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Don't Let the Sun Go Down on You at Manhattanhenge

New York has been described as the city that never sleeps. In this busy city, both visitors and locals alike can find things to do and see 24/7. If you happen to be in New York City in May and July, you won't want to Miss Manhattanhenge.
Manhattanhenge happens twice a year in the Manhattan borough in New York City. During this event, the sun aligns perfectly with the east-west grid pattern of the city streets which gives the appearance that the sun is setting between the buildings of the borough. Manhattanhenge, if you are wondering, is a term given to the above event by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in 2002. This term is tongue in cheek and pays homage to another popular landmark called Stonehenge. Stonehenge is located on the Salisbury Plain in England. Other cities with a uniform grid pattern also have similar events. For example, in Chicago, Illinois, the setting sun lines up with the street grid system on September 25th. This is known as Chicagohenge. On October 25th and February 16th, Torontohenge can be see in the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.
As luck would have it, the borough of Manhattan was created on an east-west grid pattern in 1811. The sun aligns perfectly with this grid pattern on certain days of the year, providing those in the city with a rare treat. This is because the sun rises due east and sets due west only on certain day of the year. Although the sun rises in the east every day and sets in the west every day, it does so slightly to the east and west of the horizon. This is why the effect can only be seen several days per year.
In 2011, Manhattanhenge can be observed on May 30 and May 31st as well as on July 11 and July 12th. On Monday, May 30 and Tuesday May 31st, you can see the effect at 7:47 pm New York time. On Monday, July 11th and Tuesday, July 12th, you can see the effect around 7:55pm New York time.
In order to get the best visual effect, you need to be as Far East in Manhattan as possible. When you look west across the Avenues of Manhattan, you should be able to see New Jersey in the distance. You should be able to see the effect at most of the cross streets if you have a clear view of the New Jersey horizon. Locals recommend viewing the effect specifically at the following streets: 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, and 57th. You can also most likely view Manhattanhenge on the streets immediately preceding or following the above listed ones.
Although some cynics say that Manhattanhenge just results in stalled traffic and blinded drivers, the reality is that the effect is quite remarkable. At sunset, you can see the sun setting between buildings as the light is reflected off the glass windows in the buildings which line the street. In fact, this amazing sight should surely be on your "bucket list" of things to do in New York City. If you decide to go to take in the event, remember that the locals claim that views from 34th and 42nd streets are especially breathtaking. On these streets, you'll also be able to view the Empire State Building and the Chrysler building too.
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Praying in Tongues The Supernatural at Work in Your Life Today

In one of the churches in the movement I am part of, a divine visitation took place one Sunday morning. The heavens broke open and angelic voices were heard filling the room where the people were worshiping. It was fearful. I remember hearing the tape, and just thanking God for allowing us to hear a glimpse of Heaven.
The Holy Spirit spoke within me, and said, "Every time you speak in tongues, you hear Heaven."
It is a heavenly language.
When Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14:2 that we speak to God when we pray in an unknown tongue, that must mean we are speaking God's language. I am not saying that one must speak in other tongues to be heard or understood. Far from it. But there is no question that the Scriptural gift as outlined by Jesus Himself, Paul and others, is given to aid our fellowship with God. Furthermore, it is available for all believers, not a select few.
I was in Italy one time, staying with an Italian family. I don't speak a word of Italian, so it was very hard to converse. Conversation was limited, and as a result the depth of our communion and relationship together was hindered. Language (or lack of it) was the barrier.
Regarding our relationship with Him, God sorted this problem out when He gave tongues to believers. Whereas before we were limited by our natural speech, we now have a spiritual language. God is a Spirit (John 4:24). We need to speak spirit with Him, as well as in our known natural language or languages. Just as you must speak Italian to an Italian, Russian to a Russian and Spanish to someone from Spain, so we must speak spirit to the Spirit.
Praying in Tongues and Speaking in Tongues is a powerful and supernatural way to communicate with God.
You can find out more about the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Biblical teaching about tongues by reading the easy-to-read eBook 'Speaking God's Language' sampler available at Be Blessed.
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Is Speaking in Tongues a Prayer Language?

Many pentecostal churches teach that speaking in tongues is a heavenly language, the "tongues of angels". Is this what the Bible shows? Where does this teaching originate from?
The Greek words used in the New Testament for tongues, when used in relation to speaking, simply meant "language". The Greek "glossa" means "tongue, language," and the verb "laleo" means "to speak", producing the word "glossolalia". This always referred to an earthly or known language.
There is only one verse in the Bible that mentions the tongues of angels. It is 1 Corinthians 13:1(KJV) "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal". Is Paul really saying that he speaks in the tongues of angels? This verse needs to be viewed in context and also in relation to the translation from the Greek. The word that has been translated to "though" when translated and used in over 95% of all other places in the New Testament, has been more correctly translated to "if". Other Versions of the Bible do translate this correctly to "if I spoke in the tongues men and angels".
Regardless of this mistranslation, merely reading the following verses clearly reveal that Paul is speaking rhetorically, as had he been speaking literally he would be boasting that he understood all mysteries and knew everything, which we know is not the case. These verses read 1 Corinthians 13:2-3 "And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing". Paul is emphatically expressing his desire that the people should demonstrate love, generosity and charity, the important fruits of the spirit, because without these everything else becomes void. He is showing that love is the most important characteristic that God's people need to express in all aspects of their lives and their ministries. He is not saying that he really can speak in the tongues of angels and has all knowledge.
Isn't speaking in tongues used to edify ourselves?
It should be noted that all of the gifts of the spirit that God gave were related to building up the church. Evangelism, prophesying, teaching, preaching and speaking in tongues to reach the surrounding nations and rest of the world with the gospel message were all gifts to edify the church.
Paul writes 1 Corinthians 14:4 "He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the church". Many preachers use this verse to prove that we should speak in tongues to edify ourselves and build up our faith. Is this what Paul is really saying? If we again look at this verse in context it can be seen that Paul is in fact rebuking the church at Corinth for their misuse of the gift of speaking in tongues, and telling them that it is of no use whatsoever if they speak in tongues and no one around them understands them. He says that prophesying is far more important, as that will build up the church.
1 Corinthians 14:5-7 "I would that ye all spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied: for greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret, that the church may receive edifying. Now, brethren, if I come unto you speaking with tongues, what shall I profit you, except I shall speak to you either by revelation, or by knowledge, or by prophesying, or by doctrine? And even things without life giving sound, whether pipe or harp, except they give a distinction in the sounds, how shall it be known what is piped or harped?"
He continues on to say that they may as well be speaking into the air. 1 Corinthians 14:9 "So likewise ye, except ye utter by the tongue words easy to be understood, how shall it be known what is spoken? for ye shall speak into the air". These words are far removed from encouraging them to edify themselves? The whole purpose of his message was to encourage them to stop being self-centered and work on doing things that would build up the church.
The Bible makes it clear that speaking in tongues was for the purpose of witnessing to people in their own languages that they could understand and not speaking where no one knew the meaning of the words being spoken. 1 Corinthians 14:11-12 "Therefore if I know not the meaning of the voice, I shall be unto him that speaketh a barbarian, and he that speaketh shall be a barbarian unto me. Even so ye, forasmuch as ye are zealous of spiritual gifts, seek that ye may excel to the edifying of the church".
All Bible references are from the King James Version.
For more information on this topic, please visit Debra Lohrere is the author of Peace, Prophecy and False Fire Her Homepage is
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The History of Rosary Beads

The rosary beads date back to the twelfth century when Mary appeared to Saint Dominic. It was during this time that Mary vowed a promise to Dominic that if he spread the rosary's devotions, he would find peace. However, the original rosary held different beads from those of present time.
When the first sets of rosaries were crafted they contained 150 beads. This number mirrors the set of psalms that are contained within the bible. For those who didn't know or have access to the written psalms to pray on a regular basis, they could move through the string of beads and pray to God. This was especially beneficial for individuals who had no way of learning the written language, or blind.
Rosary beads however were not always strung together. The original sets of beads were stones carried in the pocket of an individual, and they would be sorted through as they prayed each prayer. It wouldn't be until much later that the actual beads were strung together.
The first Catholic rosaries were made from objects such a bone and stone. Over the course of time rosaries have evolved and have been crafted from wood, glass, metal, and precious stones. In poorer countries the Catholic rosary beads are usually made from seeds and dried flowers. More often than not the material used to create the rosary bead has some sort of religious significance. Sometimes they are crafted from wood directly from the Holy Land; others are glass beads that contain holy water, or religious relics. The purpose of these specially designed rosaries is to help the devoted bond closer with God. The string that would bind the rosaries together was most commonly made from silk. In recent times metal links have become a more common method of linking together the beads.
What some do not realize is that before the rosary the 'Hail Mary' didn't exist. Rather, the devoted would pray the 'Our Father' on their rosary beads. The prayer stemmed from an introduction of the angel Gabrielle was added just prior to the 'Our Father'. Over time the full prayer was added to the prayers of the rosaries the finalized version we say today coming into play in the sixteenth century. Those devoted that want to glimpse an original set of rosary beads can find one aboard the carrack Mary Rose.
In recent years, rosaries have become a stronger part of the Catholic religion. Originally in the 16th century, Pope St. Pius V made the church approved set of mysteries. However in 2002 Pope John Paul II announced that a new set would be prayed called the Illumines Mysteries. This brought the set to 20 mysteries. October 7 is the day used to celebrate the rosary.
Today we find that the Dominican rosary contains 59 beads. They are divided into ten sections which are called "decades". These beads are crafted with a larger bead used to say the 'Our Father' prayer followed by ten smaller beads used to say the 'Hail Mary'.
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Psychic Dreams - The Weird Truth About The Spiritual Dreams MOST of Us Will Never Remember

