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The Curious Legacy of the Ancient Mayan "Ah Men"

The ancient Maya were not only great astronomers or mathematicians, but also had an advanced medical knowledge. Much is known how the Maya, practiced and cured illness, which some of the scattered descendants of this once mighty civilization still practice today. Who were the Mayan "Ah Men?"

The Maya had doctors and therapists like we do today, but the fundamental belief of how illness was caused differs. Mayan's believed illness was equated with angering the Gods, and doctors were both spiritual and natural healers, called "Medicine Men" or "Ah men."

When someone was afflicted with an illness, the "Ah men" would be called. As sickness was believed to be caused by ones soul captured by a supernatural being., the medicine man would first research any past behavior that may of angered the Gods.

But it was a mixture of spiritual healing through ritual cleansing, the taking of traditional herbal based medicines, and therapy that would heal the sick. The "Ah Men" were great herbalists, and medicines were often snorted, swallowed, rubbed on or applied as an ointment.

Once the spiritual cause of the illness was determined, fasting and other rituals were also required to nurse the sick back to health. Therapy would include massages, induced sleep, and sweating. Common practices today to many therapists in our societies.

The "Ah Men," had a special place in Mayan society, and were considered close to the Gods, allowing them to use medicines that could alter their patients consciousness to be looked favorably by the Gods, and spiritually healed. Plants like the peyote, morning glory, certain types of mushrooms and sometimes tobacco were used to induce trances.

Medicines were gathered from the rich forests and the environment around the large Mayan cities. Many of these medicines contain the natural ingredients our own medicines use to cure or prevent illness. Scientists regularly search the rainforests forests that remain - discovering, and testing plants for their medical value.

Curiously as most of the ancient Mayan texts were destroyed after the Spanish conquest of the traditional Mayan territories, medical texts were kept and are now a record of how these medicines were made, and what they cured. Perhaps used by the first European settlers as a cure for malaria, and syphilis. Commonly recorded diseases the settlers caught- recorded in both church records, and the journals of the new European settlers during that era..

The Mayan legacy of curing illnesses, has had positive results in the way illnesses are treated today. And the natural environments around the now abandoned Mayan cities, often grow the plants needed to develop medicines we commonly use today.

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Nibiru, 2012 and Annunaki - A Threat to Humanity?

You probably heard about the planet called Nibiru and the rumors about 2012 being the end of the world. So why does people believe in Nibiru? Who are the Annunaki? Let me answer the questions surrounding Nibiru, 2012, the Annunaki and what all the fuzz is about.

It all started with a man named Zecharia Sitchin, who discovered some interesting messages in the ancient Sumerian texts. According to him, they talk about people called the Annunaki. Annunaki means those from heaven who came to earth, and there are depictions of these creatures on ancient tablets. These creatures look like giant humans, and according to the Sumerians live on a planet called Niburu, also known as planet x.

Nibiru is a planet in our solar system that has a cycle of 3600 years, and it is to come back around the year 2012. This conveniently matches so many other 2012 theories, including the Mayan calendar, which I wont talk about here.

Some Christians claim that the Annunaki are indeed the Nephilims talked about in the Bible. The Nephilims are the evil children born after the fallen angels have seduced human women, and some fear that this will happen again in 2012, creating more Nephilims. Some Christians believe that the Nephilims are responsible for building the pyramids in Egypt, the structures on Easter Island and stonehedge.

There are other 2012 predictions with more followers and evidence than Nibiru and the Annunaki, including the effects of massive solar flares, the polar shift theory, and a possible third world war and government conspiracy.

To learn all about Nibiru Annunaki 2012 and get the real truth about exactly what will happen in the year 2012, you should check out this website: http://www.2012-reality.info/

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Year of the Dragon (2012-13): Fortunes of the Rat!

Your birth year, the First Sign of the Chinese Zodiac? Were you 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 (and so-on in 12-year increments) between 7th February 2008 and 25th January 2009? Do any of your partners, friends, relatives or colleagues fall into this category? If this is so, this article might interest you. Or, if you simply want to discover more about the Rat and the Chinese 12-Animal System, read on!

The Current 12-Year Cycle, Began with Rat Year (2008) and Ends With Pig Year (2019-20)

Years of the RAT and Year Elements:

1900 Metal; 1912 Water; 1924 Wood; 1936 Fire; 1948 Earth; 1960 Metal; 1972 Water; 1984 Wood; 1996 Fire; 2008 Earth; Metal 2020-21.

Famous Rats Include:

Burt Reynolds, Benjamin Disraeli, Boris Spassky, Sean Penn, Cameron Diaz, Joseph Haydn, Hugh Grant, Avril Lavigne, Ayrton Senna, and Bobby Darin.

Rat Facts

Hardworking Intelligent Rat!

In the 12-Year Animal Cycle, odd numbers are Yang (Rat no.1) and even ones Yin (Pig no.12). The Rat has 4 rear and 5 front toes (very odd!). Having both Yin and Yang attributes it is an ideal Animal to bridge two Cycles!

Rat Resume

Rats are hardworking, intelligent and friendly but sometimes are easily put-upon by others. Forthright, expressive, and direct, Rats are usually excellent communicators with a good sense of humour. Rats can be thrifty without being mean and display sound judgement.

Sometimes Rats can be narrow-minded and lack the courage of their convictions but, nevertheless they display good problem-solving skills. Sometimes they can appear selfish, calculating and prone to gossip.

Ideal Rat careers and occupations include: Travel and Tourism, Food and Drink, Hospitality Management, Music and the Media and entrepreneurial activities generally. Ideal Rat partners tend to be born in Dragon or Monkey Years. Rats are least compatible with those born under the sign of the Horse.

Rat Fortunes in Dragon Year 2012-13

Rat in Dragon Year

Rat and Dragon synergies create an overall auspicious outlook. Career and financial prospects are excellent for Rats this year. Those born in 1960 should prove particularly fortunate during this period in many of their endeavours.

Those Rats in employment may enjoy a change of scene or surroundings. Romantically, there is a strong possibility of a meaningful relationship developing around November/December time.

In Fact

The Yellow Emperor, Huang Di (circa 2,690-2,590 BC) is credited with creating the Chinese calendar in its current form, although it is certain it was in use long before this. Yin/Yang and 5 Elements Theories, fundamentally affecting the way the Calendar operates are also credited to the Yellow Emperor and exert powerful influences on events to this day. Dragon Year 2012-13 is Year 4,710 according to his Calendar, also used by many other countries of S.E. Asia. Thus the Chinese possess the longest continuous written recorded History of any group on the Planet. As they also invented books, writing and History as a subject, this, surely, has much to teach us!

Sifu Peter Allsop M.Ed. teaches Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong in Yorkshire and Derbyshire U.K. With almost 40 years experience he is Shaolin Fists International Area Instructor for this region and Senior Student of Grandmaster Yap Leong.

Trained in the U.K. and China, Peter teaches Changquan ('Longfist') Wu Xing (5 Animals), Wu Tzu (5 Ancestors) Kung Fu and 5 Elements Qigong.
Sheffield Chinese Lion Dance Team Member, he also publishes 'Red Dragon Martial Arts Ezine'.
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Forthcoming Dragon Year 2012-13: Look Forward to Lung!

Did you know forthcoming Dragon Year (Lung Nien) 2012-13 is 5th in a 12-Year Cycle which began with the Year of the Rat in 2008? Advance Dragon Year (2012) information, enabling folk to harmonise with the changes in Animal and Elemental Year Energies it inevitably brings, plus related Feng Shui advice follow to help readers Look Forward to 'Lung'!

Tiger and Rabbit Years 2011-12

Tumultuous Tiger Year (2010-11), with its Yang Metal Year Element, brought conflicts and crises affecting global money-supply and national currencies. Rabbit Year (2011-12) is providing some welcome rest and respite necessary to prepare for the oncoming Year of the Dragon. Yin Metal, Rabbit Year (2011-12) Element, suggests a focus on personal, rather than national, finance and on conservation and cultivation in this and other fields. Things should be more laid-back, easygoing and relaxed for individuals (although excessive laxity, particularly in financial matters, should be avoided). The Metal Year Element serves to intensify these issues and make them more enduring as the year progresses.

Water Dragon Year 2012-13 Key Year Element Colours Blue/Black. Metal Dragons e.g.(2000-01) Year Element Colours (White/Silver/Gold/Grey). In Feng Shui Metal Supports Water!

Black Dragon Year 2012-13: Year 5 of the Current 12-Year Cycle

'The Dragon (Lung) changes shape quickly, taking those unprepared by surprise!' This maxim describes China's well-known penchant for sudden (healthy) expansion, at certain times (like now!). This should continue and even intensify during Dragon Year 2012-13.

