Monday, September 12, 2011

The Curious History of the Ouija Board

The ancient and mysterious Ouija board probably dates back to beyond 1100 BC, when its use was first recorded in China. Over three thousand years later, this legendary device used to communicate with the dead, still remains a potent symbol of our unknown world.

The Song dynasty in ancient China, was the first known recorded use of the Ouija board which was called," Fuji," or "plancette writing." by the court who contacted their dead ancestors, through the board.. A tradition still common in much of Asia today.

The Ouija board was also reportedly used by ancient Greeks, Indians and Romans, then subsequently in Medieval Europe, and was used in both the courts of Kings, and the bars of the common peasant. The venial Catholic Church, often cited the use of the board as a form of witchcraft.

Eliajh Bond, and Charles Kennard patented the board in 1890, and sold it as a gimmick or novelty toy in Europe. The board was named "Ouija," after the ancient Egyptian word for "good luck."

An American businessman took over the business called William Fuld, and claimed he himself had invented this ancient communication device, until Parker Brothers bought the rights to produce the board in the mid-1960's, and still sell it today as a toy.

Evolving through a three thousand year history, the board has divided people on it's use. Religious authorities have banned it, in some cases users were either seen as fools or persecuted for using this ancient plancette.

One of the more famous users of the board have included the former Italian prime minister, Romano Prodi, who claimed the messages from the board helped him locate Red brigade members who were accused of the murder of Aldo Moro.

Homemade Ouija boards are stuff of legends, as no night is incomplete with a curious group of teenagers testing the legend of the board, with often scary results which remain a distinct memory of their youth.

The Ouija board continues to fascinate and divide us three hundred centuries after it may have been first used in the royal court of ancient China. Although the three thousand year old question still remains- Does the Ouija board really communicate with the dead?

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