not normally visited (the rest of us too frightened to do so). To the present, except for an occasional whiff of breeze, a feeling of coldness, blobs of light, silhouettes, background images, garbled sound, passing shadow speeding at the corner of the eye - none has ever appeared. Another theory proven: they are afraid of us!

Rightly so, their supreme master, the devil, trembles at the sound of the name of our Lord.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Started Out As a Pagan Celebration

Have you ever thought about or done any research as to what Halloween actually started out as? Where in the world the current customs of carving pumpkins into Jack-'o-Lanterns and Trick-or-Treating and wearing costumes that can be either funny or scary or just plain cute came from? These are things that many of us have not really thought about or even know anything about. The true history of the holiday that we know as Halloween is a bit cloudy and unknown to most people. Yet there are many people around the world that are very aware of the traditions and history involved here.

One of the first things that needs to be said here is that the current way of spelling and writing Halloween is actually an updated version of what the holiday originally started out as; which is in reality Hallowe'en. The reason for this is that Halloween when written in the original way - Hallowe'en - actually referred to and meant Hallows Eve or All Hallows Eve. This traditionally takes place on October 31st every year. On today's calendars it immediately precedes All Soul's Day which is November 1st.

To get to the truth about where and when the custom and traditions and practices of what we now know as Halloween REALLY came from we need to go back thousands of years and to another continent and countries altogether. In reality when we now know as Halloween - or All Hallows Eve - in truth began as a PAGAN Sabbat, or Holy Celebration, known as Samhain. This is pronounced as SOW-EEN. Samhain originated as a Celtic, and Druid as well it is believed, Celebration that Honors the ancestors and deceased of those that were and are alive to celebrate. Part of this yearly celebration also marks the coming of the Darker Half of the year, meaning Autumn and Winter.

On the Pagan Wheel of the Year there are 8 Sabbats or Celebrations that are marked by certain things. Samhain is set as the 7th of the 8 celebrations. The Pagans of old and today are always observing what is happening all around them and celebrate the changing of the Seasons of the year and the phases of the Moon. Samhain, and Halloween, fall on the thirty-first day of October because this is the day that the Celtic people, and most Pagans for that matter, felt the presence of the spirits of the Departed more than any other day and night. It has always been said and believed that on Samhain/Halloween the Veil between the Worlds of the Living and the Dead - or the Physical/Seen and Spiritual/Unseen Realms - is the thinnest it will ever be. It is this fact that allows the spirits of the dead to roam the Earth/Physical Realm freely.

It is this fact, as well as people's fears regarding the appearance of those that had died that led to the custom of wearing Costumes in the first place. For the most part what is now an accepted and enjoyable part of Halloween originally began as a way to keep the wandering Ghosts and Spirits away for those Living that they happened to come across. What is now something of an obsession with and for many people around the world was originally something as simple as throwing a blanket or sheet or and animal skin over/around oneself so that the Ghosts/Spirits could not see you and therefore would not bother you. Nowadays we look all over in the stores and online or decide to make costumes by hand.

The money that is spent on the things that are so easily associated with Halloween: Costumes, Trick-or-Treat Candy and Bags, Pumpkins and traditional foods is simply STAGGERING!!! Foods such as Apples and Pumpkins, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Apple Cider, Indian Corn, Assorted Gourds and Assorted Candy/Candy Corn have long since been staples of our yearly Halloween celebrations.

Another major part of the original Pagan celebration of Samhain involves lighting HUGE Bonfires outdoors. The reason behind this and why people often did this was also to scare the Ghosts/Spirits away from themselves, their homes and their lands. The outdoor Bonfires and donning of Cloaks/Animal Skins have slowly given way to today's customs of donning Halloween Costumes and carving Jack 'o Lanterns which often have a large lit candle placed in them.

The last part of the history of Halloween involves how it actually became what we now know as Halloween. Well, that part of the story came about after the Catholic Church was formed. This is NOT an attack on the Catholic Church now mind you, but simply a historical fact that cannot be disputed. The leaders of the Catholic Church slowly "took over" and Re-Named all Pagan Sabbats. They adopted most of the Pagan religious customs and adapted or eradicated those they did not like; thus Samhain became Hallowe'en/All Hallows Eve. Make no mistake about the fact that Samhain was and still is a religious celebration among the Celtic and Pagan people, one that still endures to this day!

