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Here Be Dragons: The Strange Enigma of Serpent Mounds

Over the course of many years and with more air-miles than I care to remember, I have journeyed on a quest to uncover the secrets of the ancient serpent cults that I reveal in my books. But each time I journey, I discover something new. There truly is a whole new world opening up before our eyes and suddenly and often without warning we are faced with a re-interpretation of history that we are simply not looking for.

Now in another twist in the tale of the serpent I uncover one of the ancient truths about dragons, remembering that in myth and in ancient history, dragons and serpents are intertwined like the coils of a pit viper.

We need to begin in America of all places, for two reasons. Firstly that this is the last place we would even consider looking for dragons, and secondly because the evidence is most profound here in archaeological terms.

The evidence of serpent worship in the Americas can largely be shown via the many serpent mounds that appear across the continent. The most famous by a long way is the 'Serpent Mound' of Ohio, Adams County. According to some [1] this marvellous mound is related to Stonehenge and they say that it is the 'Dragon Guardian' of the East to Stonehenge's Secret of the West. Indeed it is thought that the two ancient structures actually do share the same timeline and may very well have born relationship to each other, if indeed ancient man shared the same beliefs and travelled extensively, as is the growing belief of many scholars. Of course Stonehenge is also directly north of that infamous serpent temple, Avebury.

Avebury is a huge British Temple and stone monument erected around 2,000 BC in the shape of a serpent when seen from the sky. Once known as Abury which according to Deane [2] is evidently Abiri or Ab-ir (after the Abiri people or Cabiri who were serpent worshippers). Abir incidentally means the solar snake or fire snake.

Although some have argued whether Avebury should ever have been Abury or Aubury (serpent sun) the fact remains that even as far back as the 17th century there was a Mr Aubury who said himself that it should be pronounced and spelt Aubury (found in the legier-book of Malmesbury Abbey.)

Of course even as Ave Bury, the 'Ave' reverts back to the root of 'Eve' which we know means 'female serpent.' The pathway of Avebury passes through a large circular Temple of the sun emerging and then winding again and ending with an oddly, not quite circular head - directly in line with 'Snakes Head Hill' (Hackpen.) The central circle is symbolic of the sun, which is the male principle in the creative process and is symbolized elsewhere as a bull or lion. Once the serpent has passed through or around this sun circle it is recharged for new life.

In Egyptian hieroglyphs we can see similar imagery with the symbol of the snake going over the solar disc, emerging head erect. Overlaid onto Avebury it is the same image! Adding to this, that the snake is often depicted with the ancient Egyptian Ankh symbol dangling from its emergent neck - the Ankh being a symbol of new life - the great circle of Avebury simply has to be the 'solar disk' and the pathway the snake - thus illustrating in a painfully labour-intensive way, the ritualistic path of the serpent worshipper towards new life.

The circular aspect of the Stone Circles of Europe are strangely reminiscent of the Temples of Quetzalcoatl, which were "circular, and the one dedicated to his worship in Mexico, was entered by a door like unto the mouth of a serpent." [3] A very similar ritualistic inference to those based around Avebury and other Stone Circles.

John Bathurst Deane explains in his book on serpent worship, "A third description of temples consecrated to the service of the Ophites god remains to be considered: and these were not only the most rare, the most characteristic, and the most magnificent; but, probably, the most sacred of them all. These were erected in the form of the Ophite hierogram, the serpent passing through a circle."

This hierogram is the symbol of the serpent, a circle with a snake passing through it, like a needle and thread. He continues, "They were composed, like the circular temples, of a number of Baitulia, or amber stones, so arranged as to describe the mystic circle, through which the still more mystic serpent trailed his majestic form."

And this is the truth of the Stone Circles and physical hierograms: that they were re-birthing circles, a being born again through the spirit, through the circle. We can even make a remarkable deduction from the strange word "baitulia" mentioned above by Deane. These are betyl stones or serpents eggs. In Wales the serpents were said to emerge and congregate on Midsummer's Eve to blow into the Serpent Stone-Eggs or Glain Neidr, which is reminiscent of the Roman historian Pliny's tale of this activity amongst the Gauls. These serpent stones were said to be coloured pebbles, which gave 'second sight' and healing. Midsummer's Eve was the night when the serpents would role themselves into hissing balls and create the glain egg, also known as 'snake stone' or 'Druid's egg.' In Welsh myth even Merlin himself went in search of them.

The egg, Cosmic Egg or Cosmogenic Egg is universally seen with the serpent - as in the symbol of the Orphic Egg which is shown with a snake wrapped around it. From the serpent mound of Ohio to Mithras and Cneph, the egg is associated with serpent worship. Why? According to most scholars it is the emblem of the mundane elements coming from the creating god. Therefore it is a symbol of the elements of the universe. But surely there is also another reason; a reason that would relate to early man more than such complex ideas, which are ideas sprung into the mind of modern scientists and scholars?

What is an egg? Simply an 'entry portal' into this world. A device to give life. And what animal is seen in relation to this unique device and portal? . . It is the snake. Again, it is the snake - a symbol of the life force - that creates the device, which gives life.

The Egyptian creator deity, Cneph, mentioned above was represented as a serpent with an egg thrusting from his mouth, just like the Ohio Serpent Mound and other places. From this egg proceeded the deity Ptah, Phtha or Ptah - the creative power and 'father god' who is the same as the Indian Brahma. These Brahma have been related by scholars to the Jewish Essene community and also to Mithra we mentioned earlier. Mithra was encircled by serpents and can be equated in many ways to Jesus, being a solar divinity and reborn on the 25th of December, like the sun. There is little wonder that a Persian god such as Mithra and a Judaic semi-deity such as Jesus be linked when one understands that the folds of the ancient serpent cult were so all-encompassing that they encircled the globe like a Leviathan. We can even see elements of this when Jesus is equated to the Brazen Serpent of Moses; when we are told to be wise as serpents and that he even shed his shroud or skin once crucified upon the cross. Incidentally, snakes are still to this day nailed to trees in certain parts of Africa as a sacrifice for our sins and for healing remedies.

