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Are the Gods of Old Coming Back to Earth in 2012?

Many things have been written and predicted about 2012, some people claim that it will be the end of the world as we know it and others claim that on the 21st December 2012 we will either ascend to God or the new Golden Age will instantly be ushered in and all crime, sickness etc will vanish like a bad dream. I don't rightly know what will happen this year, a miracle may indeed happen, but it seems highly unlikely.
What follows is what I have been inspired to write by sources unknown at this time, I was even given the title of the post and a very brief overview of what to write. This has never happened to me before, it was kinda of like here's the bigger picture, now you sort out the details.
Here we go...
For what ever reason or reasons I don't know, but from what I can understand whatever is coming is somehow connected with the US Presidential elections on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The Mayans long count calender ends on December 21st 2012, and there seems to be a lot of fear connected with this event for many people, personally I don't feel that the Mayan calender is predicting doom and gloom at all. I have been informed by Her Holiness Alexandra that at midnight on the 12th of December 2012 from 12 noon to midnight a crossing (maybe a portal would be a better word?) will open, this crossing is near Orion's belt, way beyond the Milky Way.
When this crossing opens, the gods of old will more easily be able to gain access to planet Earth. Some aliens are already here, some are visible and are in evidence by the credible UFO sightings that have escalated over the years, some ET's may even be working along side us in our everyday lives. The others are remaining invisible to us and most likely will choose to show themselves to us after the 12th of December 2012.
The good news is that with the opening of the crossing, friendly beings often called Ethereans will return and help humanity to usher in the Golden Age which should commence in earnest according to Her Holiness by 2024. The bad news is that it will not be just the Ethereans returning to Earth, we can expect the arrival of the old Gods of war, destruction and greed to also be coming back like they have countless times in our history.
The universe is comprised of both positive and negative energies just like we are, and darkness is always attempting to dominate the light. The Creator always allows all things to happen, we cannot have dark without the light and the Creator doesn't view darkness the way we humans do, in the eyes of the Creator darkness is like a piece of fruit that is not yet ripe for the picking, but we humans view darkness in people/aliens etc as generally evil and something to be very wary of, and that is exactly the way it should be. We should always follow our instincts, we have them for a reason.
I don't feel that we can expect to see the arrival en mass of the Ethereans, the reasons are two fold. Number one, the war mongers on Earth who work along side the negative aliens do not want the Ethereans coming to Earth and teaching humanity true spirituality and freedom, so these negative beings will do whatever they can to prevent us from being in contact with the Ethereans. Secondly, many humans are so wrapped up in fear that due to our own ignorance many of us would probably fire upon the Ethereans because we lack spiritual maturity to discern positive from negative beings.
Now lets go back to the US Presidential elections, President Obama recently asked that Greece be kept in the Euro till after the US elections, why? It could be argued that President Obama knows the devastating effect a Greece withdrawal from the Euro would have on the US economy and he doesn't want that to impact his chances of being re-elected. That sounds like the most logical explanation, but what if 'The Powers That Be' are planning to completely destroy the Global economy and start a massive war in the Middle East as some kind of huge bloody human sacrifice and a type of 'welcome home' to their alien over-lords? These aliens over-lords hate us and consider us only suitable as slaves. Even alien over-lords have Gods and Goddesses, and I believe that they worship the same being as 'The Powers That Be'.
The Powers That Be worship what many people would call Lucifer, in the Oahspe Bible Lucifer is called by his name of Looeamong. He was once an Angel of the highest calibre who fell from grace when he decided that he could be the Creator, the God above all Gods. Looeamong went from being the lightest of the light, to the darkest of the dark. He has fooled humans and trapped souls for a very long time in to believing that he is the one and only Creator.
From what I understand, Looeamong was once a man, a flesh and blood man and he has set himself up in his own heaven and he is worshipped and feared by millions upon millions if not billions of souls, and he rubs his hands with glee every time there is a human blood sacrifice upon Earth as it means there is more souls for him to control and turn into his slaves. Every time we turn away from the Creator, whenever we embrace selfish base living, every time we have racist thoughts or beliefs or turn our backs on those that need our help, we are embracing more and more of what Looeamong wants.
Spiritually speaking 2012 is about choices, the Hopi say exactly the same thing. Looeamong and his followers want the world and it's souls turned into total slaves, and they want all humans (however many are left) to be self centred, ego-centric followers of the New World Religion and a One World Government. The world doesn't have to go this way, but unless we wake-up and embrace true spirituality, compassion and love for all beings regardless of race, colour or creed then Looeamong will win, at least in the short term.
The ball is in our court...
So watch the Presidential elections, and more importantly what happens in the months afterwards because if the economy collapses and the Middle East explodes then you will know that the Gods of old have returned for their feast of souls.
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