Have you ever had a recurring dream that made no sense....and yet you continued to have it, month after month or even year after year? What does it mean? Is your subconscious desperately trying to tell you something? And if dreams have no real meaning....but are only random firings of neurons in our brains that have no underlying significance, WHY do so many of us have so many of the same dreams, over and over? Even more perplexing? Why do MILLIONS of ordinary people have extraordinary experiences with precognitive dreaming....where things we see in our slumbering minds, come TRUE hours or days or even years later?
Some people believe that everyone has precognitive dreams and that most of us simply don't remember them. As a matter of fact, the psychic dream "counselor" that I use believes that many of us actually have a series of incredible experiences while we sleep that we don't remember when we awake, and that those experiences are truly the gateway into a wonderful world of spiritual truths and exciting inspirations that only a fraction of us will ever know.
Here are a few examples:
1 - Out of body and astral projection experiences. Many psychic practitioners believe that when we sleep, our "true selves" or conciseness is freed from the confines of our physical bodies, and is able to travel freely in unseen spiritual worlds, collecting information, having experiences and actually encountering other people, places and things that become embedded deep in our subconscious.
Believe it or not, as hokey as this may sound to YOU, much of the worlds population believes this as well, as astral projection and the "bardo realms" is a well accepted truth in most Eastern religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism and other spiritual traditions that believe in the attainment of "siddhi's" or psychic and supernatural powers.
2 - Spiritual Visitation Experiences
These happen most frequently to people who have lost a loved one, and are visited by that loved one in spiritual form....often either in deep sleep, or in the weird in between state that happens between light sleep and being fully awake. (often called a hypnogogic state) More than 75% of parents who lose a child at a young age will have this experience. About 50% of men or women who lose a spouse will have this experience as well.
There is also a well known phenomena called "crisis apparitions" or "after death communications" which also takes place in the dream state......and is where someone who has JUST passed away, or only recently crossed over (often with the person dreaming NOT knowing about it yet) will appear in a dreamlike vision to tell you not to worry, that they are "okay" and often to say goodbye.
This happened to ME many years ago, and was the key experience that changed me from a complete skeptic, to a true blue believer, almost overnight. (no pun intended!)
I was visited by a co-worker who lived on the other side of the country, while sleeping... and he told me not to worry, that all was okay, but he came to say goodbye "for now". I learned the next morning he had died suddenly the night before, at roughly the same time. Several weeks later, still not convinced it wasn't a huge coincidence, I spoke to a psychic medium by phone who told me exactly what had happened in the dream, how he had appeared, what he said...and why.....and from that point forward, my life and what I believe has never been the same!
(and now i look forward to my psychic I can find out what they REALLY mean later!)
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Need Magical Herbs? Check Your Cabinets First

Let's start with the Potato. I bet you have some at home. It can be used for image magic, grounding and healing. A Potato can also be used as a poppet. Think how easy it would be to quickly carve a Potato, instead of having to sew a proper poppet.
The Carrot is mostly associated with fertility and lust. Not that surprising when you think about its shape. Almost all roots with phallic shapes have this property. The Carrot was also considered a bane to the most evil of spirits, and was used to repel them.
The properties of Cucumber also include fertility (again the shape), but also chastity and healing. For a fertility spell, keep a Cucumber in your bedroom, and replace it every seven days.
A Tomato can be used for magic workings concerning protection, prosperity and love. When a Tomato is placed on the windowsill, or any other household entrance it keeps evil from entering. Place a large red Tomato on the mantle to bring prosperity into the home. Replace it every three days.
The Onion has properties like protection, exorcism, healing, money, prophetic dreams and lust etc. Combined with Garlic it's said to fend off witches, but who'd want to do that? Take a small white Onion, stick it full of black-headed pins, and place it in a window. This will guard your home against evil.
Since the Leek is used as an onion, it too has protective powers and can be used for exorcism, but it also has love as one of its properties.
Garlic is also used for protection and exorcism, and is featured in almost every vampire story there is (at least the older ones). It can also be used for healing, lust and to avoid theft etc. Eating and carrying Garlic is believed to enhance speed, strength, courage and endurance, and soldiers throughout history have used it for these properties when going into battle.
The Artichoke is said to aid in love and spells to increase sexual desire, and eating Artichokes apparently helps prevent wet dreams and wards off Incubi and Succubi.
There are many, many more vegetables with magical properties. You just have to remember to check the ones you've got. And then there are grains.
Wheat is associated with fertility and money. A sheaf of Wheat represents the divine harvest, and is often found on older peoples' gravestones. It can also represent the long and fruitful life enjoyed by the deceased. In hex signs of the Pennsylvania Dutch farmers, it symbolizes abundance and goodwill. You can also do Wheat Flour divination. First dampen a surface (wood is good), then sprinkle Wheat Flour onto the damp surface while concentrating on your future, then use unfocused eyes to see what patterns show up in the flour.
Rye is connected to love and fidelity. The Swedish expression 'råg i ryggen' (translates to 'Rye in the back') means that you're able to stand up straight, or that you're strong. Some say it comes from the slogan of a bread producer, but I believe it comes from the strong straw of Rye. Ergot, which is a very dangerous fungus, is especially common in Rye. So be careful and check that there isn't any on the Rye you're going to use.
Oats are useful in money and prosperity spells and in harvest rituals. They can be used on the altar in grain form or straw form, and the flour can be used to bake Oat cakes as offerings to the Goddess. Oats symbolize music, and I suppose you've all heard the expression 'sewing your wild oats'.
Barley can be used in love, healing, and protection work. It's thought to be a symbol of rebirth, or perhaps of birth period. Alphitomancy is an ancient method of determining the guilt or innocence of a suspect person by feeding him/her a specially prepared Wheat or Barley loaf or cake. If the person suffers from indigestion, or finds the loaf to be distasteful, this is interpreted as a sign of guilt. To undo a sorcerer's spell, one should eat Barley cakes over which an incantation has been said; but the cakes must be eaten on a Monday or Thursday, and never on Friday.
All of these grains can of course be used to make a corn dolly, although Rye is the favorite. To use one of these in your magic, you don't have to get hold of the grain itself. Most of you probably have some flour or liquor made from the grain at home, and that will do just fine.
The culinary herbs might be the first place you look for a substitute. There are so many culinary herbs and spices with magical properties, so I thought I'd just mention some uses for a few of the more common ones.
Let's start with Parsley. If eaten, Parsley induces lust and promotes fertility. It can also be used for protection. Parsley is also used in cleansing baths and to stop adversity.
Thyme is used for sleep, psychic energy, courage, healing, renewing personal energy, and for warding off negative energy. Thyme is burnt to cleanse spiritual rooms and spaces, as well as to bring good health and courage to the home. It can be placed in a sleeping pillow to help repel nightmares. They say that a place where wild Thyme grows is a particularly powerful energy center.
Cinnamon's properties include: spirituality, success, healing, power, psychic powers, lust, protection and love. When burned as incense, Cinnamon raises high spiritual vibrations, aids in healing, draws money, stimulates psychic powers and produces protective vibrations.
Dill is something we Scandinavians use frequently when cooking. Magically, it can be used for prosperity, protection, luck and lust. It's used in love and protection charms. It's effective at keeping away dark forces and useful for house blessing. Place some seeds in muslin, and hang in the shower to attract women. The scent of Dill is said to stimulate lust.
Basil is used for love, exorcism, prosperity, sympathy, and protection. It dispels confusion, fears and weakness, and drives off hostile spirits.
The lesson here is to take a look in your kitchen cabinets, before you run out and buy something more expensive. There's a good chance that you'll find a substitute there.
Linda Ursin
Soknedal, Norway
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Ra The Sun God of Ancient Egypt