And so we have circular monuments and serpent mounds associated with the egg, which from all the evidence here simply gives us the conclusion that these were places of rebirth. One would push through the symbolic circle, or out of the egg and slough off the old skin. But, there is more evidence yet to be unearthed and which reveals this sloughing of the skin linked with these ancient sites.

The classical Greeks frequently depicted a serpent squeezing between two upright stones, which they called Petrae Ambrosiae (stone or rock ambrosia); noting that Ambrosia is the nectar and Elixir of the gods. According to the 19th Century archaeologist, Bryant, Stonehenge was seen as Amber stones with nearby Amesbury - previously Ambrosbury - as proof. In this way, the healing abilities of the megalithic stones is attributed to the serpent. In fact we do still find traces of this in many stories about dragons, who protect, serve and heal those ancient people of the stones.

The antiquarian and stone circle spotter extraordinaire William Stukely also found two other 'serpent temples,' one at Shap in Westmorland and the other at Classerness in the island of Lewis. In fact Stukely thought that the Greek legend of Cadmus sowing dragon's teeth alluded to his building a serpentine temple. In fact Cadmus was turned into a serpent (or followed the serpent cult) and stone temples were erected in his and Harmonia's honour. Pausanius helps us along and points out that "In the road between Thebes and Gilsas, you may see a place encircled by select stones, which the Thebans call The Serpent's Head." So, ancient tales may in fact be clues to the real identities of the serpents and dragons of fable, and these real identities may in fact be real and literal places and monuments. Places where, perhaps, snakes were held in high esteem by the ancient ophites or serpent worshippers of the world.

There are many more texts mentioning dragons and serpents, such as the one that Taxiles showed to Alexander the Great and which was sacred to Dionysus. It was said to be of enormous size, walled around and resided in a low, deep place. It is our conjecture that such places, like Stonehenge, were 'portals' or 'gateways' to the 'land of the serpents;' places of mystery and rebirth, where offerings and sacrifices must be made to the serpent benefactor.

Indeed, there is plenty of evidence now from people such as Paul Devereux that show such places were also great resonance boosters. That is, they amplified sound in peculiar ways, thus creating the booming sound of the dragon. They even go as far as saying that the resonance creates spiral and serpent wave-like shapes from the dust and smoke, as the sound wave carries the particles along its serpentine path. The serpent could truly have been seen to rise and heard to roar.

However, most people are not aware that similar mounds and monuments also appear elsewhere and often associated with the serpent or dragon in similar ways.

In 1871 at the meeting of the British Association in Edinburgh, a certain Mr. Phene gave an account of his discovery in Argyllshire of a similar mound, "several hundred feet long, fifteen feet high and thirty feet broad."

The tail tapered away, while a circular cairn, which he presumed to be the solar disk above the head of the "Egyptian uraeus", surmounted the head.

Indeed this is not a "one off." In the Zend Avesta of the Zoroastrians one of the heroes takes a rest on what he thinks is a bank - only to find out that it was a green snake!

Iphicrates related that in Mauritania "there were dragons of such extent that grass grew up on their backs." Thus showing the highly likely chance that tales of massive dragons in far-off lands could easily be Serpent Mounds.

Other instances of Serpent Mounds however are to be found mentioned by Strabo (Lib xv. P.1022) where two dragons are said to have resided in the mountains of India, one eighty cubits long and the other one hundred and forty. Posidonius also tells of one in Syria, which was so large that horse riders on either side could not see each other. Each 'scale' was as big as a shield, so that a man "might ride into his mouth." Bryant concurs with the belief that these must be ruins of Ophite temples.

And what were these Temples used for?

In ancient Egyptian papyri and in the Mesoamerican, codex borgia there are instances or tales of the King entering the serpent and going through it in-order to be resurrected - much like those we find in the myth of Osiris.

A book said to have been written by Votan (Quetzalcoatl) in the language of the Quiches and thought to have been in the possession of Nunez de la Vega, the Bishop of Chiapas, has some revealing elements - so revealing that the Bishop tried to burn it. Votan says he left Valum Chivim [4] and came to the New World to apportion land among seven families who came with him and were said to be culebra or of serpent origin. Passing the "land of thirteen snakes" he arrived in Valum Votan, founding the city of Nachan (City of Snakes), thought to be modern day Palenque, possibly around 15 BC or even earlier. Votan is said to have made four trips to the east and even to have visited Solomon.

Interesting to Serpent Mounds however is the description of a subterranean passage, which is said to terminate at the root of "heaven." This was called a "snake's hole" and Votan was only allowed in because he was the son of a snake. Surely this can only mean that Votan was an initiate in the serpent cult and that there was a ritualised Serpent Mound or pyramid which led to snake heaven or Patala.

The Fenian heroes of ancient Ireland are recorded orally in song and one of them, Fionn, was their 'dragon slayer.' One of the legends tells us that:

"It resembles a great mound, its jaws were yawning wide;
There might lie concealed, though great its fury,
A hundred champions in its eye-pits.
Taller in height than eight men,
Was its tail, which was erect above its back;
Thicker was the most slender part of its tail,
Than the forest oak which was sunk by the flood."

