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Did God Create Aliens Like Us Somewhere Else?

After writing my science fiction novel, Aliens in Paradise, I began thinking seriously about the possibility of life in a world beyond our own. I have researched the work already done by NASA, concentrating on their discovery of thousands of earth-like planets within our own galaxy. Those discoveries are not science fiction. Thousands of planets like earth do exist. This fact gives rise to a more credible belief that life might exist elsewhere beyond our own world.
Even with only several thousand planets already documented by NASA, there are millions more they haven't yet seen. NASA continues to document the existence of several new planets every day, so eventually in years to come, there will be hundreds of thousands of planets documented throughout our galaxy.
Keep in mind that astronomers have already documented the existence of billions of stars in our galaxy. Many of those stars are presumed to have planets revolving around them. Current technology only allows NASA to confirm the existence of planets around a few thousand of the closest stars to our own sun. This does not mean the distant stars don't have planets. It just means that NASA hasn't yet developed the technology to prove their existence. Still, astronomers have documented the existence of millions of galaxies, each containing billions of stars and possible planets of their own. When you add all those galaxies up, there are simply trillions upon trillions of stars in the Universe, each with the possibility of hosting multiple planets. It is this continuously expanding realm of NASA's discoveries that lead me to believe that at least some of those planets might have intelligent life, and some might have only primitive forms of life.
I have a difficult time believing that of all those trillions of stars and planets in the Universe, earth is the only planet that has life. It just doesn't make sense. It's as silly as saying that people only exist in your own neighborhood, even though you have seen pictures of other buildings around the world. You haven't been to all of those buildings yourself, so you can not confirm anyone is in them because you haven't seen the people who inhabit those buildings. You are left to believe that since those buildings exist, there must be people in most of them. It's the same with planets in the Universe. Certainly, at least some of those planets must host some sort of life form, no matter how primitive that life form may be.
Since these planets are so far away from us and from each other, discovering life on other planets as we know it will take a technology we haven't yet developed. The sheer distances between those other worlds would make space travel between them all but impossible without a spacecraft that could travel at close to the speed of light. Our current technology would take over ten thousand years to reach the nearest star system to our sun. Since the energy to power a light speed spacecraft would consume more energy than is available on the entire earth, humans aren't going to be going to the stars any time soon. For the same reason, it's likely that no one from the stars has already made it here, either. But it isn't impossible. Just unlikely.
When I wrote Aliens in Paradise, I followed many scientific facts and adhered to the laws of physics as we know them. The fictional part of the story is primarily centered around two subjects. The first is the ionic rocket propulsion system that allows aliens from a star system twenty light years away to reach earth within a human life span. Certainly no known rocket engine that powerful exists today, at least on earth. However, the principle of ionic propulsion does exist, and is currently in use by NASA. It just doesn't have the capability of pushing a spacecraft to the speed of light. That might change someday. And, yes, there really is an earth like planet twenty light years away from earth as depicted in my fictional story.
The second fictional subject is the similarity of the aliens to humans. In Aliens in Paradise, two aliens come to earth after viewing our TV shows on their own planet. These aliens look so much like humans that most people believe they are not aliens at all. The story explains that our Almighty Creator, who many of us refer to as God, also has created life elsewhere in the Universe. Since the same God created life on multiple worlds, it would stand to reason there would be similarities between aliens and humans. After all, if God is omnipresent as many religions tell us, then it stands to reason He could have created similar life forms in many places other than earth. It makes for a great science fiction plot, but it also makes sense in reality as well. Perhaps someday, scientists looking for life outside our world will discover the radio or TV broadcasts of some other civilization elsewhere in our galaxy. Getting there, however, will have to wait.
Rick Bennette is the author of several romance and science fiction novels. Also an independent film maker, he has owned and operated a video production facility since 1985 in Connecticut and South Florida. Rick's books are available on Amazon and also on his website.
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The Connection Between Northern European Astronomy and Their Gods and Tree of Life

Each generation in a tribe confronted numerous challenges it had to successfully meet, if the nation was to survive. These included clan obligations, religious relationships, camp work, acquiring stories, and so on. To acquire the vital necessary learning, the cultures put sophisticated systems in place for the tribe to utilize. These duties were rooted in their special perspective on the nature of humans and of the environment. The ancients considered themselves part of the natural world. They believed everything came from the same source thus a bear, wolf or fish was our brother or sister and part of the evolutionary tree for a purpose. A bear being a relative is far more likely to be treated with kindness then an object, most urbanized people have become - disconnected from their brother A Tribe members life was shared with all creation in a common world. As they examined the natural world, they discovered in nature its marvellous detail of how it functioned. Each tribe reproduced habits of the species they observed so they to lived with the flow. In other words each 'fine' of the tribe replicated an animal's teachings into tribal life & some began to see the written history of these animal gods in the stars as well. All ancient mythology is but symbolism for a sort of Genealogy of the Tree of Life.
The Magnificent Celtic World Tree bridged with the Milky Way as its massive roots that extended down to the Earth., is also what was considered to be the origin of all peoples, each symbolized by an animal sitting in the tree. Each tribe was a descendant from these animals brothers or gods or a particular tree, river and so on. And just as the animals were sacrificed in the circle of life, so were they. But all came from the World tree, even the winds and other trees. So many tribes chose the tree, animal, constellation, or mountain that they would most see, as being their Mother or Father God. Whether the tribe was Japanese, Indian, 1st nations and so on, we are all from the one tree. Some tribes had a turtle instead of tree, but all mean the same thing. This is what comprises the ancients universe and understanding of its powers. We can see with this tree, in the Welsh Celts of the Arthurian cults who used his court warriors to help Culhwch (Kul oo k) finding the ancient animals to look for Mabon - blackbird, Stag, owl, eagle, and salmon. Ysbaddaden (pronounced - (Is ba thad'n) - which means Chief Giant.) gives Culhwch several tasks in order to win his daughter Olwen (means "white footprint" because she left white flowers where she walked). It is my opinion, giving the knowledge that the Celts well into the Roman times had Tree Gods they were descended from, that Ysbaddaden might have been the world tree - "Chief Giant" tree, though I cannot prove this theory. The Blackbird replaces the Hawk in Norse myths.
In the Norse Tree
The Norse decided on the frost giants (being the giants (possibly huge planets) of fire and ice in the voice or sea space who break up and become earth and planets but they too came from the tree with the rainbow bridge (milky way), and in its branches were also the similar main ancient animals of creation which included an eagle and it's knowledge, a hawk called Vedrfolnir, a squirrel called Ratatosk who runs up and down through the ash tree and carries malicious messages between the eagle and Nidhogg. There are also Four Stags run in the branches of the ash which feed on the foliage and represent the four directions. Their names are: Dain, Dvalin, Dunyr, Durathror. Again all these constellations can be found in the sky. The hawk sits atop the eagles head in the sky.
Dain (dormant) - one of the 4 deer constellations in the branches of the World Tree, an elf name who most likely gave birth to the elves.
Dvalin (sleeper) - one of the 4 deer constellations, a dwarf name and the 2nd smallest deer is most possible the ancestor of the Dwarves.
