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Spiritual Awakening Through Near Death Experiences

It is inevitable that survivors of near-death experiences always tell tales of out-of-body experiences. This phenomenal experience always leaves them with a sense of spiritual awakening. Why does the out-of-body experience always result in spiritually transforming the recipient? Can the out-of-body experience actually help us achieve enlightenment?

Many people would observe that spiritual enlightenment is linked with saints, yogis, and lamas. When an ordinary individual experiences spiritual awakening, it can be both enthralling as well as terrifying. Some people deliberately journey to enlightenment through meditation, yoga, etc. There are others who experience spiritual awakening just before they die.

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross a writer who wrote 'On Death and Dying' and other books on near death experiences, said, "And after your death, when most of you for the first time realize what life here is all about, you will begin to see that your life here is almost nothing but the sum total of every choice you have made during every moment of your life. Your thoughts, which you are responsible for, are as real as your deeds. You will begin to realize that every word and every deed affects your life and has also touched thousands of lives."

Some of the effects of near death experiences are:

Viewing doctors and nurses working on you; passing through a tunnel toward a light; gaining knowledge; seeing departed friends and family; eventually returning to your body, etc. The survivor can feel a sense of being at inner peace. The spirit parts from the body and meets with other entities that have passed away like family, friends, etc. One of the common features of near-death experience is for the survivor to feel unwilling on going back to the world of the living.

Below are some of the psychological changes people go through after near death experiences:

1. The soul- many survivors begin to believe in reincarnation, regardless of their previous beliefs. This sudden belief in reincarnation may be because since they have experienced the soul separating from the body, they come to understand that the body is nothing but a casket for the soul or spirit.

2. Unconditional love - many survivors become loving and generous people.

3. Psychic - many survivors, when they return to the world of the living, gain extra-sensory perception.

The above psychological changes people go through after a near-death experience can be counted as spiritual awakening because they are transformed into a new person.

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Belinda Daly is a certified master practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis and TLT. She has a degree in metaphysics. She currently runs a self help and spiritual development membership site with her brother Dion.

For more free information on self help and spiritual development articles, e-courses, videos and more please click on the link below now!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Astrology Forecast for October 2011 - General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

October is going to be a great month for regeneration and growth! Things may be a bit stressful as the month begins and again as it ends, but for the most part it will be a time for relationships and beautiful things under the influence of the Libra Sun.

We may find ourselves feeling overwhelmed the first 3 days of this month. A battle between Mars and Jupiter could be encouraging us to run away from our problems. It would be a great time to schedule a long weekend getaway. Our perspective and our rationality should return by Wednesday, October 5th, and the days leading up to Yom Kippur (October 8th) will encourage our patients and creativity. There could even be some romance in the air.

Intuitions will be strong for the weekend of October 8th, and we may find ourselves drawn to artistic projects. The days approaching the Aries Full Moon on Tuesday, October 11th, could bring new energy and spirituality to light. In fact, that innovative energy could continue through the first day of Sukkot, October 13th. Some ideas will be unrealistic on Friday, October 14th, but our energy and enthusiasm will return for the weekend.

We may be feeling scattered, and everybody may want our attention on Monday, October 17th, but the rest of the week looks grand. Friendship and maybe even romance will be top on our lists on Thursday and Friday, October 20th and 21st, with the Sun and Neptune dancing together. The Sun will enter Scorpio on Sunday, October 23, and we may notice a shift in our priorities from our needs to the needs of others.

Work and business should flow smoothly as the week of October 24th begins. We may just amaze ourselves with how much we accomplish. Mars and Saturn will be sending us serious energy, and Jupiter and Pluto will be encouraging growth. Personal issues could upset that energy on the Scorpio New Moon, Wednesday, October 26th, and people could be touchy or excessive on Friday, October 28th.

Our optimism will return for the weekend of October 29th, and many will be ready to socialize on Halloween. The Halloween parties may go to extremes this year. If you are out, be sure to use extra caution driving.

Mercury will turn retrograde once again in November (on Thanksgiving Day), and we will have a solar eclipse the next day. Check back next month for all the exciting details.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. (This article can be reprinted freely online, as long as the entire article and this bio is included.)

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Palmistry - What is Cheiromancy?

Cheiromancy is the art of foretelling a person's likely future by knowing his or her character from reading the palm lines in their hands. The name is derived from the Greek cheir for "hand", and manteia for "divination". It is the old name for palmistry or palm reading, and is still in use today. It is at times spelt as Chiromancy or Kiromancy, as well as also referred to as Cheirology, Chirology, or Kirology.

However, Cheirology really means the study of the lines of the palm, without any kind of divination involved. Chirognomy and Chirosophy are related subjects - the former is the study of the shapes and bumps of the fingers and hands, and the latter is the study of the philosophical and esoteric aspects of palmistry.

Dermatoglyphics is another related area, which is the study of the skin ridge patterns found on the fingertips and in the palms to detect diseases. This is now mainly used in the identification of people through their fingerprints. Some believe palmistry's origins to be in ancient Egypt. Even the Bible mentions palmistry as early as in the book of Exodus. The earliest known records of palmistry are in ancient scriptures found in India, where it developed into its present form.

Arab traders helped in spreading palmistry to far-off lands, and eventually to Europe, where the name 'Cheiromancy' was coined. The Romany gypsies, famous for their skills in this art, also helped to spread it from India and the Middle East to Europe.

Chinese and Japanese palmistry have their roots in Cheiromancy, although many interpretations are somewhat different. For example, Chinese palmists can read a person's whole character just from examining the thumb alone. Another facet of Chinese palmistry is that the right hand is read for men, and the left hand for women.

In the 19th century, two Frenchmen, Casimir D'Arpentigny and Adrien Desbarrolles, separately carried out definitive studies on finger and hand shapes, and the lines of the palm, respectively. They are considered to be the co-founders of modern hand analysis, as Cheiromancy is now called. "The Practice of Palmistry", published in 1897, was written by someone called Comte De Saint-Germain, a name adopted by various persons during the last few centuries. This prodigious work is packed with drawings and explicit meanings, and well regarded in some circles.

The most famous and colourful palmist we know of is Cheiro, who named himself after Cheiromancy. He started practising in the late 19th century, was very skilful and popular, and was patronised by the rich, the famous and the royal. He wrote several books on palmistry which are still used today as the basis of palmistry, such as "Cheiro's Language of the Hand".

William G Benham conducted extensive and detailed research on palm lines and wrote the 'bible' of palmistry, "The Laws Of Scientific Hand Reading". First published in 1900, it has been reprinted as "The Benham Book of Palmistry: A Practical Treatise on the Laws of Scientific Hand Reading", and is used by many in the profession.

Palmistry as practised today is not pure Cheiromancy, as it routinely incorporates principles of other schools of palmistry, as well as elements of the individual palm reader's interpretations. Many palmists also use various other new age skills in their palm readings, such as psychic sense, astrology, numerology, and holistic healing.

The basis of Cheiromancy, however, remains the same - reading the lines in the palms of our hands is the key to understanding ourselves so we can live happy and fulfilling lives.

