Thursday, July 28, 2011

Your Psychic Ability - Psychic Secrets to Develop Clairvoyance

A person who is psychic naturally possesses this ability. Psychics can tune into frequencies higher than our own, and can therefore see other worldly beings, and receive messages from the beyond. But anybody who is open to the idea of opening his 6th sense, can rightfully develop it too.

In actuality, every one of us carries this ancient psychic power of clairvoyance. We all have the ability to see events before they occur, and sense information that is beyond our everyday physical perception.

However, we have been conditioned since birth, to use only a small percentage of our brain, for satiating our most basic desires in order to survive. Science can even prove this.

But through practice and meditation, we all have the power to maximize our brain power, boost our levels of awareness, and be able to tap into that higher plane of consciousness.

However, before we go so far as teach you how to open your clairvoyant powers, like psychics do, it is important to first protect yourself. There are just some simple rules to follow, even before you open your third eye, and start delving into clairvoyance. By doing these things, you make sure that you can maintain your positive energies, and not be drained by your future clients who carry negative vibrations within them. This way, you get to enjoy your new-found psychic ability, as you open the clairvoyant in you.

How to Protect Your Energy From Being Drained

1. Find a place where you are most comfortable and peaceful. You can light a candle or incense if this will help you relax.

2. Sit in a comfortable position.

3. Keep your eyes closed as you start relaxing by breathing slowly and deeply.

4. When you feel most relaxed, visualize a ball of white light radiating towards you.

5. See the ball of light coming towards you and slowly enveloping you as it gives you protection from negative energies around you.

6. Recite a sincere prayer asking for protection, and giving thanks to your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, for leading you to the right path, and inspiring you to do good service for your fellowmen.

Now that you are protected, you may begin the process of opening your third eye. Here are some simple steps you can do to finally open the clairvoyant in you:

4 Steps To Follow In Opening Your Third Eye

1. Heal and forgive yourself before you start healing and forgiving others. Simply put, how can you give to others, what you yourself do not even have?

2. Balance your mind, emotions, and spirit. Only when all three are aligned, will your frequency of being increase, and you will start receiving clearer messages and images from the beyond.

3. Once you start seeing images, test and explore them. Don't doubt what is revealed to you.

4. Always be open to the truth about reality.

So, remember: protect, heal and open yourself up. Doing these things will surely bring out the psychic in you.

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