Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to Improve Your Natural Psychic Ability - 4 Easy Steps

Label it psychic ability, intuition, second sight, or any other expression you care to use, but we are all born with the ability to know things beyond our natural realm of knowledge - an innate psychic ability.
As a psychic reader for over 30 years, I've never met anyone without some level of psychic capability, but it is usually rudimentary, uncontrollable, giving incomplete random bits of information.
Therefore, how can you reign in your psychic ability so that it is a clear helpful stream of specifics? If you'd like to reap the benefits this precious gift, try these exercises.
1. Listen to the psychic voice within.
Just as a muscle becomes stronger with use, so does psychic ability. The more you pay attention to it, the more you respond to the guidance it offers; the stronger it becomes, giving more detailed and comprehensible information. To develop this psychic muscle, start with something small. For example - you're leaving the house for the day and you feel the need to bring an extra pen with you. You already have one in your bag.
So normally, you'd ignore this urge, but to strengthen your psychic ability, listen to that voice within and respond to that urge - simply take an extra pen along. Later in day when you discover that, the pen you thought you could rely on runs out of ink. You'll reach in your bag and produce the spare. Your client signs the contract, the day is saved, and you've just fortified the fact that your psychic message was correct. Because you listened and acted in faith the next time the message will be stronger and you will understand more clearly what you need to do and why.
2. Meditation
Meditation is a powerful way of connecting to the spirit realm and after all that's from where all psychic information originates. Meditate on protection and clarity.
3. Stay away from Negativity
Negative people are an energy drain (physically, mentally and spiritually) if you must be around someone who is negative. Keep your psychic gift to yourself. There's no sense in subjecting yourself to ridicule and cynicism.
4. Give credit where credit is due
Finally yet importantly, do not attribute the accuracy of your psychic information to coincidence. Give credit where credit is due. If your psychic energy has given you, a piece of information that has served you well, be grateful; don't try to explain it away. Rationalizing is denial and that will shut down your psychic ability.
If you apply these techniques, you will begin to function at a higher psychic level, and before long, you will realize the rewards of your natural psychic ability.
Lynn Ristich Mrs Lynn Has over 30 years of experience as a Psychic Reader and Spiritual Intercessor. She sees people at her Chicago office where she doe psychic readings and has help thousands more who visit through her website
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