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The Greeks Admired Ancient Egypt

It was the year of 300 Before Christ (B.C) and Alexandria the great had given the land of Egypt to his close friend Ptolemy I Soter. They must have known a lot about the Egyptians way of thinking and how the hieroglyphic system worked, because they would keep these traditions alive though themselves.
Normally when one conquers another land, the losing part tend to be destroyed, and what can be used is taken into the winning conquers own registries as their own.
But Alexander did not do this to the land of Egypt, nor did they destroy their gods and goddess. Actually they took in everything that Egypt was, even thou they must have known that the ancient people of Kemet (Egypt - The Land of magic) were the last to hold a true key of pure knowledge. Alexandria added his own section to the Luxor temple, in its most holy of holiness. There he placed his name among the very ancient Egyptian pharaohs and so did he unite himself with them. They understood the Egyptians so well that they were able to change words and expressions, without the people revolving. Actually they probably just changed everything from the inside (another Trojan horse).
The real ancient Egyptians had ended long before the Greeks ever came, and their knowledge, seems baffling compared to the Greeks and other older cultures. They were truly the ancient modern society, but they had been at war for so many years, then at peace for lesser years, and then at war again. This was the time between Tut-ankh-amun's (around 1300 B.C) death up until the time of Jesus (around 7 B.C) birth.
The ancient way of thinking has always been kept alive, through the knowledge that more modern societies would come too displayed.
Many ancient Greeks used Astrology like their ancestors did. From birth until death, the stars would never fail them. Some used their means for doing real mean in reality, other became humble servants of the old way of thinking. But never again would there be an Egypt so great and with the truth from the even older.
The Greeks never figured out everything about the Egyptians, because even until this day such matters are unknown. Still they say; how did they build such magnificent things?
The truth shall never be destroyed, therefore it was written in stone for all to see. Yet before this time where the people that was even more humble in mind, they declared that they knew nothing and therefore left nothing for the naked eye.
The Secret of Anubis; The Winter Triangle ISBN 87-991527-9-7
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