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How to Feng Shui Organize Your Kitchen

I'll bet when you think about decluttering your kitchen you immediately feel overwhelmed. Why do we all feel overwhelmed? A kitchen is a complex area housing a large number of items.
Many of us handle that quantity and complexity by creating regions in the space: the pantry; pots and pans area; food storage area; kitchen tools; coffee area; dishtowels and pot holders; the spice area; the condiment area; the cleaning area; the "junk drawer"; cookbooks & recipes, and miscellaneous occasional use stuff. And, then there's the kitchen desk. I'm sure I've missed a few areas, but you get the idea. There's a lot going on in a kitchen, enough to scare off even the most ambitious convert to the power of clutter clearing.
So, my first suggestion is that you NOT plan to clear your whole kitchen in one clutter clearing session. Break it down by region, starting with the one that would be either:
• the easiest to tackle
• the one with the most things that can be tossed or given away, or
• the one with the largest objects.
Why the above suggestions? It's important that you make significant progress IMMEDIATELY, or else you'll feel overwhelmed and quit. The categories above are likely to give you the most bang for your time and energy bucks!
I usually start in either the food storage area (pantry) because I can often find expired foodstuffs to pitch in the trash, the appliance area or the pots and pans. The later two regions usually hold the largest items in the kitchen. Deciding to get rid of an old crock that you rarely use, that never worked well in the first place, will give you a feeling of accomplishment compared to how you'd feel if you got rid of an extra container of thyme.
The pots and pans area is also a great place to find duplicates. Which skillets do you use? Which never get used? Decisions are easier to make when you know you will have another object of the same type.
If you begin in a region where you are able to move some large objects, and you move those things out of the room, the energy in the space will shift in response to that change. The bigger the objects, the bigger the shift. It's the shift that keeps you moving. When you start to see space where none existed before, the energy shift will lift your spirits. When you feel that rush of energy from your clutter clearing accomplishment, you'll want to feel more of that good feeling. So, you're more likely to keep going.
I recommend you work your way from region to region, from biggest items to smallest items, from easiest to tackle to hardest to tackle. If you find yourself shutting down, stop and ask yourself, "Am I doing the easiest first? Am I doing the biggest things first?" Overwhelm typically happens when you've drifted to smaller items or your brain is just too tired to continue. Making decisions is hard work!
Following is a recommended order for clearing your kitchen. This is just a recommendation. You'll notice I've chosen to start with areas that house large items with no great complexity and finish with the area that often has many different types of items, including paper, therefore great complexity. This list is meant to be a guide. As you clear you are likely to find yourself naturally drifting to the next best area for you to clear. Go with that inclination unless it leads you to the complicated little stuff.
• Appliances
• Pots & pans
• Baking pans
• Mixing Bowls
• Dishes, glasses, mugs
• Coffee area
• Cookbooks & recipes
• Food storage containers
• Pantry
• Cleaning products
• Condiment area
• Dishtowels and pot holders
• Silverware drawer
• Kitchen tool drawer
• Spices
• Junk drawer
• Kitchen desk
• Miscellaneous occasional use items
Step By Step Process Within Regions
1. Identify the first region you will tackle. Make sure it contains large items, lots of items that can be trashed or donated or is super easy to clear. Set up bags for trash and donation.
2. Evaluate each item. Be truthful and ruthless! Do you use it at least once a year? Do you have more than one of this type of item? Is it easy to use or is it annoying? If it's annoying, consider getting rid of it. If it's a food item, is it still edible? Is it a type of food you still enjoy eating?
3. Compare duplicates. You are very likely to find duplicates in the kitchen. When you do find duplicates, identify the item(s) that works best, the one(s) that you tend to choose to use. Keep that best and get rid of the rest. Donate the duplicates that still work well. Trash the others. If you have duplicates of spices, keep the freshest and toss the older container.
4. Once you've cleared out items that you don't use, those that you no longer want taking up valuable real estate in your kitchen, reorganize the items that are left.
5. Add containers to hold small items that tend to float on a shelf or get lost at the back of cabinets.
6. Strive to make all items visible. Keep smaller items at the front of shelves and larger items at the back.
7. Store occasional use items on higher shelves and most used items at a level between your shoulder and your hip.
8. When you finish one region, move on to the next on the list. Continue from region to region until the kitchen is done. If you do as I've recommended, clearing your kitchen in several sessions, the trick will be to get yourself back to the task after each session. Perhaps your goal could be to clear your kitchen in May, while you're reading blog posts about how to address many of the regions. May has four Saturdays. If you decide to clear for at least one hour on each of the four Saturdays in May, and perhaps work a little longer on any of those days if you get on a roll, I'll bet you could be done by June 1. If not, you'll have made great progress! Also, be looking for a blog post about the kitchen desk where I'll give you a specific plan for tackling that complicated area.
9. As you work, be open to new ideas coming to you for rearranging regions or sections within regions. Once you get some of the clutter out you may realize that there is a better way to organize your kitchen for the way you currently work in it.
As you work through your kitchen, resist the urge to drift to other areas of the house, and definitely do not get hung up on doing the job perfectly. Your goal is to lighten your load by examining each region and identifying those items you use less than once a year, broken items, items you hate, items that don't work well, duplicate items and items that are not safe to eat.
Remember, the kitchen is the heart of the home. A clear and organized heart makes the every day activities of meal preparation and communing with family members a pleasure that can feed your soul as well as your heart.
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Feng Shui and the Secrets of the Door

We have sayings such as "window of opportunity" and "the door to your future." These metaphors stir up all kinds of images and in the mystical realms, the door is a gateway or symbolic portal to higher consciousness.
In a very physical way, the main door to a house acts like a mouth. This opening is called a "qi gate" in Feng Shui terminology. The word "qi" is associated with air currents and qi is the supplier of energy. At the door we have a mingling of interior and exterior energies. For example, if we have a road aligned directly with a main door, this exterior force will intensify whatever kind of energy resides at the door, for good or for bad. This is because of the understood flow of air currents or movement, similar even to a fan. It is commonly described as a negative circumstance when a road and door are directly aligned, but this is not necessarily the case. Once in a while this is a very lucky arrangement.
Unseen energies are created in a house based partly on when the house was built and its precise magnetic compass alignment. Feng Shui tracks the influence of electromagnetism on people and animals and there are twenty four different sectors on the compass to determine orientation. The more well known classical school which factors in time and direction is the Xuan Kong Fei Xing Flying Star School. There is also another ring on the Chinese Compass (luo pan) which divides the 360 degrees into even smaller segments of 5.6 degrees, which are each assigned one of the 60 Hexagrams from the Yi Jing. Use of the compass has been a part of Chinese metaphysics and divination for several thousand years. Masters were using cruder forms of directionology and distinguishing between True North and magnetic North a long time before the Chinese officially invented the compass.
Exactly where a door opens in relation to the geometric center of the house can determine a number of things such as how well or how poorly an occupant can attract or repel financial success. The door can also reveal what kinds of health issues an occupant may encounter while living there. These predictions are often tied into the birth data of the occupant.
The energy residing in the house just behind the door is not confined to the entrance. A person may pick up on this energy and drag it around the house to other rooms. This is another reason why the energy field at the main door is taken so seriously in a Feng Shui audit. This door energy usually ranks much higher in importance than what kind of energy exists in a dining room or a bathroom.
Common sense things you can do to enhance the energies at a door include clear, unobstructed access, as well as plenty of natural light. But aside from that, the decision to have a certain element at the door, inside or outside, will depend largely on the non-obvious, which Xuan Kong refers to as "the flying stars." One famous author espouses that if a fountain is placed just outside a main door that it can bring infidelity to a marriage. While this might sound so specific as to be accurate, it is actually still too generic to apply in most circumstances.
A door might also be split between two different directions. This can be like entering a room with two different temperatures on each side. It can undermine equilibrium and sense of security. This is one of the design flaws a Feng Shui consultant should make sure does not happen if they are involved in the design phase of a project.
People often wonder if the color of a door can make a difference in what kind of luck they can attract or repel. A door is a fairly large surface area, more so than the average sized painting. When a door is a solid color, it may resonate some of that color's energy. The decision to paint a door red or blue or white or any other color is partially reliant on the orientation of the house. In other words, you should ignore generic statements such as "a red door is lucky." Often, these pronouncements are cultural myths or superstitions.
Kartar Diamond is owner of Feng Shui Solutions, a full scale consultancy since 1992. Kartar is the author of Feng Shui for Skeptics: Real Solutions Without Superstition, The Feng Shui Matrix: Another Way to Inherent the Earth and The Feng Shui Continuum: A Blueprint for Balanced Living. For more information about Kartar's services go to http://www.FengShuiSolutions.net
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Law of Attraction - How to Attract Love

