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Dark Energy and the Paranormal

The Mystical Aspects and Properties of Dark Energy

Dark energy can be sensed throughout nature as a wonderful, blissful and uplifting phenomenon often associated with spiritual experiences, storms, waterfalls, natural open spaces, plants and trees. Buildings and other man-made objects, pollution and technology tend to block this energy. Interesting to note that while enclosed areas seem to reduce it, open spaces seem to increase it, yet is it possibly the same thing the controversial German scientist Wilhelm Reich tried to accumulate in orgone energy accumulators? Dark energy (prana) is the kinetic energy behind all creation which comes out from infinite space as a result of its process of self-awareness. It can be heard in the right ear as the "Om" sound or "birthing sound" of creation and as many other inner sounds according to one's sensitivity.

Dark energy could very likely be the same phenomena known throughout various cultures and/or religions such as orgone, chi, prana, Prakriti (Divine Mother), the Holy Spirit, and the power behind the manifestation of thought. It is interesting to note that this dark energy, being as universal as it is, could very well be one of the three components of the Trinity, the "Holy Ghost" or the Hindu "Vishnu" as the Sustainer of creation. The other two aspects are the "Infinite Father" which would be an infinite non-manifested aspect of creation while the "Son" would be the manifested aspect (offspring) of creation including all the universes both physical and subtle.

Such energy is uplifting! Just as there are gravity waves in the universe there are also antigravity waves that emanate directly from dark energy because dark energy is a universal form of antigravity. Yogis who claim to have experienced levitation would most likely feel that prana or chi is a form of antigravity. Some masters of yoga are able to gather so much prana or chi energy within themselves that they allegedly start to "hop" off the ground and in some cases even claim to levitate! This effect and other so called "miracles" are so rare, that mainstream science, of course, has not yet accepted any of it nor anything I say regarding the connection between dark energy and spiritual energy. Breatharian yogis can use this energy to "live on light" while going on very long fasts.

Is Thought a Zero Point Energy Fluctuation?

I have a theory as to what the subtle thought "sounds" in one's head could be. It is highly probable that they are intelligently guided pulsations or vibrations of this quantum, universally present (free) energy stored in the brain and crown chakra. The human being's vortices (or vortexes) of energy (all the chakras and meridians of the astral body) naturally gather, concentrate and then store this spiritual or dark energy into a form that can be used for any purpose. If thoughts really are a sort of quantum fluctuation (change in probability) powered by dark energy through the mind, then it should be possible to detect very slight changes or fluctuations with a sensitive instrument specially designed to interpret them and then even listen to and/or record those thoughts!

Can Zero Point Energy Be Harnessed to Communicate with the Afterlife?

This energy is most likely the only way possible to communicate with the afterlife! If thought waves are actually just minute vibrations of quantum energy (with antigravity properties) from dark energy or Spirit, then it may very well be possible to create a spirit telephone by a microphone directly attached to a highly sensitive weighing scale or some device that is able to interpret intentionally guided fluctuations in the quantum field or white noise.

Can Zero Point Energy Be Heard?

According to The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe this dark energy can be picked up as a "fuzzy" sound (or white background noise) when FM radios are tuned between stations or when the volume on one's compact disk and/or cassette player is turned up all the way between songs. More interestingly, when it is really quiet, one can also hear this sound (or white noise) in various frequencies within the inner ear. These are the sounds of the chakras, the Om, and of the inner voice. Those who are sensitive can do an interesting comparison of how the brain interprets these inner sounds verses how electronic amplifiers pick it up as a rushing white noise. One can ponder how eons of evolution has been affected or influenced by this energy and how quantum physics may very well be the main force behind the ability for evolutionary change and development both spiritual and physical.

Can Zero Point Energy Be Seen and Can it Nourish One's Soul?

Spirits see by the "light" of this dark energy which is no longer "dark" to them but is perceived as a universal, very loving and refreshing radiance that illuminates everything in the universe including both physical and astral matter depending on what vibration of matter they are tuned into. Whatever lives on the astral planes are dependent on this dark energy for vitality, light, sustenance and nourishment. It is the reason spirits do not necessarily have to eat (astral food) or at least only at first just after passing over until they realize that this energy can and does sustain and rejuvenate them in all ways indefinitely. Even astral food contains a form of this energy that nature in the astral worlds has stored in the form of astral food, drinks, fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Could Dark Energy Be Related to Paranormal Phenomena?

