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Rendlesham Forest UFO Sightings

December 26th, 1980, the day after Christmas, and only a few days before the New Year. Quite a few service-people are still on guard at RAF Woodbridge, near Suffolk in the UK. However, their minds are concerned with coming parties or missing their families.
What they didn't expect, was for unidentified lights to appear West of their position, and descend into the forest. But this is what happened, at least 3 nights in a row, in Rendlesham Forest.
The Rendlesham Forest incident, as its known, is probably the most publicized UFO event to happen in Britain, and is compared with Roswell in terms of importance. On December 26th, 27th, and 28th strange lights were spotted outside of RAF Woodbridge by USAF Personnel, and were investigated. Local Police joined service people, though many came to the conclusion that the lights were from the nearby Oxford Ness Lighthouse.
The following two nights, similar sightings were made, and even confirmed by one Lt. Colonel Halt; the deputy base commander. Colonel Halt even went so far as to use a micro-cassette recorder to create audio of the investigation. Some have speculated that during the investigation, that video was made of the supposed objects, and is kept by the Air Force.
Over the course of the next few days, quite a bit of evidence emerged. Triangular impressions thought to be dents made by landing gear, were found. However, local police came to the conclusion that these same impressions could have been made by farm animals.
Overall, it is harder to tell what happened, and harder still to prove that Extraterrestrial Contact was made. However, the presence of multiple eye-witnesses, all of them being US Military Personnel, and one being an Active Duty Lt Colonel, is definitely cause to take the matter seriously.
Chris Patrick is an aspiring author, with an interest in unexplainable phenomenon. Tired of seeing only the same old UFO accounts on various websites, he started this site, so that anonymous people could post their accounts without fear of any reprisal or ridicule. If you would like to submit your own alien encounter account (or critique), you can do so here. If you do decide to post, he asks that you format and spell check, and you probably want to submit anonymously.
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Giant Ice Falls From the Sky!

Throughout the centuries man has wondered about a mysterious phenomena that seems to have no answer, giant ice blocks falling from the sky. Many skeptics claim that there is no reason to wonder about these strange occurrences, there is a simple answer... They are falling off of airplanes flying overhead! Now mind you, I am not a close minded person, I would be happy to accept this explanation, but, I think I am going to need one of these skeptics explain to me where the airplane came from on August 13TH of 1849 that the 1/2 ton, 20 foot block of ice fell from in Scotland. Or the one in India in 1800 that was reported "as large as an elephant". I can go on and on, 15 feet long, 6 feet wide and 11 feet thick - England, 1888. One a yard wide in India - 1826! In 1802, a lump of ice fell from the sky on Hungary that had a volume of 18 cubic feet! I think that one would be more curious about the aircraft itself than the ice falls at this point since there was no such thing as an airplane at this time!
Ice falls have continued throughout the years up to modern times, with many reports in Spain in the last year. But the question still remains, where do these large chunks of ice come from?
There have been four standing answers to this question that I will address here and I will add an answer of my own.
Airplane ice
The favorite answer of the skeptic - perhaps some ice falls off of aircraft, but, the pieces would not be very large. Modern aircraft are equipped with wing heaters to prevent ice build up. Also, in many cases there were no aircraft in the area of the ice fall, and again, I may be going out on a limb here, but I don't believe that there were any aircraft around during the previously cited reports in the 1800's. You may also want to look at what a 1/2 to, 20 foot block of ice would do to the aircraft, one would have to assume that the ice fall would have been followed by the aircraft itself. An airplane would not be able to stay aloft with a chunk of ice this large attached to it.
The largest hailstones recorded have been about 5 inches in diameter with a maximum weight of about 2 pounds. You need sustained updraft winds of 90 mph or more to create a hailstone of this size. Weather can't be completely ruled out, but, the average ice fall usually consists of 1 or 2 chunks, not hail storm quantities, and most of them occur on nice cloudless days, not during inclement weather. Still, we don't know everything about this mysterious place we call earth, so it's a possibility. Oh, and one other problem here, the ice that is analyzed is usually not from cloud water!
Comets are composed of ice, dust, and rocks and it is possible that comets could enter the Earth's atmosphere and strike the Earth before exploding, as in Tunguska, or just simply melting. Many theories have been brought to the table to explain away this idea such as, there are not enough pieces to be a comet or particles from it's tail. Hmmmm, ok.
Ummmmmm, yeah. This theory states that the ice is falling off UFO's entering our atmosphere, or perhaps that the UFO's are dropping them intentional as some sort of warning. Come on people, I am not saying it's not impossible, but do you really think that a race smart enough to achieve intergalactic travel would have a problem with ice build up when our own airplanes and space shuttles don't? And quite honestly, why would a alien civilization fly hundreds of light years to our planet just to throw ice cubes at us? What possible message would that be? Bored alien college students pulling a prank? And people wonder why the UFO and Paranormal community doesn't get taken seriously!
Alright, we have gone over the most common explanations short of random teleportation of ice from colder climates, which is also a theory that has been suggested. Now it's time to present my theory.
The Earth is always being hit by meteorites from Mars, how? Well Mars has been hit with rather large meteors and asteroids that have sent rocks and dust hurtling into outer space that eventually find their way to Earth. This is a known scientific fact, so, if this is or has happened on Mars, and the debris makes it to earth, then why isn't it possible that the same thing happens on Europa? Europa is a moon of Jupiter that is completely covered in ice, water ice. It has been struck many times by large asteroids and meteors throughout it's history and yes, the same thing would have happened, chunks of ice would have been hurtled into space and yes, they could very well make it back to the Earth, just like Martian meteors! Some of the ice has had strange compositions to it, some has been pure h2o, some has had interesting formations and the majority are not comprised of cloud water so why not Europa? Or icy asteroids? I believe that in most cases this theory holds water, or ice, so to speak. So in this state of thought, would it not be in NASA's best interest to take a little time to look at these icy missiles from the sky? Many of these ice falls have been accompanied by a flash of light and a loud boom, pretty consistent with a large meteor wouldn't you think? - The Paranormal Activity Research Association Paranormal research and investigations - Prospector, Treasure Hunter, Adventurer! Prospecting, Treasure Hunting and fun in the great outdoors! Forum, chat, articles and more. And now the home of The Prospectors, Adventurers and Treasure Hunters Association (PATHA)!
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Women and the Crusades

