Monday, September 26, 2011

Tarot And Reading - The Art Of Reading The Tarot Cards

There is a general increase in the number of people who are interested in learning the tarot. While earlier this craft was mostly viewed as a divination (fortune telling) almost exclusively read by gypsies and fake psychics, these days people have recognized the real power of tarot.

Now practically anyone can learn to read the tarot, and reading the cards takes nothing more special than simple skill, which can be easily learned.

There are a couple of things you need to know and do when you want to learn to read tarot, and here are the main ones:

  • Prepare to read the cards
  • Ask the question you want answer to
  • Select your deck
  • Shuffle the cards
  • Choose the cards to read
  • Start reading the cards
  • Put together the story

In short, these are the main steps that you need from start to finish. Of course, the actual reading takes a bit more than that, however everything can be learned. While there are a few genuine psychics who use tarot simply as a tool to gain that arcane insight, for the most of us tarot is something that can be learned if we just keep at it.

This means that once you've decided to start, you should:

  • Learn the meanings of each card by reading them from books
  • Learn the connections of the cards (this comes a bit later, with experience)
  • Learn to read the cards by following your own intuition.

The last option is not a necessary step, however. There are many people who are very good tarot readers and they rely solely on the meanings given by the various tarot books.

But if you really want to gain excellence in this beautiful art and craft, then you should use what nature gave you in the first place: your own feeling, intuition and imagination to put the best and most accurate story together for the querrent (the person for whom you're reading).

Some people learn to read the tarot quite fast, but for the most of us, it's a long journey. However don't get upset by this. Afterall tarot is a life-long journey of self-discovery, one which you should follow with awe and passion.

Even if you think you know everything to know about the craft, there is always something new that comes in the next reading, something that will either give you that AHA moment, or will leave you baffled by the new meanings that you've just discovered.

If you're like me, you need a few good books to get you started with reading tarot cards. Head over to Tarot book reviews and check out some of the wonderful book reviews, such as the one for Learning the tarot by Joan Bunning. It's one of the best beginner books to get you started reading the cards the right way.

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