Pat F. does palm readings for individuals as well as for events, and runs Palmistry World, a website with lots of info, data, articles, reviews and resources on palmistry:

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Studying Palmistry Lines On Two Hands

When studying palmistry lines, palmists range based on their personal preferences in the palm to examine. Have one swift peek at each of your own palms, then you should see that your palmistry lines don't appear to be the very same whatsoever! This difference is definitely the basis for many ways that palmists perform their own examination concerning right or left hand palmistry lines; some take a look at the two palms in order to create the large picture. Regardless, there will be conformity about the significance for the variance of the palmistry lines on our two hands.

Indicators Behind Palmistry Lines In Either Palms

There are actually generic evidences which have been displayed on the palm. Such standards are actually particularly indispensable as part of analyzing palmistry lines, and they are based primarily on time, often the notion of freewill, and then several alternative points.

Right hand Palmistry Lines

Typically the right hand is concerned with freedom plus the elements in your everyday living that are in our control. Because of this, The Right palm lines may signal the way you take care of yourself and present devices for the long term. Moreover, the right hand palmistry reading links with a person's exterior persona, a ways you showcase your lifestyle to the world.

Left hand Palmistry Lines

Prior times, natural capabilities and also scenarios in your life you have zero influence over are typically involved with the left hand. Furthermore, it could possibly reveal occasions or incidents which often happen to a person that he has got zero hold in. This hands you the right mirror for you to glance back once again in relation to exactly where or what you actually begun out of, combined with just what aspects you emphasized thru time and also the ones you forgotten about.

Your selection of palm to analyze has got a primary aspect over the outcomes of any readings. Additionally, it means that examining the palmistry lines on both the right and left hands can supply some sort of amazing view on the alterations you really underwent in this world.

Let's now go over three of those significant palmistry lines give an example on the way these essential standards of variance are visible on each palm.

The Head Line

The head line has always been in connection with a person's way of thinking common sense and mentality.

Examining the two palms head lines is capable of displaying inherent intellectual capability and how someone develops or possibly forgets any of them and as a consequence forms fresh ones. More rigid, deep and / or more lengthy line of head across the left palm demonstrates to one who throughout time had become puzzled, unstable or submissive in his or her frame of mind. When it is the opposite way round, it is really display of a sound, methodic hopeful thought processes, which often keeps on increasing. The latter usually indicates a strong self-control in addition to the liberate mind that is definitely able to getting away faraway from problematic environment.

If for example your lines of head are generally the same on the right and left palms, it then shows security of the brain together with reasoning -- a good human brain which isn't at risk of transitions.

Head line which is sloping downwards located on the left hand yet directly located on the right means the subject never stick to their innate behaviors and / or habits. Certain moments in your everyday living ignited the subject to get a lot more feasible and so produced an effective reasoned mind-set. A line of head which is stopping with a branch on the right-hand without having it in the left demonstrates to someone who been able to build additional and upgraded qualities over some of those he / she were blessed with.

The Palmistry Line Of Life

The life line reveals the level of lifestyle concerning the person.

The difference associated with the 2 hands life lines may well supply the hints to the actual life changing events that lead toward her or his present way of life. A prolonged, sturdier life line in the right hand than the left represents a meaningful steady efforts for boosting quality of life. Additionally, it stands for a marked improvement relating to living condition at this moment versus youth.

In case the line of the left-hand is closer to the thumb in comparison with the right hand then this person is getting held back in life due to prior years occasions - like demanding parents or possibly a problematic environments. The opposite appearance usually means a person that seen fantastic starting criteria, but nevertheless wasn't competent to improve on them to supply himself with quality life-style these days.

Of all three key palmistry lines brought up in this article, the life line is of most attention for the subject. Quality of life is one area valuable to everyone of us, and so we all wish to know simple tips to boost it, or maybe exactly what is keeping us back so that we may become free of it in the route needed for improved lifestyle.

The Palmistry Line Of Heart

Mostly engaged in emotional state and issues of a soul, the difference on the heart line regarding the pair of hands offers the palm reader a perception of the way the person maintained relationships thru life.

A more intense and / or more powerful line of heart at the left palm as compared to the right palm points to a person that suffered tough intimate relationship or tragic experience where it retained him / her away from sharing their emotions and thoughts. The contrary shows a subject that may experienced an important relationship which made it easier for him step out of his shell.

Whenever the line of heart is nearer the index finger as compared to the line of heart over the right palm implies a person that could be incapable of feeling and less conscious of true love and affection even if he / she was actually taken care of with real love throughout his early days. Much more, this might point out difficult conditions or possibly trauma along the way.

So many men and women are unmindful often of these emotional state level, and may shove friends over without knowing it at all. Looking at the two hands heart lines will likely reveal to these people the way they are handling their own feelings not to mention romantic relationships, and then has the potential to help them to boost their personal life, relationships or friendships.

Recommended Process Of Research Associated with Both Hands Palmistry Lines

It really is certain as a result of what you have learned above, that looking at the palmistry lines of 2 palms can present you with a very full important impression of this palm reading subject.

Certainly, it may be sufficient to evaluate merely one hand's palmistry lines, but then you really are limiting the person's reading to a targeted point in time, or possibly a stage somebody undergoes or went thru.

Most will see great rewards relating to both palms palmistry lines being checked out, basically because they will be aware on the way they have taken care of their personal inborn inclinations as well as competencies all through one's life, and maybe discover how to have more effective utilization of that or fine-tune it in the case that is required.

If you'd like to understand palmistry lines, it is important that you know the two hands interpretation related with all palmistry lines, as well as the connection regarding the 2 hands. Even though we simply addressed these principal of the palmistry lines, if you understand how to examine some of the palmistry lines - it's possible to realize the primary difference in hands dealing with this palmistry line.

Palmistry lines is your place to learn and master the art of palmistry. Get to know yourself and others much better, and develop a great effective and social tool.

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Palmistry, Astrology, and Numerology - Fortune Telling Systems Linked by a Common Thread

Palmistry, Astrology, and Numerology are fortune telling systems with one common factor which sets them apart from all the other systems of Divination. What is this common thread that differentiates these systems for all the rest?

Palmistry - Reading the Human Hand

Palmistry is literally the art of reading the differences in the Human hand. There are (4) major hand types which classify the kind of personality you have: Action hands, Mental hands, Technical hands, and Emotional hands.

The Action hand (round palm, short fingers) denotes a quick acting, energetic personality. The Mental hand (rectangular palm, long fingers, few lines) denotes a studious intellectual personality, or possible a dreamer. The Technical hand (square palm, medium length fingers) denotes resourceful, hardworking personalities, usually very good at their chosen profession. Finally, the Emotional hand (rectangular palm, long fingers, many lines) denotes romantic personalities, lovers of arts and the beauty of nature.

Astrology - Reading the Planetary Signs

Astrology is the art of interpreting the meaning of the planetary signs of a person at their place and time of birth. Several systems exist; most specifically Sun Sign astrology, and Moon sign astrology. These systems classify a person based on their Astrological sign, their primary personality type, and then to a lesser extent, the influences of the other planets based on their positions at birth.

Numerology - Reading the Number Vibration at Birth

Numerology is the art of interpreting a person's name and birth date as a series of numeric values, corresponding to various wave lengths or vibrations as we know them. Each person has a primary Life Path number, determined by the fadic addition of their Gregorian birth date. Other elements of their personality are then determined by the combinations of vowels and consonants in their use name.