Nevertheless, Dragon Years tend to be unpredictable and full of surprise as Lively 'Lung' can be a Volatile Visitor. Yang Water as Year Element suggest turbulence or strong emotional currents affecting certain aspects of life, perhaps in the Public Sector in particular. Flexibility and foresight are essential qualities to display in Dragon Years. Meditating on such details can help individuals 'attune' beneficially to its Year Energies in advance.

Water Dragon Year 2012-13: Friendly Feng Shui!

Locations: Water is associated with the West and North West sectors of rooms and dwellings; Dragon affinities are with the East and North East (via Wood Element links).

Colours: Black (Water at night); Blue (Water in daylight).

Materials: Glass (plain and coloured), mirrors, plastics, natural crystals, silk.

Objects and Motifs: Fish, Taiji Symbols, water-features, Dragons (Eastern not Western types) Seascapes (especially Water Colours) Feng Shui Toads.

Remember, a picture, drawing, photo or replica is as useful as an original for Feng Shui purposes.

Crystals and Minerals: Black and 'Snowflake' Obsidian correspond to Water according to Feng Shui principles. Displays off-set with Quartz and reflected by Mirrors, both classified Yin Metal in Feng Shui, may be particularly effective.

Backgrounds: Metal supports/produces Water in Feng Shui (tanks, taps, pipes and pans confirm this). Backgrounds utlising this Element's features (colours, materials etc) as above can help encourage healthy Qi-flows within dwellings during this period.


This information may encourage you to prepare for, participate in and enjoy Chinese New Year Celebrations of Dragon Year 2012-13 in your area--23rd January 2012 is New Years Day. Hopefully, it will also help you to 'harmonise' with Dragon Year Energies and Qi-flow in various ways and improve your health and fortune throughout the period.

Feng Shui Consultant Peter Allsop M.Ed. also publishes 'Red Dragon Martial Arts Ezine'. Longevity Training, Iron Shirt, 5 Elements Qigong, Daoism, Chinese metaphysics and Astrology feature among his interests alongside gem and crystal Feng Shui.
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Senior Student of GrandmasterYap Leong, Peter also teaches Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong in Yorkshire and Derbyshire U. K. as Shaolin Fists International Area Instructor for the region.

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Astrology 2012 Predictions

In 2012 most of what is good and what is bad is going to happen as the result of the movements of Jupiter through the heavens. Jupiter is the planet that is responsible for the health of the economic systems in all of the countries in the world as well as for the wealth and well-being of individuals. The year begins with Jupiter finally going in a direct motion in the sky after moving backwards almost the entire year of 2011. This influence caused all kinds of economic short-falls. On an individual basis many people suffered cash shortages and foreclosures. 2012 will be much better for many because it will be a year of recovery. On the positive side, the planet moving forward brings a big influx of money, especially to the signs of Taurus and Gemini.

Jupiter stays in Taurus where it has been most of 2011 until May when it enters the happy-go-lucky sign of Gemini. Making money will not be as much of an ordeal for all signs. The world economic picture will look a little brighter as well. Those in the entertainment, culture and media businesses will really begin to flourish. The news will be full of all kinds of announcements about developments and inventions in technology.

Jupiter in Gemini also means that it is time to party. People will be in a better, more optimistic mood in general. Uranus, the planet of fun and innovation is also in the impulsive sign of Aries. People are going to be spontaneous and want to kick up their heels. This influence, too, heralds the birth of amazing new inventions, wonderful new discoveries and perhaps even the discovery of a new planet.

Saturn is in the indecisive sign of Libra all year. This means that governments will be slowed down in all that they do this year. Politically, world governments are going to experience a great deal of backlash to all that they do. Court decisions will be delayed and important matters to do with hospitals, the legal profession and military matters will become chaotic. Expect more protests and military action in every country. Things will become even more upsetting when Saturn, the planet of discipline, moves into Scorpio on October 14th. This is a cruel, ruthless influence that has little sympathy for ideals or humanitarian concepts.

In February, June and July the planets Jupiter and Saturn will be in conflict. These will be low points during the year for trade and economy. This will be time for you to tighten your belt as there may be mass layoffs, shortages or a real down-turn in the economy. Many people will be disappointed by investments. February, June and July will also be terrible times for anyone to invest in property, negotiate a loan or try to renegotiate a mortgage.

To add to the sense that things are a bit out of control the planet Neptune will also be in the sign of Pisces all of this year. This makes people more irrational, vengeful and war-like. On a political level we will see more wars. However on a personal level people will be more sentimental and likely to fall in love! This is because throughout most of 2012 most of us will be ruled by our heads and not our hearts!

Complete overview of astrology for all Signs of Zodiac including videos on Horoscope 2012

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Message of the Zodiac

The Age of Aquarius. We've all heard this phrase, but what exactly does it mean, and does it have any significance in other than astrological terms? We currently find ourselves in that grey, transitional area between the Age of Pisces and that of Aquarius, and soon the "New Age" will dawn. But what do the signs of the Zodiac really mean for us? It is quite possible that they are a clue which points to some deeper meaning surrounding our presence here on Earth. And it may very well also be that someone, some impossibly ancient group of people, was trying to tell us something through the constellations of the Zodiac.

The notion of the Ages of different houses of the Zodiac has come to us from ancient times, and is based on somewhat complex astronomical observations and knowledge. Looking at it from a scientific point of view, the Ages represent a sort of mathematical code which describes the journey of our planet Earth in its orbit around the Sun, and its relationship to the Sun, the Moon and the other planets, and what effects these bodies produce on the Earth through the influence of gravity.

The knowledge comes to us from master astronomers, mathematicians and builders from the distant past; people who predated Galileo by thousands of years. They observed and understood every aspect of the complex relationships between the Earth and the other celestial bodies.

To gain some insight into what these ancient scientists knew, a basic understanding of astronomy is required. To an observer on Earth, the Sun will rise in the East, and the careful observer will notice that it does not always rise at exactly the same point on the horizon during the solar year. The Sun will be seen to slowly shift its point of rising at each dawn, sweeping from an extreme south-easterly point to an extreme north-easterly point, and then back again, taking a full year to complete this cycle.

During this solar year, there are four special times, or positions of the sun: The Winter Solstice (the Sun's most southerly rising point); the Summer Solstice (the Sun's most northerly rising point); the Spring (or Vernal) Equinox (when day and night are of equal duration, and the Sun rises exactly due East); and the Autumn Equinox (when again, the Sun rises exactly due East, and day and night are the same length).

Now the Sun rises against an ever-changing backdrop of stars where the constellations of the Zodiac have been mapped out. The plane of the Earth's orbit around the Sun is called the ecliptic, and the 12 constellations are distributed evenly around this plane so that each constellation occupies roughly 30° of the 360° circle which defines the ecliptic. That they are distributed evenly is intriguing in itself.

Each month as the Earth travels along its orbit, the Sun will appear to rise against a different backdrop of stars, containing a different constellation of the Zodiac, taking a full solar year to visit each house or constellation.

What was special to the ancient astronomers was the constellation the Sun was seen to rise in on the dawn of the Spring, or Vernal Equinox as it is termed.

One might imagine that this constellation would always be the same at every Vernal Equinox, as the Sun appears to visit each house in turn throughout the year in cyclical fashion. This, however, is not the case, and the ancients realized this, noticing that the constellation which occupied the Spring Equinox was not always going to be the same.

They realized that each house of the Zodiac would, in fact, have the Sun rising in it on the Spring Equinox because the pattern of stars making up the backdrop ever so slowly rotated each year.

This subtle change, hardly perceptible at all, is the result of a phenomenon known as precession, which is a gentle wobble of the Earth's axis due to the gravitational attraction of both the Sun and Moon on the equatorial bulge of the Earth.

To illustrate how subtle the change in the stellar background is, remember that the ecliptic of the Earth is a 360° circle around which the 12 Zodiacal constellations are located at even intervals of 30°. The effect of precession is to change the backdrop of stars through which the Sun rises on the Spring Equinox by one degree every 72 years. This means that each constellation of the Zodiac would "house" the Sun on the Vernal Equinox for a period of 2,160 years (30° x 72 years = 2,160 years).

With each house of the Zodiac taking this amount of time to complete its "Age" of housing the Sun at the Vernal Equinox, it would take all the constellations in total an amazing 25,920 years to complete this immense cycle (2,160 x 12 = 25,920), termed the "precession of the equinoxes". It is this celestial mechanism which moves us from one age of the Zodiac to the next. It would require careful observation indeed to identify this phenomenon.

But there is evidence of the awareness of precession, and the desire to preserve this knowledge in many ancient cultures from all over the world. Specific, precessional numbers are to be found throughout the mythologies and in the measurements of the mysterious megalithic structures of many ancient peoples.

