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Classifications of Hauntings - The Who's Who of the Paranormal

In the paranormal field you will deal with many different forms of hauntings and many different claims of hauntings. It is important in the interest of appearing professional that you are knowledgeable in the different types of hauntings. Firstly lets define what a haunting is.
A haunting is the act of a person or thing that haunts; visitation.
Now that definition is a bit vague so to further refine our definition lets look at the definition of the term Haunt.
Haunt: To inhabit, visit, or appear to in the form of a ghost or other supernatural being.
Now we could clearly see that in the definitions listed above a "Haunting" is a ghost or supernatural being that visits, appears or inhabits a location. These of course are the paranormal definitions of a haunting and a haunt, as we all know a song can haunt you as well as a thought or even an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend so remember that this definition is only for the paranormal field.
With the definition of a haunting fresh in our minds lets take a look at some of the theoretical causes of an alleged haunting. There are many "causes" to hauntings believed by many investigators worldwide. While these theories seem to have basis and plausibility the truth is that it is simply unknown what truly causes a haunting. It is important to remember that the following few statements are theories only.
One theory is, and is the most widely believed, that the "ghost" has unfinished business with this world and that it has anchored the spirit to this semi conscious life. This theory while commendable in its assumptions cannot be proved. This is why it is still considered theory. Though this is probably the more accurate of the theories.
Theory Two:
The spirit of a dearly departed will return to earth as a guardian spirit sent by God. A truly comforting theory to say the least but it doesn't answer the fact that these spirits sometimes will play pranks or interact with you or even cry for help themselves.
The third and final theory that will be covered today is:
These are demons and angels that pose as our loved ones to corrupt us or inspire us. Interesting to say the least but yet not completely perfect. Perhaps all three may combine into an ultimate answer or maybe it is just left to the unknown. The answer to What causes a Haunting may never be truly answered.
What we do know is that natural causes explain over eighty percent of all claims.
  • Old Paint
  • Mold
  • High EMF
  • Mind Altering Narcotics
  • Gas Leaks
  • Mental Illness
  • Matrixing
These are all natural causes that could explain our sudden claims of ghosts. Though this list is not exhaustive and again this is theoretically some natural causes. However these things listed above have been clinically proved to be harmful to your health.
Lets look at the different classifications of hauntings now. There are several different types of classifications of hauntings. These classifications help identify the extent of the activity and even could determine the validity of a claim. It is important to remember that these are the guidelines that paranormal investigators use while interviewing clients to determine the type of activity that could be anticipated during an investigation. These classifications are the most commonly used by paranormal investigators and are but one way of thinking about hauntings. However these classifications are proving to be pretty definitive when corresponding to collected evidence.
Intelligent Haunting:
An intelligent haunting is a haunting in which the afflicting spirit can and will interact and often communicate with the client and or investigators. This type of haunting occurs sometimes, this is not the most common form of haunting but will be encountered more than most other forms.
Signs of an intelligent haunting:
  • Responsive and interactive activity
  • Objects being moved or influenced
  • Random acts of paranormal activity
Residual Haunting:
This type of haunting is by far the most common form of haunting. However the definition of a residual haunting is noticeably different than an intelligent class haunting.
In this classification there isn't any form of interaction at all. It is believed to be a series of past events played over and over in an endless loop. These events can have a set day and time known as an " Anniversary Imprint". They may be just as random as the previous form but cant respond or interact. It is believed that the spirit might also have no idea that it is dead and a ghost.
Signs of a Residual Haunting:
  • Activity only noticed on certain days or times
  • Spirit is unable to communicate or unresponsive/unable to interact
Now to look at the less common classifications of hauntings. These forms though may occur and may be encountered it is important to realize that less than one percent of all actual hauntings consist of the next two classes. These are the classifications that Hollywood likes to prey upon and distort and make popular. The next two classifications we will look at are:
  • Poltergeist
  • Non-Human
German for noisy ghost; an entity or energy that displays sensational interaction with the physical environment, and manifests only when a specific individual or individuals are present
Or a ghost that manifests itself by noises, trappings or creating disorder. This particular haunting can be "life disrupting". This means that it will cause such a disturbance that normal everyday life will become impossible. It is necessary to remember that this form of haunting is extremely rare.
Stated before this haunting will more than often be associated with a specific individual and in most cases this individual is a CHILD!
Lets look at some theoretical causes of a poltergeist:
Theoretical Cause
A poltergeist is initiated by pent-up stress on a subconscious level, often explained as uncontrolled psycho kinetic activity or 'Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis' (RSPK). This RSPK can theoretically be channeled and focused by high deposits of Lime stone and quartz. This theory supports all skeptics everywhere, it suggests that pent up stress on your mind may cause delirium resulting in hallucinations that are precieved as a less than welcome Ghost.
This is probably the more accurate theory and is a valid psychoanalysis of a alleged poltergeist haunting.
NOTE: Jumping to this conclusion prematurely can bring question to ones professionalism.
A Second Theory:
A spirit of a human or doppelganger that is exhibiting malicious and violent tendencies. This spirit is often believed to be a person who once lived at the location that is unhappy with the current inhabitants or died at the location in a horrible and or violent way. Interestingly enough this theory has some basis to it. Though it can possibly be plausible this theory in itself is flawed. A spirit that has had a violent death more often than not will cry out for help rather than lash out in a violent way.
With this said it can be concluded that a violent or malicious "Poltergeist" could be classified as our next designation "Non-Human".
Characteristics of a Poltergeist:
  • Movement and hurling around of inanimate, often extremely heavy, objects.
  • The opening and closing of doors and windows by no visible means.
  • Unexplained noises such as voices, moans, screams, explosions, crashes, raps, thumps, scratches and knocks on floors, doors and walls, heavy footsteps, bed-shaking.
  • The breaking of household objects such as crockery.
  • The destruction of garments, the throwing of stones, rocks and dirt, bad smells, mysterious fires.
  • the appearance of pools of water on floors, the malfunctioning of electrical equipment, telephone ringing, the unexplained appearance of objects ('apports'), apparitions and even physical assault.
The next and final classification of haunting we will look at is "Non-Human". This classification is normally known as Demonic... For purposes of fairness and length this term has combined all Non-Human spirits together. Angels, Demons and Deities are covered briefly in this section. It is noted that this section is concurrent to peoples personal religious beliefs, it should also be noted that as a paranormal investigator one should be impartial and open minded to the clients beliefs even if they don't reflect their own. This section will be briefly touched on as there is really no way that any of the following could be proved scientifically.
Non-Human classification can be broken down into three separate categories
  • Angels
  • Demons
  • Deities
Angels are probably not a class we would consider a haunting and are definitely the most welcome of the spiritual visitors. Think of your guardian angel if you believe in such a being.
Deities or gods are again not a class we would consider a haunting and again are probably welcome spirits. Ancient Greeks were often visited by what they believed were their "Gods", such as the many infidelities of Zeus.
These classes however do need characteristics to be mentioned as the next class can impersonate these classes to obtain what they desire.
Demons are the final classification of haunting that we may encounter in the "Non-Human" category. Even if you do not believe in some form of religion most people believe in some form of evil creatures that plague our world. Though these creatures are extremely rare we may encounter demonic hauntings. These hauntings are never easy to deal with. These are malicious and violent and pose just as much danger to the client as they do us.
Characteristics of Demonic hauntings:
  • Violent and harmful spiritual attacks.
  • Spirits doppelganging as other human spirits to gain the trust of the living.
  • Sudden changes in the attitude of the residents and or children.
  • Markings and scratches on the body of residents.
It is important to note that these hauntings may require the help of religious leaders and other trained demonologists. Do not provoke or invoke demons and certainly never invite.
Finally lets look at some ways you may be able determine the classification of a haunting for yourself or for your own investigations, as these articles are to foremost educate others in the paranormal field as well as help those who need clarification to better understand what they may be experiencing
Here are some of the methods used by paranormal investigation groups worldwide:
  • Ask the client questions
Based on the client's answers we could determine the characteristics and classify the alleged haunting.
  • Use personal experiences at the location (If Any)
Personal experiences can allude to the type of haunting we are dealing with and help determine "hot spots" to investigate.
  • Use the evidence collected at a location.
Some hauntings aren't clear or can be multiple types at once and could be confusing in this case we use the collected evidence to determine the type and or classification.
  • Research the characteristics/ claims prior to the investigation.
This runs hand in hand with asking the client questions.
All of these methods are common to Paranormal Investigators and again are not the "only" method of determination. As you become more experienced your own instincts will determine the proper method for you to use. Only time and patience will decide your niche within this field. Understanding takes a while and while you may be experiencing these phenomena it is important to realize that though many of what was mentioned in this article is widely believed and used by the pros, these are still only theories and as such are not one hundred percent conclusive. Only further research may shed a little more light on the unknown world of the paranormal.
Bruce Linn
[Founder of Paranormal Investigations of Staten Island]
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Did I See a Ghost? The Most COMMON Paranormal Experience - The Truth About Psychics and Spirits