Crusade has always been associated with men. However, throughout history women have played a very big role in crusades. During unsettling times in several countries, women played an equal role at par in crusading for the cause. During the initial years of the crusades, women set off on a journey along with men to Jerusalem to ask forgiveness for their sins and also in efforts to free it from Muslim control. In 1096, when the crusaders lost to the Muslims, the Pope declared that no woman, children and old people were allowed to be a part of the crusades. Despite the ban, many women accompanied their husbands on the crusade. The most famous woman crusader was Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine.
When the crusaders went on a cause, they left their women and children behind. The women would wait for as long as ten years for their spouses, fathers and brothers to return. Some men never returned and the women ended up waiting without knowing what happened to these men. It could be a son, a father or a husband.
In the first crusade, more than 500 thousand men were lost. The second crusade had several men with arms. These included nobles and common men and women were left to look after the wealth and administration back home. The women faced raid on properties and were often found defending their homes. They went through emotional and physical abuse. Several women refused to give up their homes as they preferred to be killed in their own homes than be taken as slaves or killed somewhere else. Such heroic encounters gave women more confidence to fight.
Women governed the country and the household on the name of their husband and raised children. Even the royal regencies did it when the king was away on the crusade. The queen and mother of Louis VIII of France, Blanche of Castile, became a regent when the king was away on a crusade. While leaving, Louis told his mother that he was leaving his three wards and the country of France in her care. Blanche suppressed rebellions and also increased the power of French dynasty. She formed several alliances and also took over Midi into France. As a result of her governance, France expanded and is pretty much same even today in terms of boundaries.
Anna Comnena, the daughter of the emperor of Byzantine, wrote about the arrival of the crusaders, who first came to Jerusalem in the year 1099. She documented how these so-called liberators ended up raiding and looting the people and the land.
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The Crusades: First, Second and Third Crusades

The First Crusade was provoked by the preaching of Crusade against the Muslims by Urban II, at a synod at Clermont in November 1095. There had earlier been an appeal to the West for aid against the Muslims by Alexus Emperor of Constantinople, whose Eastern Roman empire the Muslims were threatening. Urban's appeal widened the scope of the affair into the pious goal of rescuing the holy places in Palestine from Muslim domination.
The Western armies had earlier fought the Muslims("Moors") in Spain and Sicily, in the effort to expel them from the territories they held in Western Europe. In the East,the Muslims had for many years been persecuting pilgrims and threatening the Eastern half of the Roman Empire.
The First Crusade was essentially a popular movement estimated to have involved a mass movement of close to a million people in eastern migration(close in scope to the barbarian migrations which led to the fall of the Roman Empire). The largely French crowd that heard the preaching of Urban II responded enthusiastically. Subsequent preaching for a Crusade by Peter the Hermit and Walter the Penniless snowballed enthusiasm into a growing crowd of illiterate peasants marching through Germany, Hungary and the Balkans in 1096, much to the alarm of the Emperor of Constantinople who had not foreseen that the Western response to his appeal would be a popular unorganized mass movement of zealous but misguided peasants!
The crowd was hurriedly allowed to cross the straits into Asia Minor where it was massacred by the Turks with the remnant taken as prisoners or sold into slavery. A second wave of Crusaders led by nobles from France, Belgium and Norman Italy consisting of properly organized professional troops landed in Constantinople in the Spring of 1097. Nicaea was taken after a siege and Antioch by the spring of 1098. Jerusalem was captured in the spring of 1099. After the success of the Crusaders the feudal lords at the head of the Crusading armies settled down to carving out fiefdoms for themselves in captured areas. Many of the European styled castles in the Near East date from the time of the First Crusade. The province of Jerusalem became the fiefdom of Godfrey of Bouillon("Kingdom of Jerusalem"). The Order of the Knights Templar and Hospitallers was formed to provide protection for Christian pilgrims and fight against the Muslims.
The Second Crusade arose from the need to deal with the threat to Jerusalem from the northwestern flank of the Kingdom after the fall of the Kingdom of Edessa to the Muslims. Bernard of Clairvaux (a famous mystic) by his preachings and exhortations roused the King of France and the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire to action. The Second Crusade, however, was a failure for Jerusalem was recaptured by the Muslims under Saladin in 1187.
The Third Crusade(1189-92) is known as the King's Crusade and came under the leadership of Phillip Augustus of France, Richard of England and Emperor Frederick ("Barbarossa"). The Third Crusade met with early crisis when "Barbarossa" was accidentally drowned on the way to Palestine; and Phillip Augustus had a disagreement with Richard and returned home. Richard had to proceed with the Crusade alone. He was,however, unable to dislodge the Muslims from Jerusalem but he scored the partial success of an agreement with Saladin which granted Christian pilgrims access to Jerusalem.
The Fourth Crusade was at the instance of Innocent III and other French priests. It was, therefore, essentially a French crusade under papal direction. Boats were needed by the Crusaders for transportation and the Doge of Venice offered to supply them at a price. The Crusaders, however,could not afford the sum and in payment they agreed to help the Venetians recapture Zara, a town that had once been under Venetian control. After the recapture of Zara, the crusaders made a sudden change in objective. Rather than sail to Alexandria in Egypt, they sailed to Constantinople and laid siege on the city. Constantinople, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire was captured in 1204. Although Innocent had not been involved in the decision to divert the Crusade to Constantinople, he gladly accepted the results for at last, the Greek Church in the Eastern Empire came under Papal authority, bringing the power of the Pope to a new zenith in Europe. Besides, the strategic military significance of the new possession was obvious. Constantinople could serve as convenient base for a Fifth Crusade against the Muslims.
Innocent III also sponsored a Crusade under the leadership of Simon de Montfort against the Albigensis (Cathari)of Southern France in 1208, and a savage war which virtually exterminated the "heretical" sect was fought. The Fifth and Sixth Crusades were only partially successful. Frederick leader of the Sixth Crusade successfully negotiated an agreement with the Muslims allowing the Christians control over Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth.But subsequent Crusades failed to keep Jerusalem under Christian control and Jerusalem fell under the control of the Saracens who succeeded the Seljuk Turks to power in Palestine.
A sad event occurred in 1212; the Children's Crusade. Two boys, barely in their teens, Stephen and Nicholas led an "Army" of "pious" children across southern Europe to Italy in a bid to sail to the Holy Land but were captured and sold by unscrupulous merchants into slavery. The Children had believed that their innocence would guarantee their success where their "sinful" parents had failed.
The Crusades ended in 1291 with the fall of Acre to the Muslims.
The writer JohnThomas Didymus is the author of "Confessions of God: The Gospel According to St. JohnThomas Didymus"( [] ). If you have found this article interesting please read the related article ALIEN SPACE INVADERS AND THE CHRISTIAN BELIEF IN THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS on his blog:
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Saint Rita of Cascia and the Stigmata