Constance - the Linking thread

The one thing these great systems of divination have that sets them apart from the Tarot, Runes, and other forms of divination, is that the reading is based on constant unchanging factors thought a person's life. Every tarot reading you have done will change, in response to different cards. No Rune casting will be identical with the last one. But your Hands will not change; and your name and Birth Date will not change.

The readings you get from Palmistry, Astrology, and Numerology will tend to not address specific questions you may ask about your current needs, rather they will give you answers to Life; how you approach it, and what it has in store for you.

Keith Abbott is the developer and owner of 'Numerology 4 You' where you can order your own Numerology reading, including your personal Lucky Numbers. Visit him on the web today at

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Palmistry: A Universal Science of Prediction

The art of palmistry is considered to be initiated during the period of around 3000 B.C. from ancient China. In India, many researchers have found the presence of palm reading practices in various Indian scriptures, which belong to 500 B.C. Palmistry being initiated in ancient China gained popularity with the passage of time, and thus spread to almost all parts of the world. In the world of palmistry, certain names are considered to be historic and modernizers. Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Hippocrates, Cheiro, etc. are some of the most prominent names in the field of palmistry. Among these, Cheiro who penned down several books on palmistry was termed with the title of 'Father of Palmistry'.

Palmistry is more of a universal form of astrology, rather than an astrology which is confined and accepted by a certain religion or tradition. Palm reading is done on the basis of the study of the palm, which is performed by the experts of palmistry, who are also called as palm readers, palmist, hand readers, hand analysts, etc.. The art of palmistry is not only confined with the Hindu or Indian traditions, but it is equally popular among all parts of the world, however with certain cultural disparities but the same soul.

Palmistry: Reflection of Past, Present, and Future
Palmistry, as defined involves making predictions on the basis of the study of a person's palm. Study of the palm involves studying various aspects of the palm. It significantly involves reading of the palm lines both in the inner part as well as those exceeding outside it. Apart from lines, palmistry also involves consideration of the hand shape, fingers shape, skin tone, mounts, fingers formation, fingers setting, and hair on hand, etc. An able palmist always considers all of these aspects before drawing a conclusion about a person's life.

Palm Reading: Reading Lines on Palm
More precisely, lines on a palm can specifically be called as life line, heart line, fate line, marriage line, etc. Palmistry holds a belief that each and every individual in this world has a different palm with uncommon palm lines, and therefore, everyone is bound to live different lives, even if it is in a slight manner.

Getting into the details, every individual has a total of seven primary lines, and twelve secondary lines. One each in the list of seven primary lines respectively represents life line, head line, heart line, fate line, health line, marriage line, and Sun line or line of Apollo. As the name goes, each of these lines represents a certain aspect of an individual's life, and thus palmistry involves consideration of these lines individually as well mutually to get results of certain aspects of life, as well as life as a whole. The list of secondary lines includes The Ring of Jupiter, The Line of Mars, The Ring of Saturn, The Ring of Sun, The Girdle of Venus, The Moon Line, The Line of Influence, The Traveling Line, The Lines of Children, The Bracelets, The Casual Lines, and The High Post Line.

While considering these lines, a palmist considers the thickness or thinness of the lines, shape of the lines, length of the lines, clarity of the lines, etc. On the basis of these aspects of the lines, as well as the basis of the nature of mounts on the palm, texture of the skin, shape of the fingers, etc., a palmist is able to implement the rules of palmistry or palm reading, and then accordingly, is able to draw predictions for the future of an individual.

At, we have a separate team of palm readers. Each one of the palmists of is highly reputed and well experienced with the science of palmistry. You can get personal palm reading sessions with our palm readers, as well as an online palm reading process done at The online palm reading process at is in complete concord with the principles of palm reading. It has been developed under the eyes of professional and seasoned palmists. Online palm reading process at is easy to follow and free to avail.

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Tarot And Reading - The Art Of Reading The Tarot Cards

There is a general increase in the number of people who are interested in learning the tarot. While earlier this craft was mostly viewed as a divination (fortune telling) almost exclusively read by gypsies and fake psychics, these days people have recognized the real power of tarot.

Now practically anyone can learn to read the tarot, and reading the cards takes nothing more special than simple skill, which can be easily learned.

There are a couple of things you need to know and do when you want to learn to read tarot, and here are the main ones:

  • Prepare to read the cards
  • Ask the question you want answer to
  • Select your deck
  • Shuffle the cards
  • Choose the cards to read
  • Start reading the cards
  • Put together the story

In short, these are the main steps that you need from start to finish. Of course, the actual reading takes a bit more than that, however everything can be learned. While there are a few genuine psychics who use tarot simply as a tool to gain that arcane insight, for the most of us tarot is something that can be learned if we just keep at it.

This means that once you've decided to start, you should:

  • Learn the meanings of each card by reading them from books
  • Learn the connections of the cards (this comes a bit later, with experience)
  • Learn to read the cards by following your own intuition.

The last option is not a necessary step, however. There are many people who are very good tarot readers and they rely solely on the meanings given by the various tarot books.

But if you really want to gain excellence in this beautiful art and craft, then you should use what nature gave you in the first place: your own feeling, intuition and imagination to put the best and most accurate story together for the querrent (the person for whom you're reading).

Some people learn to read the tarot quite fast, but for the most of us, it's a long journey. However don't get upset by this. Afterall tarot is a life-long journey of self-discovery, one which you should follow with awe and passion.

Even if you think you know everything to know about the craft, there is always something new that comes in the next reading, something that will either give you that AHA moment, or will leave you baffled by the new meanings that you've just discovered.

If you're like me, you need a few good books to get you started with reading tarot cards. Head over to Tarot book reviews and check out some of the wonderful book reviews, such as the one for Learning the tarot by Joan Bunning. It's one of the best beginner books to get you started reading the cards the right way.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Reasons Why You Need to Know How and Where to Survive 2012

The apocalypse prophecy is only two years away from now and if you believe in this, you should have already learned how and where to survive 2012. Otherwise, there will be no room for delays and tardiness. So if you are not old to this subject matter, then you should know that the experts' predictions coming from various sources have already foreseen this event thousands of years ago, that of the world ending on 2012, particularly December 21st.

Most scholars believe in this for several reasons. One of them is that this prophecy is not only made by one but several and they belong in different civilizations continents spaced out and in different time periods in history. However, the ultimately notable is the Mayan calendar, ending on the mentioned date. There is also the long-lost book revealed at the National Library from the writings of the famous medieval prophet Nostradamus who has redeemed himself from being a heretic of his times to being a genuine truth seeker. Apart from these, space exploration was able to find a hidden planet behind the sun and is said to collide with earth on the same year.

What is more, 2012 is actually the same year when all the planets align heralding a lot of disasters. Polar reversal will set off some key volcanic eruptions, and intensely huge tidal waves. The ice caps in the North Pole are also anticipated to melt which will eventually increase the sea level and cause many lands to be submerged.

If you want to be able to see what happens next after all this happens, you must be able to survive them. The first thing you need to do is prepare by making or finding shelter in higher grounds, out of the reach of water and nuclear wastes. There must be ample food to ensure your survival despite the adversities that will take place in 2012.

