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December 21 - History After the Infamous 2012 Date

In 2012, specifically December 21, history will slam to a halt. Allegedly. Just in time for Christmas, the end of the world will come, so be sure to put off your shopping 'til the last minute, OK? See, it's that time of the century - our first in this brand new one we're living in - when we are due for a refreshing wave of global wipeout. Who says? Well, a number of sources apparently, but the most respected voice of doom comes from the Mayans. They are an ancient society that occupied enormous tracts of Central America, from around 1800 BC 'til the environment, overpopulation and the predicted (but sadly underestimated) appearance of the Spanish Conquistadores some two thousand years on culled their ranks and collapsed their rich, complex, but ultimately fragile civilization.

The Mayan were ridiculously skilled in architectural, mathematical, and astronomical matters. During their cultural expansion, they developed an obsession with time, and found a cool method to track it by use of a complex calendar system. It's part of that system that's now being flogged at conventions, in books, and all across the intertubes, promoting the most recent "the end is near" predictions. Now, at the risk of sounding disrespectful, my knee jerk reaction to hearing that in that specific year, precisely on December 21, history rolls up its scroll and takes us all with it sounds a little bit like another of the countless doomsday prophecies that have come and gone, leaving existential egg on the face of the people who proclaimed it the loudest. But there's no question that we seem to welcome bad news with open arms, which helps to explain why it spreads like a wildfire.

Without taking even a moment to research the source or verify the claims, the more spectacularly bad the news, the bigger the slice of it we crave. Shoot, we'll swallow the pie whole. As far as the 2012 predictions go, we may be well into our second helpings. Notwithstanding the undeniable fact that a great deal of incredible - and I mean that in its original sense - information is being disseminated, we're still swallowing the idea that all life on the planet is literally just a few months away from being utterly kaput like it's a sweet, decadent dessert.

It's worth remembering that the Mayans probably never intended to prophecy the end of our existence. The legendary Mayan calendar was made as a strategy for tracking time. It was not created as a method of predicting specific future events. There's little question that the long count calendar was employed to forecast ideal times for sowing and harvesting crops and other similar cultural and/or natural events. But the Mayans were not necessarily supernatural prognosticators. They did believe in a pantheon of gods and shared the common superstitions of early cultures; but there's a questionable relationship between their religious beliefs and the 2012 world-ending predictions. There's no question that the calendar does come to a seemingly abrupt end; but then, so does our Gregorian calendar. Theirs may have spanned 5,125.36 years, whereas ours tend to go in annual cycles, but what's to stop us from concluding that it doesn't all just start over again on "New Year's" day?

It's a fascinating subject, and well worth investing some time in studying, if only to acquaint yourself with the actual facts. There are a growing number of books and articles that go into detail regarding whether or not, after that fateful December 21, history will continue to unfold more or less as we are used to. If you encounter an opinion that seems to make sense, take it on board. If it sounds like the ravings of someone modeling a tin foil hat, give it a pass. Like anything else, it requires a sensible approach. If you feel, like I do, that it's best to be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best, then follow that plan. But don't believe everything you hear, especially if it's guaranteed to terrify you. The Mayans didn't go to all the massive labor of creating their extraordinary time-keeping system just to punk a generation of people living a millennium or two after they were long gone. Consider the possibility that everything might turn out alright after all!

While it's difficult to prepare for something we can't quite imagine, it's smart to at least make some effort to keep ourselves and our families safe in the event of an emergency or catastrophe. Whatever 2012 brings, the fact remains that right now, there are increasing incidents of natural disasters and - even more tragically - the real possibility of terrorist attacks that must be dealt with. Even if it turns out that 2012 is another over-hyped non-event like Y2K, at least we can feel that we took reasonable precautions against the worst, and if the worst never happened, our efforts won't have been in vain, should we become victims of the all-too-real challenges of life in the 21st century. 2012 Global Solutions presents a sampling of the most popular scenarios for this upcoming date, along with the best books, DVDs and products to help you understand and prepare for what might be coming.

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2012 - The Psychology of Living Underground - The Basics

Living underground is not a new concept. In fact, the generation and utilization of underground space has been one of humanity's drivers for a sustainable future. As early as 1931, human ingenuity imagined and designed plans for the "depth scraper", a 35-story building resembling a skyscraper of the type familiar in American large cities, which was to be constructed in a mammoth excavation beneath the ground. It was proposed as a residential engineering solution for surviving earthquakes in Japan.

We have numerous examples of underground projects, such as Rapid Transit Systems like the Tube, underground malls, deep underground airport terminals, to name a few.

It is obvious that part of humanity's survival planning has to include utilization of underground space, the expansion of which has been under nano-speeds due to numerous technological challenges, as well as the huge socio-human factors which need to be explored. Any underground "undertaking" has to consider the psychology of living underground and how to best design accommodations that do not negatively impact the aboveground quality of life standards. Needless to say, safety planning and disaster prevention within the confines of limited underground space technology are challenging. The challenges are exacerbated when space becomes even more limited, as in a case of a survival bunker.

Underground Psychology

Many of the problems associated with living in underground habitats are not only technological ones, but rather are related to the degree of social acceptance of the concept and to the individual's perception of the underground space.

Just over 3 decades ago, in 1977, Birger Jansson et al reported in Planning of Subsurface Use (Swedish Council for Building Research) that:

"...there has hardly been any research carried out directly aimed at plotting the implications for human beings of spending time and working underground... can be stated that the physiological effect on the human organism of time spent underground has been investigated to a very incomplete extent."

Research has been conducted in various specific areas of concern, such as issues of safety as well as the various physiological and psychological responses of humans working in windowless and/or underground sites. Yet a greater understanding of different human responses to frequent occupation of a subterranean space is still lacking.

Some of the issues facing humans above ground can be extrapolated and expected to have an impact, albeit to a higher degree of severity, while living underground. To name a few, claustrophobia, light sensitivity, general fatigue, eye fatigue, disturbance of circadian rhythms, insomnia, headaches, etc. These are just some of the potential ailments and stressors for which very little is known due to lack of experimental or real data.

Given the above-mentioned social issues, and the lack of evidence-based data to address these issues, we are left with the necessity of applying existing knowledge from above ground experiences to resolve underground problems. Some of the tactics would seem trivial, such as showing compassion to each other's concerns, being forgiving to one's mistakes, helping each other as needed, and so on. Hence it would seem that an effort to educate and promote social interaction would produce good results and reinforce some areas of public concern while living underground.

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2012 World Ending Or New Age Beginning?

Much has been said and prophesied about 2012. Whether it be Nostradamus or Mayan calendars, the doom and gloom seems to be increasing more and more with every passing month. Some use the event as a launching pad for commercial benefit such and others refuse to deal with the possibilities completely.

The real question is, is it the end of the world or the beginning of a new age? Some spiritually minded people believe that we have been living in a dark age which has been going on for the past 25,800 years. The Hindu term is the Kali Yuga. It is characteristic of the downward spiral of a society with the degradation of women, ethics, morals, and values being the norm.

(The Kali Yuga is a time of tyranny where monarchs reign over the earth. Their spiritual attainment is limited and they rule by their egos and selfish desires. They inflict pain upon their opponents and the people they rule if they are not obedient and subservient. Dishonesty, greed, and selfishness will be the means for occupation while creating a system of dependence to control the population.)

This sounds a lot like the society we live in today although many people tend to think that what occurs daily is "normal"!

In the bible it states that it is darkest before dawn calling it the dark night of the soul where we feel forsaken by God. I'm sure many God fearing people have felt that for some time but especially in recent years and maybe more so in America than anywhere else.

It's amazing what you can get use to but in our lifetime depending on your age we have seen the following.

* Our federal government bankrupt our country

* The Constitution subverted in the name of security

* The pilfering of taxpayers by major corporations & government

* The fall of religion, values, ethics, and morals in our society

* Decreased quality of life in the economy, education, health care, and the defense of our country.

Many believe that live is evolving nicely with increased technology making our society a real time got to have it now delivery system. But is there spiritual progress associated with this evolution in technology? If morals, ethics, and values are being shoved aside can there be a focus on God and our fellow man? If there is not a focus on God and our connection to the almighty, then what becomes of our soul and its attempt to realize our God identity? If technology continues to outpace spirituality, then at what point do we face a dilemma, a crisis in judgment?

So what is going to happen when that fateful month of December 2012 arrives? Psychics, scientists and even some religions believe there will be a celestial event. Some call it Planet X and others a galactic alignment. So is it the end of planet earth as we know it? Could our lives as we know it and live daily suddenly be in a crisis? Unless you've lived through a hurricane Katrina or some disaster and have been personally affected by it you're likely to never believe it could happen to you. With the state of consciousness in our country today where there is complete dependence on the government to provide, you've never thought of having to make preparations for your own survival. But even the federal government proved with Katrina that it doesn't necessarily have the ability to rescue citizens and provide for them in the aftermath of a disaster. Imagine a crisis on a global scale!

Our planet constantly is presenting us with cataclysmic events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and just all around unpredictable weather. Have we become so complacent with our attention focused on what will entertain us next that we have no sense that our society and our planet are going through a major change we have no control of? We accept that there are threats of war, disease, economic collapse and bad weather but do we ever think of life as we know it changing forever?