In their extensive, far-reaching 1969 book Hamlet's Mill, Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend put forth the theory that there existed in the world, as far back as 6,000 BC, a huge body of knowledge of astronomy which was set down and passed on to further generations in the form of various cultural mythologies. That the knowledge of the precessional cycle, and indeed the creation of the constellations of the Zodiac in the form which we know them today was able to impact on the ancient cultures of Egypt, Mexico, India and many others, points to an even earlier inception of the Zodiac and its associated astronomical and mathematical code. The authors of Hamlet's Mill referred to this earlier origin as the possible work of, "Some almost unbelievable ancestor civilization". Today, we must concede that we have no idea who this "ancestor civilization" could have been.

Hipparchus, the 2nd Century BC Greek astronomer and mathematician is officially credited with the discovery of precession of the equinoxes. But it is quite obvious that awareness of the phenomenon goes much further back. There are numerous examples which illustrate this conclusion.

Before we examine the examples, it is important to point out that there are certain precessional numbers which define and identify the phenomenon. The numbers to watch out for are 12 (the number of houses of the Zodiac); 30 (the number of degrees each house occupies in the ecliptic); 72 (in years, the time required to complete a one degree shift of the backdrop of stars on the Spring Equinox); 2,160 (in years, the time required to move one constellation, occupying 30° of the ecliptic, through the rising Sun on the Vernal Equinox); 25,920 (in years, the time taken to complete one precessional cycle of the equinoxes, i.e. for each constellation to "house" the Sun for its allotted "Age" of 2,160 years.

It is also important to note that in the curious mathematical code involving these numbers, which uniquely represent the precession of the equinoxes, the numbers could be multiplied, divided or expanded in multiples of ten. So we could recognise 2,160 as 216 or 216,000. Or it could be multiplied by 2 to give 4,320, thus allowing for multiples of that number, i.e. 43,200, etc. It could also be divided in half to give 108, which could further be divided in half to give 54, and thus numbers like 10,800 or 54,000 could appear.

These numbers, and variations as mentioned above, appear repeatedly in numerous myths and structures from many different cultures the world over.

In ancient Egypt, we find contained in the Osiris Myth the numbers 12, 30, 72 and 360, all of which are significant to precession. It mentions a year (which consisted then) of 360 days which was divided up into 12 months, each of which consisted of 30 days. But the number which draws them together and points to the notion of precession is 72, which was the number of conspirators Osiris' evil brother Seth organised in a plot to kill him. Why 72 conspirators?

Jane B. Sellers, astronomer and student of Egyptology puts forth the theory in her book The Death of Gods in Ancient Egypt, that these numbers do not occur in the myth by chance, but by design in order to, "Prompt simple mental calculations and attention to numbers." - numbers which are at the heart of the phenomenon of precession.

Graham Hancock, acclaimed author of Fingerprints of the Gods has theorized in that work, and in his more recent book, Heaven's Mirror, that the Great Pyramid at Giza is a scale model of the northern hemisphere of the Earth. Hancock points out that the height of the monument when multiplied by 43,200 gives a figure, "very close to modern measurements of the polar radius of the Earth," noting also that its, "base perimeter multiplied by 43,200 yields a figure very close to the equatorial circumference of the Earth." The number 43,200 is, once again, an indicator of precession (2160 x 2 x 10 = 43,200).

Hancock also draws attention to the so-called King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid, tracing a right triangle diagonally along one wall and across the length of the floor of the chamber. This yielded measurements in the ratio 3:4:5. The "magic" of the triangle, Hancock asserts, was found by a mathematician from Iceland named Einar Palsson, who cubed these numbers and added the results, i.e. 33 + 43 + 53, and astonishingly came up with the number 216, once again a sign of precession.

Moving from Egypt to Mexico, more precisely to Teotihuacan, we find the Way of the Dead which contains the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon within its intricate design.

Here we find the mathematics of precession in abundance courtesy of an engineer from America named Hugh Harelston Jr. who has spent much time painstakingly measuring the site in great detail.

Harleston has determined that the builders worked with a standard unit of measurement, termed a Standard Teotihuacan Unit (STU). Using the STU, Harleston has found that numbers indicative of the phenomenon of precession are to be found all throughout the site, both within and between certain structures.

The base length of one side of the Pyramid of the Sun is 216 STU, and its centre is exactly 720 (72 x 10) STU south of that of the Pyramid of the Moon. Harleston has found that other structures within the site are 72 STU apart, or 108 (216/2) STU apart, or 54 (108/2) STU, or 216 STU apart. Measurements in multiples of 10 of these numbers are also found at the site.

The numbers of the precessional code exist also in the Mayan Long Count Calendar. The Maya, who are renowned for their very exacting calendrical measurements of time, were interestingly of the belief that they had discovered through their calculations, the very date when the world would come to an end.

The precessional message also speaks to us from the mythology of ancient Sumer which was said to have been ruled by a number of kings over a 432,000 year period. There are also precessional numbers in Chinese, Indian and Norse mythology.

The same numbers are repeated over and over again in myths, structures and measurements from all over the ancient world. So many separate occurrences, almost too numerous to list, cannot reasonably be ascribed to coincidence.

If the structures and myths of so many ancient cultures contain the code which expresses the precession of the equinoxes, then the people responsible for them must have known about precession, and understood it in fine enough detail to record it painstakingly, over many, many years as they did.

How did they know about it? As was pointed out previously, the phenomenon of precession is barely noticeable to earthbound observers, going about their daily business. Just one degree of shift of the stellar backdrop encompasses 72 years, a lifetime for such short-lived people as ourselves. This knowledge was either built up very slowly over many generations of astronomers from all over the globe, or it came from some other, far more ancient source, arriving intact to each culture. Curiously, many ancient cultures speak of "civilizers" arriving and imparting scientific knowledge.

At the heart of the 12 signs of the Zodiac seems to be the desire to express the precession of the equinoxes in easy to understand and remember terminology and imagery. And the message has survived the ages remarkably well, in many forms the world over - communicated in memorable stories and set up rigidly in amazing stone monuments built to stand the test of time. A great many people worked diligently for many generations so that this message might survive the ages as it has done. One would assume, therefore, that it must be a message of vital importance.

We must conclude that the Zodiac, and the beautifully complex and profound message it works to impart to us is ancient indeed, perhaps far more ancient than we have so far believed. It nevertheless speaks loudly and clearly to us through the impossibly long span of time since its creation. It has provided us not only with astronomical knowledge which has illustrated the timeless complexity of the interrelationships of the Earth with her celestial neighbours, but it has provided us with an identity, a signature for the Earth in the form of its precessional wobble. It was this that the ancients seemed to ascribe deep significance to - an endless cyclical phenomenon of as much importance then as it most probably is now. But what were they trying to tell us with their cryptic message? Perhaps in the dawn of the new Age of Aquarius, we will learn.

I've been studying personal development material and success literature for the past decade. I've read all the books, listened to all the CDs and watched all the seminars, and I've used many of the techniques I've learned to turn my own life around, and help improve the quality of the lives of the people I know and love. Now I'd like to help you turn your life around! Check out my blog at http://www.yourhealthyeverything.com

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Teotihuacan, Mexico - Pyramid of the Sun

About 50km to the northeast of central Mexico City lies one of the greatest archaeological marvels in Mexico and its largest ancient city - Teotihuacan. At its peak in the 6th century AD, more than 150,000 people lived in this great city of 24 square kilometres, many of them involved in mining obsidian.

Then, sometime in the 7th century it declined, was plundered and finally abandoned. However, the later Toltecs and Aztecs still revered the sacred site. The Aztecs named it Teotihuacan, which means 'the place where the gods were born' (the city's original name is not known), and thought that the gods created the universe from here.

The city was arranged around the Avenida de los Muertos, a long, central thoroughfare which now serves as the main road for tourists and itinerant vendors. The less popular routes through the ruins afford a more tranquil course and time for contemplation.

Prim buildings include the Piramide del Sol (Pyramid of the Sun), the worlds third larges pyramid at 70m high, with a 248-step access to the spectacular views at the top; the beautifully proportioned Piramide de la Luna, situated at the northern end of the axis; the nearby Palacio del Quetzalpapalotl; the Palacio de los Jaguares, with its jaguar murals; the Templo de las Conchas Plumadas, so called for the flower and feather decorations on its facade; and the Ciudadela, a large sunken plaza containing buildings such as the Templo de Quetzalcoatl, also known as the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, with its marvellous and well-preserved carvings. The site can be scorchingly hot, especially at midday, so a hat and bottle of water are essential.

For more information about the Pyramid of the Sun visit http://www.guidedtourmexico.com/pyramidofthesun.html

For more information about Mexico visit http://www.guidedtourmexico.com

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Why Tai Chi Is Gaining Popularity As An Alternative To Yoga, And 9 Of Its Unique Characteristics

Tai chi chuan (taijiquan) is a form of martial art discipline that is rooted into thousands of years of Chinese culture and has been used by the Chinese for decades to provide relief for a variety of ailments. In a very basic practice of the art, it aims to harmonize the body and the mind. An expert tai chi chuan practitioner is able to channel his inner "chi," or "qi energy," through different parts of his body according to his will. It allows the practitioner to have better energy levels, a strong immune system and physical stamina.