The god Ra was believed to have created every thing on Earth.
Ancient Egyptians thought the sun not only gave light also warmth and expansion.
The sunlight disk in ancient Egypt was seen as the body or eye of Ra.
The ancient Egyptian God Ra, was depicted in various ways. The most well-liked was a man with the head of a hawk with a solar disk on top. Other portrayals were, a man with the head of a beetle, a man with the head of a ram, and also as just a ram, beetle, phoenix, heron, serpent, bull, kitten, and maybe even a lion.
Ancient Egyptians thought Ra journeyed on two boats; Mandjet Early morning motorboat, and also Mesektet nighttime boat.
The people believed this is how the god journeyed between the sky and the underworld.
At night, the Mesketet boat woud take him to the underworld and then journey east for Ra's rebirth.
Ra was reborn each early morning by the sky goddess Nut.
In the fourth dynasty, pharaohs were considered Ra's creations on earth, so they became known as Sons of Ra.
In the fifth dynasty Ra became a national god. The kings made obelisks, solar energy temples as well as pyramids in his deference.
In the First Pyramid Texts, Ra became a significant component in the journey of the pharaoh to the underworld.
Throughout the Middle Kingdom, Ra started to merge with other popular gods of the times. Ra merged with Horus and became Re-Horakhty, this god was believed to lead the sky, the planet, and the underworld. He was portrayed by a falcon or hawk.
During the New Kingdom, the god Amun was the popular god of the time, so this deity was blended with Ra to become Amun-Ra. Amun-Ra was said to carry the prayers and good things of the living with the souls of the dead.
The primary region that worshipped Ra was Heliopolis, where they combined with the neighborhood sun-god Atum.
Atum was a god closely linked with the sun as well as a creator god of the Ennead. Ra as well as Atum were father of the gods as well as pharaohs and also were worshipped all around Egypt.
The Pyramid Texts state that Ra emerged from the waters of Nun as a benben stone. He then spat out Shu , and Tefnut. Tefnut gave birth to Geb and Nut . Nut then gave birth to Osiris, Set, Isis, Nephthys, and Horus.
When Christianity rose up during the Roman Empire, this caused the end to worshipping Ra for ancient Egyptians.
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Ancient Egyptian Mummies

Ancient Egypt mummies were created with the intent of keeping the soul of the individual together for the afterlife. The procedure of mummification took a ton of time and effort. However it was done so the body would not decay in the afterlife.
Priests and Mummification:
Just priests were allowed to make ancient Egypt mummies.
Mummification priests were highly trained, and the ritual aspects of the process were just as very important as the medical methods made use of at the time.
Priests were not permitted to develop mummies in the town temples. As an alternative this ritual process had to be carried out at a Wabet, which was a very clean separated place.
Anubis was the god to worship doctors and healers, and during the procedure of mummification a mask of Anubis was worn by the head priest.
The Egyptians believed that Anubis would lead the priests not just in the ritual but also the surgical part of the mummification.
When ancient Egypt mummies were being produced it was important that the priest did not make any unintentional cuts during the procedure.
Preciseness and a high level of skill were called for, since the Egyptians believed if the body was scarred or ruined, the soul would not know who it was. And if this was ever to take place, the soul would be forced to wander forever.
The Mummification Procedure:
In ancient Egypt, mummies were created in a series of steps.
The first part of the mummification process began with cutting into the left section of the dead pharaoh's abdomen, where the ribs were found.
A special ritual knife was utilized to make the first cut, but after the first cut, all remaining cuts came from a normal knife.
The body organs were than removed from the mid-sections and positioned in special jars canopic jars.
These canopic jars were inscribed with spells and signs to aid the body organs journey back to the body. Only the lungs, liver, intestine, and tummy were kept.
Preserving Mummies:
Ancient Egypt mummies were preserved almost completely each time.
The process began with the brain, which was removed throught the nose of the dead pharaoh, then it was discarded.
A funnel was used to pour resin down the nostrils after the brain was taken out. This helped conserve the head form and prevent any type of collapse.
All of the body parts were kept, and either preserved to stay with the body or given away to family members.
The hearts of the ancient Egypt mummies were never taken out.
The Egyptians thought that the heart was required for Anubis to weigh in the underworld.
The heart needed to be weighed because it directed the soul to where it deserved to go.
Other Steps that Mummies Underwent:
During the final actions of the mummification procedure, spices and natron salt were used to dry out the body and body organs.
A mix of these active ingredients were jam-packed into the body and rubbed into the skin.
Ancient Egypt mummies took time to make, the whole entire process took about two and half months to finish.
Over time the body might dry into leather without decaying, and the priests would continue to rub the spices and salt all over the skin.
To find out more about Ancient Egypt, like the pyramids, and many gods and goddesses, check out my website
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Egyptian Gods 7 of the Best

There were hundreds upon hundreds of Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses - if not thousands - each with his or her own particular history, and role to play. What complicated matters even more was that they would sometimes change both form and role. More often than not, though, they had a human body and the head of an animal or bird. We don't have enough space to list all of them, so here you have just seven of the better known ones...
1. Ra - Sun God
Perhaps the most important god was Ra. Represented by the body of a man and the head of a hawk, topped by a sun disk, he was the sun god. According to legend, he was swallowed up every night by Nut - goddess of the sky - and reborn every morning. His night-time activities consisted of travelling through the Underworld, where he had a human body and the head of a ram.
2. Nut - Sky Goddess
Nut's body created a canopy over the Earth and, for this reason, she was represented as a woman whose body arched across the sky, decorated with stars. She was the sister and wife of Geb - god of the earth - and mother of Isis, Osiris, Nepthys, and Seth.
3. Geb - God of Earth
It was believed that earthquakes were, in fact, Geb's laughter. He's represented as a man with a goose on his head, lying at the feet of goddess Nut. When his son Seth fought Horus for the Egyptian throne, Geb made Horus the ruler of the living.
4. Horus - Ruler of the World of the Living
This man's body with the head of a hawk was originally a god of the sky, but became the ruler of the world of the living after his battle with Seth. In the battle, he lost one of his eyes, although this was restored, the eye then becoming a symbol of protection. The Ancient Egyptians also believed that the pharaoh was the living Horus.
5. Amun - King of the Gods
With his human body and ram's head, Amun was another important god. Even more so when he combined with the sun god - Ra - to be known as Amun-Ra. At Thebes, you'll find a huge temple built in honor of this king of gods.
6. Thoth - God of Wisdom, Writing and Knowledge
In appearance, Thoth had the body of a man, holding a writing palette, and the head of an ibis bird. Thoth was also connected with the moon, and it was believed he bestowed the important gift of hieroglyphic writing on the Ancient Egyptians.
7. Anubis - God of Embalming and the Dead
Because he helped embalm Osiris after he was killed by Seth, Anubis became god of the mummification procedure. With his jackal's head, his role was that of guardian to necropolis, and priests would often wear a mask of Anubis during mummification ceremonies.
As you can imagine, the Ancient Egyptians must have spent a long time learning about the various Egyptian gods, for that's just seven of them... and there are hundreds more!
Mai Sirry is creator of where you'll find plenty of interesting information about Egyptian gods.
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Mystical Gods - Thoth Is the God of Wisdom and the Written Word

Record keeping has always been an essential part of Divination and Spirituality. The power of sound, the written word carries magic, energy and power. All things emanate from energy, the sound of the word and the grace with which they are spoken.
The Mystical Egyptian God Thoth is also known as Tehuti, which means action. When words are matched with action, there is balance and wisdom. In other others, when you walk your talk you are in alignment with your truth. You become a reflection of all that you are in the light, in truth.
It is said Tehuti is the first to create the written word, becoming the scribe for the Ancient Gods and Goddesses of Egypt.
Thoth is the record-keeper, having created the word which became language. In creating words from sound energy, birth was given to desire. Desire opened energy portals for the ways of magic, wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom and knowledge caused movement in the speaking of words. The speaking of words became a way of generating movement into manifestation from the Realm of the Gods and Spirit into physical form.
This Mystical God created the measurement of time into cycles or cyclical time. Time was measured by the phases of the Moon and the movement of the Sun. Thoth maintained order in the heavens and among the children of the Nile.
He is depicted with the head of an Ibis bird whose beak is shaped like a Crescent Moon. Tehuti mapped the stars, the shimmering roadway of the Gods and Goddesses. The colors of the feathers of the Ibis are white and black, symbolic of shadow and light, the Sun and the Moon.
A Message from Thoth
Among the heavens seek your name. Among the heavens seek wisdom. Among the heavens hear your name for you are created in the image of love and light, wisdom and knowledge. You have among your many gifts the use of the word of sound, the power of the energy deep within your Soul. You have the gift of re-creation of that which your heart and your mind conceive. There is nothing held from you except that which you hold from yourself child of the Nile. All are children of the Nile as the birth place of creation in the time of the Ancient Ones. Become as you were created in the likeness of the Divinities, the Spirit Ones who remain awakened to assist you in all you came to do.
The Crown Chakra energy center is the opening through which you are connected with the Ancient Divinities, with Spirit in all its many forms. Crystals and Mineral associated with the Crown Chakra energy center are Herkimer Diamonds, Quartz Crystals, and Amethyst.
Call upon Thoth to assist you in unlocking the creative power within you. Speak with love, wisdom and knowledge of all that you desire to manifest into physical form.
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Cults and Cult Behaviour