We could spend a whole library of books sharing the miracles and examples of our Lord's love and care in St. Rita's life, but since her life is only a part of this book on heroic women our Lord has called us to share with you, we would like to recall one of the most outstanding gifts. He gave Rita a miracle.
Saint Rita of Cascia receives the Stigmata
During Lent of the year 1443, in Cascia, St. James of Marches, a great preacher of his day, gave a very personal, passionate sermon on our Lord to the Nuns.
Rita was so taken by the sermon that she returned to the Monastery and began to pray, with all her heart and soul, before a fresco of Jesus crucified. As she humbly asked for a part of His suffering on the Cross, admitting that she was unworthy to share His full Passion on Calvary, a thorn fell from the Beloved Head of our Savior and pierced the forehead of St. Rita.
She immediately began to bleed profusely, and the wound that kept bleeding has been accepted by all as the gift of the Stigmata of our Lord.
In the case of most holy people who have been graced with the Stigmata, like St. Francis of Assisi, and the saintly Padre Pio, the fragrance exuded from the holy wounds smells like a beautiful perfume from Heaven, more pleasing even than that of flowers. With the wound of St. Rita, came humiliation, estrangement and isolation.
The wound had such a pungent, putrid odor emanating from it that she had to suffer the ostracism and rejection of her fellow Nuns who, at best, feared it might be infectious and, at worst, could not bear the smell.
She spent the next fifteen years alone, suffering more and more excruciating physical pain. But although she was isolated from her Community in a small cell far away from any of the consoling companionship of other Nuns, she had the Consoler! Instead of looking toward herself and her pain, she focused on Jesus and His Crucified Head of thorns and all the thorns in her life were turned into roses of love by her Lord as she offered them to Him Here we have a perfect case of Redemptive Suffering. Stated simply, redemptive suffering goes like this. You have suffering which will not go away. For some reason, the Lord allows you to have it. You can't pray it away; you can't wish it away. You can become angry, and turn away from God, or you can offer it up to God for the souls in Purgatory, the conversion of sinners, or to relieve the suffering of someone here on earth.
We believe that Redemptive Suffering is a powerful offering to Our Lord. It's a way of taking a terrible negative, the pain inflicted on us by the suffering, and turning it into a great positive, by offering it to Our Lord Jesus.
We believe that Saint Rita of Cascia used this unusual twist of not receiving the fragrance of Heaven that accompanies the Stigmata, to glorify Our Lord Jesus.
She offered up to him the isolation caused by the putrid odor of her wound
Bob and Penny Lord are renowned Catholic authors and television hosts on EWTN, Global Catholic television. They are prolific writers about the Catholic faith, especially the Saints for which they have been dubbed "experts on the Saints." For more about stigmata and stigmatist go to:
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The Evangelical Religion

Beginning in Great Britain in the 1700's, Evangelicalism, which is a Protestant Christian movement, followers have the belief that they must be "born again". It's about personal conversion and focuses on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Being "born again" means rebirth. It is a spiritual birth by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. When we are first born, which everyone experiences, that is the birth of the flesh. To be spiritually reborn, one would accept Christ and therefore be able to go to heaven once life on this earth is complete.
The term "evangelical" is used by a number of different break offs mostly stemming from the Roman Catholic Church. The word itself comes from the Greek word for "Gospel" or "good news". People who follow and evangelical faith have life principles founded on the New Testament and therefore are Christian.
Often times the Evangelical religion is classified as the middle ground religion between theological liberalism and Fundamentalist Christianity. This classification comes from the view that liberal parties seem to concede to the values of the world yet their fellow Fundamentalists have lost the Christ-like heart.
For those evangelicals in North America, their social views tend to be very conservative. We can see this especially in the aspects of marriage being defined between one man and one woman and also their views against abortion. Evangelicals oppose same sex marriage and tend to oppose laws that would permit abortion.
The influences from evangelicals during election times are great. There is always a large appeal of the Christian right in red states and there seems to be huge success when it comes to appealing to certain social agendas. It is believed that Christianity should have a place among public life since the Untied States was founded on principles surrounding religious freedom. This however doesn't mean that all evangelicals lean towards the more conservative side when it comes to politics. There are members on both sides.
For a quick inspirational boost, visit the blog of Chad Brady [] - ([]). Heidi Ball is a freelance writer.
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Ramayana - Victory of Virtue Over Vice