The food you should store must have longer expiration periods and will never lose their nutrients needed by the body. There should also be more than enough medical supplies and handy equipment such as knives, ropes, so you will be equipped anytime you need them.

Since water can only be stored in a limited quantity, there should be a source where you can replenish it. If you cannot stumble on a water source that is safe for drinking, at least have a water purifying system. One more thing, consider having your means of communication; that way, you will be able to determine if there are other survivors within your living area.

Truly, it can't be denied that you will really need a survival group to make a lot of difference in making your survival possible. There are countless of survival groups but then they have a restriction on how many people can be taken in. If you are finding it difficult to find the group you can join, you may also set up your own survival group.

If you do not know how and where to survive 2012, you will find countless of sources that can act as your ultimate guide. One well-recommended advice by a lot of people is to read the 2012 Contact.Such book is packed with information about the doomsday guiding principles and also separates the facts from propaganda. It likewise tells you how to stay alive in the imminent debacle and what to do after it is done.

Do you know how and where to survive 2012? Visit our website to learn the ways.

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Doomsday Predictions - And Then There Was 2012

On December 2012, everything will fry and everyone will die - this is the message that fans of Doomsday 2012 want to put across others. According to them the apocalypse predictions of Nostradamus, which are backed by the Mayan Prophecies, tell us of our inevitable future and that today is the right time to repent and amend our lives. It is now 2009, the end is near, and we will all rot in hell sooner than later, or so they say.

But is there actually truth to this? It depends really. If you are into religion and supernatural phenomena such as the aforementioned, chances are, you would buy into the crap. But I was born a doubting Thomas and my skepticism penetrates virtually anything and everything that can be questioned.

This is not to say that I am omnipotent and omniscient. Heck, I am far from such description. It's just that I find it hard to believe that mankind will be wiped from the face of the earth and that the actual date of this event is known.

True, Doomsday 2012 is backed by science, with technology establishing that on December 21, 2012 our world and our sun will be aligned with the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The position might cause possible changes in magnetic turbulence's. When this happens, earthquakes and various volcanic eruptions can occur. This is what the Mayan shamans predicted way back then.

But the world has survived many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and mankind isn't exactly dying. In fact, the worst volcanic eruption to have occurred in history which was that of Mt. Tambura in Indonesia killed only 92 thousand and the major cause of death during this occurrence was not even the actual eruption but rather the starvation that was its aftermath.

Today we have millions of people inhabiting the planet and unless earth literally explodes into pieces, I sincerely can't and don't believe that we will all be wiped clean by volcanoes and tectonic plates movement. I know that scientists have also theorized a volcanic eruption 75,000 years ago that supposedly came close to destroying mankind - but that's the thing really. It's a theory - not a fact.

Yes, you can always contend that the Armageddon will happen in 2012 because many of Nostradamus' predictions such as September 11 saw reality and that Nostradamus was such a great prophet. However, the prediction wasn't even really created by the guy. Rather it was fabricated by someone else for the purpose of showing the misuse of predictions. Plus, Nostradamus himself said that his predictions were merely paraphrases of already existing biblical passages that talked about the Armageddon. If he were alive today then, he would have been sued by the original authors for plagiarizing their work. So there goes your great contention.

Of course, these are just my thoughts and anyone has the right and the privilege to rebut me. After all, I'm a skeptic not an obstinate brat.

Harry has been writing articles online for nearly 4 years now. Not only does he specialize in society related issues, you can also check out his latest websites on Hon File Cabinets and Nerja apartments.

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Is It Easier To Predict Volcanoes Or Earthquakes?

It seems that in recent years some of the most severe hazards have taken place. Their enormous destructiveness goes hand in hand with the suffering of the people concerned. Many of us will ask ourselves why such disasters could not be prevented in times of modern technology and high scientific know how. But like weather, volcanoes or earthquakes cannot be influenced by the human intelligence. Life would not be life if we could control everything, even if it is difficult to comprehend why these terrible things do happen.

I have written this article to explain a little about the nature of volcanoes and earthquakes.

Especially volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are devastating natural hazards which are both difficult to predict and difficult to respond to.

However, examples like Montserrat, Mount St. Helens, Heimaey, the San Francisco earthquake and the Mexican earthquake illustrate the differences in terms of predicting and responding to these hazards.

Volcanic eruptions are easier to predict than earthquakes, as minor earthquakes are often the first 'sign' of a following volcanic eruption. The example of Mount St. Helens underlines this, as first signals of a coming volcanic eruption could be noticed already three months before the actual eruption. These signals can be either minor earthquakes or even gas production in a volcano shows that it is 'active.'

Earthquakes are harder to predict as they occur suddenly without any warning or with short notice. However both earthquakes and volcanoes can be monitored and observed by seismographs, tilt meters, lasers, GPS and observation. Furthermore some animals like catfishes can be used to predict them as they are very sensitive. It is also possible to create hazard maps as prediction for volcanic eruptions. These are based on previous eruptions and close observations.

The example of Heimaey in Iceland shows that volcanoes can also occur unexpectedly. It erupted without any previous signs on January 23rd 1973. In this case there were only 24 hours of minor tremors before a 400 metre fissure opened up to pour out lava. The Heimaey is only one example where a volcanic eruption occurred without previous warning. Other examples like Mount St. Helens and Montserrat show that volcanic eruptions are usually easy to predict. Mount St. Helens for example resulted in the largest landslide in recorded history with a speed of 70 to 150 miles per hour. But due to great preparedness only 57 people died. This shows that early warning results in easier and more accurate prediction.

As a general rule, it can be said that earthquakes are more difficult to predict than volcanoes as they occur without any warning.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

What Is Tarot?

I have been reading tarot since I was child, and I was taught by my mother, who was taught by her mother before her, so it is a deeply personal gift that I want to share with others. Reading tarot can be a tool to finding the answers to questions that plague you. A tarot card reader uses the beautiful and powerful cards to construct a full view of your past, your present, and your possible futures constructed around a specific question. Through tarot, you will gain a great deal of information about your surrounding circumstances, the people that may be involved in the situation you have questions about, and even what emotions you yourself might be placing upon the situation.

I hear this question often, and the different guesses I get from people are numerous. The most simple and technical answer is that tarot is the usage of tarot cards to answer questions you may have. But the simple and technical answer is never the answer when it comes to actually having a tarot reading. The answers you seek when you consult a tarot card reading are often of the heart and of the soul, and they can open your eyes to knowledge that secretly, you already knew.

I suggest that if you have the chance, find a tarot card reader local to you so that the reader will be able to personally ask you questions and take the time to give you a detailed, accurate and personalized reading. There are many different layouts and styles used in answering different questions, and each of them has its pros and cons. A simple three card tarot layout gives the basic, but to the point view of the past, then the present, and then the future. If you have a question or issue that you feel requires a more in-depth look, then a tarot reading using the Celtic Cross layout is ideal. This layout utilizes several cards, as well as a card to represent the core emotion of the issue at hand. From the external forces that might be holding you back, to a look into how the issue can be resolved if you can get through personal obstacles, this tarot layout is one that will give you the best look into your future. Tarot is a powerful and ancient tool that will open your mind to all the possibilities that you haven't seen.