It is interesting how the word 'cult' seems to have a particularly negative meaning, indeed it is often spoken with a vocal intonation which suggests 'disgust' or 'hate'. In fact the word can be used in a religious and a sociological sense.
One meaning of the word is "a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also: its body of adherents". In this usage we could describe any 'flavour' of a particular religious dogma as a cult if it moves away from or adds to the basic tenant of the original religion, i.e. if it makes changes to the essential doctrine of the parent doctrine.
In sociological terms a 'cult' can be suggested as being any group with a defined set of practices which seek to impact a person's health, wealth, and/or personal relationships. In this sense then 'cults' need not be religious and of course need not be destructive. In common usage, however, the word cult implies something clandestine, divisive and, by assumption, harmful to the individuals wellbeing within it.
Recent conversations with several 'spiritually minded individuals' has reminded me of how lax we are in using words and how emotionally charged some of them are. Use the term Ouija Board in some social circles and the looks of horror and highly charged anecdotal storytelling inspired by the words is remarkable. Similarly the word OCCULT (which simply means 'hidden' and therefore implies 'secret') and CULT are words that are used in the same breath and generally with the same degree of distaste.
Groups are defined by the practices. Hence it follows that there are probably a series of behavioural markers that can be used to consider whether a group is a cult or 'cult like'. Wikipedia, a resource we know to use with care, contains the following points...
"The word cult pejoratively refers to a group whose beliefs or practices are considered strange.The word originally denoted a system of ritual practices. The narrower, derogatory sense of the word is a product of the 20th century, especially since the 1980s, and is considered subjective."
Further noting that..
"It is also a result of the anti-cult movement which uses the word in reference to groups seen as authoritarian exploitative and that are believed to use dangerous rituals or mind control. The word implies a group which is a minority in a given society."
So a cult will have an 'authoritarian' structure and use 'mind manipulation' and 'rituals' to keep its members 'in check'. Almost by definition 'cult members' will have access to and be given 'secret knowledge' which sets them apart from others in society. In general terms cults are normally build around some charismatic leader or founder. By this definition all of the World's major religions have a 'cult' like basis.
Perhaps the key issue, as mentioned elsewhere, is that cults, in the pejorative sense, actually do little to promote and develop the 'free will' of the individual. Of course such negative cults may start out by promising personal liberation and access knowledge that increases personal power, but in exchange may require total subjugation to the cult hierarchy, their practices and beliefs.
In The Real Twilight Zone (TRTZ no 6: 11th Jan 2011 available from iTunes) we talked about mind control.
One of the things that cults are accused of is mind control. Psychologists and Therapists who specialize in 'cult deprogramming' have worked with individuals who have tried to extricate themselves from the vice like grips of certain cult groups. They have noted that an individual's 'free will' is slowly eroded by mind control techniques familiar to all those who are aware of the CIA/MK ULTRA techniques developed from the 1950's onward. In essence...
The 'group' present themselves has having something to make the individual happier, healthier, wealthier or more successful.
The individual offers personal information, and gradually discloses personal problems, fears, past misdeeds and yearnings
The group reduce the individuals problem to one simple explanation, which is repeatedly emphasized;
They individual receive unconditional love, acceptance, and attention from a charismatic leader or group
They individual gets a new identity or role based on the group's structure
They individual, progressing through the upper stages of the cult hierarchy are isolated from friends, relatives and the mainstream culture (anyone who is not part of the group) and their access to information is controlled.
By these last stages the individual may well have become financially as well as socially and emotionally dependent upon the group.
Many groups operate by either sharing of 'wealth', 'tithing' (giving a percentage of your earnings to the group's work) or by ever increasing costs of training courses which will take you to 'the next level' or 'reveal an even higher truth'.
F.A.C.T. (the Fight Against Coercive Tactics) has a list of groups it claims uses mind control tactics to ensure its followers 'keep the faith'.
We obviously can't look at them all in detail, but let's explore one or two that are interesting for different reasons whilst bearing in mind that existing groups and religions who are cults are very litigious often with deep pockets to match. Actually this last point is worth reflecting upon. For me if a group has nothing to hide, is acting for the best interests of people, knows that its 'truths' are sound and has a creedo about freedom of expression being aggressively litigious of those who criticize or ask questions must say something.
Heaven's Gate
Heaven's Gate was a UFO cult based in California and run by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. The group was said to have its origins in the 1970's when Applewhite whilst recovering from a heart attack had 'near death experience'. He became convinced that he and Nettles, his nurse, where the '2' spoken about in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 11:3).
They developed a mythos related to apocalyptic Biblical teachings, salvation and science fiction. Before the 'Heaven's Gate' name 'stuck' the group was referred to as the Human Individual Metamorphosis movement. Applewhite preached that he was "Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human" in that he was directly related to Jesus Christ.
The group came to believe that:
The Earth was about to be 'recycled' and the only option was to leave it immediately.
Human bodies were only vessels which helped them on their journey
There were several paths by which they could leave the Earth prior to its recycling
Group members had to shed their attachment to the planet by giving up friends, family, possessions, money and sexuality.
Living a strictly ascetic lifestyle resulted in seven of the male members, including Applewhite, undergoing voluntary castration.
The Heaven's Gate community settled in San Diego and earned money from the website development business Higher Source. Group members added the suffix "ody" to their first names in order to indicate that they were "children of the Next Level".
On March 26 1997, 39 members of the group committed suicide. Applewhite had convinced the group that within the tail of the Hale-Boppe comet was a spaceship which was coming to take them to the next level.
Authorities found the dead lying in their own bunk beds, bodies covered by a square, purple cloth. Each member carried a five dollar bill and three quarters in their pockets.
All 39 were dressed in identical black shirts and sweat pants, brand new black-and-white Nike athletic shoes. They were also wearing an armband reading "Heaven's Gate Away Team - a direct reference to Star Trek the language of which featured in much of their literature.
The Peoples Temple - Jim Jones
Jonestown was the name for the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project in Northwester Guyana.
The Peoples Temple was founded by Jim Warren Jones (born and lived in Indiana, USA for much of his life) who himself had a colourful and dynamic personal history including active involvement with communism, the Methodist Church with whom he became a student pastor but left when the Church leaders barred him from integrating Black people into his services.
Sometime around 1952 Jones witnessed a Faith-Healing service and apparently noted that the money and following such services attracted would help him achieve is social goals - which included integration. He set up his own Church, which he eventually called the Peoples Temple Christian Church Full Gospel.
It is suggested that the funds for this Church not only came from healings and healing services but through Jones' own door to door selling of pet monkeys. Jones was a passionate integrationist and one would argue a social revolutionary. Indeed he was appointed by the Mayor of Inidanapolis as Director of their Human Rights Commission.
Often refusing to follow the party line he urged human rights activists to become more and more militant. There is so much more to Jim Jones than one would first imagine, but throughout his years of campaigning, the adoption of mixed race children by he and his wife, which he called his 'Rainbow Family', he was slowly building a set of personal beliefs that would lead him to establish an independent community in Guyana.
Building in Jonestown started in 1974 as a way to create a "socialist paradise" and as a "sanctuary" from the media that he and his Human Rights Activism attracted. Once in this isolated, ideal setting, things began to fall apart. It is suggested that Jones had a drug addiction and in the small community this was something that was difficult to hide.
To make matters worse Jonestown was attracting more and more people who wanted to share in what they believed was some kind of Utopia. The reality was one of a grueling schedule of work, followed by hours of 'lessons' on the nature of socialism a la Jim Jones. Internal pressures from his within his 'sanctuary' and concerns from families in the US who had lost contact with children and relatives who had moved to Jonestown were fast becoming a major issue.
On April 11, 1978, a group of "concerned relatives" distributed documents, including letters and affidavits, that they titled an "Accusation of Human Rights Violations by Rev. James Warren Jones" to the Peoples Temple, to the media and members of Congress. In June 1978, ex Temple member Deborah Layton provided the group with a statement detailing alleged crimes by the Peoples Temple and substandard living conditions in Jonestown.
In November 1978 Congressman Leo Ryan agreed to visit Jonestown to assess the situation. As he was leaving for his plane members of Jim Jones so called "Red Brigade" shot at and killed Ryan and his party supposedly in fear of what he would report when he arrived back in the US.
Later that same day, 909 inhabitants of Jonestown, 303 of them children, died of apparent cyanide poisoning. The FBI eventually recovered a 45 minute audio tape. This recording includes Jones urging the members of the Jonestown community to come forward to receive the poison - first for their children, then for themselves - as Jones describes the horrors of what would await those who did not commit what he described as "revolutionary suicide".
Of all those we could talk about why these?
Well in both cases the demonstrate the key elements of cult profiles and behaviour.
A Charismatic Leader with an apparently meaningful and relevant message.
A doctrine or mythos that evolves around a key idea or principle
A way of engaging followers with a specific message and a promise of something better
A system which ensures that the followers are isolated or self-supporting
Restriction of influences and information from outside the group
A hierarchy which brings the most militant and evangelical of members close to the leader
A sense that their behaviour, their solution, their inner secret must be protected. If we consider other cult groups, The Branch Davidians (David Koresh), The Unification Church (Reverend Moon - hence Moonies), The Manson 'Family' perhaps we can see the same patterns.
As for some of the others we could mention - well it looks like a cult, behaves like a cult and thinks like a cult then.....
Alan Jones has been studying aspects of the Paranormal and the Occult for many years. He has advised on films and documentaries and has contributed to numerous radio programmes. He currently co-hosts Haunted Cornwall FM as their resident sceptic and presents The Real Twilight Zone (available from iTunes)
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Astral Projection Method - Easy Astral Projection Method You Can Use to Astrally Travel Today