Law of attraction can be used for a lot of desires we have. Apart from the obvious money which we want to attract more of, you can also use law of attraction to attract love. Someone who you love and they love you too. Someone who can be your ideal partner for life such as marriage.
Here are 5 steps how you can attract love using the law of attraction.
1. Imagine what your ideal partner looks like
Visualize the face of your ideal partner. Does she have long or short hair. Does he have a toned skin? How tall is he?
Make sure that when you visualize the love of your life, that you can see all these details. Even go to the extent of being able to smell the breath.
2. Visualize how they behave
You should imagine what it feels like to spend time with them. Where you would go, what movies you would see and how thoughtful and considerate they are when you speak to them.
Visualize what happens when you have petty arguments. Imagine them coming out of the argument and making an effort to patch things up. Visualize yourself appreciating how self-composed your partner is and how they bring out the best in you.
3. Act as though you already going out with your love
When you walk past the shops, say to yourself that they may like a certain gift and that you consider buying it for them. When you go past restaurants, say to yourself that you need to book it next week for dinner, for whatever reason.
The main thing is you are acting as if you are already going out with your ideal love.
If there is someone you have special feelings for, act as though you are already going out with them. Imagine that they really love you and care about you.
4. Expecting to meet your love
Every day, expect to meet your ideal partner or whoever you have feelings for. Believe without a shadow of a doubt that you will meet them today and your relationship will start off nicely.
5. Take the opportunities which come
After applying the law of attraction, you need to be ready to receive whatever the Universe has arranged for you. Remember the law of attraction does not finish with your visualization. You need to make the opportunities happen such as attending social gatherings and speaking nicely to the person who is trying to start a conversation with you.
The law of attraction is a very powerful tool when you know how to use it correctly. Attracting your ideal partner with the above steps is one of the best things you can do with the law of attraction.
Tip:To learn more about using the Law of Attraction to effectively attract what you desire, click here >> Implement Law Of Attraction.
For more law of attraction tips, visit Law of Attraction Manifestation [http://www.selfhelpkingdom.com/law-of-attraction-secret-to-manifestation/] - Adrian Abel.
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Prophecy - UFO's and Crop Circles

Supernatural Confirmations from Who? In this article I want to address the confusion that many are experiencing in many places because of certain phenomena that are occurring. Recently, Google Videos featured several short videos on Crop Circles and associated UFO activity.
You can do a Google search to view them. In fact, I recommend that you do view them. The intricate patterns of these Crop Circles are amazing. They are showing up in increasing numbers in large scale designs in various places around the world. I am convinced they are a fulfillment of ancient prophecies that were given before and after the time of Christ. This article will address their source and what they mean.
Crop Circles are intricate geometric patterns that are appearing in crop fields. Aerial photographs and video footage display the uniqueness of these unexplained phenomena. There are of course, some Crop Circles that are man made but these are always crude and filled with flaws compared to the higher art form of the genuine ones that remain unexplained. In the man made attempts the wheat, corn or other plants are pressed down by boards or feet. The plants show obvious damage from being broken down because of the pressure used to flatten them into a pattern.
The higher forms of Crop Circles, on the other hand consistently contain evidence that electro magnetic radiation/energy is being used to cause the crop to fall into precise patterns. Researchers have documented and proposed the use of electro magnetic energy or some similar radiation. They however, are searching for the explanation as to who is doing this and why.
Some people believe that they are all are man made. They quickly explain that they are being created secretly by unknown persons at night. However, it is impossible for one person or group of people to produce the precision and scale of these genuine Crop Circles under night time conditions, never mind producing them in broad daylight without being noticed by someone. Often, there are several Crop Circles that appear on the same night at great distances apart.
There is also the explanation that these complex patterns are the work of Angels sent from God. Let me quote one of ancient prophecy that I referred to above. It is found in the Book of Joel. It states: Joel 2:28 "And it shall come to pass after, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.
Joel 2:29 Even on the male and female servants in those days I will pour out my Spirit.
Joel 2:30 "And I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke.
In this passage, God is stating through the Prophet Joel that He will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth. Therefore, it does open the door to consider that this phenomena may be the activity of Angels sent from God to make these patterns. I find it interesting that the *testimony of observers interviewed about the Crop Circles is: " that rapidly moving lights often were observed over the fields where the patterns appeared." Angels can appear in light forms of energy. We have the testimony of the Bible, the prophets and millions of Christian Believers who have chosen to accept that God exists.
They have experienced Him personally and many have encountered Angels and observed Angelic activity. The spiritual realm is a 4th dimension beyond our three dimensional world. Angels live in that 4 th realm and can easily move into our three dimensional realm. They are sent by God to confirm His Word and the seasons He has fore ordained. I choose to believe that we are in the end time seasons preceding the return of Christ Jesus to the earth and Angelic activity is increasing.  While looking at a **(see footnotes) collection of 360 photographs of crop circles I saw some disturbing symbols that clearly would not be the work of Godly Angels, unless they are revealing the way in which evil powers will take control of the one world government that is prophesied in the end times. This certainly could be the case.
In this collection of 360 photographs there are crop patterns that produce images of the All Seeing Eye (See footnotes) and the Pentagram. These symbols are both occult symbols commonly used in satanic worship, witch craft and other demonic practises. The pentagram represents the goat head, which refers to Lucifer, the leader of those fallen Angels that rebelled against God. The All Seeing Eye dates back to ancient Egypt and its sorcery. Today, it is also featured within a well known organization and its secret rituals. Members of the higher degrees direct their oaths and worship to Lucifer. Godly Angels therefore, would not be promoting the occult but could be showing us how a one world ruler will be revealed.You will also find crop patterns in this collection that depict what we would call an Alien.
Could it be Aliens that are making these Crop Circles? The explanation being offered is that there are aliens in UFOs that are creating these complex geometric designs. The proponents of this explanation infer that the purpose of the aliens is to communicate with the people of earth in this mysterious way, in advance of future contact and interaction with us. However, this explanation lacks hard evidence. No one, including me can absolutely prove that there are ( or are not) advanced alien races beyond our galaxy, somewhere out there in the vast universe trying to communicate with us. But let me propose a scenario.
We are told in the Book of Revelation chapter 13 (Bible) that a world leader will appear on the earth in the end days. This leader will have great powers to govern and also great powers to deceive. Through these powers he will rule the worlds population. He will use supernatural signs and sorcery to manifest unusual supernatural phenomena. He will force every person to receive a mark either in the hand or the forehead so that they can buy or sell. He will also demand their worship and set himself up as a god.
I propose that if a Being that people presumed to be an alien really did introduce itself to world leaders, they would readily embrace and be deceived by its initial apparent charitable gestures. The reference in Revelation says that this world leader will be empowered by Satan. I propose that these Crop Circles could also be the handiwork of Demonic activity which is setting the stage for the introduction of a world leader. People involved in occult activity often see demonic manifestations of light and so this testimony would fit easily to what observers have noted with the Crop Circles.
The 4th dimension has different preset borders. Godly Angels live and move out of a higher level of that realm and could be creating a picture story in much the same way the Book of Revelation does. On the dark side, Demonic spirits live and move out of a lower level of that dimension. The Demonic spirits easily enter into our realm to do their deceptive work. I propose that if Crop Circles are from either Angelic or Demonic sources then they have given us clear clues. They are revealing how a one world leader will emerge onto the world scene. He will introduce himself as an Alien or as an extra terrestrial being who has come to lead earth forward into its utopia.
As a Christian who believes in the authority of the Bible, these conclusions make more sense than to conclude that this phenomena is initiated by Beings/Aliens who live millions of light years away without any hard evidence to support that theory.
If you have not responded to the Lord's invitation to come to Him and believe in Him, then today is your opportunity. Establishing a relationship with Him now will spare you further deception and ultimate enslavement to Demonic forces. Our website has instructions on how to invite Him into a personal relationship. I highly recommend that you give carefully consideration to establishing that kind of relationship with God. What will you do with this choice?
*Lights Form Crop Circles - this 8:10 minute video is the 11th video currently posted on page two of the Google Search for Crop Circles.
**Crop Circles - 360 photographs - this collection 15:10 minutes in length is the 12th presentation and is currently posted on page two of the Google Search for Crop Circles. Notice at the video times of: at 3:57 the All Seeing Eye, at 4:59 the Alien, at 5:45 the Six Sided Star (not to be confused with the Pentagram), at 6:20 and again at 7:28 the Pentagram.
Keith A. Paul has many years of Ministry experience and is an Author. He is used in the gift of prophecy, dream interpretation and words of knowledge which are gifts of the Holy Spirit. He currently lives in Abbotsford B.C. Canada.
He travels internationally speaking and imparting the supernatural works of the Holy Spirit. He is available for speaking engagements. To receive Keith's free Prophetic Words, free Dream Interpretation or purchase His eBooks please visit http://www.restorationplaceministries.com.
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What Will Occur In 2012? Comets, New World Order, You Decide!

