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How To Make Different Voodoo Dolls

It is known only to a few people, but Voodoo dolls come in many forms. The only dolls that most of us are familiar of are those made out of cloth. Little did we know that we can actually make poppets or dolls out of paper, wax, wood or clay.

Most people do not know that these dolls can also bring benefits to the user. In fact, they can be used for healing and maintaining good health. Some people also believe it to bring good fortune, love and protection from any curses or bindings. By using them, people can control energy in a variety of ways.

One uncommon doll is one that is made of wax. To make it, you must have softened wax and mold a shape out of it. It is essential that you place oil in your hands so that it is easier to manipulate the wax. Once the molding procedure is done, you can already decorate it with buttons, stones or even beads of your own design. Adding hair or garment is optional, but not really necessary. Yet, this may help you imagine the recipient more easily because the doll seems to be a personal replica of the person.

The second unusual doll is the wood poppet doll. Making this is relatively easy. All you have to do is draw a figure on a clean piece of parchment paper or card and cut it out. Similarly with the wax doll, you can decorate it yourself and you may draw symbols or attach a photo of the intended recipient. These add more personal touches to the doll.

Next, who would have thought that Voodoo dolls can be made out of wood? Specifically, you will need a soft wood for this kind of doll so that carving figure from it will not be difficult. Using sticky glue put some hair using your yarn, rope, or anything that may fancy your desires. You can also use paint on the doll's clothes or face.

Last but not the least, the clay dolls may or may not be done easily. It can be done easily if you use the soft kind of clay (the ones we play with while we are young), while it can be difficult if you use the clay that is meant to be hardened during the final process. Any way you make it, it can still be considered a voodoo doll. But, remember to put a hollow space inside the clay to fill with special herbs or draw special symbols to seal. This will enhance the effectiveness of the doll to the intended recipient as you are adding personal touches. Just like all the other dolls, you may paint, adorn, or place the recipient's picture to the doll itself.

There may be different versions of dolls. Even if the doll you make is not the typical one, it will still work for you if you know the right attitude, directions and spells. If you want to be better in casting spells, practice. If you want to know about them, research. If you desire to gain more knowledge, seek help from advisors or experts. Voodoo, indeed, is a very vast area wherein beginners need patience in order to fully comprehend it.

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