The most common paranormal experience is actually the most difficult to believe. I know... I've had it, and it took me weeks to wrap my brain around it to even believe it really happened.
What is it?
It's called a "crisis apparition" and it's usually described as being visited by someone who has JUST died, often unexpectedly and without your knowledge or even expectation. (e.g. - it often happens in sudden death circumstances, as was the case with mine).
What usually happens during a crisis apparition?
Someone you feel emotionally connected with appears at the moment of death... usually to tell you it's going to be okay, or to wave goodbye. Often no words are spoken, and yet... there is a telepathic mind to mind conversation or communication that takes place, very similar to other psychic descriptions of extraordinary experiences.
How common are crisis apparitions, or being visited by a loved one at the moment of THEIR death?
Really surprisingly common! At a recent scientific talk by Pulitzer Prize winning science journalist, Deborah Blum (who wrote the book "Ghost hunters" about a small group of nobel prize winning scientists who researched psychic phenomena at the end of the 19th century) when she asked the audience how many people have had this experience, about HALF of the hands in the room went up.
What was so surprising about that?
The audience was a skeptical, scientific audience... and NOT a new age, or spiritual group of believers that ordinarily are prone to believe anything and everything they want to be true because it feels good.
The funny thing?
You do NOT need to see a psychic or medium to speak to the dead. And while, YES... a good medium is trained to tune in and connect with spirit, or ethereal energy much quicker than most of can, the vast majority of crisis apparitions, or spirit visitation, or even simple "ghost sightings" are 100% spontaneous.
More than 75% of parents who lose a child under 10 will have this experience on numerous occasions, even if they are skeptical, or can't believe their eyes.
About 50% of all husbands who lose a wife (or visa versa) will report being visited by them, in a visual manner... AFTER they've crossed over.
The best way to get validation that the experience was real, OR to ask for help if your loved one is not coming through and you want them to?
Seek out a psychic medium who can help facilitate contact, and who can build a bridge between this world and the next.
In my own experience, I was visited by a co-worker who died suddenly and unexpectedly in the middle of the night, more than 2000 miles away. I was stunned... the next morning, when I went into work and discovered that my nighttime "dream" was actually a reality, as the news had spread about what had happened.
I told no one, though. And it was not' until I called a medium 2 weeks later, something I DIDN'T believe in at the time, who conveyed to me the specifics of the conversation, how we had said goodbye, why this co-worker had appeared to me, and even the odd "outfit" he was wearing, did I break down and realize this was a 100% true experience that forever has changed my life, and what I believe is possible (both in this life... and the next!).
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Abducted By Aliens? A Possible Case History

What follows are the threads of evidence that individually are relatively commonplace, but when taken together are highly suggestive that something extraordinary, even an out-of-this-world experience, has happened to an ordinary person - Mr. Joe Blow Average Citizen (who has related the following to me in confidence). If you're looking for proof positive, even a smoking gun or just plain (where there's) smoke (there's fire) that UFO/alien abductions are reality and not something illusory or delusional, then look elsewhere for I'm not providing it here. Instead, consider this just one more chink in an extremely long chain of UFO/alien abduction chinks that collectively add up to a facet of society that needs to be taken as seriously by the skeptics as it's taken by the victims and their families and friends.
Mr. Joe Blow Average Citizen is exactly that, apart from the fact that Mr. Joe Blow Average Citizen believes that the alien 'grays' have taken an interest in him - not that that makes him anything other than Mr. Joe Blow Average Citizen. Mr. Joe Blow Average Citizen has lots of apparent company.
What sorts of evidence leads this person to think they may have had at least one, possibly several, UFO/alien abduction experiences? Experiences they have no obvious conscious self-awareness of, but would surely have some degree of subconscious recollection of, which will play out a bit further on down the track.