The common sense psychic reader provides articles, insight, tips and opinions on various today's spiritual subjects such as where to get the services such as a online psychic readings as well as explaining how online psychic reading work.

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The Curious History of the Ouija Board

The ancient and mysterious Ouija board probably dates back to beyond 1100 BC, when its use was first recorded in China. Over three thousand years later, this legendary device used to communicate with the dead, still remains a potent symbol of our unknown world.

The Song dynasty in ancient China, was the first known recorded use of the Ouija board which was called," Fuji," or "plancette writing." by the court who contacted their dead ancestors, through the board.. A tradition still common in much of Asia today.

The Ouija board was also reportedly used by ancient Greeks, Indians and Romans, then subsequently in Medieval Europe, and was used in both the courts of Kings, and the bars of the common peasant. The venial Catholic Church, often cited the use of the board as a form of witchcraft.

Eliajh Bond, and Charles Kennard patented the board in 1890, and sold it as a gimmick or novelty toy in Europe. The board was named "Ouija," after the ancient Egyptian word for "good luck."

An American businessman took over the business called William Fuld, and claimed he himself had invented this ancient communication device, until Parker Brothers bought the rights to produce the board in the mid-1960's, and still sell it today as a toy.

Evolving through a three thousand year history, the board has divided people on it's use. Religious authorities have banned it, in some cases users were either seen as fools or persecuted for using this ancient plancette.

One of the more famous users of the board have included the former Italian prime minister, Romano Prodi, who claimed the messages from the board helped him locate Red brigade members who were accused of the murder of Aldo Moro.

Homemade Ouija boards are stuff of legends, as no night is incomplete with a curious group of teenagers testing the legend of the board, with often scary results which remain a distinct memory of their youth.

The Ouija board continues to fascinate and divide us three hundred centuries after it may have been first used in the royal court of ancient China. Although the three thousand year old question still remains- Does the Ouija board really communicate with the dead?

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Lobizon - Werewolf - A Creature of Cryptozoology

In the western world, the werewolf has become quite a prominent figure. Although the existence of this mysterious creature is yet to be officially confirmed by science, a lot of people believe that they truly do exist. In Argentina, they have what they call the Lobizon.

However, it's not just an Argentinean counterpart to the typical werewolf we see on TV whose image has become quite "domesticated," so to speak. The Lobizon is the real deal as it terrorizes its victims in this South American country unlike anything you've probably heard of before.

While it still remains to be a werewolf adaptation, the Lobizon, or the El Lobizon as it is known in Argentina, is quite different in that it has had hundreds of sightings throughout the country. Unlike other mysterious creatures, the El Lobizon has been spotted not only in rural farm lands, but in populated places as well. Moreover, the Lobizon isn't like the common werewolf as we know it as not anyone can be turned into one by a single bite.

The belief is that it is only the seventh son of a family that can be transformed into this highly powerful creature. To further prove the belief of the Argentinean people on the El Lobizon, it is a fact to this day that the government requires sizable families to have their seventh sons baptized in order to avoid this curse. It is even the president himself that performs the baptism ritual.

Throughout Argentina, there are dozens, if not hundreds of eyewitness accounts that all claim to have seen the Lobizon in the flesh. In fact, there is even an individual from the northern region of the country who asserts, albeit rather unconvincingly, that he is an actual Lobizon.

Based on various sightings, the El Lobizon actually looks a lot like the werewolf that we know. Numerous drawings of the El Lobizon can easily accessed from almost any type of media, perhaps none easier than doing a quick internet image search. It has the same physical characteristics of a typical werewolf which includes the muscular physique, extraordinarily sharp teeth, extremely hairy body, and the elongated snout like that of a dog, among others.

While the El Lobizon continues to cause anxiety among the people of Argentina, it isn't as feared as other more gruesome monsters. The reason for this is probably because of the fact that the main victims of the El Lobizon still remains to be animals. It is said that the creature enjoys raw meat which is why it often feeds on farm animals such as chickens and cows. There are very few, if any, recorded reports that suggest that the El Lobizon has attacked and devoured a human prey.

There is a website that describes the Lobizon and numerous other creatures of Cryptozoology in detail, this website is called: Unknown Creatures and it may be found at this url:

You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.

Robert W. Benjamin has been an avid writer for years, and he has over 300 different articles published on the internet, on numerous subjects of his interest. Robert loves going fishing at ponds, lakes and rivers, and enjoys taking long distance vacations as well as one day bus trips. Robert enjoys computers, internet, sky gazing, walking and numerous other activities.

Unknown Creatures

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Do Aliens Really Exist? - Where Did They Come From? - Why Are They Here?

We seem to be living at a time where UFOs, Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilation and Alien Encounters are on the rise. The possibility of extraterrestrial life seems to be on the minds of millions of people. Are there extraterrestrial civilizations across the vast Milky Way galaxy? Are we really alone? Are there just a lot of mystical speculations? So the question is, do Aliens really exist and if so why they are here and where did they come from?

Many feel that Aliens exist because, for what else would be the purpose for the earth to be the center of the universe. There are many reports, research, and theories against hard evidence accounts of countless photographs, instrument readings, alien encounters, UFO sighting, crop circles and cattle mutilations so there is no doubt of their existence. So what is the mystery behind these extraterrestrial beings? Where did they come from and what do they really want?

Who Are the Aliens?

The mystery behind these Aliens goes beyond the hard evidence of their current existence. I am going to unfold where they came from because that will help us to give them their true identify and their purpose. This will also solve the big question which is: Is there really life on other planets such as Mars and etc?

I briefly covered the scientific research of Alien and UFO phenomena so now we are going to the very roots of their origin. This origin starts at the beginning of time which was at the fall of Satan and the Watchers. These Watchers are also knows as Fallen Angels who took an oath with Satan. They choose to walk their own path with Satan and gave up their diving order with God. These Watchers are the Fallen Angels, which the world calls Aliens today. The Fallen Angels broke Gods law and lived amongst us. God had clips their wings and they became mortal, freakish and hideous creatures.

1 Enoch 12:4 "At that moment the Watchers were calling me. And they said to me, "Enoch, scribe of righteousness, go and make known to the Watchers of heaven who have abandoned the high heaven, the holy eternal place, and have defiled themselves with women, as their deeds move the children of the world, and have taken unto themselves wives: They have defiled themselves with great defilement upon the earth."

The above scripture is a quote from the book of Enoch. Enoch is a man who lived before Noah's Flood who God took up to the 7th heaven and reveled the mysteries of the throne. Enoch never saw death. So how did the Fallen Angels get to be Aliens in UFOs? The quick simple answer is they abandoned the high heaven, the holy eternal place. Now let's take a look at these Fallen Angels before and after Noah's Flood which will allows us to better identify them.

• Before Noah's Flood these Fallen Angels in collaboration with Satan decided to take the earth for themselves. They had children known as the giants. Their 400,000 giant children built cities of technology such as Atlantis. They had an inter dimensional urban society with class structure and aristocracy as well as priesthoods, kingship and wealth accumulation. They also had a global mining program, DNA and genetic engineering and interbreeding program, advanced architecture, and the rejected mysteries which deceived the carnal mind.