Dark energy is the force by which poltergeists move objects and cause other disturbances. At the time of Thomas Edison's death, all his clocks stopped. This was a deliberate, conscious attempt by his spirit to try to prove survival of his soul to others. Souls can sometimes move or manipulate physical objects, especially delicate ones such as clocks by using a thought-directed power with dark energy as its source. The charming and delightful Scottish spirit, Dorcas was once an earthbound Scottish poltergeist over two-hundred years ago in Dundee, Scotland and claimed in 1964 during a Leslie Flint seance that she still can under the right conditions move physical objects as long as the energy of a young person is present. This must mean that a young person can channel much more prana or dark energy that can be used by a ghost than a less vital, older person. Remembering that dark energy is an expansive, anti-gravitational force helps to explain how some ghosts or spirits are able to make objects float or move through the air. I am quite confident that dark energy plays a huge role in providing the power that creates the ectoplasm that amplifies thought into sound so that spirits like Dorcas can "come through."

In Conclusion: Dark Energy is One of Three Aspects of Existence

Dark energy, a term coined by astronomers to label that "mysterious" energy that 70% the universe consists of, is no more mysterious than the Casimir effect. However, 100% of all matter and light in the universe cannot even begin to exist without the universal, zero-point or quantum (five-dimensional) field from which all dark energy and all other forms of energy and matter emanate. All baryonic (physical) matter, dark (astral) matter, and electromagnetic radiation in the universe is one and the same as zero-point energy, because electromagnetic radiation consists of five-dimensional fluctuations in the zero-point energy field, and all matter is made of highly concentrated electromagnetic radiation. In other words, the entire universe and all life within it is one and the same as the quantum field of five and higher dimensions. The multi-dimensional geometry of the vacuum (or universal oneness) is the primary cause, substance, and sustainer of all matter.

The phenomenon of zero-point energy may be the one and same effect as the "Light of God," which, of course is not at all a "dark energy" to those who are fully spiritually aware. Dark energy is just as real, familiar, and ubiquitous to enlightened mystics as is water to fish at the bottom of an ocean. Yogis like to say that this universal (zero point) energy is part and parcel of a Trinity of creation consisting of (1) the "Divine Mother" (Holy Spirit) or prime mover of and primary energy of all creation; (2) "God the Father" or universal blueprint (thought and universal consciousness) behind all creation; and (3) the "Son" or the "Manifested World" or "Offspring" of the "Infinite Father" and "Divine Mother" (Holy Spirit). Sri Ramakrisha, a great mystic yogi introduced to the West by Swami Vivekananda once said that the world is the emanation of God.

Only because I know that the actual complexity of the universe goes way beyond the present borders of science, that I don't mind sounding a little religious. I also like to express the principle of universal creation in a very simple "undefined" mathematical equation: the strongest infinity times nothing: 1/0 X 0 = 0/0 = Reality. Because any number can go into it, anything may come out of it. This universal "Oneness" or "God" is a "substance" or "awareness" that cannot be defined, yet the entire reality comes from this one "substance."

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The rest of his original articles and his free online book, Science of Wholeness I & II can be found here ==> Wholeness Site Map.

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The Amazing Secrets of Mirror Gazing

circles as transfiguration. This is where the faces of spirits can appear over the human face.

In the activity of mirror gazing you supposedly see these spirit faces over your own face as you gaze into a mirror.

I am told, to carry out this process it is a good idea to ask for help from spirit evoking love and light. A simple prayer for protection, a few choice words that you can create yourself incorporating help and safety from spirits with the emphasis on love and light. You can call upon a loved one in spirit or your spiritual guides, those who protect and stand with us during our mortal life here on earth. A simple idea of the sort of prayer would be asking for the Divine forces of light to guard and protect from all that is not of the light and you perform this process with the highest of spiritual good.

To perform mirror gazing you sit in front of a mirror in a darkened room. I have seen this performed in candle light; two candles placed a distance behind the person performing the mirror gaze.