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Crone Magic - Crone Wisdom

As I have aged, what have been shown to me by the Dark Mother are wonders that I could never have imagined. For this I am forever grateful.

Knowing that with age comes wisdom, magic takes on a whole new energy for me. Working with Crone Magic is scary for some because Her moon is the Dark Moon: The unknown, the void from which all things are created. This is not a moon for the faint of heart but for those that know and understand what the darkness represents and are not afraid to use it, to identify with it, to enjoy it and gain power from it.

If one desires to feel this power, here are a few insights that will help to make your Crone Magic powerful.

First of all the Dark Moon is also known as the waning crescent moon. It is related to the Sabbat of Samhain, which many call Halloween.

In the womb of darkness, the moon rests for three and one half days. During this time she is gathering information and laying the foundation for new ideas to take hold.

This is a time to perform spells for prophecy, cursing or chaos. Of course, if one curses another, they shall reap that which they have sown. "Do what ye will but harm none."

The Dark Moon energy is one of great power for any and all magical work. Justice can be sought during this moontime.

Taking time to go deep within, understanding, gaining knowledge of self ... the anger and the passion that courses through your blood, guiding these emotions to work in a most positive way.

The Dark Moon is excellent for deep meditation.

Black is the main color of Crone Magic. It is the absence of color, yet encompasses all colors. Black, which many are fearful of, represents protection and transformation. It dispels negative energy quickly. Black is also very good for banishing spells, the Divine Femi9, night, the universe or yoni-verse and lack of falsehood. One of the colors of the root chakra, the first chakra, is black. This is where lies your foundation in life.

Another Crone Magic color is purple. Ah, the Royal Dark Mother. Purple represents pure divine power, it deepens spiritual awareness and is used for gaining ancient wisdom and finding that which you seek. Purple: Psychic awareness and spirituality in a nutshell. This color is connected to the Third Eye Chakra or the All Seeing Eye, the sixth chakra.

Black is Saturn energy. Masculine. The world within, the Record Keeper, the Lord of Karma. When the head and the heart are united, Saturn has done its work.

Purple on the other hand, is Neptune energy. Neptune melts all barriers by being persuasive. It is a Femi9 vibration, exquisite. Neptune is Divine Love, intangible realms and the next dimension. With Neptune sacrifice is joy and there is no suffering.

Is there any doubt as to why these two colors are attributed to the Crone, her wisdom, her magic?

When one works or makes magic, they are using energy. Everything is energy and energy is used to create. Energy in and of itself, is pure. We give to it the intention and emotion of our will. Energy is not good or bad or right or wrong. It just is.

Now that you understand what energy is, you'll want to empower and use your Sacred Tools, such as herbs, stones, oils and any other items that are deemed sacred to you and by you. We use tools to help create an ambience that is conducive to magical work.

Within my Sacred Toolbox are musical instruments, such as a nutshell rattle to call up and shake off, bells, wooden sticks, feathers, candles, crystals, earth and water collected at certain times. I also have a doll that I made for special work on myself. These are just a few of my Sacred Tools.

You will want to have an area especially for your magical work. This is where you power lies outside of yourself. This is your altar or shrine space. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Sometimes one must use a portable altar because of circumstances, space being one of them. A portable altar is good for other reasons as well, like keeping it out of the way of prying eyes or simply for convenience.

Some things that represent the Crone energy are brooms, shells and bones. I found a great Crone figurine at a thrift store. She is working her broom with a black cat at her feet. I just love her. Thrift shops are fun to shop in and you never know where you are going to find your Sacred Tools.

You may even decide to use your creative talent to make a Crone doll, or a Magical Crone Collage, or you may even decorate a broom.

When making a Magical Crone Collage you will need magazines and/or newspapers, and possibly some other things to make your collage - like shells, mirrors, cotton, etc. You can cut and paste those things that represent the Crone energy, frame it and hang it where you can gaze upon it daily. This will help to empower your own Crone energy.

I love brooms. Decorating them is such a ritual for me. I use herbs, shells, bells and whatever else I'm guided to use. I call my broom the Sweep Yourself Clean Broom. One should always make sure to sweep the aura before doing work. It helps to have the spirit as clear as possible. If you don't have a broom a feather will do, or of course you can use your hands to do the trick.