Looking for a simple but effective Astral Projection Method? There is no need to complicate the process of learning how to astrally project. Learning how to astral travel requires less work and a lot less thinking than most give it. Although you may be struggling, chances are your mind is getting in the way of experiencing the wonderful benefits of having an out of body experience.
The easiest astral projection method for beginners is the rope technique. As you begin your astral projection session, tell yourself that you are going to project today. Find a nice comfortable, silent space where you will not be disturbed while attempting this astral projection method.
Allow the solitude of the silence and the sound of your breathing to begin to silence your mind and relax your body. The goal is to allow your body to relax and go to sleep while your mind is silent and consciously aware.
If you are new to astral travel or have been attempting to project but have been unsuccessful you may fall asleep as most make there attempts while going to bed. Your goal is to keep yourself awake mentally and let your body go to sleep. Tell yourself that you will stay awake during this process during this astral projection method.
As your body begins to relax, allow the wonderful relaxed feeling spread across your body. Let it consume you from head to toe. Tingling sensations, feeling as if your body is becoming lighter and having the sense that you can not feel your legs and arms is a great sign of total relaxation.
You must allow this total body relaxation consume you completely. There is no limit to the level of relaxation you can reach, allow your mind to tell your body to continue to get deeper and deeper. If you find that you are having random thoughts pop into your mind that's perfectly natural, simply brush them aside and get back to the sound of your breathing.
Once you are completely relaxed and feel as if your body is asleep you will experience some sensations that may seem weird and scary at first. You must do your best to not focus on them too much or you may ruin your astral travel attempt. Some of these sensations include extremely strong vibrations all over your body and a buzzing sound. This is a sign that your astral body is close to projecting.
Allow these to vibrations to subside, they must peak first in strength before you can begin a simple astral projection method to "pop" out. An astral projection method that is extremely effective for beginners is to visualize a rope hanging above you. Use the power of your mind and your imagination to create this rope.
As you see this rope in your mind, focus on climbing the rope with your astral body. Use your arms to reach up and grab onto it, do not move your physical body, simply allow your mind to focus on climbing up the rope. You are very close to experiencing your first out of body experience!
Learn how to take the next steps in order to project successfully by discovering 15 Astral Projection Techniques that will teach you effective astral projection method fast! Don't give up! Astral Projection is such a wonderful experience, discover astral projection methods used for centuries for astral travel at
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UFO Sightings In Scotland in the Year 2012 - Sign Of The Times?

The year 2012 has significance for a lot of people, many of who believe the end of the world is coming. Does this have anything to do with the number of UFO sightings in Scotland for the year 2012, and a belief that aliens will take people away when the end comes? This question is difficult to answer, but it is clear that there is a lot of activity in the night sky over Scotland already this year.
For example, over Midlothian, numerous sightings have been made from January to March. Several have been caught on video and there are some similarities between lots of these celestial objects. Many are small and round. Some video footage suggests that the objects move quickly. Others indicate that they move slowly, though altitude would be a factor in this perception. They appear to be flying low to the ground and are very bright, even bright enough to penetrate thick fog.
Another viewer saw what appeared to be a triangular shape moving slowly just a few hundred feet above his town. These reports come amid a flurry of similar reports that unidentified flying objects have chosen Scotland as their fly zone for the past three months. Other sightings have occurred over Perthshire and Inverness, and with the plethora of recording devices being carried around in cell phones and iPods, getting photographic evidence is easy.
While readers might be likely to dismiss any claims relating to the sky over Nessie's famous lake owing to its notoriety as the scene of other hoaxes, it is important to note that many reports could not be explained away by air space authorities. No air traffic controllers were able to say what those objects could have been. While jets routinely fly over Urquhart Castle at low altitudes, they always make a lot of noise. Some objects have been completely silent. Others were too high to tell. Certain ones were seen in the early evening. Others appeared late at night.
Another report led to the discovery that a meteor had descended Scotland. A lot of exciting things have happened to liven up a dull Scottish winter, but not everyone is pleased.
This is especially true of people who have never gone in search of UFOs. From certain websites, it is clear that if you want to see something, you will. The more you look in the sky for UFOs, the more likely you are to see something unusual. If you are not interested in this area of investigation at all and you still see something strange, then it is particularly puzzling. Some of the individuals making these reports are truly sensible professionals with solid heads on their shoulders.
There is always the possibility that unexplained phenomena are being caused by unknown solar activity or unadvertised use of air space by foreign or military bodies. Hoaxes are also possible. At the end of the day, whether you believe in UFOs or not, the reality is that if these are tricks, they are elaborate and convincing.
The author is a life long Alaskan and a professional writer. You can visit his website about UFO Sightings and Survival at, you will find information and advice about UFOs and survival at his website.
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Dealing With Low Vibration Entities at Age Five

When I was five, I started having strange experiences of being tormented by low vibration entities. I would "see" blobs of dark energy that radiated feelings of anger and fear. I would feel them before I even entered a room. Sometimes shapes would be inhabited by a seemingly dark presence. One time a school uniform hung up on the closet door seemed alive and I was so terrified I couldn't move.
Strange events occurred that I still can't explain. I remember going into my mother's room one night and looking at her class wine cask that had long-held all her lose change. I felt compelled to turn the spigot and water poured out into my hand! I thought I must be imagining it so I went into the bathroom and turned on the light and my hand was indeed wet. I ran my fingers over it. I could actually feel it! I knew this to be impossible because the wine cask was old and had been bone-dry before my mother put any coins into it. There was no water in it at all and the next day when I looked at in the light, it was still bone dry!
An even more unexplainable incident occurred when I was lying on the floor by my bedroom door. I saw my mother come out of the kitchen and go into the open bathroom and shut the door. I sat there watching and a minute later my mother came from the kitchen and walked past the still-closed bathroom door into her bedroom and shut the door. I was terrified!
These incidents were completely unexplainable but instilled a sense of terror in me. And there were much worse happenings. I would see teddy bears turn their heads to look at me and grow fangs at night. I would see burned people walking towards me coming from my mother's closet. I lived in a constant state of terror.
In investigating cases like this over the years I've come to learn that many people have similar experiences and the more profound experiences are usually had by people with some psychic ability. This is why children almost universally fear the dark and have experiences like this. Very few adults continue to experience these things but those that do generally seem to have clairvoyant abilities. I had these experiences all my life.
One of the amazing things I've learned from being tormented by entities is that we have power over them. This is a secret they don't want us to know. This is one of the reasons they torment us as children. If they can dominate us in infancy, they can subjugate us for life. These beings feed off emotions of fear and anger. If we are tormented as children, when we are at our most vulnerable, we are raised to think that they are more powerful. This is just not the case. In my experience we can take back our power.
Erin Heaven is resident Clairvoyant Healer and founder of Complete Life Healing in Boise, Idaho. Giving psychic readings since age 12, she has 20 years of experience in metaphysical studies and energetic healing.
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Astral Projection Basics

