Saturday, April 16, 2011

Full Moon Psychic Energy Reading April 2011

It is a time for recognizing the things, people, experiences along the way that have supported your heart being open and your mind being expanded to this point of now. Appreciation for all that You have perceived to be ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

The ability to recognize that by helping yourself You help others. That if You are strong for another and do it for them then they are not helped at all. At some point they will also have to develop themselves to be able to be strong for their self.

Healthy boundaries mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually are more important than ever.psychic potentials develop Your abilities

You can only receive what You believe is right for You. If You are looking to increase your ability psychically this year, check out what You believe serves You in being aware of this information. The information that comes from the unseen to the manifested world around You can be very advantageous when You desire to live your greatest most expanded life.

When You believe that there is limitation, then You will be holding too tightly to what You have in your world. Now more than ever it is time to set up your environment in a way that You can stay in a grounded and connected to source while letting go of anything no longer serving You. Again it is a great time for feeling and acknowledging the light in everything. If You are ready for another level of letting go, the energy of this full moon is supportive of that. A time in the spring of rebirthing the new and finding the passion that sits behind any dead weight You might be still carrying around with You.

There is unknown potential in what ever direction You choose in life and now more than ever the recognition of source within You and a willingness to rely on yourself and what feels ‘right’ to You will allow You to fulfill more of that potential.

In order to come to a clear understanding about staying in the physical right now when all these life changes are happening You will need to find quiet within yourself so You can hear what is most important to You. Decisions that are ready to be made will come easy towards the end of the month and this will leave an abundance of energy to move on those decisions.

Imagine the future has already been set and now your job is just to get into alignment with that which You have already created for yourself. Go easy and enjoy the sights while You are drawn towards the future that You have already designed for yourself.

Are You ready to take on an attitude of seeing through new (energy) eyes? Allowing your perspective to expand with the increased vibrational energy of the planet will bring joy, while resisting the expansion will cause the opposite. The energy by nature will continue to rise and expand whether we like it or not.

There is no more time to sit on the fence, make up your mind and make the choices and then make the choices right. With all that is happening in the world it will be easier to see where You are coming from be it fear or love and how You handle things will reflect this. Letting go of the idea of fear allows You to come to the awareness that there is either love or no love, that is all. Doing for yourself what brings You to a loving space allows You to avoid what is perceived as fearful because You are filled with love and light.

Action: Add light to what ever You do. A simple intention ‘I am filled with love and what I do comes from a loving place.’ Wrap any fears in white light and call on your spiritual guides to support You coming from your highest level of love in each moment.

If You are interested in what the energy of the following months will bring click here for month by month Psychic Energy Reading for 2011.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

P.S. This monthly reading is intended for all the individuals attracted to Psychic Potentials. As such it gives a general overview of the energies of the weeks around the moon indicated. Get your specific individual reading for greater clarity in 2011, find out more about the Double Psychic Readings we offer Here.

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