This Chinese practice, like yoga, has gained tremendous popularity across the globe and is now considered a viable alternative to standard medical treatment for a number of diseases or health issues. Some people feel that it's the same as yoga because both aim to strengthen the inner development of a person and his or her health, and that in turn leaves a positive impact on the practitioner's life. While yoga grew out of the old Indian Hindu religion, tai chi chuan grew out of martial arts discipline and the Taoist philosophy (not religion) of China.

Physical yoga can require very stretched poses, which are quite static, unlike tai chi, which is done standing and moving. Tai chi's postures can be easily stretched or condensed to accommodate a wide range of physical motions. Both exercises are time tested and both can help achieve desired results if practiced properly. There are a couple of attributes of tai chi that tip the balance in its favor in terms of being able to customize it easily to all body types and no special location or equipment is needed. Yet, overall, both arts provide natural alternatives for mental and physical well-being.

The following are some basic benefits of tai chi that make it so unique:

  • Anyone can do it, regardless of age or condition.
  • Offers immense benefits to people with nervous, muscular and skeletal disorders.
  • Lipid profile can be significantly lowered and atherosclerosis can be prevented.
  • Mobility problems can be solved significantly. It is now recommended by medical doctors for arthritis, joint disease, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia
  • No strict diet or religious views are part of traditional tai chi chuan training.
  • No special equipment is necessary.
  • The form is performed while standing, so it can be done on virtually any surface in virtually any location.
  • Traditional training can be taught very vigorously to people who wish to learn it martially or to get an intensive athletic workout. Only a handful of teachers are able to teach it this way, so if this is what you want, you may have to do some searching and might have to travel far or take private lessons.
  • If it is taught with its martial roots intact, it can teach skills that make your mind and mood strong and positive so that you can easily face life's challenges.

However, traditional tai chi is quite "cerebral" and therefore may not be suitable for children or those who do not have a mature mind. Its great for introverted and highly introspective people and is definitely favored by those who like to think or who are very creative. This makes it a wonderful choice for people who would either feel uncomfortable in other physical training programs or for people who "want something more" in their search for mind/body development.

Loretta Wollering is a recognized expert and master-level instructor in the field of tai chi chuan (taijiquan). She specializes in teaching it with its ancient principles and from the traditional lineage of Master Jou Tsung Hwa. She is open-minded and accepting of all people interested in the art, no matter what their beliefs and levels of physical ability. Feel free to enjoy more information at: http://www.internalgardens.com. You can also join beginners as well as advanced enthusiasts at America's biggest and friendliest tai chi gathering - Tai Chi Gala - headed by Ms. Wollering: http://www.TaiChiGala.com YES - All are welcome here.

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A Simple Set Of Astral Projection Steps

Different people may have different astral projection steps that they take when trying to achieve astral projection. If this is the first time you are trying this unique experience and you find that you are unsure about what you should or should not do, there is no need to fret because one set of steps is readily available for you here. There are other methods that have different sets of steps you could try as well so try each method and see which one works best for you.

The first among the astral projection steps is making sure your physical surroundings are free of distractions and this includes people. Ask not to be disturbed, turn your mobile phone off, unplug your telephone, and make sure you are in a location where you will not be easily disrupted by the ringing of a doorbell, dogs barking, car horns blaring, etc. Clear your mind of all your troubles and worries and prepare yourself for astral projection. Take note that astral travel can actually be done even if there are distractions since it is simply a matter of training yourself to do so but since you are attempting to achieve astral travel for the first time or after an unsuccessful series of trials, it is best to start with an interruption-free environment.

The next few astral projection steps consist of being able to slip into a trance and focusing. Find a spot where you will be able to feel totally relaxed and do not allow yourself to be limited to the conventional idea that you can only use a bed but do make sure that whatever you do choose to use can give you ample neck support. Meditate and relax every single muscle in your body until they feel like jelly and once you have done that, you are now prepared to slip into a trance. This will allow you to have that sinking feeling necessary to achieve astral projection but make sure you do not fall asleep and one way you can prevent this from happening is by going further downward with each breath you release. In order to have better concentration, you can use a metronome or an analogue clock that makes a ticking sound with each movement of the minute hand. If you prefer using something visual instead of something audible, choose an object that you can focus your mind on and will not allow you to become distracted.

After the aforementioned astral projection steps, you can move on to channeling your energy and having control over it. There are different ways you can do this but the most important thing to remember is to focus on something and take its energy and allow it to flow through your entire body until you get that tingling feeling. Then, take that energy and transform it into a usable shape.

The last among the astral projection steps is about letting go and allowing your mind to go ahead and move away from your body. You will feel as if you are floating or sinking. This is astral projection.

Brian is an astral travel publisher. For more great tips on astral projection steps, visit http://www.astraltravelguide.info

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The Wiccan Winter Solstice

The wiccan winter solstice (from the Latin sol for sun and sistere to stand still) is one of the eight sabbats celebrated in wicca today. It occurs at the time in the northern hemisphere when the sun appears at its lowest in the sky and marks the end of one year and the beginning of the new.

From the moment of the wiccan winter solstice the sun is reborn and the wheel of the ritual year begins again. Of all of the evidence left us by our ancestors of their religious beliefs the best still to be seen are the neolithic monuments at Stonehenge in England and New Grange in Ireland. Both were clearly places where what we now call the wiccan winter solstice were observed, with their central elements exactly facing the midwinter sunset and sunrise respectively.

Throughout the world people of all races have seen this time of year as one of rebirth and a time for celebration and many of the traditions we now associate with the Christian festival of Christmas have their roots firmly in pagan northern Europe.

In Celtic tradition the wiccan winter solstice was one of the two climactic points of the ritual year in the battle for predominance between the Oak King and the Holly King, with the Holly King dominating during the time between the longest day in June, representing the time of growing and harvesting, and the Oak King dominating after the shortest day and representing a greater reliance on hunting. The Holly King dressed in red, was festooned with holly and was said to be drawn by eight stags whilst the Oak King was also known as the Green Man. Both were representations of the god Cernunnos.

When the new Christian religion was trying to convert the peoples of northern Europe it found the easiest way was to incorporate many of the old pagan ways into the new religion and many of the traditions of the wiccan winter solstice were amongst these. The old pagan name of yule is still interchangeable with Christmas, whilst the holly and the ivy are pagan symbols of fertility, representing male and female, which are still seen decorating homes.

We still have a tradition of a long midwinter break for rejoicing and celebration (the wicca sabbat is from the French sebatt meaning to revel) and we still hope to receive a visit from a man in red pulled by stags or reindeers. Of course it just would not be yuletide without a nice decorated tree brought in from the woods and maybe a seasonal yule log in the grate (actually a dedication to the Norse god Thor).

A common way for the modern coven to celebrate the wiccan winter solstice is for the circle representing the solar year to be decorated with holly, ivy and mistletoe, for the cauldron containing kindling to be placed to the south to represent the sun and the presiding priest to wear a horned helm in honor of Cernunnos.

In many ways the celebrations of the wiccan winter solstice and its offspring the Christian Christmas are the clearest and strongest link between the peoples of today and their ancestors.

Want to learn more about the Wicca and Witchcraft? Visit http://www.WitchingSecrets.com for lots more information and details on a trusted safe path to learning the secrets of the wicca.

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Winter Solstice Holiday Celebrations

As we come together this season to celebrate a time of joy over the return of light, life, and hope to the world, we are re-enacting a ritual winter solstice celebration that goes back over 12,000 years.

It is the the most ancient and important ritual in human culture and has been appropriated and incorporated into virtually all of our various world religions.

Because ancient cultures did not have the benefit of astronomy and modern science, the sun represented the celestial movement of the god's....a magical event of deep mystery.

The growing darkness that preceded the winter solstice each year was a fearful time of impending death and the freeing of evil spirits.

Because our ancestors were never certain that their sacrifices and ritual celebrations had pleased the god's enough to ensure that the sun would once again return to bring life and hope back to their world, it was a time of great anxiety.

Winter solstice was an important issue of life and death. It was the most important celebration of the year for ancient cultures. They knew that without the sun they could not survive. Without the sun they would die.

As a result, virtually every human culture in history has left evidence of having built celestial rock structures to observe and monitor the winter solstice and track the return of the sun.

These primitive observatories were unable to precisely mark the movements of the sun, so it was often several days after the actual solstice before they would be certain that the sun was indeed returning. As a result, many solstice celebrations were not held until three or four days after December 21.

As each of us celebrates this time of year in our own way, let us remember we are a global species. Regardless of what many religions would have us believe, no single religion has the "true" path to God. To assume that humans somehow "know" God is as ridiculous as assuming that a dog could somehow use a sniff test to "know" what it means to be human.

So Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Happy Holidays. Seasons Greetings. Happy Solstice. They all mean the promise of life and renewal. They all express our desire for light and hope. In a world struggling with conflict and suffering born of primitive black-and-white judgmental beliefs, may each of us become beacons of light, diversity, compassion, and tolerance.

Dick Rauscher is the founder of Stonyhill.com which is dedicated to exploring authentic spiritual growth and the intentional evolution of both human consciousness and individual self-awareness.

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Winter Solstice Is a Time for Introspection and Awakening Light

Winter Solstice comes at me always unexpected as the days shorten and the nights lengthen. Loneliness can overtake me in the darkness, leaving me feeling empty of energy, and I must remind myself to turn the loneliness into one of deep introspection and honor the sacredness of turning inward.

As I witness the daylight move so quickly away, I want to hold onto it, and I remind myself to remember that all life is a coming and going, with a few precious moments for each experience. As the participant in life's movement, I must stay present lest I miss the richness that presents itself in the moments of my life. I remind myself of the value in darkness as I let go of the need for more light. As the great bear in the West goes into her cave, I too am led into the cavern of my inner world.

It is within the inner world where I find both the richness and the horror that is my personal human experience that expresses itself out into the world. I come face-to-face with my beauty and my unkindness; with my success and with my faults and failures. It is where who I am and whom I want to be smack up against each other and I cannot hide the truth of my thoughts and actions from myself. It is here, in this inner world, that I am able to delve into myself and move beyond to the point of creation of that which I want to be and want to manifest within my personal world and for the greater world. It is here in my inner world that I meet my ancestors and the ancestors of all. It is here in this inner world where I soar through imagination into other worlds and gather together with beings of immense wisdom and knowledge that I then bring back to my world.

As I remember what awaits me in my inner world, I remind myself to allow the darkness to linger just a little longer in the morning and the daylight to leave at its appointed hour in the evening. As I let go and give myself over to the shortening of the days as we draw closer to Winter Solstice, a voice from my inner world gives me the gift of knowing that on the awakening of the day following Winter Solstice the light begins to lengthen as the days begin once again to grow longer.

©2010 Diana Rankin

Diana Rankin, is the author of The Happiness Book, 23 Days/A Celtic Journey, and The Found Child, which can be purchased at http://www.spiritualseekersnetwork.com. Diana is a gifted psychic medium, international speaker, and workshop and guided meditation leader. For a private reading by phone or in person, for information on workshop, seminars, or speaking to your group, or to order one of her books or CD meditations, please contact Diana at http://www.dianarankin.com.

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Prophetic Nightmares - Dreams of Snakes - Get the True Interpretation Now

So you're well aware of your fear of snakes. Understood! The very sight of them alone makes you sick to your stomach.

However, on a warm summer night when there's not much to do you find yourself flipping through channels on your cable television hoping to come across something good. Unfortunately, you don't.

You keep searching, and while doing so, you inadvertently happen upon a creepy scene of serpents on the Discovery channel.

The repugnant display turns your abdomen inside out, but now you're curious and decide not to change the channel just yet. You stay and watch for a minute or two as the anaconda squeezes the life out of the antelope and then proceeds to swallow it whole. This terrifies you.

So at this point, you've had enough and you change the channel immediately. Even though you know this reptile doesn't live anywhere near you, you can't stop your mind from thinking repeatedly of that scene. It becomes an image you can't seem to get rid off so you think about it sporadically for the next couple of days or even weeks.

Then, out of the blue, you dream of walking through the woods and accidentally stepping on a snake. Overwhelmed with terror, you freeze for a minute but not for long, because now the snake you stepped on is agitated and very angry. It rises up with swiftness and chases you from one end of your dream to the other and commences to torment you. When it finally decides to go for the kill to unleash the bite of death on your neck, you jerk wide awake.

Is this dream Prophetic?
No. Absolutely Not!

Is there a cause for worry?
For the most part, No.

It's important to understand that most people harbor some level of fear for snakes, but these same people hardly ever dream about them.

If you find yourself having nightmares about snakes, or anything monstrous for that matter that you fear, the first process you need to go through is to ensure that the thing you dreamt about hasn't been a dominant or reoccurring thought in your mind over the past few days or weeks.

Ask yourself some key questions such as;

Did I read about it somewhere?
Has there been any unusual news of this thing recently in the media?
Did I see it on television or heard about it on the radio not too long ago?
Have I been thinking of this thing on more than one occasion over the last few days?

These questions are designed to specifically help put your mind at ease if your answers to them are all YESes. The questions are engineered to segregate disqualifying and qualifying factors within the dream so the best determination can be made as to whether or not the dream is Prophetic or Non-prophetic.

On the other hand, if you answered No to all of the above questions, you may have to prepare yourself for some type of a heartbreaking upheaval in the near future.

For more information on how to accurately interpret dreams of snakes or any vivid dream for that matter, click the link below.


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Dream Psychics

A dream psychic is an intuitive who is sometimes called a dream interpreter. This is someone who makes sense out of weird dreams. Every night we fall asleep and many times we dream unusual dreams. The first thing one does need to check is that you didn't cause the dreams by eating something that would cause them prior to going to bed.

Many times the late night snack can cause dreams especially if you eat things like cheese. Once you have eliminated this as a cause, you need to try to understand what the dream actually meant. If you understand it from your own inner knowledge that actually is the best way to deal with dreams. However there are many times when we really do not understand what the dream was about or what it was warning us about. This is where a dream psychic comes in extremely handy. These people make their business out of understanding the meanings and symbols of the dreams. Should you wish to do it for yourself you could invest in a book on the subject which deals with the meanings and symbols of each animal, plant etc. Most dreams are about your own inner growing abilities in the psychic world and the very best method is to do your own interpretation. Many times though we are totally stumped as to where to even start. This is where we require the help of a dream psychic.

The first thing this person will do is to draw out the entire dream from your memory. It could well take two or three repeats, as often we remember the dream in a disjointed way. Once the psychic understands and makes notes of the dream they will begin to interpret it usually with a dream encyclopedia. This will involve looking up each meaning of each item mentioned in the dream and putting it into order to make sense for the person whose dream it was. It has to resonate with that person's soul. It is no good giving a mental image to a person when it means nothing to them. In the days of the internet we are now so closely in touch with all parts of the world that someone in Australia might well be reading for someone in Canada.

Now while the person in Canada had a dream about Polar bears and they mean something to them, it is totally unlikely that the person in Australia has ever encountered a polar bear. By the same token the inbuilt knowledge of the person in Canada will say to them polar bears are not something to be played with, the person in Australia probably doesn't have the same knowledge. This is where the reading becomes almost what amounts to collaboration between the two parties. The book will give the meaning and the dream interpreter will be able to pass on the message, the final out come of the message always rests with the person who had the dream.

A psychic doing dream interpretations will be able to help you with understanding the core message by having the right tools on hand but at the end of the day you will need to be able to accept it and fit it into your own inner self. It came from you, it is for you and so it must fit with what you know about yourself.

Sarah Saxon is a Reiki Master and writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry, promoting the discovery of the personal spiritual path, and recommends the following sites:

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psychic reading

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The Suits of Tarot: Pentacles

In the study of Tarot, one must begin with the basics. So, let us take time to delve back into the world of the Tarot deck, studying a suit of the Minor Arcana, the 52 cards of the Tarot deck that resemble modern playing cards. So let us look at one of the four suits, so that you, too, can begin to understand tarot as you go through the process of self-discovery and growth as you either begin to perform your own readings, or find a reader who suits you. The suit that we will discuss is the suit associated with earth, the suit of Pentacles.

Pentacles is a powerful suit that correlates with the modern playing deck's suit of diamonds. They have been called discs, stones, and coins depending on the interpretation of the deck, but on the whole identifies as a symbol of wealth. The divinatory meanings of each card(excluding Court Cards, as we will discuss those separately) is as such:

Ace of Pentacles -All aces in tarot suits represent new beginnings, and in this case, a new beginning for a financial endeavour. At the least, this is a time of abundance and prosperity.

Two of Pentacles - The image of a man juggling two coins represents the notion of juggling one's finances and life, but that help is coming. This card also represents trying to give oneself a little flexibility in finances.

Three of Pentacles - This particular card represents that you have done well and can be rewarded for a job well done, and often this represents a financial accolade or raise.

Four of Pentacles - A man clutches his coins close to him, and signifies the notion that one who earns their money can sometimes grow stingy and miserly, forgetting to spend money on things they may enjoy or may need. This card asks that you loosen your purse strings.

Five of Pentacles - This card shows a sense of financial loss, maybe even ruin, but that you can begin to put things back together and move on.

Six of Pentacles - This card is valuable for reminding one to be charitable. Give because one wishes to and has plenty, but not because this may endear you to others.