What will occur in 2012? Will the entire world terminate or otherwise in 2012? In a handful of months, it will be December 21st, 2012 and folks are going to be in an incredible mania, asking each other about the end of the planet. Why has the world come to dread 2012? Maybe all of us should have a look at the prophecies for 2012 which might perfectly demonstrate why people are freaking out.
Generally there are well-known prophecies such as those by Nostradamus, in addition to the Mayan calendars, nevertheless there are numerous prophecies that are a lot less popular and less heard of than these ones. Below are some of the lesser heard predictions for the end of the planet:
Nibiru - This hypothesis is based around aliens living in another planet. It was asserted that thousands of years in the past, people of the world were enslaved by Sumerians. However, they found that the ladies of the species were irresistible and so they mated with them. It is stated they will likely abduct people and enslave us once more in 2012.
Comets - Comets, crop circles, the Word of god and Nostradamus are the basis of the following prediction. There are people who are asking just what is going to take place in 2012; a few of them think that the end will come in the form of comets and that these predictions regarding 2012 will see the world in fire.
New World Order 2012 - This might be among the list of most terrifying prophecies around, all because it is based upon correct occurrences and real history. The particular conspiracy theory is the theory that states that we now have secret societies, or one particular secret society, residing amongst us. The start of the NWO would indicate the conclusion of the world as you realize it and indicate the beginning of a global scientific dictatorship.
The Galactic Positioning - Most people understand the Mayan calendar and that it finishes on Dec Twenty one, 2012, Nonetheless do you know what will occur in 2012 that is said to be the trigger of the conclusion of the planet? It is said that in 2012, the Sun will position itself in the center of our own galaxy, the Milky Way. When this occurs, they estimate the polarity of the planet would likely shift uncontrollably, resulting in the interference of all communication gadgets and destroying modern things and surroundings. The shifting in the earth's magnetic fields would definitely also lead to calamities and unexplained phenomenon that could eventually induce the earth's degeneration.
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How I Know Atlantis Definitely Existed - Care to Find Out?

Atlantis - a legendary continent said to have existed in the Atlantic Ocean before 12,000 years ago or at least until this land or island fell into the waters. Furthermore it is said that the other civilizations of the so-stated time (such as ones in Mexico, Central America, South America and Egypt) were greatly influenced by the survivors of Atlantis who left before its final destruction.
Other evidence or absolute proof of Atlantis could be related to some very recent discoveries within the Bermuda Triangle where there is a rumor of two large pyramids made of clear glass or crystal found under water Additionally, some archaeologists and underwater specialists have encountered stone structures found under the water by the island of Bimini who claim these stone buildings offer tangible proof of the Atlantean civilization.
Besides, over the years, we have personally met a number of people who have either had a vision or a past life memory of seeing themselves living in Atlantis in a former timeframe. Further, through various studies made by different spiritually based organizations they believe that Atlantis may have existed in various forms and stages of development for several hundred thousands of years.
But I believe that we have two other proofs which are even more substantial then anything which has been shared in this article so far:
1) The best source of information about Atlantis was revealed through the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce who lived from 1877-1945. For the last forty years of his life he went into an altered state of consciousness and would give what were called life readings. These reading either were about the current life of the individual having the reading or could have been related to a past life of the person which is related to circumstances and events in their current life. Sometimes Mr. Cayce would give a reading for a person who was not in his physical presence.
In total, Edgar Cayce gave over 600 life readings which involved a description about the legendary Atlantis detailing how the individual he was providing the reading for (their soul) lived during one of the ages of this great civilization. It is hard to believe that such consistent information about one past culture could be spoken through a person who was not functioning from his normal waking consciousness. Actually Mr. Cayce had no memory whatsoever of anything that he would speak during his sessions.
Further Edgar Cayce described three ages of Atlantis - the first age from before 50,000 BC (the Theosophical Society saids this age could have started as far back from 1 million to 800,000 years) where Atlantis existed as one huge continent in the Atlantic Ocean. However due to a war which he stated had occurred between the Sons and Daughters of Light (or the Law of One) versus the Sons and Daughters of Belial (people who did not believe in the Creator but worshipped the material world and advance technologies that they could use as a power over others); that around 50,000 BC, Atlantis was split into five islands of which the largest being called Posedia.
Then the second age went till about 10,500 BC when once again the two groups had another conflict and then all that remained of Atlantis was Posedia. About one thousand years later or 9,500 BC, the Sons and Daughters of Light had prophetic visions of the final destruction of Atlantis and knew they had to leave. Therefore these individuals took all of their tools and sacred knowledge and brought them to their colonies that existed within the world at that time. That would be including North, Central and South America and into Egypt.
These Atlanteans knew that that these special tools and their wisdom must be preserved for a future time of humanity when it would be needed again. I believe we are now living in this time and that this is why more evidence of Atlantis is coming publicly forward.
Edgar Cayce further stated that many people who have incarnated into the modern world of today had lifetimes in Atlantis. That as these same souls met once again in our present world that there would be a similar struggle as had happened in Atlantis. And it appears that humanity is once again using our modern technology to disrupt our world, our ecology and environment in addition to continuing to wage terrible wars at various times.
But what can save us is the advance technology and wisdom that probably has been buried in Atlantean time capsules - in secret places. That those souls who fled Atlantis and helped with the preservation of their technology and records have reincarnated today and perhaps, will one day remember to go back to these secret location to retrieve what they have hidden before. And once we have these advance tools and the sacred knowledge of Atlantis, these resources could assist humanity to create a world of total peace.
Now besides having on a personal level my own visions and insights about a time coming for our world to see total peace, there are many other people who are having a similar vision. For example, there is a book called "My Descent into Death" based on the Near Death Experience of Howard Storm.
In this book (which is his story) Mr. Storm goes to Heaven and meets the Angels and the Christ, who show him the power of the Creator's Love. Then Mr. Storm is sent back to his physical self upon the earth. But the key message he received is that the Creator through the Christ and the Angels will be directly assisting Humanity at some point in our future so together we will make a beautiful and peaceful world.
Though Mr. Storm's story might sound a bit religious for those of us who follow a spiritual path, we know in the depth of our beings that there is a loving higher intelligence which watches over us helping us continuously in our spiritual evolution. And we call this force "God" or the "Creator"
Anyway, I apologize but I always share something interesting I have come across just before I begin to write a new article. Anyway, getting back to Atlantis, there is another book that was written by a Dr. Phelon, who was the head of a Hermetic Mystical Order that was published in 1903. In this book, Dr. Phelon reported of an experience he had in the late 1800's, while taking a boat from New York City to California (which means they had to go around Cape Horn of South America).
On this boat he met a very interesting man who was the only other passenger on the ship. They had many conversations about Atlantis and Lemuria. I suspect this stranger was linked to some secret order who had a direct connection with the ancient history and knowledge of Atlanis in some manner.
To make a long story short, this stranger guided Dr. Phelon to one of the islands in the West Indies (between Cuba and South America) where they discovered a stone structure of advance design sticking out of the water. The Stranger somehow knows how to open the door to this building and inside they find in a wooden box containing an ancient papyrus scroll written in Ancient Atlantean. Dr. Phelon writes down the translation of this document from the stranger who understand Atlantean and in the scroll it tells a remarkable story about what Atlantis is like from about 29,000 B.C. How did the Atlantean live and what did it mean to be an Atlantean is contained in the scroll including the higher spiritual principles they followed which guided their lives.
As one begins to read this book, what is quite remarkable is the writer of the scroll discusses a period of time when the Atlanteans had total harmony between their sciences, their governmental institution and their spirituality. That for a new law to be passed, all the people of the land had to agree, not just a few elected officials who represented everyone.
And finally that everything from the visible must first originate in the invisible. It appears this ancient document is offering to us in our world of today a powerful sign of where humanity is headed for in our near future. I don't know, what do you think?
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this report - and that it has perhaps offered to you some new insights about the legendary Atlantis
Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer
Joshua Shapiro and his partner Katrina Head are known as the Crystal Skull Explorers. Living in the Seattle area since 2011, they have traveled the world sharing key information about the crystal skulls along with their 16 skulls they call the crystal children as well as discussing other world mysteries (such as Atlantis, UFOs, Crop Circles, Orbs, Prophecy, the Hollow Earth, etc..). For 2012 they plan to write several new e-books including a new one that shares interviews with various trance mediums in the world. To learn more about them visit their website at:
to learn more about Atlantis and other insights what the Atlantean culture was all about please feel free to visit
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The History of Norwegian Runes

