Friday, March 23, 2012

Conspiracy Theory Case Study - Global Elite Wants to Remove Two Thirds of the Population

If you are one to enjoy conspiracy theories, perhaps you listen to late-night radio. For a number of years I had done this while traveling around the country because I enjoyed driving at night when there was no traffic. I would simply turn on the late-night radio, and listen to whatever tall tales and conspiracy theories they could come up with. Interestingly enough, most of them are plausibly deniable, and some of these crazy stories may actually be true, or at least parts of them are true enough to keep the natives restless. Okay so, let's talk about one of these conspiratorial stories as a case study.

Perhaps you've heard that conspiracy that "The New World Order" is going to take over the world, and a group of elites, billionaires, and the proverbial Rothschild family, and all of these sorts of folks are planning the demise of billions of people on the planet. Because they say there are too many humans, too many mouths to feed, and all those people simply aren't needed. Well, when you take apart a conspiracy theory, you have to look at all the evidence, and try to reason if it even makes sense. And you have to decide who gains by such an action, and who loses.

Now then, if there are fewer people in the world, then we don't need as much production capacity, we don't need as many people working, and therefore all those people aren't needed. Question is what to do with them. You could wait a few generations, and see that they don't have so many offspring, or you can find ways to see their early demise perhaps from disease, lack of food, war, or some cataclysmic event. Mother Nature has done a good job that wiping out scores of people, but not on the scale it would take to get rid of let's say two thirds of the population which is how this conspiracy theory plays it.

Now then, the reality is that human beings are a pretty resilient species, and they're pretty hard to get rid of. It's hard to kill them off by disease, and they seem to be smart enough not to let wars get too far out of hand or kill too many people. World War II killed a significant number of people, but compared to the number of people on the planet, well, not so much. Bird Flu could be significant, if it were custom tailored for the most ruthless of pandemics, but humans again are pretty smart, and would probably rise to the occasion with the production of massive numbers of vaccine kits. Then logistically, they find a way to get them to each and every person, and therefore stop it pretty quick. Yes, it could kill a significant number of people, but you'd be surprised, as humans adapt quite quickly, their bodies are incredible, and they just aren't easy to get rid of.

Further, in looking at this conspiracy theory you have to ask yourself if it makes sense. If the global elite can control more people, there will be a more abundance for them at the top, and more production and economic activity as well. They stand to gain by expansion of the balloon or pie, as they will always hold a greater percentage. Therefore, this particular conspiracy theory doesn't really make any sense. Thus, it probably fails. So it's time you came up with a better one. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on.

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