The idea is to start by gazing into your own eyes, reflected back to you. Eventually your eyes will soften their focus, allow this to happen and try and maintain this soft focus. You should attempt a state of relaxation and let your mind empty of thoughts.

If you feel that your mind starts to wander and you begin to think of all things you still have to do and the other things you must do then begin to focus on your breathing. Be aware of the air you take in and then release, breathe in and breathe out being aware of the process. Remember this can help to empty your mind of mundane thoughts if you feel yourself slipping out of a receptive state of being. Keeping and being relaxed is the key to this process. Apparently being relaxed heightens your spirit vibration.

It is a case of just observing what happens. You will begin to see something; the important thing is to keep in that relaxed and receptive state of being. Remember concentrate on your breathing if you slip out of receptivity. You will see other faces that will appear over your own. If the faces make you feel uncomfortable ask your guide to bring through only pleasant images. Remember it was you who requested just love and light and for Divine forces of light to protect you. You asked for protection and your guides and loved ones will comply.

You can even do this between people and see what images occur between you both. For it is likely that even just looking to the side of each others face will bring about images and transfiguration.

Once completed, you are supposed to thank those you called upon to protect you before closing down the session. That is the process of mirror gazing or transfiguration.

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Paranormal 101 - Why Do Ghosts Exist?

Now, why do ghosts exist? There's countless of theories floating about on the internet and in books. If you look at every website they're pretty much the same. However, we have a different out look on why ghosts possibly exist.

Ghosts - basically mean a soul or a person's spirit which is bound to the earth for some reason. The reason may be because they left a love one, maybe they feel more comfortable where they use to live. Take for example, you built your dream house. It took you several years and when you were done, you felt great and high on life. The comfort you felt when you walked in the doors of your newly built home was refreshing and relaxing. All of a sudden, you got chronically ill and was bed sick for weeks, then later you died. Now, remember that relaxing and refreshing experience you've had. It almost felt like Heaven, right? Well, you as a spirit may want to still linger on in that home just to make sure it's safe.

Does that help you understand one of the possibilities of why ghosts may linger on? Well, let's go into more detail.

Ghosts may stay on earth because of these following reasons:

1) They're attached to a person, object or anything that made them feel happy.

2) They're trying to watch over their loved ones and to make sure their safe. For instance a mother may wish to watch over her children after she passed away all of a sudden.

3) Warn someone or tell someone an important message. For instance like in the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze, he lingered on to solve his murder. When he was done he went to his higher place.

4) Possibly emotionally bound on a specific place. For example, bachelors grove cemetery in Illinois use to be a picnic park and they use to swim in the lagoon. Some spirits linger there because it use to be relaxing at that time.

As you can see, there's unlimited of reasons why ghosts exist. Now, it's up to you of course whether you believe in ghosts or not.

Also, you may have already asked what are ghosts made up of? We don't know exactly what they're made out of - however, some say electrostatic or electromagnetic field. Which could be quite possible. Our bodies and everything is meade from a electromagnetic field - our body gives off an electric current. Our hearts spark an small amount of electric current as well as our brains. EMF's surround us daily. Not only artificial current which from outlets, microwaves and such but also natural current like our hearts and such.

Ever wonder why all of a sudden you've received chills up along your spine? This could be a ghosts presence, which is causing ions from the EMF to make your hairs on your neck stand up. Electrostatic charge actually. Ever rub a balloon on your head and allow it to pull yoru hair up, so they're standing up. Same principle of an ghost touching you or walking through you.

Now, since we're made out of electromagnetic fields - so does our spirit or soul. A ghost is basically a soul left to finish unfinished business.

If you wanted to let someone know or have an important message - would you want to finish your business before you finally came to your destination of peace? I think you would.

Now, on a skeptic's mind there is no such thing is ghosts because science can't prove of their existence. Which is true, however - before science could even prove that the world was flat, whereby's they sent ships across the ocean only to find the world as round. On this happy note, just because science can't prove something has non-existence doesn't necessary mean it simply does not exist. It just mean science has not been able to proven such a intangible theory yet.

