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Soviet Martians Crashed at Roswell! Part I

Have you heard the one about the latest explanation of the Roswell flying saucer crash? It's actually no joke -- or is it?

The latest bestselling book written by Annie Jacobsen, Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base, contains a lot of juicy conspiracy morsels, especially involving UFO cover-ups. But there's one morsel in particular that a lot of people are talking about. I'm calling it the Soviet Martians angle.

You see, supposedly the Soviet Russians wanted to fool us, that being citizens of the United States, and this took place in 1947 when the Cold War was still going strong. So they build a flying saucer craft, purposely crashed it in some desolate place near Roswell, New Mexico, complete with alien-looking creatures that were supposedly surgically altered child-sized humans to make them appear alien, but left in a comatose state when found apparently.

So the question is, did they succeed in fooling us? Perhaps they did. But the notion is that the perpetrators were playing on the panic of the 1938 Orson Welles radio broadcast of War of the Worlds that swept the country into thinking we were actually being invaded by Martians. Apparently the Soviets realized how vulnerable and gullible we Americans were, which was evidently why they perpetrated this elaborate hoax in 1947, upon the aftermath of such a successful unexpected frenzy, only nine years later.

Perhaps the Soviet conspirators figured this phony UFO crash would create yet another panic, throwing us into further confusion and paranoia, making us vulnerable for some kind of diabolical scheme or even an attack, hence putting them several steps ahead of the Cold War game, for whatever wild web of deception they were weaving against us. That is, assuming if this new information is true. My question is, where did this information come from? And exactly how reliable is it? As expected, the information came from an anonymous source the author interviewed, and she can't disclose his name. Well, I find that rather suspicious. How can we trust unnamed anonymous sources to be reliable? Isn't that a red flag?

Annie Jacobsen says, "The child-sized aviators in this craft were the result of a Soviet human experimentation program, and they had been made to look like aliens a la Orson Welles' War of the Worlds, and it was a warning shot over President Truman's bow, so to speak. In 1947, when this would have originally happened, the Soviets did not yet have the nuclear bomb, and Stalin and Truman were locked in horns with one another, and Stalin couldn't compete in nuclear weaponry yet, but he certainly could compete in the world of black propaganda - and that was his aim, according to my source."
All right, her suspicious source has some truly fascinating information, which could be applied to a really riveting science-fiction novel. So is this reliable and valid information, or just more of the usual disinformation? I've heard a lot of different cover stories that explain the UFO crash at Roswell, and as mesmerizing as this latest one is, I seriously have my doubts. But is it possible that this is true information that has leaked out before the US government got a chance to stop it? Or did they allow this latest juicy tidbit, because it's just more propaganda to fool us, in order to satiate the drooling conspiracy nuts and UFO believers who'll naively believe anything?

Annie Jacobsen also says, according to her mysterious source, that this clever scheme was orchestrated to cause a panic in the US with the belief that an extraterrestrial craft had crashed on American soil, and finding actual alien bodies within it would convince us of this. She says that there was talk amidst the National Security Council how the Soviets had planned such a hoax against the US that would severely burden our aerial defense warning systems, hence rendering the US vulnerable to some kind of a major strike against us.

Alright, I'll admit, that makes good sense. It sounds like a pretty darn good plan of high bamboozlement. But I don't remember the Soviets invading our land or overtly attacking us anytime after 1947. Maybe the US military secretly thwarted such an attack so we would never know about it. It's hard to tell, considering the government tends to conceal and cover up a lot of things going on around us. In fact, I also have been researching various conspiracy theories that global elitist conspirators (the Illuminati or Big Brother by other names) plan to scare the bejeebers out of us by a phony alien invasion to bring us into submission, so that the ruling class could come to our rescue, but in reality we would be submitting to the instigation of the New World Order and its leaders, whom we would heartily thank for defeating the aliens. Seriously? I don't think there's any real truth to this notion; I think it's just another crazy conspiracy theory, or just a great idea for a science fiction movie. Take your pick.

So what about this new Soviet Martians angle? Did those alien Martians actually come from Soviet Russia? Did the crashed UFO come from Russia? Was it a perpetrated hoax centered around the Cold War and focused on causing panic in the US? Is the author's mysterious source regarding all this new information truly reliable?

Personally I think it's all a load of malarkey. It's just the latest bit of disinformation to further confuse the masses. It's just a new cover story to add to the previous cover stories to go along with all the other older cover stories which are all part of the ongoing UFO cover-up that continually hides the truth. Whatever that is. We don't even know, because there are so many layers of theories and conjectures and wild yarns, perpetrated purposefully, to where we can't be absolutely certain what really happened at that mysterious location near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

I think we all remember the various scenarios: the weather balloon, the alien flying saucer, the Soviet spy plane, the experimental aircraft (whether Soviet or US), so on and so forth; and now the Soviet Martian craft hoax -- or whatever you wish to call it.

Many people still stubbornly believe that an actual alien spacecraft crashed there, and that the retrieved beings within the craft were indeed alien in nature. Somebody somewhere knows the truth of the matter. But will we the public ever know the truth?

Perhaps, because the plot thickens, with the Nazi angle of this unfolding story.

Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base
by Annie Jacobsen

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