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Pagan Medicine: Then and Now

A time will come when our children's children will look back upon the age of "modern" medicine of the 21st century as paganistic witchcraft, foisted upon ignorant masses of people. May God rightly judge those who corrupted His ministry of healing and killed His children.

When one compares today's modern medicine with that of the medicine practiced by ancient Egyptians, a remarkable similarity unfolds.

The Egyptian Papyri, discovered in Thebes about 1862, furnish medical prescriptions issued in Egypt about 1552 B.C. Listed among the ingredients are

-lizard's blood

-Moisture from pig's ears

-animal fats

-excreta from humans, animals and insects

-drugs (1)

For example, to cure embedded splinters, worms' blood and asses' dung were applied. Such a practice had to result in a heavy toll of death from lockjaw, since dung is loaded with tetanus spores. (2)

By Contrast, the neighboring nation of Israel enjoyed relatively good health. Their nation was a Theocracy (ruled by God). God promised the Israelites they would not suffer any of the diseases that afflicted the Egyptians, if they observed His commandments.(3)

In light of the fact that Moses was instructed in all the wisdom of the Egyptians (Acts 7:22), it is amazing none of the Egyptian treatments for illness show up in the Pentateuch. (4) And there is good reason. The health laws God laid down to the Israelites, i.e. sanitary disposal of excrement, washing and use of running water, isolation and quarantine, dietary regulations, cleansing after touching the dead, have all stood the test of time.

However, when tomorrow's historians investigate the written modern medicine medical record of the 21st century, what will they find? They will find medicinal ingredients, not unlike that of the ancient Egyptians.

-Pus from sores of diseased animals

-Horse serum

-Calf serum

-Fecal matter


-Unwashed physician hands

-Poisonous drugs

The record will also reveal these "modern medicines" had about the same results as the ancient Egyptians, and did nothing to advance healing. As a matter of fact, they will learn the use of these substances advanced disease at the expense of untold human suffering and death. (5,6)

Fortunately, not every modern day physician subscribes to modern day pagan medicine. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D., an ardent foe of modern medicine wrote;

"I no longer believe in modern medicine. I believe that despite
all the super technology and elite bedside manner, the greatest danger to your health is the doctor who practices modern medicine. I believe that Modern Medicine's treatments for disease are seldom effective, and that they're often more dangerous than the disease they're designed to treat." - Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.

When you consider the modern day medicine apparatus is directly responsible for one of every three deaths, (7) Dr. Mendelsohn is right.

I believe there are others, men and women like Dr. Mendelsohn who will rise up to restore dignity, honor and holiness to the ministry of healing. They will rise up and overthrow the pagan form of medicine we know today as modern medicine.

I believe a time will come when our children's children will look back upon the age of "modern medicine" of the 21st century as paganistic witchcraft, foisted upon an ignorant peolpe. May God rightly judge those who corrupted His ministry of healing and killed His children.


1. S.I. McMillen, None of These Diseases, 1963, 11-24

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3. Exodus 15:26

4. The first five books of the Hebrew Bible; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. In the Jewish tradition these are the Torah, the law of the covenant.

5. Diseases caused by medications include collagen vascular disease produced by blood pressure medications, and Cushing's syndrome produced by prolonged cortico-steroid use. The New England Journal of Medicine has published several studies linking cancer chemotherapy to the later appearance of new malignancies. New England Journal of Medicine. 1990; 322: 1-6

6. Parkinsonism is caused by the neurological side effects of anti-depressants or anti-psychotic medication. A Harvard Medical School study showed that drugs were the real cause
of the original symptoms in 37 per cent of elderly patients who
were treated for Parkinson's disease. L-dopa, the medication used in treating these patients has its own severe side effects, that often require the use of additional drugs to control., American Journal of Medicine. 1995; 99: 48-54

7. Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), Vol. 284, July 26, 2000

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The Pentateuch, Law of Moses or Torah


It is believed that the name Pentateuch "the first five books of the Old Testament, the book of the Law" (The Columbia Viking Desk Encyclopaedia, 1964, p.1402) was first found in the letter of Elora of a second century Gnostic, Ptolemy and passed into Christian use. These books are called The Law (Torah) or the Law of Moses by the Jews. (Everyman's Encyclopedia, 1978). It would be difficult to overestimate the role that the Pentateuch has played in the course of biblical scholarship. In all likelihood, these first five books in the Bible - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy- have been subjected to scrutiny more than any single block, with the sole possible exception of the Gospels (Knight and Tucker, 1985).


The word Pentateuch derives from the Greek pentateuchos "five-volumed (book)", following the Jewish designation "the five-fifths of the law". Jews call it the Torah, that is instruction, often rendered in English Law as it is called in the New Testament (Greek nomon; example, Matt. 5:17; Luke 16:17; Acts 7:53; 1 Cor. 9:8). According to Lasor, Hubbard and Bush (1982), the Pentateuch was "the most important division of the Jewish canon, with an authority and sanctity far exceeding that attributed to the prophets and writing" (p.54). They observe that the books of the Pentateuch are not 'books' in the modern sense of independent self-contained entries, but were purposefully structured and intended as part of a larger unity; therefore the term Pentateuch is not only convenient but necessary. However, granted this fact of the unity of the larger corpus, the conventional five-fold division is important not simply as a convenient means of reference to the material, but because there is clear editorial evidence establishing just these five books as genuine subdivisions of the material. Despite marks of real disparity and complexity in structure and origins, far more primary and important is the overarching unity which the Pentateuch evidences. A careful reading of the Pentateuch will reveal, beside a definite unity of purpose, plan and arrangement, a diversity - a complexity - that is equally striking.


The traditional view according to Halley (1962) is that "Moses wrote the Pentateuch substantially...with the exception of the few verses at the close which give an account of his death, and occasional interpolations made by copyists for explanatory purposes" (p.56). This is in consonance with the view of Childs (1979). A modern critical view is that of a composite work of various scholars of priests made about the eighth century B.C., for partisan purposes, based on oral traditions, the principal redactors of which are called J (for Jahweh/Yahweh, the personal name of God), E (for Elohim, a generic name for God), D (for Deuteronomic) and P (for priestly). Each is claimed to be unique. However, "this view is not supported by conclusive research or evidence, and intensive archaeological and literary research has tended to undercut many of the arguments used to challenge Mosaic authorship" (The NIV Study Bible, 1984, p.2). Jews and Christians alike have held Moses to be the author/compiler of the Pentateuch.


The Pentateuch consists of the first five afore-mentioned books of the Bible. It must be observed that the first phrase in the Hebrew text of Genesis 1:1 is bereshith [in (the) beginning] which is also the Hebrew title of the book. The English title, Genesis, is Greek in origin and is derived from geneseos 'birth', 'genealogy' or 'history of origin'. Genesis therefore appropriately describes its contents since it is primarily a book of beginnings. 'Exodus' is a Latin word from Greek exodos, meaning 'exit', 'departure'. Leviticus receives its name from the Greek translation of the Old Testament (Septuagint) meaning 'relating to the Levites'. It mainly concerns the service of worship at the tabernacle which was conducted by the priests who were the sons of Aaron, assisted by many from the rest of the tribe of Levi. Exodus gave the directions for building the tabernacle and Leviticus the laws and regulations for worship there including instructions on ceremonial cleanness, moral laws, holy days, the Sabbath year and the Year of the Jubilee. The English name of the book Numbers comes from the Septuagint and is based on the census lists found in it. The Hebrew title of the book (bedmidbar, 'in the desert'), is more descriptive of its contents. It presents an account of the thirty-eight year period of Israel's wandering in the desert following the establishment of the covenant of Sinai. The word 'Deuteronomy' (meaning the repetition of the law'), the name of the last book of the Pentateuch, arose from a mistranslation in the Greek Septuagint and the Latin Vulgate of a phrase in Deuteronomy 17:18, which in Hebrew means 'copy of the law'. The error is not serious however since Deuteronomy is, in a certain sense, a repetition of the law.

Generally, the unity of the Pentateuch must be stressed when discussing the content. This is created by an interest in the historical narrative forming the Pentateuch's backbone and framework and into which the blocks of legal texts have been placed. A clue to this narrative's central role and importance is the fact that the Old Testament events most frequently cited in the New Testament as the background and preparation for God's work in Christ are precisely that sequence of divine acts from Abraham's call through the kingship of David. Summaries or 'confession' of this sequence of divine acts plays a central role in Scripture. The basic details confessing God's saving acts on behalf of His people could be illustrated thus:

i. God chose Abraham his descendants (Acts 13:17; Josh.24:3) and promised them the land of Canaan (Deut. 6:23)

ii. Israel went down into Egypt (Acts 13:17; Josh. 24:5-7; Deut. 6:21ff; 28:8)

iii. God brought Israel into Canaan as promised (Acts 13:19; Josh.24:11-13; Deut. 6:23; 26:9).