Now that you have your Sacred Tools and a working knowledge of the Dark Moon and Her power and purpose, it is time for you to make magic happen in your life.

Crone Magic - Crone Wisdom is an awesome power. If you are a woman whose Sacred Blood no longer flows forth from her womb but continuously flows within, know that your wisdom is contained for the greater good and enjoy this aspect of your life. Be empowered and make magic.

Feminine Tidbit: The Egyptian hieroglyph for the womb of the underworld, where resurrection was brought about by the Mother-Heart of "transformations" is none other than the five-pointed star within a circle, the pentacle. - The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker

About Diva Mama Tonya:

Dr. Tonya K. Freeman, affectionately known as Diva Mama Tonya is Co-Founder of MOSA Radio Network with her husband Dr. Bill Pinder. On MOSA Radio, she is the host of Wisdom Talks, a program on Women's Empowerment and Wellness.

She is the organizer and facilitator of Awakening the Diva Within and Ancient Mysteries for Modern Women Workshops. Dr. Tonya is a Diva Advocate, Womb Shaman, Keynote Speaker, Inner Growth Consultant and Ancient Femi9 Wisdom Keeper.

Visit her at her website for more information.

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The Origin of Halloween and Other Celtic Festivals in Ireland

The origin of Halloween lies in the principal festival of Celtic Ireland. Known as Samhain, the Irish word for November, it was held on the first day of that month and celebrations began on the night before.

This habit of getting the party started early is common to all the Celtic festivals and was not because the Celts were too impatient to wait for morning! Their sense of time - whether calculating the year or the day - began with the darkness and progressed into the light.

For them, the beginning of the year began with Winter on Samhain and continued into the brighter seasons of Spring, Summer and Autumn. Similarly, each day began with nightfall and progressed into the morning and afternoon light. So the 1st of November 'began' on its Eve, 31st of October, and it was the equivalent of our New Year's Day.

Samhain became Halloween

Being 'in transition' from one year to another was believed to temporarily weaken the usually stable barrier between the Otherworld and the Mortal World. As a result, the dead could walk among the living, shape shifters and other (usually malevolent) spirits could cross the boundary, and supernatural powers were at their strongest. All in all, normal life was thrown into chaos.

In order to wrestle some control over events, or at least to offer some protection from the unnatural forces at large, communal bonfires were lit to ward off evil, and people carved menacing faces into turnips and left them outside windows and doors to frighten spirits away from homes. It was a noisy night, too, because loud bangs were thought to confuse the spirits and prevent them taking over live bodies.

In time, Samhain was diluted into a Christian celebration when 1st November became All Saints' Day. An alternative name was All Hallows' Day (from the word 'halo'), making the previous evening of 31st October, All Hallows Eve. The origin of Halloween, as a word, is clear.

The Spring festival of Imbolc

While Samhain marked the beginning of Winter, Imbolc marked the start of Spring on 1st February. This was the day when the weather was believed to start to improve, making ploughing possible, and when ewes were expected to produce the season's first milk. Both milk and butter were thought to be especially susceptible to supernatural influences so a small amount was always poured on the roots of the nearest hawthorn or blackthorn bush (where the 'little people' were known to live).

Even in very early Celtic Ireland, Imbolc was associated with Brigit, the fire goddess daughter of Dagda, who was linked with fertility, crops and sheep. On the eve of the festival, people made charms out of rushes and hung them by doorways to protect their homes and their livestock. When Christianity renamed Imbolc St Brigid's Day, these charms became known as Brigid Crosses.

Triumph over the dark: Beltaine

Beltaine was the next major festival of the year. Held on 1st May, it celebrated the beginning of Summer and triumph over the dark powers. Once again, supernatural forces were strong on the evening before, especially witches and fairies . (It is important to bear in mind that the Irish variety of fairy is not necessarily benevolent or even good-tempered.) Wells, fields and houses were guarded and special fire rituals were enacted to protect against evil spells.

These involved driving cattle between two fires in the hope of protecting them against evil spells and illness while being herded to their spring pastures the next day. People passing between the two fires were usually hopeful of good luck, warding off ill fortune, or of improving fertility.