The Ramayana is an ancient Sanskrit epic attributed to the poet Valmiki and an important part of the Hindu canon. The Ramayana consists of 24,000 verses in seven cantos and tells the story of Rama, whose wife Sita is abducted by the demon king of Lanka, Ravan.
Like its epic cousin Mahabharata, the Ramayana is not just an ordinary story. It contains the teachings of the very ancient Hindu sages and presents them through allegory in narrative and the interspersion of the philosophical and the devotional. The characters of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Bharat, Hanuman and Ravana (the villain of the piece) are all fundamental to the cultural consciousness of the world.
Morals in Ramayana
The brief narration of the entire Ramayana story by the sage Narada to Valmiki, forms the first sarga of Valmiki Ramayana. Narada lists the sixteen qualities of the ideal man and says that Rama was the complete man possessing all sixteen of these qualities. Although Rama himself declares "he is but a man", and never once claims to be divine, Rama is regarded by Hindus as one of the most important avatars of God Vishnu and an ideal man.
The story of Rama is divided into four parts:
1. Early life of Rama
2. Rama's exile
3. Abduction of Sita (Rama's wife) and
4. Slaying of Ravana, the abductor of Sita, and Rama's coronation.
Main Characters
1. Rama is the hero of this epic tale. He is portrayed as an incarnation of the god Vishnu. He is the eldest and the favorite son of the King of Ayodhya, Dasharatha. He is a popular prince loved by one and all. He is the epitome of virtue. Dasaratha, forced by one of his wives Kaikeyi commands Rama to relinquish his right to the throne for fourteen years and go into exile by his father. While in exile, Rama kills the demon king Ravana.
2. Sita is the wife of Rama and the daughter of king Janaka. She is the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi (Lord Vishnu's wife). Sita is the epitome of womanly purity and virtue. She follows her husband into exile and there gets abducted by Ravana. She is imprisoned in the island of Lanka by Ravana. Rama rescues her by defeating the demon king Ravana.
3. Hanuman is a vanara belonging to the kingdom of Kishkinda. He worships Rama and helps find Sita by going to the kingdom of Lanka crossing the great ocean.
4. Lakshmana, the younger brother of Rama, chose to go into exile with him. He spends his time protecting Sita and Rama. Ravana and Maricha deceive him into believing that Rama was in trouble while Sita gets abducted.
5. Ravana, a rakshasa, is the king of Lanka. He received a boon from Brahma that he will not be killed by either gods, demons or by spirits, after performing a severe penance for ten thousand years. He was also the most intelligent and erudite living being of his time. He has ten heads and twenty arms. After getting his reward from Brahma, Ravana begins to lay waste the earth and disturbs the deeds of good Brahmins. Rama is born a human to defeat him, thus overcoming the boon given by Brahma.
6. Dasharatha is the king of Ayodhya and the father of Rama. He has three queens, Kousalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi, and three other sons, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna. Kaikeyi, Dasharatha's favourite queen forces him to make his son Bharata heir apparent and send Rama into exile. Dashatara dies heartbroken after Rama goes into exile.
7. Bharata is the second son of Dasharata. When he learns that his mother Kaikeyi had forced Rama into exile and caused Dasharata to die broken hearted, he storms out of the palace and goes in search of Rama. When Rama refuses to break his exile to return to the capital to assume the throne, he requests and gets Rama's sandals and places them on the throne. Bharata then rules Ayodhya as a representative of Rama.
8. Vishvamitra is the sage who takes Rama into the forest at the behest of defeating the demons destroying his Vedic sacrifices. On the way back he takes Rama into Mithila where Rama sees and falls in love with Sita.
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Did Alien Astronauts Really Come Down to Earth in Ancient Times?