This is but the narrative backbone of the Pentateuch in miniature. The plan that unifies the different elements forming the building blocks of the Pentateuch includes: promise, election, deliverance, covenant, law and land. It is realistically observed that "the one element universally present and central to these the Exodus, representing Yahweh's deliverance and the historical realization of His election of Israel as His people" (Lasor, Hubbard, Bush, 1982, p.55).

The Pentateuch has two major divisions: Genesis 1-11 and Genesis 12- Deuteronomy 34. The relation between them is one question and answer, problem and solution; the clue is Genesis 12:3. This structure not only elucidates the binding unity of the Pentateuch but also reveals that the structure began stretches far beyond the Pentateuch itself. The end and fulfillment lie beyond Deuteronomy 34 - indeed beyond the Old Testament. It could be safely asserted that probably no where does the Old Testament set forth an ultimate solution to the universal problem which Genesis 1-11 so poignantly portrays. The Old Testament indeed does not arrive at full redemption. When the Old Testament ends, Israel is still looking for the final consummation when hope shall be fulfilled and promise become fact. The juncture of Genesis 10-11 and chapters 12ff., is not only one of the most important places in the whole Old Testament but one of the most important in the entire Bible. Here begins the redemptive history that awaits the proclamation of the good news of God's new redemptive act in Jesus Christ; only then will be found the way in which the blessing of Abraham will bless all the families of the earth. The Pentateuch is truly open-ended, for the salvation history which commenced awaits the consummation in the Son of Abraham (Matt. 1:1) who draws all people to Him (John 12:32) punctuating the alienation of humanity from God and from one another.


The purpose of the Pentateuch was a leading into the realization by God that He was the Creator and Sustainer of the universe as well as the Ruler of History. It testifies to God's saving acts, the central act being the exodus from Egypt. God invaded the consciousness of the Israelites and revealed Himself as the redeeming God. Knowledge of God as Redeemer subsequently led to a knowledge of Him as Creator; understanding the Lord as the God of grace consequently prompted an understanding as the God of nature after He displayed control over nature as evidenced in the plagues, the crossing of the Red Sea and sustenance in the wilderness. It must be stressed that God's grace was evident not only in deliverance and guidance, but in the giving of the law and the initiation of the covenant. Israel's supposed pledge of obedience, oath of loyalty to God and His will is her response. One must hasten to note that this response is a gift of God's grace. The Pentateuch stands or better still possesses a rich inner unity recording God's revelation in history and His Lordship over history and testifying to Israel's response and disobedience. It generally witnesses to God's holiness which "separates Him from men, and His gracious love, which binds Him to them on His terms" (New Bible Dictionary, 1962, p.909).


Although several themes could be identified between Genesis and Deuteronomy, unique but inter-related, intertwined and invaluable ones could be identified. These include election, creation, fall/sin, covenant, law and exodus. Israel was God's elect. According to Stott (1988), the Bible is "sacred history - the story of God's dealing with a particular people for a particular purpose" (p.45). They were convinced that God had done this for no other nation (Ps. 147:20). Great thinkers of Greece (including Plato, Socrates and Aristotle) are not the focus but scriptural record concentrates on men like Abraham, Moses, David, Isaiah and the prophets to whom the word of the Lord came, and on Jesus Christ, God's Word made flesh. Abraham's call has a present day significance to us and should not be slightly regarded as an event of the past. Election - God's special choice of individuals- basically contains two subsidiary features; promise and responsibility. Abraham is promised descendants, given the land of Canaan as his children's inheritance and promised a great name in the future. God's special favour was to rest not only on Abraham and his family but to all men through him (Gal. 3:29).

God's promises to Abraham therefore were not for the selfish enjoyment of a selected few but could benefit others if used responsibly. It is incontrovertible that God's choice of Israel has a missionary purpose. A covenant, in the Hebrew context, covered all human relationships and not a limited definition of a matter of legal documents and sealing-wax in the modern mind. This bond united people in mutual obligations. Naturally, people's relationship to God should be expressed in covenant terms. Covenant terms could be used to describe three unique occasions in the Pentateuch:

i. God's promises never again to destroy the world with a flood (Gen. 9:9)

ii. God's promises to Abram (Gen. 15:18; 17:4)

iii. The Sinai Covenant established with Moses and summarized in the 'book of the covenant' (Ex.24:4).

It must be borne in mind that although covenants were generally between equals, religiously it denotes a relationship between Creator and a lesser partner. However, the theological significance of the covenant must be highlighted. Based on initiative of God and implying a new revelation of the Creator, it made moral and ritual demands upon the people.

Taylor (1973) realistically observes that "the idea of law is central to the Pentateuch gives its name to the book as a whole" (p.124). It basically covers the Ten Commandments (Decalogue - Ex. 20; Deut.5) and associates with these various collections of laws classified as:

i. The book of the Covenant (Ex. 21-23)

ii. The Holiness Code (Lev. 17:26)

iii. The Law of Deuteronomy (Deut. 12:26)

Since Israel was part of the Eastern Mediterranean culture and shared in the ideas and experience of her neighbours, several similarities could be noted especially with the Code of Hammurabi. The differences however made Israel's laws distinctive. They could be summarized thus:

i. Uncompromising monotheism (that is relating everything to the one true God)

ii. Remarkable concern for slaves, strangers, women and orphans (the underprivileged)

iii. Community spirit based on the covenant relationship shared by all Israel with the Lord

In a brilliant summary, Cornfeld (1961) observed that "Hebrew law appears from its earliest times to stand on a higher ethical level and postulates moral human relationship which do not seem to be equalled in other Near Eastern Legislations" (p.213). Israel must approach God with a due sense of His moral and spiritual distinctiveness. The elaborate sacrificial system generally found its fulfilment in the solitary sacrifice of Christ - the perfect Lamb of God- through whom sins are not only forgiven but atonement made for all men eternally (Heb. 10:1-18).

The exodus must be put in proper perspective. Described in Exodus 1-12, the Jews view it as the great intervention or saving act of God which later generations reminisced. This miraculous intervention was God's act of victory of the gods displaying total supremacy. Recalled annually in the Feast of the Passover, subsequent generations were reminded that they were initially members of a slave community mercifully redeemed from bondage. They were encouraged to use this as a deterrent, especially when curses reward disobedience. The historical significance was definitive. God could repeat His initial act. In Isaiah 51:9-11, Israel looked for a second exodus while in exile in Babylon.

The afore-mentioned themes are never submerged in the Pentateuch. Probably, the only other theme (which recurs in depressing regularity) is Israel's obstinate and persistent sinfulness. Among other things, they were slow to accept Moses as their deliverer, grumbled about hardship and desired to 'go back to Egypt'. Not even Moses was immune and was punished by not being allowed to lead God's people in the promised land.


Together, the five books trace Israel's origin from the earliest times, through the patriarchs; then the Exodus and Sinai periods prior to the entry to Canaan; they also contain much legal instruction. God's response to sin is consistently a blend of judgement and mercy. Beyond the immediate discipline of Adam and Eve, and confusion of tongues at Babel, God tempers justice with salvation. It is understandable therefore that in spite of man's path, God called Abraham to be the channel of grace and revelation to all mankind.


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Oliver L.T. Harding, who obtained his GCE O & A Levels from the Sierra Leone Grammar School and the Albert Academy respectively, is currently Senior & Acting Librarian of Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. He is a part time lecturer at the Institute of Library, Information & Communication Studies (INSLICS), Fourah Bay College and the Extension Programme at the Evangelical College of Theology (T.E.C.T) at Hall Street, Brookfields; Vice President of the Sierra Leone Association of Archivists, Librarians & Information Scientists (SLAALIS); a member of the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) and an associate of the Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals (CILIP). His certificates, secular and sacred, include: a certificate and diploma from the Freetown Bible Training Centre; an upper second class B.A. Hons. Degree in Modern History (F.B.C.); a post-graduate diploma from the Institute of Library Studies (INSLIBS, F.B.C) a masters degree from the Institute of Library, Information & Communication Studies (INSLICS, F.B.C.) and a masters degree in Biblical Studies from West Africa Theological Seminary, affiliate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he won the prize for academic excellence as the Best Graduating Student in 2005. Oliver, a writer, musician and theologian, is married (to Francess) with two children (Olivia & Francis).


Mobile: 232-2233-460-330

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How the Mayan Calendar Works

Although it has been considered as a forgotten method and reference in counting seasons and days during the ancient period, the Mayan Calendar has started to be the focus of attention for doomsday conspiracy and theorists for the past decade. This is because of the mayan calendar end of the world prophecies that is said to unfold on December, 2012, causing worldwide fear, curiosity and fascination. The ancient Mayans are an indigenous civilization from Central America and had lived thousands of years ago around Mexico's Yucatan peninsula; a race of people that are far advanced in their studies of astronomy and mathematics as well as being highly spiritual. Their advanced knowledge for astronomy and their creativity are evident in the few surviving pictorial alphabet and drawings which is also proof that the Mayans existed long before the Spanish conquistadors had reached the Central Americas.