Unless there is a concerted effort to educate and inform the people of this planet to the risks that are coming, there will be devastation beyond belief as we progress into the year 2012.

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Safe Places in 2012 - Where Will it Be Safe to Live If 2012 Doomsday Happens?

With the release of the new movie the idea of a 2012 doomsday is becoming more & more legitimate in many peoples minds. Find out today what the safe places in 2012 will be and where you should be living in 2012 if indeed the predictions come true! First though lets look at where you don't want to be!

Avoiding the Apocalypse!

It's no surprise that when the idea of doomsday comes up the first thing most people think about are where the safe places to hide will be. The unfortunate truth is that no one can say for sure, however there is some information around that gives us the best estimate of where you will not want to be.

USA/Canada: Unfortunately there is a great deal of conflicting information regarding this area of the world. Edgar Cayce did suggest Virginia as being a safe haven, however a great deal of information now suggests should a polar shift occur north America will become the new north pole! With even Florida sitting on the cusp of the new arctic circle. Not to mention the super-volcano sitting under Yellowstone which would likely go off and destroy a majority of the continent, and make the air un-breathable.

If this wasn't bad enough the amount of nuclear power plants that will like melt down will be phenomenal and create a total nuclear Armageddon! Again USA & Canada have a great deal of these power plants and this again creates another reason not to stick around here.

Europe: Even worse than USA/Canada is the amount of nuclear power plants in Europe. Should catastrophic natural disasters occur this is in fact the worst place in the world to be!

Australia: Unfortunately the 2km high tidal waves will wipe out the majority of the population (as the majority live on the exterior of the continent). Inland is questionable at this point. In addition to which it's believed that if a pole shift happens Australia will be the new south pole as well!

Safe Places:

It's believed that mountains will be the only safe places should 2012 doomsday occur. With all the possibilities it's impossible to say where for sure, but with the above 3 out it's believed that mountainous areas of Africa, particularly around Morocco and the highlands of Ethiopia will have the best chances. Highlands would be safe if it were not for the nuclear fallout which would likely occur, the same goes for various other mountainous regions of Europe. Mountains in China that are inland and far enough away from any nuclear reactors would also be better than most other places.

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Twin Souls - Flames

The universe exists within its own laws and principles; which can be defined by science, revered by religion or remain an infinite enigma. One of the universes principles is the law of polarity. Whether it may be light or dark; positive or negative; yin or yang; male or female; proton or electron; heaven or earth; sun or moon; Alpha or Omega; God or Goddess the principle remains the same a duality, comprised of contrary forces.

The Japanese Philosopher Michio Kushi described in his book ("The Book of Macrobiotics - The Universal Way to Health, Happiness and Peace") that the universal principles operate constantly in the eternal order of the infinite universe. He tells us that "God and Infinity are one in the same. When the name of God is used, it is often misunderstood as a static personality, and when the term Infinity is used, it is difficult for many people to comprehend. The Infinity/God/Source/All That Is is neither a person nor a phenomenon; it is a universal oneness, embracing everything, every being, every phenomenon and it is the endless universe itself. The universe does not remain in one state but is changing constantly transforming continuously, transmuting eternally from the beginningless beginning to the endless end. The infinite universe is a process of absolute dynamic change within which countless relative changes are arising everywhere in every dimension at all times. Yin and Yang are manifested continuously from the eternal movement of one universe. The movement of energy or vibration ultimately appears from these two polar tendencies, yin and yang, which are antagonistic and complementary to each other. In turn, yin and yang are the primary manifestations of One Infinity or the ultimate origin of all phenomena".

Kushi further states that "In the book of Genesis, we read, "In the beginning, God created heaven and earth". Revealing that One Infinity polarized itself into two complementary and antagonistic forces of yin and yang. Genesis then proceeds to describe the subsequent manifestations or transformations of energy resulting from this polarization, through the stages of vibration (light and darkness), subatomic particles (the firmament or ionosphere above the earth), the world of elements (dry land and water), finally reaching humanity, as represented by Adam and Eve, the first man and woman". However, according to Kushi, "nothing is solely yin or yang and everything is composed of both tendencies in varying degrees".

It is further verified by the universal yin/yang sign. The yin or dark half retains a seed of the yang or bright half and the yang or light half retains a seed of the yin or dark half.
It is said that each and every soul has a spiritual counterpart or a twin that is their exact polar opposite. When the soul was created it was manifested in a God/Goddess image from the infinite source. One twin polarized to the yin or female side and one twin polarized to the male or yang side.
Each of the twins retained a seed of their counterpart. These spiritual counterparts are linked together throughout eternity. Twin souls or flames embody a deep unconditional love that is eternal, pure and of the highest form. The love is "divine" in nature and is representative of the love that the universe evokes. It is said that through a gracious dispensation granted by the Creator, Twin Flames from all frequencies are reuniting again in order to restore the Unity of all creations and to collapse duality.

The Twin Soul theory is not a new concept it has existed for many centuries. Plato discussed twin souls in the Symposium' his philosophical writings on the nature of love around 385 BC. And the Sufis (Sufism is a mystical tradition derivative of the Islamic religion) refer to twin souls as "sister souls" in the Sufi text.
It is believed by many that humanity is on the brink of a quantum leap in consciousness as our planet ascends from the 3rd dimension to 5th dimension it is inspiring enlightened individuals to assemble and take responsibility for the higher consciousness and for the Earth. The Mayans predicted the end of the old reality to commence on December 21st, 2012. The Mayan calendar ends on that date. The famous Edgar Cayce prophesied that by the end of the New Age of Aquarius, we will become a completely telepathic civilization. This is a 5th dimensional state of being. Twin Flames have a special contribution in the unification of the individual and at a planetary level.

The concept of a Twin Flames should not be romanticized; as the union exists solely to attain servitude to the planetary, cosmic and universal consciousness.
Love that is apparent in the third dimension has traditionally focused on the attention and emotions towards another person and originates on a personality level; often demanding persistent compromises to make the partnership work.
The Twin Flame union would become a continual unified field with a gateway to the higher dimensional frequencies of oneness'; inherently functioning as a single consciousness. It will not be dependent on the talents or vocations of either partner; it is the unit that is commissioned for service, not the individual expression of the unit.

However, before an individual can meet and unite with their Twin Flame there is a myriad of work to enhance the consciousness; such as releasing, healing and becoming an integrated whole. The heart must be strong and resilient through suffering grief, pain and loss as well as experiencing many unified and loving soul mate relationships; which would contribute to the intensity of being united with the other twin flame.
A love correlation cannot exist in a co-dependent, ego-based relationship or from a perceived 'need' that another person would make them whole and complete. Each half must initially balance their inner male and female energies before they can unite. A powerful resonant magnetic energy field; with a flow of total and unconditional love can attract twin flames. Invoking a spiritual connection between the trinity or triad of the Divine All That Is and the twin flames, joined by their one soul and eternally allied to God.

When each twin has achieved an equivocal equilibrium and both resonate to an identical vibration of the higher consciousness; the Twin Flame should automatically appear, as the creator has orchestrated the union. It will happen because the Twin Flames have been sealed irrevocably together from the moment of their creation. Interesting synchronicities can often pave the way to a reunion; which often involve the numbers 11:11, which are common in Twin Flame soul unions. Eleven is considered to be a master number and is thought to be the number of the spiritual messenger. Two 'ones' are united to form pillars to the heavenly gate - the connection between yin and yang, female and male. The significance of two into one is the perfect symbol for a Twin Flame.

If Twin Flames happen to meet when they are in a loving relationship or a marriage, it is unwise to disrupt any present connections. The energies must first be dismantled and balanced before the Twin Flames can freely come together. However Twin Flames should continue to work together at an energetic level, perceiving that the Earth would be moving ultimately into a fifth dimensional alignment, all Twin Flames would be reunited in other dimensions. The meeting of another Twin Flame calls upon the individual to grow spiritually; heal emotionally, mentally and physically and to look beyond the ego, physical limitations and age differences.

Physical appearance has little or nothing to do with a pairing. Twin souls do not necessarily look alike. Many seem to be complete opposites such as brunette with blond, blue eyes/brown eyes, thick hair/thin hair, large boned/small boned. But the twin souls that do resemble each other seem to have a common ancestry, even if it's only from one side of either family
It is also common that many twin souls have their sun signs in the same element. The elements and signs are:

AIR: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

FIRE: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

WATER: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

EARTH: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Twin Souls are destined to meet when a personal planet is in progression to the sun/moon or midpoint on each natal chart. The numbers 6, 9, 15, 24, 27 are frequently part of the birthdays and Twin Souls can often meet on any of those days.

When Twin Flames connect, they generate a vortex of energy that could be seen as a light in the darkness of society's consciousness. With the implementation the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts: the two create three and the third becomes a very potent force, a force of light and love at an extremely pure level.

The energy combined from both Twins, is different from that of individuals. It is a special offering that the Twins give to each other and expend in their service to humanity. Out of the darkness light will emanate; illuminated by an increased number of flames. Each flame represents the conscious and harmonious relationship between Twin Souls. As the Twins multiply there will be a multitude of flames; an abundance of light and a profusion of energy on the Planet which would act as a catalyst and help to effectuate the expected breakthrough in consciousness.