The history of Norwegian runes is a practical one that is grounded in some very practical exchanges. The oldest ones were discovered in Norway and date to 400 A.D. These Norwegian Runes are actually based on Germanic forms - especially the runes known as Pertra and Eoh.
Originally, the Norwegian runes had 24 symbols in a set but by 799 A.D. there were 16. In the history of Norwegian runes, this is known as Futharks set of runes that are still in use to day.
In 900 A.D., the Runes went through another change as a set of runes known as Shortwiggs were introduced form Sweden. These runes were added into the Futhark set and were used in Norway up until 1800 AD. These Swedish types of runes were used in Norway up to 1800 AD.
After the year 1000 A.D., it became very common for every one to read runes. It was a form of messaging and fortune telling that was accessible to all. They were also used in mercantile exchanges.
The art of reading runes was not taught in school or church. The knowledge was generally passed down from person to person. Even though it was pagan knowledge and an ancient form of writing it was taught to the clergy by the church.
Archeological excavations have revealed that runes were used all of the time in trade. Many businesses in Norway made trademarks or branding logos out of Runes. This was simpler than spelling out an entire business name in Norwegian. Short inscriptions symbolizing common goods such grain, fish, cod, salt, beer, mead, yarn, homespun, cloth and weapons were used daily.
Runic inscriptions were also scrawled on walls, much in the same way that graffiti artists write symbols on walls today. The Norwegians were the first "taggers" and they used rune symbols to communicate what they had to say in an efficient manner.
Runes were also used in a smutty way and are found inscribed in ancient bathrooms and also in places where Norwegians used to get together and drink.
The most runic messages are found in churches. Runes were used to make appeals to God. Norwegian citizens would use them to write words like "Ava Maria" or even "Olaf was here."
There have been many variations of these stones over the years but the basic fortune telling system of runes is based on the original sixteen stone alphabet that was called the Futharks. You can also sometimes find a curio set of runes based on the much old 24 set known as the Futhark. Both sets are cast in the same way for fortune telling purposes. You can pull a single rune or pull several that are laid out in a spread that makes a map of your future or helps answer a question. Fortune telling has always been part of the Norwegian Runes whether using them to divine the future or gain a psychological insight into the self.
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Anunnaki - Did They Created Homosapiens?

Anunnaki means "those of royal blood" or "princely offspring" or "those who came from heaven to earth." Theories indicate that they came from Nibiru also known as Planet X, a part of our solar system that orbits the sun every 3,600 years.
Sumerians, one of earliest known human civilizations, worshiped Anunnaki as their god. Theorists believe that the Anunnaki came to earth 450,000 years ago in need of gold to protect their planet's deteriorating atmosphere. Tired and in need of help in mining the gold, they needed workers to help them. So they created the first homosapiens using their genetic knowledge. That was 300,000 years ago.
Scholar Zecharia Sitchin claims that the Anunnaki were real, physical entities who literally came from outer space to earth. They were spacemen from Nibiru who came to people of ancient times and taught them. The fact is written in cuneiform in ancient Sumerian tablets, dating back to 6000 years. To have a background about Sitchin, he is one of the few people today who can translate the ancient languages of Sumerians, Egyptians and Hebrews. He has dedicated his life on studying ancient civilizations and translating ancient texts, cuneiforms and clay tablets.
In the past years, there have been many discussions about Nibiru or Planet X. Questions such as the real existence of the said planet exists especially in the internet. Yes, the planet does exist. Real photos of Nibiru were taken on January 26, 1983. Astronomers confirmed that Nibiru is over 50 million miles away from earth that time. In 2004, Nibiru was calculated to be 7 million miles away. It will be in the earth's atmosphere by 2012 and will appear as two suns in the sky.
There are people who believe that the Anunnaki will come back to earth soon and it is manifested by the gradual movement of Nibiru closer to earth. Theorists say that the passing of Nibiru will cause catastrophes like earthquakes, tidal waves, severe flooding, food shortage due to the unnatural conditions, meteor storms, volcanic eruptions and the like.
Modern science explains that the Anunnaki is simply a mythological being created by the imagination of the ancient Sumerian religion.
But finally, to quote Laurence Gardner "The Anunnaki presence may baffle historians, their language may confuse linguists and their advanced techniques may bewilder scientists, but to dismiss them is foolish. The Sumerians have themselves told us precisely who the Anunnaki were, and neither history nor science can prove otherwise."
Zoraya loves to explore varied topics, analyze and write them. Find out more about Anunnaki and Homosapiens at the website about ==> 2012 Predictions where you can find a lot of useful information if you want to glimpse into the theories and truth about the past and the future.
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The Nebra Sky Disc

With new archeological discoveries come changes in our perceptions of the past. Our image of the history of civilization is ever-changing, as ancient artifacts provide new insights into the evolution of Man's knowledge of the Universe.
What we once thought of as a brutish, ignorant culture - lacking understanding of the stars in the heavens - existing in Bronze Age Europe (3500-1200 BCE) appears to be quite different since discovery of Nebra Sky disk. This large bronze and gold medallion serves as an astrological chart that denotes among other things both the Summer and Winter solstice and the constellation known as the Pleiades. This would tend to indicate a European culture more advanced than what was thought to exist at that time (circa 1600 BCE).
The story of this object subsequent to its discovery in 1999 has been partly a tale of science and part detective story. What began as a treasure hunt was considered grave robbing by authorities in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. Henry Westphal and Mario Renner were operating without a license when their metal detector led them to several bronze age artifacts buried in the Ziegelgorda Forest.
In addition to the Nebra Sky disk the items included two bronze swords, two hatchets, a chisel and some fragments of spiral bracelets. The significance of the Bronze disk, which has acquired a blue-green patina with age, is found in its inlaid gold symbols. The symbols are thought to depict the Sun, a crescent moon and at least one known star cluster. Two arcs are believed to represent the Summer and Winter Solstice with a third, located at the bottom, interpreted by some as an archaic symbol of a "Sunship."
This well-known symbol of Egyptian Mythology represents the ship used by the sun-god Ra as he traverses the sky from East to West each day. It now reveals an ancient Nordic sun-cult as evidenced in various ceremonial and ornamental objects. A connection between peoples of southern Scandinavia and the civilizations of the eastern Mediterranean is unclear. The science of archeology often opens the door to more inquiry leaving us with ever more questions in search of answers.
After its discovery, an episode of skullduggery began for the disk. Westphal and Renner immediately sold their ill-gotten booty for 31,000 DM to an antiquities dealer in Cologne. Afterward it changed hands several times as it moved about Germany, selling for up to 1 million DM. Existence of the Disk eventually became public knowledge and by February of 2002 authorities, working with state archeologist Harald Meller, were able to acquire the artifact during a sting operation led by police. The object was purchased from a couple in Basel in a black market transaction for 700,000 DM.
Initially Meller was not shown the disk, but instead was given one of the bronze swords to authenticate. After several delays and prolonged moments of silence had added to the suspense for Meller, the mysterious stranger finally produced the object from under his shirt. Adding to the intrigue, it remained covered in a towel until it was slowly unwrapped. The scientist, awed by the apparent age of the disk, was then able to make a cursory examination before consummating the deal. The priceless historical piece now resides in Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte (State Museum for Prehistory)
When the investigative trail led back to the looters they were able to avoid bargain for a reduced sentence by agreeing to show police and archeologists the location of the site where the had been found. They eventually were given sentences of six and twelve months, respectively. In a twist of fate an Appeals Court increased their original four and ten month sentences.
Even so, the mystery surrounding the Sun Disk continued. In an effort to authenticate the disk an analysis of the metal was performed. In a process called x-ray fluorescence, it was determined that the copper had come from primitives mines in Austria, the gold from the river Carnon in Cornwall and the bronze content had also originated in Cornwall. However, since metal cannot be dating by the Radiocarbon dating method used on organic materials, a method of comparative analysis was performed using a piece of birch bark found with the swords. The estimate of 1600 to 1560 BCE was now confirmed.
Yet as these issues are laid to rest there is still much more left to speculation. We continue to wonder about these people now so distant in the mist of time. We can only imagine what it must have been like as they opened their eyes to a new age of knowledge and enlightenment. A new age was dawning, one that was as bright as the Sun's corona itself.
Richard Quindry writes fiction and non-fiction on his website. He can be contacted via email at the email address shown below. He accepts free lance assignments and enjoys researching topics of every sort. He is an avid reader of many other Blogs and likes to share ideas with other writers.
His favorite books include mysteries, science-fiction and biographies. He also enjoys writing poetry, a talent he acquired from his grandfather.
Richard Quindry
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Egypt, Mexico, Peru: What Subject Do They Share?