The Mayan Calendar is among the several systems that today's archaeologists, scholars and scientists study ancient civilization with. The ancient calendar is a very advanced and mathematically accurate system that calculates the movements of the sun and the moon and the changes in the seasons. Modern scientists had attested to the accuracy of the Mayan Calendar and had even found out that it is far more accurate than the calendars that had followed it. And this mathematically accurate capability of calculating days and months and years is one of the reasons why people from all over the world believe in the end of the world 2012 predictions. So now that we are all aware of just how accurate the ancient Mayan Calendar is, the next question we should be asking is how does the mayan calendar work?

The Mayan Calendar features three periods of time and can be viewed as three different dials on a single watch, each of these dials have a specified time scale. The three time periods in the calendar is the Long Count period that relates to time periods stretching for thousands of years; the standard 365 day period called the Haab and the shortest time period, covering only a fortnight is the Tzolkin. Each dial is a finite system that covers certain times of starting and finishing points that enable its users to determine the specific start and end time of a month, year or even a millennium which is very much like the modern day calendars that we use.

The Mayans, a superstitious civilization, marks the end of each cycles which are called the Calendar Round, every fifty two years, and is seen as an unlucky time. December 21st 2012 is a date that has become synonymous with Mayan and Aztec end of the world prophecies, because the longest time cycle in the Mayan Calendar, the Long Count Calendar, which is the only calendar in the history of the world that dates back more than five thousand years, will return to zero. The mayan astrology is known for its mathematical and scientific accuracy, have they really determined when life here on earth will finally come to an end?

If you want to read more about the Mayan Calendar, visit our 2012 Official Countdown website.

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Mayan Prophecy on 2012 - End of the World Calendar

Everyone seems to know something about the possible scenario for the end of the world on December 21, 2012. Most versions point to the end of the world calendar by Maya. Recently, there have been many additional theories, opinions and gossips evolving around this event. But it is quite obvious that humanity has never faced the apocalypse scenario with so much scientific proof behind it like in these days. This time it is not simply a next hoax about the doomsday.

Here is the top 4 for possible scenarios for December 21, 2012:

1. The Mayan Calendar

The Mayans with their end of the world calendar ending on December 21, 2012 and irreversibly pointing to the end of the world, win the top four.

2. Nibiru Collision

For those who do not really believe in Mayan calendar, there is another scenario with a mysterious planet Nibiru which on the inevitable date will arrive to the Earth and it will cause a global catastrophe with its gravitational pole.

3. Planets Parade

If Nibiru version is not an option for you then you have the parade of planets at the same date: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will line up in one line (according to another opinion it will be Venus, Mercury and Saturn).

4. Aliens Invasion

Not afraid of the parade of planets? Then you should be scared with the horrific invasion of aliens: three giant spaceships were noticed on the outskirts of the solar system, they will just be able to do their way to our planet by the end of December, 2012.

No matter what happens on December 21, 2012 the one thing is for sure: the world will no longer exist in its habitual manner. Most enlightened people agree on this fact.

But with so many speculations around this phenomenon the average person seems to be simply over flooded and embarrassed with so much contradicting information.

Why not take your own trip to amazing discoveries which are entirely based on facts? Why not find out how that bunch of different scenarios can possibly overlap with each other and make sense? Dive to the best knowledge source ever devoted to the 2012 phenomena and learn more about the end of the world calendar.

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Occult Wisdom Sane Living For Insane Times

The following list of axioms, seed thoughts and suggestions are for the serious seeker after wisdom. The one who feels there is something wrong with today's hectic, greedy, emotionally charged, materialistic society. And at the same time does not know what to do about it.


There is no answer. There is nothing you can do about it. We are in the changing times between two great eras. Hindu's call it "Kali Yuga." Time of darkness.

The Vikings call it "The Wolfs Age."

Christians call it "Revelations."

Remember what that great teacher said over 2000 years ago.

"Come ye out from amongst them and let the dead bury the dead."

Now I know that most of you will say that you cannot or will not come out from amongst them because of your:








So Be It!

The choice is yours.

But at least try and save your sanity, improve your health and fight for the slight chance that you will gather enough consciousness, in this lifetime before you pass over, to warrant a semi-conscious reincarnation next time.

At least get some of the hooks of this mad society out of you!

Why is this society insane you may ask?

The leaders of this materialistic society that we live in; including:




Business Men



Military People




have all forgotten, or choose not to teach humanity about the spiritual side of man.

Man's destiny and purpose is to raise his level of consciousness. To develop and nurture the inner man within and to evolve into the next higher state of being, called ---- homo-spiritualitis.

It is true that in any time period there is only a very small percentage of humanity ready and able to hear and understand this; and to obey its laws consciously.

And unfortunately because of this lack of understanding massive humanity must be prodded along unconsciously.

But the times we live in today are so fraught with dangers and pitfalls, that even seekers after truth, light and wisdom are having a very difficult time.

It seems that the real spiritual teachers like Steiner, Blavatsky, Gurdjieff, Vitvan, Freedman, Baily, Koryzbski, etc have pulled back and are hiding.

There is an old Chinese proverb:

"When mass man rules, wise man hides."

And a second one:

"When a society is ready to fall, the worse men possible
will be pushed to the top to hasten the process."

How about an old Greek saying.

"Whom the Gods would destroy
they first drive mad."

So what can we do?

Take the race psyche (mass man consciousness) hooks out of yourself.

Keep the cosmic principles of truth and wisdom always in front of you and try to live them in your daily life.

Keep your energy levels high. Don't allow the your energy to go into the 'red' (near empty.)

Simplify your life.

Cosmic Principle #1

You are a dynamic unit of energy, living and moving and having your being in a larger dynamic unit of energy we call god (Quantum Ocean.)

Cosmic Principle #2

The Law of Three is constantly at work in your life. There is you, the other and the relationship between you. Always an energy exchange.

There is your "I Am", or soul, your etheric or physical body, your astral body, your mental body, the folk soul of your race, all humanity, Earth's body, solar system's body, the galactic body and then God.

All these bodies are energy bodies and each one interacts with you. Each one has an energy relationship with you.

There are more.

Cosmic Principle #3

Due to the interaction of the workings of the Law of Three you also have energy relationships with each of the following energy fields:


Your Parents

Your Family

Your Ancestors

Your Spouse

Your Lovers

Your Friends

Everyone in Your Neighborhood

In Your State

In Your Country


You are connected to all these and more.

The astrological energy of our solar system, cosmic energies from space, galactic energies all affect you in varying degrees.

They all act on your individual energy fields.

They say you become what you eat.

Have you ever asked yourself:

"Who or what energy am I hooked up to?"

"Who or what energy have I just eaten and swallowed?"

"Who or what energy has just eaten or swallowed me?"

These three cosmic principles are a good starting point. engrave them into your consciousness and use them in your daily life.

1) I am a dynamic unit of energy, living and moving and having my being within other dynamic units of energy.

2) The Law of Three is constantly at work in my life.

3) Because of the Law of Three everything that I eat (touch) with my mind, my feelings, my emotions, my thoughts, my physical body becomes part of me, and I part of it.

Now To The Biggest Curse of the 21st Century


One of the biggest curse of the 21st century and most likely the biggest hook connecting you to unconscious humanity is your TV.

If you do not believe me, try to turn it off for one week.

It is the new religion. At 6PM every evening 250 million people bow down in front of it and unconsciously listen to it's every word. Allow it's every image and sound to enter their consciousness (thereby becoming more unconscious) and worst of all they allow this electronic beast to eat their energy.

Many of you at this point will start to sing your old song of justification.

"Oh I only watch the news."

"Oh I only watch the history channel."

"Oh I only watch the educational channels."

"Oh I only etc, etc, etc."


This paper is about dislodging the hooks materialistic society has on you. To free your energy up; to increase your health; raise your level of consciousness.

You cannot do this if you continually pray to the TV God and give it your energy.


At least get a VCR and watch movie tapes. Taped material does not have the hypnotic power of live TV with their subliminal messages. Watch only movies or time delayed programs, this is a good start.

Those of you who are getting angry at me for what I am writing .... take that anger and turn it around at yourselves, at your own weaknesses and lack of self control and discipline. I said this paper was for serious seekers.


When you are sitting in a chair reading a book your etheric-physical body is calm and pulsating harmoniously. Your astral body is steady. Your mental body is being stimulated by words from the book. All is well. No loss of energy.


Your etheric-physical body is being bombarded by high frequency waves which are putting holes in your aura which leads to less protection against ill health.

Your emotional body is being over stimulated with sex, violence vibrations, which leads to ill health.

Your mental body is filled with materialistic consumer, non-spiritual ideas leading to unconsciousness.