Fionn asked where this great monster had come from and was told, "From Greece, to demand battle from the Fenians." It seems that the serpent worshippers had come to Ireland, believed to be from Greece, and had fought the ancient inhabitants, leaving behind such terror of them that they became symbolized as this great 'dragon mound.' Fionn, it is said, opened the side of the dragon and released the men, going on to kill it. It may be that there is a mixture of wartime fact built in with ritualistic truth in this legend. Emerging from the side of the dragon, as in other myths, gives new life. In this way, it is no different to the Celtic cauldron of rebirth - something else also linked intricately to the serpent.....


1 See:

2 John Bathurst Dean in Worship of the Serpent Traced Throughout the World and its Traditions Referred to the Events in Paradise (1830). Deane also believed that the Kaaba or Caabir of the Muslims - which was a conical stone - resolved itself into Ca Ab Ir - the 'Temple of the Serpent Sun.'

3 Hargrave Jennings, Ophiolatreia

4 Chivim is a Hebrew word, meaning "sons of the female serpent" (or Eve) and may imply a greater knowledge of this journey from a Judaic perspective.

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Ohio Wonder - The Great Serpent Mound

Ohio is a Midwestern State in the United States which is also known as the Buckeye State due to the presence of the Ohio Buckeye Tree. The Anglicized term Ohio comes from the Iroquois word "Ohi-Yo" which implies a great river.

The state is a pot pourri of many activities and places. It is truly a melting pot in every sense. The landscape in the state is the perfect lure for tourists from all parts of the globe. Ohio has Lake Erie which lends a coastal feel to the place on the one hand and on the other, the Hocking Hills region offers the best opportunity for rock climbing and trekking for the nature enthusiasts.

Ohio also has a mix of many cultures and ethnicities which gives it a richness which can be experienced in the variety of cuisines and the authentic art in the area.

There are many places of tourist significance in the state. But one of the most unique pieces of ancient culture is the Great Serpent Mound. It is a 1330 foot long, three feet high pre-historic effigy mound which is located on the plateau of the Serpent Mound Crater. It is one of those landmarks which were on the verge of getting destroyed. It is now contained within a park and is cared for by the Ohio Historical Society. The mound has been designated as a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of Interior.

The Great Serpent Mound was first reported in the historic volume Ancient Monuments of Mississippi Valley which was written by Ephraim Squire and Edwin Davis and published by the newly founded Smithsonian Museum in 1848.

According to E.H. Roseboom & F. P. Wiesenberger in their work "A History of Ohio", "The most famous of all such (effigy) mounds is the Great Serpent Mound in Adams County, 1,330 feet in length along its coils and averaging three feet in height."

The Great Serpent Mound is a man made mound of earth soil which is in the shape of a long uncoiling serpent stretching up to nearly a quarter of a mile. The shape of the uncoiling snake also seems to depict as it is about to swallow an egg-shaped oval in its open mouth. The origins of this mound are said to be between 1000 and 1500 AD.

It is generally believed that two cultures were responsible for the Serpent Mound. The first is the Adena People who lived in this area from about the 6th century BC to the early 1st century AD. The Adena had built two conical burial mounds near the Serpent. But the presence of a third elliptical shaped burial mound at the Park and a village site near the serpent's tail indicate towards the Fort Ancient culture which existed from 1000-1550 AD.

A recent excavation of the Serpent Mound in 1995 points out that it was constructed in 1070 AD which is the time when the Fort Ancient culture was in existence. It was first surveyed and sketched in the 1840s and excavated by the Harvard archeologist F.W.Putnam in the late 19th century.

The purpose of building such a mound is still a mystery. As is apparent from the excavations, it was never used for burials. There is a school of thought that it might be an offering to the Gods, as it is obviously higher than the ground level and is meant to be seen from above.

The coil of the Serpent is a common sacred symbol throughout the ancient cultures and often depicts the sacred forces of earth. This can also mean that the people who built the mound worshiped the Earth as Divine Mother.

The Great Serpent Mound has been protected and preserved in a public park for more than a century now and it attracts a lot of visitors who enjoy the pleasures of walking on the wooded footpath surrounding the serpent. They can also visit an on-site museum which has exhibits on the effigy and also the geology of the surrounding area.

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Tasseomany - Tea Leaf Readings

Fancy a cup of tea? Hardly the most mystical question is it? Yet, before the advent of teabags such a simple question could be the prelude to some serious tasseomancy (tea leaf reading by its more common name) by the folks involved.

Tasseomancy is an old art, it began in China but it moved west with Romany travellers. The great thing about tasseomancy is its simplicity. All you need is some loose tea, a plain cup and saucer (not a mug) and a teapot without a strainer plus whatever sugar and milk you need to make the drink palatable.

Make the tea in the teapot using loose tea (you've guessed it, teabags just won't work). If the questioner wants milk and/or sugar let them add it and stir it themselves. Let the client drink the tea but try to keep chit-chat to a minimum, as this might colour your reading.

When the questioner has finished drinking take the cup in both your hands and swirl it anti-clockwise. Turn the cup so the handle is nearest to you, calm yourself and begin to read. The quarter of the cup nearest the handle symbolises the things that matter most to the client or their home.

The next quarter moving clockwise shows events moving further away. Opposite the handle is the area associated with strangers and distant places. The next quarter shows events moving into the subject's life.

Symbols that appear near the rim of the cup or the handle refer to the immediate future, those below that cover events in the next few months whilst the lowest part of the cup represents the distant future. The bottom of the cup shows negative influences - particularly if there is any liquid left there.

If you find a negative symbol near the rim the event will be less severe than if it is lower in the cup. Symbols pointing to the handle suggest something is coming to the questioner, if they face away from the subject they are moving away from them.

There are lots of symbols and you may find that you develop your own but here are a few hints.