Duneyr (drooping-ears) - the second largest of the deer - could be the ancestor to whomever mythical creature had drooping ears.
Durathror (sluggish beast) - the largest of the deer. Another constellation long forgotten.
Ratatosk (gnaw-tooth) - the squirrel constellation. Is the main stars in Cassiopeia, with his feet, body and two stars for its tail visible.
Geirrod- the eagle constellation, unnamed among the Norse but whose name we find as "Garuda" in Hindu mythology. Some called it the swan. (We call it Elyrch (which means swan in Pwkatta - pronounced Eleerpuh)
Vedrfolnir (wind-parched) - constellation for the hawk upon the eagle's head.
Nidhogg (poison biter) - constellation of a serpent at the foot of Yggdrasill's root. The constellation some say is the same as Scorpius, who resides just at the base of the tree's root. But I read too many others that say the snake is like energy coiled & can move up and down the tree. It is the bridge to otherworld knowledge with sheds its skin and begins anew in each phase of learning.
In a poem called "Grimnismal", there are four stags on the bottom roots, and four harts at the top boughs, making 8 turns of the wheel. An eagle at the top of branches and a snake at the bottom. (The eagle is now seen as Cygnus the swan in Summer).
One tells of the thunder god Thor helping out the hero Aurvandil by carrying him in a basket back from the frozen north. On the way his toe slipped out and became frost bitten, so Thor broke it off and threw it up into the sky to form a star.
An Anglo-Saxon (Celtic /Scandinavian tribe) version of Aurvandil is Earandel, meaning 'morning star'.

A giant named Thiassi, carried off the goddess Idunn to attain youth from her eternal apples, was killed by the gods after they rescued her. To atone for this deed Odin took the old giant's eyes and threw them up in the sky as his punishment. These stars could only be the twin stars Castor and Pollux.
Other myths associations with Constellations
Grendel - In mythic terms, is a major character who disappears beneath a lake or sea implies that it is a constellation which sometimes slips beneath the celestial equator. From northern Saxon regions, like England, a good proportion of the constellation Scorpio is below the horizon, and one of the zodiacal constellations. Checking on position, I found that Scorpius' position makes it seem that it drowns in the mythic waters. Scorpius is also a clawed creature who loses a claw and its shoulder in the sky, as the same in the story of Beowulf.
Grendel's mother - There is a small constellation adjacent to Scorpius called Lupus, the wolf. It too 'drowns' in the mythic waters just before Scorpius. There is if we read closely, a reference to her being a "wolfish-swimmer". Lupus has associations with Pan and fauns, and in the Roman culture, its festival survived way into the Christian times.
Vidofnir - cock/rooster that is perched upon the highest branch of the World Tree most likely would be Polaris, the North Star or magnetic north. It is golden and shines like a thunderstorm. An immortal guard watching over the world. A symbol of the heralded 'sun fire'. On earth his totem crows at dawn for the victory of light and life returning. Among Germanic tribes he is a spiritual guide. This same 'son' is also Arthur - the pole star who has a wagon or plow. If wer changed the V to W we get "Widofnir" which means (Weaver of the winds), the name of the skies of Vanir, regarded as the Norse deity of fertility.
Horses of Many Cultures
Sun /Star Horses - In the Prose Edda, most are described as the mounts of various gods. The horses seem to be involve either the sun and moon chasing or carrying the sun to next zodiacal sign or adventure. Sleipnir (son of Svadilfari) is the most famous of horses only because he was Odin's mount. Goti is Gunnarr's horse. Grani was Sigurdr's horse. Gulltopr (also called "Gold-Top") was Heimdallr's horse. Hoof-Tosser, Kertr, Slangvir were others. Vakr was Morn's horse. All-Bright, Alsvidhr, Arvakr, Early-Wake, Gladr, Gullfaxi, Sheen-Mane, Shining-Mane and Skinfaxi. There are also night horses and some of those names mentioned are Fjarsvartnir - Frosty-Mane.
These can go in any sign as they are always pulling the sun God or Night Star God on its course. They might be legends of but one tribe. So you ca really put in any animal for each 'fine' (smaller groups part of a larger tribe but function as an independent unit as well).
Auriga, the Charioteer or Waggoner in early days the Wainman, is the French Cocher, the Italian Cocchiere, and the German Fuhrmann. Its key star was considered a she goat and sometimes a unicorn then the myths went to the major constellation of Capricorn, the Turks had is a a mule.
The Sacred Horse is a potent symbol of intelligence, speed, grace, strength, virility, & fertility. It was once seen in the constellation now called Pegasus. Called Epona to some Celtic tribes and so on. Its flowing mane representing the brilliant rays of the sun as the Horse is a beast which carries the Sun's wagon, or the Moon's, across the sky. According to Kristian Kristiansen, in an article called rock art and religion, Horses appear on many early Bronze Age rock carvings showing ancient scenes of fertility rites. He/She believes that Horses were the symbolic twins who would be both ships & horses, night (ship) and day (horses). Horses were actually consulted by priests who would decipher their movements, and sounds. Horses were kept as sacred in many temples up to Christianity who then, as we see in mock humour in the movie "A Knights Tale," would desecrate a church. The church tried to cover many things from pagan past.
Arthurian Horses - Spumador ("the foaming one", sea foam and cloud); a horse of Arthur's.
Bel Joeor - horse - Tristan / Passe-Brewel or Passebreul horse - Tristan.
Berring - horse - Lancelot. Chestnut Long-Neck (Lively Steed of Britain) horse - Kai (Kay).
Cloven-Hoof (Plundered Horse of Britain) horse - Owain (Yvain).
Drudwyn horse - Mabon / Gwynn Dun Mane - Mabon. Dun-Grey (Pack-Horse of Britain) - Rhydderch Hael.
Gringalet, Gringolets, Gringuljete horse with the Red Ears - Lahelin, Orilus, Urjan, Lischois, & Gawain.
Llamrei - Arthur.
Caw of Scotland - Pale Yellow of the Stud (Bestowed Horse of Britain) horse - Lleu.
Passelande - Arthur. Lluagor (the opener of the host) - Caradawg's horse.
Arthurian. The word "Nightmares" is a name which was derived from the Celts who thought they were brought by a visiting horse Goddess such as Epona - Night, the moon, mystery, and magic.
Norse Horses - Gyllir, Blakkr, Hamskerpir, Silfrintoppr, Hrafn, Sinir, Amfaxi, Skeidbrimir, HÅ“nir, Gardrofa, Glaumr, Tjaldari, Glenr, Lungr, Valr, Marr, Vigg.
In most Celtic myths the horses are black or white, thereby providing more evidence of night and day or dark half and light half of the wheel of the year.
So in conclusion we see in many cultures that whether it be deer, birds or other animals - they represent the four directions. Even A first nations tribe showed this in an opening ceremony at the 2010 Winter Olympics in B.C. Canada - Each animal represented one of the constellations of the Four Directions, the White Buffalo (north), the Eagle (east), the Wolf (south) and the Bear (west).