No matter how many times you here about Egypt, Mexico or Peru you know that there will be something that you will find interesting. These countries are not the only ones but they stand out as far as they have one thing in common. All of them were advanced in Astronomy.
In Egypt there are hundreds of sites that were astronomically aligned. Most of them with great precision. To name one or two you have to look at Karnak, Luxor where the great axis that runs through the Temple of Amun aligns with the midsummer sunrise. Most of what we see there dates back to the New Kingdom around the year 1567 -1086 BC.
Another place is Giza where we find the remarkable pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. The Great Pyramid is said to have ventilation shafts that points to certain stars and the three pyramids are believed to symbolize the belt of Orion, the hunter, one of the most prominent constellation in the sky.
This South American country is the proud owner of Machu Pichu, an ancient mountain-top city. Here you do not only stand amazed at the stones that had to be brought there but there is enough evidence to support the fact that this city was built so that it incorporated astronomy into its design. It is a mystery why the builders needed such precise measurements and yet it is their ability to have done that one should rather focus on.
In the 2000 year old Mexican city of Yeotihuacan a street grid has been discovered that is skew 15.5 east-of-north. This according to some research might be based on when the Pleiades or better known as the Seven Sisters first appears at dawn each year.
A possible Explanation
Agricultural purposes. While this is not always the case, there are instances where a definite connection between the alignment of sites with certain constellation have something to do with seasonal planting and sowing of crops.
Religious and Cosmological purposes
The ancients lived in a magical world where rituals took precedence over physical activity. From records, we know that the significance of rituals was so great that these civilizations would never have taken a chance. They simply had to know when the solar eclipse would be to be prepared. The same with planting and sowing. The beacon of time they used was the sun, stars, planets all which are studied by Astronomy.
Leon Steyn is interested in Astronomy, Archaeology, Religion, Anthropology, Ancient Cultures, Spirituality and Writing fiction and non-fiction. Have a look at how he incorporated these topics in his spiritual fiction online e-book Ozymandeus or email him at ozyman@go.to for more detail.
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Are You Soul Mates or Twin Flames?

Everyone has a soul mate and a twin flame. Soul mates are those people who you resonate with at a very deep level. Meeting a soul mate for the first time will give you a sense of familiarity and there is usually a strong attraction. If you believe in reincarnation, soul mates are part of your soul family who incarnate as different people: father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, lover or friend. They are people who help resolve karmic issues with you. You have more than one soul mate and they are in your life to help you learn lessons so you may become wise and powerful.
A twin flame is your other half. It is one soul that has been polarized into the male and female halves. It is the human template as exemplified by Eve being created from Adam as his perfect mate. According to tradition, your other half is usually on the other side helping you with earthly tasks, trials and tribulations. They are your dearest guardian angel, lifting you up when you are down, giving you strength, hope and direction when you are feeling lost or alone. The closest phenomenon we know to this experience is the birth of identical twins. They have a close telepathic relationship and their lives parallel accordingly. The quest for our true twin soul is a need driven by a deep unconscious love and longing imprinted in all of us. It is the story myths are made of. Increasingly more and more twin flames are being born at the same time in the appropriate sexes and ages to have relationships. They are connecting at this time in history because they can manifest a very powerful form of unconditional love for each other that can help speed up the planet's spiritual growth. Unconditional love means the ability to forgive each other and forgiveness dissolves karmic bonds. Helping these twins to find one another and connect in a meaningful way is important for this love to grow--and there seem to be hundreds coming forward. The recent Venus retrogrades (the first in 2004 and the second in 2012) has accelerated our consciousness of this phenomenon.
Carl Jung's concept of the male and female halves is much like the taiji symbol, there is a little bit of feminine in the masculine and vice versa for balance, his famous "anima" and "animus". We also understand the importance of balancing yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) aspects not only within our own personalities, but also in a relationship. For example if a couple are both arguing with each other, they are both yang or "active" and usually nothing gets resolved because neither one is listening. If one person is yin (receptive) while the other is yang or speaking, then information can be absorbed. They can switch polarities as needed so each can speak and be heard, but one always needs to be the opposite polarity for best results. In this way there is balance and progress.
All people have a twin flame and if you wish to find or work with yours, there are prayers that can help. If your twin is not incarnate, you can work with your twin soul through your current soul mate relationship to manifest unconditional love and this will improve your relationships. One very important skill to develop is to learn to listen to your partner without judgment--and this is not as easy as it sounds. We all want and need to feel accepted, but listening without judgment means to rest our personal needs and feelings momentarily. We must learn to help and support each other through this important human experience. Unconditional love means you always love the person even if they do something upsetting.
Do you know someone who has had a relationship that starts and stops a lot, is intense, but also painful and difficult, yet this person can't give the other up easily? If you do, then they may be twin flames. There are ways to speed up the process of joining in harmony-- and counseling by an experienced guide can be extremely valuable. Because each twin has free will, one can deny the union because the emotional aspect can be too overwhelming. All issues need to come up for healing and this is what can cause the relationship to be so difficult and lengthy. Often too one twin may still be entrenched in other karmic relationships. If you or someone you know are experiencing this heartbreak, please contact me for further information.
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Twin Flames and Soul Mate Relationships

Everyone wants that other half. We want to be joined deeply and intimately with the one we have longed for and searched for since the beginning of our lives - since the beginning of eternity, it seems. Some call this the soul mate, others call it the Twin Flame. Are these the same?
Let us begin by examining these terms. The most common kind of soul mate is the one most of us are involved with or married to. This is the karmic soul mate, which is someone with whom we have had past lives, and with whom there is unfinished business. There will be lessons to learn from them, and lessons they are to learn from us. There will be unresolved matters which need to be worked through. For example, we might be married to or involved in a romance with someone who has killed us in the past, and the lesson is to be strong enough get away from that person amicably, and without dying this time. In that instance, clearly divorce or a break-up is what we came to experience!
Or perhaps we are involved with someone who was taken from us, or from whom we were taken, much too early--as in the case of a soldier who dies in battle, or a woman dying in childbirth. The experience wanted by the Souls in this lifetime then might be one of having a long and happy life together, extending into a ripe old age. That would be an example of a more pleasant karmic soul mate relationship. But there is also the less pleasant kind.
Perhaps we reincarnate to be lovers at some point with someone who was a family member we slighted in a past life. One example is the following, which I saw while doing past life readings. A widowed, wealthy woman in Roman times had a drunken gambler for a son. She bailed him out over and over as a youth, but after he married and had half-grown children and had not changed, she cut him off financially, and refused to reconsider her position. She supported his wife and children, but he got not a cent. He ended up dying in a gutter. These two came together in the current lifetime as lovers in their mid-forties. Both were quite drawn to each other, and there was talk of marriage. But he experienced a business failure, and she bailed him out at great cost to herself, giving him the last of her savings. He promised to repay the money in a few months, when a particular investment matured. Instead, he got a high-paying job and moved to another city far away and eventually married someone else, someone quite wealthy. She never saw a penny of her savings returned. This was her karma--to experience being destitute when the other person could easily have helped her out and callously did not. This is an example of an "unpleasant" karmic soul mate experience from the viewpoint of the human ego. The Soul, however, got to experience what she had "dished out" in another life. This is one powerful form of karmic balancing.
There is also the soul mate experience where two people come together dharmically. In other words, they come together as life partners to help each other with the tasks that they incarnated to accomplish while on Earth. These are often people with whom our karma is complete.
The Twin Flame experience only comes when we are at the end of our lifetimes on earth, and when our greatest service to humanity is being birthed. Twin Flames almost never incarnate at the same time--or in the same dimension/density. The Twin is the other half of ourselves which split apart from us long, long ago, at the beginning of this cycle, and for whom we constantly search. Almost no one ever actually joins with the Twin Flame in a lifetime on Earth.
However, until that time comes, your Twin wants you to be happy. And if you petition your Twin Flame to bless you by coming into your life energetically through a mate who carries a compatible vibration, you can in that way join with your Twin Flame while on Earth! Both parties must be willing at the Soul level to embody the energy of the other's Twin Flame. These two people can experience the height of loving joyously from the depths of their being while in a physical body on the Earth Plane. So to experience this simply call out to your Twin Flame for a blessing, and then be patient while the angelic realm takes care of the rest. Learn the Laws of Attraction and of Pure Intent. The relationship will happen when, where and how your Soul and Angelic Guides deem best for you and for the other party. In the meantime, live life to its fullest, and stay in the now. The relationship will come along usually after you have become comfortable with yourself, and are perfectly happy living alone, for then you are not sending out a frequency of pain and longing. Become an energetic match to what you want: peace, joy and love. Gratitude also magnetizes to us magnificent things. So live in gratitude for your many blessings!
Lois Wetzel, MFA, ParBP, ND is a published author, an accomplished artist, a teacher and healer. She has been doing past life readings from the Akashic Records since 1990, began meditating in 1975, and has been involved in spiritual healing work for over twenty-five years. A Reiki Master since 1988, her initiations are very powerful and her lineage short. In addition to past life readings from the Akashic Records, Lois offers Soul Retrievals. Lois has been practicing the BodyTalk System for eight years, and also practices EDINA energy medicine, Psych-K, and offers consultations. This work can all be done at a distance!
Lois has also completed extensive post-graduate studies in clinical psychology.
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Top Ten Feng Shui Wealth Enhancers