Firstly, and the one piece of physical evidence that remains, is a long roughly 3 inch linear scar on the slightly right side of the abdomen. It's not a trivial scar, the sort of one you might get and not notice or pay any real attention to. Yet, given the scenario that the receipt of any such a wound that would leave behind such a scar would have been obvious to the person concerned is not apparently the case. How very odd.
Secondly, the person concerned recalls many superficial wounds of the lower left leg noticed on one occasion as if the leg had been dragged through a thicket of brambles. The mystery is the person concerned doesn't wear shorts; always just full length shoe-top jeans, and any such routine excursion through any sort of brambles or other sharp vegetation wouldn't have reached the leg in question. Alas, all evidence of that has by now healed up leaving no trace. As with the abominable scar, the person concerned hasn't a clue how these superficial 'bramble' wounds happened since there no such bushes on the property in any case.
Thirdly, if you pull, tear, wrench or otherwise seriously injure your musculature, it's highly unlikely you can't recall the event by which it happened, like say lifting a heavy object or undergoing a sudden but unnatural movement in a sports event. We've all experienced that sort of happening. But what about when it happens and you cannot recall the event that's now causing your discomfort, even intense pain? The person concerned has experienced several bouts of back-wrenching discomfort without knowing the cause; in one case experienced intense and ongoing for lengthy periods right shoulder pain, as if one had a torn rotator-cuff experience, but equally being unable to associate the cause with the effect. That sort of shoulder injury is common in baseball pitchers, but unfortunately, the person has long since retired from active baseball playing. All of these sorts of wrenching muscle injuries are suggestive of one violently resisting being dragged kicking and screaming against-their-will to their fate, like being abducted.
Another common UFO/alien abduction experience is nosebleeds, and the person concerned has experienced those. The alleged association is that aliens have implanted some sort of tiny [tracking?] device up through and behind one nasal cavity. You might argue that nosebleeds are pretty commonplace, and you would be right. However, there are three unusual facets. Firstly, they happened exclusively in one and only one nostril. Secondly, they normally happened shortly after awakening. Thirdly, if the person concerned were prone to nosebleeds, they should still be happening, but for some strange (even if welcomed reason), they've stopped happening, as if according to the alien 'grays' "that's it - we're now through with you - many thanks and see ya". And it's stating the obvious that the person concerned cannot account for them, like being punched in the nose or banging into a door, etc.
Moving away from the purely medical, the person concerned relates how they experience at quite irregular intervals, extremely restless nights without logical explanation. Okay, we all have those off nights when sleep is elusive and we toss and turn, but usually there is some reason(s) we can assign that accounts for it - a stressful day; a dread of tomorrow; a mild case of evening meal food poisoning; an unusually experimental highly spicy meal or one you had much later than normal; mixing your drinks that you don't ordinarily do; perhaps it's an ultra hot-and-humid night, etc. But what if none of the above apply - you have an extremely bad night, the sheets/blankets/covers are all helter-skelter in the morning, yet the day and evening before was absolutely no different than multi-dozens of others where sleep was restful and peaceful and there was hardly a wrinkle in the sheets come morning. Translated, you cannot explain why you had a bad and extremely restless night. Well, if a collision at sea can ruin your day, a UFO/alien abduction can ruin your night's sleep, and if you have no conscious recollection of the 'grays' having their wicked way with you, well then you're stumped for a reason.
But the clincher that pushed our alleged victim over the edge in terms of thinking quite seriously about a possible relationship with the UFO alien 'grays' happened without warning.
The person concerned is a regular Red Cross blood donor with over 120 whole blood donations under the belt, and as anyone who donates blood is aware, you are subjected to a pre-donation interview and medical check to make sure 1) you are fit and well and can withstand the rigors and dangers of blood donation (small, but not zero), and 2) to weed out to the greatest extent possible any possibility of a medical lawsuit against the Red Cross by someone who has received your tainted blood. In fact you have to sign a legal document that you have told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about your state of health - otherwise you could end up in the poo too.
Now part of that pre-donation medical check involves checking your weight; checking your hemoglobin levels; checking your blood pressure; and lastly measuring your heartbeat or pulse rate. It was with respect to the latter that things came to a head.
The person concerned, expecting yet another very routine pre-blood donation Q&A and medical checkup at the hands of the Red Cross inquisition, was stunned to be told that their heartbeat/pulse rate was way above normal - way, way too much above normal to be acceptable for donation purposes. Fortunately, some relaxation/meditation suggestions from the staff, like heavy controlled deep breathing, eventually reduced the pulse rate to just under the maximum allowed. The Red Cross isn't about to give up a good blood donation without pulling out all the stops. Still, it was a quite an awakening for the person concerned.
Off to the quack, sorry the medical general practitioner - no explanation found. The pulse rate tended to be in any other set of circumstances to be within the normal range, at least normal for an old fart who's not a superbly trained 20-something athlete.
In the following blood donation after the initial discovery of the high pulse rate the person concerned wasn't notified that the pulse rate was equally as high. Rather the person concerned actually had to ask. Now the point here is that it is highly likely that the person concerned had experienced very high pulse rates at blood donation interviews well prior to the one where it was first revealed. If it had been going on for quite some considerable time before that revelation then that might be a point in favor of some ongoing issue the donor was unaware of.
The issue was the subconscious abduction experience(s) coming to the fore because the blood donation scenario was a bit too similar to the UFO/alien abduction medical procedures apparently or allegedly practiced - procedures that involve large needles. If one is terrified during a UFO/alien abduction experience, and just about all of us would be, then that stress would reflect itself by an extremely rapid pulse rate - panic stations. Placed in a situation that has strong resemblances to that (i.e. - blood donation), well it might not be too unusual to have that heartbeat rise to those sort of abnormal levels, despite being an old hand at giving blood and thus, you'd think, being always cool, calm and collected when fronting up and centre for the blood donation via the big needle experience.
I would maintain that the above bits and pieces of evidence are suggestive of, or at least compatible with, the typical UFO/alien abduction scenario.
There are however a trilogy of anomalies that need explaining.
Firstly, why hasn't any external observer(s) witnessed, recorded, or at least reported the abduction-in-progress? The numbers of case histories where an abduction event happened and was observed by external disinterested parties (ones not part and parcel to being a participant) are extremely few and far between - too few being the facts of the matter.
Secondly, how do the aliens get in and out of the abode of their victim, with their victim, through locked doors and windows? It must be super-science of some kind or other.
Thirdly, why is there apparently no reaction from animal companions? You'd expect dogs to bark like mad; cats to hide in terror, not sleep soundly through it all. Animals tend to react as when having strange beings enter their abode. Lack of reaction is an anomaly in itself.
And that's what makes the abduction area so frustrating. You have myriads of extremely sincere people insisting their alien abductions really happened yet the logic and the supporting evidence is lacking, as in there being any external verifications.
There's also the anomaly that older farts are less likely to be chosen as victims by the 'grays', though in this case, the pulse rate surges could be the psychological remnants of abductions many moons prior.
One final drawback is that the person concerned happens to be independently highly knowledgeable about all things extraterrestrial, including things relating to the area of UFO/alien abductions. That alone would make any personal experiences claimed by that person in that area to be highly suspect. Being someone already saturated with that sort of knowledge, and claiming to also have firsthand experiences, is sort of bordering on a conflict-of-interest. That's at least what skeptics would argue, and the person concerned has related that they acknowledge that.
Science librarian; retired.
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Creating Harmony And Positive Energy In The Home With Feng Shui

The Feng Shui masters have provided you with the technical know-how for evaluating your home. Implementing the Feng Shui Design and cures in your home has a profound effect on your life. Based on the ancient knowledge and practices, Feng Shui is a spiritual way of life that helps you to imbibe the positive forces of the universe. All the spiritual principles of the Feng Shui also have a strong scientific foundation underlying it.

When you first start looking around spaces in your home you would not be in a position to decide what changes to make, or there can be many areas that you might wish to change; especially if you live in a larger house. But when you let Feng Shui in the home it only tells you where to start, it also tells you the significance of doing so. Bringing Feng Shui in the home design is just not about making physical changes, it is about giving significance to each and every object in your home so that it has positive effect (or positive Chi as it is called in Feng Shui) that particular space, your home and off course your life.
 A Feng Shui house is a house where all the objects are in perfect harmony to each other whether we talk about the Feng Shui Elements contained in them or the particular colors that have been used to enhance the space. The Feng Shui is about balancing energies, of animate with inanimate and that of the soul with that of the universe, so that you get the positive energies of the universe flowing through the entire spaces in your house.

Believe it or not, every single household or decorative object in your home is just as imbued with life energy as the natural wonders beyond your front door and it has a scientific basis for it.

Bringing Feng Shui in the home does not ask you to throw out all your furniture, renovate your home, or move to new living quarters as you may have perceived the Feng Shui would lead you to. In quintessence to The Spiritual Feng Shui such upheaval could actually create turmoil rather than correcting imbalanced energies. Similarly trying to fix everything at once is a recipe for confusion and chaos, because in that case you will be throwing the relationships between objects out of whack.