TV uses Sex, Violence, Hatred to control you.

All that really comes out of the boob tube is:

Blah--- blah ---- blooey ---- lies ---- propaganda.

Your real self is put to sleep and you become their supper.


It seems that seekers of the past (50-100 years ago) could either retreat to a quiet place in the country (ashram) or were economically stable enough to afford to live in the chaotic cities above the mundane society, earning a living amongst the unconscious masses.

Seekers today, thanks to the greedy power structure of the materialistic-consumer-business leaders of the world find it ever more difficult to find the time, the space, the where-with-all to

They are running helter-skelter, here and there just trying to make ends meet.

How then can seekers find the peace, quiet, health and holiness promised them by all the past masters and ancient scriptures?

They must understand the
energy world we live in.

They must have a daily methodology (exercises, meditations, practices) which will help them to:

Conserve and utilize their own energies


stop feeding the materialistic beast
that surrounds them!

Before you start anything new (to add to the thousands of processes you already have in motion) use the coordinates for right function concept.






These five factors must be combined properly to have a successful manifestation of any objective goal, purpose, work, project, plan, need you wish to bring into your life.

All five must come together to build a decent, adequate and functional: house of your life.

A house in which you can live comfortably and well. Don't overlook or misuse, especially the time factor in this rush around society. It will guarantee the failure of any project you undertake.

is built into the physical universe in everything we see, hear, speak, feel and do. It takes a certain minimal amount of time to see anything, to hear, to touch, to speak ... etc. Time enters into everything, just as oxygen has to be a part of water for water to even exist.

Now, because of our unconsciousness, lack of training and hurry, unless we are aware, we will not measure the proper time for any process to complete its cycles and manifest correctly.


is not empty, it is the substance of God. (Quantum Ocean).

Whatever thing you wish to do is a piece of God.

You need space to do things. Do you have the space to do what you want to do?

Give yourself and your loved ones lots of space.

Space and time are used together. The measurement of motion includes both time and space.


is the interval between seed and fruit.


is a part of the process:

Life and death

Incarnation and dis-incarnation

Wisdom and ignorance

Light and darkness


is the Law of Three at work in your life. All 5 elements (above) grow together like the growth of a plant or the formation of a crystal.


is the ability to know your limits. When your energy needle goes into the red you have surpassed your limits.




Get ready and be prepared for constant change, for that is life. Otherwise you will become too rigid (especially the spine and bones) and you will be cracked by the winds of change.

Inflexible man will be cracked at the spine. Flexible man bends.

First step you must practice in sane living is to make right choices by discriminating what you do want in your life vs what you do not want in your life.

Never confuse the absolute with the relative. Don't mix your levels of abstraction.

This is an erroneous high level of abstraction:





Just look at the different levels of abstraction in the citry where you live.

Murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug sellers, evil politicians, evil doctors, evil lawyers, evil priests, etc etc etc.

The above high level of abstraction left out one all important word


Man can be inheritantly good


All men are POTENTIALLY equal.

Why would those who seek to control us leave out that important word? You answer that for yourself.

Life is lived on the individual level not in the clouds of high level abstractions. Have you noticed who uses these high level abstractions the most?

Politicians, lawyers, doctors and priests.

With all thy getting, get WISDOM.


is the ability to see what is.

There are two great processes at work in our lives.

A spiral of energy form GOD tp us, the involution cycle.


And an energy spiral from us to God, the evolution cycle.



Our universe is built on ENERGIES not Words. But those in power use Words to control us. Learn how to live sanely in these insane times.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller (earned Viking name) is 72 and a skald and rune master. He is a retired math professor and electrical engineer. He brings his scientific knowledge of Quantum Physics into his Runic Information Website. He offers a unique approach to Runes and Quantum Physics He offers free Runic and Quantum Physics essays and articles plus a free newsletter. To take advantage of his uniquely interesting stuff check out his website at

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Brain Entrainment Technology For The Experimental Occultist

For the experimental occultist, so long as he or she is healthy in body and mind, there is nothing wrong with the possibility of using any form of modern technology to assist in generating the states of mind that are required to achieve something occult.Taking into account that occultism is about altered states of consciousness, it becomes essential that the operator learns what it feels like to be in certain states of mind.

Each brain wave frequency has its own emotion, which, rather like a good relationship, can be experienced, and known by the experience of it, but can't always be described in any way that will give full and complete knowledge of the experience. Thus, after a period of time, one will be able to know through the experience that one has reached an alpha state, a deep theta state and so on and so forth.

With this in depth, personal knowledge that comes from experience, and combined with standard religious or occult methods such as mantra, meditation, prayer, ritual or ceremony, one gets, at times, better control (health of body and mind at the time permitting) over ones own brain and body. On top of that one can also gain a better grasp as to what effect a particular experience has had upon one, if one knows the states of mind associated with different frequencies.

The best technology that we have for this, is that of brain entrainment. Never use it if you have any form of seizure complaint such as epilepsy. Some migraine sufferers might find it brings on migraines so be careful. If you get any negative symptoms, consult your doctor.

Now the disclaimer is over, I can discuss with you how you can use it. Take a period of time to get to know a particular frequency. For instance, only do alpha entrainment to get to know what it feels like. After that period of time (maybe many months or weeks), try another. Feel that state of mind, get used to doing it, let the brain grow so that it becomes easier to get into that frequency on demand.

Initially it might even seem like hard work lying on your back with the mind machine goggles over your eyes and experiencing the frequency, but that is a natural side effect. The brain has to learn it, to learn to be manipulated by the machine and to learn the precise frequencies that you are exploring. This takes time. It can take up to ninety days for the neurogenesis (growing new brain cells) and neuroplasticity (developing new connections between brain cells) effect to really kick in, so practice.

Every entrainment is different. Explore it. Are there some meditations you are better at under some frequencies of brain activity? Are there some that you are worse at? Learn to use that in your practices. Also research what science says. If science says for instance, that a gamma frequency is often reached before a person "takes off" and has an apparent out of body experience, then it would make sense that a good entrainment to create, to use or buy, would be one that starts off relaxing you and then moves you to a higher frequency, above 30 cycles per second, but still a harmonic of the lower meditation frequency that you were using to help you to relax.

Also, if the gamma frequency is associated with certain types of religious euphoria, then why not entrain gamma and learn to enter that state of mind by hypnotic suggestion when you are doing a ritual that is geared towards third eye meditations?

The possibilities are more or less limitless, but you have to know the brain and the body, and that requires intelligent self study. If you can't be objective to the quantity of things that you don't know then the occult never was right for you in the first place. Self honesty can save your sanity!

But what about the lower frequencies, the theta waves? These seem to be important for mind body interconnectivity rather then some kinds of "dizzy" astral work or spiritual ecstasy. It becomes essential to learn these base frequencies so that one can affect, to a minuscule, but sometimes noticeable degree, one's own circulation and possibly with sufficient in depth visualisation and breath control, something more profound.

In my youth I used this to make it less likely that I would throw up after a heavy drinking binge, and later in life I have found it essential to help both my digestion and at times, my circulation. They are also essential (or so it seems) for a path working exercise (visualized journey) and the shamanistic investigation of ones own or others body.

Brain entrainment technology, for those who don't have seizure complaints, appears to be the best form of self training technology for anyone who wants to learn to generate some strange experiences. Naturally from a rational perspective, we cannot say that there is any hard and fast objective reality to anything that we experience in "the spirit", but the very fact that we can have these strange experiences, angel experiences, astral projections, sharing dreams with people and more experiences more numerous and wondrous than I can possibly explain, shows me one thing, that the universe is even more miraculous than we humans have the capacity to understand.

Occultism is a way of experiencing lesser researched natural phenomena, be they just of the mind or not, first hand. I wish you all the best with your journey.

Find out more about Brain Entrainment
Binaural Beats Download

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Akashic Records

What exactly are Akashic record readings? You have to start by learning that the Akashic record is considered to be the book of life according to some religions, and some spiritual believers. These records are said to hold the historical facts of our whole universe including every living soul that was ever in this universe.

In order to understand the Akashic record readings you may want to do some research. Reading the works and teachings of Edgar Cayce will help you to fully understand all there is to know on this subject. Cayce is commonly referred to as the sleeping prophet and the utmost authority on the records and how to read them for you and for others.

A big key to Akashic record readings is the ability to be able to meditate and to allow yourself to become totally relaxed and open to the information that is about to be made available to you. It can take a long time of practicing before you can reach a meditative state that is so relaxed that you can read the Akashic records. The ability is within you as it is within everyone but the practice of doing so means that you will need to hone your skills of being able to calm yourself and clear everything from your mind leaving an empty palette that can be filled with the revelations you are seeking.

Sometimes it helps when you seek out others that are trying to build on their skills and you practice clearing your minds and reading the records together. This type of support can help you get to a place that you could not otherwise reach within yourself. Your inner strength will play a large part in the skills you develop and your ability to interpret the information.

