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Controlling Your Dreams - Things to Do While Lucid Dreaming

Meditation As A Part Of Lucid Dreaming Guide For Beginners
Up until today, many are still confused about meditation. Some say that it has a great connection with God and others anticipate that its simply concentrating in full silence. The truth is just far from those thoughts. Meditation is basically a practice wherein the person trains his mind and tries to persuade in a mode of heedfulness to discern some benefits. This is used by many individuals in lucid dreaming or the act of controlling the dream. Being an expert in meditation, you will never ask the question how to control your dreams again. Although meditation itself needs excessive practice, many are still being patient in doing it in order to get lucidity.
Meditation and Lucid Dreaming
Many dreamers twin their dreaming techniques with meditation. Some try to master both together and others focus on one aspect. Either way, many experts claimed that meditation plays a great role in their dreaming activity which gives beginners a clearer picture of lucid dreaming techniques. With just a quick search in Wikibooks they will immediately find various advices from experts and meditation is always a part of it.
One handy tip to assure that meditation will be an effective trick to achieve lucidity is to ensure that you do it perfectly. Dream control is not as easy as what many people think. In fact this needs practice and a good dose of concentration. To avoid similar lucid dreaming problem from happening repeatedly try following these handy meditation tips.
Tips To Meditate The Right Way
Practice In The Right Place - find a calm and peaceful place to practice meditation. There should be no disturbance or any form of noise and sit in the most comfortable way you can. It's not necessary to do the lotus position. You can either sit on a chair with your feet flat on the ground or sit on the floor with crossed legs.
Concentrate - softly close your eyes and begin to take few but deep breaths. Inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth. This way you'll refrain from forcing yourself to breathe. In a couple of minutes you will then notice that this breathing pattern will come naturally. This will also gradually become deeper.
Be aware - in order to see the effects of meditation, be aware it alongside from fully concentrating on the right steps. You will notice that you're starting to be more relaxed and calm. Be aware of your breathing and don't think of any distraction which may come. Lend your full focus on the activity and refrain from thinking of other things. This may not come easy but as you continue this practice you will find it simpler to concentrate.
Positive Effects In Lucid Dreaming
Concentration and focus are vital when trying to dream lucidly. Improving in meditation will also result in improving lucid dreaming. Because beginners like you need to familiarize various lucid dreaming tips, you should also have enough focus to avoid similar lucid problems. How to control your dreams is one easy question, but applying these tips require an adequate amount of motivation.
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