If you have the need to see a family member who has passed on or a friend that is no longer on this plane of existence you can once you learn to harness the power of astral projection techniques. Every person has the ability to seek astral knowledge it lies within us all. With the ability to astral travel you will be able to see other realms, other worlds and even the final frontier of outer space. If you have ever had a dream while you were sleeping then you have most likely been in many of the different astral realms before.
Your essence (soul) that is inside your physical body can travel outside of its self. Astral projection is often referred to as an OOBE (Out of body experience).
Astral travel and projection are ancient beliefs within many cultures and nationalities. Modern science does not believe in the astral planes or astral realms. There have been many accounts of documented proof of the occurrence but for many if they do not understand it then to them it is not real. Our coven has done many experiments with astral projection for non believers and many are astonished when you can tell them what they were wearing or what they had for dinner last night. Many people have trouble remembering their OOBE experiences. In our class at the local college we stress the importance of keeping a tape recorder and a dream journal and using them immediately after you do a session. For many people when they come out of a trance they feel disoriented and discombobulated, this is the best time to record your journey into the higher planes.
You should pay close attention to what you see and hear in the astral realms as many times the universe has something to tell you. When you dream a door to your subconscious mind opens and a plethora of important information can come to light. Many travelers have the ability for precognition which gives them the foresight to know the future, to see what is coming and change it or let it be. When you are first starting out it may seem difficult to reach a semiconscious state to begin your astral travels, but I can tell you 9 out of 10 people who keep trying will learn the techniques and become one with the energy of all. You must be diligent and you will succeed.
Kim Brown a hereditary witch she writes books and teach classes on witchcraft and the metaphysical world. You can find more information on witchcraft and astral projection here
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Should Ouija Boards Be Used In Paranormal Investigations?

Was thinking last night about the tools that people use to do paranormal investigations and it brought me back to my childhood. We used to play with the Ouija board for hours. We thought of it as a game only and yet we hoped even back then to be able to talk to spirits. Sometimes we even thought we did.
So I did some investigating of the Ouija board and this is what I found. Now that I am an adult I look at things differently and see the consequences in what I am doing.
But still I thought what a great means of communication it could be. But is it? Let's start at the beginning. Wikipedia defines the Ouija board as, "The Ouija board is also known as a spirit/fire key board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, the words "yes", "no", "hello" and "goodbye" and various symbols and graphics.
The Ouija Board in older forms seems to have been around since the Roman Empire around the fourth century and was even thought to be used by the Greeks before the time of Christ. At that time it was used as a form of divination: To get advice from the spirits.
It was a professor of music, Adolphus Theodore Wagner that filed for the first patent on the talking board in January 23, 1854. In the description part of the application he wrote; Psychograph, or apparatus for indicating persons thoughts by the agent of the nervous electricity. Now I am not going to delve into exactly what that means but it is enough to know that it was the first patent.
It was Mr. Fuld that made up the name Ouija, which means yes and yes, oui (is French for "yes") and ja (German for "yes'.) I read somewhere that Mr. Kennard thought the word Ouija meant good luck in Egyptian, but it was the board that told him that, so thus it became. Good thing he followed that advise as there has been over 20-25 million boards sold over time.
It was Fuld's name that was printed on every genuine Ouija board made for over 100 years until Parker Brothers took it off in the late 90s. William Fuld and his partner Isaac changed the Kennard Novelty Company name to the Ouija Novelty Company and continued selling boards at much higher numbers. Somewhere along the way, the partner Isaac was fired and the name was then changed to the William Fuld Company.
A little side note. In 1927, William Fuld was on the roof of his factory in Baltimore to supervise the replacement of a flagpole when he fell to his death. Some say suicide and some say the Quija Board finally got him.
The first public advertising came from the Kennard Novelty Company when the advertised the first Ouija board as follows:
Interesting and mysterious; surpasses in its results second sight, mind reading, clairvoyance; will give intelligent answer to any question. Proven at patent office before patent was allowed.
Price $1.50.
I sure to wish I could find a bit of written history on just how they proved that!
I think there are four questions you need to ask yourself about whether to use the Ouija board or not in a paranormal investigation:
  1. Is it safe?
  2. Is it real?
  3. Is it truthful?
  4. Is it just a tool of communication?
The answers are my conclusions and I know some people will not agree, however it hopefully will give some people new ideas that should help them draw their own conclusions.
Let's answer each one:
Is it Safe?
My thoughts and yes they are mine, is that it is dangerous and you should not play around with it like it is the toy it is marketed to be.
If it is real then you may well be opening a door into the unknown that you have no control in as to who comes through to communicate with you. Good or bad at that point you are stuck with it.
The Ouija Board when used for divination is not a game. It is a device used by people who believe and want to contact spirits or the dead to gain information that will help them.
Is it Real?
Just look online or talk to friends and they all seem to have had at one time or another experiences with the Ouija board. Some of them can be quite terrifying. Or look at all the movies that show the bad side of it. I think it is real, especially if you believe it is.
When paranormal investigations are done, they have people fill a questionnaire out and it usually asks if they have ever used a Ouija board. This is because a lot if not most of the "bad hauntings" have started with this little toy.
There are cases where it appears real, as in the case of Pearl Curran, a housewife from St. Louis, began using a friend's Ouija board in 1913. The spirit that she spoke with (or created from her subconscious) was named Patience Worth. Together they wrote many plays, poems and novels with great historical detail.
Experiments have shown if the people using the Ouija board are blindfolded, the resulting letters make no words.
Experiments have shown if the letters are placed upside down on a glass table, the resulting messages are not understandable.
Scientists believe it is not real because the spirits cannot move the planchette by themselves.
Is it Truthful?
If you use the supposition that you are indeed communicating with a spirit then you have to first agree, that maybe all spirits good and bad ones, are not telling the truth and to act on it without further investigation is courting danger.
Ideometer effect is defined by Wikipedia as, "A psychological phenomenon wherein a subject makes motion unconsciously. This could also possibly be an explanation for pendulums reacting to written words and dowsing rods
If you are already a skeptic of the Ouija board then this maybe what you are thinking. As the Skeptic's Dictionary says, "Suggestions can be made to the mind by others or by observations. Those suggestions can influence the mind and affect motor behavior. What is purely physiological, however, appears to some to be paranormal."
Is it Just a Means of Communication?
Some people believe that it should be used as another tool like the recorder, KII meter and any other tool they use to talk to spirits.
For Christians out there, let me say this after some research into the Bible. It appears that if you use a Ouija board you are angering God.
"When they say to you, 'Consult the mediums and the spiritists who whisper and mutter,' should not a people consult their God? Should they consult the dead on behalf of the living?" (Isa. 8:19 - NASB).
In Galatians 5:19, certain "works of the flesh" are condemned. One of these is "sorcery." Among the things embraced by this term is the "pretended communication with invisible malignant powers"
People believe the one on one communication is vital to take paranormal investigation to the next level.
It bugs me that big retail stores like Toys R Us sell to children Ouija boards that glow in the dark, are pretty or pink for girls. They do not have, or maybe they do a clue to what they are opening up children to. The cute little picture of children sitting around a board and laughing really is not the way it happens. If they do not suffer the consequences of it now, they will in the future.
I think that the ultimate lesson her on whether the Ouija board should be used in paranormal investigations is that, nothing and I mean nothing should be taken lightly. Investigating is a serious business and you must look at the consequences of your actions.
So in the end to me, it seems that there are two sides; one is that the real danger in playing around with a Ouija board is in believing it is real and you are talking with spirits. The other is that it is real and you are talking to spirits and you are in danger.
We love everything about the paranormal and is a good thing as Kentucky is rich with haunting lore and more. Read more articles on ghosts and paranormal at our Kentucky Farmhouse website and also for all around good tips, thoughts and information on Kentucky
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Why We Need The 2012 Apocalypse