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Popularity of Vampires in Modern Culture

Vampires who exhibit self-control is a new phenomenon that has permeated present day pop culture. The days of morbidly sinister vampires have ended, and a new breed of vampirism has evolved. What has led to the resurgence of interest in vampires in modern times?

Bloodthirsty Television and Fang-piercing Thrillers

Modern day vampires have become a fascinating part of mainstream pop culture primarily because TV writers and big screen producers have promoted the creatures in a new way. Modern day vampires are not all evil. In fact, some of these legendary beings have become self-controlled and compassionate in their design and purpose. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Blade, Interview with a Vampire, Van Helsing, and Twilight have all encouraged a new breed of vampirism. The bloodthirsty creatures have become more sympathetic to humans and have entertained intimate relationships with them. The goal for the good vampires is no longer one that centers on domination and control but on intimacy and respect. The bloodthirsty television series and fang-piercing big screen thrillers have brought an empathetic vampire into the limelight. Modern day pop culture has come to adore the unselfish and disciplined vampire.

Gothic, Emo, and Dark Personality Types

The resurgence of interest in vampires in modern times has stemmed from the popularity of darker personality types. Times have changed and peppy, overly friendly cheerleader personality types are out of style. Modern culture has evolved into a darker and more emotional personality type. If you look around your malls and movie theaters, you will probably find a mix of people, but many of those in the younger crowd will look like a contemporary version of Gothic style. Present day personality types are often ones that are moody, intelligent, and internalized. This emotional personality trait longs for the deeper and more mysterious things in life. As a result, vampires have become a modern day obsession. Vampires are emotional, awestruck by dark elements, and Gothic in style and dress.

Fascination with Mythology

Vampires in pop culture are extensions of the legends that started in the late 1300's. The original historical accounts depict stories of vampires who mesmerized and intrigued humans in cities across Eastern Europe. Mythology that centers on vampires is packed with stories of supernatural beings that loved and controlled human beings. A modern day fascination with vampires is one that encourages creative thought, emotional processing, and a desire for good to preside over evil. Darkness and evil intentions are not always what lies at the heart of faithful vampires. Modern day vampires have brought all of these elements to a new light...

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Nothing Like a 2012 Apocalypse!

Is the 2012 Apocalypse likely to happen?

The short answer is NO!

As a scientific and highly technical person, I utilize and rely more on hard data than prophecy. As it stands today, there is no scientific evidence of reality with regards to the prophecies of the end of the world. The only hard evidence that is proven by scientific data and FACT is that a large asteroid or comet, ranging around 6 miles wide had a direct collision with Earth at a speed of greater than 30,000 miles per hour. At that speed, the energy transferred based off the mass of the object would equal to over 100 million times the energy released from the bomb dropped at Hiroshima.

Now, just because I am a scientific person, does not mean that I do not have religious beliefs. Growing up as a Roman Catholic, I was raised on the discipline of the Ten Commandments. To make things more interesting, there were other beliefs and customs within our province in the Philippines that people also adhered to. Seeing many of these as a child, I can see how many people can correlate unexplained events to various prophecies from respected elders, wise men, visionaries, and prophets. These beliefs are reminiscent of olden days when religions were beginning to form, an answer for many unexplained events.

The Mayans, for one, had advance mathematical and architectural skills, but still believed in various gods and also practiced human sacrifice. The Mayans were so skilled in astronomy, that their calendar was built around celestial movement and is extremely accurate, even to today's standards. Many people believe that there will be a huge shift in Earth's events which causes the possible destruction of mankind when the Mayan long count calendar resets back to (every 5126 years). This reset happens to correlate to December 21, 2012, which coincidentally happens to be same time of the galactic alignment where the Sun, Earth, and the center of the galaxy will be perfectly aligned. The 2012 apocalypse is western civilization idea that has gone mainstream and did not originate from the Mayans. Again, no hard evidence of an apocalypse during the last reset, but makes for an interesting story and a good topic for discussion.

Nostradamus was a respected philosopher and prophet. He has been said to have seen the coming of the anti-Christ, the rise and fall of Nazi Germany, both world wars, and predicts the a third world war to end all wars. His also has a prophecy of the coming apocalypse, but does not mention a 2012 apocalypse. Many people continue to relate his prophecy with that of the Mayan reset of the long count calendar. His quatrains have said to have prophesied many of these events, but why are they not discovered until the event has passed? Wouldn't it be a lot more helpful and more credible if we had first hand knowledge of an end of the world event that we are able to avert?

Believe what you would like to believe, that is your God given right. If the future was easy to predict, then we would all be millionaires! A 2012 apocalypse is not likely, but the threat of the end of the world is as real as every day life. Remember that asteroid that I told you about? Statistically, we have a greater chance of a direct impact from a near Earth object than a cataclysmic event from the return of the Four Horsemen. In my humble opinion, there will be no 2012 apocalypse unless an asteroid magically appears out of nowhere for a direct collision with Earth.



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The Power of 'Namaste'

"I honor the place in you
in which the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you
which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace.
I honor the place in you where,
if you are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me,
there is only one of us."
-Ram Dass

Its beauty lies not in the enunciation or composition, but in the core meaning of the word itself. Derived from the "Sandhi" (or joining) of two individual Sanskrit words 'Namah' and 'te', Namaste literally means "I bow to you". Breaking it up further, Na meaning 'not' and Mah meaning 'mine' come together as 'Not mine.' This in essence has to do with the acknowledgment of the fact that there is no 'I' or 'Me', but only eternal spirit. The actual meaning of the word (relatively unknown to the west), has to do with the divinity encased in a human form acknowledging another. It is often associated with a hand gesture wherein hands joined together with fingers pointing upwards are held close to the chest (heart chakra-the seat of human emotion) while the head is bowed slightly in reverence. The wordless gesture in itself means 'namaste' and does not necessarily have to be accompanied by the word. Either as a 'Mantra' (word) or 'Mudra' (gesture) or combined, it expresses the same thing-one of the highest forms of respect for the divinity contained and expressed in another human being.

Used commonly in most south Asian countries including Nepal, some parts of Pakistan and Sri Lanka, it is so extensively used in India that one can safely say that it is synonymous with Indian culture in more ways than one. In fact, I'd go a step further to say that Namaste is integral to the Indian way of life-which is expressed best in one concept- non attachment to the ego. Almost every Indian concept encapsulates this one core philosophy. A simple example would be the common Indian saying 'Atithi Devo Bhavah' - which literally means "Guest is God". The importance attached to hospitality in every Indian household-is well known-irrespective of the race, religion, caste or creed of the host. A guest standing on the threshold of an Indian door is ALWAYS welcomed in with complete reverence, without any thought of self comfort or convenience. When there is a guest in the house, all efforts converge into making him comfortable and providing him with everything he needs (sometimes even with things he doesn't). The concept of the divine spark in everything living is so burned into an Indian's existence, that relative non attachment to the ego is a natural consequence. Another prime example would be a Vedic saying which when translated to plain English, goes to say that "It is one's duty only to perform the action to the best of one's abilities and never to be attached to the action or the fruit of the action thereof." It makes a lot of sense and in the long run, saves the person from a lot of high blood pressure issues, agony, grief, tension and heartache. 'Love selflessly and divinely without expecting anything from the one you love'-another basic Indian tenet. This non-attachment to one self and supreme devotion/reverence for the ONE SELF is what a Namaste symbolizes. Explained simplistically in a nutshell, Namaste signifies 'The spirit in me bows to the SAME spirit in you.'

There can be a number of other interpretations for Namaste-all of which are correct. In essence, it is symbolic of ONENESS. So it can be taken to mean the removal of all the duality that we see in creation-good, bad, right, wrong, light, dark, truth, falsehood, birth, death-everything. In many ways it represents the absence of "two" in the mighty Mayic cycle of creation and the presence of only "one" in absolute spirit. One aspect of such duality in particular is that of husband and wife complementing each other's existence while they work together as one unit to reach the ultimate goal of self-realization. Marriage is supposed to be one of the holiest of institutions meant for combined spiritual progress between two entities possessing the male and female aspects of God. This "Oneness" may be another representation of Namaste. The gesture itself holds significant meaning, if one considers the five fingers of one hand to correspond to the five physical senses which drive the karmic cycle, while the other five signify the five organs of knowledge of the human SELF. Then Namaste would essentially mean, knowledge and karma coming together as One, which would mean the performance of action guided by right knowledge.

A synonym for Namaste is 'Namaskar' or 'Namaskaram' - all of them always taken seriously when uttered with complete and absolute respect-even when spoken to a stranger. The gesture has become so idealized by the average Indian, that even a picture of a person with bowed head and folded hands is immediately attributed to India. Inevitably. Universally. And very much to my delight and pride.

It has the ability to bind, to create a sense of oneness and to invoke respect, humility and warmth in people and the supreme divinity of the ONE intangible, yet ever present SPIRIT. That is why it was a part of ancient Indian culture and that is why it continues to be used by Indians today. Its timelessness is its virtue and in its simplicity lies its significance. That is the power of Namaste, the magic of India and the completeness of Spirit.

