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Controlled Disclosures of the UFO Cover-Up: Part 1

How Much Will They Tell Us?

Exactly how much is the public allowed to know about the whole UFO and ET phenomenon? And exactly how much does our government really know about it?

Usually our government, military, and intelligence operations are set up so the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. One department is working on one aspect of a larger confidential project, and another department is working on yet another, and such projects are highly top-secret, so no one knows the bigger picture -- except perhaps a few highfalutin bigwigs on top - or do they? I have read that even the president may not be privy to certain top priority intelligence. So who really knows what's going on, or who is pulling the strings? Does anybody even have the big picture - or only pieces of it?

Certain theories purport that there is a competition between Army Intelligence and the CIA and other intelligence branches as well. They all want the same thing, but only certain departments possess certain bits of information or artifacts, such as alien technology. So each group has a separate puzzle piece and no one seems to be cooperating to put the whole picture together. Or is that just another cover-up scenario to throw us off? The fact is, UFO disclosure is tightly controlled by the government, to where there is little or no actual disclosure taking place to the public. The government's denial of actual information and release of disinformation is more prevalent.

Here's another tidbit. The nature of conspiracies and cover-ups is like opening many doors, doors of disclosure. When "we the public" have opened one door that reveals some morsel of info, we discover there is another door beyond that, which is opened next, but then there are more doors to open we discover. The government and the military have created countless doors, and every time we open one, there's another, and the government keeps way ahead of us, or so we are told. Not just one or two steps ahead of us, but perhaps hundreds. And quite often these doors reveal false data and disinformation, which only throws us off the trail, because they don't want us to know what's really going on. So, little by little, tiny breadcrumbs are allowed into the public that we try to follow, but these are just to keep us busy and satisfied while the government conceals the deeper secrets. So as much as we think we know now, there's still countless secrets we just don't know yet. "The cover-up is the disclosure and the disclosure is the cover-up." (from The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip J. Corso)

Clever cover-ups usually involve a series of cover stories to conceal the actual incident. Case in point, a few different stories came out of the Roswell crash incident of 1947, such as a crashed weather balloon, a crashed US experimental aircraft, and even a crashed Soviet experimental aircraft, or even a crashed Soviet spy plane, and clearly these would have to be concealed by the government and military for reasons of national security. But then there's the story of the crashed alien spacecraft. Many people think the latter possibility is the truth, but it also sounds likely the government would try to conceal the crash of some kind of experimental aircraft or foreign spy plane. Once again we have been opening many doors, but we don't know what the truth is. Too many stories have been circulating out in the public and most of these are just disinformation.

So part of the cover-up process is allowing tiny bits of information into the public, although fabrications are mixed with some truth so that we the public still don't exactly know what is going on. For example, countless photos of UFOs have been released over the decades, but how many of these are hoaxes or fabrications? Perhaps we're looking at pictures of Frisbees or hubcaps flying through the air. Perhaps only a small percentage of these are actual alien spacecraft.

I tend to believe we are gradually being desensitized, and allowed to adjust, partly so that there won't be a repeat of the panic created by the "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast instigated by Orson Welles back in 1938, which the government probably fears and would rather prevent again. They probably fear that the extraterrestrials are hostile. If alien abductions, cattle mutilations, and bodily implants are real, I would think so too.

It's obvious that the government doesn't want us to know what's really going on, and much of this is for purposes of control, that is, controlling what we know and don't know. But it also seems obvious to me that they have painted themselves into a corner. Even if they wanted to finally come out of the closet and tell us the truth about what they know regarding the UFO and ET phenomenon, they would be admitting that they had been lying to us all along. And then we wouldn't be able to trust a government that lies to us, and spreads propaganda and disinformation into the public. Well, maybe a lot of people don't trust the government now, but it would be worse if they finally told us what they really know.

On the other hand, does the government and the military and intelligence branches really know exactly what is going on? As much they might know, or seem to know, do they only have pieces of the whole jigsaw puzzle? What other deep dark secrets lurk out there?

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