Tea stalks represent people, large ones are men, the smaller ones women. A single leaf at the side of the cup tells of a stranger. Symbols associated with relationships include; circles, anchors and arches. Circles represent power and completion, or a romantic partnership, however if the circle is at the bottom of the cup near the handle means a relationship may end.

Business and finance symbols include triangles, dots, mountains, eyes and ants. An eye near to the handle means you will receive an offer but you need to be cautious. On a more sombre note; knives, unsurprisingly, tend to be associated with problems, especially deceit. A question mark warns you that you may need to be more cautious around plans and motives.

General good luck symbols include upward facing triangles (the opposite if they are downward facing), stars, horseshoes, keys (unless they are at the bottom of the cup - in which case beware of thieves) and rainbows.

If you find it hard to see any symbols at all don't worry; relax and let your mind wander and as you do so the shapes will appear to you just as clouds form shapes on sunny days. Maybe tea isn't your favorite beverage don't despair, you can read coffee grinds or herbal tea leaves too!

Or if you would prefer, why not talk to a Psychic and get a Prediction from them. Or if you would prefer your Daily Horoscopes.

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Your Psychic Ability - Psychic Secrets to Develop Clairvoyance

A person who is psychic naturally possesses this ability. Psychics can tune into frequencies higher than our own, and can therefore see other worldly beings, and receive messages from the beyond. But anybody who is open to the idea of opening his 6th sense, can rightfully develop it too.

In actuality, every one of us carries this ancient psychic power of clairvoyance. We all have the ability to see events before they occur, and sense information that is beyond our everyday physical perception.

However, we have been conditioned since birth, to use only a small percentage of our brain, for satiating our most basic desires in order to survive. Science can even prove this.

But through practice and meditation, we all have the power to maximize our brain power, boost our levels of awareness, and be able to tap into that higher plane of consciousness.

However, before we go so far as teach you how to open your clairvoyant powers, like psychics do, it is important to first protect yourself. There are just some simple rules to follow, even before you open your third eye, and start delving into clairvoyance. By doing these things, you make sure that you can maintain your positive energies, and not be drained by your future clients who carry negative vibrations within them. This way, you get to enjoy your new-found psychic ability, as you open the clairvoyant in you.

How to Protect Your Energy From Being Drained

1. Find a place where you are most comfortable and peaceful. You can light a candle or incense if this will help you relax.

2. Sit in a comfortable position.

3. Keep your eyes closed as you start relaxing by breathing slowly and deeply.

4. When you feel most relaxed, visualize a ball of white light radiating towards you.

5. See the ball of light coming towards you and slowly enveloping you as it gives you protection from negative energies around you.

6. Recite a sincere prayer asking for protection, and giving thanks to your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, for leading you to the right path, and inspiring you to do good service for your fellowmen.

Now that you are protected, you may begin the process of opening your third eye. Here are some simple steps you can do to finally open the clairvoyant in you:

4 Steps To Follow In Opening Your Third Eye

1. Heal and forgive yourself before you start healing and forgiving others. Simply put, how can you give to others, what you yourself do not even have?

2. Balance your mind, emotions, and spirit. Only when all three are aligned, will your frequency of being increase, and you will start receiving clearer messages and images from the beyond.

3. Once you start seeing images, test and explore them. Don't doubt what is revealed to you.

4. Always be open to the truth about reality.

So, remember: protect, heal and open yourself up. Doing these things will surely bring out the psychic in you.

You can learn more psychic techniques from Tana Hoy, America's Foremost Psychic. Learn more psychic secrets by visiting his website.

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The Earth Is Falling Into the Sun - What a Crazy Thought Indeed

We all know the concept of entropy, but sometimes that concept is used for the wrong purposes. Not long ago, someone contacted me and explained to me that the Earth was falling into the Sun. Now then, scientists do believe that one day our Sun will go supernova, and cook the Earth. Of course, they also say that it won't be for another 5.5 billion years or so. In other words, there is nothing to worry about, it's just the way the cookie crumbles, or so scientists suspect.

Still, it is rather fascinating to consider the apocalyptic science fiction theories of doomsday theorists. So let's listen to such an individual's claim, and the crazy thoughts they purvey. Recently, such an individual told me, and I am sorry if I missed his exact wording here, as it is from memory; "I believe the earth's orbit around the sun is destabilizing, and is responsible for global warming. I believe the earth is moving closer to the sun. The earth is moving away from the moon." And he cites a university study from someone who was taking notes in an astrophysics class as proof.

While the Sun may one-day (4.5-6.5 Billion plus years from now) expand and turn the Earth's surface into a charcoal briquette, this is nothing we should be concerned with in the present period, as the chances of humans still inhabiting the planet by then are slim to none, we'd have evolved into something very different by then, perhaps even energy beings or something cool and exotic. After all, one of the greatest species to ever live were the dinosaurs, and they only made it a few hundred million years, before they became extinct.

Indeed, it is doom and gloom purveyors of this type who give science a bad name, as it is very irresponsible to put it this way. The Earth is not moving away from the moon, only the moon could move away from Earth. Still, this is no revelation, it's been known for decades and the rate is so slow it is not worthy of discussion, further the Earth-Moon system may very well have a trading range that it falls within, plus or minus an average distance over let's say millions of years, and so big deal.

Of course, you can't stop a conspiracy theorist from coming up with more insane notions, and thus, he notes that "The earth's rotation is slowing down," yes, well okay. But, I would submit to you that every natural system eventually finds a range that it feels more comfortable with, and a few seconds a decade is irrelevant, and there could easily be a range or variation in such a system.