Shreyasi is a Singapore-based full time business journalist covering the South Asian steel and raw materials industry for a London-headquartered global steel information company. When she is not working, she spends her time as a freelance writer, thinker, poet, singer, swimmer and wildlife enthusiast. She loves to travel, read and write about anything under the sun, although, animals, wildlife, health, spirituality and paranormal phenomena are her top favorites. For more information and samples of her writing, please visit

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The Alien Presence - Are They Real?

I have been interested in UFOs and aliens since my father told us he saw several unidentified objects that looked like flying saucers during the 1950's. I was merely a child but the image that I formed in my mind has lasted to this date. The idea was farther enhanced and became more vivid when my smaller sister and husband, years later, saw a UFO flying by watched it passing by as they stepped out of their cars, as did all the other excited drivers.

The aliens, whoever they are, have been always portrayed as more intelligent, with greater capabilities and better technology than us; yet they don't disclose themselves and instead decide to visit us hiding in the shadows of the night. I wonder about this. Are they not capable of showing up in daylight? ? Are they afraid from us even with the superior advantages that they posses? Are they as physical as we are or do they come from another dimension and can only make a break into ours during the night?

When they make contact, they paralyze us. That means they they have power over us that we cannot neutralize; there is no respect and no request for consent. At the same time, it is obvious that they want something from us. Something so valuable for them that they have to paralyze us and make us forget. If we are to believe the countless stories and trends, they abduct humans by the thousands. And they come once and again for the same people, always making them forget to the extent that regression is the only way to recover the memories of the abductions, buried sometimes since childhood.

Lost time, nightmares, abductions, strange dreams and markings on the skin... that is extreme harassment. They abduct people from all over the world. For what? They mutilate cows, dogs and cats. For what? They put implants in humans, impregnate human females and extract semen from the men. For what? They are not interested in our natural resources or our perceived "riches" or the simple military weapons that we possess. I don't think any of these has any relevance to them. Is earth a big laboratory? Are we guinea pigs for these aliens? Do they believe that they own us? How many of the so called missing boys, girls and adults have been abducted by aliens never to be returned?

It is very strange that everything is done during the night, when most of us are asleep, when we can be easily tricked into thinking we are having a nightmare, when we are mentally at a disadvantage. When men and women are abducted, they fall in a coma-like state, unable to move but conscious of most everything that is done to them. They sometimes travel through walls, float to alien crafts, see hybrid children, talk telepathically with them, and can be terrorized to death by their appearance and procedures. Sometimes men in uniforms are seen alongside the aliens. Where on earth do they come from? Is there a treaty between humans and aliens?

After over sixty years of this world wide spread syndrome, nothing is clear and everything is further confounded with every year that passes by. Nothing is gained in knowledge about the situation, we seem unable to control the visitations, apparitions and effects on the physical and psychological health of the citizens subjected to this harassment. What is more, I think that many dreams, the so called sleep paralysis, is a symptom of alien abduction. If this is true, it means that the percentage of the population that has been abducted is higher than believed. When they abduct, do they remove and replace, extract only, only replace, only modify? What do they do with our bodies? Or do they work also with our minds? Are they really undergoing a project of hybridization as some abductees think? I don't think they want anything material from us and I don't know what is the agenda.

We have grown accustomed to them now, the statement is clear from all sources: They are here. If the alien presence is not a major mass manipulation for financial gain --imagine all the books, movies and TV specials that have been made about them-- we all know by now that they are out there; still, they don't show their faces. I envision several races with different agendas about us. If some of them have made contact with different countries, we know the next battles will not be determined by us, the humans. We will be in the middle of a battle --or maybe we already are--that is going to be beyond our comprehension, for they will be fought in realms we know nothing about. The realm of the invisible.

During sleep, some people experience a sleep paralysis where they can interact with strange beings, some cloaked in darkness and others very similar to the popular alien of black eyes and short height. During this paralysis people seem to go out of their bodies, move through walls as if they were spirits; Some talk with these beings, can fly over their bedrooms and out into the night, visit other planets and talk with deceased people. If they exist, do all that I have mentioned means that the aliens live in the realm of the dead or possibly in a similar dimension? That would partially answer the question of why they don't show up during daylight; there is no reason since they overpower us in all aspects.

I suspect that when I get paralyzed I am been submitted to some kind of mental or energetic control. Just a some people have been paralyzed and floated up to an alien craft after they go through the roof or a windshield, I have been paralyzed by someone or something I have no control about. All my research and readings are geared to understanding this process and finding out solutions to controlling and opposing it. I propose that the alien presence syndrome may be no more than a spiritual event where we are interacting with them with our spiritual bodies and that is why contemporary science and methods serve us little in the discovery of its causes and control. Aliens are here, or maybe, just maybe... they have always been.

An experiencer of lucid dreams.

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Missing Time - UFO Alien Abductions

Missing time is a contentious occurrence told by some individuals in junction with close encounters amid UFOs and alien abduction phenomena. The expression "missing time" concerns a void in conscious recollection recounting a precise period in time. The void can last from a number of minutes to a couple of days in length. The recollection of what took place during the missing time is frequently recovered by way of hypnosis or in the course of dreaming.

Missing time is contentious in that aside from skepticism in UFO events, it is closely aligned to other disputed matters such as regained memories and hypnotic suggestion. Meaning that the recollection of the occurrence, actual or imagined, is so disturbing that the mind suppresses it. Time can additionally be lost without a actual abduction. There have been several cases of persons who testify that they have experienced missing time just by being in the close proximity of a UFO craft. This phenomenon could potentially be defined through physics given Einstein's theory of relativity recounts that time is relative, and that time travels slower in the company of a gravitational field. It has been shown in many UFO sightings that UFO crafts may possess a strong gravitational field and may possibly make time manipulation conceivable for close observers.

Missing time is regularly stated as a manifestation of a multiple personality disorder. An event similar to missing time can take place while hearing binaural noises intended to cause altered states of awareness.

One of the most infamous cases of missing time comes from Betty and Barney Hill whom was an American married couple who ascended to cult status after they alleged to have been abducted by aliens on over two days on September 19th and 20th 1961.

The couple's tale, frequently dubbed the Hill Abduction, and sometimes the Zeta Reticuli Event, was that they were casualties of an alleged UFO kidnap or more commonly known as an alien abduction. This was the first public account of an of alien abduction, which was subsequently converted into the best selling 1966 publication called the The Interrupted Journey. At nightfall on September 19th, 1961, the couple were driving back to Portsmouth from a holiday in upstate New York, including stop over's at Ontario, and Quebec. South of Groveton, New Hampshire, they are said to have watched a bright spot of light in the air. At first, they thought that they were watching a shooting star, only it ascended and halted approaching the gibbous moon. Betty, whose sister had disclosed to her about encountering a flying saucer sighting a number of years previously, observed the entity by way of binoculars as it travelled across the surface of the moon emitting multicoloured lights.

Close to the location of Indian Head, the enormous craft quickly plummeted toward the Hills' car leading to Barney to halt right away in the middle of the highway. The craft allegedly descended to roughly 70 to 100 feet above the vehicle and filled the whole field of the windscreen through which Betty was watching. Employing the binoculars, Barney alleged to have viewed eight to eleven alien figures who were gazing out of the UFO's openings, seeming to watch them. The one outstanding figure continued to appear to look at Barney and imparted a message to him to "stay where you are and keep looking."

Missing time

November 25th, 1961 saw the couple interviewed at length by NICAP representatives, C.D. Jackson and Robert E. Hohman.

Having studied a previous report on the incident, Jackson and Hohman asked many questions for the Hills. One of their principal queries was about the length of the trip. Neither Webb nor the Hills had noticed that, though the drive should have taken around 4 hours, they did not emerge at their residence until 7 hours following their departure. When Hohman and Jackson informed this disparity to the Hills, the pair were astonished, having no explanation for the missing 3 hours. The report documented that, despite all their attempts the Hills could not recall anything of the 35 mile stretch between Indian Head and Ashland.

This is just one documented case of missing time which defies explanation, and it is surprising how many cases of this strange phenomenon have been recorded. Whether what individuals are experiencing is indeed connected to alien spacecrafts or a psychological experience continues to evade rational explanation.

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World's End in 2012 - Nostradamus Didn't Say So

Many people, over time, have predicted the end of the world. But the mack daddy of prognostication (in the non-pimp sense, of course) is definitely Michel Nostradamus. No one has achieved the degree of popularity and reputation for accuracy than this 16th century physician, astrologer and alchemist. In the nearly 500 years since he penned his famous quatrains, historians and students of prophecy believe that roughly 50% have unfolded as predicted. Of course, that means that 50% missed the target altogether, but for prophetic accuracy, that's considered an extraordinarily high score. Among the "accurate" prophecies for which he is given credit are both world wars, the rise and fall of Hitler and Napoleon, and the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

So, everyone wants to know: will the world end in 2012? Nostradamus is consulted by believers and skeptics alike, in an effort to find out what the revered seer may have to say on current events, a subject dear to the hearts of those of us alive here and now in the 21st century.

