Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Planet Nibiru - Will it Arrive on December 21 2012?

NASA discovered a mysterious extra plant in 1984 - Planet X. However this planet has been depicted in tablets and wall carvings dating back to the Sumerian people. This 12th planet was known to them as Planet Nibiru.

So what has planet Nibiru got to do with December 21 2012 and the end of the world? The Mayans believe that the world will come to an end when their Long Count calendar expires on December 21 2012. They have no calendars for future life after this date. Where does Nibiru fit in?

Planet Nibiru is due to pass between the Earth and the Sun in this timeframe causing a gravitation pull which will stop the Earth's rotation resulting in a 90 degree positional shift or a polar shift. This in turn will generate a shock wave of radiation from pole to pole.

The build-up to the coming of Nibiru can be witnessed in the anomalies that the Earth is already experiencing through Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes of incredible scale and proportion. Certain members of the scientific community believe that the gravitational pulls that are being experienced are only a precursor of what is yet to come.

All satellites, communication links, TV, radio, internet, GPS positioning are all due to fail through the oncoming arrival of Planet X. Whilst the Mayans believe that Nibiru signals the end of the world there are many others who believe that December 21 2012 merely signals an end to the world as we presently know it. How did planet Earth survive before the internet and all the amazing technological advances that have brought us into the 21st century? Have we come too far too fast and is this galactic realignment an avenue for returning us back to fundamental basics?

Even though this topic is hotly debated on forums, article sites, through scientific seminars, papers, thesis etc. there is a distinct lack of acknowledgment from governmental agencies of any nationalities. This fuels the conspiracy theorists who believe that there is worldwide governmental collusion in keeping information from the masses to avoid worldwide panic. Does this also mean that this eventuality is already accepted by our leaders, do they know more than they are telling us?

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