There are many Feng Shui products which have been believed to enhance wealth luck and augment affluence. By using the most common and desired items listed below, you will succeed in achieving abundant riches and fortune.
Wealth Ship - When placed inside the home, a wealth ship full of gold coins and jewels is an icon of a victorious venture. Increased income and material gain are only some of the Feng Shui benefits that will dock in your home with the wealth ship!
Wealth Pot - There have been many vessels used throughout the centuries to contain wealth and symbolize and endless flow of fortune; pots, vases, plates and bowls are only a few. By filling a Wealth Pot with treasures, you are symbolizing a constant flow towards you and your family of windfall luck and business success.
Wealth Inviting Crystal Trees - This special structure will do wonders in bringing you fortune. With a trunk made of resin and branches of copper with dangling crystals, this bonsai-like tree will also make a beautiful display. To swell sales and increase income, display the crystal gem tree in your workplace or office, in prominent places such as reception desks, lobby areas and beside cash registers. Partaking in this practice will ensure a solid gain in wealth and stable finances for the rest of your life.
Wealth God - Used widely in Chinese homes, "Chai Sen Yeh" is a predominant icon of flowing fortune and preposterous prosperity. There are many festivals during the lunar New Year which honor his presence in the home, and the Chinese worship this God of Wealth in hopes that he will never hinder to bless them with wealth luck, good fortune and material gain.
Money Frog - This auspicious animal of wealth luck, also known as "Chan Chu" or the "Three Legged Toad", is highly revered as being able to increase income. It is said that he will appear in homes during every full moon, presenting families with prosperity. To benefit from his blessings, display the Money Frog in prominent places in your workplace, such as reception areas or next to cash registers.
Pi Yao - Also known as "Pi Xie", this little being is said to always desire treasures and jewels. It is auspicious belief that since the Pi Yao does not have an anus, fortune will only be ingested and never released. Due to this, many Feng Shui followers keep the Pi Yao in their homes, to keep their affluence solid and stable.
Citrine - Also known as the "Merchant Stone" by avid Feng Shui followers, this special stone was used in ancient China to bring the Feng Shui benefits of affluence, abundance and fortune. During the Period 8 (2004 - 2024), the Citrine will be even more effective in increasing your income and enhancing business success.
Gold Ingots - In ancient times, these "Yuen Bao" were the means of money among emperors and government officials in China. Because of this, Feng Shui dictates that gold ingots are a potent symbol of everlasting wealth; they are often displayed in wealth ships and wealth vases, attracting money into the home.
Dragon - One of the auspicious animals in the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is regarded as a mighty creature with a power that surpasses any other. The Dragon's "Sheng Chi", a form of cosmic chi which created wealth and luck, will bring any home fortune, good blessings and abundance for eternity. In addition to this, a new sense of power will be attained by family members.
Arowana - Known as the "Golden Dragon Fish", the Chinese highly respect this fish. Its similarity to the mighty dragon is a large factor in this; with its scales and two whiskers, it is said to bring with it money and prosperity. Also, in the Chinese language, the word for fish is "yu"; this is similar to the word for "abundance". When the Arowana is displayed beside the dragon, it is the ultimate icon of wealth luck, potency and eternal prosperity.
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Feng Shui Products That Attract Love

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, dating back 300 or more years, is a skillful combination of art and science. Symbolism Feng Shui, a specific portion of Feng Shui practice, is the awareness of luck enhancing symbols and knowing how to position them in a way to best benefit you and those around you. When these objects are placed according to Feng Shui, they can become potent items which greatly affect your chi. Many people display Feng Shui symbols in places around their home because it is a simple concept to learn, and it will significantly help you in life, by creating good fortune, wellbeing, wealth, happiness and unity.
By using the same symbols representing love as were used in China centuries ago, you will be able to attract a partner who will love you unconditionally, revitalize the love energy in your home, and infuse abundant romance into your life. Below are some of the symbols which have been used for years by Feng Shui follows, to enhance your love luck and improve your current relationship or marriage:
Mandarin Ducks - A potent symbol of a successful marriage filled with affection, romance loyalty and love is a pair of Mandarin Ducks. These ducks represent these meanings because they mate for life, and are grief stricken if they lose their partner - they often never find another spouse because they have lost their soul mate. In Feng Shui, the lifestyle of the Mandarin Duck is highly regarded as a potent manifestation of the love between married couples. If you are single, the Mandarin Duck pair will bring to you your one true love. If you are married, the pair of Mandarin Ducks is sure to keep the marriage stable, loyal and happy. Simply keep your pair of Mandarin Ducks close to you to reap all of the blessings they have to offer.
Rose Quartz - Out of the family of quartz stone, Rose Quartz is the most sought after, due to its strong and potent relation with love luck. Because it has many Feng Shui benefits for all aspects of love, it is known as the "Love Stone": it can help singles find their life partner, enhance the quality of a current relationship, allow you to fix the problems in your marriage, and infuse romance into your life. In addition to creating love with a partner, Rose Quartz also helps you to develop a love for yourself, which is the foundation of all love.
Double Happiness Symbol - This icon representation of everlasting happiness is very widely used in Feng Shui practice. This sign is comprised of the two Chinese symbols, assembled next to each other, for the word "happiness". This is said to be a manifestation of joy among married couples and an inseparable love for each other; this is shown by the two lines which connect the characters. For those who are seeking a partner for life, the Double Happiness Symbol will serve to bring you one; for those who are already married, this item will bring many Feng Shui benefits to your relationship. The Double Happiness Symbol enhances both physical and emotional love.
Mystic Knots - Used for centuries to create endless love, this "love knot", "infinity knot" or "lucky knot" is believed to bond two people together forever and provide smooth sailing in the relationship. Because it is formed in the shape of the number 8, a figure with no end, Buddhists believe that it is the sign of eternal wedded bliss. The Chinese also follow this meaning because, when displayed on its side, the Mystic Knot is the icon of infinity. Due to these reasons, the magical Mystic Knot is a manifestation of all that is eternal, together, loyal and loving.
Peonies - Also known as the "Mou Tan", the Peony is the national flower of China. For many centuries, it has been written in literature to attract love luck and stimulate romance. In Chinese, this flower is called the "Flower of Riches and Honor", and the Chinese people highly revere it as the queen of all flowers. For the matriarch, the Peony will enhance luck and increase feminine beauty, also developing young love.
Dragon and Phoenix - This pair is a representation of the perfect balance between male and female; while the Dragon is an icon of the potent male Yang, the Phoenix realizes the power of the female Yin. The power and might of the courageous Dragon is in ideal harmony with the graceful queen of all that is beautiful, the Phoenix. This pair is united for all time, and is the ultimate example of wedded bliss and the perfect environment to have and raise offspring.
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Organizing With Feng Shui

The definition of Feng Shui literally means "wind" (feng) and "water" (shui). It is the Chinese name for an intuitive, practical art that seeks to bring people and their environment into the most positive relationship.
Living a lifestyle that combines the Feng Shu goals of harmony, serenity and peace can be quite beneficial for both you and your family. The practice of Feng Shu is an ancient art and science developed over 3000 years ago in China. It has become more popular in the West over the years because of it's minimalistic approach.
Feng Shui will work in your life and to make your life full of riches, loving relationships, successful careers, joy filled families, calmess, peacefulness and the time to experience them all.
When you are in a place of clutter you are stressed, depressed, and otherwise negative feelings overpower your life because of the chaos, clutter and unwanted energy you have in your life and your home.
Getting started with Feng Shui can be easy when you start with the Feng Shui basics and gradually move on to the more complex Feng Shui levels. Baby steps - that is what it takes to get you through your clutter and chaos.
Experiment with different ways and find what works best for you. For the daily or weekly use, you want an easy space clearing solution that after a while becomes almost a habit.
Before you can implement Feng Shui into your life, you must first clear the clutter. Your life would improve tremendously if only you can free yourself from the devastating amount of things you have in your home and life.
When you undertake any organizational task, there are three key components that will come into play; which includes sorting what you keep, what to give away and most importantly what you dispose. Even more importantly maintaining and staying organized in your space, and I will show you how to do that. The initial process of organizing may be time consuming but the results will be well worth.
Experiment with different ways and find what works best for you. For the daily or weekly use, you want an easy space clearing solution that after a while becomes almost a habit.
Once you open up to the willingness to relinquish control, face your fears, and allow the changes that are needed to take place in your life, the obstacles that once served as a deterrent will be lifted because they will no longer be needed. The age-old wisdom of the Chinese adage states that there are five main factors that will determine your life: destiny, luck, Feng Shui, accumulated good deeds and... education. Learn to draw on all of them and you will maximize your life's potential.
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Hera, Greek Queen of the Gods