Much has been made of the fact that one of his prophecies seemed to indicate that there would be great disturbance and unrest for the period of (approximately) 2009 to 2012. In view of the equally popular Mayan 2012 predictions, among many others, Nostradamus' contributions on the subject take on a particular significance. As those who study his writings claim he also seems to have predicted that Barack Obama would gain power at this time, as well as other events that some say are coming true with uncanny accuracy, there is a general tendency to place credence in the idea that the world will end in 2012. Nostradamus, however, never specifically said either that the world would end, nor did he ever affix a date to his predictions. It would be a mistake to read too much into the rather vague "predictions" that over-eager scholars are quick to attribute to our own time period. A closer look at Nostradamus' writings themselves do not substantiate a lot of what is being promoted.

For one thing, his prophecies of the future continue to cover a period of time stretching out almost another 2,000 years ahead of our own - he guaranteed the validity of his visions up to the year 3797. This would seem to me that while he's forecasting disastrous events around our current time, he doesn't believe that they signal the world's end. 2012, Nostradamus seems to say, will be a tough year, but one that we will at least survive. Even if they do bring some form of biblical Armageddon, humanity won't be completely annihilated. While he might have seen some pretty horrific things that are to come, it will apparently be followed by the arrival of a brave new world on the other side. Guess we can all do a collective brow-wiping at this point, huh?

The accuracy with which he envisioned diverse events through history is a subject of spirited debate. While it appears that he predicts a period of great difficulty around this time, the idea that the world will end in 2012 Nostradamus definitely doesn't imply in his cryptic quatrains. But it's up to each of us to come to our own conclusions about what the famous seer might really be saying - and if this is one of his "hits" or "misses" - by making an unbiased study of the subject ourselves, and not relying on the hysteria and hype.

While it's difficult to prepare for something we can't quite imagine, it's smart to at least make some effort to keep ourselves and our families safe in the event of an emergency or catastrophe. Whatever 2012 brings, the fact remains that right now, there are increasing incidents of natural disasters and - even more tragically - the real possibility of terrorist attacks that must be dealt with. Even if it turns out that 2012 is another over-hyped non-event like Y2K, at least we can feel that we took reasonable precautions against the worst, and if the worst never happened, our efforts won't have been in vain, should we become victims of the all-too-real challenges of life in the 21st century. 2012 Global Solutions presents a sampling of the most popular scenarios for this upcoming date, along with the best books, DVDs and products to help you understand and prepare for what might be coming.

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The Dragons

I hope to provide a starting point for the serious scholar interested in the all important Chanes of Central America and convince researchers to look into the Egyptian dragons (crocodiles) and Chinese as well. I suspect the Li or Lee family of Merovingians has some connection to the Nestorian and Basilian types long before the Kuomintang which Andre Malraux knew was a high level Masonic structure. It is most important to look at the work of alien reptoid or Elohim promoters of all stripe and color. Sir Laurence Gardner is right alongside the Mormons and other Masonic Medusas or Gorgon types.

The end of the de Médicis influence and the rise of Illuminism and the founding of America might be pure coincidence. However the date of the founding of Weishaupt's Illuminati does coincide with two world powers quite separated by time. Could he have had access to a time-viewing ‘Stone’? May 1, 1776 is the same year the U.S.A. was started and we know Russia celebrated May Day on the first of May as their major national festival even though there is no specified reason for that. The financing of Russia and both sides of all wars has been gone into by Professor Quigley who worked for the Council on Foreign Relations and/or the Tri-Lateral Commission. Many authors are making connections with court documents and lots of great evidence. I heartily recommend Rule By Secrecy and hope people will check out Icke's the truth shall set you free even though he has gone on to a semi-hallucinatory evaluation of the Skull & Bones that they have probably used to discredit him. If you wish to go further and see the nature of the horror Icke really is onto in that regard you should get it from the 'horse’s mouth'. The ‘horse’s mouth’ is these books by HRH Nicholas de Vere and Laurence Gardner (Genesis of the Grail Kings); you might think the horse is talking through another orifice. De Vere actually is proud of the blood sports Count Dracul or Vlad the Impaler employed. You might think a person who has written about exorcisms and the 'Stone' wouldn't blanche at any occult thing - but I really am shocked by what they say.

When the Kelts colonized Memphis with Isis they had no beloved cranes to share nature with. Manetho tells us this was around 36,000 BC and deep mines have been found dating back 35,000 years in Egypt recently. There were many ibises to take the place of the larger crane for those who wished to worship the things that are represented in the Language of the Birds (BRD = Baird, Bard and my family name) or Ogham in its runic and divinatory form. At the Temple of Onias in Egypt an Israeli worship system of the Moses tradition has been excavated with hundreds of thousands of mummified ibis-sacrifices. The next quote gives insight to the letter ‘J’ that was not part of many alphabets and why Iesa (the Brotherhood of Man concept) became Jesus or Zeus in other tongues. It also has ‘An’ for the Anunnaki alien reptoid lovers. ‘An’ is also in D’anu or Dana and the Danube culture where the Kelts began according to genetics and Gimbutas. As to the Ur people thinking these were reptoids who helped teach them and make their civilization grow – I think it was Druidic or shamanic knowledge of shape-shifting and the mind fogging technique of sorcery that caused them to see the Chanes or Dragons.

You can say shape shifting is mere hallucination or mind-fogging when practiced by magicians. I cannot prove otherwise and I suspect you would be right. There are many legends and other reasons why I keep an open mind about the matter. I am sure the spirit or mind’s eye of an adept can travel with the raven and probably many other familiars, but I won’t bore you with many of the personal experiences of my life that make this likely. David Icke is an author of many books including the truth shall set you free. After exposing some things about the ‘illuminized’ Skull & Bones people like the Bush Presidents and other top Yalies, he was stupid enough (or should I say naïve) to report that he saw things like shape-shifting and describes the ‘Obscene Ritual’. I do not know for sure that the Rosicrucian and other Dragons can shape shift. I do know I challenged one of the Elders in charge of many feeder covens for them, from Wicca. He was a gifted Dragon and other Dragons said so. I told him I would stand inside the pentagram or magic circle at his leisure and even if the Dragons appeared before me I would show ‘No Fear’; because I was sure they would only be projections and mind-fogging. He chose another method of psychic warfare. He and his gay boyfriend, who had designs on me and my leather pants, were burned out of house and home, as I reversed the energy they sent with bad intent. The ‘Obscene Ritual’ is something I can prove is true from the words of Dragons in books like Genesis of the Grail Kings.

This quote also mentions Columcille who was the recipient of re-structured and watered down Druidic knowledge. He became immersed and adept enough in this knowledge to beat a pagan Druid of Scotland in the art of wind and rain management. That so-called Druid was a denizen of the forests living away from those who Rome might pay for delivering them his head. Columcille as Columba was the arch-Druid who protected bards he had learned these arts from; that was in 574-5 AD at the Synod or Council of Drumceatt, as the Dark Ages were about to become darker when the next century saw the Synod of Whitby formalize the seizure of Celtic Christian assets at this deal between Rome and a Northumbrian king/murderer. Later he was made a Saint of the Christian Church that was saying ‘Jesus is the new Druid’. Of course they were the interpreters for Jesus and it served them well to usurp his good name.

“Iona is known in Gaelic as Hi, Y or I, and has also been called the Isle of Dreams or Isle of Druids. It is made up of the oldest exposed rock strata of the earth, and it is obviously one of the ancient sacred centres. The name has been likened to the temple ‘Ei’ of the Greek Apollo, {The Greek Islands had a Monastery of Iona even after the Muslims took Jerusalem.} ‘An’ or the Self-Existing-One of the Egyptians and ‘Yah’, the ‘I am that I am’ of the Hebrews. The sacred cranes of Apollo, the heralds of spring, were certainly special to Columcille. He had a young monk stand on the shore waiting for the first exhausted bird to arrive, and he promised dire {‘Dire’ was the term for specified fines or amounts in cumals from the Senchus Mor in time before St. Patrick personally burned 150 hand drawn books; and then we have some glosses showing how he or others re-worked edited and censored these ancient canae.} penalties if the youth did not take special care before sending it off. The story of the saint copying out a famous manuscript, while the crane pecked out the eye of the king’s son who was peeping through a hole in the door at the light inside, is a curious intermingling with the crane legend of Thoth or Hermes, or with that of Manannán Mac Lir, whose bag, in which he carries the treasures of the world, is made from the skin of a crane. Three of these sacred birds guarded Manannán’s home, the Isle of Man, croaking out to passing travelers: ‘Do not enter/Keep away/Pass by.’ The accounts of Columcille’s encounters with the Pictish Druids and the monster of the loch, of bringing young men back to life, and other associations with Mercury {Alchemy or Cathar Occamy and the language thereof = Langue d'Oc.} as healer, are unsatisfying and inconclusive in many ways.

