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11 Feng Shui Secrets to Attract Love, Celebrate Love, Or Get a Commitment

February brings a cascade of red and pink items that keeps everyone's mind of love. From the littlest children handing out cartoon Valentine cards to classmates to couples' most intimate and romantic expressions, the Valentine holiday energy captivates everyone. And why not? Who can resist the pull of love, chocolate - and all that red energy!

Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, everyone benefits when attention is paid to those we love, or want to love. Our relationships are a key component to our personal happiness and having loving relationships make us feel fulfilled. Having someone to love, whether that is a friend or a spouse is also central to our sense of well-being. Having a committed, devoted love, though, is what most people strive for.

Feng shui is a great tool for creating opportunities for love. That's because feng shui opens the way for love to enter your life. Whether that love is for a lifetime or whether this love is your soul mate depends a lot on your "heaven luck," or karma. However, feng shui can bring you the "opportunity" for love and this is what everyone wants - at least the opportunity to find that perfect match. What if you are already in a relationship? The good news is that you can still use feng shui to help you strengthen your love ties with your spouse or partner.

Don't let this February get past without making it your month for love! Go all out for those hearts and flowers and see what happens! Oh, and be sure to tap the 15th night full moon of the Chinese New Year to tap into your own love luck.

1. Light the way for love on the night of a full moon.

Purchase a low ceramic or glass bowl (red is best). Fill this with stones, such as amethyst, citrine, quartz, or glass beads. Keep in mind that stones with purple, yellow, red, and white colors are best. Place three red or pink candles in the bowl. Light the candles on the night of full moon to bring love to you or to make your love light burn brighter. You can do this on the full moon of any month.

2. Blow bubbles of love at the full moon.

Blow bubbles under the full moon and with them your wishes for a mate.

3. Release a yellow love balloon on the night of a full moon.

Write your lover's name and your love wishes on a yellow balloon on the night of a full moon. Write your wishes in red ink and release to the moon.

4. Send flowers according to the maturity and state of your love.

Serious, committed, or married love: Send red or yellow flowers. These show the passion, steadfastness, seriousness and depth of the relationship.

Looking to marry: Send yellow flowers. These show serious intention, and the yellow color brings the kind of mother earth luck that solidifies relationships.

Wanting to start a relationship: Send pink flowers. These show sentimental intention that won't overpower a relationship that is just beginning. It will cause the recipient to have sweet and tender feelings for the sender. Trying to revive a relationship? Pink is the color to send.

Note: if you send roses, be sure thorns are removed or these could damage the relationship.

5. Get goosey with the noncommittal types.

Geese symbolize lifelong love. Purchase and place a pair of decorative geese, the type of geese that are placed in the yard, in the SW corner of the garden for long-lasting love. For lovers who won't commit, hang pictures of geese in his/her bedroom to help cement the bond and make the commitment.

6. Buy crystal hearts.

If you're looking for love, buy a crystal heart and put it on a red cloth. Put this in the SW corner of your desk or in your bedroom. Do this regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not. If you are in one, it will help enhance your relationship. If you aren't, it will help bring you one!

7. Missing the SW corner of your house?

Place a big boulder or cement object here to create the missing earth energy. Maybe THAT's why your relationship has been troubled?

8. Create a "Love Garden."

Outdoors, this would include pairs of plants that bloom with red, pink, or yellow flowers. Be sure to intersperse them with stones or boulders. Add a Kwan Yin statue, if you like. Lights on the SW part of the garden are extra beneficial!

9. Living alone? Get the benefit of "Big Earth."

The relationship sector is symbolized by "big earth." If you live alone and want to enjoy relationship luck, put a picture of a mountain, or a mound of stones, or a large geode in your living room to give you "big earth" luck. This will help solidify and keep relationship luck from getting away.

10. Singles: Make sure you have Sun or Moon energy.

For men who live alone, make sure there is feminine energy in the house. Hang a picture of the moon or a woman in a prominent place, such as the bedroom or living room. Women, if you live alone, make sure the house doesn't get too girlie or too yin! You need the manly yang energy to draw a man to you. Hang a picture of the sun in the house and make sure there is plenty of light in the house.

11. Keep the heartfires burning.

Keep a light on in the SW corners/sector to keep your relationship warm or to draw love to you.

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