Yes, there are some wonderful conspiracy theories out there, and some great apocalyptic tales, and there is even a radio station that plays late at night called; Coast to Coast A.M. which has something like 13 million listeners, and all night they play all sorts of conspiracy theories, but rest assured, the Earth will continue as it has for billions of years the prior, and the moon will continue to accompany the Earth on its journey around, and around, as the Sun travels around the Milky Way. Please consider all this and think on it.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes writing 24,222 articles by July 22, 2011 at 2:22 PM is going to be difficult because all the letters on his keyboard are now worn off now..

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Soviet Martians Crashed at Roswell! Part II

And so the Soviet Martians plot thickens like molasses covering a crashed UFO near Roswell in New Mexico. There's not only a Soviet angle, but a mysterious Nazi angle involved here that's interwoven in the complicated fabric of a diabolical plot against America. The story involves the clever inventors of a flying disc and a Dr. Moreau type mad scientist, both Nazis.

In her book, Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base Annie Jacobsen proclaims that soon after the 1947 Roswell frenzy, US military intelligence spent a lot of time searching for the two Nazi brothers Walter and Reimar Horten, who supposedly built some kind of flying saucer aircraft. She further states that, "If you read the documents, the takeaway that I found fascinating was that at the end of it, the Army admits finding the Horten brothers, and that the Horten brothers admitted their contact with the Russians and that's where the file ends. Everything after that is classified."

It's also matter of record, although questionable, that in the 1930s and 40s Nazi German flight engineers had been experimenting with flying disc shaped-aircraft that could supposedly travel from 1000 to 2000 mph. In fact such records state that the Horten brothers were early designers of such experimental Nazi aircraft. Also, many people claim that the UFOs we have seen in the skies or not alien craft, but Nazi engineered flying saucers. Not only that, but conspiracy theorists claimed that Nazi's have a secret base in Antarctica.

Alright, that explains the experimental flying saucer that was purposely crashed in New Mexico by Soviet Russia in league with Nazi engineers. Now, what about the aliens inside this craft?

Annie Jacobsen later explains, referring to her anonymous source, "What is firsthand information is that he worked with these bodies and he was an eyewitness to the horror of seeing them and working with them. Where they actually came from is obviously the subject of debate. But if you look at the timeline with Josef Mengele, he left Auschwitz in January of 1945 and disappeared for a while, and the suggestion by the source is that Mengele had already cut his losses with the Third Reich at that point and was working with Stalin."

It's a known fact that Josef Mengele conducted grotesque human experimentations, and he was particularly fascinated with physical abnormalities, particularly dwarves, and of course he created his own bizarre abnormalities. So Mengele was the perfect candidate for experiment on rearranging and manipulating a human body to look alien. Supposedly he was enlisted by Stalin to assist in this sinister scheme.

So we now have two Nazi puzzle pieces to throw in with the Soviet jigsaw puzzle. It seems to fit together nicely, or diabolically rather, but at this point it's still just a walloping hummer of a conspiracy theory

To sum it all up, evidently what we have now is two Nazi brothers, the Hortens, who knew how to build a saucer-shaped craft, who strolled over to Soviet Russia, while Josef Mengele also showed up on Stalin's doorstep with his insidious human experimentation freak-show hobby. So these ominous individuals met in Soviet Russia to work under Stalin to concoct this elaborate sinister plan to hornswoggle unsuspecting Americans, to crash a phony alien flying saucer on US soil housing phony aliens. Throw into the mix the gullible Americans' proclivity for freaking out over a Martian invasion radio show and you get a dastardly recipe for disaster. In theory.

Obviously it didn't work the way the Soviets thought it would. They didn't immediately attack nor invade us, so nothing overt occurred. So if this Soviet/Nazi plot was genuine, did they fail? Did they have something else in mind? Perhaps just to simply confuse us or even distract us with an ongoing onslaught of UFO conspiracy theories and government cover-ups that are still assailing us to this day?

Either this evil plot didn't satiate the Soviets' high expectations, because it seemed to totally flop, or I'm seeing a big hole in this cockamamie new conspiracy theory. Most likely this whole crazy concocted story is just a bunch of bodacious bunk. That's my take on it, at any rate. I would say what Occam's razor suggests: keep it simple, stupid. Which means, like millions of people believe, an actual alien spacecraft crashed in Roswell, complete with actual aliens onboard.

But we can't really be sure of that either. Considering all the other crazy stories and conspiracy theories and wild yarns along with the usual UFO cover-up going on, we really don't know the absolute truth.

Will we ever know?

Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base by Annie Jacobsen

Copyright 2006 -2011 by R. R. Stark -- All Rights Reserved

The preceding article is from "Strange Reports from Zones Unknown," a collection of accounts involving the paranormal, Ufology, conspiracy theories, cover-ups, and other intriguing topics of the weird and unusual.

Strange Reports from Zones Unknown can be found at:

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Soviet Martians Crashed at Roswell! Part I

Have you heard the one about the latest explanation of the Roswell flying saucer crash? It's actually no joke -- or is it?

The latest bestselling book written by Annie Jacobsen, Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base, contains a lot of juicy conspiracy morsels, especially involving UFO cover-ups. But there's one morsel in particular that a lot of people are talking about. I'm calling it the Soviet Martians angle.

You see, supposedly the Soviet Russians wanted to fool us, that being citizens of the United States, and this took place in 1947 when the Cold War was still going strong. So they build a flying saucer craft, purposely crashed it in some desolate place near Roswell, New Mexico, complete with alien-looking creatures that were supposedly surgically altered child-sized humans to make them appear alien, but left in a comatose state when found apparently.