Another good way to learn to give Akashic record readings is to have a hypnotherapist hypnotize you so that you can reach the state of peaceful acceptance that you are trying to find. Once you have gone to your perfect meditative state you should be able to return there with ease. Sometimes it simply takes a little help to get us to the state and to show us where that place is within us.

We all have the power to connect with the universe because we are all part of what makes up this universe. We simply need to believe and we need to work harder at becoming one with the universe in order to understand the history and change the future for the better. If we ignore all of the things that have already happened then we are destined to continue to make the same mistakes repeatedly. We must learn from the example that has already been recorded through the existence of time.

Sarah Saxon is a Reiki Master and writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry, promoting the discovery of the personal spiritual path, and recommends the following sites:

online psychics


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Divination With Dowsing Rods

Dowsing Rods have been used for divination for centuries. Although there is evidence suggesting that dowsing was in use 8,000 years ago, the first historically recorded evidence of the use of dowsing dates back to 16th Century Germany. Dowsing rods were included in ceremonial magic rituals. It was believed that dowsing rods could help locate precious metals and hidden objects. For dowsing practitioners of this time, dowsing was considered to be a form magic that was looked upon as something evil and unnatural.

In recent times, dowsing rods are utilized to locate water, minerals, oil, ancient artifacts, ghosts and psychic energy. No one is certain as to how exactly these rods actually work. One theory suggests the dowsing rods radiate energy that is bounced of specific objects or specific places. In this case, a geomagnetic field causes the rods to move towards an object's energy. Others believe that dowsing rods help an individual tap into the psychic energy or energetic vibrations of objects. This is done by concentrating on a particular object which in turn cause the rods to tune into the object's energy. In either case, dowsing remains a popular psychic tool for many people who wish to explore psychic energy or psychic phenomenon.

There are many different types of rods, however, the two most common are v-shaped branches, usually made from hazel or willow twig, and metal rods. The process of dowsing is relatively simple. The dowser holds the branch or rods in his or her hands and concentrates on the object or place they are seeking. They then begin walking, often being led by their third eye or psychic intuition. When the Dowser reaches a point of interest, the dowsing rods move in conjunction. The closer the Dowser is to the desired object, the more the dowsing rods will move.

There are many skeptics who doubt the validity of dowsing. Unfortunately there is very little scientific evidence that suggests how these rods actually work. However, for those who have had success with this psychic tool, swear by its legitimacy and a few dowsers have demonstrated an uncanny ability to locate subterranean sources of water and other types of mineral deposits. In either case, it is a relatively easy practice and is available to anyone who wishes to explore its efficacy.

For more on psychic reading, please visit our website.

Caroyn Naiman is a professional Tarot Reader and a contributing editor to She has a masters in Psychology and has been a Tarot advisor since 1998.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Psychic Chain Divination

The use of the pendulum as a form of psychic divination is very similar to that of divining rods except you are using a single hand to hold the chain or whatever you are gripping to suspend the pendulum on. Anything can be used as a pendulum from a needle to the greatest jewel. Once you have decided to use a pendulum as a psychic divination tool, you need to decide on what pendulum to use. One of the earliest pendulums I can remember using was a needle which was stuck into a cork top to give it a bit of weight. The needle had a thread in it and this was used to hold it above the article to present the psychic answer. The first thing one does is determine how the pendulum is working. Ask it a few questions which you already know the answers to.

Things that can give you a simple yes or no and sometimes you can also add maybe into the equation. Make a note of the answers you get. Does is swing from side to side for yes? Then write that down. Does it circle for No? Write it down. Also make a note on what strength of swing you get. Learn to hold the string or chain with a steady hand. This is where the psychic side of you comes through. You do not want to influence the answers you get. The amounts of different pendulums that are available are truly beautiful with different crystal stones set in a chain. They do not have to be expensive nor do they have to be special items specially made as a divination tool. One of the best and most responsive pendulums I use is a little Kruger rand set in a gold setting.

It is one of the best tools I have in this range. The accuracy rate is high and although no psychic is ever 100% this tool usually gives me a good 95 to 98% rating. When you start doing the questions, remember that the questions need to be formatted so that the pendulum can give either a 'Yes" or 'No' answer. It can not give you an answer like "Aunt Rachael did it". This is something that is great at a fun party like a stork party where you can ask questions like is it a boy or is it a girl. Whatever pendulum you use for your psychic questions try to keep it in a special place and always thank it for the answers. This helps to keep it in tune with the energies. It might sound strange but don't let other people handle it. It is attuned to you and you need to keep other peoples energies away from it or you will have to re-attune it before use again.

Sarah Saxon writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry and offers fact based unbiased advice and overviews, for the psychic development of mankind and also the spiritual evolution.



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Friday, January 13, 2012

Psychic Predictions for 2012

2012 brings the end of a lot of things...

People don't cooperate to keep things afloat that should sink on their own lack of sustainability.

New and brighter paradigms come into the atmosphere and seed peoples' thoughts, while tradition is on the wane. (This emanates from the end of the year, inspired by the December 2012 winter solstice sun that pollinates us afresh as it passes through the center of our galaxy.)

2012 has a challenging, shortsighted feel to it, in which people and the factions they belong to are more likely to defend their point of view than cooperate. Nobody gives up nothing. A healthy reaction is take better care of ourselves and create some pleasant space inner space to retire to.

It's a blunt year that shows everyone what's what, and that we must learn to flow with change. Tremendous determination can flood us with the energy we need. Lotsa winners out there!

Changes in taken-for-granted support systems can cause big upsets. Natural catastrophes can also explode our worlds.

Religious fervor and self-righteousness is burning bright in 2012, but soon enough the spell of fear-generating organized religions will weaken. Dying out is the long-held religious/political tradition of controlling the masses through fear, and weakening people by instilling guilt, shame, and division. We're outgrowing an allegiance to concepts like Original Sin.
An example of this trend towards a more loving collective consciousness is the growing awareness and intolerance for bullying in the U.S.. It used to go on unchecked but now there are educational programs and other steps in place to prevent bullying in schools. In these unstable times when the weird are getting really weird, all kinds of abuse is happening, but peoples' collective response to bullying points out our positive direction.

Innovative upgrades to society can proceed once the dust of 2012 settles. Innovation is alive and well now (entrepreneurs are turning poop into plastic, or landfills into energy producers), but it's more 2013 for their turn onstage. An important pact between countries is in the works. Women's issues don't make much progress.

The Speaking Stones: Unexpected developments hasten the change that leaves the old guard out on a limb and makes a way for more nurturing, inclusive and sustainable values. Unexpected events can change the course of history, especially changes to what has been a foundation.

And finally, here's a poem that talks about the year, and how the growth of love within each of us leads to our greater external success. 2012 teaches us to surf the waves of change.

Wild and Wonderful 2012 (published Dec. 9, 2011)

The times are coming on,
Exhilarating the air with streaks of luck,
Looming potholes,
And open portals;
Descents so dizzying they make us laugh--what else can you do?
--and a chance to start over.
The year is beneficent, it is generous, it makes things perfectly clear.
Two rights won't make a wrong: let your inner love
make the outer love come on strong.

Personal Guidance for Success in 2012

Simple: That's the word to live by in 2012. Get the idea across as simply as possible. Whatever it is, do it the simple way. The best workable solution to anything simplifies things.

Is it sustainable?: We evaluate our agreements, routines and lifestyle choices. Individuals and countries alike will see what can continue in their lives, and what can't.

Peace pays: Numerologically, 2012 is ruled by Mars, god of war. People are a little quicker to anger and get into fights. The pragmatic approach is to not take things personally or get huffy about anything. At home and in the office, "Let it slide, let it slide, let it slide!'
Be willing to cut your losses in the name of peace, if hanging on to something creates too much heaviness. Keep on going and flowing through the fast-changing scenarios of life in 2012. Whether it's a good or a bad cycle, "this too shall pass."

SCAM ALERT: Clever, ruthless people get very savvy about how to scam the public this year, beware! This is no time to trust people without good reason.

CITIZEN ALERT: What's in our food and water? Lax oversight will allow chemicals and pollutants that harm mental functioning.
Relationships: Everyone has growing pains this year as we adjust to a changing world. Success comes to those flexible people who form support systems that accommodate their unique needs.

2012 Success Story Sound Bites: Be nice. Work hard. Don't sit too long at the computer (or the sofa).

Psychic Guidance for the Fire, Water, Air, and Earth Signs

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Your head and your heart come together more. Escape calamities: do not stick with situations that make you nervous, but respond to your unease and get in safer territory. You make it in a more powerful way, whatever role you play in the world.