Many sci-fi lovers like to believe that alien astronauts visited earth in ancient times. While it is a very attractive idea, there really is no way to know what did or didn't happen in in prehistoric times. There are no written records, no surviving words-of-mouth passed down through the generations, and certainly no ruins of technologically advanced cities. As far as history tells us, there is no evidence that humans have ever come into contact with alien life forms on earth. But we know that even in the day before recorded history, some people were not as backward as we might think they were. And they were doing some really strange things that are hard to explain today.
Transport yourself back to the Salisbury Plain of present-day southwest England some three thousand five hundred years ago. Some strange things were going on there. People were dragging huge stones of up to 50 tons from as far as 250 kilometers away to build a circle of upright stones. That place is called Stonehenge these days and only 17 of those awesome rocks stand today. What is more amazing is that some rocks lie horizontally over other standing rocks, like beams across the ceiling of a modern building. Now think of this. Only about three to four hundred years ago, people did not have the technology to lift such huge weights, let alone transport them over such a distance. How did the people who built the Stonehenge do that? Did they have the kind of advanced technology that we have today? There is no evidence to suggest that. Or did they get a little help from alien beings who came with their high-tech equipment, did the job and flew away? Don't be so quick to pooh-pooh the idea because, as stated above, there really is no way to know what did or didn't happen in prehistoric times. The second question is what did they build the rock formation for? If humans didn't have a very good reason to build it, then someone probably did.
Now transport yourself back a little back to the future to the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. The ancestors of today's Nazca Indians who lived there were drawing enormous lines across the desert, some as long as 65 kilometers. The drawings are so vast that the pictures they make can only be seen properly from the air. Two questions immediately spring up in mind. How and why? There is no written record to suggest any answer to these questions. Did they build it just for fun? Not very likely. Did they build it as part of ancient ritual? Probablen! Or were they landing areas for alien spacecraft as suggested by some? But if they were, then there must surely have been Nazca folklores about strange craft and strange beings from the stars. The absence of any such folklore leaves a blank. In fact, until they were discovered from the air by a pilot of an airplane flying over the area in the early 20th century, the native Indians of the area weren't even aware of the lines, which means neither they nor their ancestors had any use for the strange lines. But if humans had no use for the lines, then someone probably did; otherwise they wouldn't be there. Was it ancient astronauts from outer space?
Now let's go to another time in ancient Gaul, which is roughly an area covered by today's France. Between 5,000 and 7,000 years ago, some prehistoric inhabitants of that place were erecting huge, roughly-rectangular shaped rocks in several parallel lines that stretched up to 6 kilometers. The number of the stones is itself staggering: more than 3000 in all. And the stones are not your regular pick-and-carry sized rocks; they are huge rocks that are as high as 4 meters. That was pretty tough work considering the primitive technology available to them. But somehow they did it. Why? One theory is that these were erected to serve as ancient seismographs. Really? Is France so earthquake-prone? Or was it at that time? Not very likely. However, it is obvious that they were made for a purpose, but nobody knows what. Did some intelligent visitors from outer space erect them as markers?
The Hindu epic Ramayana mentions a flying machine called the 'Pushpak Viman' which belonged to the ten-headed arch-villain Ravana. Although there is no description of what it looked like or how it flew, or even who made it, it was certainly a flying machine and he used it to fly all the way from his capital city to the forest where the hero Rama was living and abduct the latter's beautiful and faithful wife. There are also countless stories of gods, demons and powerful sages using devastating projectiles like the 'agnyatra' (fire missile) and 'bayuastra' (wind missile) to wipe out their enemies and several villages at a time. There is even mention of a poison gas that was capable of wiping out life from the entire world. How did these ancient people know of such things with their primitive technology? They certainly didn't develop the technology as there are no relics of technologically advanced ancient cities in India. There can be only one answer: they probably saw it. The saw strange flying machines in the sky and probably witnessed them either engaging in aerial battles or using their technology for other more productive purposes.
Until a few decades ago, it was easy to dismiss the idea of alien life in the universe. Not so anymore. With the discovery of more and more exo-planets, it is now known that almost every star has a planetary system. Considering that there are over a 100 billion stars in our galaxy (The Milky Way) alone, there could be at least a hundred billion planets out there. If only a tiny fraction of these exo-planets support life, the number of planets with life would still be staggering. And here we are only talking about the Milky Way galaxy. There are over a 100 billion galaxies each with over a 100 billion stars. Now do the math yourself. Therefore, the idea that earth may have been visited by alien astronauts in ancient times is not so farfetched. If you think about it, our own descendents may be traversing the universe in huge spaceships as alien explorers in search of energy, treasures and new worlds to conquer within the next five centuries.
The End
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What Is the Silver Cord? The Inside Scoop on Weird Out of Body Phenomena That MAY Be Real

What is the silver cord in out of body and astral projection literature supposed to mean? Does it symbolize something in our collective unconscious, or is it a real thing that connects our physical body to our spiritual self?
The funny thing is, even if you are hard core, true blue believer in psychic and paranormal experiences, the silver cord is a pretty controversial topic.
I've seen arguments break out amongst people who experiment with, and regularly have out of body experiences, or astral travel adventures, with some believing they are real, and others believing they are simply a construction of the imagination. (and NOT emblematic of an authentic spiritual experience)
Some common thoughts?
Some believe that the silver cord connects the ethereal body with the physical. (and separation can lead to physical death)
Others believe that the silver cord is only a metaphor, or a psychic "archetype" that is passed on from generation to generation, and somehow gets embedded in the awareness of the astral traveler... hence, they believe it's real, and there.
Others like myself, simply aren't sure! Why? Because I've had plenty of OBE's, and have never seen a silver cord of any kind, YET... at the very same time, it strikes me as odd that so many unrelated people see the same sort of visual imagery in the out of body experience, and have it NOT be something that is there for some.
As a matter of fact, there is some reference to a silver cord going back hundreds of years, and across many different cultures, continents and centuries of time, making it very unlikely to me that's it a complete fabrication.
Also, many people believe that the soul, or spiritual self leaves the body every night during sleep... and the "subtle" body, flies freely without any cord or connection with your physical body, and only returns when you awake and regain ordinary awareness. (or at least what we consider to be ordinary awareness, the OBE state might be the REAL world and THIS one... only a illusion:-)
Did you know, for example, that in Hindu and some Buddhist literature, the subtle body or etheric energy of every person enters what are called the "Bardo" realms that the soul occupies between consciousness and sleep? This is the same place that many OBE'rs visit during the astral travel or out of body experience, and is also very similar to the "heaven" that many people who come close to death, but are revived... report as well.
What do you think about the silver cord? Have you seen one? Have you had an OBE experience? Many people who experiment with binaural beats claim to see a silver cord as well, which in my mind, might be a connection. (no pun intended..;-)
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Easter Island: Mysteries of the Moai