This is where paranormal research comes in play - we strive to document everything that is paranormal and to discard what is not paranormal. Anything that can't be explained by any means of science or what not - we determine this to be considered as paranormal. Now why do ghosts exists is only a speculation. We simply do not know the concrete answers yet. However, soon we will.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. More articles are soon to come!:)

Thank you for reading!

Best Regards,

-Paul Skertich

Tech Specialist

Illinois Paranormal Research Association

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How to Tell If You're Psychic - 3 Easy Ways to Tell You've Got Psychic Gifts (Don't Ignore!)

Who else thinks they MAY be psychic? If you are anything like I used to be....the awareness that you may be psychic is NOT something that comes in one fell swoop. It comes after you have tons of individual experiences, and the facts start to add up. At a certain point, it simply becomes difficult to ignore that you have SOMETHING special going on in the psychic department.

And to be totally honest with you, after almost 20 years of studying psychic phenomena both personally and professionally, I can tell you without any equivocation that ALL of us are psychic in one form or another. (some of us simply need a little nudge to recognize it...

But are there any tell tale signs you are especially psychic or gifted beyond normal natural abilities?

Absolutely! There are a bunch of pretty common signs, and a few simple "tells" that reflect a level of psychic sensitivity that goes BEYOND the norm. Let's take a quick look at a few of them below.

- You have had a paranormal experience. (or multiple experiences)

Like what? Seeing a "ghost" or apparition is one. Having an out of body experience, or even an near death experience (where you were actually in danger) is a VERY common pre-cursor to strong psychic abilities. Want to know the truth? Even many SKEPTICAL scientists will admit that people who have these sorts of experiences tend to "come back" far more intuitive than when they had the event happen...and many books have been written about people who have left their bodies while temporarily "dead"...and have come back and become psychic. (or at least far more intuitive than they used to be)

- You know things BEFORE they happen. Plain and simple, this is one of the most common stereotypes of psychic skill...but it's TRUE. You know who is calling on the phone before you pick up. You think of a friend you haven't seen in years....and they knock on your door, or call you on the phone. You know people are in danger....or even may pass away, before it happens. This is a SUPER strong piece of evidence that you may be psychic...and if it happens often, you should write your impressions down before they happen!

- You've had a reading...and ANOTHER genuine psychic has "felt" your energy. This is pretty common, as a good psychic can read YOUR intuitive abilities and energy as well, and will often notice if you have similar gifts, or the potential to develop them.

I have had this happen to me on more than one occasion.....where are reader recognizes my interest in psychic phenomena, knows I write about it professionally....and simply "feels" my affinity, and connection to the field is GREATER than your average, or normal client or customer. If you've had a reading where this has happened..it's a pretty good indicator that you SHOULD dive deeper in, and explore your OWN gifts as well...

The bottom line?

Learning You are Psychic is truly the MOST fun, liberating and life changing experience you can imagine.

Ready to Explore Your OWN Psychic Skills? Take our Psychic Test with a GENUINE reader who can help you DEVELOP super psychic abilities....from home!

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Half Knowledge About Palmistry is Dangerous


The practice of palmistry is an art. The same line or sign on two different hands means two different things. More important, no one sign on the hand or line on a palm can be important enough to tell you about the person's character or future. Hands and palm prints have to be read in combination with each other. It also takes a lot of practice to actually evaluate each sign and see if a hard hand is actually hard or whether a thumb is longer than the average. Jumping to conclusions can give a wrong reading.

The frame is important

The most important thing is the shape of the hand and its texture, and consistency. Texture and consistency are two different things and only practice can make one recognize a soft hand from a flabby one. Then one has to know whether a hand is long or short, narrow or broad and also the size of the hand (as compared to the size of the person). The relative length and position of the fingers and thumb is also very important and all will give a different reading, even if the lines seem similar.

Evaluating the hand

As fingers look different from different angles and their position is also dependent on how the person is holding his hand (whether it is the natural position) one has to be very careful that one's conclusion is right. Besides, there is the question of the position of a finger (whether lowset or high set) and this can misguide the palmist as to the actual length of the finger.

