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Ghost Hunting Equipment - Commonly Used Ghost Hunter Tools

In order to come across as a professional in paranormal investigations and ghost hunting, you must have specific ghost hunting equipment to assist you in your work. There are standard ghost hunter tools as well as newer equipment and software developed for the modern investigator.

Below Is A Brief Guide On Ghost Hunting Equipment And Tools:

Pen and Notebook: These might seem to be obvious things but they are usually ignored and underused by many investigators. Nonetheless, a notebook and a pen or pencils are the best method of recording minor case details before, during and after an investigation. This may include historic information from the client, dates and times of strange occurrences and other unrecorded details of the case.

Flashlights: A paranormal investigator does not have a cameraman to assist them in recording their activities and movements. They frequently work in dark locations such as basements and underground tunnels which do not have natural lighting. A flashlight is therefore indispensable for an investigator. Besides, it may also assist in alerting one on the presence of ghosts or spirits. Paranormal Investigators have a theory that ghosts draw energy from their surrounding to manifest themselves. Thus, a flashlight switching itself off might be a sign of other entities.

Batteries: Extra batteries are a must since most of the ghost hunter tools and equipment run on batteries.

Digital Cameras- Paranormal investigators and ghost hunters can not leave their cameras behind. These are useful not only in capturing ghostly manifestations but also to store mementos of case studies from different locations. Digital cameras could be the most important piece of ghost hunting equipment you will need.

Tape Recorders: Tape recorders are essential and utilised by all paranormal investigators. They are used to record electronic voice phenomena (EVP) while working in haunted sites. EVP otherwise referred to as disembodied voices is characterized by sounds and voices that are heard during playback of various types of magnetic tapes.

EMF Detectors- Electromagnetic fields are fundamental forces of nature. The EMF detector is used to measure energy being emitted by stationary objects. Paranormal Investigators and ghost hunters theorize that ghosts and spirits disrupt EMF and can cause bleeps on the detector. High EMF readings in areas where there are few electrical gadgets can be indicators of potential paranormal activity. If there are plenty of electrical gadgets however, it may rule out the presence of ghosts and spirits.

Other Ghost Hunter Tools

The above ghost hunter tools and equipment are just the basic kit used by paranormal investigators. There are other specialized equipment and ghost hunting software that are just as useful and necessary for the success of your venture.

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Having some software to store all of your investigation data and ghost information can help you drastically when your trying to analyze results.

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