So the question is, did they succeed in fooling us? Perhaps they did. But the notion is that the perpetrators were playing on the panic of the 1938 Orson Welles radio broadcast of War of the Worlds that swept the country into thinking we were actually being invaded by Martians. Apparently the Soviets realized how vulnerable and gullible we Americans were, which was evidently why they perpetrated this elaborate hoax in 1947, upon the aftermath of such a successful unexpected frenzy, only nine years later.

Perhaps the Soviet conspirators figured this phony UFO crash would create yet another panic, throwing us into further confusion and paranoia, making us vulnerable for some kind of diabolical scheme or even an attack, hence putting them several steps ahead of the Cold War game, for whatever wild web of deception they were weaving against us. That is, assuming if this new information is true. My question is, where did this information come from? And exactly how reliable is it? As expected, the information came from an anonymous source the author interviewed, and she can't disclose his name. Well, I find that rather suspicious. How can we trust unnamed anonymous sources to be reliable? Isn't that a red flag?

Annie Jacobsen says, "The child-sized aviators in this craft were the result of a Soviet human experimentation program, and they had been made to look like aliens a la Orson Welles' War of the Worlds, and it was a warning shot over President Truman's bow, so to speak. In 1947, when this would have originally happened, the Soviets did not yet have the nuclear bomb, and Stalin and Truman were locked in horns with one another, and Stalin couldn't compete in nuclear weaponry yet, but he certainly could compete in the world of black propaganda - and that was his aim, according to my source."
All right, her suspicious source has some truly fascinating information, which could be applied to a really riveting science-fiction novel. So is this reliable and valid information, or just more of the usual disinformation? I've heard a lot of different cover stories that explain the UFO crash at Roswell, and as mesmerizing as this latest one is, I seriously have my doubts. But is it possible that this is true information that has leaked out before the US government got a chance to stop it? Or did they allow this latest juicy tidbit, because it's just more propaganda to fool us, in order to satiate the drooling conspiracy nuts and UFO believers who'll naively believe anything?

Annie Jacobsen also says, according to her mysterious source, that this clever scheme was orchestrated to cause a panic in the US with the belief that an extraterrestrial craft had crashed on American soil, and finding actual alien bodies within it would convince us of this. She says that there was talk amidst the National Security Council how the Soviets had planned such a hoax against the US that would severely burden our aerial defense warning systems, hence rendering the US vulnerable to some kind of a major strike against us.

Alright, I'll admit, that makes good sense. It sounds like a pretty darn good plan of high bamboozlement. But I don't remember the Soviets invading our land or overtly attacking us anytime after 1947. Maybe the US military secretly thwarted such an attack so we would never know about it. It's hard to tell, considering the government tends to conceal and cover up a lot of things going on around us. In fact, I also have been researching various conspiracy theories that global elitist conspirators (the Illuminati or Big Brother by other names) plan to scare the bejeebers out of us by a phony alien invasion to bring us into submission, so that the ruling class could come to our rescue, but in reality we would be submitting to the instigation of the New World Order and its leaders, whom we would heartily thank for defeating the aliens. Seriously? I don't think there's any real truth to this notion; I think it's just another crazy conspiracy theory, or just a great idea for a science fiction movie. Take your pick.

So what about this new Soviet Martians angle? Did those alien Martians actually come from Soviet Russia? Did the crashed UFO come from Russia? Was it a perpetrated hoax centered around the Cold War and focused on causing panic in the US? Is the author's mysterious source regarding all this new information truly reliable?

Personally I think it's all a load of malarkey. It's just the latest bit of disinformation to further confuse the masses. It's just a new cover story to add to the previous cover stories to go along with all the other older cover stories which are all part of the ongoing UFO cover-up that continually hides the truth. Whatever that is. We don't even know, because there are so many layers of theories and conjectures and wild yarns, perpetrated purposefully, to where we can't be absolutely certain what really happened at that mysterious location near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

I think we all remember the various scenarios: the weather balloon, the alien flying saucer, the Soviet spy plane, the experimental aircraft (whether Soviet or US), so on and so forth; and now the Soviet Martian craft hoax -- or whatever you wish to call it.

Many people still stubbornly believe that an actual alien spacecraft crashed there, and that the retrieved beings within the craft were indeed alien in nature. Somebody somewhere knows the truth of the matter. But will we the public ever know the truth?

Perhaps, because the plot thickens, with the Nazi angle of this unfolding story.

Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base
by Annie Jacobsen

Copyright 2006 -2011 by R. R. Stark -- All Rights Reserved

The preceding article is from "Strange Reports from Zones Unknown," a collection of accounts involving the paranormal, Ufology, conspiracy theories, cover-ups, and other intriguing topics of the weird and unusual.

Strange Reports from Zones Unknown can be found at:

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The Earth Shifting on Its Axis Does Not Mean It Is Falling Into the Sun

Not long ago, someone contacted our think tank completely concerned that the Earth was slowly falling into the Sun and it would eventually find itself a crispy critter, perhaps on a fairly quick time table, well as far as planetary time goes that is. He suggests that our Earth's orbit is decaying and within a few generations it will fall into the Sun (at most a few hundred years).

To compliment his theory, he's found all sorts of information which appears to support his doom and gloom scenario. First he notes that "The earth is shifting on its axis" and cites a popular scientific website and blog. Okay, but we know the Earth is shifting on its axis, and we know that it does this periodically, that definitely does not support the hypothesis that the Earth is somehow ready to fall into the Sun.

In fact, this is irrelevant information as; we all know that the Earth's magnetic poles wander, this is known and irrelevant information in attempting to prove a "Earth falling into the Sun" hypothesis. Also, the concept that "The earth is wobbling on its axis," is quite disconcerting, and thus, he claims we must get ready for the apocalypse and Armageddon! Yes, well guess what? The Earth wobbles, always has as far as we know.

