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Controlled Disclosures of the UFO Cover-Up: Part 2

How Much Does the Government Really Know?

Does our government actually know a lot more about the UFO phenomenon than we think, or are we just under the illusion that they know? And has the government instigated cover-ups because they know too much, or because they know too little? Are they trying to hide the fact that they're just as much in the dark as we are?

Perhaps the government is slow in releasing information to "we the public" because they don't have all the facts either. But they most likely have more than us. So either way, they are several steps ahead of us. Even when they begin to release material to the public according to the Freedom of Information Act, little by little, how much of this is still disinformation? Will they ever let us know the truth, and especially the truth of how much they really know?

As much as the government and its branches don't want us to know anything about the UFO issue, likewise, it's questionable how much they really know. Our government is supposed to be brimming with "Intelligence," but most likely that's a false assumption. If they had all this wonderful intelligence information, the government could have prevented the 9/11 catastrophe. I suspect the aliens figure there's no real intelligent life down here on Earth. Perhaps the government is too paranoid for its own good, and it fears that the extraterrestrials are hostile, and so our trusted leaders are trying to protect us. But it might be possible these extraterrestrials aren't really hostile, but they're just overly curious about us human beings, and life on Earth in general, so we perceive them as being intruders, especially when you consider alien abductions and strange implants and cattle mutilations and so forth.

Although people survived the 1938 "War of the Worlds" radio scare, when many citizens actually thought we were being invaded by Martians, I believe we have been desensitized enough over the years, and especially ever since we became more fully aware of an ET presence here due to the famous Roswell crash of 1947. Therefore, if we ever do experience what science fiction writers call "First Contact," we have at least sixty years preparation behind us. Let's just hope the hostile alien invasion scenario remains with science fiction, because I'd rather we have friendly contact. But if you remember the "V" miniseries on TV, and its new remake, mankind experienced first contact in a very friendly way, but it turned out to be a deception, for the aliens actually had evil ulterior motives. Besides, they were creepy reptilian creatures wearing human skin suits! Then there's the old Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man," and once again we have friendly aliens offering us world peace and other wondrous things, but when people filed into the alien ships to visit the "friendly world," they were in effect being taken to an alien restaurant to be eaten. You see, the aliens had a cryptic book called "How To Serve Man," that cryptologists were trying to decipher. As you might guess, at the end of the episode, they discovered it was a cookbook. Yeah... ha ha...

Of course, there has been the onslaught of alien invasion movies as well, such as Independence Day, Mars Attacks, and the old War of the Worlds movie, and its remake versions, to name a few. Those are enough to make us fear aliens, to become paranoid that they just might invade our planet. But if that's the case, why haven't they done so yet? It's quite possible they're just on an exploratory mission, observing us from afar. But there are also science fiction stories that suggest we are on the verge of self-annihilation, and that the aliens will either let us destroy ourselves, or help push us over the edge, or they'll destroy us first since we're a disruptive species. Or more benevolent aliens might intercede and help us get out of our destructive rut, via some form of first contact. But we really don't know the truth. Not yet.

So, what do those pesky aliens really want with us anyway? And is our government doing something about it?

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