Seven of Pentacles - Another card in the tarot suit of Pentacles that represents prosperity, this card also reminds one to reward oneself during a time of prosperity. If you worked hard for something, then enjoy it. Don't feel guilty for doing so.

Eight of Pentacles - This card is the classic tarot card to represent one being in a career that they enjoy or excel in, and a desire to use those skills to increase one's wealth and focus.

Nine of Pentacles - A card of true positivity, this card represents abundance, a good life, security and well-being in one's life.

Ten of Pentacles - Finally, this card represents the notion that there is money within our grasp, wealth is not far away, but one must be willing to grasp the opportunity.

The common sense psychic reader provides articles, insight, tips and opinions on various today's spiritual subjects such as psychic telephone readings where to get the services such as a as well as explaining how a tarot reading works.

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Plant Spirit Shamanism- The Way of The Lover - Sufi Healing

According to Sufi legend, the Prophet Sulaymãn was the first to learn the healing properties of flowers and herbs while he was at prayer one day, and a flower sprang up and greeted him. Sulaymãn returned the greeting and asked the flower what it wanted. It replied that it was a healer. Sulaymãn noted this and, seeing his interest, other flowers grew around him and told him their healing secrets too, until he knew the cure for all diseases.

Flowers heal, it is said, because they possess dhat. This is the spirit of God and the essence of every flower that ever was, is, or can be. Shamans say the same: that every plant is all plants, so that lavender is not just a lavender, but all lavenders; and since all lavenders are not just a member of their species, but part of the entire plant kingdom, they are not just one flower either, but carry the potency and spirit of all plants.

This shamanic concept also illustrates the magical "Law of Similarity" referred to by Sir James Frazer in his book The Golden Bough, which states that "like attracts like." Thus, the effect of a plant is not just limited to its species; if it looks like another plant of a different species, it will act in a similar way, and if it looks like a human body part or organ, that is what it will heal.

Other shamanic concepts in the story of Sulaymãn are that plants which grow locally will cure local diseases, and they will tell you what ailments they are used for if you ask them directly. The shamanic practice for doing so is called journeying. It is a form of active meditation, where you take your attention into your body and allow it to reveal itself as a form of conscious energy or spirit. You can then ask which herbs or plants it most needs in order to heal itself, and how these should be used--as a tea, the ingredient for an herbal bath, or an aromatherapy oil to be used in a burner, for example.

Having identified the herb, you can then look for it in nature or find it at a herbalist's shop and gather a quantity for yourself.

Spend a little time with it when you do, imagining it to be a real spiritual being and entering into dialog with it so you can explore its medicinal qualities. You might then wish to look up this plant in an herbal encyclopaedia to cross-check the information you have received with the guidance provided by others who also know this plant. You may be surprised at how accurate you are. But, then again, why should this be so surprising? At some time in the distant past, before there were "scientists" and "medical procedures," the spirit of the plant must have communicated its purpose to someone in order to be included in an encyclopaedia at all.

Two very good plants to begin with, if you wish to restore your body and build your strength, are echinacea and uña de gato (cat's claw), both of which are powerful immune system healers. The immune system is what gives the body energy and helps it fight off and prevent disease. These plants should therefore be considered in any regime to empower the body.

In aromatherapy, oil of amber, extracted from the resin of the pine tree Picea succinfera, is also recommended as a balancer of the body's energies, and for this reason it is known to Sufis as the King of Scents. A drop of amber applied to the third eye will be absorbed by the body and stimulate the pineal gland, which activates and harmonizes many of the body's functions and leads to increased well-being.

Harmonizing the Emotional Self
The heart sees the Giver of the secret - Rumi

Balanced emotions allow our souls to flower. When we are calm and tranquil, we can moderate the "heat" of our passions to achieve emotional equilibrium. We are then able to avoid the sudden traumas that cause us pain and distract us from the path, so that life's ups and downs have less impact on us.

There are particular herbs that help with this. The shamans of the Amazon use a plant called chiric sanango, for example. As well as its physical effects of warming up the body and bringing comfort from the cold, it offers more psychological and emotional healing, also to do with hot and cold, in that it "warms up" a cold heart and "cools" a heart that is inflamed with jealousy or rage. In other words, it helps people open their hearts to love so they discover a more sensitive and compassionate part of themselves.
Chiric sanango can sometimes be found in specialist herbal shops or on the Internet, but failing that, mint can be used instead, as it is also a balancer of the body's physical and emotional heat and promotes the flow of love. For these reasons it is associated with the planet Venus, which was named after the Roman goddess of love.

A good plant to combine with mint is lemon balm, which is famous in Arabian herbal magic for creating feelings of love and wholeness. The chronicler Pliny remarked that its powers of healing were so great that, rubbed on a sword that had inflicted a wound, it would staunch the flow of blood in an injured person without even the need for physical contact. Recent research at Northumbria University in the UK has also proven its beneficial effects in increasing feelings of calm and well-being. It is a great relaxant and a perfect aid to exercises in meditation and forgiveness.

To make a tea of these herbs, simply boil the fresh ingredients (the amounts you use can be much to your own taste, but three heaped teaspoons is about right) in a pint or so of water for a few minutes and then simmer for a further twenty, allowing the water to reduce. Add honey if you wish, then strain and drink when cool.

For a mixture that will last a little longer, add the fresh ingredients to alcohol (rum or vodka is recommended), with honey if you wish, and drink three to five teaspoonfuls a day, morning, noon, and night. These methods of preparation can also be used for the other plants in this section.

Frankincense aromatherapy oil can also be used as an aid to relaxation and for settling the emotions. It is a powerful cleanser of the energies and enhances intuition, awareness, empathy, and compassion. It was, of course, one of the gifts brought by the wise men to the infant Jesus, and it is still used today in religious ceremonies to create feelings of love and harmony among congregation members.

Another means of harmonizing the emotions is the Sufi practice of toning. The long vowel sound a, as in the word father, will travel from the throat to the heart, where its vibrations can be felt opening our loving consciousness and stimulating our powers of compassion. An alternative, better known today, is the use of the sacred sound om, for the same purpose: to bring calm and connection to others and to the divine within and without ourselves.

Harmonizing the Mental Self
Intellect deliberates, Intellect reflects
And meanwhile Love evaporates into the stratosphere - Rumi

Plants that work on the mind to enhance our powers of skilful thought are more concerned with the development of nonrational and intuitive information than in the improvement of intellectual reasoning, since our rational and analytic faculties are often what hold us back in our spiritual development. As Rumi tells us, "nothing happens until you quit contriving with your mind."

Intellectual prowess is symptomatic of the "trained" or conditioned mind, which has been taught to behave itself and act in a certain unthinking way. As the word "prowess" implies, there is often also a sense of unwholesome pride or arrogance associated with it, which is a game in itself. To access the greater domains of real genius within us, meanwhile, new ways of thought are necessary, unimpaired by expectations or our desire to be an intellectual, to prove ourselves, or to achieve. In fact, we don't need to prove anything, and there is nothing we must achieve.

Plants that can free us from the shackles of intellectual thought and help develop our powers of insight, clarity, and truth include bracken, jasmine, marigold, mugwort, and poplar. These plants bring the gift of lucid dreaming, a special state of consciousness where we become aware of our dreaming selves and can direct our dreams, which may also be prophetic in nature. The boundary between sleeping and wakefulness becomes fluid, and our dreams are more colourful, richer, and potent than before.

Poplar leaves and buds were a key ingredient in the "flying ointments" of European witches, who used it for astral projection. It (or a combination of poplar and the other plants above) can also be used to make a "dreaming pillow," which will help you to explore new levels of consciousness.

To make one of these, take small handfuls of mugwort and poplar, or some of the other herbs mentioned above, and blend them together. Sprinkle the mix with neroli, orange, or patchouli oils, and bind it together. Then place it in a cloth pouch and put it beneath your pillow. It is said that an intention for dreams based on love is best made on a waxing moon, and dreams about health and well-being are best on a waning moon. Keep a dream journal next to your bed, and as soon as you wake up, note down your dreams and reflections so these messages of your soul are not lost.

Another means of developing powers of skilful thought is to work with plants like valerian and vervain that have psycho-spiritual properties for acuity of mind and that help us to overcome negativity and inertia.

Valerian has been recorded from the sixteenth century as an aid to a restful mind and, in the two world wars, was used to combat anxiety and depression. It is still used for these purposes. It also brings relief from panic attacks and tension headaches, which often arise from an unresolved issue or stress of some kind, sometimes to do with love or the lack of it that we perceive in our lives. By relaxing the mind, the psyche is able to work on the real problem, aided by the plant itself.

One way of taking valerian (which will also aid deep and restful sleep) is by adding equal parts to passionflower leaves and hop flowers and covering them with vodka and honey for a few weeks, after which a few teaspoons of the liqueur are taken at bedtime.