By Brahva Cwmevos
Copyright April 2, 2012
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This article was from my head but over the years I have been influenced by the Writings of Kristian Kristiansen, Eddas, and other Celtic scholars such as Mathew and Caitlin, Peter Ellis, JeanMarkale and so on.
Brahva Cwmevos
Chieftain of 1st Maers Khohias Tribe
(Northern European based but accepts all cultures)
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Norse Witchcraft and Magic Today

The Norse were adventurous,daring Viking warriors who worshiped the Aesir and the Vanir (The Norse Gods and Goddesses). These words conjure up shining images of helmet-clad men with huge swords in hand, sailing their dragon ships over choppy seas.
They were comprised of Scandinavians, as is generally thought but also northern Germans, northern French and people from much of the British isles. They left much of their culture, religion and racial blood in these areas.
The Northmen, like the Celtic tribes had strong ties to the Earth, the Elements, the Gods and the "Little People", hidden people. From the Norse come many of our ideas about trolls, dwarves, elves and giants.
They believed in an afterlife and an end of the world, or Ragnarock, long before the Christians permeated their culture. They gave us the concept of the "Thing", public assembly, where justice could be administered.
Theirs was one of the few cultures where women had a great amount of freedom and protection under law. Norse women were among the most liberated at the time. They had much status. The Norse concept of marriage allowed great cooperation and companionship between husband and wife.
In addition to housewives, women were priestesses, wise women,(versed in Magic) rune-mistresses, healers and warriors. They could go before the Assembly and be granted justice, or even a divorce, just as the men could. Women were listened to by men, especially if they had prophetic dreams or impressions. And dreams were considered important, as they were one of the ways the gods contacted humans.
The people of the North were individualists and deeply resented any attempt to curb their freedom. But at the same time they were capable of great self control, accepting adversities without self-pity.
The Northmen loved a good story or jest. They were shrewd traders with an instinct for commerce. They loved fine design and artistry. They treasured their ships and swords for their beauty as well as for their function.
The Norse were firm believers in retaliation for injustices. There was no room for softness or a door mat existence. The land they farmed was harsh and full of hardship. But in spite of all they maintained a strong belief in family and clan. Their stories show an immense, tender love for spouse, children, friends and family.
Their deities were strong but not immortal. These gods and goddesses were pictured as men and women, but on a grander scale; wiser, stronger, more beautiful guardians of humankind.
Norse Magic and Celtic Magic are the only two true Western European magical traditions. The Northmen were among the last European societies to fall to Christianity.
Norse Magic and witchcraft for today fits the type of personality that is a "doer," someone who definitely dose not believe in taking a servile approach to life. It interests those who want to actively shape their own future, rather than just waiting around for change to come on it's own.
It is a Magic of pride in oneself with the courage to face whatever comes, and the knowledge to mold results into a particular life plan. It attracts only a strong person, open to changes and the acceptance of new ideas.
The Norse Gods do not drop results in your lap. These gods only help those who help themselves.
You must ignore the old cry of, "Magic doesn't work!" And instead attune yourself to the power of the Elements calling upon the Norse Gods and other supernatural beings.
Magic works if you think it works! Preparing for magic begins with the subconscious mind, and reprogramming it to accept the unseen and the disprovable. It begins by unlocking the creative part of the mind.
True magic is the way of the individual, not society. It encourages self growth and a restructuring of thought and living.
If you become successful and happy through magic; why worry about the opinions of others who are less open? Learn, practice and perform! Enjoy every new success to the fullest.
As the old Norse would say: "May the Gods of Asgard guide your steps. May Thor's hammer protect you. May Odin give you wisdom and may Freya give you magical power and prosperity!"
Brightest of Blessings,
Lory Woortman is an author and water color artist. She is interested in Norse Shamanism, Magic and Quantum Physics. She has written many more articles on:
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Romania's Haunted Forest

Romania's Hoia Baciu forest is a place which has long been associated with strange and paranormal happenings, especially by locals in the nearby village located on the edge of the forest. Residents of this remote village report seeing strange lights in the sky, beams of light rising from the forest at night, spectral figures are seen and strange sounds and voices are heard by anyone who ventures into the forest. Some people have even reported being assaulted by unseen forces, but let's take a look at the known history of the forest before we get to that.
In 1968 a military technician named Emil Barnea went camping in the forest to get some quiet time (that was his first mistake). Accompanying Emil were his girlfriend Zamfir and two friends, the group had ignored warnings about the forest given to them by villagers, apparently Emil and co. had never ever seen a horror movie in which ignored warnings lead to terrible/hilarious deaths. Anyway it turns out nothing to bad happened to the group, but they got three very clear black and white pictures of a silver disc UFO, which Emil described as executing a difficult flying manoeuvre then flew of into the blue at a steep angle.
Long before Emil and co. had their sighting, the Hoia Baciu forest was producing weirdness. Locals have always reported physical effects like feeling sick, feeling very anxious for no reason, sudden headaches and sometimes even burns and scratches appearing on the skin of those who have gone into the forest. Another visitor to the forest of eternal creepiness was one Alexandru Sift, a biologist who became intrigued with the stories surrounding Hoia Baciu. He began to venture alone into the forest hoping to experience the phenomenon first hand. Alexandru began to notice that as he walked through the trees shadowy shapes were following him, always seen from the corner of his eye. It was tricky to form a solid opinion of who or what they were, so he began photographing the shadows or at least the areas in which he seen them, the results were impressive. Not only did the photographs he took show the shadows, but also figures of people that he never noticed with the naked eye and also light orbs, his photographic evidence only served to add interest to an already interesting and scary place.
In September of 2009 the crew of the Syfy channel's popular program, Destination Truth, traveled to Romania to check out this infamous haunted forest for themselves. As it turns out they got slightly more than they bargained for. They started by interviewing a professor in the city of Cluj named Adrian Patrut who is Romania's leading expert on the Hoia Baciu forest. He has personally observed strange bright lights and human shaped apparitions on his trips to study the forest, Adrian directed the destination truth team to a small village near the edge of the forest where they would get the local take on things. The villagers the team interviewed confirmed the reports of strange lights above the forest and disembodied voices and shadowy shapes and also warned "don't go". Village advice ignored t,he team proceeded into the forest for an all night vigil.
After patrolling through the dark forest and observing quite a few strange lights among the trees they arrived at the area of most interest in the forest which is a circular clearing near the centre with no trees, and it was here that the team conducted an evp session, where one team member sits in the middle of the circle alone for 30 minutes and asks questions and and later the audio evidence is examined to look for replies, the other team members watch the individual from their base camp nearby. Everything was fairly uneventful until Evan's turn. He reported over his radio that he was hearing female voices which seemed to be coming from different parts of the forest, about three seconds after saying this he was thrown or pulled backwards with considerable force, an event which was captured clearly on the groups night vision camera set up. The other team members sprinted from base camp to help Evan and when they got to him he was visibly shaken and some scratch marks had appeared on his forearm.
So in summary it certainly seems like the Hoia Baciu forest is hiding some weird secrets and it definitely didn't disappoint on it's first big TV appearance. Check out destination truth season 5 episode 2 for the teams return visit to this odd forest.