Hera is the Greek Goddess of marriage, childbirth, women and Queen of the Greek Gods. Wife to Zeus and daughter to Rhea and Cronos, she was often depicted as a beautiful woman wearing a crown and holding a staff. She was one of the twelve Olympians and was the eldest of her siblings, she was said to be one of the most beautiful Goddesses, and her brother Zeus chased after her for sometime.
In the myth of how Zeus tricks and seduces Hera into becoming his wife, Zeus decides to disguise himself as a cuckoo to win Hera's affection. He appears on Hera's staff one day, and she decides to make him her pet. He was then able to change back to his natural form, seduce Hera and make her his bride. They had many children, some of which are Ares, God of War, Eileithyia, Goddess of Childbirth, and Eris, Goddess of discord. Zeus was known to be quite an unfaithful husband, having well known affairs was such Goddesses as Metis, Themis and Alcmene to name a few. This enraged Hera and made her very jealous. Many of her myths involve her torturing and persecuting many of the woman Zeus seduced, as well their children.
For example in the myth of Herakles, which is the son of Zeus and Alcmene, after Herakles is born, Hera sends two serpents to his bed at night. Alcmene is terrified and cried out, but Herakles woke up and strangled both serpents to death. Another myth is one that accounts for the creation of the Milky Way. It is said that Zeus tricked Hera into nursing the infant Herakles, and when she realized who he was, she quickly withdrew Herakles from her breast, and sprayed her breast milk across the sky. Which became the Milky Way. As Herakles grew older, Hera's jealousy, and her continuous acts of trying to be rid of him didn't end, and they had a very adversarial relationship.
When Herakles had to fight the many headed serpent water beast known as Lernaean Hydra, Hera sent crabs to bite him in order to distract him. In another myth, when Herakles was returning from retrieving the bull of Geryon, Hera sent the cattle a type of fly to give him a disease, and Herakles shot Hera in the breast with an arrow. Eventually Hera and Herakles patched up their differences, when Herakles saved Hera from the rape of the giant Porphyrion.
Zeus's affairs never seemed to end. One in particular involving Semele, the mortal daughter to the King of Thebes. Zeus fell in love with her the moment he saw her, and he impregnated her. When Hera found out, she disguised herself as the Semele's nurse and convinced her to have Zeus show himself to her in his true form. So when Zeus showed up with his loud thunder and bright lightning, he ended up killing her by the power of those forces. He was able to save her aborted baby, their son, Dionysus. Hera also had one other of Zeus's many lovers, Lamia Queen of Libya, turned into a monster and murdered her children.
Hera's jealousy and wrath was well known. One can imagine the pain and suffering she went through at her husbands endless selfish affairs. Embarrassing and humiliating the Queen of the Gods, Hera was not going to stand for that. So one day, with the help of some of the other Gods such as Poseidon an Athena, she planned out a way to trick Zeus. She secretly drugged his drink one night and then bound him while he slept. When he awoke we was filled with anger, but could do nothing. Until the many handed giant Hekatonkheires came to his rescue and untied all the knots, setting him free. Zeus was so angry with Hera, that he took one of his thunderbolts and hung her in the sky with golden chains. It is said she wept until Zeus finally freed her.
To me Hera is a powerful and vengeful Goddess who is not afraid to fight for what is right, even if it means she could be putting her own life in danger. She embodies the strength of the Matriarch and courageous feminine energy. Hera was a very loved and respected Goddess, and she had many temples through the Greek world.
Her sacred animals are the peacock and the cow. The apple, pomegranate and poppy are also sacred to her. Lapis lazuli would be a good stone for Hera, and her colors are blue, white and black. Call on Hera when you need the powerful force of the Queen of the Gods, to fight for what is right in your own life.
Writer, researcher, mythologist and student of the ancient mysteries. Studying the lives, myth and religion of ancient people is a passion of mine. Much of my inspiration comes from my own spiritual path which, is that of a feminine based spirituality involving worship of the ancient Mother Goddess. I'm currently working on becoming an independent scholar in the field of Neolithic and ancient cultures. As well as working to be come an author to teach other women about the mysteries of the Goddess. I hope you enjoy my writings!
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Heavenly Baby Names From the Greek Gods

Are you considering a wonderful name for that new little baby boy or baby girl? If so, then let us look at some heavenly baby names from the Greek Gods.
These beautiful baby names and their meanings would be a treasured gift for a beloved child.
Here are a few of these best baby names.
Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings
Ariadne - (Greek) meaning "Very Pure." Ariadne, daughter of the sun god, was the goddess of spring. Legend has it that Ariadne helped save the life of Theseus, King of Athens. She unwound a ball of string to show him the way out of the Minotaur's labyrinth and reach safety. Ariadne is also known as "Ariana," or "Arianna."
Daphne - (Greek) meaning "Laurel Tree." In legend, Daphne was a maiden who, while fleeing Apollo's advances, turned into a laurel tree. Apollo was so saddened by this that he made a laurel wreath from her branches and wore it on his head as his symbol. The laurel wreath remains a symbol of the highest honor bestowed on man.
Helen - (Greek from the name of the Greek sun god, "Helios") meaning "Light." According to legend, Helen was so beautiful that word of her beauty spread from land to land. Finally, Paris, son of the King of Troy, abducted Helen and this act started the Trojan War.
Penelope - (Greek) meaning "The Weaver." Penelope has come to mean "One Who is Faithful." Legend has it that while Ulysses, her husband, travelled, she kept suitors away by vowing to first finish her weaving. However, every night, she undid the woven piece and started anew in the morning. This beautiful name remained mildly popular until mid 20th Century. Today, it is rather rare.
Doris - (Greek) meaning "Of the Sea." In mythology, Doris was a sea goddess. She was also mother of the sea nymphs, or "nereids," and had great influence on the gods and goddesses. In the late 19th Century, "Doris" burst upon the scene with great popularity. The name remained high on the charts throughout the 20th Century.
Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings
Damon -(Greek) meaning "One Who Tames." However, over the years, "Damon" has come to mean "Loyal Friend." This last designation is due to the amazing tale of Damon and Pythias, who were the best of friends. As the story goes, Damon offered his own life to save that of Pythias. Damon is also known as "Damian."
Jason - (Greek) meaning "The Healer." This great hero of Greek mythology set out on his quest for the Golden Fleece. The King of Colchis had placed this Golden Fleece in a grove that was guarded by a dragon. But the brave Jason with his warriors, the agronauts, set sail and captured the Golden Fleece.
Orion - (Greek) meaning "Light." According to legend, Orion was a handsome young hunter. When he was killed, the goddess who loved him placed him in the sky among the stars. As a constellation, he is pictured on charts as a hunter with a belt and a sword.
Hector - (Greek) meaning "Holding Fast." Legend tells us that Hector was an outstanding hero of the Trojan War. In the midst of frenzied fighting, Hector was slain by Achilles. Hector was a beloved figure and was greatly mourned. He remains an enduring hero.
Hercules - (Greek) meaning "Glory of Hera." This fabled Greek hero was known for his amazing strength. Hera, Queen of the Gods, forced Hercules to perform 12 seemingly impossible feats of strength. With steely determination, Hercules perform them all.
Perhaps these heavenly baby names from the Greek Gods will help you choose your own beautiful baby name.
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Reminders of Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Are All Around Us