For even the most seasoned travelers, Easter Island offers a new and genuine experience unlike any other on earth, truly feeling liked the edge of existence. Situated 1,260 miles in the middle of the Pacific Ocean from the next nearest inhabited island and 2,360 miles from South America, it is no wonder that it was left unfounded by the outside world for so long. It is believed by researchers that the first inhabitants were Polynesians who arrived around 400 A.D. and had no subsequent contact with the outside world. It wasn't until 1722 that Dutch admiral Jacob Roggeveen arrived and named the island for the day he anchored: Easter Sunday.
Upon landing, he found the primitive island full of large stone faced human shaped statues called moai. They were all faced with their backs to the ocean, and instead faced inward toward the highest point on the island, Terevaka Volcano. There seemed to be no explanation for the existence of these statues, and by the time the famous British Captain James Cook arrived in 1772, the gigantic stone statues had all been toppled over. To this day, it remains a mystery what happened that caused them to fall, and why the island's inhabitants suddenly stopped creating them. Another puzzle is how the ancient people on such a barren island were able to create and, more importantly, transport and maneuver their multi-ton creations.
Today, visitors can fly out to Easter Island by way Chile, to which it became a territory in 1888. It is not a cheap flight, and not a short one at that, but the trip is sure to be one of a lifetime. It is popular to arrange this trip as part of any South America vacation packages or simply add it to your existing Chile holidays plans. Even with its tourism slowly growing over the years, there is still only one town named Hanga Roa on this 64 square mile island which hosts most of the main hotels, restaurants, and tourism facilities. From there, it is easy to rent a car or bicycle with which to tour the island independently.
Because the island is well preserved and very pristine, it takes deliberate effort to get to some of the most remote sites. Over 1000 moai statues carved out of volcanic rock are scatted about (many more are thought to be unexcavated), more than 300 religious temples still stand mysteriously, and the grassy and hilly landscape itself is worth many impromptu stops. The moai is of course what draws most people here, artifacts whose mystifying existence rivals that of Stonehenge and the Georgia Guidestones. Most of them still lie faced down, although a few dozen have been restored to upright positions. They stand 30 to 40 feet tall, weighing more than 70 tons each; the largest, which was never completed, is 65 feet tall, weighs over 80 tons, and is aptly called "El Gigante." It may never be known precisely why the moai were created or how their abandoned fate came to be, but nevertheless, their silhouettes against the blue Pacific and green volcanic hills of Easter Island are one of the most striking scenes in the world.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Importance of Dream Interpretation In Finding Meaning of Your Dreams

Dreams are naturally occurring in one's sleep. Though some people do not have much dream in their sleep, there are still many others who have more than one set of dreams at night. There are those who have good dreams while there are also those who have nightmares. And this is the common reason why people tend to seek dream interpretation.
Dreams do have meanings and they can be quite difficult to decipher. And dream interpretation dates back to the ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians who used dreams in their prophecies.
Why dream interpretation is important
We often find ourselves running out of breathe and waking up suddenly in the middle of the night. Our blood rushes and we feel our hearts almost bursting from our chest. And so we feel the urge to want to understand what our dream is trying to tell us.
One fact is that dreams are often the result of deep-seated anxieties in a person. These often carry symbolism that help us and psychics process its meaning. As a result, the individual can learn to face and solve his problem. Furthermore, such as also therapeutic as it helps to reveal a person's inner feelings like anxieties, problems, failures, and even disappointments. With dream interpretation, guidance may be provided that may help the person cope with his feelings. Additionally, when a person is able to understand the meaning of his dreams, he will be able to understand himself more deeply and clearly.
Symbolism in dreams
The meanings of dreams are not explicit. This means that when an object is seen in a dream, its simplest meaning is to be taken. Dreams use symbolism and this is another broad topic that has to be discussed separately.
Some theories and thoughts on dreams
Calvin S. Hall, in his theory of dreams, described such as a cognitive process. According to him, dreams are simply thoughts or sequences of thoughts that happen while one is asleep. And the images that are seen in dreams are only representations of one's perception. Thus, the concept of symbolism. For example, dreaming of being attacked by friends signify that the person may have a negative thought or experience about his friends.
Ann Faraday also had her concept of dreams. She published books that gave people a do-it-yourself way of interpreting dreams. She focused on applying the dream in the context of the dreamer's life.
Wallace Clift and Jean Dalby Clift also contributed to dream interpretation. They delved into the relationship between the images in one person's dream and his actual waking life.
Dream interpretation can be done by psychics as they are blessed with the skills and gift. However, it can also be done by ordinary persons as long as they have mastered the way to do it. They must always remember that the way to get there or the process will not be easy. It takes time, patience, and knowledge to do it.
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Mayan 2012 Prophecy Portends the End Of the Age Of Pisces, Not the World

2012 is here and we need a simple methodology to use to protect ourselves from the powerful energies that are inundating the Earth at this time.
That is what it is all about. Energy. All is energy. You are energy, I am energy. God (which ever one you believe in) is energy.
The Mayans knew this, as did most of the ancient religions, which flourished before monotheism, steam rolled them into oblivion.
When the Mayans talk about the end of the world, they were not talking about the end of the physical world a you and I know it.
They were talking about the end of the energy world which manifested the Age of Pisces and all its physical, mental and emotional components.
We are in a new age now. The Age of Aquarius and we are governed by a new planetary ruler, Uranus.
The energy that will b e felt by every human on the planet will be a new energy. It will be a very powerful energy. It will be both a cleansing energy and a consciousness raising energy.
The Mayans, who were brilliant astrologers, knew that when the planet moves from one great 2000 year cycle into another one the physical manifestations of the old cycle dies. It is the end of the world for the Age of Pisces.
It has happened many times before.
The Age of Aquarius will create a huge shift in consciousness. Nothing will remain the same We cannot do business in the same old materialistic way.
The new energy being poured down on the planet will be a Mind energy and this mind energy will push everyone into a higher spiritual state.
Well not everyone. There are three groups of people on the planet Those who are not the least interested in God or spirituality who are centered in the belly and sexual chakras. They will be affected the most. The new energies will increase what they do. More sex, drugs, unconscious behavior. When it reaches critical mass within each of them they will be painfully forced off the planet.
This is the separation of the wheat and the chaff.
The greater majority who try to do the correct thing, the good housekeepers, will fell the constant pressure of this new spiritual energy. If they are wise they will heed the voices coming from within themselves and follow a more spiritual path and save themselves from destruction.
Then there are the seekers after wisdom, a very small majority (5-10%) who will be empowered by this new spiritual energy and become the new wise leaders for the next 2000 years.
This is where humanity stands now. This is the End Time the Mayans spoke of. This is the kali yuga, revelations and all the other end time scenarios spoken about.
It has happened many times before. The Earth cannot be destroyed. It has been here for millions of years and will continue for millions of years.
The only things that can be destroyed are the different waves of humanity who use the Earth as their temporary home.
Time for all of us to climb out of the inch square box that we have been forced into by the churches and the government who want to keep us in the dark as to our true reality and destiny.
You don't have to believe a word I am saying. But just look at all the decay all around you. We are truly living in the land of Sodom and Gomera. Only instead of an avenging angle coming to clean up the mess, higher more powerful energies called the Age of Aquarius will do it. I don't know all the answers for survival except this one.
Become more spiritual and less materialistic. Go within and stop looking without for answers.
Ellis Peterson is a retired Math Professor living in Florida. He is the author of the E book "Spiritual Quantum Physics'.
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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Psychic Ability of Clairsentience in Children - Is Your Child Psychic?