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History of the Crystal Skulls - Part II (Discovery of Crystal Skulls in 19th Century)

Originally I was going to make this article just two parts but it would take many pages to discuss the major crystal skulls that have emerged since the 1800's. So we will only mention the main crystalline skulls or heads which either are documented to be discovered or that there are rumors of ones which surfaced sometime in the 19th century. This means we will be writing a Part III for this article series in the near future. Below find a description of the following crystal skulls that are known of today:
a) The Paris Crystal Skull (found in the 1860's) - a small single piece clear quartz skull with primitive features and a hole cut from top to bottom that was probably discovered in a tomb in Mexico by grave robbers. Eventually the skull is purchase from a French antiquities dealer and donated to the Trocadero Museum in Paris in 1878. The crystal skull is moved after 2000 into the Musee du Quai Branly near the Eiffel Tower. It is said that this could be an Aztec skull that was used in a death ceremony with it was placed on a pole and this is why the hole exists.
b) The British Museum Crystal Skull (found in the 1860's) - human size, a single piece of clear quartz probably also found in a tomb in Mexico which eventually found itself in the hands of a soldier of fortune who eventually sold it to the same antiquities dealer as the Paris Skull. It is recorded a gentlemen living in New York City eventually buys the skull (it had been offered to various world museums who thought it was a fake) who then sells this crystalline skull to Tiffany's, a New York Jeweler. In 1897 Tiffany sells the skull to the British Museum in London who has it on display in the early part of 1898. Initially this skull was on display at the Museum of Man, a sister museum to the larger British Museum but in 2004, the British Museum Crystal Skull moves it to the main museum on Russell Street where it has been on public exhibition ever since. When the Indiana Jones film came out in 2008, the museum did some type of tests upon the skull, as the Musee du Quai Branly did with their skull, and both museums claimed their respective crystallinr skulls were fakes or made by modern carvers in the 19th century.
c) National Museum in Mexico City (on display in the 1860's or 1870"s) is a collection of small crystal skulls that were purchased from individuals that had them in their possession. Mexico is known as a country where many of the crystalline skulls are hidden in the ground. As we move to Part III of this article series, you will learn more about this.
d) Reliquary Cross Crystal Skull (received from a Church in the 1860's in Mexico) - this is a small clear quartz skull with a hole cut from top to bottom to hold a cross that is dated 1571 which is made from quartz with gold embedded into it that is held by the Redo family. At a crystal skull conference in Mexico City in 2009, we met Mrs. Redo who has been the guardian of this skull for many years. At that time she informed us that her skull was in secured storage in England and was going to be offered for sale. Not sure if this crystalline skull has been sold to a new owner however.
e) President Porfirio Diaz of Mexico, various crystal skulls (from 1876 - 1911) - it is claimed on his desk that he had several skulls of which people who were contemporaries of his time wrote about seeing these skulls in his office but, we do not have a way to verify this statement. Further it is speculated that some of the crystalline skulls that we know of today may have been part of this set. This would include a large 30+ lb. hollow skull that was delivered to the doorstep of the Smithsonian Institute in 1992. There was a note left with the skull by an anonymous donor that suggested President Diaz had this crystal skull. Also there was discussion of an amethyst crystal skull that President Diaz had which could be another skull we have seen photos of that were sent to us by a private owner that lives in California. This amethyst skull appears to be of a simple design and has a dark purple color. Again neither of these crystal skulls can be confirmed but there are stories which are being told.
What we can state however is that in the 1800's, the large museums of the time became very interested to share antiquities from ancient civilizations and since the crystal skulls were all discovered to this point in Mexico, it was thought they were of Aztec or Mayan origins. But there was not a lot of interest to do a thorough investigation upon the skulls as they were just a part of the artifacts left by these cultures. The more serious research with the crystalline skulls does not happen until the 20th century when the most well-known Crystal Skull was discovered linked to an ancient ruin in Belize in the 1920's. But we will have to save the reporting of the next series of crystalline skulls that emerged publicly in the next century for the third part of this article series.
We can say though that the British Museum, Museum in Paris and the small crystal skulls in the National Museum of Mexico are still on display and still draw people very interested to see the real objects in person.
We hope you enjoyed this second part of the series about the History linked to the crystal skulls. As we move closer to the 21st century, more and more skulls begin to appear publicly. It is possible that many of the crystal skulls we know of today could have been either held in private hands of people who never spoke about them or we also believe that various indigenous cultures in all three Americas may have been guarding the skulls in secret to protect them as they considered the crystal skulls to be sacred objects and important for the future of humanity.
Thank you, in peace and light,
To the adventures and journeys ahead
Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer
Joshua Shapiro and his partner Katrina Head are known as the Crystal Skull Explorers. Living in the Seattle area since 2011, they have traveled the world sharing key information about the crystal skulls along with their 16 skulls they call the crystal children. For 2012 they plan to write several new e-books. As a matter of fact on September 5th they just released their new Kindle e-book "Journeys of the Crystal Skulls Explorers" and more then 400 people grabbed their copy in the first week. To get your copy for less than a buck head over to:
To view the press release we sent out on September 13th (2012) to let people know about our new Kindle e-book take a peek at:
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History of the Crystal Skulls - Part I (Where Did the Crystal Skulls Came From From Ancient Times)

In the 1970's and 1980's there wasn't a lot known about the crystal skulls other than once in a while we might see a TV show or documentary that would do a presentation about them. However, now that we are in the 21st century - the crystal skulls are emerging quite frequently in various parts of our world. Plus, there doesn't seem to be an end of newly uncovered crystal skulls which are publicly surfacing which could have originated from ages past.
The objective of this article (of three parts) is to discuss briefly possible origins of the crystal skulls prior to the 19th century. And then in Part II and Part III we will investigate from a historical perspective the major crystal skulls which are publicly known today as well as how the crystal skulls are affecting physically and energetically the people they meet.
Here are four possibilities where these crystalline heads may have originally come from - but of course, there is no way to prove if any of these ideas or theories presented are or could be true:
1) Other Dimensions or from Extraterrestrial Civilizations - the reason for discussing that the crystal skulls could originate from either off planet or from other universes is that:
a) some of the crystalline skulls which have been discovered or unearthed are fashioned or formed with a superior design which means a highly evolved intelligence was needed to manufacture these skulls.
b) in the holographic images that seemingly appear within the crystalline head (especially the ones we believe are extremely old) which we have viewed in their presence, photographed or video taped, people have observed scenes showing "ETs" and sometimes these extraterrestials appear to be near their space craft.
c) people who claim they are having a telepathic communication with their personal crystal skulls (either newly carved or much older) say the intelligences that is speaking to them claims to be from a galactic or a dimensional source.
d) within the various indigenous cultures in the world are various legends which explain the origins of the crystal skulls (especially the Mesoamerican people), in which in some of these legends it is stated that these crystalline skulls are gifts from the Gods (which we could interpret as extraterrestials).
