Friday, April 20, 2012

What is the Structure at the Top of the Mayan Pyramids?

The majority of Mayan pyramids are temples to the spirits and not the burial tombs like the great pyramids of Egypt. These temple pyramids typically comprised one or more rooms. However, the areas were so confined that they may well simply have been used during ritualistic occasions and were not designed for community use. Even though Mayan occasionally entombed there their leaders they consistently placed the temple at the top of the Mayan pyramids. For the most part, these pyramids possessed a platform on the top on which was erected into a smaller structure, devoted to any of the Mayan gods.
The old Mayan Pyramids are representative of great marvel and secrecy and they are located from Central US to as far a field as the Indonesian island of Java. The Pyramids are a monument to their developed controlled mastery; the intricacy of their construction and their connection to planetal movement have frequently caused many speculations as to their real beginnings. The structures are impressive in their own right and exactly as with the Egyptian pyramids it is not recognized exactly how they were constructed.
Mayans are people that originate from the southern region of Mexico and the northerly area of Central America. Mayan pyramids, in reality, were constructed in a broad diversity of forms to function as a extensive assortment of roles, aside from righteous ones, according to the customs of each area as well as the time period. Mayan cosmogony and legend show a great amount about the start of this civilization, their ideologies and customs and according to archaeological suggestion, it has been revealed that the ancient Mayans started erecting their distinctive ceremonial buildings, recognized as Mayan Pyramids or Pyramid Temples, around 3,000 years ago.
They were at first purely burial rises, the predecessors of the imposing stepped pyramids that originated from the Terminal Pre Classic era and even earlier. To the Mayans, their pyramids additionally symbolized mountains, while their temples at the top of the Mayan pyramids represented caverns that led to the the land of the dead, while the openings were indicative of the apertures of beasts, and consequently were adorned with symbols and pictures as a result.
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