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A Simple Set Of Astral Projection Steps

Different people may have different astral projection steps that they take when trying to achieve astral projection. If this is the first time you are trying this unique experience and you find that you are unsure about what you should or should not do, there is no need to fret because one set of steps is readily available for you here. There are other methods that have different sets of steps you could try as well so try each method and see which one works best for you.

The first among the astral projection steps is making sure your physical surroundings are free of distractions and this includes people. Ask not to be disturbed, turn your mobile phone off, unplug your telephone, and make sure you are in a location where you will not be easily disrupted by the ringing of a doorbell, dogs barking, car horns blaring, etc. Clear your mind of all your troubles and worries and prepare yourself for astral projection. Take note that astral travel can actually be done even if there are distractions since it is simply a matter of training yourself to do so but since you are attempting to achieve astral travel for the first time or after an unsuccessful series of trials, it is best to start with an interruption-free environment.

The next few astral projection steps consist of being able to slip into a trance and focusing. Find a spot where you will be able to feel totally relaxed and do not allow yourself to be limited to the conventional idea that you can only use a bed but do make sure that whatever you do choose to use can give you ample neck support. Meditate and relax every single muscle in your body until they feel like jelly and once you have done that, you are now prepared to slip into a trance. This will allow you to have that sinking feeling necessary to achieve astral projection but make sure you do not fall asleep and one way you can prevent this from happening is by going further downward with each breath you release. In order to have better concentration, you can use a metronome or an analogue clock that makes a ticking sound with each movement of the minute hand. If you prefer using something visual instead of something audible, choose an object that you can focus your mind on and will not allow you to become distracted.

After the aforementioned astral projection steps, you can move on to channeling your energy and having control over it. There are different ways you can do this but the most important thing to remember is to focus on something and take its energy and allow it to flow through your entire body until you get that tingling feeling. Then, take that energy and transform it into a usable shape.

The last among the astral projection steps is about letting go and allowing your mind to go ahead and move away from your body. You will feel as if you are floating or sinking. This is astral projection.

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