2) Advanced Civilizations from the Earth's Past such as Atlantis or Lemuria were responsible for creating the crystal skulls. This theory is mostly derived from: the past life memories people are having of these ancient cultures where they see themselves witnessing and experienced these crystalline heads in those times; is the information given by mediums or sensitives who are in the presence of a skull; or finally are derived from various elders or shamans linked to the Mayans who believe in the existence of Atlantis and that the areas they currently live in were once colonies of Atlantis.
3) The legend of the 13 Clan Mothers: (this information comes from a book written by Jamie Sams) In this legend, during the time of the existence of Turtle Island (many thousands of years ago) there were purportedly spiritual beings who took on the human form of a physical woman who visited the people living on this huge continent. Turtle Island existed within the Atlantic Ocean which eventually broke into pieces that became four continents that we know of today. During the time of the Clan Mothers, each of these women had their own crystal skull which when they returned to their dimension of origin, they left these crystalline heads to help and benefit the people.
4) Hollow Earth - we have personally spoken to two sources who claim to have had a direct contact with the people who live on the Inner Surface of the Earth (meaning our world is hollow and gravity would hold a person the same to the inner surface of our planet just as we are held to the outer surface). The Inner Earth people claim that they originally came from various Galactic races who brought a crystal skull with a crystal body with them that contained the history and the genetic coding of their race.
It seems likely if any of the four proposed theories of the skull's origins could be correct, it would logically make sense that when Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed (as purported by legends), some of their people who could see the end coming, scattered throughout the world and took their sacred objects with them (including crystal skulls) which eventually landed into the areas we are now finding crystal skulls like Mexico, Central America and South America which were colonies of these great civilizations.
As far as what were these crystalline heads were used for and programmed to do for the ancient people, here is our understanding:
a) they were the ancient computers which have stored incredible knowledge and information inside of them that perhaps, one day in our future, we will figure out how to retrieve this amazing information. The ability to read these computers may come through the development of some new technologies or maybe even an ancient technology that we might discover linked to a very old civilization that has hidden this technology or placed it within a time capsule.
b) they were used to record vibrational frequencies and energy that were near the skulls' presences - of which such energies could offer help to heal individuals of any illness or physical challenges; to enhance one spiritual gifts or break through physical, emotional or mental blocks that prevent a person from knowing and remembering that they are immortal souls having a physical experience on Earth.
c) the crystal skulls could be utilized as a powerful tool to enhance one's physical environment (such as weather control to bring a pleasant day) or to act as a vortex offering an interdimensional door to allow us to have contact with other beings on other levels or even "Spirit". So we could say, these crystalline skulls also have the capability to function as a kind of communication device.
So as we approach the 1800's the first crystal skulls were publicly uncovered in the ground within Mexico. We could pre-suppose that these skulls were used by various Mesoamerican societies who must have inherited these crystalline skulls from the advance people who were fleeing the destruction of their civilization and then the skulls became integrated into these cultures. But there is a specific legend which states there exists a master set of 13 skulls that will come back together one day, however, we have no definitive proof if such a set exists or not.
Alright then, in the next part of this article we will turn our discussion towards the main crystal skulls which have appeared in modern times and when, we will follow this by how the crystal skulls have affected the people of our world of today in various ways (emotionally, physically and spiritually).
In Peace and Light always,
Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer
Joshua Shapiro and his partner Katrina Head are known as the Crystal Skull Explorers. Living in the Seattle area since 2011, they have traveled the world sharing key information about the crystal skulls along with their 16 skulls they call the crystal children. For 2012 they plan to write several new e-books. As a matter of fact on September 5th they just released their new Kindle e-book "Journeys of the Crystal Skulls Explorers" and more then 400 people grabbed their copy in the first week. To get your copy for less than a buck head over to:
Also to celebrate the release of the new e-book, the Explorers are sharing with their readers and online friends/fans several amazing bonuses and gifts. To get these gifts go to:
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Psychic Medium Crafts: How To Make Your Own Ouija Board

The Ouija board, according to any reliable psychic medium, is a tool used for channeling that allows you to communicate with spiritual entities. The board has been known to exist since the 14th century, during the era of Valens, a Roman emperor. It was even said to have been used long before the time of Christ, by the Greeks. The first ever Ouija board that was brought into mainstream attention was essentially two tools that were used for scrying combined, with a wheel that had several letters of the alphabet on it and an inverted wine glass. Of course, this psychic medium tool saw a true peak in popularity when famed board games manufacturer The Parker Brothers bought the rights for mass production and has since been one of the most popular board games along with Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly up this very day.
A psychic medium, however, can definitely attest to the fact that using a Ouija board is no laughing matter, since there's a huge possibility you may end up talking to spiritual entities from other planes of existence. It is with the assistance and guidance of an expert psychic medium that you are able to communicate with these beings properly, and can even come up with your Ouija board. If you want to learn how to make a customized Ouija board, take note of the following steps:
1. Come up with a rough sketch of how you want your Ouija board to look like. This psychic medium tool usually has a layout of the word "YES" placed at the top of the circle, with "NO" situated at the bottom. Basically, a standard board has all the letters of the alphabet forming a circle, starting with A and ending with Z. For numbers, 1-9 is usually positioned right next to "NO."
2. You can then materialize that design by using a piece of paper or something harder, such as a board. If it is made out of paper, it is suggested that you place it on a piece of wood, a masonite board or on top of a table.
3. Leave a bit of space around the board's edges in order to make sure that your makeshift planchette, which can be a custom-made pointer or an inverted glass, doesn't fall off the sides of the board when you're using it.
4. You can cover the board with some clear coating or even plastic, ensuring it's the same size as your Ouija board. This would help maintain a bit slipperiness which would allow for smooth and easy movement of your planchette once you begin to use this psychic medium tool to communicate with spirits.
Psychic Tana Hoy was born with his psychic powers. Tana's psychic powers gives him the ability to communicate Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, and Loves Ones on the Other Side.Tana has given over 90,000 psychic readings, appeared on such TV shows as The Jenny Jones Show, Psychic Detectives, been featured in magazines such as Marie Claire, Entertainment Weekly, and Star Magazine, and has made over 600 radio appearances. With a 93% accuracy rate, Tana can help you solve any problem, and show you what you need to do to make any outcome happen in your favor. To learn how Tana can see into your future and help you solve any problem, click here! Help is only a click away!
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Are Ouija Boards Safe?

Are you thinking about using the Ouija board? Does the idea of using the Ouija board to ask questions of the spirits sound fun to you? Are you wondering what lies beyond the earthly realm, and are you considering using the Ouija board to find out?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, please consider the information below before beginning your practice with the Ouija board.
Ouija boards are not toys, though they are unfortunately currently marketed as such. These "toys" are actually extremely potent divination tools and should only be used by skilled individuals who understand the risks and are willing to take them.
First off, yes, a person can absolutely contact spirits via the Ouija board. It is definitely an effective and powerful divination instrument. However, the question ought to be: what kind of spirits will you actually contact?
While it is true that cases exist involving people who have channeled valuable information via the Ouija, more often than not the information that comes through is lower-vibration, unenlightened and sometimes downright threatening.