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): You're concerned about your happiness and reach out, feeling your way towards better circumstances. Most important is that you situate yourself in a place you want to be. You'll be happier even if you're struggling, in a place you feel you belong.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): The first half feels like there's too much on your plate--a lot to get done...various missions to accomplish. The second half, you have earned a clarity about where you truly belong --and everything else is much more in place.

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Some plans/habits/relationships expose weak links in your chain, a step necessary for true growth. Difficulties of any sort tend to make you grow emotionally and spiritually. Willingness to adapt and learn new ways sees you through.

Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and healing by telephone and in person in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In full time practice since 1979, she has an international clientele and travels nationally with her work. Each month she writes a free online newsletter with predictions and psychic advice for the astrological signs. To find out more about sessions with Elissa or to read articles and newsletters, please go to, and for appointment information please call 505-982-3294.

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How Can a Psychic Read You?

There a lot of people who are already consulting different psychics whenever they are experiencing problems that are too great for them to handle on their own. However, most of these people are still unaware of how a psychic can read them, and this is the number one cause of doubt on their side. Today, I will be showing you some of the methods that psychics are using when it comes to reading you and your future. This article will also help you understand the things that you can do whenever you are consulting a psychic.

There are psychics who can read your aura just by talking to you. With the help of a conversation, psychics can open different points on your body, and will allow you to release your aura, making it easier for them to read you and your future. Some psychics also have the ability to determine your current health condition, and will help you determine the possible solutions to these. You will also be able to find solutions to the problems that you have, depending on the answers that you have provided to the psychic.

Some psychics are using cards to read the future of a person. The cards are drawn based on how you shuffled them, and the results that you will get from the cards are coming from you. Although it is possible for you to do this on your own, there are still a lot of things that you need to do in order to read your future. Psychics are also basing their predictions on your aura, so it will be hard for someone to predict with cards accurately, if they don't have the ability to see the aura of a person.

Although these are two of the most common methods that are being used by different psychics, the methods of performing these may also vary depending on the level of skills that a psychic has. Some may ask different questions while you shuffle the cards, while some may do a few things before reading your aura. There are even some who can control the flow of conversation, and will allow you to open up yourself, making it easier for them to read your future. Regardless of the method that is being used, the only thing that you need to do is to make sure that you will be dealing with a reputable psychic to enjoy the experience of talking to them.

Find the best Psychic Miami FL, by contacting us now! All the services that we can offer you will ensure that you will get the best answers to your questions. If you would like to learn more about the services that you can get from us, and the reasons why we are the best Psychic Miami FL, all you have to do is to visit our website now!

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Where to and Not to Use Windchimes in Feng Shui in Your Home?

Feng shui is a Chinese tradition that is centered on the correct placement of objects. These items include wind chimes. According to this tradition, energy is everywhere. The attraction of this energy, whether good or bad, depends on where you have placed the objects. Sound is also part of the feng shui tradition. It is believed that the enormous sound of fireworks will bar bad spirits or energy from entering your home. However, there are people who do not believe in feng shui and use the chimes as garden accessories. According to feng shui, there are specific areas where a windchime should be placed and areas where it should not be placed.

The chime can be placed at the entrance of a building. This is a way of preventing bad chi from getting into the building. One of the beliefs is that the chime will alert you when unauthorized people try to break into the building. The windchime is hung depending on the direction the entrance is facing. For example, if it is in the northern direction, the chime is hung for vitality purposes. Entrances that face the north are normally deemed unattractive.

When building a house and wish to have many children, ensure that the entrance faces the western side. This is because when the windchime is hung on this direction, it will increase the flow of a good atmosphere, hence establishing unity in the family.

You need chime if your building is blocked by another, right in front of it. This is a sign of bad luck as you will stagnate in your life. The chime will help to prevent you from stagnating. The chimes can also be put in the garden to enhance productivity. They are also used to protect the food stuff from harsh weather conditions and animals. Windchimes should never be hung inside an office. This is considered as bad luck. This is not only tradition but common sense. The chime is likely to distract your clients and co-workers.

Windchimes are also made of different materials. The most common ones are wood, metal, ceramics and bamboo. The metal chime is the best when you want to practice feng shui. Studies have shown that metals on the earth are getting reduced day after day. It is believed in feng shui that this creates a negative energy. This means that hanging the metal chime in your premises will definitely counter the negative energy and bring positive chi. This sounds like a way of being rewarded for conserving metals, which are part of nature.

Harry is a freelance architect and has been part of the field for the past ten years. Harry is very passionate about his job and has been involved with several different projects including landscape gardening with the use of strange ornaments such as wind chimes. For further information on any of the topics raised in the article please visit The Wind Chime Shop.

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How Feng Shui Water Energy and the Color Blue Can Calm You

Water is the most sensitive element in the environment for it is the universal solvent and can dissolve most substances. Its chemical composition allows great sensitivity and water can pick up the most minute of vibrations. In Feng Shui practice water placements are used to balance the energy of a home, release energy locks, stimulate peach blossom luck and promote career among many things.

All living things need and gravitate towards the life giving properties of water. It provides moisture and oxygen. Good Feng Shui and positive chi resides where the terrain can capture auspicious water energy. When water moves-- like in waterfalls, fountains, the ocean surf or even a shower-or when heat evaporates water-- all these produce free oxygen and negative ions in the air. The negatively charged ions attract positively charged pollutants, so, for example, after a rain the air smells fresher and we also feel better. Negative ions elevate our moods, lift depression, increase our hemoglobin/oxygen affinity and decrease respiration while calming the body. Negative ions also speed up oxidation of excess serotonin in the blood alleviating stress, depression and pain. Studies have also shown that negative ions can also relieve hyperactivity in the body, promote alpha brain waves and assist hormone balance all while alkalizing the body, amazing! Water is one of our largest natural sources of healthful negative ions.

In traditional Feng Shui, placement of the 5-elements have the strongest effect in changing or adjusting the energy of a home, so the water element would be the first choice in placing a remedy where water may be needed. Color is the second choice when it is impractical to place an element-- because color has a subtler effect. Color is (light energy) and the blue light wave (light or pigment) has a very similar effect on the human organism as actual water. In Feng Shui the color blue and black are traditionally equated with water energy.

Blue light (contained in white light) adjusts our circadian rhythms or sleep cycles and stimulate the body's serotonin production during daylight hours. This hormone allows us to sleep and relax. Then when the light becomes lower, the body will convert the serotonin to melatonin so we can sleep. Even as blue light helps adjust our sleep cycles-- blue light after hours can actually keep us awake--as our bodies need regular long periods of darkness (or low light) to be able to make this conversion so we can sleep. Computers, TV's or iphones can continue to shine blue light into our eyes even after the sun goes down. The blue light effect happens even if a person is blind because melanopsin, a light sensitive protein in our skin, effectively reacts to the blue light wave of 446-447 nm (nanometers). The color blue also lowers our blood pressure and heart rate (unlike red, which elevates it) and makes us feel cooler. It is interesting that blue light which fades to darkness (black) are also the colors associated with calmness and sleep --and water-- which likewise has a calming effect on us. Asians have observed this connection for thousands of year through the practice of Feng Shui.

Blue is a favorite color for many people. Men especially like shades of blue. It is a soothing shade and a favorite for meditation. Blue represents clear skies, no storms, and a peaceful ocean --and thousands of years of this conditioning have instilled it into our brains and bodies. Beautiful blue skies bode peaceful times. New studies have shown that when rooms are painted blue that it can even boost our creative thought with more expansive thinking. As we relax our defensive mechanisms, we also become more open to new ideas and possibilities. New tests in psychology and marketing continue to show how different colors can affect the thinking processes of our brains. The physical environment does affect us more than we know. A classically trained Feng Shui consultant can advise you of the best areas in your home to use water and guide you in making the best choices to balance and promote your home's natural healing energy. The skillful use of water is very important in traditional Feng Shui and can boost your life in many positive ways.

© 2011 Lynda Lee Abdo Feng Shui consultant and author of "Heal Your Home"

Lynda Lee Abdo is a certified professional Feng Shui consultant, author, artist and has been a commercial designer for more than 25 years. She specializes in Feng Shui analysis, color and Zi Wei Dou shu. You can find her services online for your convenience. Please visit my website at:

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Year of the Dragon - 2012

In Chinese tradition, every year is dedicated to a particular animal. The 12 animals that are a part of this tradition are the Dragon, the Horse, the Monkey, the Rat, the Boar, the Rabbit, the Dog, the Rooster, the Ox, the Tiger, the Snake and the Ram. Each of these animals is believed to bestow its characteristics to individuals who are born in its year.

According to the Chinese astrology 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. And true to the animal's nature, the Year of the Dragon is expected to be marked with excitement, exhilaration, intensity and unpredictability. The drama and spirit of the dragon is expected to inject vitality, energy and unbridled enthusiasm which could easily lead individuals to throwing caution to the wind. It is especially important to take care this year, and avoid unnecessary risks that could lead to tragedy.