• Before the flood God cursed the seed of these Fallen Angels and removed their ascending powers. God also brought war between their children. It was Noah's Flood that destroyed and ruined the Fallen Angels first legacy. The flood stripped them of everything, it destroyed their cities and children as well as all their monuments, wealth, culture, and memorial. In the days of Noah they oppressed and defiled the human race by hording food and putting man into slavery.

• After the flood the Fallen Angels first legacy was ruined as well as they had their ascendancy powers was removed by God. That means they could no longer ascend to heaven and they became mortals. So they invented UFO-Anti-gravity technologies or travel technologies so they can travel from one dimension to another and defy earth's gravity.

• After the flood there was an re-infection of the human race by alien abductions. Their malicious agenda is to circumvent God's curse upon the human race by producing a genetic race of hybrids to replace the human race and survive the Tribulation.

By understanding the mysteries of Enoch we can establish the connection between the ties of these phenomena of Aliens, Crop Circles and UFOs to Bible prophecy of the Fallen Angels who are the Watchers. In further reading the mysteries of Enoch we can more understand what these Fallen Angels saw in the human race that they so much coveted.

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Dream Symbols That Indicate Progress and Evolution - Eliminating Nightmares and Recurring Dreams

When you have a nightmare or a recurring dream, this means that the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is sending you warnings. You have to learn the dream language in order to interpret the symbolic unconscious messages, which protect you all the time.

The meaning of dreams has been distorted by so many false dream interpreters that nobody believes that dream interpretation should be taken seriously, or that we can really understand the meaning of dreams.

Most people think that we cannot be sure that our translations are correct because there is no way to confirm that we really understood the hidden messages contained in the dream images.

This impression is based on ignorance. When we learn the dream language according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung we verify that the unconscious messages contained in the dream images are wise and protective.

I simplified his method of dream interpretation, transforming it into a method of fast translation from images into words. Thanks to my simplification, you are able to immediately verify the wisdom contained in the dream messages.

Nightmares and recurring dreams try to alarm you. There is something very important for your own safety that you are not doing, or you are making serious mistakes that will bring you sad consequences.

The dangerous and repetitive dream scenes are reflecting the hidden dangers that are threatening your mental health and your life.

You have to understand how your personality is being altered by misconceptions and absurd conclusions because it is being influenced by the wild and violent side of your conscience.

There are also many instinctive behavioral programs that determine your reactions, but you are not aware of their existence. You act without thinking, or you are totally insensitive, and this is why you fall into many traps.

If you'll see yourself flying in the air in a dream, this means that you are far from the objective reality.

If you are falling from a high position in a dream, this means that you'll have to bear sad deceptions. This nightmare is preparing you to face with seriousness and maturity all the problems that are awaiting.

The next dreams will show you how to stand up again after falling, and how to continue your journey and triumph.

As you follow dream therapy regularly, writing down your dreams and evolving thanks to the unconscious guidance, you stop seeing bad and repetitive dreams.

The dream images will reflect your progress and evolution, instead of reflecting your mistakes.

You'll then see a big watch in a dream. It will be marking the beginning of your trip to the Self. Through dream interpretation you are going to discover who you really are and transform your personality as you become more intelligent and sensitive. The Self is the wise unconscious mind, which you will meet in the end of the trip.

You'll also see a river in a dream, since this is another important dream symbol that reflects your psychological progress. You must cross the river and face your wild side with heroism.

You'll transform the violent and childish reactions of the anti-conscience into prudent and mature actions that will be controlled by your human conscience. This way you'll be always sensible, balanced and wise.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.
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How to Get Rid of Recurring Nightmares Or Repetitive Bad Dreams

Recurring dreams indicate danger. They are trying to remind the dreamers about a very serious obligation that they are postponing, a mistake that they are making, or something that they are not seeing.

Nightmares are serious alarms that indicate danger as well because they reflect grave mistakes. There are many things that the dreamers have to urgently pay attention to because their lives are in danger, they are losing their mental health, or something that will have a very negative consequence is going to happen to them.

Nightmares must alarm all dreamers. They should carefully follow dream therapy and obey the wise unconscious guidance contained in the dream messages.

This means that if you see recurring nightmares, you are constantly making very serious mistakes that will generate bad consequences for you in the future. It could also mean you are avoiding an important obligation. The unconscious mind is trying to make you react and urgently do something to save your life, your reputation, and your mental health. This is why it keeps sending you scary recurring nightmares. You will get rid of your bad dreams or nightmares once you pay attention to what you are doing or not doing in your life and adjust these areas accordingly.

By following the unconscious guidance you will overcome all problems and stop seeing constant nightmares.

The same happens when you have repetitive bad dreams, which cannot be considered nightmares, but that bother you, leaving you with a dissatisfied feeling.

Repetitive dreams are reminding you of an obligation that you are not doing, or they are trying to show you that you must stop making a serious mistake. They are equally as serious as recurring nightmares.

You should not let your futility and indifference lead you to mental illnesses and despair, but react before it is too late. The unpleasant repetitive dreams are indicating danger. Something bad will happen in the future ahead if you don't do something to correct your mistakes now and just continue repeating them.

Many people are totally indifferent to their nightmares and recurring dreams, believing that dreams are not really important. They ignore the tremendous importance of all dream symbols, which contain precious unconscious messages that save our lives and protect our mental health.

You should maintain a prudent attitude since you are learning that the dream images reflect important messages. Respect the unconscious warnings with gratitude; they are protecting you.

Dream language is not a mystery. You can immediately translate all dream images into words that you understand. You will easily learn it, and when you do, you'll start immediately finding solutions to all your problems thanks to the unconscious wisdom.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

11 Feng Shui Secrets to Attract Love, Celebrate Love, Or Get a Commitment

February brings a cascade of red and pink items that keeps everyone's mind of love. From the littlest children handing out cartoon Valentine cards to classmates to couples' most intimate and romantic expressions, the Valentine holiday energy captivates everyone. And why not? Who can resist the pull of love, chocolate - and all that red energy!

Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, everyone benefits when attention is paid to those we love, or want to love. Our relationships are a key component to our personal happiness and having loving relationships make us feel fulfilled. Having someone to love, whether that is a friend or a spouse is also central to our sense of well-being. Having a committed, devoted love, though, is what most people strive for.

Feng shui is a great tool for creating opportunities for love. That's because feng shui opens the way for love to enter your life. Whether that love is for a lifetime or whether this love is your soul mate depends a lot on your "heaven luck," or karma. However, feng shui can bring you the "opportunity" for love and this is what everyone wants - at least the opportunity to find that perfect match. What if you are already in a relationship? The good news is that you can still use feng shui to help you strengthen your love ties with your spouse or partner.

Don't let this February get past without making it your month for love! Go all out for those hearts and flowers and see what happens! Oh, and be sure to tap the 15th night full moon of the Chinese New Year to tap into your own love luck.

1. Light the way for love on the night of a full moon.

Purchase a low ceramic or glass bowl (red is best). Fill this with stones, such as amethyst, citrine, quartz, or glass beads. Keep in mind that stones with purple, yellow, red, and white colors are best. Place three red or pink candles in the bowl. Light the candles on the night of full moon to bring love to you or to make your love light burn brighter. You can do this on the full moon of any month.

2. Blow bubbles of love at the full moon.

Blow bubbles under the full moon and with them your wishes for a mate.