When you purchase a board and bring it into your home you are essentially declaring your intention to make contact with the spirit world. This immediately sets off a type of spiritual flare, though not one that necessarily travels to the higher levels, where more illumined and enlightened beings exist.
When you pull out the board and begin to actually use it, you are, in effect, asking all proximate beings to show you that they are there. Asking for this type of evidence or proof is an invitation and opens a very large spiritual door. Yet with the Ouija, once the door is open, an individual cannot be sure who (or what) will step through.
The fact is that most entities attracted to the Ouija board are ones that dwell on the lower astral levels, or the levels more closely associated with the earth plane. These are typically spirits/beings that may be disoriented (due to death-related trauma or sheer confusion), resistant to progression (therefore unenlightened and unwilling to be enlightened) or downright hostile (entities looking to cause mischief, trouble and even harm).
While it is possible to make contact with more enlightened beings via the use of certain divinatory tools, the Ouija, for whatever reason -- and I feel the reason is vibratory in nature and also involves historical stigmatization -- appears to attract spirits who essentially cannot or will not move on. Why would you want to talk with these beings? Why would you want proof or evidence from these sorts of entities? Why would you want to play with that kind of fire?
You shouldn't want to, and in my opinion as a psychic medium, you shouldn't do it at all.
People without developed psychic abilities usually are unable to discern whether an entity coming forward is good or bad / moral or immoral. This makes their use of this board unsafe. Psychic individuals, however, can read and judge energetic vibrations, and all beings (including humans) resonate at a certain vibratory level. Therefore some psychics can effectively use the Ouija as a tool for channeling information, but this is because they typically have more skills, more information and more protection. Even so, however, extreme caution must always be taken.
For the record, and as someone who works as a professional psychic, I do not and would not use the Ouija board.
That being said, if you do not possess developed psychic skills yet still wish to proceed with the Ouija board, do so knowing that it is generally recognized to attract more problems than good into a person's life. Often the problems associated with the Ouija board are hard to clear and can be extremely harmful to the individuals using the board as well as others close to them, some of which may be innocent and unknowing bystanders.
Crystal Milligan is a psychic medium, writer and teacher who lives and works in Denver, Colorado. She offers psychic readings and spiritual teaching at her website,
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A Spiritual View of Autism

The value of a spiritual view of autism is that it enables the pain of limitation and helplessness suffered by those who experience significant impairment and those who care for them to be held within a sense of purposefulness and meaning. This can support individuals and families with a sense of truth and love, even during times of greatest challenge.
To begin with, there are many layers of understanding that relate to the phenomenon of autism, and each has to be viewed in its own right.
Within one layer are the demonstrable expressions of impaired neurological functioning that are the basis for such things as seizures, aphasias, difficulty performing routine motor tasks, nervous gestures or tics, and other anomalies of nervous system functioning.
Within another layer are the problems of thought and speech that have to do with difficulties in communication, strange thought patterns related to non-ordinary perception, difficulty forming coherent thoughts or forming thoughts whose sequence is intelligible only to the person expressing them; also patterns of thought and speech that are pervasive that have to do with brain synapse functioning and the ways in which neural energy gets released. All of these aspects of autism are also within the layer defined by physical functioning.
Within a third layer are the social and emotional aspects of autism which are often considerable and which vary in degree from person to person.
Yet, there is still another layer within which lie the reasons that autistic functioning is more prevalent today and also more widely understood. It is this:
For a long time now, humanity's brain function has emphasized the left side of the brain, once the right-brain functions went into recession thousands and thousands of years ago. This left-brain functioning has overemphasized certain aspects of the brain's capacities and eliminated or significantly reduced other capacities associated with right-brain functioning. The need of the time we are in, however, is to bring into balance right and left-brain functioning, and for this purpose, heightened neural and brain activity is needed to connect the two hemispheres. This increased activity requires an adaptation by the human organism in order to tolerate the increased charge to the neural pathways, and sometimes, when this adaptation is incomplete or limited, it is possible for the system to become overcharged or overstimulated, with subsequent problems in releasing the excess energy that is taking place on a cortical level.
This feature is often associated with a particular genetic picture or predisposition and so it is. However, it is also associated with the wider spiritual phenomenon that is occurring today which involves humanity's movement into the next level of its spiritual expression - one in which right and left-brain functioning will be more in balance and in which new capacities will emerge that will enable a wider range of mental and perceptual activities than are present today.
Many of those who are presently diagnosed as 'autistic', today, are the forerunners of this transition into a new level of brain functioning. They do not appear as such because of the limitation that autism brings to their lives on so many levels. But they have chosen to experience this limitation in order that further on in their development, they may express as more evolved and balanced beings and ones for whom more will be possible. The reason for this choice is hidden within the inner motivational pattern of each soul according to its own Divine essence and its need to manifest the truth of who it is. It is not something that can be seen from an outer perspective, or understood within any other frame of reference other than the drive of a soul to seek its own self-realization.
There are, of course, other reasons that are karmic that a soul chooses to experience limitation in this as well as in other areas of life, but the karmic purpose of limitation can also be employed in service to the larger spiritual purpose of evolving brain function and capacity.
To see those who are diagnosed as 'autistic' as forerunners of a new generation of capable souls who will emerge from these very limitations is a perception that requires a deep understanding of the sequence of lifetimes and how they contribute to and enhance one another. Without such a perspective, this context for viewing autism makes no sense. Within such a perspective, however, it may be seen that what has limitation on one side, may have advantage on the other, and that souls may have chosen to experience both the limitation and the advantage because of their desire to quicken their own spiritual development.
The problem of autism is indeed a problem for individuals, for families, and for society as a whole, with much hardship involved on a personal and familial level where the emotional and physical challenges are very great. However, as with any other physically manifesting problem, it can be considered to be an avenue of growth as well as of difficulty. One way of looking at the problem in its present context is to find ways of supporting the positive qualities of functioning and of life that are present within autistic individuals, and to know that these are always there, no matter what outer behaviors may suggest. Such support can go a long way toward affirming the value of a lifetime in which great limitation is present. It can also acknowledge the soul within that has chosen the limitation and can accord to that soul equal dignity and equal opportunity to live to the limits of their capacity, rather than seeing the diagnosis as a detriment to life. Such a view is optimistic and supportive, and allows families and society as a whole to view the sacred life within the limitation, rather than viewing the person as the limitation, thus enabling that person to live a fuller and more fulfilled life.

For other writings by Julie Redstone see Pathways of Light – For additional views of the soul's choice in relation to limitation, see "A Spiritual View of Depression," "A Spiritual View of Mental Illness," and "The Body's Consciousness: Encoding from the Soul," available within the Light Omega Ezine Reader –
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The Four Main Psychic Senses By Natalia Kuna

There are four main psychic senses that we use to gain information and guidance from our Higher Self (otherwise known as the Holy Spirit), or from other dimensions. They are: clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing).
You may have one primary clair ability that comes more naturally to you, or a combination of a few or even all of them. My primary clair ability is clairsentience, as I often get strong intuitive feelings that I have learned to trust and follow, however, it is also combined with senses of 'knowing', 'hearing, 'and sometimes I do receive various kinds of visual images.