Then there are important questions like: If a finger is lowset but long, do the qualities of the fingers apply? Well, for this one has to fall back on the overall shape of the hand and the position of the other fingers. And yes the lines and mounts can also help you make that decision.

At times different signs will throw up contradictory readings and one has to see how much of a particular quality a person has. For example if he is aggressive, how aggressive is he on a scale of 1 to 10? So it is a matter of judgment on the part of the palmist for which he takes into account all the signs.

Sounds complicated? It is! Unfortunately amateurs tend to come to conclusions by looking at one sign and not taking into account the type of hand. This has given palmistry a bad name.

Mounts need to be read in conjunction with the type of hand

The relative strength of the mounts has to be kept in mind all of the time, not just the strength of each individual mount. And this has to be read alongwith the strength of the fingers.

One has to examine very carefully which part of the mount is developed, the higher, the middle or the lower. Each gives a different reading. Locating the apex of the each mount is of great help in knowing the strength of each mount, and also for finding out if it is the lower or higher side which is developed. If an apex is tilting towards another finger it reduces the strength of the mount.

Once one has read the type of hand and the mounts, the decision has to be made as to which world the subject moves in. The higher or mental world, the middle or material world or the animal world. Few people will be pure specimens and thus one has to apply the qualities in a moderate and balanced fashion, by seeing which mounts have their higher side developed and which mounts have their lower side developed.

The reading of the lines can then begin.

Reading Lines

To read lines one has to apply the same principles. Relative strength is the first thing one looks at in a palm print. For example a thin, faint headline on flat, pale hand with other similar lines will have an entirely different meaning from a thin headline on a line with other lines deeply etched. Or a thin line on a fleshy hand with other thin lines. The readings will be completely different, not even close! Just as one highly developed mount on a flat hand has extraordinary meaning when compared to a highly developed mount on a hand with other highly developed mounts. You will be surprised to see the variations on different hands. Because no two people are the same.

While it is easy to distinguish the major lines, one has to be careful not to confuse the minor lines or chance lines with the major ones.

Reading the lines on the palm can give you a clue as to future trends, but remember that the lines tend to change the fastest, much faster than the hand itself. The reason is that a person's future changes according to the way he/she reacts to events, and also circumstances, which can keep changing. Yes, even the shape of the fingers and mounts changes, if a person is able to change a particular trait. This will immediately have an impact on the lines, for the better or for worse.

Wrong assumptions about palmistry

Recently I came across a question on yahoo answers in which a person had asked whether palmistry has any authenticity. The "best answer" chosen was an answer which said that palmistry has hardly any credibility because the length of life and length of life line have been shown not to have any relationship! But ofcourse, the length of life is not determined by the length of the Life Line! An error on the part of amateurs (who usually pick up this knowledge by reading some book half heartedly) is to assume that a long Life Line means a long life or that a short Life Line means a short life. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Beware of falling into the trap of believing that palmistry can tell the future with certainty. Your character is your destiny and authentic palmistry takes that into account. Another trap one can fall into is believing that one can master palmistry in a few months. This is impossible as one has to see hundreds of hands just to be able to distinguish what is what, leave alone start making an accurate analysis.

And like in all professions, in palmistry too half knowledge is the most dangerous of all. It is the half knowledge of many would-be palmists which has reduced the credibility of hand reading. This is a pity because hand reading can be used in the Human Resource departments of companies, and wherever screening people is important. And it can also be used for self-help. Self-knowledge is power. You then possess the power to change your life.

About Me:

I am an experienced palmist and have a website on which I read the hands of famous people for free. I have also written posts explaining the art of palmistry. My website is http://palmistryforyou.com/

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Evolution of the Happy Buddha

Chinese Happy Buddha statues are one of the two kind of Buddha statues. There are Happy or Laughing Buddha statues, and then there are the more serious types of Buddha statues. It is said that the Chinese Happy Buddha is actually based on the characterization of an actual Buddhist monk who lived more than 1,000 years ago. His Chinese name was Pu-Tai. Pu-Tai was a good person. He was a kind and benevolent man who shared all he had. Most representation of Pu-Tai actually show him holding a bag with is full to overflowing with good things, like food or candy or money. It is said that Pu-Tai spent much of his life distributing the items found in his bag to the children of the poor. He is said to nourish and care for children and the weak or poor. His duty is to care for those who need someone to take up for them.