The only occasion when Columcille is said to have returned to Ireland was for the Synod of Drumceatt, held in AD 574, to defend the bards who were about to be expelled as trouble-makers. He spoke on behalf of twelve hundred of them, which suggests that he was the chief Druid…” (3)

Imagine that! SAINT Columba, the venerated Church leader is a Druid! Just as Thomas Paine says Masonry is derived from the Druids. He was a member of the top Rosicrucian American Council of Three along with Ben Franklin. Thus we have Iona to Templar/Sion to Alumbrados/Illuminati and thence the Round Table/Bilderbergs or some new name they are using. And Iona is the likely place for many Hibernians as well as having taught other Orders in the Church such as Cistercians and Basilians. THEY claim roots back to Thoth/Hermes and Pythagoras and I agree there is a certain amount of knowledge and power that can be traced in these esoteric circles and clubs. However, I do not accept the statements they make about themselves at face value. They are very much different than they would like people to think just because they support kids who suffer burns, or orphans in the De Molay (Last leader of the Templars who was slow-roasted by the King of France.) Society. Rather than discussing Neolithic maybe we are talking about a Monolithic hierarchy of deceivers who make our lives serve their history or should I say, on behalf of women, ‘his’-story.

A friend of mine has recently commented on some information I gave regarding the Patriot Act and certain draftees of it who prepared it before the ‘terrorist’ attacks on the World Trade Center. He asked ‘Have we hit the snooze button too many times?’

When Columbus came to the Americas the first time, with his ship stores or holds full of trinkets he had a person who spoke no Asiatic language as his interpreter. His interpreter spoke a Phoenician language called Hebrew. We have been told he wanted to make a shorter route to China to meet the Khan and trade could thus be established and yet they were already trading with China and had never stopped doing so. They knew the Chinese had no use for these trinkets. He actually was interested in meeting a ‘Can’ or ‘Chan’ of the ancient Chanes who boarded their skull to look like serpents that their name is derived from. Here is a travel site with a little reference to the Chan of that era in a place I am well familiar with.

“Chichen Itza is the most visited archeological site, due to its extraordinary architectural beauty and its geographical location. It was founded in 1514 by the priest Lakin Chan who was also called Itzamna. This is why the people were called Chanes or Itzaes. You'll spend time in a place where time has stood still.” (4)

It would also appear they may have been part of the Poverty Point group which reported to or was part of the site near Cuba that was at the mouth of the Mississippi before the Carolina Bays Meteor struck Bimini and the US Eastern seaboard. I will have to continue study and research to see if the Texas culture that produced the stone heads dated to around 30,000 years ago are in some way connected. Here is a little interesting comment I saw as I tried to find anything on the web about them. I find it is also a Hebrew word and Jewish last name of a scholar named Jerome. Roy Decker writes about Bimini being well known to the Carthaginians (5) and it seems Tarshish or Tartessus had once been the primary overlord or trader to this once great culture. But that is likely long after much of it had been destroyed by the Carolina Bays Meteor.

“The area known as Kimble County {In Texas} was inhabited by Jumano and Apache Indians when Spanish explorers traveled here in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Comanche tribes were living here by the mid-nineteenth century. One of the earliest tribes was the Chanes, who later evolved into the Tonkawas.” (6)

It is well known that Central American practices and artifacts are in Poverty Point. This includes people boarding heads too. We must take another look into why they believed this would make them more spiritual and alien to other earth people. But it may be impossible to ever know for certain if they were a homogenous racial group rather than the elite of the Atlantean/Mu Brotherhood which included many races. This is my personal inclination. Chichen Itza by the very name suggests this. The word ‘chi’ or mouth in the native language is derived or the same as that which we know from Eastern thought meaning or having to do with ‘breath’. ‘Chen’ means ‘well’ and that could indicate to know how to breathe as the Buddhists who came there and the concept Maya therefrom (actually from the originators of Buddhism in the Tarim Basin who moved to Barabudur, Indonesia and many other places they were already important parts of for a long time). I dealt with this from the work of Professor James Scherz and others in my book The Prehistoric Worldwide Import of the Great Lakes.

But it occurs to me that the Tarim Basin Red-Heads whose mummies delivered from their desert resting place show a great deal; would have valued the ‘well’ a great deal and I know it became a central spiritual focal point for the Druids and Kelts of many other places. The original builders of Chichen Itza are now thought to be a jaguar cult associated with Kukulcan. Here is another travel type of site with a little description of the pyramid itself. It is true that the current pyramid is built over top of the original pyramid and you can see down to the original from the little room or altar place at the top. The most important thing in this quote is about the serpent which appears at important astrological events. No one can say if that was true when the original pyramid was built. This serpent motif is also found in the tomb of the Prince of Palenque who was a white man and Dragon of the Rosicrucian or vampire god Zotz which I will eschew covering again in this book.

“The Pyramid of Kukulcan (also known as The Castle) where both theology and astronomy, combine to produce a unique spectacle twice a year, the Spring Equinox and the Autumn Solstice, days when the shadows projected over the architectonic elements of the building resemble a serpent descending to the ground. Inside the pyramid are located the famous Chac Mool sculpture and the Jaguar Throne.” (7)

There is also a probable connection of Eastern thought in the name ‘serpent’ therefrom which is ‘Naga’. You will hear Masons talk about Naga too. But the Toltec ‘Nagual’ or sorcerer of Mexico like Don Juan is almost certainly a root of the knowledge we will have to understand as we approach the most important ‘blessing’ or curse of my life. Here are a few words from an interesting source for you to contemplate these words and how the Dragons get around.

“The word Naga is rooted in Sanskrit and means "Serpent". In the East Indian pantheon it is connected with the Serpent Spirit and the Dragon Spirit. It has an equivalency to the Burmese Nats, or god-serpents. In the Esoteric Tradition it is synonymous for Adepts, or Initiates. In India and Egypt, and even in Central and South America, the Naga stands for one who is wise.

Nagarjuna of India, for example, is shown with an aura, or halo, of seven serpents which is an indication of a very high degree of Initiation. The symbolism of the seven serpents, usually cobras, are also on Masonic aprons of certain systems in the Buddhistic ruins of Cambodia (Ankhor) and Ceylon. The great temple-builders of the famous Ankhor Wat were considered to be the semi-divine Khmers. The avenue leading to the Temple is lined with the seven-headed Naga. And even in Mexico, we find the "Naga" which becomes "Nagal." In China, the Naga is given the form of the Dragon and has a direct association with the Emperor and is known as the "Son of Heaven"...while in Egypt the same association is termed "King-Initiate". The Chinese are even said to have originated with the Serpent demi-gods and even to speak their language, Naga-Krita. For a place that has no serpents, Tibet, they are still known in a symbolic sense and are called "Lu!" (Naga). Nagarjuna called in Tibetan, Lu-trub.

In the Western traditions we find the same ubiquity for the Naga, or Serpent. One simple example is the Ancient Greek Goddess, Athena. She is known as a warrior Goddess as well as the Goddess of Wisdom; her symbol being the Serpent as displayed on her personal shield. Of course, in Genesis the Serpent is a Naga who instructs the new infant (humanity) in what is called the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Christian church has, unfortunately transformed the Initiate-Teacher into a tempting and negative demon-character. An apocryphal tradition says that Apollonius of Tyana, {Thought to be the person and alchemist upon whom Jesus and his myth is based, by some who have written whole books on the subject. I prefer the amalgam of legend approach to Jesus or Yeshua.} while on a visit to India, was taught by the "Nagas" of Kashmir. (See The Life of Apollonius, by Philostratos.) It is felt by many scholars of the Western Tradition that the life of Apollonius was taken from the New Testament, or that the narratives of the New Testament have been taken from the life of Apollonius. This is felt because of the undisputed and clear similarities of construction for that particular narrative.

Naga is one of a handful of rare words surviving the loss of the first universal language. In Buddhism, Wisdom has always been ties, symbolically, to the figure of the Serpent. In the Western Tradition it can be found as used by the Christ in the Gospel of Saint Matthew (x.16), "Be ye therefore as serpents, and harmless as doves." (8)

The dove symbol associated with Jesus and the Cathars or the likes of Columbus who sought to be called by that name—‘colon’ is dove—has a lot of meaning as well.

If you are interested in what is in charge of your life and the world - please look into my books at

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The Moon and Egypt - A Commemoration of Wholeness

The Moon has played a predominant role in many societies and ancient cultures throughout history. Her energy is equally powerful to that of her more overt brother, the Sun, yet she works in mysterious and magical ways. To the Egyptians she was a symbol of rejuvenation, cyclical renewal, fertility, and growth. The Ancient Egyptians commonly referred to the Moon and the Sun as "the two lights" and interpreted these lights as the eyes of the sky god, Horus. The left eye representing the Moon and the right eye representing the Sun, while the cycles of the Moon also relating to his phases of life. The most predominant myth of the Moon relates its cycles to the battle between Horus and Seth over the inheritance of Osiris. The moment of the Full Moon was equated with the adult Horus declaring his true voice and joy, in victory over Seth, as he assumes control of the sky rejuvenated.

The Egyptian Lunar Calendar is the most consistently followed calendar throughout the dynastic times. It determined most regional festivals for the temples and marked periods for making offerings at tombs. While lunar energy is viewed as feminine energy by the Egyptian culture (and in general), the phases of the Moon are uniquely embodied in the story of Osiris; a deity and important lunar god closely associated with the different faces of the Moon. His resurrection was recognized in the lunar cycles, his body was equated with the Moon, and his dismembered body parts represented the days of the waning Moon. In other areas of Egypt, his entire life cycle is related to the lunar cycle, from conception and birth to murder, dismemberment, and resurrection. Specifically, his dismemberment is mourned during the dark period before the next New Moon, his reappearance celebrated at New Moon, and his restoration commemorated with the Full Moon.