Harvest Festival: Lughnasa

The last festival of the agricultural year was Lughnasa, named after the god and mythological warrior Lugh, and usually celebrated on 1st August. However, Lughnasa marked the beginning of the annual harvest so it was movable, according to when the wheat and barley ripened and when the hedgerows and orchards started to produce their bounty of berries, nuts and apples.

As with the other Celtic festivals, Lughnasa was celebrated with bonfires, but it was a much more social affair with markets, fairs and community get-togethers held in most villages. Perhaps its most significant distinction was that the Celts could enjoy themselves without anxiety about supernatural gatecrashers at Lughnasa, possibly because evil spirits could find fewer shadows in which to lurk in the long twilights of high summer evenings.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ancient Egypt and Protection

Magical spells were taught to and by the Temple Priests and Priestesses for healing, warding away evil spirits, divination and for protection against invasion. Some High Priests and Priestesses were specialists in their chosen field of spellcraft and taught others as they performed sacred rituals to the Gods and Goddesses. With the magical work performed became divine power and the temples were filled with energy, peace and tranquility.

Throughout the great land of Egypt, for thousands of years, there was peace, balance and harmony. Many spells were for protection against everyday life, whether it was against scorpion bites, starvation or robbery. The spellcraft that was performed was for the harmony of all which included health, healing and policing. With the spellcraft and the beliefs in place, people felt safe and secure as we do today.

Spells have been common practice throughout history and in today's world, many people frown upon them as being evil. We all know the power of positive thinking and meditation. This was the basis of Egyptian Spellcraft with prayer and religious beliefs. The principles behind all Egyptian Spellcraft were truth and justice - the principles of Ma'at.

With the Egyptian beliefs as powerful as they were, there was no hiding because when you died, the God of Death, Anubis, came to take you to the judgment Halls of Amenti. Here you would have to declare a negative confession in front of the God Osiris. This is a test. Passing the test would allow you to join Osiris as a glowing spirit free to be an "Able Spirit of Ra" with the company of the other Gods and Goddesses. To fail the test would mean, the Goddess Ma'at weighs your heart of conscience with her scales against her white feather, and you were destined to eternal oblivion being a meal for the monster Ammut.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead consists of spells to be recited before and after death to ensure a safe journey in both worlds.

Egyptian spells were very complex and are easy to be misrepresented. They are thousands and thousands of years old and have been translated by people with little or no magical knowledge. It is not recommended that we try to practice these ancient spells. Lots of spells today are based around the Egyptian tradition and will be much safer to practice and work very well for most.

Invoking and making offerings to the Gods and Goddesses is still important.

  • Isis - the Queen of Egyptian magic was revered for hundreds of years as the Sorceress and the Lady of the Spells.
  • Ma'at - the Goddess of Truth and Justice
  • Anubis - the God of the Dead and the Great Protector God

Greatest Witches Secrets

Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill - an' it harm none, do what ye will.

Blessed Be,
Amethyst Hawke

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Herbs Used In Love Spells

One of the most common types of spells used by practitioners of magic is the love spell. While the Wiccan Rede forbids direct manipulation of another person (meaning, you can't force them to behave in a way they wouldn't want to on their own), love spells can still be utilized to open yourself up to the loving emotions that await you in the world and make it more likely that energy is going to be returned via karma.

There are different methods of conducting a love spell. It can be an elaborate affair, involving a photo and candles or as simplistic as making an amulet or talisman to carry with you. But there are certain herbs and plants that will make any love spell more effective.

Acacia: Use the bark and twigs for awakening love and enhancement of physical strength.

African violet: Harmony and love are released from your heart when this is burnt.

Aster: A love herb that's great in amulets in combination with other ingredients.

Balm of Gilead: Amulets and potions work more efficiently when laced with these buds.

Basil: A magical love herb great for spell work and divination.

Bay: Infuse a love potion with these burnt leaves.

Bistort: Contain this in an amulet to cultivate feminine fertility.

Bittersweet: As per the name, inclusion in an amulet or satchel will clear away pain and heal your aching heart.

Catnip: Other than driving your feline insane, this herb can be used in spells for love (and luck) or in amulets for fertility.