Pu-Tai is said to have been so kind that he has become the incarnate of the bodhisattva who will come at some point in the distant future as the Maitreya. Buddhists look forward to a future date when the Maitreya will come to earth bringing with him world peace and harmony between warring factions. According to legend, from time to time throughout the history of mankind, Maitreya is born among men. Though he is recognized as a generous and wise man, he is never recognized by the men of the age for who he really is. The Maitreya lives his life around those who never know the real person.

Pu-Tai is represented as a heavy, bald, laughing man. These characteristics symbolize happiness, good luck, and fortune. Sometimes he is shown with children, other times he has a fan in his hand. The fan is a symbol used by nobility to communicate to their vassals that their wishes will be granted. So, a statue of Pu-Tai holding a fan represents that he is coming to take away the sorrows and unhappiness they feel and replace them with happiness and wealth. Pu-Tai images in statues often also have a bag of money or Chinese coins in their hands.

The image of Pu-tai is not limited to China. This image and story has traveled across the world wherever Buddhism has been transported. In Japan he is known as Hotei. In North America it is not uncommon to see statues of Pu-tai or Hotei in restaurants, temples or worn on amulets. In Western culture, the image of the Happy Buddha comes to mind when people think of Buddha.

There is a strong cultural tradition that rubbing the fat belly of Pu-tai or the Happy Buddha will bring good luck, fortune and prosperity. This isn't actually a part of Buddhism, but it is a common practice to carry small happy Buddha statues in your pocket. The legend states that there is nothing that will bring more happiness to Pu-Tai than watching all the sorrow and suffering of mankind changed to happiness and prosperity. His inner smile is so bright that it radiates throughout his entire being and is certain to bring happiness wherever he may be. Set this Happy Buddha in a place of honor where he may work to lift the burdens you must carry.

Sylvia Smelcer is the owner of e-commerce sites, including one selling Buddha statues and one selling Tibetan singing bowls.

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The True Identity of Thoth is Revealed

This is going to create a big bang and a great controversy for what I am about to claim. And, for the first time ever acclaimed since the emerald tablets was found years ago.

There is a conclusive evidence based upon historical and theological references that Thoth the Atlantean is actually a well known figure throughout human history who managed to live through tales and mythology in almost every culture.

It is a common knowledge to Muslims and Christians alike in the Mid East that St. George is none else but al Khodor (the green man).

Historical references of Thoth portrait him as the Serpent slayer. St. George is portrait as the dragon slayer. Serpent and Dragon are symbols for Satan or the Devil, EVIL...

Emerald Tablets speaks of Thoth while wearing a purple and gold robe with a silver crown on his head, saved from Arulu a lady fairer than the daughters of men. 'Tablet Ten, Used I the drum of the serpent, wore I the robe of the purple and gold, placed on my head, I, the crown of silver".

St. George portrait was to have managed to save a beautiful princess and married her. The name George derives from Gregarious which actually means Green. The sign of circle and cross of Thoth also found its way to medieval Christianity and managed to become a church icon. Crossed circles scratched on stones have been recovered from Paleolithic cave sites in the Pyrenees.

At the Callanish Stones in the Outer Hebrides, the most famous megalithic site in Scotland, crossing avenues of standing stones extend from a circle. Scratched into stone or painted on pottery, as on that of the Samara culture, the crossed-circle symbol appears in such diverse areas as the Pyrenees, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, the Iranian plateau, and the cities of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa in the Indus River valley (Wikipedia).

It's said that Thoth was Hermes, and was one of the sons of Adam.

According to Islamic historical and theological references it is also said; Al Khodor "who by the way also means Green in Arabic language", was actually one of the children of Kane son of Adam, and before he died he told his children of the flood and Noah's Arch and requested his corpse to be taken with them and be buried where the Arch docks. Adam prayed to God that whoever buries his body to be granted an eternal life. Al Khodor was chosen from amongst Noah's children to carry on this mission.

Emerald Tablets, Emerald is Green.
Thoth relayed a similar story of a space ship they used to flee out of Atlantis after being hit by gigantic tsunamis....