Yes, humanity actually needs an apocalypse in 2012. All of the great avatars and prophets and cultures, Nostradamus, Casey, the Hopi, Mayans, St. John, DaVinci, and so many others, have told us that we are traveling the wrong way on a one way street. We know that environmental stress causes evolution; basically, adapt or die. The erroneous notion is, however, that evolution is a slow process. We now know that this is not always the case and that evolution can be almost instantaneous. Flip a few genes on and the species as you know it is transformed. We also know that the term apocalypse means 'revelation.' Certainly, humanity is in need of revelation.
Will 2012 bring death and destruction? Well, yes, and no. Are we talking the end of the world? No. But we may be talking about an even increased series of the kind of events we saw in 2011. Climate chaos, economic meltdown, political turmoil, further radicalization of religious dogma, both human and naturally caused environmental calamity, even larger scale fish, bird, wildlife deaths, and surprises yet to be seen are all in the prophetic cards. The tempo has been building and people have been duped and too blind to see the signs of the times. We already have climate refugees. In many parts of the world, water is a scarce commodity. Increasing glacial melt is changing sea levels and possibly ocean currents. Massive fish, bird and other wildlife die offs are increasing. There have been record numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The melting, CO2 filled Tundra's is another wild card. The Apocalypse is here now for those with eyes to see.
Here's the thing, for some reason humanity epitomizes Newton's law that bodies at rest, tend to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. We only change when confronted by crisis. Otherwise, we stay "comfortably numb." Even when all the facts are laid out before us, our reaction is usually, "Oh, okay, whatever." But if the grocery store is empty, the enemy is at our doorstep, or the sky is actually falling, then we catalyze into action. When the disaster is upon us, we act. The key question is, "Can we always act in time to prevent total disaster?"
Memes, cultural viruses of the mind, have been the leading cause in slowing human evolution. What you do won't make a difference. The problem is too big. You're vote doesn't count. God likes poor people. We need to collect billions of dollars and waste them on building absurd edifices to please God. You are all basically sinners and since you must be saved, you must follow this religious dogma. It's always been this way and always will be. Only evil people are wealthy and they will be punished. One race is superior to another. Everything will be okay, it's not really dangerous. You can't cure diseases with the power of the mind. Your lot in life is the luck of the draw, live with it. We don't have anything to do with climate change. Species die off all of the time. This is just a normal cycle. We're too big to fail. Buy this and save. Don't tax the rich, it will hurt the economy. Drill baby, drill. All of these viruses have been so toxic; most in the world feel helpless. And yet, for thousands of years, the mystics have told us, "No, you have the power. You create the reality." And now, quantum physics is telling those who listen that the mystics are right. The observed and the observer are one. Life in interconnected, entangled, and each event is related and affects all events. Medical science is showing us that prostate cancer and memory loss can be cured by either turning on or off genes. Basically, new paradigms are being created and old ones are being replaced.
But, timing is everything. While worn out dogmas are experiencing their death throws in church pews, the halls of science, the streets and alleys or repressed states, schools of medicine and in the depths of the human psyche, time is running out. What do I mean by that? Simply, the destruction humanity is causing on the planet is happening at a faster pace than it takes to correct the problems. We have passed environmental, economic and political tipping points. The die is cast and only clear, conscious, sincere and strong visualized choosing can ameliorate the consequences.
Actually, the best you can do is save yourself since that is all anyone can really do. I do not mean run to the woods and become a survivalist, but you need to be prepared for worst case scenarios. Must it be this way? It didn't have to, many a prophet warned of our folly. In Nostradamus' image of the wheel in the lost book, part of the Tarot Code spoken of in the "Waking God Trilogy," we see images of a dysfunctional wheel; all that we know falling apart. In his Tower, we see the flames consuming all that we have built on a foundation or dogma, sand and error. DaVinci, in his not very discussed prophecies, talks of great calamity. But none of these things had to be. We chose the worse case in absentia, through omission, through ignorance, looking through blinders wrapped in memes we were convinced were true. And yet, we still do not act. The seed for action is there and we are seeing some positive fruit, but it appears that only the Apocalypse will wake us from our slumber and end our millennia of torment, destruction, lies, war, and disconnect from the environment and each other. Keep in mind that our evolution can, and hopefully will, be instantaneous. The tragedies, political absurdities, environmental collapse and the revelation of the greed that has dominated humanity's history are coming to light. It can activate the 'god seed,' the so called junk DNA within us all, that will awaken us to a new earth. Not in some idiotic religious sense, but in a deeply rooted spiritual sense in which we finally, "get it."
Make no mistake, the Apocalypse is here now. The kettle is about to boil over. If you are prepared to entertain totally new concepts, new paradigms, new sciences, a new spirituality, all will be well for you. The answer will not be outside of you. There will be no savior here, or there. You have been warned about that. In fact, as Mantrella says, a lead character in Waking God Book I, "It is not about saving humanity, it never has been." You are not evil. You are not born in some self-serving concept of universal sin. Let the pressure of 2012 build within and allow your inner transformation, your evolution.
Mr. Harris was born in Massachusetts. He attended The American University in Washington, D.C. and received his degree in Political Science. His graduate work was done at the University of Northern Colorado and Howard University. He spent several years working for local and regional and state government agencies. as well as on a White House Task Force and served as Rural Policy Coordinator at the FRC of New England.
Mr. Harris is co-author of the novels WAKING GOD,THE SACRED ROTA, The Second Coming of Humanity and is a nationally syndicated / featured writer for The American Chronicle. His other books include: A MAINE CHRISTMAS CAROL, JESUS TAUGHT IT, TOO: THE EARLY ROOTS OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION (ALL THINGS THAT MATTER PRESS), RAPING LOUISIANA: A DIARY OF DECEIT, POLARIZING YOUR LIFE TOWARD PERFECTION, the COLLECTED MESSAGES series, and WHAT'S WRONG WITH US, ANYWAY?
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The History of the Claddagh Ring

triking and unmistakable in design, two delicate hands cradling a crowned heart, worn by thousands through the centuries, from great kings, queens and princesses to modern day lovers and dear friends, this timeless symbol of friendship, loyalty and love finds its roots in the heart of Ireland.
Surprisingly, the origin of this cherished national symbol lay shrouded in mystery. But perhaps that is what draws so many to its simple beauty. The symbol of the Claddagh is said to be the symbol of the "Fisher Kings of Claddagh", a small fishing village overlooking the Galway Bay in Ireland, and it carried the meaning "in love and friendship let us reign". This original design was fashioned into a ring in the 17th Century. Many stories and myths attempt to explain this ring's beginnings, but one romantic legend seems to ring louder and truer than the rest.
The Legend
It is the old story of Richard Joyce, a young man from the Galway village of Claddagh, Ireland. Just days before his wedding, Richard, on a trip to the West Indies, was kidnapped by Algerian pirates and sold, a slave, to a Moorish goldsmith. The goldsmith soon took a liking to Richard, clever and quick as he was, and trained him as an apprentice to be a master craftsman. Year later in 1689, when King William III demanded the release of all British subjects from Algiers, Richard turned down the offer of marriage to the old goldsmith's daughter and half of the old man's fortune for the sweet winds of home and his true love in Galway. Though it had been 14 years since his disappearance, he found his true love waiting faithfully for his return. Overcome with joy, he presented her with a ring that he had designed and forged while an apprentice, the now famous Royal Claddagh, and soon the two were married. It is said that Richard settled in Galway with his bride and there became a successful goldsmith, his most famous work, the Claddagh.
Though no one can say for sure where the Claddagh ring originated or who first designed it, the earliest Claddaghs to be traced bear the mark "RI", Richard Joyce, the master goldsmith.
An Irish Tradition
The Claddagh ring [] is a variant of older rings called "Fede", or faith rings which date to Roman times and were popular in the Middle Ages throughout Europe. Since the 17th Century, it was traditionally worn as a Celtic wedding or engagement ring, handed down from mother to daughter for generations. For many Irish who left Ireland during Great Famine of the 19th Century, the Claddagh was the only reminder left of their homeland.
Rich in Meaning and Significance
But you don't have to be Irish to appreciate the meaning and beauty of the Claddagh ring. This traditional Irish wedding ring is now worn all over the world. It has become a fashionable exchange of dear friends and lovers, men and women alike. The meaning of the ring is what gives it significance. The hands, crown and heart symbolize the trinity of Love, Loyalty and Friendship, or in Gaelic, "Gra Dilseacht agus Cairdeas" (pronounced 'Graw Deel-shocked, ogis Korr-diss'). Put another way: "Let love and friendship reign forever". It is this rich and beautiful meaning that makes the Claddagh perfect for many occasions, whether it be a gift to a cherished friend of loved one, a Mother's ring, a Promise ring or worn traditionally as an engagement or wedding ring.
Wearing a Claddagh
The Claddagh ring is one of the most elegant and meaningful rings ever created and is beautiful no matter how it is worn. However, if the tradition of the Claddagh is followed, then the way in which the Claddagh is worn declares the wearers relationship status in their quest for love.
If worn on the right hand, it is a sign of friendship: with the heart pointed out toward the fingertip, the wearer is free for the courting, their heart open and available; with the heart pointed in toward the wrist, the wearer is spoken for or being courted. But the left hand is the prized position for the Claddagh; worn with the heart facing in toward the wrist, the wearer has found their true love and is engaged or happily married, saying, "With these hands I give you my heart and I crown it with my love."
by Stephen Cummins
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The Mysteries of the Kings Chamber