Cinnamon: A known aphrodisiac, this excels in spells of passion and deepens any meditations on love.

Cloves: A staple love spell ingredient- it also bolsters beauty.

Coltsfoot: Stuff the leaves in a satchel or use them in a love spell.

Columbine: Especially useful in spells or meditations that are asking to be reunited with a lover.

Cowslip: Cheaper than a haircut, this can be used in spells calling for more physical beauty and attractiveness.

Crocus: Used in spells of love and harmonious attraction.

Daisy: This flower is used during divination work to prophesize the future of love.

Damiana: An aphrodisiac, used in spells of s love.

Dandelion: Used in love spells that call for fulfillment of desires kept secret.

Dill: Used in rituals and spells that seek to bring about longing of a nature.

Fennel: Use all parts of this plant (roots, leaves and seeds) in spells or rituals awakening love.

Geranium: Used particularly in spells enhancing fertility.

Ginseng: An aphrodisiac for masculine it can also be used in amulets.

Goldenrod: Used in prophetic love rituals.

Hazelnut: Another ingredient that enhances fertility, it can also be used in prophetic work.

Jasmine: The plant itself is good in spells heightening passion and love while the oil eases a broken heart.

Juniper: The berries increase potency in love spells.

Lavender: The flowers themselves can be used in satchels while candles dipped in the oil are used for spell work.

Lemon: The leaves of the fruit are used in spells and potions that want to evoke longing and love.

Lovage: Use the seeds or roots in spells seeking to bolster eroticism.

Magnolia: This flower in a spell will bring about fidelity.

Mullein: Readings and potions are heightened by the leaves of this plant.

Oak: The bark and leaves will increase feminine fertility and masculine virility.

Orchid: If your psyche needs some strengthening, incorporate this flower into your spells or potions.

Rose: A standard love spell ingredient, the buds are good for readings while the oil bolsters courage.

Rosemary: This herb can be used in potions are amulets to awaken sensuality.

Strawberry: The actual fruit is an aphrodisiac and used in spells of love while the leaves bring about luck.

Thyme: If you are planning on doing any love related dream work, have some of this on hand.

Vanilla: The flowers of the plant are aphrodisiacs and work well in satchels while the hulls do best in amulets or talismans.

Verbena: An aphrodisiac well suited for spells of love and readings or wish work.

Violet: An aphrodisiac, works best in satchels and amulets to draw in love.

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How to Cast Magic Spells That Create Friendship

Here we will discuss how to use Powerful Magic Spells to make friends every where you travel. Friendship is a sheltering tree. The tree analogy is appropriate, for, as any truly successful man knows, accomplishment consists not only of the accumulation of the assets and possessions but also of the sharing of ones wealth with others. No sadder tale has been told than the story of the man who located a vast hidden treasure among the dunes of the Sahara, only to die of thirst in the forsaken desert. Even a million dollars in such a place will not purchase a single glass of life saving water. Friends, like water, are necessary to life.

In a quite practical sense friends are needed when we wish to achieve something in life or when to get ahead. Show me the man who has no friends and I will show you a man who is spinning his friends, has nothing.

The Spell that Explodes Adversity: At some time or another every one wants to increase friendship and to decrease enmity. Every one wants many friends and few enemies. Adversity, we know, often visits us in the form of human beings. A neighbour, a co-worker, even a relative may become the channel for adversity which interferes in our lives, blocks our progress, or opposes our spirit. Adversity itself, however, is a psychic force, energy negativized. It is the recognition of this fundamental truth which makes it possible to cast a spell that can destroy adversity. In ancient times adversity was often seen as the person through whom it was manifested, which is why we read of people casting magic spells on other people. But human beings are only channels, vessels, funnels. It is wise to bear this in mind when casting spells, so as not to bring undue hardship down upon innocent bystanders.

How to Cast the Spell That Attracts Friends.
On a recent trip to Los Angeles met a young man who was new to the bustling big city and who left swamped by its place of work, a huge, sprawling business complex in which he felt like an ant, Its so weird, he said. People passing each other day in and day out, all so busy, and yet never getting to know one another. I'm surrounded by people all day long, and yet, not one of them can I call friend. There must be about 4,000 employees at the place. Surely one of them can become friend!