Another god associated with the Moon is the baboon and ibis god, Thoth. Thoth, who restores the eye of Osiris, is the wisest of the Egyptian gods and is known as the god of the Moon, magic, and writing. It is thought that the ibis has a crescent shaped beak, which creates its link to the Moon. The magical powers of Thoth were so great that the Egyptians had tales of a sacred "Book of Thoth" that if read, was believed to allow one to become the most powerful magician in the world.

Hence, the Moon has great significance and ties with the Egyptians. When we connect with the powerful energy of Egypt and its sacred temples and sites during the influences surrounding, and on the time of, the Full Moon, we receive great support for openings and anchoring on a personal and collective level. The symbolism of commemorating the restoration of Osiris, the true voice of Horus, and the magic of Thoth on the Full Moon, directly mirrors our own personal journeys to wholeness and joy.

We come into the journey of life at different phases, individual to each, looking to integrate wholeness and get in touch with our inner truths. And as we make the journey, one by one we piece together our own parts and open to a wider, more expansive experience. So that by the time we reach the Full Moon of each phase of our lives, we conclude our journey; the bringing together of those parts symbolically resembling our own restoration. In honoring the energy of the Full Moon and the ancient Egyptian commemoration of Osiris, we honor ourselves and the wholeness of our being, as everything is but a mirror of our own experience.

The lunar orb phases represent symbolic perfection of our Universal connection. The New Moon introduces enterprising beginnings and enhances the growth of new endeavors. It also represents the planting of physical "seeds" in the womb of time, which will come to fruition at the Full Moon - a time when the body is inhabited by the spirit and illumination takes place.

Tania Marie is a Visionary Artist & Reiki Master Teacher leading Integrative, Sacred Journeys & Workshops, residing in Incline Village, NV. For more information about her work and services please visit or call (775) 343-9244. Treatments & classes available by distance, by request in your area, or at Reno & Tahoe locations. Sacred Journey to Egypt 12/3-12/13/08.

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Autism or The Next Consciousness?

I have discussed Indigo children as being an indication that humans are evolving to the next level of consciousness - Christ consciousness. These Crystal children often get diagnosed as ADHD. There is another sector of these new kids that are being diagnosed with a more complex condition. One the medical profession calls PDD or pervasive development disorders. Better known as autism.

Autism, according to the Autism Society of America, affects approximately 1.5 million Americans and is growing at a startling rate of 10-17% a year. So why is this so prevalent now. Is it because it was misdiagnosed or is there another reason. We love to put people in a box and have a label for conditions and disorders that are outside the norm. Could it be that these children are really just examples of the new humans who are merely wired differently.

Do these children have the ability to see other dimensions. Possibly they communicate in a non-verbal way. Do they have the attributes of the new human that I have described in previous articles. Is there perspective on life just different. Does this "neurodiversity" make them disabled. Who gets to judge what typical is?

Autistics, as they are called, have been reported to be super intelligent, many having photographic memories. Even some adult autistics sometimes speak of themselves as being a superior species. I would call it an evolved species. There are lots of stories about great things being accomplished by people that have been diagnosed with autism. Maybe they are just being the bridges between the two levels of consciousness that I have described. They are more entrenched in the new consciousness, making it harder for them to function in the old one. Maybe they are on a different wavelength. We label them as different or as having an disorder because they don't behave in the typical manner. Are they simply a different way of being a human.

These descriptions sound very similar to the description I have given of Indigos. They act differently because they are wired differently. They have a different perspective on how life is to be lived. In duality consciousness, with our penchant for judgment, we will judge behavior like autism as "not normal" and treat the individual as such. We administer drugs like the ones given to children judged as ADHD and even lock them away from society under the premise that it is for their own good.

The new children's "different" behavior fits the characteristics of autism perfectly. On the National Institute of Neurological Disorders web site they list the characteristics of autism to be.

1. Impaired social interaction - What is the definition of social interaction. Is it maybe they can't relate to our behaviors that, to them, seem out of harmony with nature and often times frivolous?

2. Problems with verbal communication - Who doesn't have problems with verbal communication. Verbal communication is imperfect. There is so much room for misinterpretation. The shortfalls of verbal communications are played out every day in families, schools, workplaces, governments and media worldwide. The different languages that we have developed makes verbal communication with humans from other parts of the earth difficult if not impossible. Verbal communication, I believe, is an attribute of the old energy. In our ascension to the next level of human evolution we will practice non-verbal communication. It is much more exacting. Actions are much truer than words. Feelings, intuitions and possibly telepathic communication will replace the spoken word. Problems with communication? No, autisitics are just ahead of us.

3. Repetitive behaviors of narrow obsessive interests - I laugh at that one because how many "normal" people have narrow obsessive interests. Some autistics can look at a wall or a speck of dust and stare at it for hours. What are they seeing. Maybe a whole world that we can't see that is much more interesting than the world that we as normal humans create. What about staring at a TV for hours on end. If someone from 500 years ago saw us today staring at a box they might consider locking us up. Obsessive interests? Again, another judgment of normal that doesn't hold true in the new consciousness.

An interesting article I read on non-verbal communication relative to autism was about Amanada Baggs. She is a non-verbal autistic who did a film on You Tube about her life called In My Language. She used voice-dictation technology to describe what was in her thoughts. She was extremely intelligent and articulated her inner feelings with great clarity. Some didn't believe she was autistic. Part of the film showed her rocking back and forth humming a long note. She described it as "about being in constant conversation with every aspect of my environment." Sure sounds like the understanding of the concept of unity with all things. The understanding that we are one with everything in our environment and therefore can communicate with all aspects of it. Her video has been viewed over 300,000 times and gives us a view into her amazing non-verbal world of autism.

In my opinion, a lot of the new kids are being diagnosed as autistic just because they are wired differently. Labeling them as having disorders because they don't behave the way we perceive as normal is one way to look at it. The startling increase in the number of children we are labeling as being autistic gives me more validation that the shift is happening now. If we look at these children as a glimpse into human behavior for the next level of consciousness and not as a blight on society that needs fixing, the insights that they offer are amazing. I have said that this new earth would bring a complete redesign of the human being. A complete shift in how we experience life. It is possible that the children who are now judged as existing in a different world may soon be recognized as the living bridges to help us cross into theirs.

Seth Garrison is a certified Overlight Facilitator and creator of the energy healing system called "Back to Perfection". Overlight is a spiritual psychology that is designed to identify the root source of their dis-ease, be it mental or physical, and create a space for them to feel comfortable enough to heal themselves. More topics from Seth can be found at

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Magical Remote Healing - A Fascinating Case Study

have been practicing magical remote healing for a number of years, and am frequently astounded by the results that are produced. I recently worked on a case that was remarkable in that healing occurred despite the subject's long-standing disbelief in magic, prayer, and healing not assisted by a physician.

Case History Prior to Remote Healing

The man I worked on had suffered from colon cancer. Having undergone chemotherapy and radiation, the man also went in for surgery and had all but one foot of his large intestine removed to excise the cancerous tissue. This left him with very little function in his large intestine (since a healthy large intestine is normally five feet in length).

With the help of my Spirit guides and totems, I began working on this man. He told me that he was a confirmed atheist, and asked whether belief in remote healing or magic was necessary. I told him that while belief in magic was always useful, simply being receptive to the remote healing was all that was necessary. He replied that he would try, but that he was a firm disbeliever.

Magic and Remote Healing Techniques

I used magical healing techniques on this man for 26 weeks. Each morning I would invite this man's Spirit to my healing meditation. I examined his large intestine (colon) remotely and confirmed that they had removed all but a short portion of it. I then used a combination of magical and dowsing techniques to "regrow" much of his large intestine. As I worked on him through the weeks, I could see his large intestine gaining in length. Although the techniques are too complex to cover in this short article, you can get a great overview of some of the techniques I used at the Ozark Research Institute website.

The Results of the Remote Healing

While I have seen amazing results in many remote healing cases, what makes this case so remarkable is the documentation of the results by physicians in the western medical tradition. This man went in for additional surgery on his colon. After the surgery, the doctor reported that the man's small intestine had increased its length by three times, and appeared to be performing the functions of the missing portion of his large intestine.

When the man reported these results to me, I asked him whether he felt it was possible that the magic healing work had contributed to this result. His answer? "It's possible."

And indeed it is possible. Self-healing and remote healing are very possible in the world of magic. One thing I've learned in my years of practicing these techniques is that a main factor of success is persistence. If you engage in remote or self-healing, don't be discouraged if results don't show up right away. I worked on the man described in this case for 26 weeks. What gave me the perseverance to do so was my experience that consistently performing the remote healing techniques over a long period of time produces result. I didn't work on this man for long each day -- perhaps 20 minutes -- but I did work on him every day. I am pleased to have been a participant in this man's healing, and I hope this case will inspire you to consider how remote and self-healing might be possible in your life.

Discover More About Self-Healing

If you are strongly interested in remote healing, I suggest you investigate workshops offered by the Ozark Research Institute. I am in no way affiliated with this institute, but I have been a participant in their workshops and have gained hugely by doing so. The work is led by Harold McCoy, a thoroughly practical and engaging man who has much to teach.