I started out, on a hunt for some information to verify and date the "Black Pullet" and write an article on here about it. What I ended up discovering is something more interesting, at least I think so.
We are all familiar with the Great Pyramid of Giza, the nice beautiful structure that held the remains of the Pharaoh Khufu. Well one thing that is not as well known is the mysterious conditions inside the Kings Chamber. Many famous people have had interesting happenings while experiencing alone time in the chamber. Names like Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Aleister Crowley, and Paul Burton show up regularly when describing the incidents. The Layout of the Pyramid As you can see the Kings chamber is located past the grand Gallery and above the Queens chamber and Subterranean Chamber. With Relief Chambers above it. It lies in the heart of the pyramid and is the main attraction of the place.
Napoleons Secret
Napoleon ventured into the Pyramid after the "Battle of the Pyramids" in July 1798. While inside the pyramid he roamed to the King Chamber where he spent sometime alone. How long we are not told, and why he wanted to be alone is not mentioned. What we do know for certain is upon leaving the pyramids, his fellow associates noticed that Napoleon was not right. He looked shaken up and distressed.
They continued to ask him what had happen and if anything "Mysterious" had happened while in the Kings Chamber. Napoleon most likely fearing that he would not be believed or better yet thought of as crazy, replied "no Comment". For years the topic was left untouched until on his death bed, his friend by his side asked Napoleon what had happened that day in the Kings Chamber. As soon as he started to tell him he stopped, stating it "was of no use now you wouldn't believe me".
What did Napoleon see that day? We never know, there are people and references that point to hints and thoughts that he might have saw what was his destiny. Others believe more elaborate suggestions, but the truth is we will never know now.
Alexander the Great
No Text is found to have proof that Alexander the Great did stay the night or visit the pyramids of Giza, it was assumed do to the popularity of the pyramids that he would have done so..... yea when I found this out I was a little upset myself....
Aleister Crowley
Crowley spend time in the kings chamber on the honeymoon of his marriage to Rose Kelley. During the night, he wanted to impress his wife and show his strength in magick. Here is an excerpt from his autobiography.
"The King's Chamber was aglow as if with the brightest tropical moonlight. The pitiful dirty yellow flame of the candle was like a blasphemy, and I put it out. The astral light remained during the whole of the invocation and for some time afterwards, though it lessened in intensity as we composed ourselves to sleep. For the rest, the floor of the King's Chamber is particularly uncompromising. In sleeping out on rocks, one can always accommodate oneself more or less to the local irregularities, but the King's Chamber reminded me of Brand; and I must confess to having passed a very uncomfortable night. I fear me dalliance had corrupted my Roman virtue. In the morning the astral light had completely disappeared and the only sound was the flitting of the bats." Interesting enough, shortly after rose was in a trance and instructed Crowley to meet Aiwass and receive the book of the new AEON... making a longer story short.
Scientific Ideas
Many scientist have thought the granite construction would hold residue energy and even possibly be used as a radio receiver. That being said, they have also discovered radioactive material down below the queens chamber. Those two put in combination may inadvertently be the cause of the mysteries... we may never know for certain, I do wish to take a trip out there and do some research and studies myself. One day I hope I will get the chance.
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Aleister Crowley Biography

Aleister Crowley changed the face of modern day occultism. Considered the "the wickedest man in the world." by the media of his time, his reputation among modern day followers of the occult has improved much.
In 2002 the BBC did a poll and Aleister Crowley was rated as number 73 in the top most influential Britons.
Many rising stars of the time made positive remarks about Crowley including but not limited to Ozzy Osbourne.
During his early life he travelled the world joining many secret society's seeking out occult wisdom, he was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and even became a leader of the Ordo Templi Orientis.
He founded his own religion Thelema which fell apart when Italian authorities deported him after the accidental death of one of his followers during one of his ceremonies.
He is well known for many of his writings on the occult including one of his publications called "The Book of the Law".
Crowley was in essence a Ceremonial Magician practising the art of magic that involves summoning demons and controlling them with your "will" in order to carry out your magical orders. This practice is very much alive today and many base heavily on Crowley's work.
Crowley wrote on a large variety of other subjects outside of the occult including fiction and poetry, in some conspiracy theories it even alleged that he was a spy for the British government but there is little evidence to back this up.
He went to university in 1895 to start a 3 year course in philosophy, at Trinity College, Cambridge but change to English literature instead. He was not to join the golden dawn occult society until 1898 after he met a chemist named Julian L. Baker where they discussed their interest in alchemy.
Hope You Enjoyed The Occult Secrets. For More Information Check Out This Page: Aleister Crowley Biography
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777 and the Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley's book 777 has to be one of the best works of it's kind and is actually a compilation of three of his other books on the Qabalah. Crowley starts off with with an essay on Gematria that is the art of rendering words into numbers for the desired result. However in Crowley's true style 777 is full of wit and intentional errors, Crowley being an avid reader of mystery novels appears to write his own works in the same style, all the information is there to piece the jigsaw together it's just up to you the reader to figure the plot out so it seems!
The second chapter in the book was originally published by itself as Liber 777 and contains pages of Qabalistic associations and attributions and this is the only known resource to have survived the the collapse of the The Golden Dawn and is an invaluable resource in this respect.
The final chapter is Sepher Sephiroth and is a Qabalistic encyclopaedia that was originally started by Allan Benett and expanded upon by Crowley himself and others throughout the course, All the entries are in numerological order and not alphabetical, making this a very quick reference guide for anyone interested in Gematria, It is quite an easy task to render the Gematria value of any Greek or Hebrew word and then consult the Sepher Sepiroth for matching phrases and words containing the same value, however it does contain different dialects of Hebrew mixed throughout the book and the entries at times do appear to be contradictory at times.
Overall 777 is an excellent reference guide on Qabalistic attributions and is really essential on any occultist's bookshelf.
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Occultists And Secret Societies

Who is or are occultists? This is a person or a group of people brought together by a strong will of control in a certain belief of power whether tradition, religious or scientific. Occultists have existed since ancient times with various missions or objectives. Incidentally, when you hear of the word occultists, what will run into your mind would rather be the term secret societies. This is because just like occultists, secret societies are made up of people within one inner circle and the activities they undertake are indefinitely concealed from the public. What differentiates secrete societies that may be connected with the term occultists is in the fact that there are ceremonies that have to be undertaken before one becomes a member. This ceremonies or tests could be undertaken dependence on an individual's survival interest in the group. For example, in secret societies one of the tests to a person whose duty is probably to kill or execute certain groups of people would be to make a random killing of any person he may think of. Besides these tests, there is also oath taking which is another significance of an occult secret society.
Madam Blavatsky was a famous traveler and writer who is said to have contributed heavily in several western subcultures. Back in the year 1873, she collaborated Henry Steel to bring about the Theosophical society which was established in the city of New York despite Madam Blavatsky going to the extents of establishing this secret organization in the United States, it is said that the headquarters were set in India around 1882. Madam Blavatsky is one of the many occultists that had various motives for starting these secret organizations. Did you know that Madam Blavatsky was so influential in this society that after her death her ashes had to be divided amongst the three divisions of the occult? These were the New York City, Adjar in India and London! Her death is usually celebrated by this group as the day of the white lotus.
Another influential occult leader was Aleister Crowley who also went by the name the great beast. Aleister Crowley started out as a ceremonial magician before going ahead to founding Thelema a religious occult group. He took the initiative of making himself a prophet who would later inform people on the coming of natural calamities and other disasters that were a threat to mankind back in the early 20th century. Adam Weishaupt the Jesuit who founded the Illuminati movement has been recorded as one of the most influential occult leaders and founders of all time. Although Aleister Crowley achievements subside with Adam's, it can be realized they all had different objectives towards their enlightenment's. What follows is a list of the top ten secret societies or occults of all time which were started by occultists who had secret agendas.
  • The order of skull and bone where one of the members was George Bush senior that was also known as the brotherhood of death founded back in the year 1947.
  • The freemasons who were religious protectors and are well known for using signs, handshakes and corded messages while communicating.

  • Rosicrucian order which was primarily a group of German believers during the publishing of three famous documents.

  • Aleister Crowley greatly influenced the former Masonic group order of the temple of the east to exercise the Thelema law of love.

  • The hermetic order which can also be referenced as the golden dawn created by William Goodman also broke from the Masonic group. It is also said that the group may or may not have been influenced by the temple of the east laws.

  • We can never forget about the order of the Knights Templar, this is a group or club that borrows the ideals from the medieval Knights Templar, this group was formed back in the 12th century. The differentiating factor is that you cannot become a member of you are not a Christian mason.

  • The Illuminati, the group that should never be forgotten when talking about occultism. This is because even up to date they have been tied with managing certain governments.

  • Other groups that have been inducted into the hall of fame of hoax are the opus dei, priory of scion and the bilderberg meeting.
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