Remember, Feng Shui is all about the connections and energy flow between objects and people, so proceed gradually, in stages, testing out how each small change influences the Chi of the space. Before practicing Feng Shui in your home try to understand its principles, its essence and most importantly its spiritual nature; then and only then you can envision and bring about the specific changes in the objects, environment and quality of life that you desire.

Each area of your life (health, reputation, family, travel, and so on) is strongly associated with various parts of your home. These associations may be determined using the bagua map.

The beauty of Feng Shui is that it suddenly makes visible to us all these things in our home or home design that we have been living with for years, and that have gone unnoticed. We tend to get tunnel vision, so that we are accustomed to our way of life and don't see how it could be any different. But when we view our homes through the lens of Feng Shui, we begin to see the ways in which our surroundings, different objects or the clutter in our house are placing a burden on our spirits. The Feng Shui helps us to be able to identify and pinpoint specific areas in our home that have been letting us down. The spiritual Feng Shui opens our spirit to the whole universe and we learn to recognize elements that have remained invisible to us for so long.

A Feng Shui house is a house where any change that you make, any cure you introduce into your home or home design is a conscious and deliberate (and well thought out) action that you have taken specifically with the intent of improving your life. It is important know that Feng Shui in home works only when the practitioner puts full mindfulness into each task along the way. A careful Feng Shui Study.

Before making any changes in the home design the Feng Shui beginners have to first know about the various Feng Shui Elements, Feng Shui Color and then start practicing Feng Shui in the home design.

When you get the insight into what is Feng Shui you are able to balance the negative energies of the elements that may be present in the objects of your home with using Feng Shui in home design. Similarly practicing Feng Shui in home using color and other enhancement allows the positive Chi to flow through your home and let you have a better and happier life.
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Vasthu And Feng Shui Will Surely Assist You In Initiating Positive Energy Into Your Lives

Vasthu and Feng Shui are utterly pre dated and are still very much sought after due to the immense amount of belief and trust they command. Ancient Vedic texts supports these claims of vasthu and feng shui that arrangement of your accommodation and other related stuff can affect your life in a big way.

Vedic Architecture is yet another name of Vasthu and is reckoned all across the globe because of its resourcefulness. Vasthu essentially believes that everything in nature emits vibrations and these vibrations have immense influence over someone’s life. Directions also play a very imperative role when it comes down to feng shui or vasthu shastra. Vashu shastra basically speaks volume about dwellings being faced towards the east direction that is the front door or the entry to the house should be facing the direction in which the sun rises.
When the front door is placed facing to the east it commands and assists in bringing enlightenment into the abode. And when the same is placed facing north, you can anticipate prosperity and happiness. Vasthu and Feng Shui also have amenities for the placement of the bed. According to Vasthu and Feng Shui, if you place your bed facing the east and south, it is perfectly alright if the headboard is placed facing these directions that is you should place your bed in such a manner that your head is in the direction of either east or south.

Coherence & cognitive activity is the main theme of Vasthu and Feng Shui and you will be might surprised at the success rate of the dwellings which strictly follow Vasthu and Feng Shui guidelines. Depression, anxiety and even heart diseases can be cured by making sure you follow Vasthu and Feng Shui to the last word. Vasthu and Feng Shui should be consulted when you are about to begin construction on your new home and make certain that you have noted down your date of birth because it too plays an imperative role.

Vasthu and Feng Shui also concerns the placement of furniture and direction of rooms which it deems that regulate positive or negative energy. If you have already built up your dream huse, there are always Vasthu and Feng Shui solutions, tweaks and cures accessible in the current market scenario which will help you endlessly in making your home work for your betterment. Vasthu and Feng Shui also takes into account proportion to make certain that the energy flow is fitting and appropriate.

Keep specialize in your goal and path you are mounted as part of your elevated nature identifying that this lower hankerings and out of doors dominates are usually not in your own long-standing best curiosity. These two powers basically call to us using guarantees of a instant results but in the long run leave us emotion unused, broken and waste our minutes, days and existence. Our fortune and luck recognize factors except our homes (space) our luck and the actions also play a part in what we charm inside our lifetime.
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Attracting Wealth With Feng Shui

Most of the people, if not all, want to have wealth of wealth. We all need to be free from worries of not being able to buy the things we need or pay our bills. Some individuals want to have the freedom to buy anything they want without being worried about not having enough bucks for important things. Because we have many want and desires, we work very hard and look for more ways to increase our wealth.

There are numerous paths to increase wealth. One technique of attracting wealth is by following some Feng Shui beliefs. Feng Shui, or the art of object placement, uses various guidelines in designing or preparing a home or an office. They assert that following these methods will help you in attracting wealth. Here are some tips you can follow to draw in wealth using Feng Shui.
 The very first thing you have to do is to free your mind and your place with litter. This is also a practical thing to do when you wish to be able to think unreservedly without diversions. Chinese customs say that you get more Problems when you own a large amount of things. These possessions hinder you from attracting wealth. You have to have more space so that wealth can enter. You can do this by throwing out broken and superseded objects. Dispose of things that are of little use to you anymore.

Enrich Your Wealth Corner

According to Chinese teaching, the southeast corner of your office or home is your wealth corner. To draw in wealth, follow some Feng Shui beliefs when planning this area.

A hint of green draws wealth as the color green designates perseverance and patience. In other cultures, green also designate money. Placing some plants in this area is a smart idea. You can put bamboo or jade plants, which is also called as money plants. Plants represent your fiscal standing. Ensure that you look after your plants very well. Healthy plants are seen as abounding wealth. Also, avoid placing plants with pointed leaves and thorns. They're seen as bad luck.

Light also performs a part in this area. Put light in your wealth corner. Too much light might not be good. Having a soft glow on your southeast corner is ideal.

Welcome Wealth

Making the entrance of your office or home more welcoming is also 1 technique of attracting wealth. Placing Bamboo plants on your entry way are regarded as a good luck in Chinese teachings. Bamboo plants in the entry way attract good things to come inside.

You may put some coins beneath your welcome mat. This designates that you welcome wealth inside your home or office.

Following Feng Shui helps you in enticing wealth. It does not bring you wealth instantly. To be solely dependent on these strategies is not right. Wealth does not come to a man who does not do anything. Be patient and word hard on all the things you do. Feng Shui helps you to reach what you need but you also need to help yourself.
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Ghost Hunting 101

Do you hear bumps in the night? Does your hair stand on end when you walk into a room? Maybe you feel as if someone is watching you or perhaps you think you see someone out the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look no one is there? What you may be encountering in those unsettling moments is a ghost. So before you go running out of your house screaming, let’s take a moment to talk about ghostly encounters and those that investigate this phenomena.

A ghost is believed to be the spirit or soul of a person who has remained on Earth after death. When a ghost has taken up residence in a location, it is referred to as a haunting. There are two different ways in which a ghost inhabits a location. The most common type of haunting is a residual haunting. A residual haunting is typified by ghostly energy that is static or goes through a number of movements over and over again. It can be likened to watching a movie clip that repeats itself or a record album that has a skip in it, causing the needle to jump back to an earlier point on the album and begin again.