Children exhibit very strong signs of any psychic ability, and this is most symptomatic in their toddler years, the age when we are most psychic. Psychic gifts in children are very common. In fact, psychic children are often referred to as Indigo or Crystal children. There are many special powers in the psychic realm. For kids, the three most common abilities are telepathy, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. But generally speaking, signs of psychic abilities often intertwine, this is why it may be hard to distinctly tell what specific type of special gift is bestowed upon a person.
So now you may ask, should I be alarmed if my child shows signs of being psychic? Honestly, no -- there is nothing alarming about it; truth is, kids can benefit a lot from their psychic gifts, when these abilities are properly tuned.
Symptoms of these special gifts come in the most simple packages. This makes any psychic ability hardly recognizable, because they just seem as a normal scene in our everyday lives. Let us take a more detailed look at the clairsentient psychic ability in children.
The clairsentient psychic ability is also known as the gift of empathy. This means that a person with this psychic ability has the ability to sense, feel, and comprehend the physical emotions of others, including animals or even spirits.
Being an empathy simply means knowing what others exactly feel, though they do not show it. Kids who show signs of having the psychic ability of empathy, are often very compassionate towards others, animals, and even plants. Not only that, since they can also feel the emotions of others, you can often see them crying when other children around them cry.
Empathy is the most helpful and useful psychic ability for youngsters. Kids growing up as clairsentients, make them better individuals as they age. If kids are more aware of the feelings of others, they tend to have more sympathy for others -- this lets them to socialize better and be more positive with other people. Likewise, when a child becomes in tuned with another's inner thoughts, they understand to deal with concerns in a more positive form.
So what will you if the signs of the clairsentient psychic ability is apparent in your child, what will you do? Well, you need to do what any parent should do when their youngster has a exceptional gift -- help the child feed the treasure.
Psychic gifts should by no means be feared of. A psychic ability is a good thing, and it should be nurtured and embraced. Interacting with Crystal children is no big deal. Then again, it all must start first with the mother and father -- that they should have faith in the ways of the psychic realm, and that they need to be supportive in every step of the development of their kid's psychic ability.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Psychic Children The Truth Behind Psychic Kids

The Universal Energy Source
If you've heard that children don't possess any psychic abilities, then you've heard wrong. In fact, children possess more psychic potential than most adults do! This is because they are able to more easily and effortlessly connect with universal psychic energy source, known commonly as "chi".
As children, we explore the world differently with our senses. We are ever curious about everything around us, and we have open and unobscructed minds. We are willing to learn, to feel, and to discover. At an unconscious level, children therefore are able to open themselves to the universal life-force energy source. This is the source from which all psychics derive their strengths.
As we become older, however, our minds and our senses become cluttererd with all of our supposed "knowledge". We unconsciously block ourselves to the energy source, and we no longer allow our senses to be open and unobstructed. We are unwilling to discover. In other words, we are unable to access our psychic potential. This is why most adults do not possess psychic abilities.
Does this Mean that All Children are Psychic?
Not necessarily. While it is true that children have a much easier time connecting to the universal energy source, some kids have a harder time with it than others. Though everyone is connected to chi at some level, those who can barely sense it are not psychic in the way that most people think of a psychic; that is, they do not possess any psychic abilities. The greater a child's connection with the energy source, the more easily they are able to tap into their psychic potential and use their psychic abilities.
Common Psychic Abilities for Children
The most common psychic ability for a child is called "clairsentience," meaning "clear feeling." A child with clairsentience is able to sense at a deeper level what is happening in the world around them. Sometimes, clairsentient children have something like very strong "gut" feelings that turn out to be true. More often, however, they simply receive a clairsentient feeling that allows them to just "know" when something is true, good, wrong, dangerous, ETC.
A second common psychic ability that children possess is called "empathy." This is an ability that allows a psychic to feel what another person is feeling. Complete empathy is a rare and extreme situation where the psychic experiences the feelings of someone else as though they were their own. Incomplete empathy is more common, and occurs when the psychic remotely experiences the feelings of others. Child empaths often discover this ability with animals such as their houshold pets.
What does this mean?
If you possess Psychic Potential, you must develop your abilities to uncover your true Psychic Power. Otherwise, your Psychic Power will never amount to anything useful! What a waste!
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Ancient Egyptian Magic Spells - Bring Miracles to Life in an Ancient Way