Islamic references speak of Al Khodor playing a major role in opposing the antichrist at the end of days. And that he will challenge the antichrist to kill him and the antichrist kills him for the first time and then revives him to prove his might, Al Khodor re challenges the antichrist to kill him yet again, when the antichrist attempt to do so for the second time, he fails, that would be the sign of his ends approaching. After that, the antichrist will be vanquished by the real Jesus at lions well, (Beir Sabei) at LLidd in Palestine.

Thoth speaks of coming back and yet he speaks of confronting the evil that will come from beneath at end of days, when man learns to fly on wings like that of birds and learns to harness the lightening " Emerald Tablets ". Al Khodor is a prophet, that is for certain. And Thoth Emerald Tablets have many of its quotes with matching similarities in meaning to Holy Books.

According to Muslim belief, Al Khodor visits Mecca in Hajj season every year and he stands in Arafat on the appointed day of Wukouf, (read Kassass Al Anbya, stories of the prophets ).

Long live Thoth, or Al Khodor, or St. George.

CHEKITAT, ARLICH, VOLMALITES as he requested to be named in the Emerald Tablets.

Adam El Masri

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How to Hear God's Voice - God is Speaking All the Time and You Can Learn How to Hear His Voice

God is always speaking to you and even if you don't think you have ever heard God's voice you can learn how to hear Him speak to you. Once you begin to hear God you can begin to live out of His wisdom rather than your own and avoid many pitfalls.

He never intended you to live without His guidance and direction, God wants to lead you and direct your paths. You can learn how to hear God's voice and know his guidance every day for every area of your life.

God always intended you to walk with Him in continual conversation. This is how He walked with Adam and how He intended life to be for all of His followers, and that includes you.

There is a cure for spiritual deafness

You can hear God's voice. God wants you to live out off His wisdom and He longs for you to hear Him giving you personal guidance and direction. If you cannot hear God the problem is not with God, your inability to hear comes from not knowing how to recognise God's voice.

"I will instruct you and teach in the ways you should go." Psalm 32:98

God wants to give you personal direction and has promised that He will show you all the things you need to know. He has given you the ability to hear His voice. Scripture says that God's sheep hear his voice; they follow Him because they know His voice. If you want to hear God badly enough you will.

You don't have to continue being be led by circumstances and tragedy, you can learn how to recognise God's voice and hear Him say, "This is the way", and "This is what you need to do next".

There are many Scriptures that point to the benefit of having God give you personal direction at every turn. God knows what to do in every situation of your life. And He wants to share His wisdom with you. When you can hear God's voice your life will be transformed.

If you want to know what is around the next bend and have God direct your steps, begin by believing that God is speaking to you and that you can hear His voice. Ask Him to enable you to recognise when He is speaking to you and make sure you listen to what He says and act on what you hear. As long as you really want to hear God's voice and believe that you can hear Him, you will.

For a step by step guide to how to hear God's voice visit How To Hear God

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Lynne Lee is a Christian life coach and spiritual mentor. She helps people to re-design their lives around what matters most.

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2012 - Using Spiritual Energy to Change

2012 is the sign of change on a grand scale. This is a time of major spiritual transformation which creates physical change. We are spirit and are all part of the mass consciousness that is creating our experience. Planet Earth is an exciting place for the creative adventure of spirit. We are all spirit, our bodies are our vessels and spirit is the creator, light and life within the body. As spirit we are one and Earth is our larger body. This major change time is an awakening of spirit in the physical consciousness; a time to wake up to spirit.

The human bodies and Earth body are all changing to accommodate our increased spiritual energy. We have an infinite number of spiritual vibrations to use in our transformation. Cosmic and Earth energies can be consciously manipulated to heal ourselves and our planet. Another powerful energy called Kundalini energy is also emerging from individual bodies and the planet. All of our spiritual energies transform lower physical vibrations to a higher spiritual energy for us to use in our creative process. We need to bring the body energy up to accept our high spiritual vibrations. This requires awakening to our spiritual nature.