The second classification of haunting is the classic haunting. In a classic haunting the ghost displays intelligence and interacts with the people in the environment. It is not uncommon during a classic haunting for items to be moved around, for lights or electrical appliances to turn on and off, to hear voices our sounds out of nowhere or to be touched, tickled, stroked or even shoved. These ghosts often reflect the personality of an individual, even after their death. With this type of haunting, the aroma of flowers, perfume, cigarette smoke or other scents that are associated with the individual are often detected.

So whether you think you are being haunted by a ghost and want to have a group of trained professionals to come to your home or are interested in investigating all that goes bump in the night, but don’t know where to begin, here’s some information that can help you get started.

It is held that ghosts are electro-magnetic in origin and they create these fields when trying to manifest into this dimension. The energy that is given off by a ghost causes disruptions in the locations magnetic field, thus making it detectable by specialized equipment and psychics alike.

Because the presence of a ghost can be detected by specific types of equipment, a ghost hunter can become well equipped with a number of affordable pieces of equipment, many of which you may already own. From basic to advanced, there are many different types of equipment you can use to detect an otherworldly presence. For someone thinking about participating in an investigation, this doesn’t mean you have to own every piece of equipment in order to perform a reliable investigation. It does mean that you should at least possess a basic set of tools to use.

Basic Equipment

35mm or Digital Camera – For a beginner, having a camera is probably the easiest and least expensive way to begin. Pictures, whether digital or recorded on film can capture paranormal activity, activity that is often invisible to the naked eye. This is especially true in the case of documenting the presence of orbs and ectoplasm.

Notebook & Pen or Pencil – Simple as this may be, it is always a good idea to have something to record any notes, findings or experiences you may have during an investigation.

Flashlight – Many times an investigation will take you to a dark or foreboding location such as a cemetery, old warehouse, abandoned building or other place that is dark or without electricity. In these instances you will need to have a portable light source.

Extra Batteries – Depending on the paranormal activity of a location, batteries oftentimes will mysteriously and unexpectedly lose their charge leaving you in the dark. Regardless of the type of equipment you use, make sure you bring extra batteries along to replenish depleted ones.

Intermediate Equipment

EMF Detector – The Electromagnetic Field Detector is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment to own if you are serious about doing an investigation. In addition to detecting the energy fields of ghosts, it is a key tool to use when taking baseline readings of a site. A baseline reading is a preliminary evaluation of a location, where investigators identify any existing or man made electromagnetic fields such as those created by power lines or electrical appliances.

Digital Video Camera – Video cameras can be a useful investigation tool. Unlike still cameras, a video camera will document any activity in its entirety including the length of time the phenomena occurs, the surrounding conditions, as well as the phenomena itself. A tripod to rest the video camera on is also helpful, especially if it is going to be left in a stationary position to record the activity in a specific location.

Tape Recorder with an External Microphone – There is no better way to capture EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) than through the use of a tape recorder. Whether using a traditional tape recorder with high quality tapes or a digital recorder, an external microphone should always be used. A detached mic will eliminate the sounds of internal gears and turning wheels that can contaminate your recording.

Advanced Equipment

Motion Detectors – Motion detectors can be used to sense the movement of unseen forces. Many need to be plugged in to an outlet, but battery operated ones are also available. Before you go out and buy one, decide which type will best support you investigatory needs.

Thermal Scanner – A thermal scanner or non-contact thermometer can be used to detect rapid temperature changes. A change of ten degrees or more from the ambient temperature (the temperature of the surrounding area) can indicate an ethereal presence.

Psychics – As An Investigative Tool

In addition to tools such as cameras, meters and gauges that are used by ghost hunters, many groups also utilize the services of trained psychics as a means of gathering information about a site. This is the role I play when working with ghost hunting groups.

Finding a true psychic to work with can be a real asset to the quality of your investigation. They can play an invaluable role in supporting the efforts of any paranormal investigation. Like a good piece of equipment, a psychic can help to detect anomalies as well as provide additional insights into the nature of activity encountered.

If your group decides to include the use of a psychic as part of the investigation team, there are a few items that should be considered. To maximize the objectivity of the investigation, it is critical that the psychic go into a location “cold”. This means that they do not know the details of the location or of any activity that may have been encountered by other members or the property owner. Telling the psychic the history of a property can cause the individual to become “contaminated”, which can make it difficult for them to differentiate what they perceive from what they have been told.

Conducting An Investigation

With at least a basic kit of equipment in hand, you are now ready to explore the world of paranormal phenomena. Before you begin, there are a few ground rules to consider. First, never go on an investigation alone, in addition to personal safety, you never know what may happen. Next, consider the fact that ghost hunting groups are often judged by their behavior and professionalism – so always try to be respectful of the people, places and situations you may encounter.

To do an investigation, the first step is to select a location. Locations can include cemeteries, old buildings, historic sites, private homes and businesses. Always get permission to be on a site. This will keep you from getting in trouble for trespassing. Before you begin a formal investigation it is a good idea to do some research on the site. Talk to the owner, check out old newspapers, or contact the local historic society to see if anything happened there in the past. It is also a good idea to evaluate the terrain for potential hazards or/or to identify places where you can setup stationary video cameras, motion detectors or tape recorders.

Most investigations occur after dark, between the hours of 9pm and 6am. These hours are considered the “psychic hours” and are believed to be the best time to record paranormal activity.

When you get to the selected location, walk around to get a feel for it. Next, set up any stationary equipment and take baseline readings of the site. Then let the investigation begin. Take pictures, shoot video, record for EVP and take meter readings. Take them everywhere and anywhere, especially if you feel something or get a reading on another piece of equipment. When you are done walking around a site, turn your stationary equipment on and let it run while you and your group are out of the area.

When you have finished collecting your data, it is time for analysis. Here each picture, video and tape is reviewed for evidence of a haunting. This is probably the most important part of any investigation. As you review your materials, be skeptical. Look for earthly causes of any phenomena. Was someone smoking in the area? Was the room or location dusty? Where there reflective surfaces that could be the cause of the anomaly in your image? It is important to make sure your evidence will stand up to scrutiny by eliminating any other explanations. This will give your data more credibility.

As you pore over your data, what you will find is that not every location you go to will have ghostly activity. You may discover that many of the things you initially detected during your investigation actually have real world explanations as opposed to supernatural ones. What keeps many ghost hunters going is that one-in-five chance that this investigation will be the “real” thing.

When your analysis is done, presenting your finding to the home or property owner or sharing your results with others is often done. Many groups also post the results of their investigations on their group’s website, thus share the outcome of their investigation with the rest of the world.

If you are interested in ghost hunting or think your have a ghost hanging around in your local, there is a plethora of information available on the worldwide web. Here you can find articles about ghost hunting in general, stories of other people’s ghostly encounters, places that sell ghost hunting equipment and even sites hosted by ghost hunting groups in your geographic area.

So if you think you are hearing bumps in the night, don’t be afraid – it just might be a ghost!