The young man's dilemma is a common one today, one of the less desirable results of mass production and conglomerate corporation. The individual is lost in the vastness of business empires. But no one need remain friendless today. Old powers are as vital and effective today as they ever were, if only we will come to realize its potential. I gave the young man this spell:

I call upon the magnetic forces of the earth to fill me, vitalize me, activate me. I am a magnet, drawing people to me, people who will like me, desire my company help me. Draw, O magnet, draw unto me loyal and true friends!

Believe you are this magnet and people will be drawn to you miraculously. The aforementioned young man experienced a spectacular transformation. Friends began to mushroom all around him. He was elected vice-president of the late shifts "in" group; was asked to join the bowling league; befriended an influential co-worker who was instrumental in seeing that he got ahead in the company; and not to be undervalued, he also became highly popular with many female employees. His new use of potent spell and his equally new use of his own psychic energy transformed his whole life in a very literal way.

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Ancient Magic Spells to Reunite Souls - Are They Risky?

Ancient magic spells are not practiced and casted by too many people in this age. But those few who cast ancient magic spells claim that they are extremely powerful and unlike modern spells they are sure to show their results and that too in limited amount of time.

To reunite souls that have gone apart and due to unfavorable and undesirable conditions are now away, ancient magic spells can be of special help. But many feel the trepidation, that it can turn out to be extremely harmful and so performing them can be quite risky. This is not exactly so. Yes it is true that one has to practice caution while dealing with ancient magic spells but not that it is full of problems.

The ancient magic spell performers can reunite souls and at the same time guarantee that there will be no side effects produced, no karmic retribution involved in it. They can guarantee this because the dark energy with which they aim to deal with is usually used over the spirits and souls that are involved. The dark energy is not used on the client, so he or she would not run the risk of being at the recipient end of these energies.

No one would actually like to face his or her primal fears head on, but then it is worth it, as claimed by the ancient magic spell performers. The dark and raw power of nature which is mainly unrealized by you is something that can create a difference by bringing together long lost lovers again. The secret of ancient magic spell's power lies in the intense use of those energies that are actually responsible for the expansion of the universe every moment.

For these forces now, that one realizes that universe is flat. These unseen forces connect each and every object to the other with an invisible thread. So in a way it is right to say that we are all connected to these powers whether we want it or not. We have a strong connection to these forces. We do not feel the fear because we are not able to see and perceive these energies, but we become conscious the very moment when ancient magic spells talk about linking them to us.

So now it is upon you to decide whether you want to live your life at its fullest by acquiring the knowledge that unseen forces around you can impart, or always stay under a constant trepidation.

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How to Prepare Witch Spells and Potions Without Any Risk

Spells and potions are something that many people have been trying to create for a long time now. There are many who know the art, and many who are still trying to learn it. But the fact remains the same that trying how to make spells and potions and use them can also be dangerous. In earlier days, witches we even hunted down and killed by people but today, people have become more lenient towards them.

Preparing witch related spells and potions are not that difficult even thought you are someone living in the modern ages. This is because these days one does not have to use any sinister kind of ingredients and materials in their potions. There are a number of websites that will teach you how to prepare them without having any risks come up.

These days you can use all the materials that you would find in your natural environment in order to prepare the spells and potions. Different potions and spells use different kinds of things for their making, but then you can be sure that you do not have to use things such as animal or human body parts because these would definitely involve a lot of risks.

Also, fire is one of the main elements of the preparation of all of this and you have to use it carefully because otherwise you could end up doing a lot of damage. So, you must use fire with great amount of care, and one thing you can be sure of is that you do not really need it for anything else but to heat certain things.

Other materials that you might have to use are flower petals, powders, spices etc which you can find with great convenience anywhere in your house or garden. These natural things also ensure that there is less risk involved in the preparation of your potion or spell.

Try and be sure of the fact that the spell or potion that you get is from an authentic source because many a times, you might be brewing a potion to drink but may be adding things to it which are not edible or should not be swallowed. In such cases, you have to be very careful because otherwise you are going to end up harming yourself. Also, try and make sure that you never make any spells or potions that would harm other people. This can lead you to a lot of trouble.

You can easily go on the internet and find out from where to make these potions and spells and how to use them for luck and fortune as well as luck in love.

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