Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nibiru, 2012 and Annunaki - A Threat to Humanity?

You probably heard about the planet called Nibiru and the rumors about 2012 being the end of the world. So why does people believe in Nibiru? Who are the Annunaki? Let me answer the questions surrounding Nibiru, 2012, the Annunaki and what all the fuzz is about.

It all started with a man named Zecharia Sitchin, who discovered some interesting messages in the ancient Sumerian texts. According to him, they talk about people called the Annunaki. Annunaki means those from heaven who came to earth, and there are depictions of these creatures on ancient tablets. These creatures look like giant humans, and according to the Sumerians live on a planet called Niburu, also known as planet x.

Nibiru is a planet in our solar system that has a cycle of 3600 years, and it is to come back around the year 2012. This conveniently matches so many other 2012 theories, including the Mayan calendar, which I wont talk about here.

Some Christians claim that the Annunaki are indeed the Nephilims talked about in the Bible. The Nephilims are the evil children born after the fallen angels have seduced human women, and some fear that this will happen again in 2012, creating more Nephilims. Some Christians believe that the Nephilims are responsible for building the pyramids in Egypt, the structures on Easter Island and stonehedge.

There are other 2012 predictions with more followers and evidence than Nibiru and the Annunaki, including the effects of massive solar flares, the polar shift theory, and a possible third world war and government conspiracy.

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