3. Release a yellow love balloon on the night of a full moon.

Write your lover's name and your love wishes on a yellow balloon on the night of a full moon. Write your wishes in red ink and release to the moon.

4. Send flowers according to the maturity and state of your love.

Serious, committed, or married love: Send red or yellow flowers. These show the passion, steadfastness, seriousness and depth of the relationship.

Looking to marry: Send yellow flowers. These show serious intention, and the yellow color brings the kind of mother earth luck that solidifies relationships.

Wanting to start a relationship: Send pink flowers. These show sentimental intention that won't overpower a relationship that is just beginning. It will cause the recipient to have sweet and tender feelings for the sender. Trying to revive a relationship? Pink is the color to send.

Note: if you send roses, be sure thorns are removed or these could damage the relationship.

5. Get goosey with the noncommittal types.

Geese symbolize lifelong love. Purchase and place a pair of decorative geese, the type of geese that are placed in the yard, in the SW corner of the garden for long-lasting love. For lovers who won't commit, hang pictures of geese in his/her bedroom to help cement the bond and make the commitment.

6. Buy crystal hearts.

If you're looking for love, buy a crystal heart and put it on a red cloth. Put this in the SW corner of your desk or in your bedroom. Do this regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not. If you are in one, it will help enhance your relationship. If you aren't, it will help bring you one!

7. Missing the SW corner of your house?

Place a big boulder or cement object here to create the missing earth energy. Maybe THAT's why your relationship has been troubled?

8. Create a "Love Garden."

Outdoors, this would include pairs of plants that bloom with red, pink, or yellow flowers. Be sure to intersperse them with stones or boulders. Add a Kwan Yin statue, if you like. Lights on the SW part of the garden are extra beneficial!

9. Living alone? Get the benefit of "Big Earth."

The relationship sector is symbolized by "big earth." If you live alone and want to enjoy relationship luck, put a picture of a mountain, or a mound of stones, or a large geode in your living room to give you "big earth" luck. This will help solidify and keep relationship luck from getting away.

10. Singles: Make sure you have Sun or Moon energy.

For men who live alone, make sure there is feminine energy in the house. Hang a picture of the moon or a woman in a prominent place, such as the bedroom or living room. Women, if you live alone, make sure the house doesn't get too girlie or too yin! You need the manly yang energy to draw a man to you. Hang a picture of the sun in the house and make sure there is plenty of light in the house.

11. Keep the heartfires burning.

Keep a light on in the SW corners/sector to keep your relationship warm or to draw love to you.

Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in classical Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more information visit and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant! To subscribe and receive the FREE Ebook, "Easy Money - 3 Steps to Building Massive Wealth with Feng Shui,"logon to

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You should use everything in your power to attract love and unite or re-unite with your soul mate. You can use crystals to help. Crystals are very pow

You should use everything in your power to attract love and unite or re-unite with your soul mate. You can use crystals to help. Crystals are very powerful and magical. The best crystals for love are Rose Quartz crystals.

Crystals are amazing semi-precious stones which have been revered and used for centuries for their healing properties and for spiritual and magical purposes.

The Rose Quartz crystal is a form of Quartz with a hardness of 7. It can be found in various hues of pink and is mainly mined in India, China, Chile, and Spain Russia.

The Rose Quartz crystal is associated with the Heart Chakra, and so is particularly important in matters concerning the heart, such as love, attraction and emotions. It has profound benefits for the self too. Because of its connection to the heart, it encourages self-esteem, or self-love -- vital for anyone who wants to attract a soul mate.

Spell Casters will use the Rose Quartz crystal in casing Love Spells.

Healing Properties

For general healing, this crystal is the best. It can bring comfort and ease pain for emotional and physical ailments, and heartbreak caused by loss, separation, and divorce.

For people who are going through pregnancy and childbirth, the Rose Quartz crystal can help regulate hormones and help fertility.

Spiritual Purposes

The Rose Quartz has important spiritual purposes. It is calming because it is felt to regulate the hormone system. It can also help attract love, protect against negativity, invigorate by promoting youthfulness and fertility, and even help with weight loss.

Rose Quartz is an ideal stone for meditation as it helps calm and balance a troubled mind in times of stress. It can help you feel open to love, either from others or for yourself.

This crystal is sometimes referred to as the Angel Crystal because many people believe it can help you connect better with your Angels and Spirit Guides.

Spiritually, this crystal is connected with the Element of Water, the direction West, the Moon and the Lovers Tarot card.

Magical Meanings

Spell Casters use this crystal to cast spells for attracting love, fertility, healing and protection. Also, many use it in rituals and spells for youthfulness and healthy weight loss.

Rose Quartz is the perfect stone for use in meditations, due to its balancing and calming properties. Importantly, this stone can help you to feel more open to love coming into your life, from others, and love of oneself too.

Using the Quartz crystal for meditations can help develop and improve psychic ability.

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Healing Properties Of Rose Quartz Uncovered

The healing properties of crystals and gemstones have long been documented though not everyone subscribes to the idea that they can indeed have a powerful effect on an individual. Different gemstones are aligned with different areas in the body and can help not only the physical body but ones emotions and spiritual well-being also. In this article, we will have a look at the healing properties of rose quartz and the effect it can have.

Quartz itself is a mineral, occurring as crystals and is abundantly available. Pure quartz or rock crystal as it was traditionally known is clear in colour or translucent. Rose quartz as the name suggests is pink in colour and there are several other colours of quartz available, for example smoky quartz, brought about by trace amounts of various impurities. The healing properties of rose quartz center around the heart and all matters connected with the heart, love and emotion.

Known as the "love stone", rose quartz promotes self-love as well as helping you find love. Feelings of low self-esteem or low self-confidence can melt away leaving you stronger emotionally. The energy of rose quartz heals the heart gently by aiding the release of negative feelings of resentment, fear, hurt or anger. It helps to ease any kind of trauma to the heart such as neglect or feeling in need of love, particularly if you have felt this way as a child. It also eases the pain of loss and is a special stone to have in times of grief.

Because rose quartz has such a soothing effect on the emotions, it is particularly useful in meditation. It can be difficult at times to quieten the mind but the energy of the rose quartz crystal will help you to stay calm and in control of your thoughts. Inner peace and being able to forgive are more healing properties of rose quartz and being able to appreciate one's own self as well as the world. Once there is some kind of balance emotionally, the door is open to allow love on all levels through.

The healing properties of rose quartz on the physical body include slowing the signs of aging and reducing wrinkles. Since it is associated with the heart, it helps with the heart itself and the circulatory system as well as being beneficial for infertility issues, kidney trouble or sinus problems.

Gemstones are often chosen simply for their beauty as opposed to their healing powers but even science today recognises the power of quartz crystals in computers, cell phones and other electronic devices.

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From gemstone jewellery to diamonds, engagement rings or antique jewellery, you are sure to find something you like apart from the prices.

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How to Stop Having Bad Dreams and Understand The Unconscious Messages

Bad dreams indicate behavioral abnormalities and erroneous ideas. If you keep having bad dreams, this means that you keep making many mistakes in life.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is your natural doctor. It sends you bad dreams when you are making mistakes that affect your mental stability in order to open your eyes. If you want to stop having bad dreams you must follow dream therapy, so that you may stop doing what is generating emotional problems and sad situations.