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Ghost Hunting With A K-ii Meter

Do you enjoy real ghost hunting fun? If you do your own ghost hunts and you want to make videos of what you find, you need to have the right equipment. Professional ghost hunters use equipment to detect paranormal activity and detect the presence of ghosts in a place. If you want to make ghost hunting videos, and go to haunted houses to see if you can find any ghosts, you need to use a K-II meter that can help you detect the EVP’s in a home.

If you are going to go to work as a paranormal investigator and make ghost videos, you need to make sure that you have what you need to properly detect the ghosts. If you want to learn more about the meter that you need and any other kinds of detectors that you would want to use, you can go to This web site has the meters that you need to find real ghosts. The meters work by detecting certain kinds of energy that is not created by people. You can use the meters when you are going to be doing a ghost hunt or going to a haunted house that you want to check out.
When you are going to be making ghost videos, you want to make sure that you are able to capture the ghosts and make your videos real and believable by other people. If you get the meter that you need, you can pick up on the energy from the ghosts in the home and detect them. You will also need to have certain video recorders, audio recorders and lighting effects if you are going to be making videos of the ghosts that you find.

You can go online to the web site and find the meter that you need to help you capture the presence of ghosts. If you want to make a job out of going on ghost hunting trips, you want to be sure that you first have everything that you need to make your videos and be able to detect the ghosts. You can use the meters that you find online to detect if there is a ghost in the house. Once you know that there is a ghost in the home, you can begin to set up your video recorders to capture the images of the ghost. You can also work for people to investigate their own homes to detect if there is a ghost or not. It can be exciting and fun to make money with ghost videos. Get the supplies that you need online for your ghost hunting needs. Have fun and make money with the right kind of gear that you need.
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Ghost Towns In The East

Every state has ghost towns. Eastern and Midwestern States are no exception. At one time or another you may have driven your car right by a ghost town, not aware of it. If you are a hiker, backpacker, or a hunter, you may have walked past or through a ghost town not knowing one was there.

When people hear the words “ghost town”, they associate the term with the old, abandoned towns of the Western frontier. Many of those settlements are still standing, but in the Eastern states, the majority of old towns from the 1800’s to the early part of the 1900’s are no longer visible. And it is because they are no longer visible, that makes them virtually unknown.
Another reason why people are not aware that ghost towns exist in the east is because historians and writers have overlooked them.
History writers never took the time to research the ghost towns of Middle America and the Eastern states. Instead, there has always been the fascination with the ghost towns of the Western states. Most books or stories having to do with the “gold rush” will probably mention a Western town that once thrived; yet today it is a ghost town. Those stories have kept alive the interest about the Western ghost towns.

The excitement that surrounds the ghost towns in the Midwest and the East, becomes even more interesting, because they are more difficult to locate. And the difficulty of locating these ghost towns makes them more of a mystery.

My travels as a treasure hunter have taken me to many Eastern Ghost towns. I have hiked through miles of brush, crossed hundreds of streams and rivers and climbed steep ravines in search for the old towns of the east.

Anyone who is interested in American History should take the time to research and to explore the settlements that once populated our rural areas. It’s a great adventure and an interesting way to spend time outdoors.

Cellar Holes

In the Eastern and Midwestern States, most of the ghost towns are nothing more than a hole in the ground. The holes are cellar holes. They are what’s left of the houses that once sat on top of them.
Searching for cellar holes or ghost towns is an exciting adventure that can lead to some interesting experiences and treasures. Many times, in the areas surrounding the ghost towns, are pieces of history, lying on the ground, untouched for hundreds of years. Old bottles and pottery shards often lay scattered. I also use a metal detector to search for relics lost or buried by the past inhabitants.

The First Pioneers

The first pioneers were a hardy bunch. They had to deal with harsh winter months and hot, humid summers. In addition wild animals and infectious diseases were a constant problem. Of course, there was no running water or electricity either. Everything was done by hand, including digging the cellars for the homes. Raising a family was difficult also.

Many young babies and children died of disease. This is confirmed by the fact that as I locate old cellar holes, I often stumble upon an old tombstone erected on the property by the family, and often the grave is the burial site of a young child.
I have a lot of respect for those pioneers

How To Find Eastern Ghost Towns

Ghost towns existed as a small town or village. They were probably the first settlement of an area. Today they are holes in the ground, covered and hidden by hundreds of years of vegetation. Time, weather and man, have all played their parts in the ruins of the old towns of the Eastern and Midwestern States.

Start by browsing used bookstores. Look for old books in the local history sections. Oftentimes by reading through an old book about an area, you can gather information about an old town.

Historical Societies

Visit your local historical societies. A great amount of information on the history of your area can be found there. I have found ghost towns by searching through old newspapers that were on file at the historical societies.


The history sections of your local libraries are another great place to search for the old settlements.

The Internet

A great tool for research now is the Internet. Researching ghost towns on the Internet is no different. For a recent television series I produced, the Internet and my computer provided valuable information for my search of a ghost town.

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Ghosts, the Other Side, and Higher Dimensions: Part Two

Alright, exactly what is this place called the Other Side?
Sylvia Browne says, "The Other Side is where our spirits come from when we enter the womb waiting to be born and where our spirits go when we die. It is heaven, paradise, more stunningly beautiful then our earthly minds can imagine." She says this higher plane is right here in our midst, "another dimension superimposed on our own world... " She also says, "Its vibrational frequency is much higher than ours, which is why we don't perceive it." Oh, and incidentally, she says you can't age there; you look as young as you want to.
So the Other Side and "this side" are located in the same place but on different dimensional frequencies. You might think you are in a room all alone, but beings could be all around you. They might not perceive you any more than you might not perceive them, although many times if you happen to see a ghost wandering down the hall of your house, this being will see you too.
Sylvia Browne says the Other Side is where our true home is, and says, "We are separated by nothing but a natural transition we call 'death,' a transition that is really the joyful cycle of our eternal spirit going Home again." You could say the Earth plane is school, and the Other Side is our Summer vacation, but at home. Taking a vacation at home? Sounds backwards, because in the earth plane taking a vacation from home seems to make sense. But apparently our real Home is so vast, so wonderful, who would want to leave it? Unfortunately, we have to come here for training, learning life's lessons, this school of hard knocks, so we can grow and learn to wake up to the "real world" - which is NOT the earth plane.
So the Other Side is essentially where souls live. Churches may call this heaven, or other traditions refer to Nirvana or Paradise, but it's not an actual location; it's a vibrational frequency, a higher dimensional level. This higher dimension we call the Other Side is not just limited to our planet Earth. I believe it exists on every life-bearing planet. In fact, I believe that not only the Other Side, but many dimensional levels exist throughout the Universe. Perhaps here on Earth the Other Side is the closest level to our earthly plane.
The exhilarating movie, What Dreams May Come suggests that the Other Side is a beautiful place where you create things the way you want them to be. Each person can create his or her own personal world, whether it be gorgeous landscapes or a wonderful villa home, or what-have-you. Each person's creation doesn't conflict with anyone else's, because there are no limitations there, there is only vast spaciousness. I believe the Other Side is worlds within worlds, or dimensions within dimensions. There are no time or space constraints there, because its parameters are eternity and infinity. And yet there are no great distances. If you wish to travel ten-thousand light-years away, you can be there in a split-second. That leads to my own personal dream, when I hope to reach the Other Side, to be able to freely travel to the stars and planets, and other galaxies, and to explore and experience the whole Universe eventually, not just planet Earth; yes, to boldly go where no human with a physical body has gone before - because if they have, they are actually astral projecting.
Although things may appear just as physical as it did in the Earth plane, things are far more refined and vivid and intense to the senses. Back on the earth plane everything would appear very dull, dim, and dismal in comparison. The Other Side is the place of light after all, where colors are vivid, bright, and clear.
Now, I have many questions I don't have answers to, although I can guess. Can you eat on the Other Side? Do you have blood-and-guts bodies? Do they have bathrooms there? And toilet paper? Or are your insides made up of ectoplasm, or just energy? Is it true you can look as young as you want to, and not age? Are you free to go beyond the planet Earth? Can you fly around and go anywhere you want? Can you meet famous celebrities up their? Like Elvis? Gandhi? Or Jesus? Can anyone make mistakes there, a big boo-boo, or even "sin"? Are bad people allowed there, or do they go somewhere else? Are there separate dimensional levels for people depending on how enlightened or unenlightened they are?
I don't believe in hell, not as a physical locality, but I say it's more of a state of mind. Most likely lost souls might create their own personal hells, or so I have heard, and this is also what makes them ghosts. So they're probably stuck in this self-created hell, until they wake up, or repent, get therapy, or seek help. Sylvia Browne calls this hellish frequency the "Dark Side."
Many ghosts who are trapped in this limbo dimension between the Earth plane and the Other Side might be experiencing their personal hell, although they are usually confused and disoriented and not aware that they have died. But I believe like many psychics and clairvoyants do, that it's up to the individual beings to decide when they're is going to move on, and by moving on I mean moving on into the Light that will free these ones and lead them to their true home, the Other Side.
So the next time you see a ghost, who is most likely lost, don't say, "I don't believe in ghosts," but smile and ask, "Can I help you?"
Reference: The Other Side and Back by Sylvia Browne
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Ghosts, the Other Side, and Higher Dimensions: Part One