If you feel that you might be psychically blocked, you can ask the angels or your guides to help, and try using some psychic development tools such as clearing your chakras (such as your third eye or crown), or cutting cords with any past lives where you may have been killed, persecuted or frowned upon for your psychic ability. As strange as it may sound to some, it is not uncommon for people to have been witches, priestesses, shamans or healers in past lives. We can carry karma and hidden memories from these life times, or they may affect us on subtle emotional, physical or mental levels. You may also have blocked yourself from seeing or experiencing anything paranormal or supernatural because of an experience from your past that spooked you, or a general fear of having a visitation or experience of some kind.
Clairaudience is a French word that means "clear hearing." It is the psychic ability to hear with your inner ear, but can also relate to your outer physical ear. You may hear a message (word or sentence), in your inner ear, or from overhearing a real near you for example. Even when something 'clicks' as a person is talking is a sign of clairaudience in action.
Guidance can also come in the form of a sound or music. This can include hearing a certain song title or lyrics. In this case your ears are acting as a receptor of Divine knowledge, through the phenomenon of sound, and are often manifested through the workings of synchronicity and Divine intervention. On the downside, clairaudients can be very sensitive to intrusive noises, and can feel overwhelmed when they are bombarded with loud, clashing or overlapping sounds.
I have experienced clairaudience in the form of bells ringing; angels laughing or hearing repeated words, sentences or phrases. I have also had angels or people's loved ones in spirit whisper in my ear. Angelic warnings of impending danger are often delivered clairaudiently too. I was warned of a potential harmful experience, as well as an earthquake, by being told in my mind, just before it happened.
To develop your clairaudience, you can work on clearing your ear chakras. Another good trick is to spend some time being still, and taking notice of all the sounds around you, from the gentle humming of your fridge, to a truck driving past, an aeroplane in the sky, birds singing, murmurs from people walking by, and even your own breath. Honing in on your hearing helps you have sharper audient skills so that you begin to fine-tune your hearing and discern the difference between sounds on the earth plane, and messages from Spirit; not to mention squelch the ego that only wants to cause you to doubt and question anything you may hear.
Claircognizance means clear 'knowing' or 'thinking.' It is when you feel with all your being that you just 'know' something as a certainty. There have been times when I have received information clairaudiently, such as a repeated word, which was followed by what I would call a 'gut knowing.' It is a definite, unmistakable sense that you know something is a true fact, even if you have no concrete way of knowing.
Some claircognizants have an uncanny ability to know facts that they couldn't have possibly known otherwise. They are able to receive information from the higher realms, like etheric downloads if you will. Sometimes they may even wonder how they knew something! They also may intuit information about a person or place that they have never met or been to before. When I lived in Japan, I had many claircognizant experiences where I just knew information about people who were otherwise strangers I was meeting for the first time - travellers and vagabonds! I received quite specific information about them which astounded me when they confirmed they were true.
Claircognizants are often intellectual. They are deep thinkers, analysers and easily retain and articulate information. Claircognizants are often good at obtaining solutions for their problems through their Divine cognitive skill. If you feel that you may have some claircognizant ability, pay attention to any ideas, knowledge or information that you receive, especially when they are repetitive and really trying to catch your mind's attention. Always trust in what you get and take action accordingly.
If you would like to polish your claircognizant skills, work on clearing your crown chakra, which is the chakra related to universal consciousness. When this chakra is clear and open, it will be a more efficient receptical of Divine information.
Clairsentience means 'clear feeling.' It is when your intuition is guided by your feelings. It may be a gut feeling, a bodily sensation or reaction such as shivers, goose bumps or a flutter or tightening in the stomach. Your body as well as aura is a sensitive receptor which can be affected by the energies of other people, their thoughts and emotions, environments, and even spiritual phenomena. Empaths who are particularly sensitive by nature can have a hard time monitoring their own energy due to what they consciously or unconsciously pick up from other people, places or situations. This can also include world events, weather patterns and environmental factors; not to mention physical pain and discomfort. I tend to very easily pick up if someone has been crying, or is sad or depressed. It has taken many years to discern that these are emotions from other people, rather than my own! As you can imagine, being clairsentient can be potentially toxic, taxing and testing!
Clairsentients can feel the presence of angels, spirits and other spiritual beings. As clairsentience is my predominant psychic ability, I recall an occasion where I was at a children's party, of all places. I suddenly felt at disease, emotional and moody and I could not work out why. As it happened, I was sitting next to an experienced psychic with clairvoyant ability who told me that a spirit of the lower vibrations was in the room. That was a huge 'aha' moment for me, as it confirmed how much I was being affected by things that I didn't even know existed! My friend quietly sent the spirit off and cleared the space without me knowing, and I immediately felt the difference in the room.
To improve and nurture your precious clairsentient skills, try clearing you heart chakra, which can get so affected by our own as well as other's emotions, thought and feelings. Make sure that you are well shielded, grounded and protected psychically at all times. It will make a noticeable difference in your mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being.
Clairvoyance is the most commonly known clair ability. It is often used as a general term for anyone who does some form of psychic work. The real meaning of clairvoyance is 'clear seeing,' or 'second sight.' It denotes seeing with either your physical eye, or your mind's eye. To understand what this means, think of how your mind works when you are imagining, visualising or recalling a visual image, or daydreaming. Clairvoyance works in much the same way. There have been times where I have seen with my mind's eye, as a kind of mental image of Archangel Michael leaning over me or another person. This was accompanied by my clairsentient feeling of his presence as firm and protective but also extremely kind and humorous. When more than one sense is in action, it is a validation that what you are experiencing is indeed real.
People with clairvoyant skills are often very 'visual' people who notice their surroundings and have an eye for detail. They may be creative types with an acute sense of aesthetics. If you are clairvoyant, you may notice fine details about a location, or people's clothing, gestures and facial expressions for example.
You may have had a 'dream visitation' of a spiritual being or departed loved one. These dreams are usually profoundly vivid and moving, more clear and spiritually significant than your usual dreams. Some people have also had 'visions' while awake. These appear as a kind of movie. Visions are powerful, compelling and unforgettable. The gift of prophecy also falls under this category. Nostradamus, for example was profoundly clairvoyant!
Just as clairaudience can pertain to hearing with your physical ears, clairaudience can also include messages coming in the form of something you see or notice with your physical eye. This could be a sign such as a feather, bird, number combination, visual image or word that you see. An example of this is when I was when I was on my way one day to a gathering of likeminded Angel Intuitives. As I was driving, I could 'feel' (with my clairsentience) that the energy in the place and between the people was amazing, very high vibrational and building up quickly. Then, just as I was thinking this, I past a huge advertising sign that read "The energy is high!" You could only imagine my astonishment and excitement! Well I have driven on that same highway every week for years, I had never seen that sign either before or after that day!
Those with exceptional clairvoyant skills can see spirits, angels, fairies and other spiritual beings, as well as auras and light anomalies such as sparks or flashes of light or orbs. They may also see objects or symbols which may have specific personal or universal meaning.
Which psychic sense(s) do you most resonate with?