Our formal knowledge of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses can be traced back to the writings of the famous poet Homer in the Iliad and the Odyssey who lived in Greece around 800 BC. Although they seem to be things of the past, reminders of them are all around us. Some planets were named after the them. They also represent a unique view of religion held by ancient Greeks.
There are many ancient Greek gods and goddesses in Greek mythology and each had their own task and own immortal lives to tell about. They are composed of many deities, minor and major. There are literally hundreds of minor gods.
The most powerful Greek gods were known as the Olympians. There were twelve major ancient gods, called by the Greeks the Olympian gods, which came to be recognized as the most important deities, and were thence worshiped by the Romans prior to Christian conversion. Six of them were the offspring of the titan siblings, Chronos and Rhea, but only four of them ruled in Olympus. Zeus, the supreme ruler of Olympus and the leader of the ancient Greek gods, controls the weather, especially fierce weather, when he hurls lightning bolts from the sky. As his father had predicted, Zeus overthrew him and the other Titans, rescued his swallowed brothers and sisters, and became the ruler of the Olympians, the new Greek Gods to rule the earth. Zeus became ruler of the Olympians and their home was Mount Olympus in northern Greece, the throne of Zeus and their home.
To unite conflicting theologies, the ones representing the weather would be married to the town's mother goddess, which promoted harmony in worship and caused less resistance among the conquered townspeople. Hephaestus was blacksmith for them and sibling to Ares. Greeks honored all the ancient Greek gods, but could worship one more than the others mostly by personal choice. The greatest of the them lived and ruled from a beautiful palace high on Mount Olympus. Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of Love. Amor vincit omnia (Love Conquers All), a depiction of the god of love, Eros. Regardless of their underlying forms, the ancient Greek gods have many fantastic abilities, most significantly, the gods are not affected by disease, and can be wounded only under highly unusual circumstances. The Greek gods resembled human beings in their form and in their emotions, and they lived in a society that resembled human society in its levels of authority and power. The island of Rhodes or Rhodos as it is pronounced in Greek, was initially inhabited during the Neolithic age, apart from legends involving the gods. Helios then scattered his sun rays all over the island and its beauty caused the envy of the other Greek gods.
The ancient Greek gods normally took on human form and lived in a society similar to human society. The most significant difference between them and humans was that the gods were immortal and human beings were not.
The Greek Pantheon was a polytheistic system of thought and religion that assumed its Greek Gods and Goddesses existed independently and individually. Compared to one-deity gods in many modern religions, they had a surprising number of human limitations and weaknesses.
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Greek Gods - Artemis and Apollo

Zeus and the goddess Leto, daughter of Titans Coeus and Phoebe, bore two children who would rise up to take a place in the Olympic pantheon. The twins were named Apollo and Artemis, and their arrival in the world was not so simple.
Hera, wife of Zeus, was insanely jealous of Leto and sought to prevent the birth of Leto's two children. She antagonized Leto and sent a serpent to terrorize the goddess and stop her from finding a place to bear her children. It was the goddess Asteria who offered refuge to her sister on the island of Ortygia and there that Leto bore Artemis and Apollo.
Artermis was born first and immediately set about assisting her mother through the nine days of labor she endured to deliver her son Apollo. Leto's aunt, Themis, acted as caretaker to the twins, feeding them ambrosia and nectar, the food of the gods.
Apollo and Artemis loved their mother deeply and protected the safety and honor of their mother. On tale of Greek mythology tells how Artemis and Apollo prevented Leto from being raped by Titus in the grove of Delphi. Called by their mother, they attached the giant Titus with their arrows which rained down upon him and killed him in an instant. Zeus was outraged by Titus' actions and consigned him to Hades.
Another myth tells the story of how Artemis and Apollo killed all of the goddess Niobe's children when she boasted of her own children's superior beauty, insulting Leto. Though it's unclear if this was a defense of their mother or motivated by their own outrage.
At a young age, Artemis was told by Zeus to name the gifts that she desired. Artemis chose a bow and arrow, free reign of the mountains, a city to dwell in and eternal virginity. Zeus granted all these wishes. Artemis would come to be viewed as the virgin goddess of the hunt and wildlife. She was also seen as a protector figure of women in childbirth.
Apollo would become the god of archery, healing, music and youth. Greek mythology tells how Apollo took up the bow created for him by Hephaestus and pursued the serpent into Delphi where he killed it. Gaia was incensed at having her shrine, where the Oracle of Delphi resided, desecrated. Apollo was not punished for his crime and in time became the god of Prophecy, and the Oracle of Delphi became the Oracle of Apollo.
He would also become an influential god of music whose musicianship was unparalleled. Many challenged Apollo to contests of musical prowess, but all failed to best the god.
Apollo never married though he was definitely not an immortal virgin. He fathered more than a dozen children with many women both goddesses and mortals alike.
The twin god and goddess, Apollo and Artemis, were forever connected in Greek mythology. They are both expert archers and hunters who often enjoyed hunting together. They shared the capability of subjecting mortals to plague and pestilence as well.
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Delphic Oracle - Greek Gods

During the peak period of Greek colonization (late 8th-7th century B.C.), Greek cities that had resolved to establish a colony to some distant land first consulted the oracle as to where they should go and who should become the oikistes, the leader and founder of the future colony. Syracuse, Kroton, Kyrene, Thasos are among the better-known of many colonies that owed their very existence to the wise counsel of Phoibos. Several other colonies chose to name themselves after the god: Apollonia.
All these cities honored Apollo with the surname of Archegetes, meaning first leader. Thus the prestige and fame of the god and his oracle spread East and West, far beyond the bounds of metropolitan Greece. As early as the 7th century B.C., Midas, the legendary king of Phrygia, sent his own royal throne to the Pythian Apollo as a token of his veneration. At about the same time, another legendary king, Gyges (675 B.C.), founder of the Mermnad dynasty and ancestor of Croesus, dedicated magnificent votive offerings of pure gold to the Delphic god. Kypselos, the renowned wealthy tyrant of Corinth, built in the Delphic sanctuary the first "treasury", i.e. a small building in the shape of a temple, which had the double function of serving as a votive offering and sheltering the smaller, precious offerings dedicated by each city to the sanctuary.
The glory, power and wealth of the Delphic oracle grew steadily. However, it appears that the Phokians of Krisa decided to exploit their position as neighbours to Delphi, and levied heavy dues on the faithful who disembarked at the port of Kirrha, in Phokian territory, on their way to the oracle. Delphi then appealed to the Amphiktyony for help and the First Sacred War was declared. It was to last ten years, ending in 591 B.C. with the annihilation of the Krisaians. Kirrha and Krisa were destroyed and their territory was dedicated to the Delphic deities.
The Amphiktyons then proceeded to reorganize the Pythian festival, which took place every 8 years to commemorate Apollo's return from his voluntary exile after the slaying of Python. From 582 B.C. this festival was celebrated every four years; gymnastic and equestrian contests were added to the earlier musical competition.
The sanctuary's fame spread across the world, and the offerings it received were beyond anything the boldest imagination might conceive. Croesus, the king of Lydia, famous for his wealth, sent all kinds of offerings, the most sumptuous being a lion of solid gold weighing about 250 kgs., set upon a pyramid made of 117 bricks of "white gold" (a mixture of gold and silver); in addition to that, two large kraters, one gold and the other silver, which were placed to the right and left of the temple entrance. When Apollo's poros temple was destroyed by fire in 548 B.C., not only the Greeks, but foreign sovereigns, such as Croesus of Lydia and Amasis of Egypt, made generous donations for the construction of a new temple, which cost 300 talents, the equivalent of several billions of present-day drachmae. The Alkmeonidai, the noble Athenian family exiled by Peisistratos and his sons, undertook the construction project; in excess of what was stipulated in the contract, they used marble for the facade instead of poros.
During the critical years of the Persian Wars, the oracle was considerably shaken by the power of the invaders; its prophecies and advice did not reflect that high moral character so representative of the Greeks who fought "in defense of all". The sanctuary itself escaped Persian plundering through the God's miraculous intervention: enormous rocks rolled down the cliffs of the Phaidriades and caused the enemy to disperse in panic. The oracle may have shown a slight weakening in the moment of crisis, but the faith of the Greeks in Phoibos remained steadfast; with the ever-burning flame of the temple they rekindled the desecrated altars of the sanctuaries and sent him magnificent votive offerings, among which the famous gold tripod, set upon a bronze pedestal 6 metres high, consisting of three intertwined snakes, engraved with the names of the 31 cities that fought against the Persians in Plataia.
About the middle of the 5th century B.C., the Phokians once again gained political power over Delphi; this led to the declaration of the Second Sacred War (447 B.C.), to restore the sanctuary's independence. In 373 B.C., a terrible earthquake uprooted huge pieces of rock and flung them on the temple of Apollo. Reconstruction started immediately, thanks to pan-Hellenic contributions, but it was interrupted in 356 B.C. by a Third Sacred War. The Phokians occupied the sanctuary for a period of ten years and confiscated not only sanctuary funds, but also a large number of valuable votive offerings. The Greeks felt highly indignant at this sacrilege.
Following the intervention of Philip, king of Macedonia, the Phokians were routed, excluded from the Amphyktyony and obliged to pay a colossal indemnity (420 talents). Finally, the Fourth Sacred War broke out in 339 B.C., against the Lokrians this time. Once again, Philip assumed leadership; after defeating the Lokrians, he proceeded to Chaironeia, where he fought the famous battle (338 B.C.), which made him master of Greece.
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