Are there really such things as ghosts? And who ever said there's no such things as ghosts?
Actually, I'm not even going to entertain the close-minded cynical skeptics. I would rather address those more open-minded. So let's move on to some real questions?
What makes a ghost a ghost? Why do we sometimes see them, but most of the time not? And exactly where do they exist?
Here's the basics. First, ghosts were once upon a time us. They are beings who have shed their corporeal mortal coil, as in the physical body, which means they have officially died. They're dead to the earth plane, however the soul is still very much alive. In most cases the being is disoriented and confused and doesn't realize he is dead -- or has left his body which is his anchor to the dense physical world. These ghosts are stuck, or sandwiched between two planes of existence, the earth plane and the denser level of the Other Side. They are earthbound, usually due to previous attachments or unresolved issues that tied them into the earth, yet they lack their earthly body.
If you find them or see them roaming around in a particular house, or even in the house you live, it's probably because they once lived there. Now they have become squatters in their own homes -- or previous homes, since corporeal people now reside there. We may perceive the ghost as the intruder, but from their perspective, anyone in their house is the intruder.
If you see a ghost, it's usually because sometimes the veil between our side and the other side is thin at that particular time or place, to where we get a glimpse over there. And often you may have a psychic opening, even if temporarily, so your psychic sight may open for just a bit which allows you to see entities on a higher vibratory level. It's possible that the fact this entity is near you may trigger an opening, or if it is trying to contact you. Two beings near each other, or in the same house although existing in different frequencies, may be able to see each other. Unfortunately, some people are psychically dense. But I believe every human being has psychic abilities -- they're just untapped. Many times I've seen a glimpse of some being in my room, or in my face, and I kind of freak out at first. But this is because the Other Side isn't far away at all. It's right here! It's only a few degrees away dimensionally speaking. We just have to put up with wearing this hunk of fleshy body which more or less hinders our real abilities. Think of the physical body like a clunky deep diving suit; it tends to hamper your normal senses. Pretty soon you want to come up for air and shed that bulky thing, don't you?
Also, time doesn't pass for beings on the Other Side. Ghosts may have been roaming around in the house for many decades, not realizing they died, and they may assume that a mere few minutes have passed. Psychics and clairvoyance agree on this point in most cases.
The well-known psychic, Sylvia Browne, in The Other Side and Back, states, "Time has no meaning after death, even for those who don't move on to the light to The Other Side, where they belong."
According to psychics and various spiritual traditions, if the ghost gains enough awareness, and learns to let go of the earthly plane and whatever attachments he may have had, he can move into the light and go Beyond, or to what many call the Other Side.
Copyright 2006 -2012 by R. R. Stark -- All Rights Reserved
The preceding article is from "Strange Reports from Zones Unknown," a collection of accounts involving the paranormal, Ufology, conspiracy theories, cover-ups, and other intriguing topics of the weird and unusual.
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Soul Mates And Twin Spirits What Are They Really?

Many of us have had a distinctive experience of having met someone for the first time, someone with whom we feel we are incontrovertibly connected deep within our souls. We may believe this new person is our soul mate or our twin soul. But what are our soul mates or twin spirits really? Can we truly be linked to another spirit and destined to meet one another in many different incarnations? Were we somehow made for one another by a divine creator who provides for all of us someone special with whom we may share our lives?

Like many spiritual beliefs, the concepts of twin spirits or soul mates are predicated upon deep spiritual experiences for which there are really no adequate words. We use metaphors to try to describe such experiences until the experiences become so commonplace that new words evolve to more accurately describe our experiences or the metaphors stick like glue and we come to accept the metaphor as a literal description when in fact it may still fall short of being a valid description of our experience.
While it is undeniably true that many of us have experiences in which we recognize another soul with whom we are intimately connected in some inexplicable way, perhaps we should examine the metaphors we use to describe these experiences to shed some light on what may really be going on. Metaphors are used to apply past experiences which we understand to new experiences which we have no proper concepts for. Without clearly understood concepts we can have no words which accurately describe our new experiences which is why we must resort to metaphors. But a metaphor is only an approximate likeness between two experiences which will usually accurately describe our familiar experience but which will provide only a reasonably close ‘as-if’ description of our new experience.

So when we meet someone with whom we feel we share a common past or destiny we search for a way to explain this feeling and our culture has developed the concepts of soul mates and twin spirits to accommodate our need for words to describe how we feel.

The metaphors of soul mates and twin spirits come from our real experiences with having partners in life, our mates, or having known someone with a twin, a biological condition. Both indicate a degree of relatedness that is above and beyond the way we appear to be related to most other people in our lives and that is the essence of what we are trying to express when we find someone with whom we communicate on a very deep level of our souls.

Neither marriage nor twins may have any real meaning in regard to our spirits, so the popular concepts of soul mates and twin spirits may be off the mark in the context of the spiritual reality of our souls. We may have wonderful people in our lives with whom we are deeply connected whom we may have a great affinity for in the context of our spiritual lives beyond the limits of our incarnations, but they may not be our twins or mates, but something other for which we have not yet found adequate words to accurately describe these very special relationships.

Marriage is a societal convention, mates are temporary phenomena, the lives of our souls in the spirit world may have vastly different social conventions and we may have many mates all of whom are special to us each in their own way but none of whom we may be mated to or married to in any sense that is either permanent or exclusive of someone else.