The dragon year is a special year for excellence and Chinese astrology dictates that dragon people are expected to excel during this year. The Year of the Dragon is special in many ways. For one, you will find that the dragon is the only unreal animal featured in the Chinese zodiac year. What's more, the dragon is revered and has a special place in Chinese astrology. In fact, the dragon is generally of special significance to Chinese people.


The Year of the Dragon can trace its origins to over 4,000 years ago. During this time, China was formed by two very large tribes and many smaller tribes. An animal represented each one of these tribes. When the two larger tribes decided to unite, they decided that their emblem would be the dragon as a symbol of power. Today, Han Chinese still call themselves descendants of the dragon.

The Dragon

Because its body comprises of parts from different types of animals including fish, tiger, eagle and snake, the dragon is regarded as a powerful and mighty king in Chinese astrology. Unlike the perception in the west of a threatening evil being, the Chinese dragon is regarded more as a symbol of power, protection, authority and superiority. As a result, in many places in China, you will find numerous sculptures and carvings of dragons.

The Dragon Personality and Dragon People

Chinese astrology deems a dragon person as special. As such, individuals who are born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon typically stand out and enjoy a status befitting a dragon. Such persons are generally regarded as being wise and powerful. They are not shy, but instead command respect and attention with their passion, courage and self-confidence. In short, dragon people have a certain aura about them and seem to enjoy very good fortune.

Dragon people are generally regarded as doers as they are able to achieve power by taking action and getting things done. These individuals at best will have pioneering spirits, but at worst, their foolhardiness will easily get them into trouble. Dragon individuals are smart, enterprising and generally have a wicked sense of humor. If you want to remain updated on the latest trends, consult dragon people as they have a flair for fashion. Just as the fire-breathing dragon, dragon people are generally thought to be hotheads. It is therefore wise to steer clear of them in the event that they get angry!

In contrast however, because dragons have soft underbellies, dragon people are thought to have soft spots as well. As such, you may find a dragon person easily angered, yet capable of great compassion for those who are in need of their help. This contrast is further illustrated by dragon people who can be confronting, but if you touch their soft hearts, they quickly become worthwhile allies. In addition, they are generous - although this is a positive thing, it can easily turn problematic when they become foolhardy with money.

Dragons have long tongues which they often bare and make visible. In turn, dragon people are generally said to have sharp tongues that make them say things that can be very sarcastic and biting to whomever they are directed to.

2012: The Year of the Dragon

The Year of the Dragon 2012 will begin on January 23rd this year, which marks the beginning of 15 days of celebration. January 23rd is actually the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year which typically occurs in the early months of January or February.

In accordance with the Chinese horoscope 2012 will be ushering in the Water Dragon. The water works in calming the innate fire of the dragon. As such, water dragon people are more open to others opinions and are better able to channel their charisma into leadership qualities. Celebrities born in the Year of the Dragon include Al Pacino, John Lennon, Matt Dillon, Marlene Dietrich and Ringo Starr.

If you were born in a Chinese Year of the Dragon, then according to feng shui 2012 is your year. But what does this mean? Well, first, you should double your efforts in whatever you do - be it your work, studies or any other projects you may be working on. And once you do this, you will find that your natural abilities and talents will easily stand out and enable you to achieve great results. It is also important to watch your temper in 2012 to avoid ruining all your hard work this year.

The Dragon and Love

Because dragons are passionate, they tend to fall in and out of love just as quickly. With their charm and charisma, they are able to easily draw the attention and admiration of individuals of the opposite sex which is what dragon people crave. While they tend to treat love like a game, when they meet the right partner who is strong enough to match their strength, they can settle down.

Wealth in the Year of the Dragon

If you are looking to start a business or begin a new project, the Year of the Dragon is the time to do it. This is because money is more easily accessible for everyone this year - whether you earn, borrow or receive it as a gift. However, avoid unreasonable expenditures as you will have to account for these once the Year of the Dragon comes to an end.

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Using Mirrors To Feng Shui Your Place

Mirrors are wonderful as both functional and decorative pieces hanging in your home. They come in handy for a number of different reasons, including getting dressed for the day. They help create depth and light in any part of your home. They are ideal when you have a really small space that you want to enlarge. Mirrors are also extremely critical when it comes to Feng Shui. People use mirrors as a way to alter, move, and attract certain energies into their houses.

In Feng Shui, you place mirrors to correct any problem you are having in your home. You will need to follow strict laws on where to hang them. By placing a mirror across from something wonderful you can bring a positive change to your energy flow. Position a mirror across from a beautiful landscape or piece of art. This is to help bring more of this stunning energy into your house. The best areas to hang mirrors for good Feng Shui are the east corner for health and family, the southeast side for wealth and abundance, and the north side for career and life path.

Don't place a mirror directly across from a door or window. This can bring unwanted outside energy into your house. You also do not want to hang two mirrors facing each other. This will cause stuck energy between them. You will feel restless in your home. You also should never use broken, dusty, or unframed mirrors. Don't ever position a mirror on the wall across from your bed or on the south side of your house.

As long as your oval wall mirrors are framed, look and size will not matter much. Be unique and fun to match your favorite looks. There are an unlimited number of options such as vintage and antique mirrors, black or round white mirrors, or sleek modern mirrors. Feng Shui papers often discuss convex mirrors and bagua mirrors. Convex mirrors are known in Feng Shui as the watchful eye. They deflect speedy moving chi, and keep your home from being overpowered by bad features outside of your house. Bagua mirrors are to be hung outdoors only. They keep negative energy from entering your house.

Feng Shui can be a fun and unique way to bring positive energy in and decorate your home. Hanging a mirror in the right place can be both functional and beautiful. Mirrors are useful for getting dressed and making a small area appear bigger. The ideal mirror placement brings a nice energy into your home and life. You can get mirrors everywhere, including the internet and big chain box retailers. has been manufacturing hard-to-find picture frames, round white mirrors, oval wall mirrors and related products since the mid 1980's. With us you buy directly from the manufacturer and pay the lowest prices. You can choose from multiple sizes, variety of frame styles, and dozens of color options. Avoid the middle man and enjoy getting the highest quality for the best price anywhere. Many of our frame styles are not available anywhere else.

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Water-Related Feng Shui for Dragon and Snake Years 2012-14

Yang Water Dragon Year 2012-13 is followed by Yin Water Snake 2013-14. Thus, this advice, when referring to Water, their Year Element, applies to each of the two years in question. Feng Shui means 'Wind and Water' and the Element has played a vital role in Human existence, evolution and civilisation.

Locations of Key Sectors

Water is associated with the North and the Northern sectors of rooms and dwellings. This is the key sectors of the Year Element.

Dragon affinities are with the East and South-East (via Wood Element links). These are the key sectors of the Year Animal (2012-13). The Snake has Earth associations via the North-East and South West of rooms and dwellings. These are the key sectors of the Year animal (2013-14).

Except Earth, Elements have Animal associations from Exterior Feng Shui. Earth in this represents the Centre, the Feng Shui practitioner's vacant living-space and therefore has none. 5 Animals Wuxing, however, links the limbless Snake to Earth, due to their immediate juxtaposition (lacking legs Snakes couldn't get closer to Earth if they tried).

Water Links

Colours: Black (Water at night); Blue (Water in daylight).

Materials: Glass (plain and coloured), mirrors, plastics, natural crystals, silk.

Objects, Images and Motifs: Fish, Taiji Symbols, Snakes, water-features, Aquaria, Dragons (Eastern not Western) Seascapes (especially Water-Colours), Rivers and Lakes, waves and wavy patterns, especially in pastel colours, serpentine, coiling, undulating meandering designs, sea-shells, Willow-pattern and of course the 'Chan Chu' or 3-Legged Toad or Money-Frog, crystal-boats, ships.

Roads and Streets are Water in Feng Shui terms, due to their traffic-flow and use for communication and travel. Statues and representations of the Bodhisattva Kuan Shi Yin, Daoist Immortal and Shaolin Temple Patron Deity, particularly in her Aquarian water-bearing mode might appeal to Martial Artists (in particular) and others at this time.

Remember, a picture, drawing, photo or replica can be as useful as an original for Feng Shui purposes.

Water Associations

Water has strong Wealth connexions (e.g. current accounts, currency, flotations, cash-flow and income-streams). Communications (see above) both physical and verbal are linked similarly (e.g. word-flow, gushing compliments, stream-of-consciousness accounts)

Crystals and Minerals:

Gem and Crystal Feng Shui has growing popularity. Care is needed to determine the Element these represent, to ensure effective placement. In Feng Shui, Black and 'Snowflake' Obsidian (water-cooled fragments of volcanic lava outflows) correspond to Water (even having the appropriate Elemental colour-black) not Fire or Earth as you might suppose. Displays off-set with Quartz (which intensifies the influence of minerals/crystals displayed alongside it) and reflected by Mirrors, both Yin Metal for Feng Shui purposes, may be particularly effective during the period.