Vervain, meanwhile, was well known to the Druids, who used it to protect against "evil spirits" (nowadays, we might say "inner issues" or "worries"). It will help with anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, and depression. Once again, by relaxing the conscious mind, the unconscious is allowed to work on, and release, our more deep-rooted problems and concerns.

Another plant that protects and eases the mind is garlic. Nicholas Culpepper noted these qualities and wrote of it as a "cure-all." It has long been associated with magical uses, protection from witches, vampires, and evil spells, and Roman soldiers ate it to give themselves courage and overcome their fears before battle. There is also a tradition of placing garlic beneath the pillows of children to protect them while they sleep and defend them from nightmares.

One way to use this plant is to make garlic honey by adding two cloves of peeled garlic to a little honey and crushing them in a mortar, then adding another tablespoon of honey to the mix. This can be drunk in hot water or simply eaten, two teaspoons at a time, morning, noon, and night.

An aromatherapy oil that is good for peace of mind and the expansion of spiritual consciousness is sandalwood, which is especially recommended by Sufis "whenever serious meditation and spiritual practices are being undertaken, because it is quieting to all of the egotisms of the body, especially those relating to energies,"11 which can often play on the mind.

Finally, there is a toning practice, too, which helps to develop our intuitive mental capacities. This is the use of the vowel sound i (as in regime), which causes healing vibrations at the third eye, stimulating the pineal gland, strengthening the powers of insight, and relaxing the hold of the conditioned mind.

Harmonizing the Spiritual Self
In the body of the world, they say there is a soul
And you are that - Rumi

Perhaps the greatest plant allies we have for soothing the soul and bringing good fortune and harmony are marigold flowers. Aemilius Macer, as long ago as the thirteenth century, wrote that merely gazing at marigolds will draw "wicked humours out of the head," "comfort the heart," and make "the sight bright and clean."

Shamans grow marigolds near the front door of their houses to absorb negativity from people who pass by. They say that the flowers turn black when this happens, but go back to their normal bright colour when this negative energy is dispersed through their roots to the earth. Marigold petals are also scattered beneath the bed, where they will ensure restful sleep and enrich the soul, aiding astral travel, during which we may commune with the infinite and learn its loving and healing secrets. They can also be added to bath water to bring calm to body and soul.

Another practice you might try is to take a bucket of water containing crushed marigold flowers and thoroughly wash the floors of your meditation room, to create a peaceful sanctuary for your soul. You can also drink marigold tea, or eat the petals fresh in salads, to enhance your spiritual powers.

Myrrh is perhaps the most potent aromatic oil to help with spiritual expansion. It is mentioned in the Qur'an for its healing properties and was one of the oils commended by God to Moses. According to Shaykh Hakim, "in ancient times it was used to convey to people a certain internal esoteric teaching, to purify their spiritual environment so that the teachings would have a proper soil in which to be planted," and it is still used today as one of the most sacred anointing oils.

All aromatherapy oils are simple to use, and myrrh is no different. It can be massaged into the skin, used in a burner, rubbed onto bed sheets for blessings while you sleep, or a few drops can be added to your bath. It is also available in incense form as an aid to meditation.

The vowel sound u (as in you) can also be used during these meditations. This sound, according to Shaykh Hakim, is "Where our action meets and intermingles with the divine permission, the idhn," and it will unblock (and unlock) the soul through its vibrations, allowing you to connect with the greater soul of the world.

Enhancing Mystical Powers
The real truth of existence is sealed,
Until after many twists and turns of the road - Rumi

When our bodies, emotions, minds, and spirits are harmonious in themselves and in balance with one another, we are better able to find our way to the centre--to remember ourselves again and merge with the Beloved. And again, there are practices to help with this.

According to the twelfth-century mystic Abdul-Qadir, who founded the Qadiri Sufi order, the rose is the most magical, potent, and soul-filled of all, and "all dervishes use the rose (ward) as an emblem and symbol of the rhyming word wird ('concentration-exercises')."

The rose--the Mother of Scents--represents divinity itself. Tradition states that, at the beginning of the world, God created the soul of Prophecy, and that this soul gave birth to the 124,000 Prophets who have since walked the earth. So brightly did the soul of Prophecy shine that it began to perspire, and from the waters of these holy droplets grew the rose.

Every rose, therefore, is infused with divine power and carries the essence of the Prophets themselves. It is for this reason that the rose is considered the greatest ally for mystical experience, the most skilful healer, and the most accomplished teacher of the arts of love (which may be why we still give roses to our lovers today).

Rose water can be used throughout your soul's journey to help you balance any aspect of body, mind, emotions, or spirit, but it is of particular use in helping us attain the mystical state, where the sheets are thrown back to welcome our Beloved.

To make rose water, gather a few ounces of rose petals and place them in a bowl of spring or rain water to soak for at least a day and a night, then decant the liquid into a glass container. This elixir can be used directly on the skin, in bathing water, or drunk; ingestion will absorb the blessing (baraka) of the Prophets themselves, and the knowledge of God. Fresh rose petals can also be eaten, used as an ingredient in the dreaming pillows mentioned earlier, or sprinkled onto bed sheets so you sleep among the gods.

Ross Heaven is a therapist, workshop leader, and the author of several books on shamanism and healing, including Darkness Visible, the best-selling Plant Spirit Shamanism, and Love’s Simple Truths. His website is http://www.thefourgates.com where you can also read how to join his sacred journeys to the shamans and healers of the Amazon.

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Alternative Divination Methods

Spells have been used for centuries to help people in their lives. Unfortunately the negative side of spells is often highlighted in popular culture. Black Magic and dark witch craft have brought the idea of spell casting into disrepute, but this is only one side of the story. In fact magic and spells are mostly a force for good. Of course there is a dark side to it, everything can be misused, but it is time to start looking as spells as a positive force for change and good in your life. Magic spells today are becoming a popular method for taking control of aspects of life in a positive and powerful way.

A spell reading from an expert who is familiar with the use and power of spells can provide you with a set of personal spells that you can cast, or have cast for you, to enhance various aspects of your life. The reading will involve looking into various aspects of your life and considering what you want to change and what you want to make better. There are spells available that can link in with all of a person's needs and desires and used as a proactive way to make positive steps towards realization of those goals.

The spells chosen will depend on exactly what the person wants to change in their life. There are spells that can help with love, relationships and health. But there are also many much more specific spells that can be used to focus on small changes and improvements to your life. A spell reading will help you focus exactly on what you need and ensure that the spells chosen work only for good and will not work negatively on you or any other person. Good spells work to change your future in a positive way for you and those around you. They are a way of focusing positive energy to make real and lasting changes in your life.

If you look on the internet or in books you will find a bewildering choice of spells. It is easy to be swamped by the choice and not nearly know where to start. This is even before considering how you would go about casting spells in a safe, positive and successful way. Some spells involve complicated chanting that you will need to learn and others involve collecting objects and ingredients that you may not know how to source. Having a spell reading can help overcome all these problems. It will enable you to get the set of spells that you need and that will work for you. It will also mean that you have an experienced adviser who can show you how to cast spells.

Sarah Saxon works for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master, promoting discovery of the personal spiritual pathway through the use of established and expert clairvoyants, tarot readers and mediums.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Madrid Fault And Arkansas Earthquakes Spur Fears In The Midwest

Recently, we have seen a dramatic increase in sales of SurvivalOutpost products to customers in the Midwest. The reason for this increase in sales would seem intuitive -- Midwestern states have been getting routinely hammered by the epic winter snows of 2011; and indeed, this is partially the case. However, after interviewing a handful of our customers from the Midwest, we made a new and rather sobering discovery -- many of these customers are becoming increasingly worried about the New Madrid Seismic Zone, an increase in Arkansas earthquakes, and the strange (and poorly explained) deaths of thousands of birds and fish in the region, and they are planning for the worst.

When most people in the United States think of Seismic Zones, they generally think of California. With the San Andreas Fault slicing more than 800 miles through California - a massive fissure separating the North Atlantic and Pacific plates - and a history of attention-grabbing tremors to remind us of it's volatility, California generally wins the prize as the earthquake high-risk zone of note. But it may surprise you to learn that there is another active seismic zone in the United States, one that is responsible for this country's four largest earthquakes ever, with magnitudes exceeding 8.0, and it isn't on the west coast.

It's in the Midwest.