Likewise, this special person with whom we share an incredibly intimate bond may not be related to us in the manner of a twin. Our spirits seem unlikely to have grown from a single egg and our spirits all share the same womb from which they were born so we cannot be twins in the fraternal sense in any manner that may be considered special since in the ultimate sense we must then all be twins to one another including every other spirit in creation.

However, there are considerations which may make the concepts of soul mates and spiritual twins valid metaphors for our experiences of being thoroughly connected with another person’s soul.

Perhaps our souls have somehow divided themselves and our souls have thereby created an independent twin or a soul mate. This is one explanation I can offer which would make soul mates or twin spirits a reasonably valid metaphor for the experience of meeting a very special person. When I examine the beginning of creation at the time our souls are created I do not see any of us in the roles of twins or mates. So if soul mates or twin spirits truly exist then perhaps they must come much later. If they did come later then that would make them a different order of being from what I would call our primary souls; those infinite sparks cast forth in the first moment of creation. Each of our primary souls is like a hologram such that every one of us contains every one of us within ourselves. If we were to become divided and become two separate specially related souls we might then be twin spirits, but we would no longer be the primary soul from which we originally came, even though each of the souls we have become has its origin in a pre-existing undivided state of our soul.

Another possibility would be that twin spirits or soul mates may simply have shared many experiences together over many different incarnations or have always remained close to one another throughout most of their experiences in the spiritual world of our souls.

Soul mates are sometimes described as being paired opposites, however opposites is a weak term to describe this state of connectedness since it appears to preclude areas where two 'soul mates' may be very much alike.
The philosophy of twin spirits or soul mates is most often predicated upon a belief that god provided for every one of us a perfect mate. But then why is finding that perfect mate so difficult? Has god created our perfect mate only to challenge us to find them? I doubt that it is like that, god does not seem perverse to me.

I think we all began in an identical state or condition and that we have then evolved into what we will become. I think the concept of twin spirits or soul mates is too limiting in regard to the potential scope of our love, and that we are meant to love everyone and are not meant to cling to only one special soul throughout eternity.

Of course I may be mistaken, these are only my thoughts of the moment and my position may change as I consider these questions more carefully over time.

One issue I have with the concepts of soul mates and spiritual twins is that they are predicated upon the cognitive process of duality and ultimately duality is an illusion imposed upon us by our limited abilities to think clearly. Again, I may be mistaken, but I do not think that duality applies to who we are as spirits in the most primal sense of our being. Duality appears to be only a tool for picking apart our experiences so that our conscious minds can discover useful terms with which to describe our experiences.

Regardless of the validity of the metaphors we use to describe the sweet experiences we have of meeting someone with whom we may feel we have shared eternity, many of us most definitely connect in a very unique and intimate manner with some very special person in our lives. Thos people with whom we click in this extraordinary manner often become pivotal people in transforming our lives for the better so that we help one another to grow and to evolve as more loving, nurturing and compassionate human beings.

If you are lucky enough to believe you have found your soul mate or a spiritual twin you then should go for broke. The person whom you have found may indeed reflect that belief in your deep union and prove to be a loving partner or a deeply cherished friend well worth knowing and loving and keeping close to you in your present incarnation on earth.
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BIO: Fledgling author Greg Gourdian has worked with the general public as a psychic reader for a little over four years from 1981 to 1986. Much of his written work is channeled, although he will admit that he has no idea who many of the sources for his channeled work may be. He has many strange tales to tell regarding his spiritual journey and he attempts to tell his tales in a humorous or entertaining manner. While not an accredited teacher, Greg has taught classes in psychology, sociology, metaphysics and parapsychology.
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The Effects Of Planet X

There is a recently discovered planet that came from the far most areas of the solar system and is hurtling towards Earth, the planet is renowned as Planet X and is considered to be one of the greatest threats to the world today. But what do we know about Planet X and how destructive can it be to people and all living creatures on Earth?

Planet X, or also known as planet Nibiru, was first discovered during the early 1980s by a group of NASA astronomers. The discovery was made by using high-tech infrared sensors that are equipped in their observatories and satellites. At the time the planet is seen near the Kuiper’s belt and is discovered to be moving slowly towards the inner reaches of the solar system. Planet X or better known today as planet Nibiru 2012 has gained its momentum and is currently known to be a couple of years shy away from making its destructive arrival here on Earth, in 2012.
 People say that the effects of the intrusion of Planet X or the 12th planet, as some people prefer to call it, will be devastating. Apocalypse theorists even go so far as saying that the effects trump those of the bible predictions. These effects include billions of deaths, widespread natural disasters, famine, solar flares, wars and a lot more. These catastrophic effects of Planet X will take place when it finally reaches the Earth. This is the reason why Planet X has been associated to a lot of doomsday theories such as the Mayan Apocalypse theory and galactic alignment 2012 end of the world theories.

The ancient Mayan calendar has a long count that at the end of which something big, unexplained and very troubling will happen, and the end of that long count cycle is on December 21, 2012. And this has caused a lot of people to believe that the impending arrival of Planet X is the big and mysterious thing that will happen two years from now, resulting in more believers in the Mayan prophecy. Several ideas on how to prevent the arrival of Nibiru, such as the intervention theory, has been discussed and the skeptics are every day looking for holes in the predictions but because of the Mayan, Aztec and Sumerian culture is infamous for their highly developed knowledge in astronomy and mathematics, the 2012 Mayan prediction has more people believing as the year approaches. The ancient Mayan prophecy may be true, or it may be faulty but it does not belie the fact that Planet X is coming and as the days go by, slowly reveals itself as a menace to the Earth's existence; the question now is, is there any way that we can prevent it?
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Canadian Ghost Hunters Investigate Niagara Hauntings

One of the many popular attractions amongst tourists are the haunted houses such as Screamers Niagara and Nightmares Fear Factory, but you don’t have to venture to Clifton Hills or Falls Avenue to experience a true haunting. All that a visiting thrill seeker needs are some directions and a quick history lesson. Through reports and other documented proof, one can learn that Niagara’s historic landmarks pack much more of a haunted punch than a dark house featuring scary music and skeletons popping out of closets.

The war of 1812, fought between the Americans and the British, saw many of its battles fought along the Niagara River. In order to defend themselves from the advancements of American troops, the British occupied forts such as Fort Erie and Fort George in what is now known as the Niagara region. Infamous battles such as the Battle of Stoney Creek and the Battle of Beaver Dam ravaged the area, leaving the forts and many other structures in ruin. Yet despite the destruction, these forts, along with other landmarks such as the Angel Inn and the Drummond Hill Cemetery were salvaged and rebuilt in order to maintain the historical integrity. Historic Landmarks such these are true havens for apparitions and ghost like activity.
Fully dressed 19th century soldiers standing post at the gates of Fort George, injured soldiers limping their way up the hill of the Drummond Hill Cemetery, dishes rattling from within the cupboards of the Angel Inn and let us not forget the headless Sergeant wandering the grounds of Fort Erie. Not to mention the random objects hurled from one location to the next, the eerie sounds of crying and laughter when no one is present, the chilling feeling of cold spots as a ghost inches nearer and nearer. All of which are documented occurrences that have helped Niagara in becoming the most haunted city in Ontario.
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