Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nibiru, Is It the Beginning of the End?

This question of doomsday comes into play whenever the highly controversial topic of planet Nibiru is discussed - it is believed that the planet will come into the solar system in 2012 and collide with the earth bringing destruction and total demise to earth as we know it. This theory dates back some centuries. It is believed that planet Nibiru has been on a 3600 year orbit that is about to end in December of 2012 with the total decimation of the earth and all its inhabitants.
The planet of Nibiru comes from the Nibiru Cataclysm, which is a doomsday scenario in which the earth collides with another large planet like object. This is supposed to take place sometime in the early 21st century but scientists don't believe that it is going to happen.
Nibiru is defined as the 12th planet. It was outlined in a book written by Zecharia Sitchin call The 12th Planet. This book has a couple of sequels. Basically, Nibiru is a planet yet to be discovered that lies just beyond Neptune. This planet has attracted plenty of interest as well as controversy in the academic as well as astronomy worlds. The reasons are because the writings of Zecharia Sitchin were not professionally acknowledged by his peers even though they do have a large global following.
Because of this hype, many followers and believers in this theory have radically resigned themselves to the end that is rapidly approaching. Newspaper articles, blogs, and now, even a Hollywood movie has been made about the dramatic speculation.
The Mesopotamians named the planet Nibiru. Many are under the believe that NASA is tracking Nibiru, but the information is being kept from the public as a worldwide conspiracy. There was talk that Nibiru would be visible to the naked eye by 2009 from the southern hemisphere.
Many Nibiru believers are convinced that Earth's axis is already tilting and the length of the days is changing under the influence of Nibiru. If this is true, what could be done to intervene? Would the world want to know and how would they prepare themselves for the end? In addition, is there any physical evidence to support the theory and the belief by so many that this will happen?
The year 2012 is a quarter of the way over and according to many believers and supporters, as each day goes by, we are closing in on that dreaded day. One of two things will happen - the world either will end as predicted, or will continue on, and perhaps another theory or prediction will come into play.
In 1938 Orson Welles did a radio broadcast of War of the Worlds that was so real it caused a panic among people who actually believed that the world was being invaded by aliens. It was a bit of a doomsday scenario and since then, people have been looking for new doomsday scenarios. The Planet Nibiru is one such example of a doomsday scenario that people are looking for.
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