Not to be dissuaded, the conspiracy theorist and "doom and gloom see'er of future events" tells us that there is another tale-telling sign; "The Earth is developing a breach in its magnetic field," and he cites a NASA article back in 2008 as evidence that the world is coming to an end you see. Still, everyone must realize that it's not a mathematically perfect system, breaches will occur, especially during transitional periods or pole flops (where the North Pole becomes the South Pole and vice-versa), or for any number of other reasons.

Since, humans were not around with scientific equipment last time it happened, no one really knows exactly how all this happens. It's all a big guess, but still it hardly makes sense to jump to the conclusion that the Earth is falling into the Sun. You see, bad data is almost as it unfortunate as good data with bad interpretation. We should be very careful when listening to doom-and-gloomer naysayers who really should be writing science fiction novels, rather than trying to warn us of any apocalyptic Armageddon in our near future. Indeed, it is my sincere hope that you will please consider all this and think on.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes writing 24,222 articles by July 22, 2011 at 2:22 PM is going to be difficult because all the letters on his keyboard are now worn off now..

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Are You PSYCHIC? The Bizarre Truth About Psychic Abilities They DON'T Want You to Know

Who else is wondering if they have psychic abilities? Do you have weird things happen that appear to be more than coincidence? Do you find yourself experiencing a strong sense of deja-vu, or past life recall, or remember things in great detail that you KNOW have never happened?

Have you ever had an out of body experience, or a sense of floating, or have gotten a glimpse of your body from a point or perspective you KNOW is not natural? Or maybe you've seen someone die in a dream... days, weeks or even HOURS before that person has passed for real?

The truth is, there are many different phenomena which seem to suggest that ALL of us have at least some psychic ability, and the more research that is done, the more people will admit that they've had such an experience as well!

In my own case?

I actually had an astral projection experience, years ago... that opened up my eyes to the possibility that there is FAR more to life than meets the eye. (I literally could see myself lying on the bed, while the "me" that is typing this article right now, was somewhere up and around the ceiling... shocked, but definitely aware!)

And since...

I've come to learn that many people have experiences that science, and the SKEPTICS simply can't explain away. They may want to tell you that there is no such thing as psychic ability, or that people who believe in such things are simply making it all up... but the fact remains that there is PLENTY of evidence that extraordinary things happen to ordinary people, each and every day.

Did you know...

That 15%-20% of people who "die" due to cardiac arrest will report, and remember a vivid experience of traveling out of their body, seeing deceased relatives, seeing a body of light (often thought of as god, or love or some sort of higher intelligence) and these people are almost ALL positive that this was NOT a hallucination?

Or how about the 50% of spouses who report seeing their loved one "visit"... AFTER that loved one has left this world?

Or the 75% of parents who lose a child who report similar things?

Or the thousands and thousands of ghost sightings, haunting, premonitions which come true, psychic feelings and all sorts of every day experiences which all seem to point in the same direction?

The truth is, each of those things individually could be explained away, or as luck, or chance, or imagination or make believe. But all together... hundreds and hundreds of thousands of cases through human history, to call them all "BULL" is a bit harder to do!

You ARE psychic. Of this I am sure. We ALL have a spiritual body... and a soul, or essence or a "something" that is far more than our physical shell. Exploring that idea is not only fascinating, it's FUN and can change your life in more ways than you can possibly know as well!

Want PROOF? Click HERE ====> To Talk to an Authentic Psychic Medium NOW!


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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sleep Paralysis, Old Hag Syndrome, or Paranormal Activity?

just woke up. I feel the sweat beading up on my forehead. I am terrified. I know I am awake. I can't move. The room is freezing. I don't know exactly what time it is, but it must be somewhere between midnight and dawn. It is still dark.

I try to lift my head. I feel myself straining to lift it, but my head just doesn't move. I open my mouth to scream, nothing comes out. A silent scream... just like in a nightmare... But I am awake - I know I am awake!

I try to sit up, to move my arms or legs. Nothing moves. I am consumed with utter terror. I am awake, this is not a dream. I know I am awake.

There is a heavy pressure on my chest, like somebody is sitting on me. I feel a presence, mean, evil, dirty. Was it Satan? A demon? I wasn't sure. I wince inside, thinking that I am probably going to get hurt really, really bad. I am still consumed with terror. Again I try to scream. My mouth opens, but again nothing comes out.

I still feel the pressure on my chest, but it somehow spreads to my legs and feet. It felt as if someone has spread out full length on top of me for the sole purpose of pinning me down, so that I cannot move. The pressure increases, like there is the weight of two on top of me instead of just one. I strain to breath because of the pressure bearing down on my chest and lungs. The force has become greater. I feel tears trickling down the sides of my face. Time ceased. Had it been seconds or hours? I'll never know. It seemed like forever to me.

Then it was finally gone.

I was in my early teens. The experience was in my childhood home, in my own bed.

Was it a dream? No, I knew I was awake... because the tears I had felt trickling down my face during the episode were still there when it was over... and I never experienced a transition of "waking up"... proof that it was not my imagination or a dream. It was REAL, and I WAS awake the entire time.

Many people experience episodes such as this, and it has been recently coined "Old Hag Syndrome".

What is "Old Hag Syndrome"?

The Medical Community Explanation

The medical community explains Old Hag Syndrome as simply being sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is normal and happens every night during the REM stage of sleep. This is a natural protective function of the body that prevents people from acting out their dreams during their sleep and is called REM atonia.