Objects with water associations like crystal/mineral boats, fish, bowls and crystal water-features are also appropriate. Beach-stones and pebbles from the river bed can also be used for this purpose.


Metal supports/produces/encourages Water in Feng Shui (tanks, taps, pipes and pans confirm this, it even melts and flows when heated). Backgrounds utilising this Element's features (colours, materials etc) can encourage healthy Qi-flows within dwellings during this period.


This information may help you to prepare for, participate in and enjoy Chinese New Year Celebrations of Dragon Year 2012-13 in your area--23rd January 2012 is New Years Day. Hopefully, it will also help you 'harmonise' with Dragon Year Energies, in advance, and improve your health, fortune and prosperity throughout the Year. It may also sensitize you to the similarly watery nature of following Snake Year 2013-14 (4) and facilitate your longer-term Feng Shui planning thereby.


(1) 'Daoist Immortal and Buddhist Bodhisattva - Kuan Yin!', at Ezine Articles, by the same Author, has more about this remarkable female figure.

Feng Shui Consultant Peter Allsop M.Ed. also publishes 'Red Dragon Martial Arts Ezine'. Longevity Training, Iron Shirt, 5 Elements Qigong, Daoism, Chinese metaphysics and Astrology feature among his interests alongside gem and crystal Feng Shui.
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Senior Student of GrandmasterYap Leong, Peter also teaches Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong in Yorkshire and Derbyshire U. K. as Shaolin Fists International Area Instructor for the region.

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Feng Shui and Clearing Your Clutter or Not

Clearing your clutter has become such a big topic in Feng Shui. Years ago as a new Feng Shui consultant I liked that this concept it was clear and not confusing. Clear it out is the message. If you haven't used it in a year or don't love it then move it out and give it to someone who will use it. I however am becoming cautious about this advice.

Years ago I was in a friend's kitchen. I was a new consultant and she asked me about the Feng Shui of her kitchen. I told her what every book and all my training had to say. It was originally her husband's bachelor pad and it had stickers and license plates on every surface. There was no place to rest the eye. I said to do some clutter clearing.

Years later I was in her kitchen. I had done a lot of meditation work and Inner Space Techniques. In fact, I became an Inner Space Techniques Practitioner. I tuned into her kitchen as I was having tea and felt so grateful she did not head my beginner advice. Her kitchen felt marvelous. Yes, it was cluttered but it landed a warm and personal space.

I learned this again with another friend. I went to her home and it was very minimal. It was orderly and nice. A year later I went back for a visit and it was a shocking difference. It was gorgeous. The change was she had a boyfriend who went through her storage space and rearranged her house with treasures that she did not think much of until he had arranged them. He hung pictures of her and her children that had been hiding in photo albums. He blew them up, cropped them and colored them. He pulled up old chairs, an old couch, old lamps and voila. He created an absolutely beautiful space.

Since then I have learned that clearing clutter is an art. That said, I was in a naturopath's office the other day and met a fellow patient. I could feel how the patient's clutter was impacting his energetic body. It felt very serious in fact. I wondered what kind of treasures he had in his home that could be put to better use. Displayed, moved out and used to create a healthy Feng Shui space for him to thrive in versus the sickly stuffed space he lived in.

Danielle Kerr-Wilson is a certified Feng Shui Consultant as well as an Inner Space Techniques Practitioner. For more information about Danielle visit her website.

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What Does Feng Shui Mean?

What is feng shui? That is a very challenging question to answer. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that seeks to restore the balance of vital energies in the environment. It is a system of aesthetics that is believed to utilize the laws of both heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to improve your life by receiving positive energy. This positive energy is also known as the "chi." It is believed that this balanced flow of energy can bring good health and prosperity to those who respect and follow it. The chi, according to Chinese philosophy, is the essential energy that can make or break the kingdom. Traditionally, feng shui has been used to determine the best place to live, to farm and to be buried.

Feng shui has been somewhat reinvented by new age entrepreneurs since Richard Nixon's trip to China in 1972. Its popularity has risen from the American's desire for magic and mystery as well as order in their lives. Feng shui design has become a popular trend for interior design in residences as well as in corporate settings.

In English Feng shui means wind and water. "Chi rides the wind (feng) and is scattered, but it is retained when encountering water (shui)." These two elements symbolize harmony according to Chinese beliefs. But what is the modern perception of feng shui? Many people have begun to learn the principles of feng shui because of its exoticism. Some have used it to redecorate their homes and offices in an effort to bring balance and attract abundance in their lives while living and working in these places. But is that all there is to feng shui? Is there more to learn and understand about how this ancient art can affect your entire life?

Deeply rooted in Taoist symbolism, feng shui is the understanding of the laws of nature and the knowledge that the earth and humans exist together as one. The contrast theories of yin-yang and that of the five elements complete the vision of life in harmony or disharmony with the environment around us. From the feng shui perspective, the basic analysis of a place will involve the identification of the elements that break the chi or flow of energy. Items are rearranged or moved to the background so as to promote balance. It is believed that you can accomplish this balance and a compatibility with nature by a careful and correct placement of the furniture and objects in the house and office.

While a feng shui master could probably easily answer the question, "what is feng shui?" it may be difficult to understand. Obtaining information through the use of the compass, Chinese astronomy and the bagua may seem confusing to some. You may be surprised to learn that feng shui goes beyond just redecorating a room or an office. It takes into account the way the entire structure interacts with the surrounding environment including the local climate, the topography of the land, the presence of nearby bodies of water, vegetation and soil quality.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Real Feng Shui New Year

Much to my surprise, I have discovered more than one famous author or personality who has incorrectly perpetuated the wrong Feng Shui New Year date. Contrary to popular belief, the correct New Year is based on a Solar calendar, not the Lunar calendar.

The Lunar calendar vacillates from year to year by weeks, sometimes occurring at the end of January and sometimes in February. Enthusiasts sometime assume that the New Year will begin according to the Lunar calendar, but there is no excuse for a professional to get this wrong.

There is one form of Chinese Astrology called Zi Wei Dou Shu, which adheres to the lunar calendar. But even the more popular BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny) Astrology uses the Solar calendar as well. The Chinese solar calendar begins on February 4th or 5th each year, not vacillating by more than a day and calculated down to the minute. This date represents the exact mid-way point between the December Solstice and the March Equinox. February 4th/5th marks a specific date when the Sun and Earth are at a precise distance from each other. And this is true for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

When one gains a better understanding of Yin-Yang Theory, The Trigrams, astronomy and Chinese cosmology as it relates to Feng Shui, then it is understood that the solar calendar has to be used. Most classical teachers will announce very early on in their classes that the New Year begins on February 4th/5th, but some Feng Shui celebrities who do not understand the crucial aspect of timing and Xuan Kong Flying Star School will assume that any reference to the new year has to be the lunar cycle.

The solar calendar is also referred to for monthly cycles and for longer cycles like the 20 Year Eras. For example, we are currently living in a time called Period 8. It began on February 4th 2004 and will continue until February 4rd, 2024.

Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian cultures like to celebrate the Lunar New Year with great festivities. But how do we appropriately celebrate a Feng Shui New year? Most people who are aware of the significance are either trying to figure out on their own or consulting with a professional regarding what kinds of changes they may need to make to their home or business just before or on February 4th. It ends up being more of a time to plan and execute some adjustments to our living or work space than any kind of party or ceremony.

In any given year, typical adjustments to a house could involve the use of water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Because of annual influences, beginning on February 4th/5th, someone might need to change an element from one location to the next. The precise directions within a floor plan have to be determined using a to-scale floor plan and an accurate compass reading.

Let us speak generally about the direction of North. The North sector spans from 337.5 degrees to 22.5 degrees, relative to the center of a floor plan. In 2011, there was annual energy residing in the North which for anyone could invite legal problems, gossip, or contractual disputes. The range of course could be vast, from something as minor as a parking ticket to something serious like an IRS audit or worse. During 2011, this particular energy, written in code as the "3 wood star", could be weakened with the presence of the fire element. There are a number of ways to represent fire, inconspicuously, such as with boldly red art work, red d├ęcor items and accent lighting.

Come February 4th 2012, we'll have a very different type of annual influence in the North sector which would usually not do well in the company of fire. Instead, the element of metal would be more appropriate in the North location for 2012. And yet, more than just annual influences are compared in any given direction. We have what I call "permanent" flying stars which have to be taken into consideration as well, along with who is using the area and for what function.

If you want to make a new year's resolution, you can attempt to start January 1st as so many people do. But in reality, February 4th has greater potency to assist you in initiating your resolutions. February 4th is when Earth embarks on a whole new relationship with the Sun and it is when people experience a much bigger shift personally and professionally. In fact, for some people the month of January feels like a long hang over from the holiday season, but by February we are better equipped to start manifesting our yearly goals.

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