A major lesson for spirit is how to bring your physical body to an awakened state to receive spirit without harming the body. Meditation is the way to turn within, know yourself, and heal in a safe and controlled manner. By learning to meditate and doing so daily, you awaken as spirit and heal your body. Many energies are available to help you get back to yourself, the spirit. Kundalini energy is one vibration to use to transform the physical to spiritual energy. I wrote a book on Kundalini that describes how to do this and refers to meditation as a foundation of healing. The following is an excerpt:

"The human body is an alive, dynamic vehicle for the soul. We, as spirit, have invested a great deal of energy in the physical world and in our bodies. Many beings have lost their awareness of themselves as spirit because they have invested so much of their energy in the physical world of matter. Many have come to believe they are their bodies and that there is nothing but the physical world.

"This sleeping state is what many people on Earth are now experiencing. The lack of awareness of the spiritual nature of all things and the spirituality of humanity is the main cause of disturbance on this planet. The lack of spiritual information is perpetuating this state of unawareness. While many people seek God, they seek God outside of themselves instead of within. This outward focus for spiritual information and guidance can cause confusion and create power games and control games instead of spiritual awakening of the individual soul.

"For the soul to reawaken to its spiritual nature, it must realize that it is not its body and does not have the characteristics of the body. The body operates in time and space, is limited by effort, competition and ethics, and is mortal. The spirit operates outside of time and space, does not have competition, ethics or effort, and is immortal, to list a few of the differences. The soul needs to learn to have affinity for its body to create fully through it since the affinity for the body's characteristics helps the soul work through the medium of the body.

"The differences between spirit and body cause a great deal of confusion for many people seeking spiritual information and awakening. The person may start her spiritual opening with good intentions and end up focused on an ego trip, in pain, or in fear because she did not know the difference between spirit and body. Trying to make the body like the spirit is impossible, and trying to make spirit like the body is also impossible. Unfortunately, many people get caught in exactly that pattern. This attempt to make one like the other disrupts the natural affinity between a spirit and its body. It can make the body afraid of spirit and cause spirit to spend its energy outside of the body.

"To bring the body back to an awakened state, it is essential to recognize the differences between spirit and body and not try to make the body be like you, the spirit. A spiritually awake body is very different from a spiritually awake soul. The body's natural characteristics are intensified when the body is healed. Thus, emotionality, and other physical characteristics are stronger and require more spiritual attention to turn them to spiritual use. The differences between spirit and body are the same whether the soul or body is asleep or awake. The body is still mortal and the soul is still immortal. The body uses effort, time and space, and spirit does not. An awakened body is one through which the spiritual energy flows easily, and healing is constantly occurring as the spirit takes responsibility for its intensified energy field. If spirit wakens its body and does not care for it, the body can be a powerful vehicle that is out of control.

"Bringing the body to an awakened state requires healing it by clearing the lies, foreign energy, misinformation, past-time energy, and other inappropriate energies from it. It means clearing anything from your body that is not in agreement with your spiritual nature such as hate, fear, pain, and the ego that covers all of your mistakes. An awakened body is an alive body, unencumbered by the energies which deaden it, such as pain and the other energies already mentioned. Once a body begins to awaken, the healing focus must be increased so the disturbances stored in the body do not get you off your spiritual path. An awakened body is an exciting challenge to use. It is like riding a healthy, spirited horse instead of a sick, jaded one."

My book on meditation teaches five of the ancient spiritual techniques to use and is the foundation for spiritual work. Spiritual energy is increasing in everyone and everything. Learn to understand yourself as spirit and your spiritual energies to regain control of your creativity. Learn to ground, center and meditate to help you create in this time of planetary spiritual awakening. Meditation prepares your body for the rising Kundalini energy which is part of the 2012 transformation process. Now is the time to meditate and take charge as spirit.

2012 is the landmark for spiritual awakening and we need to heal our bodies so they can accept our high spiritual vibration and accomplish our spiritual goals. Ground, center, take charge of your creations and enjoy the ride.

For more spiritual information, visit CDM Spiritual Teaching Center at http://www.c-d-m.org CDM is a modern-day presentation of ancient wisdom. Mary Ellen Flora is the author of 13 books and audios on spiritual topics, the most recent of which is the eBook "Angels Don't Need Wings." http://www.cdmpublications.com

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