The ancient Egyptian civilization was renowned not only for the architectural wonders like the sphinx and pyramids they built, their pharaohs and mummies, Egyptian gods, goddesses and astrology, but also for the mesmerizing magic they practiced for centuries.
It were those strange and rhythmic incantations and cosmic invocations chanted by witch doctors and mysterious rites and rituals performed by priests which contribute to the enchanting and heady charm that the ancient Egyptian civilization still holds for many of us.
The ancient Egyptians, regardless of which social strata they belonged to, were preoccupied with magic spells and charms, with the supernatural and with death. Ancient Egyptian Magic Spells were chanted by magicians, who also made cosmic invocations, to ward off evil spirits, illness and danger and also to cure ailments.
In fact, these are the stuff that makes ancient Egyptian culture so mysterious, richly fascinating and thrilling to millions of romantics around the world.
Magic Spells
The Egyptians often referred to the Book of the Dead that had in it some two hundred Ancient Egyptian Magic Spells that could help those familiar with magic and spells, to overcome and defeat the threats posed by the underworld - how to defeat or avoid demons, how to avoid traps, how to overcome fearful wild beasts and so on.
Among these Ancient Egyptian Magic Spells is a rather potent spell for transformation - a spell that enabled an individual to transform himself into various types of creatures like a honed snake or a mythical phoenix. Just to let you know, to pass the hurdle of the Day of Judgment one required the help of the mysterious spells.
In order to guarantee a safe passage and move through the fearful and scary trials and tribulations laid out by the Underworld, the correct magic spells had to be recited properly. Only then one could gain the passport to enter the next phase - the Hall of Two Truths where people would be judged and examined for all the actions they committed during their mortal lives.
The magician priests in ancient Egypt had access to strange and secret spells which could make an ordinary ancient Egyptian immortal. Naturally, people in ancient Egypt loved to believe that they could endow life to animal figures and transform living people into bestial creatures and perform other such miracles with the help of Ancient Egyptian Magic Spells.
It was the Book of the Dead, the Coffin texts and the Pyramid Texts which contained most of these magic spells. One of the most important aspects of the Egyptian burial rituals of the ancient times was the casting of spells and wearing of amulets that contained magic spells inside them.
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Comparison Between Egyptian and Mesopotamian Religions and Beliefs!

The religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians were the dominating influence in the development of their culture. The Egyptian faith was based on a collection of ancient myths, nature worship, and innumerable deities. Sumerian lives were spent serving the gods in the form of man-made statues. There was no organized set of gods; each city-state had its own patrons, temples, and priest-kings. The Sumerians were probably the first to write down their beliefs, which were the inspiration for much of later Mesopotamian mythology, religion, and astrology. Sumerians believed that the universe consisted of a flat disk enclosed by a tin dome. While the Mesopotamian's didn't have anything quit to scale with the pyramids, they did use and build ziggurats for religious purposes.
Both civilizations were centered on religion. Egypt believed in many gods. The gods Mesopotamia believed in tended to be absolute rulers to whom the people owed total devotion. In both civilizations religious leaders were given very high status and held in high regard. Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt are two religions that believed in monotheism. Both Egypt and Mesopotamia were polytheistic, that is, they believed their worlds were ruled by more than one god. Both civilizations believed that the gods created them. Both cultures also believed that they themselves were created for the purpose of serving their gods. Both worshipers took their names from the numerous gods and the cults that honored the deities, and priests in both religions were no special clothes, and made daily offering in the temples and held annual festivals open to public.
Mesopotamian religion saw humans as the servants of the gods, who had to be appeased for protection. Egyptians believed that the gods created all humans but were also controlled by the principle of maat, or order. Unlike followers of Mesopotamian religion, the Egyptians had a strong belief in the afterlife, which they expressed by building elaborate tombs such as the pyramids. The Sumerian afterlife involved a descent into a gloomy netherworld to spend eternity in a wretched existence as a Gidim (ghost). Egyptians believed that their gods had created Egypt as a sort of refuge of good and order in a world filled with chaos and disorder. The major god for much of Mesopotamia was the sky god Enlil; later th e worship of Enlil was replaced by the worship of the Babylonian god Marduk. For Egyptians, Amen-Ra was the most powerful deity, chief of the pantheon. Statues of winged bulls were a protective symbol related to the god Sin Mesopotamia, while the ankh, a kind of cross with a loop at the top, was a prominent representation of life in ancient Egypt. The Enuma Elish tells the Mesopotamian story of creation and explains how Marduk became the chief of the gods. The Egyptian Book of the Dead was a guide for the dead, setting out magic spells and charms to be used to pass judgment in the afterlife. Ancient Nippur was the site of the chief temple to Enlil, while Babylon was the location of Marduk's sanctuary. Thebes and the temple complex of Karnak were home to the worship of Amen- Ra. In the modern world the remains of these early religions can be seen in Egypt's pyramids, tombs for the pharaohs, and in Mesopotamia's ziggurats, temples to the gods. The New Year's Festival was a major event in Mesopotamian religion, while Egypt's most important festival was Opet. Because Egypt was the "gift of the Nile" and generally prosperous and harmonious, Egyptian gods tended to reflect a positive religion with an emphasis on a positive afterlife. In contrast, Mesopotamian religion was bleak and gloomy. Ancient Mesopotamian prayers demonstrate the lack of relationships with gods and goddesses who viewed humans with suspicion and frequently sent calamities to remind everyone of their humanity. Such was the message found in the Gilgamesh Epic.
Although the religions of both civilizations shared many similarities, the differences were vast. The most notable ones are the importance and belief of afterlife and the relationship between Gods. Because of these differences, we believe, the civilizations were different because in early times, civilizations revolved around their beliefs and values but unfortunately, there was an end to these great civilizations.
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