Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Psychic Predictions 2012: Social Unrest and Flood Prediction

Psychic predictions in 2012 are a hot topic. The year so far has been one of major global social unrest in many counties the like of which we have not seen before. Flood and earthquake disasters are creating more devastation with destruction of city infrastructure. Here we use the psychic art of prediction to see what the future holds for our international global village:

1. The euro falls sharply and it drops to an all time low. It falls to one third of its January 2011 value. The broke economies of Spain, Greece, and Portugal drag the currency down the tubes.

The other factor that contributes to its decline is massive conflict on the continent of Africa. Thousands of refugees migrate to European shores seeking safety and well being. Riots begin to spread from African countries to Europe further weakening the financial system. The economies of Germany and France are strong yet they will be worn down constantly by unexpected negative surprises. Problems with food distribution in major cities, public riots, and the looting of residential homes are foreseen to cause major headaches.

2. Oil doubles in price. Solar flares cause satellites to malfunction and this creates an open gateway for minor dictators to reign supreme on the battlefield. The military dictators will send their soldiers to hijack oil tankers for ransom and to trade. The result is the cost of oil transportation costs skyrocket and leaves the consumer with a bigger price tag.

3. Radiation enters the water supply of many countries. The 2012 psychic predictions state that the impact of flood disasters with their tsunami force of impact destroys several nuclear reactors. Plutonium leaks into the drinking water of many countries. Drinking water that is polluted by radiation causes a slow death. Fresh drinking water will be the new commodity of trade in the future because it will be so scarce.

4. A large comet enters the earth's atmosphere and smashes into the pacific ocean. The impact of the comet causes flooding of the California coastline.

5. Floods will be a major problem for many countries in the year of 2012. This will be good for ship and boat manufacturers as water travel becomes more common and the demand for this service will increase.

Flood and disaster predictions entered a new phase beginning with the natural earthquake disaster of Haiti. It was a sign from nature of things to come and many psychics viewed it as a forewarning to pay heed to such famous recorded predictions of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. It was the start of a fierce and destructive form of natural catastrophe which ushered in a new age of cataclysm.

6. Large parts of Russia are flooded due to the melting of the polar ice caps and a raise in sea level. This will take Russia and many other weather forecasters by surprise. It will be a fact the rapid increase in sea level will shock many.

7. A trend will emerge and lots of people will move from cities and urban suburbs to smaller and more communal villages.

In the final analysis the psychic 2012 predictions show the immediate future full of natural disasters, floods, and social unrest. But don't worry mankind survives it all! There are psychics who have already seen the triumph of humanity with their clairvoyant sight.

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