Occasionally, something physically malfunctions and people wake up still in the state of REM atonia. When this occurs, it is common for the victim to experience horrific hallucinations such as demons, witches, aliens, rapists, intruders, etc. in the room with them. The hallucinations are very real and the person suffering the hallucination may be spoken to, threatened and touched... all while being paralyzed and unable to speak. The experiences of many people who have claimed to be abducted by aliens in their home have been attributed to sleep paralysis and the hallucinations it creates. The medical community is unsure exactly how or why the hallucinations and apparitions occur, and according to Stanford Sleep & Dreams, this remains one of the biggest mysteries in dream research.

The Folklore Explanation

"Old Hag" or sleep paralysis is a common phenomenon and described by almost all cultures of the world. Some consider it alien abduction, others the devil and his minions, others demons, or the one commonly used in the United States - the "old hag" who sits on the sleeping victim's chest rendering him unable to move upon waking. This is often said to be a sign of an upcoming tragedy or event. "The witch riding your back" is the term used by African Culture. In Hmong culture the translation is "crushing demon", "held down by shadow" in Vietnamese, "ghost pressing on body" in Chinese, "goblin or succubus" in Iceland, and similar translations from all around the world. The victim is paralyzed, unable to move or speak, and experiences various phenomena.

Many believe that these experiences are actually paranormal phenomena occurring, and not a hallucination.

So Exactly What Happened to Me?

I am still trying to figure this out. There is a little more to the story...

I never really told anybody about the experience when it happened because I was embarrassed, feeling that I let down my family and my church community. Being a young teen is very confusing, and often at that age we are spiritually immature and insecure. I was afraid to talk about it because beforehand I had been playing with an Ouija board... and it appeared as though I was getting answers. It was all fun and games until that night-time episode. Then I was absolutely positive that God was punishing me in some way for "dabbling in witchcraft" and playing with the Ouija board. Maybe my punishment was demon visitation... or maybe God had just abandoned me for a while, and the demons crept in. My young, teenage mind struggled to sort through what happened and why. I was sure nobody would understand so I just kept it to myself and sought out as much information I could on God and demons. I never did run across anything about "Old Hag Syndrome" at that time, but did find many, many religious stories relating to demons.

So did I "open a portal" with the Ouija board? I couldn't say for sure, but I don't think so. I have never had another experience even similar to this.

Could it have been paranormal activity? Maybe. Several years later my brother had a similar experience in the same house. Also, as young children (much prior to my "Old Hag" experience) my brother and I had both seen a similar-looking apparitions in the house. Although they are skeptical about the paranormal, my parents have both recently told me of unusual things they have experienced - hearing strange breathing and seeing a white mist -- things that would have frightened some people and have caused them to want to investigate.

Was The Experience a Sleep Malfunction or Paranormal Activity?

I guess I will never know for sure. I have no witness, no documentation. What I experienced could easily be explained by either. The medical community can't fully explain how or why the apparitions occur. Could this be because they really are paranormal? Or is it just some chemical malfunction in the brain that has yet to be discovered. Who knows! It could have even been a psychic experience, happening between sleep and waking state... when the conscious mind is resting and the subconscious has free reign and the ability to tap into other realms.

The search for answers to questions like this is the reason why paranormal and psychic research are so important!

We are only at the tip of the iceberg as far as reality is concerned. Science is an ongoing process, facts being updated daily as new theories are developed and proven.

It could be that the spirit world is much closer and more accessible than most of us can imagine. Maybe "hauntings" are not a rare occurrence, but a mere instance of us nearsighted humans getting a glimpse of what is going on around us all the time.

This is why I investigate.

Consider everything. Question everything.

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Becki Baumgartner is a founder and writer for, a Natural Health Consultant for Nature's Sunshine, and an Paranormal Investigator for Volunteer State Paranormal Research. She has a BS in Natural Health with a Minor in Herbology and is currently studying Rosicrucian Metaphysical Healing through AMORC. Her main interests are Natural Health, Herbology, Permaculture, Energy Healing, Holistic Nutrition, Wild Edibles & Medicinals, Paranormal and Psychic Research, Metaphysics, and Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Planet Nibiru - Will it Arrive on December 21 2012?

NASA discovered a mysterious extra plant in 1984 - Planet X. However this planet has been depicted in tablets and wall carvings dating back to the Sumerian people. This 12th planet was known to them as Planet Nibiru.

So what has planet Nibiru got to do with December 21 2012 and the end of the world? The Mayans believe that the world will come to an end when their Long Count calendar expires on December 21 2012. They have no calendars for future life after this date. Where does Nibiru fit in?

Planet Nibiru is due to pass between the Earth and the Sun in this timeframe causing a gravitation pull which will stop the Earth's rotation resulting in a 90 degree positional shift or a polar shift. This in turn will generate a shock wave of radiation from pole to pole.

The build-up to the coming of Nibiru can be witnessed in the anomalies that the Earth is already experiencing through Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes of incredible scale and proportion. Certain members of the scientific community believe that the gravitational pulls that are being experienced are only a precursor of what is yet to come.

All satellites, communication links, TV, radio, internet, GPS positioning are all due to fail through the oncoming arrival of Planet X. Whilst the Mayans believe that Nibiru signals the end of the world there are many others who believe that December 21 2012 merely signals an end to the world as we presently know it. How did planet Earth survive before the internet and all the amazing technological advances that have brought us into the 21st century? Have we come too far too fast and is this galactic realignment an avenue for returning us back to fundamental basics?

Even though this topic is hotly debated on forums, article sites, through scientific seminars, papers, thesis etc. there is a distinct lack of acknowledgment from governmental agencies of any nationalities. This fuels the conspiracy theorists who believe that there is worldwide governmental collusion in keeping information from the masses to avoid worldwide panic. Does this also mean that this eventuality is already accepted by our leaders, do they know more than they are telling us?

If any of the points raised in this article are of any interest please go to to find out more on the subject.

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