Specifically, this active region, called the New Madrid Fault, lurks under a four-state area including Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky, but has the potential to affect a region that is far greater. In fact, in a cluster of earthquakes that began in December of 1811 and continued into February 1812, referred to as the '1811-1812 Earthquake Series' and one of the worst in this country's history, the New Madrid Fault shook so hard that church bells on the east coast started ringing. People as far away as New York City and Boston could feel the rumbling. One tremor, located almost exactly under the spot where Memphis is found today, shook so hard the river appeared to flow upstream. As Wiki states,

"The future location of Memphis, Tennessee was shaken at Mercalli level nine intensity. Local uplifts of the ground and water waves moving upstream gave the illusion that the river was flowing upstream. At New Madrid, trees were knocked down and riverbanks collapsed. This event shook windows and furniture in Washington, D.C., rang bells in Richmond, Virginia, sloshed well water and shook houses in Charleston, South Carolina, and knocked plaster off of houses in Columbia, South Carolina. In Jefferson, Indiana, furniture moved and in Lebanon, Ohio, residents fled their homes."

A similar earthquake today would be devastating, and would likely result in thousands of deaths, billions of dollars of damage to structures and critical infrastructure, and the displacement of millions of people. Indeed, it would be an earthquake event of biblical proportions. Which is why, of course, people that live in this region of the country are becoming increasingly concerned.

It doesn't help that recent earthquakes have rattled the ground and nerves of Arkansans, plus the unexplained fish and bird deaths which have pockmarked the same region have people all-a-jitter. All of this has understandably sparked wild and fanciful, and in some cases outlandish speculation as to what might be really going on. From HAARP testing, to a 2012 pole shift, to oil industry gas 'fracking' gone amok, to biblical End Times geophysical volatility, the wild-eyed conspiratorial musings about the New Madrid fault zone would be downright hilarious were it not for one small exception...and that exception is that it appears as if FEMA has taken a sudden interest in the New Madrid Fault and is actively planning for a potentially devastating event.

In late January 2011, FEMA distributed a series of RFIs (Request For Information) to potential vendors to provide food, blankets, fuel and other resources in the event of a New Madrid earthquake. The language in the request is sobering, "The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of supply for meals in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations." FEMA is essentially soliciting a vendor (or vendors) to provide in excess of 14 million meals for a New Madrid event, for ten days.
That's right -- 140 million meals.

Conspiracy theories aside, the timing of these requests are strangely coincident with the earthquakes and widespread bird and fish kill in the region, which, not surprisingly, has caused this thing to go viral. And even a rational mind has to stop and meditate on the timing of these requests.

Keep in mind, FEMA is paid to look for potential risks and then take appropriate steps to mitigate the associated hazards. Preparing for the low-probability, high-consequence event is what they do (or at least what they should be doing). So, taking steps to prepare for a New Madrid event seems both logical and responsible. But...the question nevertheless begs, why now? What changed in 2011 to cause FEMA to suddenly take the New Madrid seriously, given that the hazard has been there for hundreds of years?

Is there a relationship between the dramatic increase in seismic events in northern Arkansas, the bizarre die off of birds and fish in the same area, and the sudden interest in the New Madrid Fault zone by FEMA?

Is all this coincidence or conspiracy?

And that gnawing uncertainty appears to be motivating a lot of people into action.

Whether there is anything to the timing or not, it is always best to be prepared.

Kevin is the co-owner of Survivaloutpost.com, an on-line store specializing in Emergency Preparedness Supplies, Survival Kits and Freeze Dried Food for individuals, families and businesses.

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Cat Behavior - Cat's Sixth Sense

For many years stories of cats with strange abilities to foretell natural disaster or weather changes have abounded. Most reports concern cats showing strange behaviors before storms, volcano eruptions, earthquake or even before less natural phenomena such as air raids. (Many households with a cat in World War II soon realized they could regard puss as a reliable early-warning system as it became agitated before sirens went off) Often stories involve a mother cat moving her kittens from an area or house which later is devastated by flood, landslide or lava to a safer refuge; or a cat trapped within four walls desperately to get out. Reports of such instances of forewarning, as displayed by many cats before the 1979 California earthquake, are now taken so seriously in America that scientists in seismology there are studying the behavior of over 200 species of animals with the help of 10,000 volunteer observers. If these observers notice anything peculiar in the animal's behavior, they have to dial a hotline to ythe earthquake scientists. This is also done in China and in 1975, acting on the behavior of cats and other animals, Haicheng was evacuated twenty-four hours before a huge earthquake devastated the area. No doubt the cats had already taken to the hills. And, let's face it, if you live in a region likely to suffer from quakes, all forewarnings are greatly received.

There are several theories as to how cats seem to be able to predict these happenings. During rainstorms, enormous amounts of electricity are discharged into the clouds and create electromagnetic waves that spread through the atmosphere for hundreds of miles. The air becomes charged with positive ions which thought to influence the concentration of certain chemicals in the brain. As a result some people suffer headache before thunder. The cats may be many times sensitive to these ions, and the changes within its brain cause its mood and behavior to alter dramatically. They may also have the ability to use the Jacobson's organ to sample molecules in very dilute concentrations in the air and get a forewarning of more violent changes to come - such as when a volcano has begun to smoke, and so releases the gases within it, but has given no great outward sign of eruption. Some cats are said to rub their ears before heavy rain, responding, perhaps, to pressure changes that agitate the sensitive inner ear.

The sensitivity of the cat's feet and whiskers to vibration may mean that it can sense the tiny tremors which precede an earthquake. If we take into account this awareness of vibrations, the ability of the cat to hear ultrasonic sounds to detect magnetic changes, then a storm or earthquake may be as obvious to a cat as an air-raid siren is to us, and might well be detected hours before we humans become aware of it in its much less subtle form.

While prediction of earthquakes or other physical phenomena can perhaps be explained by modern science, there remain several vexed questions concerning a 'sixth sense' in cats. There are many reports of cats that anticipate the return of their owners after a long absence and without obvious warnings. There are also many, many stories, some corroborated by evidence rather than just anecdotal accounts, of cats traveling hundreds of miles after being left behind on holiday on holiday or returning to their old home after a move. Cats do appear to have remarkable navigational powers, perhaps thanks to an in-built magnetic sensitivity which gives them the same homing ability as is found in pigeons. They also have an amazingly accurate 'internal clock' and will welcome the kids home from school at the same time each day or wait by the wait by the food bowl at the right hour every evening.

Stranger still are tales of cats which have left home to find their owners at great distances away, in places that they have never been to before. One such story is of a cat whose owners were due to more to a new house 200 miles away. On the day of the move the cat somehow got left behind, but it turned up later at the new house! How these cats can even begin to figure out the right direction to take, let alone pinpoint the location of a house so very far away is a complete mystery. But this is by no means a unique story. There are sufficient reports of similar strange happenings to make us want to find out more about just how these cats are able to do it.

For more interesting cat care and health tips, please visit my blog at:-


Cuteycats2u.blogspot.com is a highly entertaining and informative blog containing useful cat care and training advises, funny cat videos, cute cat pictures and cat stories. Have fun!!

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Dream Psychics

A dream psychic is an intuitive who is sometimes called a dream interpreter. This is someone who makes sense out of weird dreams. Every night we fall asleep and many times we dream unusual dreams. The first thing one does need to check is that you didn't cause the dreams by eating something that would cause them prior to going to bed.

Many times the late night snack can cause dreams especially if you eat things like cheese. Once you have eliminated this as a cause, you need to try to understand what the dream actually meant. If you understand it from your own inner knowledge that actually is the best way to deal with dreams. However there are many times when we really do not understand what the dream was about or what it was warning us about. This is where a dream psychic comes in extremely handy. These people make their business out of understanding the meanings and symbols of the dreams. Should you wish to do it for yourself you could invest in a book on the subject which deals with the meanings and symbols of each animal, plant etc. Most dreams are about your own inner growing abilities in the psychic world and the very best method is to do your own interpretation. Many times though we are totally stumped as to where to even start. This is where we require the help of a dream psychic.

The first thing this person will do is to draw out the entire dream from your memory. It could well take two or three repeats, as often we remember the dream in a disjointed way. Once the psychic understands and makes notes of the dream they will begin to interpret it usually with a dream encyclopedia. This will involve looking up each meaning of each item mentioned in the dream and putting it into order to make sense for the person whose dream it was. It has to resonate with that person's soul. It is no good giving a mental image to a person when it means nothing to them. In the days of the internet we are now so closely in touch with all parts of the world that someone in Australia might well be reading for someone in Canada.

Now while the person in Canada had a dream about Polar bears and they mean something to them, it is totally unlikely that the person in Australia has ever encountered a polar bear. By the same token the inbuilt knowledge of the person in Canada will say to them polar bears are not something to be played with, the person in Australia probably doesn't have the same knowledge. This is where the reading becomes almost what amounts to collaboration between the two parties. The book will give the meaning and the dream interpreter will be able to pass on the message, the final out come of the message always rests with the person who had the dream.

A psychic doing dream interpretations will be able to help you with understanding the core message by having the right tools on hand but at the end of the day you will need to be able to accept it and fit it into your own inner self. It came from you, it is for you and so it must fit with what you know about yourself.

Sarah Saxon is a Reiki Master and writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry, promoting the discovery of the personal spiritual path, and recommends the following sites:

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