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Dream Phenomena While Sleeping

There are a number of dream phenomena that can take place while sleeping that creates a sense of heightened reality in people. This is because during the night there are many different types of stimuli that bombard the sense and which the brain incorporates into the realm of dreams. The brain does this to ensure that we are not woken, but the mind can, and often does, awaken a person if it perceives something as a danger to that person. The mind can also be trained to wake a person when it hears a certain sound such as babies crying.
Did you know? The term "dream incorporation" is used to refer to the about sleep phenomena. However, the term is also used to describe the process in which preceding daytime events become elements of dreams
Precognition Events While Dreaming
Many people have claimed to experience at least one precognitive event during their lifetime. Most while in a state of deep sleep or hypnosis. A precognition sleep event is a psychological phenomenon in which the sleeper feels that their dreams are predicting upcoming life events.
The psychological explanation for this is that the mind can trick one into believing in precognitive abilities because of memory biases. This means that dreams are retrospectively fitted onto life experiences to fit the upcoming "reality" of a situation.
Lucid Dreaming Phenomena
Lucid dreaming is in reality the conscious perception of one's state while still dreaming. While in this state the dreamer sometimes has a degree of control over their actions within the dream.
Did you know? A lucid dream is in reality any dream during which the dreamer knows they are dreaming. Once a person knows that they are dreaming they should (in theory) be able to influence the dream.
Dreams of Absent-minded Transgression
Dreams of absent-minded transgression are also known as DAMT's and are simply dreams in which the dreamer absentmindedly performs an action that he or she has been trying to stop. A good example of this is when a smoker tries to kick the habit. They will often for a time after quitting continue to smoke and enjoy the cigarette in their dreams.
Dream Recall
One of the most well-known dream phenomena is the distinct lack of ability to remember dreams in detail. However, the remembering of dreams can be improved as it is simply a learned skill.
Did you know? Often, a dream is recalled upon viewing or hearing a random trigger or stimulus. This is often the cause of feeling of déjà vu in many humans
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