Today this is very simple. I simplified Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation for you.

All dreams contain very important messages, even bad dreams or nightmares. When you understand the hidden messages of the unconscious mind, you understand the mistakes you are making. You also learn how to correct these mistakes and do only what is positive for you.

Don't be inconsequential. Never relax after having a nightmare for thinking that 'it was only a bad dream' (and not something that really happened in your daily life). Your dreams contain serious messages that protect your mental health and your safety. They are alarms sent by the unconscious mind in order to protect your sanity.

Your dreams reflect real psychological problems or sad life situations that will happen in the future. Or, they reflect the attitude you have today and the problems that are torturing you now, while you ignore their negative effect.

The unconscious mind criticizes your behavior in the dream images, showing you the way you react before various life challenges. For example, I will mention the dreams of a patient who kept dreaming that she forgot and lost something important somewhere.

She forgot her purse, her coat, her glasses, etc. in various dreams. After forgetting and losing something important for her in a dream, she had to face many problems looking for what she had lost, but without finding the object in the end.

These bad dreams were showing her that she has a negligent attitude in life.

Her purse represents her feminine identity. A woman will see that she lost her purse in a dream when she will be seduced by a man because he will force her to accept having a relationship with him. The dream about the lost purse was showing to the dreamer that she must be careful; otherwise she will get involved with the wrong person.

The fact that she forgot her coat somewhere in a dream and she lost it in the end, means that she lost a protection. The coat is a protection against the bad weather. In dreams the coat represents any kind of protection.

For example, the dreamer could have lost her capacity to be diplomatic. Diplomacy is a social protection. The dreamer cannot be rude and reveal her personal opinion without caring about how others will feel after listening to her words. She must pay attention to various details and protect her social image.

The fact that she forgot her glasses means that she cannot see many things. Her vision is limited. She must open her eyes and pay attention to various details that she keeps neglecting.

Each object in a dream has a symbolic meaning and represents one of the dreamer's mistakes.

If you are making many mistakes like her, you will have many bad dreams reflecting your erroneous behavior. In order to stop having bad dreams, you have to stop making mistakes.

Even if you don't believe that you make mistakes like this dreamer, you surely do. Your conscience is under-developed and one-sided. You are not able to analyze all aspects of your reality. You concentrate your attention only on the aspects that your favorite psychological function prefers.

In case you are a rationalist, you will completely ignore your feelings, which are the opposite of thoughts. Thoughts and feelings are contradictory psychological functions that cannot work together, unless you'll pass through dream therapy and learn how to develop all your psychological functions at the same time.

This is what you should do, without a doubt. Dream therapy will help you completely develop all your psychological functions and acquire total consciousness.

Only when you'll pay attention to your feelings, to your sensations and to your intuition the same way you pay attention to your thoughts, will you find balance. Only then will you have a total vision of the reality you are analyzing.

You will then be able to objectively judge your reality, while paying attention to all its aspects. Therefore, you won't make mistakes like you do now.

You'll stop having bad dreams. Your mind will open, and you'll become a wise human being.

Your dreams will have a totally different meaning. They will reflect your progress, instead of reflecting your mistakes. You will be able to make very important future predictions after seeing meaningful dream warnings. Instead of dreaming about dangerous situations and bad events, you'll see positive dream symbols, and learn many things you ignore.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.
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What Dreams Are Made of?

"All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams."

Elias Canetti

My mother has a simple but strong explanation for why we have particular dreams. She says "What ever we think during the day, follows us in the dreams." I don't know about others but with me its 60 percent true if not more. The remedy for the bad dreams which she prescribes is- remember God for 5 minutes before you go to bed. In case it fails the second thing would be- take the left shoe, touch it 7 times to the ground and put it upside down by your head side under your bed (along with a glass of water). You might call me a superstitious but it always works for me. I believe that dreams are suppressed fears or thoughts which we afraid or are hesitant to express. Or they are the ambitions we always had.

The national sleep research project reveals that an average human being spends one-third of its life sleeping. Some scientists believe we dream to fix experiences in long-term memory, that is, we dream about things worth remembering. On the other hand, some physicians like Robert (1888, Hamburg) reckons that the dreams are to forget and clean the memory (to eliminate overlapping).

In 1952, Eugene Aserinsky identified a particular behavior of the eyes during the dreams, called REM or Rapid Eye Movement. REM occurs when a person is having a dream; it is similar as a person moves his eyes to scan the situation around while one is awake. Certain types of eye movements during REM sleep correspond to specific movements in dreams. Dreams also occur during the non-REM sleep, it might be to a lesser extent, but there is no such thing as sleep without dreams. Elephants, during non REM sleep stand, bur lie down for REM sleep.

The recalling of dreams is extremely unreliable, although psychologists believe that it is a skill that can be trained. Commonly, 95 percent of all dreams are not remembered. Women are believed to be better in recalling a dream than men. Mostly, a dream may be recalled upon viewing or hearing a random trigger or stimulus. A 'dream journal' can be used to assist dream recall for psychotherapy or amusement purposes.

There are so many cultures, communities and faiths in the world and so are the interpretations of the dreams. The Chinese people believed that the soul leaves the body to go into the dream world. If a dreamer is suddenly awakened the soul might not return to the body. For this reason some Chinese even today are suspicious of alarm clocks. One of the Hindu Scriptures 'Upnishads' (900-500 BC), emphasize two meanings of dreams first says that dreams are just expressions of inner desires and the second believes (like Chinese) that soul leaves the body but is being guided until it is awakened. The Mexican civilization and some Native American tribes (I am an Indian myself but from India) believe that the dreams are a way to visit and contact their ancestors.

Some religions e.g. Christians and ancient Hebrews believe that the dreams are of supernatural element and they might have a divine power to communicate or to warn. Even in Islam, Muslims believe that Prophet Mohammed received much of the writings of Quran from a dream he had.

Aristotle (384-322 BC) believed that the cause of dream is physiological activity and that the dreams are able to analyze illness and predict diseases. Hippocrates, similar to my mother, had a simple theory on dreams which suggests that during the day, the soul receives images; during the night, it produces images.

More recently Sigmund Freud revolutionized the study of dreams. According to Freud wish-fulfillment was the root behind most of dreams and that the dreams are reflection of the dreamers' deepest desires. Later a student of Freud, named Carl Jung gave his teacher's ideas a new horizon. Similar to his teacher he believed that dreams are related to the dreamer's wishes, which enables them to realize the things they unconsciously desire. Jung believed that the dreams were messages to the dreamer and should not be ignored. He described the dreams as capable to present the dreamer with revelations that uncover and help to resolve emotional problems. He said "Who looks outside, dreams; who looks outside, awakes."

Whatever is hiding behind the mystery of dreams, nobody can help dreaming. There are some people who dream black and white. Color or black and white, life is itself more or less a dream. For some it is more good dream and less nightmare, for others, vice versa. I believe there is a much permanent and happy place out there. A super-conscious state beyond the consciousness. But until we reach there, lets keep dreaming.

"Married or unmarried, young or old, poet or writer, you are still a dreamer, and will one time know, and feel, that your life is but a dream."

Donald G. Mitchell

Harmander S. Maan

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