In addition, if you are interested in learning a far deeper level of magical and remote healing, check out the comprehensive Basic Magic class and other magical goodies in the resource box below.

Alan Joel co-founded the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic with the goal of the helping people create permanent, positive change in their lives through the study of magic and shamanism. Get free magical and shamanic tips and resources at Check out the upcoming Basic Magic class at

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The End of the World - The Dawn of a New Age For an Unprepared World

I am not religious in my pursuits of spirituality. Simply because people everywhere misinterpret just about everything, why would religion, even alternative ones (especially alternative ones)be any different. Going along with a crowd is not an effective means to grow and evolve in matters involving spirit. However, staying out of that crowds line of sight is equally important.

The whole End of the World mentality is in its own way, religious in nature, at least in how it is responded to. If anything, for the fact of how unsettling people can be when discussing it. People and their beliefs can be easily disrupted. If someone believes strongly that the end of the world is at hand, then there's nothing that will change their mind. Even if, to me, it is more of a way they feel than it is what they think. When people feel strongly in massive droves thinking goes out the window.

If there is one thing you must ask yourself its this, If something huge something really catastrophic were to happen or even just begin to happen would our world as a people be able to handle it. Not you, yourself but people as a whole. I am talking group mentality, will we be mature enough, strong enough to hold ourselves together and deal with the situation at hand with any amount of maturity.

Here is what I continually find myself saying, "No! We are not capable. As much as I would like to give us the benefit of the doubt, I just don't thing we are of a mind to stick together about anything, much less serious issues requiring fast, determinate action.

I hate to be the unsalvageable pessimist here but its the truth. I just cannot in good sense imagine us coming together as one over anything. Just being honest really. For the most part that's why I think things are kind of building to climax. I do not necessarily believe the end of the world is going to happen in two years, but I do believe that in the two years to come there will be some serious changes.

There have been more than enough of tragedies in the past 10years than there needs be. Yet most of it has been nature, and I have not seen anything to make me feel like people are ready for any huge apocalyptic change. That does not mean its not going to happen either. One thing is always certain to me, as a whole we are unprepared for change.

Things are never what they seem. The information that is provided to us always tends to be skewed by hidden agendas coming from those providing the information. Its important to find out the truth about things to come. Like ole Lincoln says,"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Wise words.

I like finding out things for myself and it has always served me well. The fact of 2012 will be increasingly difficult to impress on those intent on causing trouble. My intent, STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. Knowing where not to be when it hits and what not to be left without. Some of the simplest things end up the most important. Information, good information can saves lives.

There is more involved than I could ever possibly understand. Magnetic forces and energies are building up all over the world. As a whole, our world is truly unprepared to handle such energies dealing with an event of forces all combining at once. The only thing that comes to mind is explosive energy. I am not going to be around when that bomb goes off.

There really is a lot of impressive, compelling information considering the end of the world 2012.
It is my understanding the more you know about something the better prepared you will be to handle it. Check out the in-depth, detailed facts surrounding all this at

Planet X and the Return of the Sirian Ancient Astronauts?

Planet X, or Planet Nibiru has been documented by the ancient Sumerians, photographed by the Russians as well as NASA. Yet, there are no efforts to redirect or eliminate its destructive impact on our planet earth. Upon nearing the orbit of earth this planet has caused earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and havoc creating pole shifts that causes destruction every 3,600 years. This planet is claimed to be the headquarters of the Reptilians and Sirians in our solar system, a demon planet. The reported location of this planet is said to be the next planet to Pluto and is the eleventh planet in our solar system. The orbit of this planet revolves around the sun and is invisible to the naked eye until it begins to close in on planet earth. Then it can be seen as a massive red planet that dwarfs our planet hundreds of times. This planet is said to disrupt everything it encounters, even the sun of our solar system causing massive sun flares that ultimately effect our planet as well.

To sustain its atmosphere, planet X requires the the precious metals of our planet for it has been completely depleted there. The Reptilians present on our planet for ages and are said to have genetically altered the DNA of our early ancestors to create more advanced and comprehensive slaves to do the mining, as the Reptilian drones thought the work to be to overwhelming. The story of Enki and Enlil ( depicted as the story of Noah biblical stories ) states that Enki forewarned "Noah" of the previous passing of this planet against the will of his brother Enlil, which ensured the survival of mankind. The passing of planet X was supposed to wipe out the slave revolt and giants which stemmed from the genetic alterations of early man and the mating of these slaves with the ancient astronauts . When the planet passed into the solar system it created a huge wave that engulfed the planet, as the superior beings watched from the stratosphere of planet earth. It is said that these ancient astronauts from Nibiru believe there is no life advanced life on earth but the sea, land, and sky creatures that survived. Will they return to be dumbfounded by the utter overpopulation of the planet that was supposedly wiped clean of intelligent life?

Visit us for more information on information ranging from the New World Order Conspiracy Theories as well as
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Monday, November 9, 2009

To Know 2012 - Is it the End?

The Mayan Calendar and prospect of Time commonly known as the "The Long Count", ends on December 12th, 2012, I do not believe there is any mention of the end of the world. Perhaps that is just how people interpreted it. The World is at a huge turning point. The argument is that 'aren't we always in the midst of change.

2012 is not that far off and from what I have read, Time itself, is actually speeding up. There is talk of time folding in on itself and causing matter to collapse. Time and space are very tricky things. I am no physicist by any means but I do know that there have been some relatively new and fascinating discoveries in strange areas like dark matter, chaos theory, and black holes.

The poles-shifting could possibly cause some severe consequences. There have also been some theories about a mysterious planet called "Planet 'X'". To be honest, I am a little uncertain whether or not this planet is a threat or not. What worries me is that our Government has a sanction in place requiring limits to the information let out about this planet.

That is the American way though, to control the media and press with real subtlety. It is their job to make everything appear natural. Nothing to see here, everything is A Okay. That is what scares me the most, that there could actually be some merit to the shifting of the poles. Or even perhaps that mysterious Planet X could come crashing down on our solar system throwing it all out of whack.

One thing I do believe, is that our government does have technology that is out of this world & would blow our minds, but we are not told anything about it. Other technologies we do get is slowly filtered out. With test inventions broken down in small scales scattered throughout the nation. Mostly in cars, but in computers, phones, games, appliances as well.

You just cannot know for sure. No one does, but we will all soon find out for ourselves.. The only certainty is change. In our lifetime we will definitely see some strange things that a decade ago you would of thought crazy. Best to know about all you can and not be so quick to disclaim anything as a possibility.

There really is an awful lot to know about all that is involved with the 2012 phenomenon. Too much really, but in all my time researching it, I admit I was taken aback. It was way more impressive than I had expected. Its like that with almost every subject, the more you learn, the more you realize how much you were really unaware of.

You should be armed with the right information at the very least. Courage is the only thing that separates someone from believing whatever their told or someone who wants to know for themselves. It takes courage to investigate, think & explore for yourself. To know what others want to ignore, cover up and just wish it away.

Learn from the best sources out there involving some hot survival tactics & 100 things most sought in emergency survival kits

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Positive Thinking - The Power of the Human Mind

The power of the human mind has been regarded as one of the most powerful in our universe. Just like what most people say, it's always mind over matter. Just think and it will happen - think positive and everything will be alright. It's the same as waking up at the wrong side of the bed, and the whole day follows along with it - you being irritated, angry, tired and every negative feeling or situation. But by waking up at the right side of the bed, you end up being productive in work, feeling good about yourself...and everything else. Being optimistic may prove to be very beneficial in our day-to-day lives. It's thinking that it will be like this and it will be - the Law of Attraction. But this power can also be destructive for us. But exactly how can this be possible? It's the moment when you become pessimistic.

The Law of Attraction has had many followers and critics over the past years. But what is it? It's simply saying that you should know what you want, think about it, ask for it, and eventually you will get it. Its roots say that it was from Quantum Physics, and has been popularized by a film in 2006 "The Secret" which was then made into a book. When you think about it for a second, it's actually making the power of the human mind work its wonders. The Law of Attraction is the power that we all have in our minds - something that we have been using for our whole lives. Have you ever stopped and thought that, "Yeah, it's a lucky day for me," and all the things that had happened to you that day were indeed a stroke of luck? Maybe it is, but it's actually you who put yourself into it. You thought of it - you activated the whole universe to support you into making it a reality. It's the same when you were wearing that new pair of white pants and some guy splashed coffee on you - and the list goes on that seemingly unlucky day. Why did it happen? Because you started to think that, "oh damn, I guess it isn't my day today."

A number of people have adapted this Law of Attraction by putting it into different schools of thoughts & books and areas of studies, such as Napeleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" and even in Theosophy, but all of them come to one point: positive thinking. Though it also received a number of critiques across the world saying that if you just need to know what you want, visualize it et al, then why are there still poverty and suffering in the world? Maybe because, for example, those people who are stuck in poverty had always thought that they will be poor forever - they do not exert any effort. They do not even think that it will be good in the future - they use the power of the human mind in a different way - in an awful way into thinking that there is nothing for them in the future. But you have your choice as you read this - and it would be a great way to now stop, think and visualize of the positive things, for your good and the goodness of the whole society.

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