Natalia Kuna is a writer, author, teacher and Angel Intuitive (TM), certified by Doreen Virtue. In her beautiful intuitive readings, Natalia connects with the angels and uses oracle cards in order to give clear, compassionate, and deep, accurate guidance. She helps people on their path to healing and transformation through her readings and writings. Are you ready for the transformation?
On Natalia's site there are many spiritual articles. You can also subscribe to Natalia's inspirational, intuitively-guided newsletter "Awakening Spirit" created to awaken your consciousness, uplift your spirit and nurture your soul.
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Are the Gods of Old Coming Back to Earth in 2012?

Many things have been written and predicted about 2012, some people claim that it will be the end of the world as we know it and others claim that on the 21st December 2012 we will either ascend to God or the new Golden Age will instantly be ushered in and all crime, sickness etc will vanish like a bad dream. I don't rightly know what will happen this year, a miracle may indeed happen, but it seems highly unlikely.
What follows is what I have been inspired to write by sources unknown at this time, I was even given the title of the post and a very brief overview of what to write. This has never happened to me before, it was kinda of like here's the bigger picture, now you sort out the details.
Here we go...
For what ever reason or reasons I don't know, but from what I can understand whatever is coming is somehow connected with the US Presidential elections on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The Mayans long count calender ends on December 21st 2012, and there seems to be a lot of fear connected with this event for many people, personally I don't feel that the Mayan calender is predicting doom and gloom at all. I have been informed by Her Holiness Alexandra that at midnight on the 12th of December 2012 from 12 noon to midnight a crossing (maybe a portal would be a better word?) will open, this crossing is near Orion's belt, way beyond the Milky Way.
When this crossing opens, the gods of old will more easily be able to gain access to planet Earth. Some aliens are already here, some are visible and are in evidence by the credible UFO sightings that have escalated over the years, some ET's may even be working along side us in our everyday lives. The others are remaining invisible to us and most likely will choose to show themselves to us after the 12th of December 2012.
The good news is that with the opening of the crossing, friendly beings often called Ethereans will return and help humanity to usher in the Golden Age which should commence in earnest according to Her Holiness by 2024. The bad news is that it will not be just the Ethereans returning to Earth, we can expect the arrival of the old Gods of war, destruction and greed to also be coming back like they have countless times in our history.
The universe is comprised of both positive and negative energies just like we are, and darkness is always attempting to dominate the light. The Creator always allows all things to happen, we cannot have dark without the light and the Creator doesn't view darkness the way we humans do, in the eyes of the Creator darkness is like a piece of fruit that is not yet ripe for the picking, but we humans view darkness in people/aliens etc as generally evil and something to be very wary of, and that is exactly the way it should be. We should always follow our instincts, we have them for a reason.
I don't feel that we can expect to see the arrival en mass of the Ethereans, the reasons are two fold. Number one, the war mongers on Earth who work along side the negative aliens do not want the Ethereans coming to Earth and teaching humanity true spirituality and freedom, so these negative beings will do whatever they can to prevent us from being in contact with the Ethereans. Secondly, many humans are so wrapped up in fear that due to our own ignorance many of us would probably fire upon the Ethereans because we lack spiritual maturity to discern positive from negative beings.
Now lets go back to the US Presidential elections, President Obama recently asked that Greece be kept in the Euro till after the US elections, why? It could be argued that President Obama knows the devastating effect a Greece withdrawal from the Euro would have on the US economy and he doesn't want that to impact his chances of being re-elected. That sounds like the most logical explanation, but what if 'The Powers That Be' are planning to completely destroy the Global economy and start a massive war in the Middle East as some kind of huge bloody human sacrifice and a type of 'welcome home' to their alien over-lords? These aliens over-lords hate us and consider us only suitable as slaves. Even alien over-lords have Gods and Goddesses, and I believe that they worship the same being as 'The Powers That Be'.
The Powers That Be worship what many people would call Lucifer, in the Oahspe Bible Lucifer is called by his name of Looeamong. He was once an Angel of the highest calibre who fell from grace when he decided that he could be the Creator, the God above all Gods. Looeamong went from being the lightest of the light, to the darkest of the dark. He has fooled humans and trapped souls for a very long time in to believing that he is the one and only Creator.
From what I understand, Looeamong was once a man, a flesh and blood man and he has set himself up in his own heaven and he is worshipped and feared by millions upon millions if not billions of souls, and he rubs his hands with glee every time there is a human blood sacrifice upon Earth as it means there is more souls for him to control and turn into his slaves. Every time we turn away from the Creator, whenever we embrace selfish base living, every time we have racist thoughts or beliefs or turn our backs on those that need our help, we are embracing more and more of what Looeamong wants.
Spiritually speaking 2012 is about choices, the Hopi say exactly the same thing. Looeamong and his followers want the world and it's souls turned into total slaves, and they want all humans (however many are left) to be self centred, ego-centric followers of the New World Religion and a One World Government. The world doesn't have to go this way, but unless we wake-up and embrace true spirituality, compassion and love for all beings regardless of race, colour or creed then Looeamong will win, at least in the short term.
The ball is in our court...
So watch the Presidential elections, and more importantly what happens in the months afterwards because if the economy collapses and the Middle East explodes then you will know that the Gods of old have returned for their feast of souls.
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Discover the Secrets of Curses, Hexes and Spells

In the world of magic, witchcraft and wizardry you will find the frequent mention of words like curses hexes and spells. The former two words have a close association with black magic while the latter has a role to play in both white and black magic.
If things like supernatural and occult phenomena interest you then you can jolly well go for some books which will give you a clear and vivid idea about the limpid workings of spells, curses and hexes.
All of it deals with energy surrounding us and making use of the desires and wishes ruling the hearts of many to bring a change in the world. Now some of these desires are dark while others are benevolent ones.
The benevolent ones are always harmless and all happy and chirpy in every possible aspect. But the ones like curses and hexes or evil spells cast with the intention to dilapidate the conditions of people around are something which you bother about.
Even in ancient times people who practiced witchcraft actually suffered the results and were easy targets of other competitor witches and wizards. To ruin the career of the competitor, curses and hexes were cast very easily.
The practiced ones could feel the coming of a hex or curse before it managed to hit them. They could feel the vibe of the negative energy utilization of desires of some person and could cast a spell to make it rebound back or manage to create a protective or defensive shield. This shield would actually create a protective zone of positive energy around them that would prevent the entry of the negative energy of a curse or hex inside it and thus save those people.
Moreover a hex is a little less powerful than a curse. It dealt with victimizing the aura of a person. So fighting the effects of a hex is believed to be a little easier. It works in such a way that it harms the persona of any individual.
For example if someone wishes to break a good long lasting love relationship,he or she may use a hex on a person in such a way that he or she would grow detestable to such an extent that his lover would be compelled to desert him and move on in life.
A curse has an even stronger impact. It may have a very long lasting effect and hits the blood of the victim. For this reason the bloodline of the person gets affected, in these curses the effect is visible for generations as it becomes a family curse. On the other hand as previously mentioned a spell can be evil or it can be nurturing.
If these things interest you then you can lay your hands on books which provide sufficient information in this field.
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