Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ouija Boards - Do They Work and Should You Really Be Afraid?

The Ouija board is just another divination tool.
A board can be made from either wood or just simple letters from the alphabet which can be arranged on a table top or smooth surface.
If the board is used sensibly and with the right frame of mind the Ouija is a great tool for communicating with those in the afterlife.
In my opinion the Ouija board really got its bad press from the film the Exorcist, when the child Reagan in the movie becomes possessed by the devil after using the Ouija board on her own.
I do not agree with the hype that lower negative energies will enter your body and make you speak in a demonic style voice whilst levitating off the bed after using a Ouija board either.
I have used a board since I was about 14 years of age and as yet I have not been dragged to hell.
I do however think if you are of a nervous disposition its best to leave well alone, not for the fact that something bad will happen to you but for the fact that your imagination may well-run riot and scare you more than anything else.
I am also a great believer that communicating with the Spirit world whilst drinking alcohol should never happen and I do not agree with anyone undertaking anything paranormal or spiritual whilst drinking alcohol. You are not in control of what you are saying or doing when you have had a drink so I always think it's just not a good idea to mix the two together.
Also be careful of the questions that you ask especially if you're a very nervous person. Never ask silly questions such as "when am I going to die?" This can only lead to paranoia and is just stupid. You may get an answer, but not the answer you want to hear!
There are many great Ouija boards out there to buy of all shapes and sizes.
Personally I have a beautiful board. It is round and sprayed black with gold letters and the glass glides easily across the letters on the board which is important.
Some people are afraid to keep an Ouija board inside their house.
Remember it's just a piece of wood with letters on and just to let you know mine is kept in a cupboard in my home quite safely every day!
The Ouija a great tool to get more information especially good when used during the night whilst at a haunted place.
Make sure you have a pen and paper to make a note of anything that is actually spelt out on the board by the spirit you that you are communicating with.
Good Luck!
The Ouija board is used sometimes during overnight ghost hunting investigations with Dusk Till Dawn Events the ghost hunting company
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